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Is there really any way one can be a DUI Attorney can beat a DUI?

Excellent question! How true it is, that in this day and age, it is becoming more and more
difficult to beat a DUI. DUI laws are harsh. They carry mandatory minimum jail sentences. They
carry fines and exorbitant jail costs. And prosecuting offices are more and more reluctant to
offer beneficial plea bargains. What this means is that more than any other case, Arizona DUIs
are taken to trial by lawyers. For the easily unnerved, this is not a good thing. For the risk taker
and the trial lawyer, this is excellent. But for that risk taker and trial lawyer, what are the ways
that a DUI can be beaten?

Plenty of people say that it's not worth it to hire a good lawyer. A good lawyer can examine all
the evidence and look for weaknesses in the prosecution's case. So what evidence is there that we
should be looking at? The obvious piece of evidence is blood alcohol content. But can blood-
alcohol content actually be disproven? Juries place a lot of weight on blood-alcohol content.
Therefore, if the accuracy of the evidence can be rebutted in court, you may have yourself a way
to be a DUI.

Another way that your Phoenix DUI lawyer may be able to beat the case against you is by
showing that you are not actually driving. Every one of us has heard stories of people who, keys
in hand, were arrested for DUI. Often, the stories are not exactly true. However, in some
circumstances police do go a bit too far. If your arrest was one of these circumstances, and the
police are asserting that you were an actual physical control of a motor vehicle, but you are not,
then your attorney may be able to help.

The biggest way that your attorney may be able to help, however, is not by winning your case
altogether. You see, "to win" is subjective. More often than not, a successful outcome for client
is a reduced jail sentence, reduced fines, and reduced collateral consequences, such as loss of
license, or other privileges. How can this be accomplished? Your lawyer may not be able to
prove that you had no alcohol in your system. He may, however, the able to show that the state is
similarly unable to prove a certain level of alcohol in your system. What this would mean for you
if, for example, your blood-alcohol content was a .158, and your Phoenix Arizona DUI lawyer
could show that there was a 10% margin of error, he may have just saved you 29 days in jail. Is
that worth it? You be the judge.

In the end, it is no longer very easy to be a DUI. Still, however, you have to be a fool to want to
go it alone. Only an experienced DUI lawyer can provide the protection, the understanding, and
the experience necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you're curious about the specific facts of your case, contact a Phoenix Arizona DUI
lawyer at 480-280-8028. At the Law Offices of David A. black, we are waiting for your call.

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