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 N E W S L E T T E R o f T H E N E W Y O R K BU Y E R S ’ C LU B
 Volume II, No. 8                                                                                                                                          Summer 2007

      when it comes to good health, trust your gut
                                                                                                                                           IN THIS ISSUE:
                                                                                                                                           COME OF AGE AT 100!

I  t’s time to celebrate – by open-
   ing another…container of yogurt!
   It’s the 100th anniversary of Rus-
                                                body’s immune system.
                                                    “Restoring its function is crucial
                                                to ridding the body of the virus,” as-
                                                                                            Health Organization listed these
                                                                                            conditions and stated that “the ap-
                                                                                            plication of probiotics to prevent and
                                                                                                                                           SUMMER STOCK @ NYBC
                                                                                                                                           CAST CHANGES ANNOUNCED!
sian-born microbiologist Élie Metch-            serts Dandekar.                             treat these disorders should be more           NYBC TURNS THREE!
nikoff’s work on probiotics—a term                 Even when patients are seeming-          widely considered by the medical
generally meaning bacteria or yeast             ly getting better, with higher T-cell       community.” Well said!                         CHILL OUT!
used as a dietary supplement. Yogurt            counts and undetectable viral load             In January, 2007, the New York              SUPPLEMENTS TO PUT
is probably the best-known probiotic            levels, there is likely still immune        Times took note of the emerging trend
source, a fact that yogurt manufac-             system damage occurring in the gut,         in an article titled, “In Live Bacteria,       YOUR MIND AT EASE
turers have been rightfully exploit-            undetected.                                 Food Makers See a Bonanza,” point-             herbs for hiv
ing in their advertising and packag-                                                        ing to the success of Dannon’s Ac-
ing as of late. Just look on the label
of any yogurt and you’re apt to see
                                                 Probiotics exercise                        tivia products (available in Europe
                                                                                            since 1995, it turns out). The article       established that the overuse of anti-
                                                                                                                                         biotics has given birth to dangerous,
such fine microbes as lactobacillus
bulgaricus (sometimes listed as “ac-            their beneficial effect                      also notes that the use of probiotics
                                                                                            has been slow to catch on here in the        mutated, and drug-resistant strains
tive cultures”).                                                                            U.S. because of a “culture that has          of bacteria (such as Clostridium dif-
   Probiotics exercise their beneficial           by re-balancing the                        traditionally relied on pills, rather        ficile, aka C diff). This, coupled with
                                                                                                                                         the fact that modern diets are typi-
effect by re-balancing the natural                                                          than food and natural remedies, to
ecology of microbes in the gastro-
intestinal tract, called the gut flora,
                                                  natural ecology of                        remain healthy.”
                                                                                               This September, the University of
                                                                                                                                         cally poor in dietary
                                                                                                                                         fiber (which can
which can be negatively impacted by                                                         Nevada School of Medicine is inau-           also “feed” the
the use of antibiotics or other drugs,             microbes in the                          gurating an annual conference of top         gut’s     good
excess alcohol, stress, and disease.                                                        researchers and advocates in the area        bacterium),
While diarrhea is the most common
sign of imbalance, it is but a symp-
                                                gastrointestinal tract.                     of probiotics. The symposium, Clini-
                                                                                            cal Applications of Probiotics in
                                                                                                                                         contribute to
                                                                                                                                         many health
tom of a larger problem. A typical                Like traditional botanicals, some         Human Health, will provide an over-          problems on
mechanism of action is for a probi-             probiotic foods (such as yogurt and         view of the physiological roles of           the rise.
