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									   Are You Thinking about Attempting Your Own Estate Planning?

While you may be considering doing your own estate planning, don’t. Many
people attempt to save time and money by handling their estate planning
affairs on their own. When dealing with legal issues, it’s easy to make
costly mistakes that will harm you and your family in the future. Take a
look at the following information to learn more. If you have any questions,
or if you’d like to discuss your individual estate planning needs, meet with
an estate planning attorney.

How much do you know about the law? Chances are, unless you’re an
attorney, you don’t know very much. Even attorneys who practice in areas
of law outside of estate planning, go to estate planning attorneys for their
own estate planning. It’s important that you get legal advice from a
qualified estate planning attorney, instead of attempting to blindly find your
way through the process.

Don’t take advice from non-professionals. Bank tellers, financial advisors,
family, and friends mean well when they provide estate planning advice;
however, lay person advice is a common thread in estate plans that fail.
Check any rumors or advice you’ve heard from a lay person with your estate
planning attorney.

If you do your own planning, you may make a mistake. In some cases,
your plan may not even be legally valid, meaning that your wishes won’t be
respected, causing problems in your future finances, medical care, and
family. This is what happened in a recent California case wherein
LegalZoom documents were not honored by financial institutions and the
decedent’s will was not properly executed.

An estate planning attorney will be able to work with you to craft an
individualized plan that meets all of your needs. If you’re ready to begin
your estate planning with the help of a professional, consult with a qualified
estate planning attorney.

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