HUME REGION/SANDHURST DIOCESE
                                         MONDAY 19TH JULY
                                                         language. Participants will be provided with
WORKSHOP A                                               vocabulary and information sheets for use in
10.00 – 11.15AM                                          their classrooms. The drumming workshop
                                                         includes a short demonstration followed by the
                                                         opportunity for participants to play the drums
                                                         themselves. For a hands-on way to increase
FOR THE JUNIOR CLASSES                                   student motivation and involvement-look no
Viviana Golding                                          further!

This session will explore effective strategies for       About the presenter: Toshinori Sakamoto is a
teaching Italian in the primary classes; the             master Taiko drummer. He has founded ‘Rindo
session will include an overview of the book             Daiko’ in Kyushu as well as several Taiko teams
Primo 1, Nelson Cengage Publisher.                       in Melbourne since settling here in 1995. He is a
                                                         popular and regular performer at festivals and
About the presenter: Viviana Golding was born            in schools throughout Australia and Japan. His
and brought up in Italy where she obtained a             performances are highly energetic and visually
High Degree in Modern Languages and                      exciting and entertaining.
Literatures from the University of Padova. In
Australia, Viviana completed a Diploma of                A3 INDONESIAN: ACTLAN FOR
Education at the Australian Catholic University
and many other courses in Language Education
                                                         INDONESIAN TEACHERS
and Leadership. After a teaching career in               Chizuko Gomura
schools over 27 years, teaching Italian at all
                                                         Recent education promotes a pedagogy that
levels from Preps to Year 12, Viviana worked for
                                                         emphasizes flexible and critical thinking. The
CoAsIt as the Italian Network Leader for the
                                                         child-centered method asked teachers to
BSW Region and now works for the DEECD as
                                                         position each child at the center of the learning
the LOTE Project Officer in the BSW Region.
                                                         process by focusing activities around the
Viviana still teaches an Italian VCE Class at
                                                         interests of the pupil. The project method is an
Belmont HS, Geelong. In 2007 Viviana was
                                                         educational enterprise in which children solve a
awarded the Best National Achievement in
                                                         practical problem over a period of several days
Leadership in Education by the Australian
                                                         or weeks. This workshop provides teachers with
Government for her work in the area of language
                                                         practical applications of Project Method in
                                                         language teaching/learning-ACTLAN-; including
                                                         brain-compatible strategies, classroom activities
                                                         and real-life examples that create a positive
Toshinori Sakamoto
                                                         environment where students anticipate and find
Toshi’s presentation will incorporate                    success.
information about the history and cultural
                                                         About the presenter: Japanese Language
significance of the Taiko drum, as well as
                                                         Teacher in QLD (Birkdale State School), QLD
modelling classroom usage of the Japanese
                                                         District LOTE Coordinator, MLTAQ Japanese

Convener for 10 years, awarded the MLTAQ               Culture consultant as well as a practicing
Award in 2009, Indonesian language teacher in          teacher. I have worked with secondary students
Trinity Anglican school for 6 years. Founder of        and adults, in Country Victoria, Melbourne and
ACTLAN Methodology. Received the                       overseas, in public and private schools alike. I
inspirational teachers 2008 and excellent              promote an accessible, enjoyable and learner
teaching Awards 2007. Chizuko has presented            centered way to learn French.
workshops in QLD, Victoria, South Australia,           My teaching style is based on a balance of
New South Wales, New Zealand and Japan.                speaking, listening, reading and writing
                                                       activities. I also like incorporating Information
Address: 12 Canopus Street, Coorparoo, QLD             and Communication Technologies as a learning
                                                       and teaching aid.
Phone: 07 3324 8335

CLASSROOM                                              SHEPPARTON GOULBURN MURRAY
Megan Morgan                                           MULTICULTURAL INITIATIVES
                                                       Sonali Jayasundera & Silver Keogh– Uniting
In this session we will look at games to enhance
                                                       Care Cutting Edge
learners’ enjoyment of language learning and to
engage a range of Multiple Intelligences.              About the presenters: Silver came to Australia
Reference will be made to computer games and           in 2008. She is a qualified registered primary
some activities for use on the Interactive             teacher, before my current job she worked as a
whiteboards.                                           visiting teacher of the deaf in a Deaf facility at
                                                       Guthrie Primary School for a year. She joined
About the presenter: Megan has taught French           UCCE about 7 months as Multicultural Youth
and German at both Primary and Secondary               Worker. In her current role she works with
                                                       newly arrived youth who are 12-21, and
levels for many years and is also engaged as a         homeless or at risk of homelessness.
sessional lecturer in the Education Faculty            She addresses the problem of homeless by
at Monash University.                                  providing direct one -to -one support to young
                                                       people, practical support, group work and
A5   FRENCH: USING THE INTERNET IN                     improve their level of engagement with work,
                                                       education, training and community. She also
THE CLASSROOM                                          gives information and supported referrals.
Delphine Laboureau-Ormancey
                                                       Sonali came from Sri Lanka in 2005. She came
Let's not call it new technology anymore. We all       with her family, 2 daughters and her husband.
use our mobile phones, computers and the               Prior to joining Uniting Care she worked in the
internet on a daily basis, at work, at home and        library as a liaison officer. She also worked with
for many different purposes... why not to learn        Shepparton Arts Festival. In her current role as a
French? As the internet is ever changing, with         Multicultural Project Worker, she helps settle in
new resources being uploaded all the time, we          new immigrants through case work and
all need to update our knowledge and see what          developing projects and implementing them.
works for us and our students... and what
doesn't. We will exchange and discuss different        MULTICULTURAL INITIATIVES IN
websites. We will discover how students can
play and learn new vocabulary at the same time.
                                                       VICTORIA: LEARNING BEYOND THE BELL
                                                       Soo-Lin Quek – Centre for Multicultural
We will watch some YouTube clips and see how
we can easily stay in touch. Please bring a USB
key and references to the most useful website to       The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) works
you.                                                   with young people from migrant and refugee
                                                       backgrounds to address their concerns and to
                                                       promote understanding in the broader Victorian
About the presenter: I am a committee
member of the AFTV, a French Language and

