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					                                                                                                                                        July 2010

SNEAK PREVIEW OF CONFERENCE 2010                                                                    CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE
                                                                                                    MID-YEAR REPORT
“Fine Tune Your Hearing Skills”
                                                                                                    UPCOMING DEADLINES ANNOUNCED
Registration will soon be underway for              was simply grand. Our “boots on the ground”     By Ramona Collingsworth (TX)
NAHO’s 2010 Annual Professional                     in Nashville have checked and assured us        and Linda Snow (TX)
Development Conference, which will be held in       that we are good to go and will be warmly       Certification Committee Co-chairs
Nashville, Tennessee, September 26-29, 2010.        welcomed.
                                                                                                    The Certification Committee consists of lead
The site of the conference is the Doubletree
                                                                                                    chair Ramona Collingsworth (TX), co-chair
Hotel in downtown Nashville, close to the           Some familiar presenters and sessions from
                                                                                                    Linda Snow (TX), Barbara Ann Macdonald
restaurants, shops and nightlife of Broadway,       the past will be with us again in Nashville
                                                                                                    (TX), and Cynthia Staggs (OH). So far this
as well as other area attractions. This year’s      while others will not. Regardless, there will
                                                                                                    year the committee has prepared and mailed 17
conference includes a reception and dinner          be a wide array of topics and well-qualified
                                                                                                    notices for certifications that expire December
cruise on the General Jackson Showboat with         speakers with something for everyone.
                                                                                                    31, 2010, has received and is reviewing five
live entertainment.                                 Speakers include Dean Doug Blaze, University
                                                                                                    applications for initial certification, and has
                                                    of Tennessee College of Law; Dr. Larry W.
                                                                                                    received and is reviewing three applications for
The late spring/early summer issue of NAHO          Bridgesmith, President, Tennessee Association
                                                                                                    recertification. The committee also responded
News traditionally features an extensive article    of Professional Mediators; Honorable Cornelia
                                                                                                    to telephone and e-mail inquiries, consults with
on the fall annual professional development         Clark, Chief Justice, Tennessee Supreme
                                                                                                    President Bonny Fetch when significant issues
conference. This issue, instead, provides only      Court; Attorney General Bob Cooper, State
                                                                                                    come before the committee, and works with the
a sneak preview. A special supplemental issue,      of Tennessee; Honorable Steve R. Dozier,
                                                                                                    NAHO Librarian to assign classifications to
devoted to the conference and to Nashville          Division 1 Criminal Court, Davison County
                                                                                                    library course material.
attractions, will come out in late July or          (Nashville), Tennessee; and Honorable Julian
early August. In the meantime, check the            Mann, Chief Administrative Law Judge, North
NAHO Web site for information on the                Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings.     The Certification Committee wants to remind
conference registration, hotel information,                                                         members that July 31, 2010, is the deadline for
and curriculum/presenter information. The           Sessions include Clear and Concise Legal        applications for those who want to receive their
conference brochure should be out soon.             Writing; Conflict Management Techniques         certification or recertification recognition at
                                                    for Hearing Officials; Dealing with the Pro     the 2010 professional development conference
Worried about the effects of the early May          Se Appellant; Evidence 101—The Good, the        in Nashville. For those members who do not
flood event on Nashville and the conference?        Bad and the Objectionable; Full Disclosure—     get their applications in by the deadline for
Don’t be. The Board’s mid-year meeting took         Where Immunity Ends and Liability Begins;       the conference recognition but still want to
place at the Doubletree on April 30th and May       Helpful Internet Research Tools; and New        receive their certification or recertification for
1st, just in time to experience the flood first-    Technology—Working Smarter, Not Harder.         calendar year 2010, the application deadline
hand. April 30th was a beautiful, if somewhat                                                       is December 31, 2010. Forms for applying for
windy, late spring day. The famed Southern          This sneak preview should whet your appetite.   initial certification and for recertification are
hospitality was evident everywhere we went          Check the NAHO Web site, watch for the          on the NAHO Website. Completed forms
and at the hotel itself, even when the torrential   conference brochure in your mailbox, and look   should be sent to Certification Committee,
rains came on May 1st and May 2nd. The              for the special conference issue of NAHO        c/o Ramona Collingsworth, TX Health &
Tennessee State Capitol and grounds are just        News.                                           Human Services Commission, 1540 New York
a few blocks from the hotel and the tour there                                                      Avenue, Arlington, TX 76010.
                                                                                                                NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 2

