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                                                                   REPORT  May 2006

Delegates applaud                                                                                                                   Delegate feedback from the
                                                                                                                                  Conference evaluation forms was
                                                                                                                                  universally positive.

inaugural Conference                                                                                                                 A remarkable 82% of delegates
                                                                                                                                  ranked the Conference “very good” or
                                                                                                                                  “excellent”– a stunning achievement for
   Delegates at the first World           South Africa and the UK travelled to the   Conference. Frank Coleman, Senior            a brand new and untried event.
Whiskies Conference voted the event       Edinburgh International Conference         Vice President, Public Affairs and              92% of delegates agreed there was a
an outstanding success.                   Centre to hear a wide range of topics      Communications, the Distilled Spirits        real need for the Conference and 89%
   In a typical reaction one delegate     addressed by industry leaders. The         Council said: "The World Whiskies            would recommend it to a colleague.
told us “I think many were a little       Conference also attracted extensive        Conference is to be commended for               With virtually every delegate
sceptical to begin with about the event   media interest throughout the world,as     bringing together an interesting and         returning an evaluation form the results
but it turned out to be a fantastic two   well as comprehensive daily bulletins      diverse group of industry leaders to         are a huge vote of confidence in the
days. I certainly learned a lot. From     on leading industry web information        discuss the critical issues we are facing,   concept and delivery of the World
conversations with other delegates they   provider                  including the importance of actively         Whiskies      Conference       and      an
all spoke of its great success – we'll       It’s clear that the World Whiskies      promoting responsible consumption and        endorsement of the initial programme.
definitely see you there next year.”      Conference is fulfilling an important      rigorous,effective self-regulation.”            See inside for further poll details and
   The strength of the Conference         gap in the market. Chris Brook-Carter of      The final word comes from                 learn how the event will be improved
proved to be the combination of venue, endorsed that when he      Conference Director Ian Buxton: “We          for 2007.
authoritative speakers and a lively       told us: “I think you have filled an       have ambitious plans for the World
delegate group, ready to participate      important gap in the drinks calendar – a   Whiskies Conference 2007. We’d like            CONTENTS
and debate a range of topical issues.     very interesting couple of days, with      to thank all our delegates, presenters
   Over 120 delegates from the USA,       excellent speakers and a great showing     and sponsors from this inaugural year          1         News review
Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweden,    from the world's industry.”                and assure them that we’ll be back                       Highlights from the 2 days
India, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia,      International delegates praised the     bigger, better and bolder for 2007.”
                                                                                                                                    2-4       Day 1 reviews
                                                                                                                                              Wakely,Carver, Keith, Allen,
                                                                                                                                              Fraser, Maemura,

                                          Mark your diary now!                                                                                Mathews, Mackay, Riley,
                                                                                                                                              Hegarty, Bankier, Benitah,
                                                                                                                                              Munshi, Coleman,
                                            Dates have been announced for            International Conference Centre on                       Campbell, Nugent, Riley,
                                          the 2007 World Whiskies Conference.        Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th                         Horder & Paterson
                                          In view of the overwhelmingly              April 2007.
                                          positive reactions to the venue this          See back page for more details, but
                                                                                                                                    5-7       Day 2 reviews
For more photos of the Gala                                                                                                                   Castroviejo, Broom, Just
Dinner see back page                      will again be held in the Edinburgh        mark these dates in your calendar now!                   Drinks, Claessens, Weber,
                                                                                                                                              Petchey, Noble,
                                                                                                                                              Danadanell, Dillman,
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                                                                                                                                              Photographic review of the
                                                                                                                                              Gala Dinner
                                                                                                                                              2007 Dates and Details

                                                                                                                     Issue 1 • WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT •1
            WORLD WHISKIES
     2006   CONFERENCE

                                                         Will spirits go the                                     The tobacco industry in several countries has

