The following individuals are wanted for arrest by the Morristown

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The following individuals are wanted for ARREST by the Morristown, TN Police
Department.    Warrants are on file at the Hamblen County, TN Sheriff’s

If you have information: DO NOT attempt to apprehend any of these subjects by
yourself. Contact the Morristown, TN Police Department at 423-585-2710.

Name                        Race/Sex   Year of Birth   Wanted For Arrest For:

Sarah B. Acosta              WF          (1979)        Theft Under $500 (x2)

Joseph P. Allen              WM          (1970)        Theft and Forgery (2 counts)

Charles G. Anderson          WM          (1982)        Theft Over $500

William Barnard              WM          (1980)        Theft Under $500

William Scott Barnard        WM          (1980)        Forgery

Katheryn L. Booze            BF          (1986)        Fraudulent Use of A Credit /
                                                          Debit Card

Katina Breeden               WF          (1973)        Theft of Property
                                                          Less Than $500

Robert L. Briscoe, jr.       WM          (1955)        Theft Under $500

Laura Nicole Bryant          WF          (1983)        Attempted Theft Under $500

Laura Nicole Bryant          WF          (1983)        Theft Under $500

Jeremie E. Carpenter         WM          (1986)        Burglary, Theft, Vandalism

Phillip F. Chapin, jr.       WM          (1969)        Theft Under $500

Stephen Clark                BM          (1967)        Domestic Assault

Bradley Coffey               WM          (1987)        Statutory Rape

Courtney Michelle Collins    WF          (1985)        Theft Under $500

Jason Williams Collins       WM          (1971)        Violation Order of Protection

Roger Dean Cope              WM          (1981)        Theft Under $500

Daniel J. Cortez             HM          (1987)        Domestic Assault

Jamie Dewayne Dalton         WM          (1977)        Vandalism Under $500

Cody L. Davis                WM          (1988)        Theft Under $500

Markita Davis                BF          (1993)        Aggravated Assault

Michael West Davis           WM          (1988)        Forgery

Roberta Davis                BF          (1977)        Theft Over $1,000 (x2)

Tiffany Ruth Dickson         WF          (1986)        Theft Over $1,000
Rachel Eaves,              WF   (1988)   Theft Under $500
   aka Rachel Kelliher

Wayne Eaves                WM   (1986)   Theft Under $500

Rex Allen Gray             WM   (1972)   Theft Over $1,000 and
                                            Less than $10,000

Nathan C. Greer            WM   (1992)   Theft Over $1,000

Angie Gregg                WF   (1972)   Forgery

Wendy Gunter               WF   (1977)   Assault

Christopher Harvey         WM   (1980)   Theft Over $1,000

Jeremy Lynn Helton         WM   (1977)   Shoplifting

James Michael Hendrick     WM   (1982)   Theft Under $500

Zachariah J. Henry         WM   (1986)   Theft Under $500

Dylan Lee Hickey           WM   (1990)   Theft Under $500

Jeffrey A. Hodge           WM   (1975)   Aggravated Burglary, Theft

Dustin L. Hopkins          WM   (1981)   Domestic Assault

Phillip Lynn Hubbard       WM   (1980)   Theft Under $500

Charles Hurst              WM   (1971)   Forgery

Steven Jackson             WM   (1987)   Conspiracy to Deliver
                                           Schedule II

Don Eric Johnson           WM   (1984)   Theft Under $500

Michael Shawn Johnson      WM   (unk)    Trespassing

Sharon Johnson             WF   (1957)   Worthless Checks

Joseph Samual Jones, jr.   WM   (1981)   Theft Over $1,000 (x2)

Cecil Randall Jordan       WM   (1964)   Theft Over $500

Shawn W. Kinningham        WM   (1990)   Theft of Property

Jed Allen Lane             WM   (1988)   Theft Over $500

James A. Langan            WM   (1963)   Identity Theft

Amanda Laurin              WF   (1983)   Theft Over $500

Dennis Ledford             WM   (1977)   Theft Under $500

Kelly R. Lee               WF   (1977)   Theft Under $500 (x2)

Ikey McCoy                 WM   (1969)   Theft Over $1,000

Walter Mejia               HM   (1979)   Order of Protection
  Aka Walter Velasquez
Harley Mitchell          WF   (1992)   Aggravated Assault

Harley Mitchell          WF   (1992)   Retaliation for Past Act

John D. Moles            WM   (1964)   Aggravated Burglary,
                                             Theft Over $1,000

Richard Moore            BM   (1964)   Burglary

Diana Muncy              WF   (1982)   Domestic Assault

Misael Nogales           HM   (1982)   Domestic Assault

Abril Castro Olvera      HF   (1984)   Forgery (3 counts)

James Owens              WM   (1971)   Forgery (FTA),
                                          Theft Under $500

James Owens              WM   (1971)   Forgery

David S. Payne           WM   (1986)   Criminal Simulation

Toni Sierra Payne        WF   (1985)   Criminal Simulation

Perry-Johnson,           WF   (1968)   Criminal Simulation
   Melissa Jo
aka Melissa Jo Stump
aka Melissa Jo Perry
aka Melissa Jo Johnson

Joshua Pollard           WM   (1984)   Criminal Trespassing

Eric W. Rector           WM   (1982)   Theft Under $500

James A. Reeves          WM   (1979)   Theft Under $500

James “Nathan” Scott     WM   (1992)   Theft of Property,
                                          Fraudulent Use of a
                                          Credit/Debit Card

Deborah A. Seneker       WF   (1962)   Theft Under $500

Sophap Seng              AM   (1983)   Domestic Assault,
                                          Aggravated Assault

Fernando Shavez          HM   (1978)   Domestic

Steven Simpson           WM   (1952)   Theft Over $1,000

Dusty L. Smith           WM   (1988)   Domestic Assault

Seniqua Smith            BF   (1989)   Theft Over $1,000

Brandy L. Snyder         WF   (1973)   Theft

Daniel Starnes           WM   (1979)   Assault

Armando Verues           HM   (YOB?)   Forgery (4 counts)

David Vidak              WM   (1975)   Theft Over $1,000
Florentino Villa    HM   (1974)   Assault (2 counts) & Extortion

Troy Wallace        WM   (1975)   Theft Over $500

Kevin D. Winstead   WM   (1974)   Theft Under $500

Gennika Woodruff    BF   (YOB?)   Domestic Assault

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