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Work Shadowing Scheme Letter of Undertaking
I, ______________________________ (your name in full), wish to participate in the Work Shadowing Scheme organised by the University of Hong Kong, Rotary International District 3450 and South China Morning Post. I hereby attach my Prospects Planner Profile, summary statement and career objective and undertake to : 1. inform CePc the goals and objectives that I wish to achieve with a particular series of shadowing
visits to a specific Work Guide before my first shadowing visit;

2. keep CePc informed of progress regarding shadowing visits once a week until completion of the visit; 3. interview my Work Guide and seek his/her views on my evaluation of myself along the lines of inquiry set out in the “Job Analysis”; 4. submit the completed “Job Analysis” to the CePc three days after my last visit; 5. evaluate the usefulness of the visit and discuss my career plan with a Careers Counsellor within one week after my last visit; 6. write a report of my shadowing experience for the South China Morning Post and submit it to the CePc one week after my meeting with the Careers Counsellor; and 7. respond to CePc’s e-mail messages within one working day and telephone voice messages within four hours. I understand that if I fail to comply with any of the above commitments, the CePc will reserve the right to exclude me from the Work Shadowing Scheme.

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Revised 5 June 2001
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