WELCOME TO OUR NEW NAHO MEMBERS AND                                                                    NAHO LIBRARY MID-YEAR REPORT
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS                                                                                      By Philip Snow (NC), NAHO Librarian

NAHO extends its welcome to 13 new members and associate members who have joined since                 The          Library
January 1, 2010. Listing is alphabetical by last name. Only the member’s state and agency, where       Committee        for
                                                                                                       2010-2011 consists
applicable, is listed. If you joined after June 25, 2010, your name will appear in the next regular
                                                                                                       of Philip Snow
issue of the newsletter. Our apologies if we have inadvertently omitted someone, misspelled a
                                                                                                       (NC), Librarian,
name, or made some other error in this list. Please direct any corrections to the editor’s attention   and         members
and we will include those in the next list.                                                            Eric Moody (ID)
                                                                                                       and Robert Nall
                                                                                                       (AZ).       Between
Roger Baburam (MN), Minnesota Department of Corrections
                                                                                                       September 1, 2009,
Daoud (David) Balewa (NJ), Certified Magisterial District Judge, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania          and March 31, Phil Snow (NC)
                                                                                                       2010, the NAHO
Karen Bernally (AZ), Navajo Nation Office of Hearings and Appeals
                                                                                                       library loaned out a total of 26 DVD tapes, at
Kathy Bragg (MS), Mississippi Division of Medicaid                                                     a fee of $22 per tape. Rentals have generated
                                                                                                       $573.50 in income, including an overpayment
Ann Callender (MS), Mississippi Division of Medicaid
                                                                                                       of $1.50. Activity in rentals has picked up since
Valerie Henry (MS), Mississippi Division of Medicaid                                                   last year. There seems to be more interest in
                                                                                                       certification now.
Barbara Hill (MS), Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Rolanda Johnson (MO), Missouri Department of Social Services                                           During the period from September 1, 2009,
                                                                                                       through March 31, 2010, the library incurred
Donna G. Michaels (AZ), Arizona Department of Education                                                expenses of $102.10 for postage for mailing the
Marie A. Murphy (TN), Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance                                   videos to members who requested the materials
                                                                                                       and for transferring older tapes to DVD
Jimmy C. Stokes (GA), Morgan County Schools                                                            format.
Pilar Vaile (NM), New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board
                                                                                                       NAHO’s library now has 46 sessions available
Diane C. Woodring (SC), South Carolina Department of Social Services                                   for loan. Some of the sessions are two parts so
                                                                                                       the total number of DVDs in the library is 54.

                                                                                                       The list of videos on the NAHO Web site
   ETHICS COMMITTEE WORKING ON COMPLAINT PROCEDURE                                                     has been updated to reflect if the tape is for
                                                                                                       a mandatory, elective, or substantive course
   A code of ethics is one indicator of a professional organization. NAHO’s certification              session. Procedure for obtaining the videos is
   program is essential to its mission of ensuring competent, informed, and “professional”             available on the NAHO Web site.
   hearing officials. To emphasize its commitment to professionalism and to the importance of
   the integrity of hearing officials and the hearing procedure, NAHO adopted a Model Code             I am pleased to continue to serve you as the
                                                                                                       NAHO Librarian and welcome any suggestions
   of Ethics. Applicants for membership in NAHO must adhere to the standards in the Ethics             you may have for improving the NAHO
   Code, as a condition of membership. The Code is posted on the NAHO Web site and if                  library.
   you have not yet looked at it, take a few minutes to do that now. While NAHO does not
   anticipate receiving many, if any, complaints regarding alleged violations of the Code, there                Newsletter Credits:
   should be a process in place for handling any complaints. The Ethics Committee for 2010-
   2011 is comprised of Joy Wezelman (ND), Lead Chair, Norman Patenaude (NH), Co-chair,                               Joy L. Wezelman
   and Joe Rubenstein (MN) and D’Laine Hagan (TX), members. The committee has met
   and is developing a procedure that should be ready for board action by the time of the 2010              Bonny M. Fetch and Frances Zuther
   Nashville conference. The focus is on keeping the procedure simple, clear, timely, responsive
                                                                                                                     Layout & Design:
   and respectful of both the complainant and the subject of the complaint. Once the procedure                         Wendy Moen,
   is approved it will be posted on the NAHO Web site.                                                                Design Dimension
                                                                                                                NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 3

