Pop Art Scheme of Work by stariya


									Theale Green Community School
Art and Design Department

National Curriculum Art and Design – Key Stage Three – Year Nine
Pop Art Composition – Scheme of Work

                              ‘Pop Art Composition’

Project Brief

From research into the work of pop-artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert
Rauschenberg, Peter Blake, Jasper Johns, Richard Hamilton, etc., students will produce a
composition, which shows an understanding of pop-art styles, subject matter and techniques.
The composition will reflect the culture, life style and issues from present day popular culture

Time-Scale/Duration Two terms


   Sketchbooks
   Pictures by pop-artists
   Slides of pop-artists work
   Examples of pop-art advertisements
   Examples of previous work
   Reference material displayed in art rooms


   Sketchbooks
   Sugar paper
   Reddimix paint

Teaching and Management

Week 1

   Introduction to the project, what is pop-art, its subject matter, styles, etc.
   Drawing exercises, small still-life groups of contents from school bags
   Set homework

Week 2

   Slide presentation and drawing from slides
   Set homework

Week 3

   Continuation of drawing exercises from week 1
   Set homework
Week 4

   Start rough ideas for main composition in the style of Lichtenstein, using lesson tasks and
    homeworks as inspiration. Stress Lichtenstein’s use of cropping images to heighten
   Set homework

Week 5

   Finish rough ideas
   Set homework

Week 6

   Students start to draw up their main compositions onto A3 sugar paper
   Set homework

Week 7

   Start adding colour to main composition
   Set homework

Week 8

   Demonstration of use of ben-day dots and marker pens to outline
   Set homework

Week 9

   When main composition is finished, trace tin can or crisp packet from sketchbook and repeat
    several times. Paint tracings in Warhol style, cut out and add to main composition (now
    mounted on larger sheet of paper)
   Set homework

Week 10

   Add Claes Oldenburg style (papier mache) date/name to composition

Week 11-12

   Complete composition by joining all elements together

Week 13/14


Classroom organisation

Whatever fits most conveniently the current scheme of work

N.B. The above is a guide and is not meant to be prescriptive.

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