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									Pricelist winter 2010-2011

                                            Sightseeing tours
               Our sightseeing tours will give you the chance to explore the nature as well as the
             special way of life here in the North. We offer, for instance, sightseeing tours to some
             spectacular places, icelandic farms, power station and museum. The aim is to get you
              close to the nature and the local people. These tours are recommended for all nature

                                                        Myvatn Sightseeing-1

                                                        Lake Mývatn is a wonderful place in both winter and
                                                        summer. On this tour we will explore its surroundings.
                                                        Volcanic and geothermal activity near the lake have created
                                                        spectacular landscape and scenery. We will make many
                                                        stops by the lake; such as at the thermal area of Námafjall,
                                                        where you will see boiling mud pools and bubbling sulphur
                                                        pits, an underground cave with hot spring, the dark city of
                                                        Dimmuborgir, the lava sculptures and the beautiful
                                                        woodland in the nature park Höfði. All this and many other
                                                        spectacular areas awaits you on the Lake Mývatn wonders

                Tour available: Sep-May                 Price:          12.500 pr. person
                Duration:       4 hours                 Included:       -driver and guide.
                Departure       10:00 am                Not included:   -personal insurance.
                Min.            2 pers.

                                                         Country tour/Húsavik SIGHTSEEING-2

                                                             The country tour introduces you to the locals. We
                                                             have a look at an hydro-electric power station, see
                                                             time past at the old turf farm and folk museum at
                                                             Grenjaðarstaður. Then we drive to Húsavik, a small
                                                             fishing village, and have a visit at the Whale
                                                             Museum. The tour gives you a great view on the
                                                             Icelandic way of life, past and present.

                Tour available: Sep-May                 Price:          15.900 pr. person
                Duration:       5 hours                 Included:       -driver and guide.
                Departure       10:00 am
                                                        Not included:   -personal insurance.
                Min.            2 pers.                                            1
                                             Arcticgarden Lake Myvatn
Pricelist winter 2010-2011

                                                  Evening Northern lights hunt – Sightseeing 3

                                                  Lake Mývatn belongs to the highland of Iceland and is around
                                                  300 m above sea-level. This is why Lake Mývatn is a
                                                  remarkable place to discover the Northern Lights. It is
                                                  unforgettable to stop in the middle of nowhere, stepp out of the
                                                  car, “the tranquility” and search for the Northern Lights. The
                                                  Northern Lights are unrealable and not always to be seen,
                                                  however, it can still be a great adventure. To warm you up we
                                                  serve home made bread, cakes and hot chocolate.

                                                  The Northern Lights tour is an experience you should not miss!

              Tour available: Sep-May              Price:           12.500 pr. person
              Duration:        3 hours             Included:        English speaking driver, cake and hot
              Departure       21:30 pm                              chocolate.
              Min.            2 pers.
                                                   Not included:    -personal insurance.                                        2
                                         Arcticgarden Lake Myvatn
Pricelist winter 2010-2011

                                                      Mývatn Nature baths – Sightseeing 4

                                                      Mývatn nature bath opened summer 2004 a great nature bath.
                                                      The lagoon is rich in unique combination of natural minerals
                                                      and will get blue green algae and white silica mud in the
                                                      future, which give the lagoon its soft, milky, aquamarine color.
                                                      The natural geothermal is also very healthy for patients with
                                                      psoriasis and other skin ailments.
                                                      A good dressingroom, three different kind of steambath and a
                                                      hot tub as well can also be found at the nature bath.

                                                      An uniqe experience!

                  Tour available: Sep-May             Price:            5.900 pr. person
                  Duration:        2 1/2 hours        Included:         driver, Mývatn nature bath.
                                                      Not included:     -personal insurance.
                  Weak days       20:00 pm
                  Weak ends       16 and 20 pm

                                                      Cowshed-Café at farm Vogar – Sightseeing 5

                                                      The cowshed-café at Vogar, Lake Mývatn could be an
                                                      interesting visit.
                                                      A small café located inside a cow-shed, where guests can
                                                      watch the cow being milked.
                                                      In our trip you get the chance to try a home made baked rye
                                                      bread with smoked trout, a home made mozarella cheese and
                                                      fresh milk.                                            3
                                             Arcticgarden Lake Myvatn

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