CMY has been a leader in multicultural youth
issues for over twenty years. We have
                                                      WORKSHOP B
developed a national reputation for responding
quickly to the shifting needs of our diverse
                                                      11.30AM – 12.45PM
Australian community. All of our work is built
                                                      B1 ITALIAN: LITERATURE IN THE
on the following beliefs: Human Rights,
Diversity and Participation. Our work focuses         CLASSROOM
on creating awareness and change on three             Matthew Absalom
levels: young people, community and service
systems.                                              Poesia: pedagogia e pratica
                                                      In questa sessione pratica si proporrà una
Learning Beyond the Bell (LBB) is a recent CMY        rivalutazione della poesia come strumento
initiative and funded by DEECD. The aim of the        indispensabile della didattica. Esploreremo
program is to improve school engagement and           insieme la poesia italiana per poi creare delle
connectedness for newly arrived migrant and           cose sorprendenti...
refugee students by strengthening the capacity
of out of school hours learning support               About the presenter: Matthew Absalom is a
programs (homework groups).                           university teacher and researcher, professional
                                                      linguist, Italian language coach, translator and
The presentation will provide an outline of CMY       published author. He is currently a lecturer in
and its approach to working with newly arrived        Italian Studies at The University of Melbourne.
migrant and refugee young people. It will also        He holds qualifications in music, education,
focus on one of its education related programs,       languages and linguistics, and his research
“Learning Beyond the Bell” and ways in which          interests cover Italian linguistics, computer
schools and communities can be supported by           assisted language learning, and languages
LBB to support the educational needs of refugee       education. A regular visitor to Italy over the last
and migrant young people.                             20 years, he has carried out research, led study
                                                      tours including the ELTF Italy, and negotiated
About the presenter: Soo-Lin has over 20
                                                      in-country study opportunities for his students.
years experience in the not-for-profit and
                                                      He is the coordinating editor and lead writer of
government sectors. She has managed
                                                      Cengage’s Esplora! Senior textbook series. His
significant policy and program areas in state
                                                      university career in Australia spans 3
government as the Assistant Director in the
                                                      universities: the Australian National University,
Office of Women’s Policy and subsequently as
                                                      University of South Australia and the University
Assistant Director in Community Programs,
                                                      of Melbourne. Matthew is a passionate advocate
Department of Planning and Community
                                                      for languages and has published opinions in the
Development. Her previous experience in the
                                                      national media. He is the current editor of Babel,
community sector ranged from managing
                                                      the journal of the Australian Federation of
community based organisations to policy and
                                                      Modern Language Teachers Associations.
community development work in the youth,
multicultural, health, women, family violence,
human rights and public housing sectors.
                                                      B2 JAPANESE: ACTLAN FOR JAPANESE
She is currently the Policy & Research Manager        TEACHERS
of the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY), a        Chizuko Gomura
statewide organisation based in Melbourne.
                                                      Session details as for Workshop A Indonesian,
Centre for Multicultural Youth                        but of course the focus will be on using ACTLAN
304 Drummond Street,
                                                      in teaching Japanese.
Carlton Victoria 3053
Tel:             03 9340 3708
Fax:             03 9349 3766

B3 INDONESIAN: CLASSROOM-BASED                           Year 9. A participant in the Professional
                                                         Standards Project for Teachers of Languages, he
INVESTIGATION                                            is currently writing a new textbook and
Prema Devethas                                           workbook series for students of German.

