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Adventure Travel Checklist - Adventure 16


									                                 Adventure Travel Checklist
                                 So you don’t leave home without it

Ten Essentials:                                         Basic Travel Needs (cont):            Medication (cont):
q Day Pack                                              q Rain gear                           q Extra Glasses
q First Aid Kit                                         q Umbrella                            q Insect Repellent
q Flashlight                                            q Camera, batteries or charger        q Record of required
q Sunglasses                                            q Binoculars                               medications/shots
q Pocket Knife                                          q Games or cards
q Water Bottle                                          q Alarm Clock                         Toiletries:
q Watch                                                 q Lightweight Travel Iron             q Comb/Brush
q Sunscreen                                             q Sewing / repair kit                 q Shampoo
q Hat                                                   q Laundry soap                        q Blow Dryer
q Whistle                                               q Electrical converter / adapter      q Towel/Washcloth
                                                        q Neck Pillow                         q Toothbrush/Paste
Basic Travel Needs:                                     q Undercover Security Pouch           q Dental Floss
q Luggage                                               q Global Money Exchanger              q Shaving Cream
q Luggage Locks                                         q Water Filter                        q Deodorant
q Luggage Tags                                          q Pac-safe locking system             q Lotion/Cream
q Passport & copy for partner                           q Buff                                q Make-Up
q Visa                                                                                        q Nail Clippers
q Travel Clothing (base layer, mid layer & outerwear)   Medication:                           q Personal Hygiene Items
q Airline Tickets / confirmed reservations              q Vitamins                            q Sunscreen
q Important telephone numbers                           q Diarrhea medicine                   q Eye drops
q Hotel Reservations                                    q Laxative                            q Lip Balm
q Maps                                                  q Motion sickness medicine
q Credit Cards                                          q Prescription medicines
q Calling Card                                          q Contact Lens Preparation
q Driver’s License                                      q Cold Medicine
q Walking Shoes/Hiking Boots                            q Pain Reliever

   Tarzana                  West Los Angeles                 Oceanside            Solana Beach             San Diego
(818) 345-4266               (310) 473-4574                (760) 966-1700         (858) 755-7662         (619) 283-2374

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