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									Peer Review Evaluation Form
Fill out this form, print it off, and turn it in with your essay.
Reviewer’s Name:
Writer’s Name:

Please rate how helpful you found the peer feedback you received on ePortfolio
for the rhetorical analysis essay. Use the guidelines below and rate the feedback.
You may also include any comments that help explain the score. In short, how did
your peer review provide constructive feedback that helped you think about your
writing to make revisions? This evaluation is confidential and will be used for
grading purposes only. Please be honest.

Scoring Criteria

4- Excellent Review
      This review provided really important insight, which made me consider
      making major revisions.
3-Good Review
      This review provided thorough feedback, which had me consider many
2-Ok Review
      This review had some short comments, some were relevant and some were
      unclear, so I was not able to apply them to my revisions.
1-Poor Review
      This review offered little feedback. It might have shown that the reader
      didn’t give much thought to the paper, was unable to respond, or did not
      give the review enough time. If a reader was late giving a review, it would
      fall under this category as well, because it does not allow the writer
      feedback in a timely manner.
0-No Review

Score:    0          1       2      3      4

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