                                                          You asked for it and NAHO will provide it. The launch of NAHO’s “new and improved”
                                                          Web site is just around the corner. The Web site subcommittee of the Communications
                                                          Committee, chaired by President Bonny Fetch (ND), has been working with Wendy Moen
                                                          of Design Dimension to update and enhance our Web site, making it more attractive, easier
                                                          to use, and more “member responsive”. Among the most notable changes is a “members only”
                                                          section. Board minutes and the treasurer’s reports will be posted online. Options are being
                                                          explored to allow payment through Paypal for such things as membership fees, NAHO
                                                          Library video rental fees, and NAHO merchandise. The Web site will continue to be a work
                                                          in progress and your feedback and suggestions are encouraged.

By Hugo M. Franco (AZ), Scholarship Committee Chair

The 2010 NAHO Scholarship Committee consists of Hugo M. Franco               Indicate whether you will be receiving any funding from your state
(AZ), Chair, and Andrea Boardman (CT) and Toni Boone (NV),                   or employer to attend the conference. If you will not be receiving any
members. The board has authorized one scholarship to assist NAHO             funding, please provide a letter from your supervisor/employer stating
members in attending the 2010 Annual Professional Development                that you will not be receiving any funding.
Conference in Nashville, TN, September 26-29, 2010. Applicants
MUST be NAHO members. Scholarships cover the total conference                Indicate whether you are working on obtaining NAHO certification.
registration fee, including conference meals. Scholarships do NOT cover
travel and lodging costs.                                                    Indicate whether you have previously received a NAHO scholarship.

Applicants must submit a letter to the NAHO Scholarship Committee            Applications MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 6, 2010 to be
with the following information:                                              considered. Only complete applications will be considered. Send your
                                                                             letter of application and supporting information by regular mail or by
Indicate whether you are a NAHO member in good standing, or that you         e-mail to:
have applied to become a NAHO member. Verify your status by listing
your membership number or by providing the date of your membership           Hugo M. Franco, Chairman
application.                                                                 DES Appeals Board
                                                                             1951 W. Camelback Rd., Suite 465
State your employment information (employer, job title, how long you         Phoenix, AZ 85015
have been a hearing official).                                     

In response to member inquiries, comments and suggestions, a new committee came into being for 2010-2011, the NAHO Merchandise Committee.
Toni Boone (NV) chairs the new committee. Committee members are Eric Moody (ID), Diana Ragsdale (TX), Mark Richmond (ID) and Cynthia
Staggs (OH). Not only does NAHO merchandise offer the opportunity of publicly and proudly demonstrating your membership in NAHO, it
can also provide a source of revenue for our organization. Items that the committee has considered include high quality polo shirts with collars,
caps, canvas or other bags, coffee mugs, magnets, pins, and “thumb drives” for storing computer files. Final decisions have not yet been made but the
committee hopes to have some items available for display and purchase at the conference in Nashville this September. If you have other suggestions,
pass them on to the committee chair or committee members.
                                                                                                      NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 4


                                                t acquainted        Great jazz, grea
                                 Hugo Franco ge                     who attend NA t blues and great food awai
             Andrea B oardman and board meeting.                                   HO’s Septembe               t
                           midyear                                  Nashville.                   r conference in those
             during NAHO’s

                                                       Thank you to Janice
                                                    Deshais (CT) for the new
                                                      board member photos
                                                    and the other photos from
                                                    the recent Midyear Board
                                                      Meeting in Nashville.

