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Adventure tour in the maldives


									 Adventure tour in the maldives
sample the delights of THE ISLAND HANIMADHOO AND laamu atoll

We are a registered travel agency in Maldives dedicated to help clients find
holidays that will match their vacation needs within their budget. Other than
the resort holidays that we have in our portfolio, we also have a number of
adventure tour holidays in our collection. Recently, we have added into our
service a holiday program called “Local Island Stay Visit” aiming for those
who seek a cheap holiday in Maldives, intending to cater for the middle or
lower end tourist or those who wish to visit Maldives with their family for a
cheap holiday. The island stay program is at affordable price and we believe
that it will help to learn and appreciate the people, culture, environment,
and the cuisine of the Maldives.

The venues that we are equipped to cater the service for “Local Island Stay
Visits” for adventure tour are the island Fonadhoo in Laamu Atoll in the
south and on Hanimadhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll in north Maldives.

Hanimadhoo is one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives. The island
has a long stretched beach with a huge lagoon. It is notable for good fish-
ing and has a bit of a heritage and culture as well. Hanimadhoo also placed
within a short boat ride to the birthplace of the national hero, Muhammed
Thakurufaanu, who figured prominently in the country’s fight to regain
independence from the Portuguese. The island Utheemu, the most famous
of north Maldives, a cultural treasure-trove and the birthplace of a 16th-
century sultan who fought to drive out the occupying Portuguese is a must
island to be visited. His residence, a beautifully preserved wooden palace,
is evidence of the islands’ former glory. We have a range of excursions and
sightseeing’s and this includes visit to the historical island “Utheem”.

The second adventure tour that we added in our portfolio is in Laamu Atoll.
The atoll is located in central Maldives having comparable geophysical to-
pology as with other atolls in the country. The atoll consists of 82 islands of
which only 12 are inhabited and is blessed with numerous excellent diversi-
ties and surfing spots. The atoll has many beautiful untouched beaches and
picnic islands to explore - surrounded by breathtaking realm of underwater
life. To help our clients to get a stunning stay in Laamu Atoll, we will offer a
range of excursions and sightseeing’s to reveal the beauty and diversity of
the atoll.

In addition, we also have a surf package developed exclusively for surf en-

For our surf package please write to: -
Accommodation for “Laamu Adventure Tour” will be arrange on the
island Fonadhoo - the capital of Laamu Atoll. The accommodations are
on full board meal plan. All accommodation includes quality en- suite
rooms and have individually controlled AC, and their own private bath-
room with toilet and hot water shower.
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                                              Day 2 Excursion to a Local /                For those who would fear to go out at
                                              Picnic Island                               deep sea because of may in getting
                                                                                          sea sickness, they may rest at leisure as
                                              0900 – 1330        The first stop of the    preferred by the guests.
                                              excursion would be the island Isdhoo,
                                              the most northerly island in the north      Free as per guest preferences.
                                              tip of Laamu Atoll.
                                                                                          1630 – 1800        Visit historical places
                                              Isdhoo is an inhabited island with 2.94     and agricultural farms on the local
                                              square kilometers. The island has an        island Gan – the largest island in the
ITINERARY                                     impressive mound from a pre-historic        Maldives.
                                              Buddhist time. The mound on the
                                              island known as “Hawitta” is a pyramid      Day 4 Excursion to Picnic Islands
                                              like structure built in pre-Islamic times   (Kashi Guraidhoo & Maabulheli)
                                              on the island. The mound has a history
                                              of around 600 years.                        0800 – 0900        Breakfast

                                              1330 – 1700       Visit to a picnic         0930 – 1230        Visit to a deserted is-
                                              island nearby local island Maabaidhoo       land called “Kashi Guraidhoo” in south
                                              by the afternoon where guests will          Laamu atoll. The guests are free at the
                                              have ample time to swim, snorkel, and       leisure for swim, snorkel, and relax on
                                              relax.                                      the island.

                                              In addition, for those who are inter-       Nature lovers can easily fill the day
                                              ested in pursuit of a fish may have the     in and around this beautiful island
                                              opportunity to engage in fishing near       without getting bored. The sandy
                                              by a reef at picnic island. Whether you     white beaches, rainbow colored coral
                                              choose to relax on beach or to engage       reefs and the lush green vegetation
                                              in fishing, you will surely celebrate the   surrounding the islands - will dazzle
                                              ultimate travel adventure.                  you undoubtedly.