otic species to “crowd out” a harmful           kefir) have been in use by humans            the gastrointestinal microflora and a            So when
microbe in the gut, and in this way             for ages. But more detailed knowl-          history of probiotic use in medicine.        considering
                                                                                            Also featured are seminars covering          bolstering your
SUPPLEMENT YOUR KNOWLEDGE                                                                   more recent and lesser-known appli-          immune system
 on the web                                     American Society for Microbiology
                                                                       cations of probiotics, such as their
                                                                                            use in treatment of food allergies,
                                                                                                                                         through healthier
                                                                                                                                         eating habits, take
 Probiotics Resources:                                        atopic eczema, and autism spectrum           a look at pro-
 International Scientific Association for Pro-   A nonprofit research and education website                                                biotics. Élie
 biotics and Prebiotics       Read about the University of Western On-           Next on the healthwatch hori-             would
 Symposium: Clinical Applications of Probi- tario’s exciting project: bringing the power    zon is prebiotics, foods that contain        be
 otics in Human Health, September 14-15, of probiotics to AIDS-ravaged Tanzania in          “natural carbohydrates” that, while          proud.                 Africa:                indigestible to us, stimulate healthy
                                                                                            bacterial growth in the gut. Dietary
restore the gastrointestinal system to          edge about how probiotics work,             sources of prebiotics are soybeans,
good functioning.                               how to store and deliver them, and          Jerusalem artichokes, raw oats, un-
   A recent study conducted by Uni-             their potential application to par-         refined wheat, and unrefined barley.
versity of California researchers led           ticular conditions has come only in         Watch for “prebiotic” claims in so-
by Dr. Satya Dandekar brought to                recent years. In the last few decades       called “functional foods” – another               Élie Metchnikoff, née Ilya Ilitch Metch-
                                                                                                                                              nikov (1845-1916), the “the father of
light the critical link between gut             there has been much new research on         buzzword gaining in use.                          modern immunology,” won the No-
health and effective HIV therapy.               the usefulness of probiotics in coun-          Finally, probiotics are receiving              bel Prize for Medicine in 1908 for his
They found that the HIV virus effec-            teracting gastrointestinal infections,      their due, as more attention is be-               decades of work on the cellular basis
tively “hides” from treatment in the            certain bowel disorders, allergies,         ing given to the value of main-                   of the immune system, but the study
gut. As gut-associated lymphoid tis-            and urogenital infections.                  taining good gut health natu-                     of probiotics was the special passion of his
sue (GALT) accounts for 70% of the                 In a 2001 report, the UN’s World         rally. Scientists have already                    later years.

                                                                                       dii, a yeast identified in the 1920s by a French   Green Defense (Jarrow): contains an ex-
                                                                                       microbiologist and extensively studied for an-    tract of Propionibacterium shermani, studied
                                                                                       tibiotic-related diarrhea, traveler’s diarrhea,   for intestinal health. 6.35 ounces (a 30-day
Jarro-dophilus + FOS (Jarrow): Lacto- and Lactococcus diacetylactis. No refrigera- and C. difficile, among other conditions. No           supply); $15.50
bacillus group and Bifidobacterium group + tion needed. By the way, this product passed refrigeration needed. 50 capsules; $33.00
natural carbohydrates on which they thrive. all tests in a December 2006 Consumer Labs ProGreens (Nutricology): Lactobacillus
Refrigeration required. 100 capsules; $8.50 report (many do not). 60 capsules; $11.70  group, Bifidobacterium group, and S. ther-
Jarro-dophilus EPS (Jarrow): species of Florastor (Biocodex): “The #1 probiotic mophilus. 9.27 ounces (a 30-day supply);
Lactobacillus, Bifidus, Pediooccus acidilactici worldwide” contains Saccharomyces boular- $35.50
N E W S L E T T E R o f T H E N E W Y O R K BU Y E R S ’ C LU B
Volume II, No. 8                                                                                                                          Summer 2007

                                                                                        NYBC TURNS THREE!
                                                                                          REVOIR , TERRIB LE TWOS!
