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									Maritime Law

By Paige Bruhn
Maritime-connected      with the sea in relation to
  navigation, shipping, etc.

Maritime Law-
  the body of law relating to maritime commerce and navigation, a
  nd to maritime matters.
             So what exactly do you do?
• Maritime attorneys help their clients   •   Handles matters arising out of an
  in the law of the sea, barges,              injury or damage to property on
  ships, shipping, commercial                 navigable waters
  vessels, fisheries, offshore oil and    •   Maritime contracts, contracts that
  gas rigs, commerce, passengers              relate to the navigation, business or
  and cargo, salvage, towing and              commerce of the sea, including
  towage, wharves, piers, docks,              contracts to repair vessels.
  insurance, maritime liens, canals,      •   Maritime cases involving salvage. The
  pleasure and recreation water craft,        concept of salvage arises from
  and even piracy all fall within the         recovery of damaged property that
  admiralty law and maritime law              includes treasure and a damaged or
                                              a derelict vessel.

  Radars and cameras help enhance search and rescue,
     homeland security, and law enforcement operations
          So you want to study Maritime Law?
There are tons of institutions and places around the world
to get your degree.
•Tulane Law School
•International Maritime Law Institute
•Texas A&M at Galveston
•State University at New York Maritime College
                      Even internationally!
•Shanghai Maritime University
•University of Nantes
•Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Potential Employers:
Law firms all over, esp. in coastal regions.

How it relates to aquatic science:
Aquatic means relating to, living in, or growing in water,
  maritime law deals with the system of law which relates to
  the affairs of the sea, such as ships, shipping, navigation,
               What about the $$$?
               Average Salaries by Location

•   $194,000    in NYC, NY
•   $152,000    in Dallas, TX
•   $191,000   in San Francisco, CA
•   $141,000   in Miami, FL
•   $131,000   Portland, OR
The end.

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