                                              Day 3 Delving into Deep Sea –               1300 – 1400        Visit to the fishing
                                              One and a Half Degree Channel               village Maavah for lunch near the
Day 1 Arrival in Maldives                                                                 island Kashi Guraidhoo before we
                                              0500 – 1000         For those who love      proceed to the island Maabulheli.
0830 – 2030          On arrive at Male’
International Airport, our guide will greet   to be out at sea could join for troll-
at the exit of arrival hall. Depart Male’     ing to catch sailfish, yellowfin, marlin,
International Airport by taking the earli-    wahoo, etc. The boat leaves early
est possible flight to visit Laamu Atoll.     morning and return around 10 o’clock.
Currently, 4 flights are daily operating to   Coffee, tea and snacks will be served
the atoll.                                    on board the vessel.
join us on an unforgetable home stay visit

ITINERARY (Continued)                        1630 – 1930         Guests will be wel-      Day 8 Depart Maldives
                                             comed to join on a night fishing trip
1400 – 1700       Visist picnic island       near by a reef at the entrance channel          -      You will be transferred to
“Maabulheli” near Maavah.                    of the local island Hithadhoo. Night         the airport for the flight to Male’.
                                             fishing in Maldives is the most famous       their retun journey. On arrival at Male’
Guests are free at leisure for swim,         type of fishing.                             International Airport from Laamu Atoll,
snorkel, and relax on the superb beach
                                                                                          our guide will greet you at the exit
of this island. Laze away the hours on the   You can catch snappers, emperors,            and transferred to the international
pristine white beach, or view the magi-      barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks dur-      departures.
cal underwater world as you snorkel the      ing night fishing. Amidst the sparkling
natural reef.                                breathtaking view - night fishing is         Depart Maldives to return to home.
                                             a treat for fishing buffs. During night
1700 – 1745       Depart Maabulheli          fishing enjoy the rhythmic music
at 1700 hours to return to the island        of waves and gentle breeze amidst
Foandhoo where accommodations are            nature’s splendour.
arranged for the entire trip.
                                             2000 – 2200         All guests will be in-
                                             vited for a BBQ dinner where some of
Day 5 Excursions to the Picnic               your catch will be cooked in barbeque
Island Bareshdhoo                            style. After the dinner, a cultural dance
                                             called Bodu Beru will be performed by
0800 – 0900        Breakfast                 a group of 10-15 people.

1000 – 1700        Free at Leisure on the
picnic island Baresdhoo. Lunch at Bares-     Day 7 Boat Excursions
                                             0800 – 0900        Breakfast
Day 6 Night Fishing and BBQ Dinner
                                             0930 – 1230      Visit nearby reefs at
1000 – 1200        Visit historical places   the Island Fonadhoo for snorkeling.
and agricultural farms on the island
Fonadhoo.                                      -      Free at leisure with plenty of
                                             exciting activities.
Day 6 Night Fishing and BBQ Din-
ner                                          Those who have their flight on next
                                             day morning will depart the island
1000 – 1200        Visit historical places   Fondahoo for an overnight stay in
and agricultural farms on the island         Male’ – the capital of Maldives for
Fonadhoo.                                    onward journey.
1200 – 1500        Free at Leisure!

“Yin Yang” & “Maabaidhoo” - two        Fish out at open sea to catch       Casting to catch fish dewelling
of the the famous surf point in        large yellowfin, sailfish, etc.     outter reefs such as Travellies,
Laamu Atoll.                                                               Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo.



Night fishing to catch reef dwelling   BBQ dinner together with cultural   For those who would like to have
species such as snappers, etc.         dance called Bodu Beru. Bodu        ample time to swim, snorkel, and
                                       Beru is one of the most popular     relax may visit to a picnic island.
                                       forms of music and dance in the     The sandy white beaches, rain-
                                       country, enjoyed by the young &     bow coloured coral reefs and the
                                       the old, men and women.             lush green vegetation surround-
                                                                           ing the islands - will dazzle you
Surf photos of ”Ying Yang” in Laamu Atoll

“Yng Yang” is a place where surfers are find a break for surf professionals. Surfing in the “Ying Yang” is a
must do thing for every surfer as it has a world renound breaks for the professionals.
Surf photos of ”Maabaidhoo” in Laamu Atoll

Maldive - a paradise for surfing enthusiasts.
    If you want a perfect surf package
      for a perfect surfing, contact us:

G. Huvafeni Asseyri (1st Floor, # 1A)
Huvafeni Goalhi
Male’ 20-105
Mobile: +(960) 9771110
Fax: + (960) 3332841

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