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					Breast Milk Scanner
        Andrea Francis, RN
  The Pennsylvania State University
          NUR 457 (SP10)
• Describe the breast milk scanner
• Describe and evaluate the hardware and software
  utilized with the breast milk scanner
• Describe and evaluate the information system used with
  breast milk scanner
• Asses the role and functions of the nurse informatics
  when working with the breast milk scanner
• Examine related legal and ethical issues
• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages from nursing
       • The breast milk scanner is
         a hand-held device, that
         matches maternal and
         infant ID barcode labels
         to ensure that an infant is
         receiving proper breast
         milk of formula during
         every feeding (Geyer,
   Trend: Breast Milk Scanner
• Is an identification system developed to prevent feeding
  errors that can pose significant health risks to infants.
               The Hardware
• The breast milk scanner is a barcode label printer and
  mobile hand-held computer, with a barcode scanner, and
  pc base software.
• The hand-held is an automated system that matches the
  barcode of baby’s I.D band and the mother’s breast milk.
  (Geyer, 2007).
                 The Software
• The Pc base software used is a printer, cables, label
  printing, for breast milk containers, and baby’s bracelet.
  (Safebaby, 2008)
      Description of Software
• Label printing software has the patient name, date of
  birth, and medical records number bar coded on the
• It is easy to scan and is placed on the baby’s milk bin and
  baby’s I.D band (Philips, 2010).
     Usability of the Software
• Meets requirement that it is easy to use
• Requires minimal training
• Reduces the risk of feeding errors by matching babies ID
  band to mothers breast milk
• Saves time
• Automatic tracking and auditing of
• Provides inventory control
• Scans the nurse’s ID and infant’s ID
  with the breast milk container for safe
  matching of breast milk
• Prints labels
(Geyer, 2007)

• Safety solution for administrating correct breast milk
• Used by nurses to ensure safe scanning of breast milk
• Helps to prevent feeding errors that can expose infants to
  significant health risks
• Helps to prevent feeding errors that can expose hospitals
  to financial and legal liabilities
• Costly
• It needs to be downloaded
• Need printing software
               Data Standards
• Follows JCAHO standards
• Follows the United States National Data Standards
• Follows the Policies of the Hospital of The University of
  Pennsylvania Intensive Care Unit
  Nursing Information System
• Manage clinical data
• Aid nurses in improving patient care
• Uses the NIC to achieve better results
        Classification Scheme
• Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC): is a nursing
  intervention intended to promote patient safety by
  detecting and identifying the correct mothers breast milk
  to the correct baby by;
• Promoting safety
• Providing step-by-step system for implementing breast
• Easier labeling system
• Better storage
• Feeding of breast milk
      Informatics Competencies
•   Printing labels
•   Scanning the nurses ID bands
•   Scanning the infants ID bands
•   Scanning the breast milk label
•   Validating
•   Recording
Functions and Responsibilities
       of the NI or NIS
• Provide in-service and training to the nurses and doctors
• Download and monitor usability
• Provide policies and procedures for use of the breast
  milk scanner
Breast Milk Scanner       • Scan, match, and feed process
       Ethical and legal issues
• Severe financial and legal liabilities for nurses and health
  care institutions
• Cause potential risk to infant for various
  communicable/life-threatening viral and bacterial
  organisms, for example hepatitis
• If feeding occurs the baby and mother may require to
  have blood testing for as long as one year.
• Additional staffing management and physician time may
  be required to remedy the problem.
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