                                                  MEMBERS STORE                           AU
 OTHERS face early RETIREment
T    his summer, it’s farewell to some
     products at NYBC, and hello to
new ones: We will now be carrying
                                                       popular Added Protec-
                                                       tion and Ultra Preven-
                                                       tive multis. We’re now
                                                                                        Recently, we here at the New York Buyers’ Club celebrated our
NAC, alpha lipoic acid, glutamine                      carrying DHEA at 50 mg           third anniversary! During our first three years, we have seen our
(in capsules and in bulk) from our                     and 7-keto DHEA (which           sphere of positive influence grow ever wider, and our membership
friends at Montiff (long-time supplier                 does not convert to testos-      more than double – and of these things we are very proud. We truly
to our predecessor DAAIR). These                       terone). Judith Rabkin and       thank everyone for their support.
products are the same as those we          her group at Columbia have shown
stocked under our own label. Note          that DHEA can be helpful for people          Even during our “terrible twos,” and in times of financial uncer-
that we still stock NYBC Super C           with HIV suffering from depression,
and acetylcarnitine with our own           but their studies used higher doses          tainty, we have held true to our belief that everyone has a right to
label, and at very affordable prices.      (up to 200 mg per day). And the effect       (and information about) beneficial, alternative and complementary
   For the time                            wasn’t just in men—women also ben-           therapies so that they can make informed decisions regarding their
being, we will                             efited from its use. Meanwhile, a re-         health. And whether you’ve been looking for a natural therapy for
carry ThioNAC                              cent study by Abrams and colleagues          gastrointestinal distress, or just trying to find out exactly what sup-
from Jarrow, but                           confirmed that DHEA can help people           plements you might consider and what they can do (and can’t do!)
we are looking                             with HIV with quality of life, though
into private-label                         this investigation did not                   – we’ve been here for you. And of that we are also very proud.
manufacturing of                           see a benefit with other
our very popular                           parameters (such as CD4                      Now would be a great time for you to support the programs of the
NYBC-label ThiolNAC: this alpha-           count or lean tissue).                       New York Buyer’s Club: Our free education and information servic-
lipoic/NAC combination is extremely
useful to the many people who sup-
plement with both. Now that we have
                                           W      e’re glad to an-
                                                  nounce that Pro-
                                           Greens from Nutricol-
                                                                                        es, our low-income supplement access program, and aid to kindred
                                                                                        spirits in need, like those bravely working in the face of terrible odds
exhausted our previous supply, we’re       ogy has made a return to NYBC. This          at The Centre in Zimbabwe.
very interested in obtaining a new                       formula remains a favor-
high-quality, low-cost option for our                    ite, although a little cost-   With your help, the New York Buyers’ Club will continue
membership. (Note: If you want to                        lier than Jarrow’s Green       to thrive and grow. Thanks for being there for us.
help underwrite the cost of manufac-                     Defense (also in stock). It
turing of this key supplement, we’d                      contains a variety of pro-
welcome your tax-deductible dona-                        biotics as well as wheat
tion to NYBC, a 501c3                                    grass, barley grass, oat
nonprofit organization.)                    grass, flax seed and other ingredients                                     Yours in Good Health,

I  n other NYBC news,
   recently, we began car-
                                           that enrich a daily diet that may oth-
                                           erwise not provide enough greens.
rying Calcium 1000 from
Twinlabs. This product
has 1000 mg of calcium
                                           F   inally, consider pyridoxal-5-
                                               phosphate. (A real mouthful!)
                                           This is the metabolically active form
(in a mix of carbonate and                 of Vitamin B6, key for the body’s
citrate forms) along with 400 IU of vi-    processing of proteins, amino acids,
tamin D. Vitamin D supplementation                                                      p.s. You don’t have to become a member to donate!
                                           lipids (fats) and carbohydrates. One
has been in the news a lot lately, show-             distinctive feature of Jon              All well-wishers welcome!
ing an association, for example, with                Kaiser’s potent multi in K-
reduced risk for certain cancers. (And               PAX is the higher level of
cancer remains an important consider-                vitamin B6 (250 mg daily).
ation for people living with HIV.) The               Does this add to the CD4
calcium-Vitamin D combination also                   benefits people see using
addresses concerns about bone loss                   K-PAX? We don’t know.
