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					The Festival au Désert 2012 in the Saharan Desert of Mali                                           *50€
*1899€ includes festival entry fee / 16 days, January 3 - January 18, 2012                                 off!

    Three days & three nights at Festival, in
     traditional nomad tents!
                                                          +          Mali‘s Nature Trails                   16
    Internationally renowned musicians & the best                  Elephant Safari near                  days!

     of Malian artists!                                              Douentza
    Traditional Tuareq camel races, sword fights                   Hombori: Mali„s Monument Valley
     & dances!                                                      Hippo & Bird watching on Lac Débo
    Camp fires, desert dunes & shooting stars!                     Camel ride in the Sahara Desert
    All inclusive boutique-style camping site with                 Horse carriage excursion in Djenné
     access to hotel room!
                                                                    3 nights of Safari camping

                                                           Additional Mali Highlights
                                                               Dogon Country: fascinating & authentic
                                                               Bamako: live music capital
                                                               Djenné: fairytale mud mosque
                                                               Timbuktu: door to the Sahara Desert
                                                               Mopti: bustling & multicultural
                                                               Ségou: center of arts & crafts

                                                     Mali Yaara Adventure Tours
                                                        local know-how & contacts
                                                        thoroughly planned & well executed travel programs
                                                        adventure travel with maximum comfort
                                                        culturally & environmentally sensitive
                                                        FREE visa service!
                                                        24 hour customer service in
                                                         English, French, German

                                                     “If you only visit one country in
                                                     West Africa, make it Mali.”
                                                     Lonely Planet

Mali Yaara Adventure Tours
Bamako & Timbuktu, Mali / /
(+223) 75 32 83 30 (deutsch, english) (+223) 76 02 31 66 (français)

         Mali Yaara Adventure Tours Bamako & Timbuktu, Mali / /
Travel Itinerary: Festival au Désert 2012 & Mali’s Nature Trails (1899€, Jan 3 - Jan 18, 16 days)

Day 1 - Tuesday, 03 Jan 2012
We meet you at the airport and help you with entry formalities and with your luggage. We accompany you
to your hotel for check-in. (Accommodation: Villa Soudan or similar)
As recently as 1806 Bamako was a Bozo fishing and trading community of only about 6000 people. In
1883, the French captured the town and in 1908 Bamako became their regional seat of power. At inde-
pendence in 1960, Bamako was chosen as Mali’s capital and today is a busy city of almost 2 million people.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 04 Jan 2012
Bamako → Ségou (240 km)
Your car is waiting for you, and once you are settled in the journey starts! You head north-east. Bamako
soon seems far away as you pass small villages, traditional herders, and huge Baobab trees that dot the
landscape. After about 240 km you arrive in Ségou, where you check in to the hotel and have a leisurely
lunch with view of the Niger River. In the afternoon you visit the town with its old colonial buildings, and also
the close-by ancient town of Segou-Kora, with the Bambara emperor‟s tomb and a stunning mosque made
of mud. Relax and watch the sun set over the river. (Accommodation: Hotel Le Faro or similar)
Meal included: Breakfast
Ségou is the capital of the Bambara / Bamana Empire, and home to the yearly Festival Sur Le Niger, one
of Mali’s biggest cultural, musical and artistic festivals. Ségou’s cultural heritage includes traditional musical
instruments, folkloric groups and traditional masks and marionettes. It is also known for its handcrafted pot-
tery, weaving (blankets, wrappings and carpets), Bogolan (mud cloth), painting and sculpture. Ségou is re-
garded as the capital of Malian pottery, and is home to Emperor Biton Coulibaly’s Tomb.

Day 3 - Thursday, 05 Jan 2010
Ségou → Djenné (330 km)
After breakfast you continue, and after about 3.5 hours of asphalt road and a short ferry trip you arrive in
Djenné. After settling into your room you start exploring the town by walking through its medieval streets,
many too narrow for cars and carriages. Enjoy the sunset from one of the rooftops in town, and then a deli-
cious dinner at the hotel made with local ingredients, before retiring for the night.
(Accommodation: Hotel Djenné-Djenno or similar)
Meal included: Breakfast
Djenné is a historically and commercially important small city in the Niger Inland Delta. It has an ethnically
diverse population of about 12,000 and is famous for its mud brick architecture, most notably the Great
Mosque of Djenné which was rebuilt in 1907. Djenné is one of the oldest known cities in sub-Saharan Africa
and its historic city center was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

