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									The Battle of Bardia
Australian Army Campaign Series

Author: Craig Stockings

On the morning of 3 January 1941, Australians of the 6th Division led an assault against the Italian
colonial fortress-village of Bardia in Libya, not far from the Egyptian-Libyan frontier. The ensuing battle
was the second of the First Libyan Campaign, but the first battle of the Second World War planned and
fought predominantly by Australians. The fortress fell to the attackers a little over two days after the
attack began, in what could only be described as a remarkable victory. At a cost of 130 killed and 326
wounded, the 6th Division captured around 40,000 Italian prisoners and very large quantities of military
stores and equipment. The victory was heralded at the time in Australia as one of the greatest military
achievements of that nation's military history. Quite soon afterwards, however, overshadowed perhaps by
Rommel's subsequent desert advances, the tragedy in Greece, and the war in the Pacific, Bardia slipped
from the public mind. Very few Australians today have heard of the battle. This book attempts to bring
Bardia back into the light.

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