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									How To Sell – Adventure Travel

                                 Go Big,
                                                     Go Deep
                                                     More Than A Niche, Adventure Travel
                                                     M Th        Ni h Ad t T l
                                                     Earns Hard Commissions

                                            The Adventure Adventure                             Africa – Soc(cer) It To Me
                                            The adventure travel niche could be an              This is a gimmee. Africa is and will be get-
                                            adventure all by itself couldn’t it? I’m not        ting so much airtime brought about by the
                                            sure if it is a niche anymore as, quite honestly,   World Cup Soccer event that you have a
                                            to my way of thinking it is pure mainstream         marvellous opportunity here. You can ride
                                            travel now and rides right up there with the        on all of that exposure. You could be clever
                                            sun, sand and sea ITCs, or cruising. Why            with your slogans and use statements such
            By Steve Crowhurst, CTC         don’t we bring this type of product front and       as “When it comes to Adventure - We’re on
                                            centre and feature it where it can make you         the ball!”, or, “If your goal is to experience
     Life is one big adventure all by       some money. It is one of those products that        an African Safari…our dream team can
                                            you can pitch to the youth market and all the       help deliver on your adventure!” Be careful
     itself isn’t it – and then you can     way up to seniors.                                  not to confuse the message. You are selling
         travel too! What a world we                                                            adventure – not soccer.
                                         Putting The Adventure
     live in. And what a selection of In Adventure                                    Out Of Africa and
       suppliers we have represented     You can sit there and sell from the bro- Back In Too
                                         chure, regurgitate what you learned from a One of the suppliers involved here (Wild
             in this article. You’ve got supplier’s BDM and from webinars – how- Africa Safaris) has a slogan on their web-
                a variety of places and ever I suggest, if you truly want to make site which is: “We came out of Africa
                                         it in the adventure travel segment, that to take you back.” Now that is a classic
     destinations to sell and types of you get out of the agency and go taste the statement and it ties into man’s migra-
     adventures to learn about. Let’s product. Put yourself in the adventure and tion out of Africa. You can tie into this as
                                         learn first hand. Truly, your ability to sell you explore the Genographic Project that
     review and come up with some and to conjure up marketing slogans will National Geographic has undertaken.
        marketing ideas that you can increase ten-fold. Your sales persona will If you do not know about this project
                                         be more confident. You will have those between NG and IBM click here: https://
     adopt and apply your own sales images in your mind as you speak from /
             and marketing talents to. the heart to your clients. You will have the genographic/index.html. I have bought
                                            heart of a lion as you take the podium to           the kit and the results are in. I, as in my
                                            deliver a presentation to an invited list of        ancestors, came out of Africa to Central
                                            guests. Make contact with the suppliers             Asia, turned left and headed for Europe
                                            related to this article and ask them about          ending up in Spain and France. Then
                                            putting you into and onto one of their              someone caught a whiff of fish ‘n’ chips
                                            adventures. Don’t forget to consider the            and got on the ferry and went for the UK!
                                            adventure specialist training programs              Then of course I migrated to Canada.
                                            that are available too.                             Migration never stops.

                                                                                                          SunBreeze Hotel
                                                                                                           Ambergris Caye, Belize

    The adventure of “going back” was          you can ramp it up and think about target-          Great Location in San Pedro Town 43 Rooms
recorded by one traveller after he received    ing the adventure traveller. Check with         Variety of Category Restaurant & Bar Massage
                                                                                                Studio Dive Shop Singles, Couples Families
his migration results and then went in         your adventure product suppliers and find            Weddings Conference Packages Available
search of the people, the tribes who shared    a focus such as “Green Adventures” – espe-
his same DNA. His ancestors. Click here        cially as the tourism slogan is: No Artificial
to read more: http://traveler.national-        Ingredients. I love it! Now that’s a winner.     Toll Free: 1-800-688-0191 genographic-           They also practice “safe adventure” here –
photography?fs= www 3.nationalgeo-             and are sticklers that adventure operators With this information under       meet regulations – one more thing to note
                                                                                                         SunBreeze Suites
your belt you will better understand the       in your promotional efforts.
slogan on the Wild Africa Safari website.
Now you can sell it. Now you can market        U Gotta Be In Utah
it. Selling someone on an African safari       From Africa to Belize to Costa Rica to
would take them “home” or closer to            Utah. How about a four-destination adven-
their ancestors of some 60,000 years ago.      ture program? Why not? Talk about diverse.
                                               You could start or finish in Utah. Either             20 Oceanfront Suites with private balcony
Fascinating and a potentially huge niche                                                        Kitchen, Living & Dining Area Tour Desk Mojito
market. It is called Deep Ancestry. Work       way – what a place it is – a favourite of        Bar & Grill Centrally Located in Town Romance
                                               photographers, rafters, hikers, rock climb-           Family Couples Packages Available
with Travel Studio and Wild Africa Safaris
to set up your Deep Ancestry adventure         ers, and most recently mountain bikers and            
program. Not sure? Sell their off-the-rack     base jumpers. This is, of course, due to               
                                               the canyons, the rock formations (Arches                        Toll Free: 1-800-820-1631
products first.
                                               National Park, Canyonlands National Park
You Won’t Believe Belize!                      and Zion National Park) and the colour and
There’s your first slogan. After reading        two special places to focus on Moab and
about Belize on the official tourism web-       St. George. Knock on the doors of camera
site I want to go. Their theme is: Mother      clubs, art groups and work with your local
Nature’s Best Kept Secret and it seems that    outfitters to tap into their client list.
Belize is a place for all adventures for all
people. From the website: Belize is cul-       Marketing Your Adventure
turally unique among Central American          You have so many choices. Which type or
nations. It is the only nation in Central      style of adventure will you go for? Which
America with a British colonial heritage,      country? Well no matter your decision make
and is the only constituent nation of the      sure you do these things: add an adventure
Commonwealth of Nations in its region.         signature to your e-mails, add a call to
Culturally, Belize considers itself to be      action banner to the top of your e-mails.
Central American but keeps ties to the
Caribbean Islands – AND English is an
                                               Use the best images possible and play those
                                               off your website. You can embed video, too.          CASUAL
official language. That’s worth mentioning      Create an adventure club and develop an               ELEGANCE
in your promotional material and it features   adventure newsletter. Hold meetings for                 AT ITS FINEST
large on this video clip: www.travelbelize.    your adventure club members and beam in
org/maps-more/video/video.html. Clicking       tourist officials and or adventure tour oper-
here: will land     ator BDMs via Skype conferencing. Use all
you on the ‘everything you need to sell        the social media that makes sense, too.
adventures to Belize’ page. WOW! The
BTB have done a terrific job here. From         Deep Adventure
videos to self study. It’s all here for you.   That’s it. You have your work cut out for
                                               you. Your adventure starts now. Make con-
Costa Rica                                     tact with all the suppliers here. Get their
This country is well known to Canadians.       information sent to you. Hold a staff meet-       Tel.: (506) 2777-8888 2777-3989
                                                                                                         06) 2777
It has been packaged and sold via your         ing. Decide on your adventure choice and                 Fax.: (506) 2777-3986
                                                                                               USA call 1-888 98 ALTOS or 516 944 4400
preferred ITC suppliers. Chances are you       off you go. Go deep. Go BIG. Go to the    
have already sold your clients here. Now       edge – that’s where the view is!                                                                                                                   49

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