This workshop will discuss the effectiveness of          Catherine Gosling is an experienced secondary
approaching LOTE study via a ‘cultural corridor’,        teacher in the government system and, prior to
using a VELs compliant ‘patchwork quilt’ design          taking family, held a Leading Teacher
juxtaposed with multiple tasks catering to               responsible for Curriculum. Catherine believes
different student learning needs, levels and             all kids can learn languages and is committed to
styles. The workshop will also take teachers             celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity in all
through formulating a student topic/theme                communities. Always on the lookout for ideas
inventory and developing a task-based language           and connections to promote German, Catherine
& cultural unit of work. It is based on the              spends far too much time on the Internet and is
Participatory Action Research which provides             President of the Association of German Teachers
teachers with a critical grasp of the issues they        of Victoria (AGTV) in her spare time.
actually confront in their specific settings, and
then together with the students, explore the             B5   FRENCH: MUSIC IN THE FRENCH
possibilities of different classroom practices.
This approach demonstrates that students will            CLASSROOM
take active responsibility for their own learning        Sarah Pavy
if they have a ‘voice’ in co-constructing their
                                                         This workshop aims to provide teachers with a
                                                         range of ideas for working with authentic
About the presenter: Prema teaches                       French music in their classrooms. These
Indonesian, English and Humanities at                    approaches aim to motivate students, to
Heathmont College and is currently undertaking           improve their language skills, to develop a
her Masters Research. She has investigated and           greater understanding of French culture and to
implemented alternative approaches to teaching           enhance students’ overall experience of learning
Indonesian to very challenging students. This            French. Songs and ideas are appropriate for a
innovative cultural task-based approach has              range of year levels and offer ways of enhancing
ensured the continuity of Indonesian studies to          different topic areas, revising vocabulary and
the senior levels. Prema is also actively involved       focusing on grammatical structures.
in other DEECD-run language teaching and
                                                         About the presenter: Sarah is a teacher of
learning programmes.                                     languages (mainly French) and consults to
                                                         schools in a range of areas related to languages
B4 GERMAN: ENHANCING GERMAN WITH                         learning and teaching. Previously Head of
                                                         Languages at a boys’ school, Sarah completed a
ICT                                                      Masters in Education focusing on engaging boys
Catherine Gosling & Michael Atkinson                     in languages and teacher role in motivation.
                                                         Sarah has recently completed a research project
In this session Catherine Gosling and Michael            with the Association of Independent Schools,
Atkinson will present some                               Victoria (Engaging Boys in Languages Learning).
ideas to promote German and language learning            Other interests include vocational language
through the use of ICT                                   learning, resource development, promotion of
(including Web 2.0 tools) to enhance learning            Language programmes across school
                                                         communities, implementation of partial
                                                         immersion programmes, teacher-student
                                                         rapport and its link to student engagement and
About the presenters: Michael Atkinson has
                                                         behaviour management, and focus on oral skills
taught German in independent schools in                  and student use of target language. Sarah also
Victoria for nine years. Currently at Overnewton         runs her own online business – The Happy
ACC, Michael is also a member of the AGTV                Teacher - developing resources for teachers of
committee. During the last 3 years he has                languages.
introduced a range of ICT tools into his classes
to increase student engagement, especially at

B6MULTICULTURAL/ESL: NEW FROM                            ranging review published in 2009 for the
                                                         Australian Council for Educational Research
LANGUAGES ONLINE - CARTOON STORY                         (Second Languages and Australian Schooling) * I
MAKER                                                    discussed several ways in which we can ‘get
Stuart Miller & Nancy Posterino                          serious about languages’. In this talk I will draw
                                                         on the information and arguments in that report
The Cartoon Story Maker is the latest free               and adapt my comments specifically for non-
application from the Languages Online team. In           metropolitan Victoria to explore ways in which
this session teachers will learn how their               rural and regional Victoria can use the principles
students can create 2D screen-based cartoon              we know enhance second language learning to
stories with their own text and voice recording.         produce more effective and enduring second
Cartoon stories can be made in any language.             language programs.
Choose from the library of cartoon characters            * Report is downloadable at:
and backgrounds included, or import your own   
images and graphics into the cartoon frames.             SecondLanguagesAndAustralianSchooling.pdf
Finished Cartoon stories are in a file format that
can be saved and played on other computers.              About the speaker:
                                                         Joseph Lo Bianco holds the Chair of Language
About the presenters: Stuart Miller is manager           and Literacy Education and is Associate Dean
of the Languages Online project, and has                 (Global Engagement) in the Melbourne Graduate
developed resources for the website since 2002.
                                                         School of Education. In 2009 he was appointed
He has a background in educational resource
design and production and is currently working           President of the Australian Academy of the
on web-based curriculum development for the              Humanities.
Victorian School of Languages.
Nancy Posterino works as a writer for                    He wrote Australia’s first National Policy on
Languages Online and for the Victorian School of         Languages in 1987, the first multilingual
Languages. Prior to this she worked as a French          national language policy in an English speaking
and Italian teacher, and has been a textbook             country. He was Director of the National
author for secondary Italian.                            Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia
Participants should bring a laptop with wireless
                                                         between 1989 and 2001. He has been an invited
internet capabilities.
                                                         consultant advising on language and literacy
                                                         planning, bilingualism, integration of indigenous
                                                         and immigrant children into mainstream
                                                         schools, anti-racist and multicultural education
                                                         in many countries including Australia, Canada,
KEYNOTE SPEAKER                                          New Zealand, Ireland, Sri Lanka, South Africa,

1.30PM – 2PM                                             Thailand, Italy, Vietnam, several Pacific Island
                                                         nations and Scotland.

GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT LANGUAGES                          His recent books include: Australian Literacies
Joseph Lo Bianco, AM, FAHA, FACE                         (with P. Freebody, 2001); Australian Policy
Professor of Language and Literacy Education             Activism in Language and Literacy (with R.
Associate Dean (Global Engagement)                       Wickert, 2001); Voices from Phnom Penh,
President, Australian Academy of the Humanities          Development and Language, 2002; Teaching
Melbourne Graduate School of Education                   Invisible Culture: Classroom Practice and
Australia is world famous for having ambitious
                                                         Theory (with C. Crozet 2003); and Language
language policies. We also enjoy a high level of
                                                         Policy in Australia, (Council of Europe, 2004),
interest in languages and count as one of the
                                                         The Emergence of Chinese (2007), China and
most multilingual societies on earth. Despite
                                                         English: Globalisation and Dilemmas of Identity
these ‘natural’ advantages we are beset with
                                                         (2009, with J. Orton and Y. Gao) and Second
continuing problems of delivery, high attrition,
                                                         languages and Australian Schooling (ACER,
low rates of proficiency achievement. These
                                                         2009). He has more than 120 refereed
problems are particularly acute in rural, remote
and regional areas, but they are true to some
extent of all parts of the country. In a wide-

For his research and policy work Professor Lo           About the presenter: See Workshop A1.
Bianco was elected Fellow of the Australian
Academy of the Humanities, Fellow of the                C3NEW FROM LANGUAGES ONLINE –
Australian Council of Educators, was awarded
                                                        CARTOON STORY MAKER
the Order of Australia, the Centenary Medal, the
                                                        Stuart Miller & Nancy Posterino
title of Commendatore nell’ordine di merito
della repubblica Italiana and was awarded the           Repeat of session B6
Australian College of Educators 2007 College
Medal.                                                  Participants should bring a laptop with wireless
                                                        internet capabilities.

                                                        C4FLEXIBLE LEARNING SPACES IN
WORKSHOP C                                              Michelle Pitcher

2PM – 3.30PM                                            In this session Michelle will guide you through
                                                        ways of using flexible learning spaces to best
C1 IWB IN THE LOTE CLASSROOM                            meet the needs of LOTE students. The session
Lili Cvetkovic
                                                              The Open Learning Space - the setting,
                                                                  using the space, resources
Do you want to get the most out of your IWB? Do
                                                              The way learning is organised…
you want to engage students through the use of                Challenges…
multi-media, free online resources and the                    Added bonuses…
enormous potential provided by interactive                    How students work in the spaces…
whiteboards? This session will share examples                 Teacher’s Perspective…
of good practice in the use of IWB's in the                   Students’ Perspective…
teaching of LOTE. The top 5 functions of your
IWB applicable to the LOTE Classroom will be
                                                        About the presenter: I have been teaching for
demonstrated and discussed and some of the
                                                        8 years at Mount Eliza Secondary College, in the
possibilities for using Smart Board and a Smart
                                                        subject areas of Indonesian and Psychology. I
Board AirLiner wireless slate as a teaching tool
                                                        am the Daily Organiser and a Curriculum Leader
in a secondary and primary LOTE classrooms
                                                        at MESC, but I have also coordinated the Student
will be demonstrated.
                                                        Leadership Program and I was a Middle School
About the presenter: Lili is a LOTE School              Coordinator for 2 years. I am also currently
Development Officer at Eastern Metropolitan             enjoying my role as the Indonesian Network
Region. She is passionate about exploring new           Leader for the Peninsula sub-region.
approaches to implementing innovative LOTE
                                                        One of my biggest challenges and achievements
programs that integrate ICT and thinking tools
                                                        was co-authoring the new Indonesian Textbook
into the teaching of languages. Her work as a
                                                        series Saya bisa! which was a great experience
primary and secondary LOTE teacher and ICT
                                                        and provided more professional development
coordinator has been centred on incorporating
                                                        than I could have imagined!
ICT and Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom
to motivate and engage students, promote
language learning to students, staff, parents and
                                                        C5   ENGAGING BOYS IN LANGUAGE
the wider community and extend students’                LEARNING
language learning beyond the classroom.                 Sarah Pavy

C2FEATURES OF AN ENGAGING AND                           It is an ongoing challenge for languages teachers
                                                        to motivate boys in their classrooms. They
EFFECTIVE SECONDARY PROGRAM IN                          regularly comment that many boys can be
LOTE, YEAR 7-YEAR 10                                    disengaged and show little interest in the
                                                        subject. This leads to difficult behaviour which
Viviana Golding                                         impacts on entire classes.