Day 4 - Friday, 06 Jan 2012
Djenné → Bandiagara → Ende (205 km)
After a simple breakfast you take a horse carriage to visit a permanent Fulani (Peul) settlement. For centu-
ries this tribe has maintained a nomadic lifestyle, herding live stock across the semi-arid plains. The women
are strikingly beautiful in their beads and gold jewelry, and with their traditional facial tattoos. Return to
Djenné for a delicious lunch, and then head to famous Dogonland (Pays Dogon). You leave the asphalt
road and drive on dirt and sand roads only. You sense that you are leaving a plateau, and soon you find
yourself at the bottom of the cliff where villages are placed one after the other like pearls on a string. The
car drops you off at Kani-Kombole and you walk (optional) the last distance to Ende (8 km). In Ende you
settle in for the night. (Accommodation: local auberge)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
The Dogon are an ethnic group living in the central plateau region south of the river Niger bend. Dogon
Country is bisected by a sandstone cliff of up to 500m high, which stretches for about 150km. The Dogon
people fled to the Bandiagara area when they refused to convert to Islam. For their own protection, they
constructed their villages in defensible positions along the walls of the cliffs. Today, the Dogon are best
known for their mythology, their mask dances, wooden sculpture and their architecture.

Day 5 - Saturday, 07 Jan 2012
Ende → Sangha (50 km)
You wake up with the villagers, and after a simple breakfast you continue to discover Pays Dogon by head-
ing north-east. Passing through many villages by car, you always have an opportunity to explore them on
foot. Each village has its own special features, expressed in decorative details on mud huts, sacred cave
drawings, terraced gardens, ancient cliff dwellings or special caves with fetish altars. You rest and have
lunch before continuing your journey, and later settle in a small hotel in Sangha, a village known for its an-
cient rock drawings. (Accommodation: local hotel)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

2         Mali Yaara Adventure Tours Bamako & Timbuktu, Mali / /
Travel Itinerary: Festival au Désert 2012 & Mali’s Nature Trails (1899€, Jan 3 - Jan 18, 16 days)

Day 6 - Sunday, 08 Jan 2012
Sangha → Bandiagara (45 km) → Mopti (90 km)
You have half a day in Pays Dogon. Sometimes you walk, other times you drive through small
villages and luscious gardens. Around lunchtime you ascent the cliffs and arrive in Bandiagara (45km) on
top of the plateau. After lunch leave Pays Dogon and drive back to Mopti (90km). Enjoy a delicious dinner
on the hotel‟s terrace. (Accommodation: Hotel La Maison Rouge or similar)
Meal included: Breakfast

Day 7 - Monday, 09 Jan 2012
Mopti → Lac Débo
You get up very early and by dawn you are already on the river, heading north, in your private pinasse. The
boat moves quickly towards Timbuktu. You pass many villages, but also see long stretches of river bank
without any sign of people. After about 80 km you enter Lac Débo, an inland river delta and an important
place for migratory birds. There is a break for lunch, and then you continue. With some luck you see some
hippos! Later you spend the night (in tents) in a Bozo village. (Accommodation: camping)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Lake Débo is a lake in central part of Mali, formed by the seasonal flooding of the Niger River basin. It is
the largest of many such seasonal wetlands and lakes which form the Inner Niger Delta, and the largest
lake in Mali. During the wet season the lake is intensively trawled by ethnic Bozo fishermen who live along
its shores, while during the dry season ethnic Fula nomads and their herds from the north end their
migration here. The lake is also an important stopping place for migratory birds.

Day 8 - Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012
Lac Débo → Tonka
Get up with the fishermen, and after a simple breakfast continue your journey. You want to traverse the
lake before it gets too windy. Your destination is Tonka, a small town in the region of Timbuktu, where you
will spend the night (in tents). (Accommodation: camping)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9 - Wednesday, 11 Jan 2012
Tonka → Timbuktu
After having traveled about 240 km over the last three days you arrive in Timbuktu in the early afternoon.
You settle into the hotel for a well-deserved shower, and relax with a drink in the courtyard or terrace of
your hotel. (Accommodation: Hotel La Maison or similar)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch
Legendary Timbuktu is an important source for rock-salt, and its geographical setting historically has made
it a natural meeting point for nearby West African populations and nomadic Berber and Arab peoples from
the north. Timbuktu's long-lasting contribution to Islamic and world civilization is scholarship: it is assumed
to have had one of the first universities in the world. Local scholars and collectors still boast an impressive
collection of ancient texts from that era.

Day 10 - Thursday, 12 Jan 2012
Desert Festival
After breakfast you explore this fabled town. Admire the examples of Sudanese mud architecture, its
ancient mosques, and the place of Bouctou, where the town is said to have its origin. Several libraries host
thousands of ancient manuscripts that are in various stages of preservation. After lunch you drive to the
Desert Festival site. Once there, you can explore the area and settle in before dinner. Stay up for the official
opening ceremony of the Festival, then turn in for the night in traditional Tamashek tents under the stars.
(Accommodation: camping)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
The Festival in the Desert (Festival au Désert) celebrates the reconciliation between the nomadic and
sedentary communities of the southern Sahara. Traditionally, the local Tamashek people celebrate with
various forms of native song, dance, poetry, ritual sword fighting, games, and other ancient cultural tradi-
tions. In 2010 the Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with both international and local artists.

