Overcoming Procrastination—Ending Delays When Aiming Towards Success

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					Overcoming Procrastination—Ending Delays When
Aiming Towards Success

One of the hindrances to success is not doing the things that need to be done. Many people keep on delaying
something in their life because of varying reasons. Procrastination can become a disorder when it affects the
ability of a person in reaching his goals and aspirations in life, and leaves him miserable at the end. It is a
condition described by the avoidance of doing a task that is already due to be accomplished. It can make a person
feel guilty, inadequate, depress and doubtful for his own capacity. It can result to serious consequences and
interfere with the ability of a person to become excellent and successful in life. One of the reasons is the lack of
productivity or failure to set priorities. Some people are not yet certain with what they want to do with their life
that they keep on putting things off.

Other reasons why people procrastinate are negative beliefs, lack of concentration, lack of discipline, lack of
interest, boredom, anxiety, fear, unrealistic perfectionism or expectations, unresolved issues of failure, and some
personal troubles such as financial problems and lack of self-esteem. The fear of other people’s opinions and
expectations is also one of the many factors why so many people procrastinate. They are afraid of something that
they seize in achieving or finishing anything. However, a simple reason of being lack of motivation or chronic
laziness should also not be overlooked when solving issues of procrastination. There are various ways in
overcoming such attitude, which usually fall in identifying the causes and reasons why there is fear, anxiety, poor
self-esteem and other psychological issues. It is also vital to determine the goals, values, priorities and even the
weaknesses in life, which will help in overcoming the attitude of always delaying responsibilities.

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A person should also help himself in realizing his values in life that usually affect his actions. Setting priorities
and developing self-discipline are also one of the most common answers of experts in overcoming procrastinating.
A person should also identify what direction he wants to lead his life, because it will guide him in setting his
priorities. Setting a schedule in performing tasks will also help in managing time properly and become productive.
Allocating work intervals and rewards when accomplishing a task is also a form of self-motivation. Focusing on
success rather than in failures can be difficult to do than said, but it will be easy when the goals are realistic and
large work is divided into small assignments. Being in an environment, which will help a person in focusing with
his work is also vital in overcoming procrastination.

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