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					                                       Grading Sheet
** This is your grading sheet for your Element Poster Project. You must keep this
sheet and bring it back on the day its due. It is part of your grade**
** Supplies for your poster (colored paper, crayons, scissors, and glue) will be
given but you may bring any extra supplies you wish (no glitter!!!!) You must
supply the poster board paper

                               Criteria                                 Points Earned
Grading Sheet was returned (10 points)
- if lost, you will be given another one but will receive 0 points

Content (15 Points)
- it must contain the following information:
       * Atomic #
       * Element Symbol
       * Element Name
       * Atomic Mass
       * # of Electrons, # of Protons, # of Neutrons
       * What it is used for – at least 2
         (pictures with descriptions can be used)
       * Melting/Boiling Point (oC, oF, & oK)
       * Nonmetal/Metal/Metalloid/Noble Gas/Halogen/Transition
         Metal/Inner Transition Metal
       * Who discovered it and/or when it was discovered
- it must contain at least 3 additional pieces of information
  Put things people may not know – interesting facts
  (pictures with descriptions may be used)
Display (10 Points)
- size of poster: 70 cm (height) x 50 cm (length) to 100 cm x 100 cm
- Format like on a periodic table (put the following in the middle of
  your poster)
            Atomic #
            Element Symbol
            Element Name
            Atomic Mass
Creativity (15 Points)
- I Want Posters that I can Display, make them look good
- Be creative in the way you present the information

Total Points Earned/ Total Points Possible                                    / 50

Name(s) _________________________________ Element _________________________

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