                                                         way of tobacco?                                     come under sustained attack from various
                                                                                                             government and health lobbying groups.
                                                         Wyndham Carver                                          As country after country moves to ban smoking in
                                                                                                             public places, Wyndham Carver looked at the
                                                                                                             possibility of such legislation being brought to bear
                                                                                                             on the spirits industry.
                                                                                                                 With a background in spirits marketing and
                                                                                                             working in the tobacco industry, Carver has been at
                                                                                                             the forefront of campaigning for exemptions in
                                                                                                             tobacco legislation, and warned spirit producers that
                                                                                                             the ‘antis’ were a powerful group and
                                                                                                             gaining strength.
                                                                                                                 Speaking in a personal capacity, he counselled the
                                                                                                             industry to listen to the critics and learn. Also he
                                                                                                             urged producers to speak with one voice and match
                                                                                                             their words with actions.
                                                                                                                 Carver put his point across graphically with
The future of whisky                                                                                         illustrations taken from cigarette boxes, and applied

in the international                                                                                         them to whisky bottles.
                                                                                                                 To conclude he added that similar legislation,
drinks industry                                                                                              aimed at tackling binge drinking, could be
                                                                                                             earmarked for the spirits industry and it was up to
John Wakely, L&B Advisors                                                                                    companies to face up to it before it is too late.

   John Wakely, who set the bar for his fellow
speakers and mood for the event, kicked off the          Future markets: doing business in China
World Whiskies Conference to a fine start.
   With an opening line of “my career has been
                                                         Richard Keith, formerly Scottish & Newcastle
spent abusing managements in the alcoholic
beverage industry” it was easy to see that Wakely           China is one of the great expanding markets      new drinking culture. He looked at how whisky
was taking no prisoners during his discussion of the     of the moment and whisky is in great demand.        producers could develop specific brands aimed at
future of whisky in the international drinks industry.      Using his experiences with brewers Scottish &    the Far East market when doing business with China,
   The former investment analyst, now managing           Newcastle, Richard Keith looked at how whisky       and reap the benefits of an ever growing number of
director of L&B Advisors,started off by looking at the   producers could take advantage of the increasing    whisky drinkers.
Indian market, how five year old whisky fared with       demand for premium whisky.
consumers and the emerging Far East markets.                He explained how companies could follow the
   He also turned his attention to Chivas Brothers       brewer’s example, creating a niche for top of the
and Diageo and discussed how the two companies           range brands and developing the tastes of this
had made great successes selling in the premium
whisky market.
   He predicted that the single malt industry has a      Innovation in whisky
good future with continued innovation in
packaging and product, and investment in new
                                                         Charles Allen,Global Brand Director Whisk(e)y Portfolio Brands,Diageo
markets like China,all leading to substantially higher
revenue due to price and mix, rather than                   Charles Allen, from Diageo, used the example
just volume.                                             of high jumper Dick Fosbury to show how a
   He also said it would probably be the smaller         change in approach could lead to innovation and
companies that would garner most of this benefit,        invention in whisky. He defined the strict
but they must rid themselves of paying too much          parameters by which Scotch whisky is defined
attention to the UK or the supermarkets.                 and then showed how it was possible to provide
                                                         the market with something new. He used
                                                         Diageo’s J&B brand as an illustration, and in
                                                         particular the J&B -6ºC and Nox expressions, and
  90% of delegates rated the general
  organisation “excellent” or                            he showed how the company had worked with a
  “very good.”                                           top chef to create a J&B ‘caviar’and packaged J&B
                                                         in spheres, presenting an established brand in a
                                                         contemporary way.

                                                                            WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT

Lessons from luxury goods                                                                                           Your visitors should
Jamie Fraser, Managing Director, Hamilton & Inches                                                                  be your best
                                                         jewellers Hamilton & Inches, looked at ways of
                                                         inspiring whisky buyers.
                                                                                                                    Paul Mackay, Managing
                                                            He placed emphasis on the essential marketing           Director, Imagination Group
                                                         key of creating an emotional connection between
                                                         the product and its heritage. He believed that this           Paul Mackay of Imagination looked at how
                                                         would allow the customer to connect with where the         drinks companies could break out of their
                                                         product came from.                                         traditional way of communicating with their
                                                            He told delegates that consumers had three              customers and get to know them better through
                                                         things in mind when they were considering buying           a different approach. Using the example of the
                                                         premium brands – time, family and the impact on            Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, which has
                                                         the environment.                                           become Ireland’s top tourist attraction, he
   The whisky world could learn a lot of lessons            Looking to the future, he recommended                   stressed the importance of heritage and the
from the world of luxury goods.                          producers and retailers should consider the China          stories that can accompany a brand, and he
   Jamie Fraser, managing director of boutique           market and use the internet as a key selling resource.     showed ways that companies could connect
                                                                                                                    with their target drinkers by emotionally
                                                                                                                    involving them in the brand.
                                                         Getting the most
                                                         from your marketing
                                                         Simon Mathews, Managing
                                                         Director, Rise Communications
                                                            With the role of advertising playing such a large
                                                         part in modern life, Simon Mathews of Rise
                                                         Communications looked at innovative and different
                                                         ways of using the marketing budget.
                                                            Early on in his seminar, Mathews discussed ways
                                                         other than TV advertising to influence the market,
                                                         including websites, text messages and email.
                                                            He urged producers to understand and then
                                                         surpass what the consumer expected from the
                                                         company and create good word of mouth, stating
                                                         that brands that had managed this grew four times
                                                         faster than others.
                                                            He also looked at using creativity with brand
Six malts from one                                       packaging in shops instead of advertising, and that