(osteopenia or osteoporosis), and we       But with this addition, NYBC can of-
look forward to having more data on        fer a comparable multivitamin-alpha              Make a tax-deductible donation to the NYBC today!
its potential benefit in this department.   lipoic-NAC-acetylcarnitine combo                 Visit www.NewYorkBuyersC nate
   We also have new DHEA products          for those unable to access K-PAX.                         or call us at 800-650-49 83!
from Douglas Labs, makers of the
 N E W S L E T T E R o f T H E N E W Y O R K BU Y E R S ’ C LU B
 Volume II, No. 8                                                                                                                                                        Summer 2007
    having trouble sleeping? energy low? Feeling down? TRY THESE
S   leep disturbances are the third
    most common complaint among
people with HIV seeking medical at-
                                                                 tigue among people with HIV, and is folic acid and B12 in our multis, and
                                                                 especially common among women. may want to consider adding a sepa-
                                                                 (A recent large study found that about rate vitamin B supplement as well.
                                                                                                                                                      only DHEA, but 5-HTP, Tryptophan,
                                                                                                                                                      SAMe, St. Johns Wort, and even fish
                                                                                                                                                      oil). You may not see these names fea-
tention. Everybody knows what it’s                               30% of people on HAART had moder-            While treating anemia can be a          tured in sleek TV or magazine ads, but
like to sleep poorly, then feel cranky                                                                     key to helping some people with HIV        take a look at the catalog descriptions
and fatigued the next day. But persis-                             A recent trial found                    overcome fatigue and its frequent          on the NYBC website, discuss with
tent insomnia, followed by chronic                                                                         companion depression, there are other      your health-care provider, and you may
fatigue, can become major medical                                     that low-dose                        cases where low energy is not related      find an option that suits your needs.
issues for people with HIV when they                                                                       to low red blood cell levels, and where
lead to poor medication adherence                                       melatonin                          the treatment options are therefore         Now Available from NYBC
and lower CD4 counts. So it’s worth                                                                        different. Particularly in HIV+ men,
reviewing some supplement options                                   may be perfectly                       steroid hormones (testosterone and                  SEE RELAX, BE HAPPY
                                                                                                                                                       IN OUR ONLINE MEMBERS’ STORE
for dealing with these problems.                                                                           DHEA) have proven useful in combat-
   A 2005 research presentation sug-                                  effective as a                       ing the fatigue-depression combina-         5-HTP (Jarrow) Each bottle, 60 capsules.
gested that melatonin supplements can                                                                      tion. Recent federally-funded research      Each capsule, 100 mg; $16.50
improve sleep patterns in people with                                sleep promoter,                       on DHEA showed it to be an effective        Melatonin (Source Naturals) Each
HIV. Melatonin, a hormone secreted by                                                                      anti-depressant, with the added inter-      bottle, 100 sublingual 1mg tablets; $4.50
the pineal gland, has long been studied                            making it a very safe                   esting feature that it can enhance sex      Melatonin (Douglas Labs) Each bottle,
as a sleep regulator—levels increase in                                                                    drive (rather than undermining it, as do    60 3mg sublingual tablets, $5.50 (or 60
response to darkness, then fall during                              and inexpensive                        certain common prescription anti-de-        5mg sublingual tablets, $7.35)
daytime. It’s also been investigated                                                                       pressants). And a Columbia University       SAMe (Jarrow) Thirty 400mg tablets,
as an anti-cancer agent, where it has                                   remedy for                         study of DHEA for fatigue and depres-       derived from 800 mg tosylate disulfate;
shown the capacity to combat solid tu-                                                                     sion in people with HIV has found it        $30
mors. (However, melatonin should not                                  sleeplessness.                       to be a successful treatment for some,      Perika Pro (MMS) Each bottle, 90
be taken by people with cancers affect-                                                                    with the added bonus that, unlike cer-      tablets. Each tablet, 300 mg of St. John’s