The aim of this session is to gain an insight into       Tim will outline how Building Bridges operates
the way boys feel about foreign language study,          and suggest ways in which Building Bridges
and to understand how this can be used to                might operate in your region. Catherine will
motivate boys in our classrooms. The workshop
                                                         outline how the Socratic Circles clusters operate
will give an overview of ideas in the field of
boys’ education, looking at research into boys           and discuss how a cluster could be formed in
and the way they learn, and boys’ own                    your region.
perceptions of languages learning. There will be
discussion of the role of the teacher in                 We will be looking for schools which would be
motivation and of strategies to help engage boys         prepared to attend a practical workshop in term
in their language learning. Ideas will be                4 (possibly in Shepparton) with a view to
explained in simple and practical ways that will         establishing these projects for 2011. We will be
enable teachers to apply the knowledge                   offering participating schools CRT cover for the
immediately upon returning to classrooms.
                                                         teachers who attend the term 4 workshops.
About the presenter: See Workshop B5.
Laurie Hucker & Jenni Patterson

Details to be provided shortly

Jan Molloy , Tim Mc Cowan and Catherine
Devine will take participants through the
processes of creating Interfaith dialogue
networks and will provide an overview of the
Talking Faiths Project

                                        TUESDAY 20TH JULY
                                                         has the children listening and coordinating the
WORKSHOP D                                               moves. It is a great cultural and social
9.20 – 10.35AM                                           experience and should be fun for all.

                                                         D2 JAPANESE: J MOVIES
                                                         Fumie Mori
Maria Rinaldi
                                                         Through movies learners can experience
These dances originated in the north of Italy in         language in an aural and visual context which is
the Trentino-Alto Adige region, bordering                culturally rich and authentic. By becoming
Austria. This workshop will include a little of          involved with the characters and their stories,
the history of the dance group, costumes and the         learners become engaged with language and
region. This is a dance that is suitable for all         culture in a natural and enjoyable way. This
ages, Preps to adults. It is very enjoyable as it        session will discuss ways to incorporate
                                                         Japanese movies effectively in the classroom.

                                                         If you would like further information about what
About the presenter: I’m a new Language                  you hear today, we can be contacted at
Consultant at the Japan Foundation Sydney,     , or
taking up this position on the 30th March this 
year. However, my first experience as a Japanese
teacher was at Rosebud Secondary College in the          D4EDUCATION FOR GLOBAL AND
Mornington Peninsula. Prior to my arrival in
Sydney, I completed my Masters in Language
                                                         MULTICULTURAL CITIZENSHIP:
Education in Japan, and worked at the Japan              RESOURCES AND PROGRAMS UPDATES
Foundation Japanese Language Institute Kansai.           Judy Blyton
I have also worked at a number of private
Japanese Language Schools and was involved in            Education for Global and Multicultural
student exchange programs between Japan and              Citizenship: A Strategy for Victorian Government
Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.                                Schools, is the Department’s key strategy to
                                                         assist schools in providing 21st century
D3 INDONESIAN: GAMES FOR THE                             education where all students explicitly acquire
                                                         the skills, knowledge and attitude to become
INDONESIAN CLASSROOM                                     informed and productive local and global
Jenny Hayes & Anne MacKelvie                             citizens.

In our session, we will be demonstrating games           In this interactive session, participants will have
we have used successfully in our LOTE classes.           the opportunity to examine a selection of
As we believe the best way to learn a game is to         professional learning programs and resources
play it, we would like everyone to leave their           that assist schools to promote social cohesion
inhibitions at the door and come in and                  and provide respectful and engaging learning
participate. A booklet of games will be provided         experience.
at the end of the session, so you will not need to
take notes. We hope what you get out of this             About the presenter: Judy Blyton is the
session will be practical and useful.                    Languages and Multicultural Education
                                                         Resource Centre (LMERC) Head Librarian.
About the presenters: My name is Jenny Hayes             Having work closely with school community for
and I have been an Indonesian teacher for 12             over 25 years, Judy brings extensive knowledge
years. Prior to this I was a classroom teacher. I        about local and international resources,
learned Indonesian at Deakin University from             strategies and research that promote respectful
1998-2002 and then completed LOTE                        and inclusive classroom and whole school
Methodology in 2006. My school has relocated             practices.
this year and become Point Cook P-9 College and
therefore I am looking forward to the challenge          D5 ESL: SECONDARY ESL STUDENTS IN
of middle years students and LOTE education!
                                                         YOUR CLASSROOM - STRATEGIES AND
Hi, nama saya Anne MacKelvie. I teach with               RESOURCES
Jenny at Point Cook P-9 College and have been
                                                         Jagdish Mahinder Singh
teaching Indonesian for 5 years. I was thrust
into the world of Indonesian teaching a few              This session will focus on tying the ESL
years ago when I knew nothing about the                  Continuum indicators with related activities. It
Indonesian culture or language! (The theory was          will also explore how students can be involved
that, as a Spanish teacher, I would be able to           in making teaching/learning materials.
transfer my skills across languages!!) Since then,
I have studied on-line through Deakin Uni and            About the presenter: Jagdish K Mahinder
travelled to Indonesia for the first time in             Singh is the CALD leading teacher at McGuire
November 2009. During January I attended an              College, Shepparton. Previously she worked in
intensive language and culture course in Darwin          the New Arrivals Program at the Shepparton
through ELTF. I am eager to try out new skills           English Language Centre. Jagdish has taught ESL
learned in Darwin.                                       for more than 20 years and in a range of
                                                         educational settings in Malaysia and the USA.

