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					      Your Adventure Starts Here
Life-Enriching Experiences Through Locum Tenens
Leave the adventure to us, we’ll leave the medicine to you.
Change your perspective. Find your mojo again. Travel the world or stay closer to home. Answering the
call to locum goes well beyond medicine. It’s the dream of adventure, travel and new cultural experiences.
A dream Global Medical Staffing can help make a reality for you. We offer assignments in Australia,
New Zealand, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the United States.

Gain a new perspective on the world; bring a new attitude to everything you do.
Locum tenens gives you the satisfaction of helping people in need and allows you to see how doctors
in other countries deliver care through a different healthcare system. In the process, you’ll earn a highly
competitive income that enables you and your family to travel about and soak up the experience.
We hear it a lot from our doctors, and they all say it the same way: Working with us culminated in an
experience that rejuvenated their love of medicine and taught them that being a doctor can afford a
balanced lifestyle.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Global Medical and its staff pioneered international locum tenens and we adhere to the highest
recruiting standards. We work with you to determine the kind of practice and environment that best fits
your lifestyle and experience, and only then do we introduce you as a candidate by presenting a file that
includes your CV, references and availability.
We’ve placed thousands of doctors in positions around the globe, so we understand the nuances of the registration, credentialing
and immigration process.

Global Medical offers:
•	 Carefully	screened	medical	practices/assignments	in	locations	that	match	your	skills,	experience,
   interests, family situation and lifestyle
•	 Extensive	assistance	with	credentialing,	medical	registration	and	immigration
•	 Competitive	compensation	and	benefits
•	 Paid	travel,	housing	and	local	transportation
•	 Full	medical	defense	coverage

                              “Because of Global Medical, my family and I have memories of whale watching,
                              diving the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest hikes and other world-class activities.
                              My kids no longer think of me as an overworked doctor. Instead, they brag to
                              their friends about how they have explored the world with me.”
                                                                                           Robert Adams, MD
Our Safety Net
Global Medical is the only recruiting agency that offers a “safety net” for you and your family, which includes:
•	 Consistent,	frequent	check-in	calls	to	make	sure	everything	is	going	well
•	 Assistance	with	all	aspects	of	the	registration	and	immigration	requirements,	including	extensions
•	 The	security	of	knowing	that	we’ll	go	to	the	facility’s	administration	with	any	issue	or	concern	and	potentially
   move you to another location if the issue or concern is not resolved to your satisfaction
Because situations can and do change on locum assignments, many doctors and their families enjoy the peace of
mind that the Global Medical “safety net” affords them while working halfway around the world.
Thousands of top-caliber doctors have chosen Global Medical for their life-enriching experiences through locum
tenens in Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the United States. We’d love to make it a
reality for you now.
The world is your practice. Where do you want to go?

  “Our family agreed to leave our established lives in New       “I’m sure that my year in New Zealand will prove to have
  England and travel to Australia to work. Our goals: to         been one of the most educational years of my life. Global
  grow together as a family, to see as much of the beautiful     Medical was an important part of this success. The
  country as possible, and to open our children’s eyes to a      coordination that goes into working overseas is daunting,
  new cultural experience. In the blink of an eye, our year      in fact, well nigh impossible without the experience of an
  in Australia passed. Now, we are a stronger family and         organization such as Global.”
  share many fond memories.”
                                    Peter Degnan, MD                                           Dewayne Niebur, MD

                                                   Go F - Do Good
                              2450 Fort Union Blvd., Salt Lake City, Utah 84121-3337 USA
                                  Call 1.800.760.3174 for International Assignments
                                         Call 1.866.858.6269 for U.S. Assignments
                     For Toll-Free or Freephone numbers from other countries, visit

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