                               rd                                                                Hugo Franco ta
                ard members ha                                                                   nightlife duringkes in Nashville
 Your NAHO bo 1, 2010, as the
 at work on May start in Nashville.                                                              break in the M an all-too-brief
                 s                                                                                              ay deluge.
 torrential rain

                                                    Tennessee’s state capitol
                                                    and grounds, just a
                                                    short walk from the
                                                    conference headquarters
                                                    at the Doubletree Hotel in
                                                    downtown Nashville.

                                         t Norman                                Board membe
                        d Vice Presiden                                                         rs
                                                                                 capitol tour gu listen attentively to their
 Secretary Andrea Lee an ille’s diverse cuisine.                                                                             st
                                                                                 historic courtr ide in the Tennessee Suprem ate
               ple Nashv
 Patenaude sam                                                                                  oom.                          e Court’s
                                                                                                                     NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 5

From the President
Nashville is Calling, and I Promise to Treat Her Better This Time
By Bonny M. Fetch, NAHO President

                             The          NAHO        manner of critters were swimming in the streets      that rain might prevent the race from taking
                             Board held its mid-      and a section of the roof of the hotel we were       place. I was at Churchill Downs on Wednesday
                             year meeting in          staying in collapsed.                                with Sharon Kulp and her husband. The race
                             Nashville April 30-                                                           was set for Saturday. But Louisville lucked out,
                             May 1. I’m really        In January of this year, my friend’s daughter        I left on Thursday. However, I went from there
                             looking      forward     planned to get married in Fargo, North Dakota,       to Nashville. You guessed it. On Saturday the
                             to    returning    to    200 miles from Bismarck. The wedding was             rain came, like I’ve never seen it rain, and what
                             Nashville for the        set for Saturday, January 23 at a lovely historic    has been termed a once in a thousand years
Bonny M. Fetch (ND)          Conference         in    church 8 miles outside of town. The weather          flood inundated Nashville.
                             September.        And    leading up to the date had been mild and clear.
I really hope Nashville will welcome me back.         “What a break” we all thought. Well, on Friday       Now I’m not willing to concede that I am
You see, I’m rather known to be a weather             the day before the wedding, we traveled to           responsible for these unfortunate weather
jinx. You are probably rolling your eyeballs          Fargo for the rehearsal. The weather turned          events. Maybe I just have a knack for being
and saying to yourself, “how silly, there’s no        that day, bringing rain, snow, and ice, lots of      in the right place at the wrong time. But just
such thing.” Well, before you stick with that         it. The groom-to-be picked my friend and me          in case, NAHO’s Conference will be in Santa
previously formed opinion, here are a few facts.      up from our hotel in his pickup as by evening        Fe, New Mexico, in 2011. That’s high desert
Consider the evidence. Then you be the judge.         the roads were becoming dangerous, if not            country. I think it will be safe.
                                                      impassable, by car. Indeed, the bride’s uncle and
Some of you may remember a character from             aunt slid off the road and had to be rescued. To     As for this year’s Conference in Nashville,
Li’l Abner known as “Joe BTFSPLK.” He                 make a long story short, the minister talked it      September 26-29. I’ll be there. But relax, they
was pictured with a rain cloud perpetually            over with the couple and upon being informed         say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.
hanging over him and was characterized as             that they would likely not be able to get to         Come and join me, it might be worth the trip
the world’s worst jinx. Way back when I was           the church on Saturday, the couple elected to        just to find out.
new to the workforce, my boss referred to me          forego the rehearsal and the big ceremony and
as Joe BTFSPLK because it seemed that way             get married that night. The rehearsal turned         Oh, and by the way, if you know someone who
too often wherever I went, stormy or unusual          into the real deal. The couple and wedding           is planning an event and you have a grudge, just
weather would follow. Over the years, as I            party retrieved their wedding clothes, but the       wangle an invitation for me and buy me a plane
traveled more, I would often hear people say          rest of us, including the bride’s mother and         ticket.
things like, “this is not our usual weather”, “it’s   the groom’s parents, were wearing jeans. The
never been this hot this early”, “we have never       corsages looked interesting on flannel shirts
had this much ice, or snow, or wind, or rain”,        and sweaters.
and so on.
                                                      There have been notable near-misses too. On
I’ll give you just a few concrete examples. In        my way to the mid-year meeting the end of
1995 I was in New Orleans for a conference.           April I was in Louisville, Kentucky, the week of
My boss and a co-worker also attended. It             the famed Derby. They had had a lot of rain
poured rain, so much that it flooded, not to the      and everyone was worried about the weather. In
extent of the flood that Katrina brought, but         fact, there was a concern that maybe, just maybe,
enough so that everything was shut down. All          for the first time in the Derby’s 136-year history
                                                                                                                    NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 6