MODIFYING WORK FOR ESL STUDENTS                          In a long career, she has taught extensively at all
                                                         secondary levels in both state and private
Rod Strong
                                                         schools and had one year teaching in England
Within the setting of an English Language                and one in France (Toulouse). Her last school
Centre, ESL students constantly engage with              for full-time teaching was Eltham College.
teaching strategies that enable them to learn
                                                         She has been on the committee of the AFTV
vast amounts of new language and develop
                                                         since it began in the 1980's and has organised
confidence in their communicative ability. With
                                                         student screenings of French films since 1987
the transition to mainstream schooling, this
                                                         when the AFTV first began offering these for
confidence can quickly erode as they discover
                                                         Victorian schools. She is currently the AFTV
that, in most subjects, much less emphasis is
                                                         Film Convenor.
placed upon the explicit teaching of vocabulary,
grammar and language function. Instead, the
learning of subject content becomes paramount,
and ESL students are typically required to
process enormous amounts of content
knowledge in a formal, often academic language           WORKSHOP E
that most are not ready to handle with any
surety. This session addresses what the
                                                         10.55AM – 12.10PM
mainstream teacher can do to make their classes
“ESL friendly” to new arrivals – from the
delivery of verbal instructions, the construction        E1 JINGS, SOCIAL NETWORKING AND
of worksheets to the modification of class texts.        PODCASTING IN LOTE
The session will help teachers to reflect upon
                                                         Michelle Heintze
the types of language that new arrivals will find
most difficult, and present many practical               In this workshop, participants will discover
suggestions for creating texts that ESL students         some of the many ways to used an apply
will find easier to understand.                          technology within the Language classroom,
                                                         including podcasting and social networking.
About the presenter: Rod Strong is the ESL
Coordinator at Roxburgh College, a secondary             About the presenter: I have been working as a
school in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs.            Language Teacher at Wodonga Middle Years
                                                         College for the last 4 years, and have been
He has taught at the school for eight years. In
                                                         heavily involved with the roll out of a one-to-one
response to the surging population of students           laptop program at the college. The use of laptops
with refugee status, he established the college’s        and ICT are now an integral part of all Language
ESL program in 2007. Since that time, he has             Classes at Wodonga Middle Years College.
worked with various other educational
institutions and welfare agencies (such as               E2ENGAGING ACTIVITIES, SUCCESSFUL
Foundation House and the CMY) to raise the               LANGUAGE LEARNING
awareness of ESL-related issues in schools and           Sarah Pavy
improve the delivery of ESL programs.
                                                         This session will focus on ways of using visual
D6   FRENCH: USING FILM IN THE                           and tactile resources to engage students and
                                                         encourage active involvement in the language
CLASSROOM                                                learning process. There will be examples of
Helen Skinner                                            activities that help students to develop
                                                         grammatical accuracy, memorise vocabulary
The preparation of materials for classroom use           and become more confident speakers. All
both before and after screening a film, the use of       activities are appropriate for a range of year
a selected "chapter" from a film, and the use of         levels, from the primary years right up to Year
segments from the French (or any other                   12, and ideas will be given to cover this range.
                                                         Teachers will go back to school with a range of
language) news on SBS.
                                                         interesting, easy-to-implement ideas that will
                                                         enhance their teaching and make lessons
About the presenter: Helen was educated in
Ballarat and then The University of Melbourne.

enjoyable for students.                                      Wangaratta. I have been teaching Italian for 35
                                                             years and coordinating the Italian camp for the
About the presenter: See Workshop B5                         last 25 years!

PROGRAMS                                                     Lili Cvetkovic
Kim Forde, Michael Ring
                                                             Do you want to learn how to integrate thinking
The ‘Carnival of Cultures” is an annual festival             strategies into your language lessons? This
at Cobram Secondary College where students                   session will explore a number of strategies such
participate in a variety of activities to investigate        as Thinker’s Keys, graphic organisers, Habits of
and explore the social, cultural, religious and              Mind, Bloom’s taxonomy and other thinking
linguistic similarities and differences that                 tools that can be used in languages classrooms.
characterize us within Australia and around the              We will look at the examples from LOTE practice
world. Kim and Sally will walk you through how               and you will create your own examples. You will
to plan and implement a day like this for your               be able to take home a CD with thinking tools
school. This project was recently recognized                 templates.
during the Cultural Diversity Quest Awards in
Melbourne.                                                   About the presenter: See Workshop C1

