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									                                         Fair Grove High School
                                 Family Consumer Sciences Department

Instructor: Ms. Hall
Course: Career and Family Leadership

Program of Study: Broad Field Family and Consumer Sciences
         This course is worth .5 credits towards the Broad Field Family and Consumer Sciences Program of
Study at Fair Grove. This course is aligned with the Missouri Career and Family Leadership competencies and
the assessment and certification competencies for the Broad Field Family and Consumer Sciences Technical
Skill Assessment (TSA). Upon completion of the Broad Filed Program of Study (a sequence of 3 completed
units), completers will take the required TSA.

Contact Information & Office Hours
      Office hours:
             Before school by appointment
             After school Monday-Thursday until 3:30(ish)
      Phone: 417-759-2554 ext. 420 or 417-812-5624 (after school)
      (homework, notes, and other items are posted)

       7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Course Rationale:
Performance competencies in the Career and Family Leadership course taught in Family and Consumer
Sciences Education programs enable students to:
           promote personal growth and leadership development;
           explore work, jobs, and careers related to family and consumer sciences and human services;
           solve problems impacting the work of the family; and
           make decisions that support and strengthen the integration of multiple roles/responsibilities of
             individuals, family, career and community.

Course Description
       Career and Family Leadership is a course that provides students with the opportunity to learn more
about FCCLA, develop their leadership potential, and assist the community with chapter service projects.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to…
   1. Utilize FCCLA programs to promote personal growth and leadership development
   2. Investigate areas for personal growth while establishing a positive self concept
   3. Practice positive interpersonal skills
   4. Analyze resources for family life
   5. Develop a plan for achieving career goals
   6. Explore community roles and responsibilities
   7. Identify recurring community concerns impacting families
   8. Analyze solutions for community improvement, then develop and carry out improvement plans

Course Requirements
   Be a paid and active member of FCCLA
   Participate in STAR Events
   Serve as a role model to peers as a leader in the classroom, school and community
As the FCCLA adviser, I believe strongly in the benefits afforded to those involved in Family, Career and
Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Therefore, I have integrated FCCLA into the curriculum to
strengthen the Family Consumer Sciences program at Fair Grove. I suggest that every FCS student become a
member of FCCLA. Even if you choose not be a member, you will be required to complete all assignments
whether or not they are FCCLA related.

STAR Events
Since this course serves as the starting point for most of the chapter’s community service projects, upon
registering for this class the student is signing up for competitive events in FCCLA. Throughout the course the
student will be selecting and developing a project to better their individual skills or help others in the
community. Therefore, all CFL students will be attending the Regional STAR Events competition on
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 (snow date February 8).

What to expect?
During class time you will be learning through a combination of hands on activities, laboratory experiences,
small and large group work, demonstrations, games, and class discussions. Participation is very important in
this class when we are involved in any type of activity. It is essential that you participate. Participation leads to
individual and group success.

Materials and Responsibilities
       Paper                                           Pen or Pencil
       Notebook/Binder (required)                      Red Pen

       *It is suggested that each student become a member of the class wiki in order to complete coursework.
The Wiki Contract is available to view at Please contact me if you have any
questions or concerns.

Grading Policy
o The grade scale in the student handbook will be used.
o Grades will be based on daily assignments, tests, quizzes, participation, employability traits, projects
   (group and individual), and other activities as assigned. Students should utilize the Lumen system to
   monitor their progress.

Computer Use
The computers in the classroom are school property and should be treated as such. The computers are for the
sole purpose of completing tasks I have assigned. It is not a time for students to perform personal activities
that are unrelated to class. If time allows and work for the day is completed as expected, students may be
granted privileges to access the Lumen system to check their grades and other school related items.

Advice: (These are some suggestions from Ms. Hall…)
    To keep yourself organized, use 5 tab dividers in your binder labeled as follows:
      1) Bellwork 2)Assignments               3) Notes       4)Projects   5) Procedures
    Use class time wisely to work on assignments and projects.
    The final for this class will require you to use the knowledge you have gained throughout the semester.
      Keep graded assignments, tests, quizzes, and handouts as a reference and study guide.
    Bring your necessary supplies daily.

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