                                                                                                           MID-YEAR UPDATE
By Janice Deshais (CT)                                                                                     UPCOMING DEADLINES ANNOUNCED
                                                                                                           By Eric Moody (ID),
The NAHO Board recently welcomed seven new regional representatives and alternates to its                  Membership Committee Chair
ranks. Mark Richmond (ID) and Joy Wezelman (ND) were also elected as regional representatives
                                                                                                           I’m pleased to report that as of June 14,
for the Western Region and Mountain Region, respectively, but they are not new to the Board since
                                                                                                           2010, NAHO had 310 current active
they served as Western Region Alternate and Mountain Region Alternate before moving up. The
                                                                                                           members, including the associate members.
following brief “bios” of the new Board members, who represent five of the six NAHO regions, will
                                                                                                           New membership applications continue to
help all NAHO members to get to know their new regional representatives and alternates. This               come in as a result of referrals and the Web
introduction to the “brand new” regional representatives and alternates will take the place of the         site. Regional representatives and alternate
Board Profile feature for this issue.                                                                      regional representatives continue to be
                                                                                                           involved in reviewing the new membership
Andrea Boardman (CT), Northeast Region Representative                                                      applications and voicing their opinions. They
                             Andrea has been employed with the State of Connecticut, Department            are also making an effort to contact former
                             of Social Services for 32 years. After serving as an Intake Supervisor, she   members to inform them about the upcoming
                                                                                                           annual professional development conference
                             became a Hearing Officer in 1994,and conducts hearings for every program
                                                                                                           in Nashville in September and to encourage
                             that the Department administers. These programs include Medicaid,
                                                                                                           them to renew their NAHO memberships.
                             SNAP, TFA, Managed Care, and Nursing Home discharge issues.
                                                                                                           The new membership year and fee structure
                             An alumna of the University of Connecticut, Andrea obtained her               that was implemented in time for the 2009
                             undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Relations.               Annual Professional Development Conference
                             Andrea is a resident of Hebron, CT, and enjoys traveling, cooking,            in Boise appears to be working quite well and
gardening, walking, reading and spending time with her husband Bob and family and friends.                 will be tweaked as needed. One change that
                                                                                                           has been made is that the membership fee
                                                                                                           when ten or more new members join at the
Andrea finds the NAHO Conferences to be informative, energizing and fun. She finds NAHO
                                                                                                           same time has been increased to $40 from
members to be interesting and delightful people. Andrea is happy and proud to work as a Board
                                                                                                           $30. This corrects an inadvertent oversight
                                                                                                           when the fees were revised last year.

Toni Boone (NV), Western Region Alternate                                                                  I’d also like to take this opportunity to
Toni has 25 years of experience with administrative law and hearing                                        remind both our “old” NAHO members
processes. She has been an ALJ for the Administrative Hearings                                             and our new members that the annual
Division of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles since 2003.                                            professional development conference is a
Toni was previously an administrative hearing referee for the Arkansas                                     great opportunity to learn and to network
Department of Finance and Administration and a hearing officer for                                         with other professional hearing officers.
                                                                                                           This year’s conference is September 26-29
the Arkansas Department of Revenue. Toni is on the faculty of the
                                                                                                           in Nashville, Tennessee. I look forward to
National Judicial College (NJC) and has served as adjunct faculty for
                                                                                                           seeing you in Nashville!
criminal and administrative law classes at universities, community
colleges and police academies. She has also conducted continuing legal
and judicial education courses for county bar associations, state judicial conferences, and for the
American Bar Association.