ing immune cells, such as lymphoma                               ate anemia. Women had an 80% great- tain prescription energy boosters, it             Wort extract; $14.75
or leukemia.)                                                    er risk of being anemic than men, and doesn’t carry the risk of addiction.            Theanine Serene (Source Naturals)
   Here’s some good news: a recent
trial found that low-dose melatonin
(0.5 to 1.0 mg) may be perfectly effec-
                                                                 African-Americans had a risk of ane-
                                                                 mia 2.6 times higher than whites.) It’s   W     e know there are a lot of pre-
                                                                                                                 scription anti-depressants on the
                                                                 important to learn the source of anemia market these days, and we recognize
                                                                                                                                                       Each bottle, 30 tablets, containing
                                                                                                                                                       (among other things) Relora, a propri-
                                                                                                                                                       etary blend of extracts from Magnolia
tive as a sleep promoter, making it a                            in people with HIV (taking Retrovir, that many people benefit from them.               officinalis and Phellodendron amurense;
very safe and inexpensive remedy for                             AZT, is a drug-related factor). Treat- But it’s also widely acknowledged that         $6.25
sleeplessness.                                                   ment options include increasing intake finding an effective anti-depressant            Max DHA (Jarrow) Each bottle, 180
   Of course fatigue can stem from                               of iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Note can be tricky—what works for one            softgels. Each softgel contains 500mg
other causes besides sleep disturbanc-                           that NYBC stocks multivitamins with person, does nothing for another. So              fish oil, recently found to positively impact
es. Anemia, a shortage of red blood                              iron for those concerned about their we’re glad there are additional options          mental well-being; $15.50
cells, is another leading cause of fa-                           intake of this mineral. You’ll also find among dietary supplements (see not

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                                                                  ancient chinese herbs meet
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 education and outreach events.                                  1Tribe Herbs, a collaboration be-         this formula available through our
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 about and access to vital nutritional supple-                                                                                                         DOWNLOADABLE
 ments, with a focus on the needs of those af-
                                                                 and Fred Blair, is currently conduct-     in the clinical evaluation will be          FACT SHEETS
 fected by HIV/AIDS, Hep C, and other condi-                     ing a study of a new, exclusive Chi-      urged to provide bloodwork and              RECOMMENDED
 tions.                                                          nese herbal formulation intended to       other data to evaluate the effects of       READING + LINKS
 email:                            slow HIV progression and maintain         the herbs. All information will be              W W W . N E W YO R K B U Y E R S C L U B
phone: (800) 650-4983                                            crucial blood work values (such as        kept confidential. Those interested
  post: 75 Varick St., Suite 1404 – DC 1707                      CD4 and viral load). The formula is       in joining the study should contact                   .ORG/RESOURCES
        New York, NY 10013                                       designed for individuals who have            or
 SUPPLEMENT is distributed free of charge. If you wish           not yet begun antiretroviral therapy                        “And if it be true, as has been asserted so often,
 to receive additional copies for yourself or your or-
 ganization, or learn more about what we do, please
                                                                 (ARV) or who have decided to take a       See our website (www.NewYork-              that man can live by faith alone, the faith
 contact us. All issues of SUPPLEMENT are archived on            break (a treatment interruption) from for more on this           must be in the power of science.”
 our website,, where                   ARV, and uses principles of Chinese       promising and exciting product.
 you can also find free information and resources, and
                                                                                                                                                                                          – Elie Metchnikoff
 access our Members Store.Based on a sliding scale,              herbology and recent laboratory data      Look under “Spring Break” in the                                        From The Nature of Man:
 annual NYBC memberships range from $5 to $25; see               on Chinese herbs that have anti-HIV       Members’ Store categories.                                        Studies in Optimistic Philosophy
 our website or mail order form for details.
                                                                 properties. NYBC is now making

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