About the presenter: Kim Forge is the Leading                E6   AUSLAN: K-6 CURRICULA AND CLASS
Teacher responsible for Teaching and Learning
and the Middle School level at Cobram                        PLANS
Secondary College. Kim began her teaching                    Lee Bilby
career in Canada and immigrated to Australia,
after a successful “teaching exchange” year in               Participants will be provided a seven year
Tasmania. She has a B. Ed and M. Ed in teacher               curriculum and class plans for Auslan LOTE K-6;
development.                                                 and an in-depth rational for the curricula.
                                                             This curriculum can be implemented as is, or
Kim is heavily involved with curriculum                      modified to meet the independent needs of each
planning and program implementation and                      school. It is a curriculum already being utilised
C.S.C. Kim has a special interest in Multicultural           in over 100 schools nation wide.
Education and promotes this subject Victoria                 The seminar will then tackle the day to day
wide through various professional development                practicalities of teaching Auslan as a LOTE,
seminars. Kim was a recent joint recipient for               including:
the 2010 Cultural Diversity Quest Awards for                      Teaching methods and strategies
the “Carnival of Cultures” project at C.S.C                       Books, Games and Resources Available
                                                                  Online student learning support
Kim is an incredibly busy person juggling her                     Resource creation tools (in brief –
teaching career, assisting her husband on their                       please refer to session F6 for more
farm ‘Karinda’ near Yarrawonga, raising three                         ‘hands on’ experience)
children, and in her spare time, competing for
Australia at an international level in the winter            Lastly the seminar will look at easy assessment
Olympic sport of curling!                                    options that can be imbedded into daily teaching
                                                             activities quickly and easily.
E4RUNNING A MULTI-SCHOOL                                     After completion you will have an
                                                             understanding of the techniques and strategies
LANGUAGE CAMP                                                that make learning sign easier for child learners.
Franco Cudini                                                Participants will be introduced to the latest
                                                             research and technology to assist them, and be
The workshop will aim to give participants                   trained in the “high motivation, high results”
information on: A rationale for having a                     principles and practice.
language camp; an approach to organisation and
planning; suggested structures; possible
language and cultural activities.

About the presenter: LOTE Convenor and
teacher of Italian at Galen Catholic College

KEYNOTE ADDRESS                                           WORKSHOP F
1.15PM – 1.45PM                                           1.45PM – 3.00PM
INTERCULTURAL LITERACY                                    Alessandra Corbino
Lynn Pickles, MBus, GradDip Mment, Dip                     Forza Italia classically express itself as an Italian
Tchg                                                      Concept Store boasting a vast range of Italian
                                                          products both rare and much sought after,
The DEECD Education for Global and
                                                          including DVD's, CD's, books, authentic Italian
Multicultural Citizenship – A Strategy for
                                                          Venetian masks, Murano glass jewellery, Sport
Victorian Government Schools 2009-2013
                                                          merchandise including Soccer, Ferrari, Valentino
reconceptualises and repositions multicultural
                                                          Rossi, Lambretta watches, worldwide
education in a global and citizenship context.
                                                          memorabilia and much more.
This session will explore international literature
on the importance of developing intercultural              Alessandra will provide an overview and
literacy and the knowledge, skills and                    specific examples of how the following can be
understandings our students need to be                    used in the Italian classroom: DVDs, CDs
successful global and multicultural citizens. It          (popular classic and contemporary artists),
will also provide an update on implementation             books, realia.
of the Strategy.
                                                          About the presenter: I am a qualified
About the speaker:                                        secondary school teacher and have worked for 4
                                                          years in the after hours program at Co.As.It
Lynn Pickles is Manager, Multicultural                    (Italian Assistance Committee) in Melbourne
Education Unit, in DEECD and is currently                 teaching prep to year 8, adults and have been a
leading implementation of the Education for               private tutor since I came to Australia 16 years
Global and Multicultural Citizenship strategy. She        ago. Also as the Sales Coordinator at Forza Italia,
joined DEECD in 2004 as manager of the Koorie             one of my roles is to order all the DVD's, CD's
Strategy Unit. Lynn has many years experience             and Books from Italy.
in education, having been Executive Officer of
the MBA program and head of Business                      F2 JAPANESE : VIDEO MAKING IN THE
Management at RMIT. In this latter role she led
change management across her Department and
                                                          JAPANESE CLASSROOM
                                                          Fumie Mori
developed a suite of TAFE courses that
embedded a global curriculum, utilising ICT, had          This session will focus on Intercultural
18 months credit transfer to undergraduate                Language Teaching and Learning (ILTL). In this
courses and were attractive to the international          hands- on session, participants are encouraged
student market. On behalf of RMIT, Lynn has               to speak Japanese as much as possible as they
undertaken international negotiations in China,           create and evaluate their own video works. We
Singapore and Hawaii. She has a particular                discuss how to use video making to improve and
interest in the intersection between education            maintain student’s motivation in your Japanese
and business.                                             lessons. The Japan Foundation ‘Video Matsuri’
                                                          competition will also be explained, and
                                                          strategies for implementing this into your
                                                          Japanese classes shared.

                                                          About the presenter: See session D2

F3 INDONESIAN: MAKING VOCABULARY                            consequently culture. She is most passionate
                                                            about using children’s books to enhance
COME ALIVE                                                  learning, particularly in enriching
Carmyl Winkler                                              communication and spoken language.