Toni graduated from the University of Arkansas and is an alumna of the NJC with Certificates of Judicial Development in Administrative Law,
Adjudication Skills and Dispute Resolution Skills. Toni is also a NAHO-certified ALJ. Toni is passionate about teaching and considers it her

                                                                                                                                     {continued on page 7}
                                                                                                                 NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 7

NEW REPRESENTATIVES {continued from page 6}
primary avocation; she has also travelled extensively and enjoys spending    Janice received her BA from St. Joseph
time with her grandchildren.                                                 and an MA in Public Policy from Trinity
                                                                             College in Hartford. She received her JD
Toni is honored to have been elected to the Board by her colleagues in       from Western New England College School
the Western states. As a Board member, she hopes to act as a conduit for     of Law in Springfield, MA and is a member
improved two-way communication between the Board and the hearing             of the state and federal bars in Connecticut
officers in her region; to encourage attendance at the annual professional   and Massachusetts.       She lives in West
development conferences; and to promote NAHO to non-members.                 Harford with her husband Richard and the
                                                                             head of the household, their 17-year-old cat
Sherry Coomes (IN), Central Region Representative                            Pumpkin.
Sherry is a native of Richmond, IN, and
received her Bachelor of Science degree                                      Janice believes that not only the formal training but also the informal
in Elementary Education from Indiana                                         camaraderie and sharing that are part of NAHO membership are
University in 1979.      After teaching for                                  essential to professional development and career satisfaction. She looks
four years, she began her tenure with the                                    forward to helping to provide those experiences as a member of the
State of Indiana in 1984 as an assistant                                     NAHO Board.
caseworker. Over the past 26 years she has
held the positions of caseworker, quality                                    Susan Kirkvold (VA), Mountain Region Alternate
control reviewer, Administrative Law Judge, and her current position,        After 10 years as an administrative law judge with the South Dakota
Hearings and Appeals Supervisor for the State of Indiana Family and          Department of Social Services, Susan became an Attorney-Adviser with
Social Services Administration. As a supervisor, Sherry supervises           the Social Security Administration in Falls Church, VA, in October
administrative law judges as well as clerical support staff.                 2009. Susan is a graduate of South Dakota State University, where she
                                                                             majored in Journalism. She graduated from the University of South
Sherry lives in Indianapolis, IN, with her husband Bill and their 13-year-   Dakota, School of Law in 1996.
old son, Adam. Her family enjoys spending time together vacationing,
camping and watching sporting activities. Sherry is also active in her       Susan returned to the NAHO Board as the Mountain Region Alternate
church, Southport Presbyterian, where she serves on the Children’s           after a one-term break. A member of NAHO since 1999, she served as an
Ministry Advisory Committee, facilitates women’s study groups and            At-Large Board member in 2009, the Mountain Region Representative
assists with Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.                        and NAHO librarian in 2006-2008, and was the Mountain Region
                                                                             Alternate in 2004-2006. “In addition to being a great resource for
Sherry has been a NAHO member since 1997 and has attended NAHO               training and professional contacts, NAHO has been a lot of fun,” Susan
professional development conferences in Seattle, WA and Norfolk, VA.         said. “The conferences continue to provide great information I can use
She was recently elected to serve as the Central Regional Representative     and the opportunity to catch up with friends. I’m looking forward to
and looks forward to serving the region on the NAHO Board.                   seeing everyone in Nashville this fall.”

