Population Density Baseball Activity by cuiliqing


									Population Density Baseball Activity
You will be looking at a list of MLB teams and the cities
in which they are located. Plot all of these locations on
      your blank United States map in one color.


Using the U.S. Population Density chart and what you
   have learned about population density, choose 6
    locations where you think a MLB team would be
 successful. (You can not pick a city if a MLB team is
already located there). Plot these cities on your United
     States map in another color. Write a paragraph
        explaining and defending your decision.
MLB Team Locations
              MLB Teams/Locations
•   Baltimore Orioles - Baltimore, MD      •   Cincinnati Reds - Cincinnati, OH
•   Boston Red Sox - Boston, MA            •   Colorado Rockies - Denver, CO
•   Chicago White Sox - Chicago, IL        •   Florida Marlins - Miami, FL
•   Cleveland Indians - Cleveland, OH      •   Houston Astros - Houston, TX
•   Detroit Tigers - Detroit, MI           •   Los Angeles Dodgers - Los Angeles,
•   Kansas City Royals - Kansas City, MO       CA
•   Los Angeles Angels - Anaheim, CA       •   Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee, WI
•   Minnesota Twins Minneapolis, MN        •   New York Mets - Flushing, NY
•   New York Yankees - Bronx, NY           •   Philadelphia Phillies - Philadelphia,
    Oakland Athletics - Oakland, CA            PA
•   Seattle Mariners - Seattle, WA         •   Pittsburgh Pirates - Pittsburgh, PA
•   Tampa Bay Rays - St. Petersburg, FL    •   Sand Diego Padres - San Diego, CA
•   Texas Rangers - Arlington, TX          •   San Francisco Pirates - San
•   Arizona Diamondbacks - Phoenix, AZ         Francisco, CA
•   Atlanta Braves - Atlanta, GA           •   St. Louis Cardinals - St. Louis, MO
•   Chicago Cubs - Chicago, IL             •   Washington Nationals - Washington,

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