Day 11 - Friday, 13 Jan 2012
Desert Festival
Enjoy a morning at your leisure after all the excitement of the previous evening. You can wander around
and experience the Tamashek culture by watching various activities and rituals. In the afternoon take a boat
ride to look for hippos that tend to stay east of Timbuktu. You are back at the festival site in the late after-
noon, just as the festivities start up again – stay up all night long if you want! (Accommodation: camping)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

3         Mali Yaara Adventure Tours Bamako & Timbuktu, Mali / /
Travel Itinerary: Festival au Désert 2012 & Mali’s Nature Trails (1899€, Jan 3 - Jan 18, 16 days)

Day 12 - Saturday, 14 Jan 2012
Desert Festival
The Festival and activities in the desert continue. Take a camel ride
through the dunes and have some traditional tea on the highest one,       Tour Price Includes
enjoying the view. When night falls experience the Festival grand finale,
                                                                          (pp, double occupancy):
which continues through the night. (Accommodation: camping)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner                                    River trip in private pinasse (All
                                                                                         inclusive: 3 days / 2 nights
Day 13 - Sunday, 15 Jan 2012                                                             camping in tent with mattress)
Timbuktu → Bambara (120 km) → Benzema (45 km)
                                                                                        Elephant safari (All inclusive: 2
You take the first ferry to cross the river. After about 120km you reach
Bambara. The landscape now changes totally: from veldt into fen. The                     days / 1 night camping in tent
Sahel elephants are staying in this area and with some luck and patience                 with mattress)
you are going to watch a herd of these pachyderms. You spend the night                  Camel ride in desert
in Benzema in a camp. (Accommodation: camping)                                          Hippo safari (daytrip)
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
The Malian Sahel elephants live in one of the harshest environments in                  Hotel accommodations as
the world, the arid Sahel and have one of the longest migrations routes                  indicated, double room
of any elephants. They are the most northerly elephant herd in Africa and                occupancy
are internationally recognized as a unique and important herd.The herd                  Festival accommodations, all
contains about 500-700 animals. The elephants travel a route between                     inclusive (3 days / 3 nights
the Niger river on the northern border and near the Burkina Faso/Mali
                                                                                         camping in shared traditional
border on the southern border - an area of over 24,000 square kilome-
ters.                                                                                    tent with mattress)
                                                                                        Festival entry pass (bracelet)
Day 14 - Monday, 16 Jan 2012                                                            All ground transportation in
Benzema → I-n-Adiattafene → Hombori (115 km)                                             private air-conditioned 4WD
You leave Benzema and carry on in an eastward direction. The land-
scape is peculiar as a result of the intersection of the river Niger and the
Sahara desert. You will also meet the local people: Bozo, Fulani, Song-                 Bottled water during the
hay, Tamashek and people with Arabic origins. You eat and spend the                      Festival
night in Hombori. (Accommodation: local auberge)                                        Personal copy of Mali bird
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner                                                  guide
                                                                                        Meals included as indicated
Day 15 - Tuesday, 17 Jan 2012
Hombori → Mopti (333 km)                                                                English-speaking tour guide
Wake up in the shadow of one of Mali‟s highest mountain (Mount Hom-                     Roundtrip airport to hotel
bori, 1150m). Your guide will take you to an ancient village that is nestled             transfers
inside a huge cave. Later you can see the “Hand of Fatima” a well-known
                                                                                        Use of day room at hotel on
attraction for climbers. After lunch in Douentza you continue to Mopti
where you spend the night. (Accommodation: Hotel Ambedjele or similar)                   departure day
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch                                                         30-day tourism visa

Day 16 - Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012
Mopti → Bamako (660 km)                                                              Tour Price Does Not Include
After breakfast start your trip back to Bamako. The landscape with its
many Baobab trees is now very familiar. Lunch offers a short and wel-                (per person):
come break on what is otherwise a long day in the car. You arrive in the                Single room supplement: 220€
late afternoon. You have access to a dayroom where you can change
and shower, and we take you to the airport after an early dinner.                       All beverages (except water
Meal included: breakfast                                                                 during Festival)
                                                                                        Meals not indicated on
                                                                                        Travel insurance
                                                                                        International airfare to Mali
* Price is non-commissionable / non-discountable, and valid from July 1, 2011
through December 1, 2011. Book by October 1, 2011, and receive 50€ off                  Gratuity to driver and guide
itinerary price. Price is per person, double occupancy, and based on minimum            Sleeping bags (recommended)
of 4 travelers. Maximum number of travelers per vehicle is 4, plus guide / driver.
Please refer to our policies & procedures for additional information:                   Other optional activities or                              photo opportunity fees
TOs / agents, please contact us directly for prices.

4         Mali Yaara Adventure Tours Bamako & Timbuktu, Mali / /

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