Seventh Grade Language Arts by malj


									                          Seventh Grade English/ Language Arts
                                      Course Prospectus
Welcome to 7 grade at Jay M. Robinson Middle School! In this course we will work
with a variety of classic, contemporary, and multi-cultural literature including short
stories, poetry, dramas, novels, and essays as they correlate to the NC Standard Course of
Study and the SpringBoard curriculum. Because students cannot possibly do all of the
reading they will want or need to during the school day, independent reading will be
required and in-class assessments and projects will be assigned periodically. Students
will expand their comprehension, reasoning, and communication skills through various
strategies such as writing workshops, literature circles, Socratic seminars, and creative
presentations. We will continue to place a heavy emphasis on writing this year as there
are four CMS writing assessments required in 7th grade. Through the REV it up! program
(Robust Encounters with Vocabulary), our vocabulary study enables students to build
deep word knowledge and text comprehension as they encounter the words across
different genres. Innovative and traditional grammar lessons and activities are also
included in our curriculum.
Our classrooms are set up so that students will be able to learn independently and
collaboratively; however, the work and the grade will reflect only the efforts of the
individual student. If a student fails to turn in a homework assignment on the due date, a
grade of 70 will be recorded. Even if the student makes up the assignment, the grade will
remain a 70 because it was not turned in when due. If the assignment is never turned in,
the 70 will then become a zero. In the event of an absence, the student will have 5 days
to turn in the assignment. If not turned in by the agreed upon due date in this instance,
the grade will be lowered to a zero. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the
student to make arrangements with the teacher for late AND missing work. Students will
have opportunities for extra help. Tutoring is provided on Thursdays before and after
school. Please check with your child’s teacher for her specific time. Students should
make arrangements with both parent(s) and teacher before each session. This is an
excellent opportunity to receive small group instruction, prepare for tests, and make up
Grades are weighted as follows:
      Formal Assessments            45%
      Informal Assessments          45%
      Homework                      10%


Mrs. Bass, Mr. Buzzee, Ms. Cohen, Mrs. Forshee, Mrs. Hillis, Mrs. Mc Queen, and
Mrs. Parker

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