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									                       Signs He is Cheating on You

How do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you? Do you know the signs
that he is cheating on you? If you know what to look for, even the most
accomplished liar cannot get away with cheating.

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Sometimes it seems that most men cheat on their spouse or their girlfriend. I know
that not all men cheat, but sometimes it really does seem that most of them do.
And when you find out, it can be devastating. It can destroy a marriage that has
lasted for years.

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Many times, the signs that he is cheating on you are very small, almost
insignificant. And many times, the seemingly innocent signs are just that,
innocent. But if you get a lot of vibes that something is wrong, you may be right.

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Before you go and accuse your husband or boyfriend of cheating on you, you need
to have rock solid proof. If he is guilty and you cannot prove it, he will only hide
the evidence better and you will never catch him. Worse, if he is innocent, you
may destroy your relationship with a false accusation.

Many of the common signs that he is cheating on you are small changes in his
habits. Previously, he never worked overtime, now he is always working late, but
his paycheck does not increase. Worse, when you call his office, he is not there.

Previously, he hated country music, but now he is listening to it all the time.
Maybe his new lover likes that particular type of music, and he is trying to impress

Has he forgotten your birthday or other important date? Maybe he has a lot on his
mind, or maybe he is so wrapped up in his new girlfriend that he does not have
time to remember you.

Another sign he may be cheating on you, has his personal hygiene habits changed.
Does he take showers when he gets home? Maybe he is trying to get rid the
strange perfume. Does he have a lot of new calls on his cell phone, but you do not
recognize the number?

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