Janice Deshais (CT), Northeast Region Alternate                              Susan is an attorney licensed in South Dakota and Massachusetts, and
Janice has been the Director of the Office of Adjudications for the          also was a former journalist before entering law school. She is a NAHO-
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection since 1999. She           certified ALJ and has completed approximately nine weeks of training at
has worked in the environmental field for more than 20 years, working        the National Judicial College, earning certificates in Adjudication Skills
in hazardous waste management and as an assistant attorney general           and Dispute Resolution. She enjoys bike riding, reading, learning about
for the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General prior to her current      the D.C. area, and visiting her son in the Boston/New Hampshire area.
position. Janice also teaches law and environmental policy as an adjunct
at her alma mater, St. Joseph College in West Hartford, CT.
                                                                                                                                 {continued on page 8}
                                                                                                                     NAHO News, July 2010 – Page 8

NEW REPRESENTATIVES {continued from page 7}

Jo Murphy (TN), Southeast Region Alternate                                        Joseph Rubenstein (MN), Central Region Alternate
                               Jo worked for the Tennessee Department             Joe is currently a Human Services Judge
                               of Human Services for 36 years until               for the Minnesota Department of Human
                               her retirement in December 2009. After             Services. From 1995 to 2005 he was the
                               receiving a BS from Middle Tennessee State         staff attorney for the Minnesota Department
                               University in 1972, Jo began working in            of Human Services Special Recovery Unit.
                               1973 in eligibility determination for cash         He managed the Department’s Medical
                               assistance, Food Stamps and Medicaid. She          Assistance and Alternative Care lien
                               became a hearing officer and transferred           programs and advised the Department,
                               to appeals in the same department in               county social services agencies and county
1998. She served as a hearing officer, supervisor and director as well            attorneys on probate, recovery, and real estate issues in state’s Medical
as Director of Appeals and Hearings, a division which was created in              Assistance and Alternative Care programs.
2005 as a result of the Governor’s task force to develop a single appeals
process for Medicaid and TennCare appeals. Jo was a member of the                 An undergraduate of the University of Iowa, Joe also graduated from
task force and a participant in pulling the new Division together. As             the Drake University Law School in Des Moines, IA. Before joining
director of her specific units, Jo developed its policy and procedures            the Department, he was a partner in a law firm and a regional counsel
and provided training and presentations to administrative hearings                for a title insurance company. He is a member of the bar in Iowa and
staff. Until her retirement, Jo supervised eligibility and legal staff who        Minnesota. Joe lives in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.
determine timeliness, continuation of benefits, issue identification and          When he is not working Joe likes to read, go to the theatre, movies and
whether an appeal is “fair hearable”, and also supervised conciliation staff      museums, run, and take long walks with his wife.
who attempt to resolve an appeal before hearing.
                                                                                  The mid-year board meeting in Nashville was his first meeting as well as
Although she loved her work and she is very happy to be a member of               his first opportunity to meet other NAHO members in person. Joe was
the NAHO Board, Jo says her greatest accomplishments are her two                  very impressed with the people he met as well as with their knowledge
daughters, who are her pride and joy. Jo loves life as a retiree and spends       and their shared commitment to continually improving the quality of
her days enjoying her daughters’ company, walking, reading, going to              the administrative hearing process throughout the country. Joe looks
the lake or beach, and participating in exercise classes like Zumba. Jo           forward to continuing to learn about the organization, the issues, and the
continues to play an active role on the NAHO Board because she believes           opportunity to contribute to the organization’s work.
in its purpose and enjoys work related to administrative appeals.

I believe...
I believe the trials today are the fiery tests        and surroundings, not their servant.                 Any failure will serve as a lesson to help
by which my character is strengthened,                I will not yield to discouragement, but will         guide me to future victory.
ennobled, and made worthy to enjoy the                make it a stepping stone to success.                 Each tomorrow brings new strength, new hope,
higher things of life.                                I will turn obstacles into opportunities.            new opportunities and new beginnings.
I believe my soul is too grand to be crushed          I will not waste my mental energy                    I will be ready to meet anything with a
by defeat, and I will rise above it.                  by useless worry.                                    brave heart, calm mind, and undaunted spirit.
I believe I am architect of my own fate,              I will dominate my restless thoughts                 I will do my best in all things
and I will be master of my circumstances              and turn them to optimism.                           and leave the rest to the Infinite.

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