A hands-on hour (and a bit) of activities which
put vocabulary into context. Using lists of verbs
                                                            F5ALL LOTES: “TALKING ABOUT
or adjectives make a house plan, play detective,            LANGUAGES” DVD PRESENTATION
enjoy a number game and sing along as you go.               Marlene Dingle & Viviana Golding

About the presenter: Carmyl Winkler’s first                 This new DVD for schools and school leaders
foray into Indonesian teaching was using the                focuses on matters related to languages
Bahasa to teach Physics at Universitas Syiah                education and especially on the pedagogy
                                                            related to second language acquisition. It
Kuala. After that anything seemed easy! Over the
                                                            provides examples of good practice in languages
last 20 years, she has taught Indonesian in North           teaching and learning and contains interviews
East Victoria primary schools, to Australian                with principals and academics about what
Army officers and in a community context. She               contributes to the success, quality and
has written two teachers’ resource books, ‘From             sustainability of languages programs in
Kancil to Kartini’ and ‘Selamat Pagi Bu’ with an            Australia.
accompanying CD of songs.                                   Contents:
                                                            Principals talk about languages programs
                                                            The languages classroom
F4 MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION:                                 Academics talk about second language
WRITING AND USING MULTICULTURAL                             acquisition, research and good practice - Joe Lo
                                                            Bianco, Michael Clyne, Angela Scarino, Margaret
LITERATURE                                                  Gearon and John Lando.
Carole O’Neill                                              The session will provide an overview with
                                                            sections from the DVD to be shown, followed by
In her session Carole will explore using                    discussion.
children’s literature to stimulate both written
and oral language. Together the group will                  About the presenters: Marlene Dingle has
explore the relationship between texts and                  been a German teacher and LOTE consultant in
images and how teachers can use picture books               Bendigo and in Melbourne for many years. She
as a springboard to better understandings of                has worked as German Project Officer with the
culture and place. She will use texts that relate           Victorian Department of Education and
to Australian place as well as arising themes               Training, German Language Consultant at the
relating to multiculturalism. Carole will show              Goethe-Institut Melbourne and is currently the
that learning is strongest when experiences                 LOTE Regional Project Officer in the Loddon
include and involves the students own                       Mallee Region.
experiences and ideas. A transferable
                                                            For Viviana’s details, refer to session A1.
framework for understanding and building
language in the classroom will be constructed.
                                                            F6AUSLAN: DIGITAL RESOURCES TO
About the presenter: Carole has had a long                  SUPPORT LEARNING
and varied career as an educator and has taught             Lee Bilby
within the primary and early years systems as a
homeroom teacher and a performing and visual                This is a practical, ‘hands on’ session, in which
art specialist. Her experience includes lecturing           participant will be provided with in-depth
                                                            training in the creation of resources that will
at both Melbourne and La Trobe Universities
                                                            supplement and support an Auslan LOTE
and training teachers in the arts and English.              curricula.
Carole spent a number of years in the private               This will include detailed training in the use of
system as a head of school and also as a director  Auslan Resource Creation
of an early learning centre. Carole’s interest is in        Functions, as well as other media.
‘place based’ education which focuses on                    Specific areas addressed with include:
children’s ability to communicate what is                         Educational games and Activities that
                                                                      supplement learning
important to them about their environment and

        Customised Book translations,                    INDONESIAN
         Worksheet and Flashcard generator
                                                          Convenor: Michelle Heintze
      Customised Resource creation for the
         classroom and school
                                                          Rina Hadi will give a short presentation on the
      Searching tools
                                                          DVD resource Mantap!
      Quizzes, Tests and Online Tutorials for
These sessions will provide participants with             FRENCH
additional tools and training, outside the scope          Convenor: Sandra Rosenbrock
of SignPlanet, that specifically address the
support of both adults and children in learning           Speaker tbc
sign language.
After completion participants will have a
thorough kit of tools and techniques that will
allow them to easily integrate Auslan into any            Convenor: Frank Kusch
school, family or early intervention setting.
They will have an understanding of the                    Eva Schulz from the Goethe Institute will give an
techniques that make learning sign easier for             outline of the organization’s activities.
both adult and child learners, as well as how to
support both these sectors throughout the                 AUSLAN
transition period.
                                                          Convenor: tbc
Participants will be provided the opportunity to
acquire hands on practical experience utilising
                                                          Lee Bilby will give a presentation on further
these functions (participants are asked to bring a
laptop computer to this session)                          resources available from Bilby Publishing

                                                          Convenor: Amanda Prescott-Smith

NETWORK MEETINGS                                          MULTICULTURAL
                                                          Convenor: tbc
3.00PM – 3.30PM
                                                          Immigration Museum – a resource for
                                                          Intercultural Learning
ITALIAN                                                   Jan Molloy Programs (Co ordinator from the
Convenor: Franco Cudini                                   Immigration Museum) and Tim McCowan will
                                                          discuss the ways in which the online resources
Speaker tbc
                                                          of Museum Victoria can support intercultural
                                                          learning and the DEECD strategy : Education for
JAPANESE                                                  Global and Multi cultural Citizenship.
Convenor: Peter Sunderland

Mark Adams of Intext will give a short
presentation on resources

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