distillery; how and                                      distributing to the right places can also be effective
                                                         communication with the consumer.
why do they do it?
Dr Hisashi Maemura,Yamazaki
Manager of Distilling, Suntory
   Few of us are fortunate enough to travel to Japan
and visit the distilleries there, so the seminar by
Suntory’s Dr Hisashi Maemura provided a fascinating
insight in to the working of the Yamazaki Distillery.
The distillery produces six different malts there and                                                              “I believe the event was a great
after a picture tour of the distillery’s award-winning                                                             success.... this will become an
                                                                                                                   important part of the drinks
and state of the art facilities delegates were given a
                                                                                                                   industry calendar.”
technical explanation of how the introduction of
yeast is varied to provide different products.

                                                                                                                  Issue 1 • WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT • 3
            WORLD WHISKIES
     2006   CONFERENCE

                                                           Lessons from the
                                                           beer sector
                                                           Dr Paul Hegarty,
                                                           Head of Communications,
                                                           Coors Brewers
                                                             Whisky producers and retailers could take           the profile of beer.
                                                           some pointers from their cousin – beer, the head of      He said that one of the most important things to
                                                           communications for Coors Brewers told delegates.      bear in mind when taking an industry approach to
                                                             Dr Paul Hegarty looked at how beer had tried to     improving public perception was that everyone
                                                           shake off its previous image and become serious       be positive, and do not knock other brands
                                                           competition for wine.                                 or categories.
                                                             He discussed the whole marketing campaigns             The result, he added was that in the end both
                                                           by groups such as the Beautiful Beer organisation     large and small companies won.
                                                           and the Beer Academy, which had helped to raise

Driving sales in                                           Driving sales in the
multiple retailers                                         independents
Michael Riley, Business Unit                               Ian Bankier, Chairman,
Director Spirits, Liquor Control                           The Whisky Shop                                          Iain Bankier of The Whisky Shop and Thierry
Board of Ontario                                           Thierry Bénitah, Owner, La                            Bénitah of La Maison du Whisky have both built up
                                                                                                                 successful whisky businesses and each of them
   As the spirits director of one of the largest           Maison du Whisky                                      explained what they did and why.Although the two
spirits retailers in the world, Michael Riley shared his                                                         presentations had been prepared separately it was
knowledge of how to drive sales in multiple retail.                                                              intriguing to see the similarities between the two
   The Liquor Control Board of Ontario has spirit                                                                operations and compare and contrast their
sales of more than CAN $1.4billion each year.                                                                    activities in Britain and France. In what was one of
   His simple recipe for spirits growth was to                                                                   the most upbeat presentations of the two days
understand the customers’ habits, which then                                                                     both entrepreneurs were living proof that business
allowed the Board to prioritise categories and                                                                   success is achievable in the whisky retailing
develop strategies for growth.                                                                                   business if the right business model is applied.
   He added that the vision of the Board was to
‘engage customers in a discovery of the world of
beverage alcohol’.                                         “Cunning alchemists
   The Board has also pioneered several awards for
staff, trade and retailers, and has set up a spirits
                                                           and the hunt for the
advocate program to educate sales staff not only on        philosopher's stone”
product knowledge but also how to sell spirits.
   Riley also said that the Board organises a month-
                                                           Dr Natasha Munshi, Cass
long promotion in its stores to highlight the world of     Business School
whisky. In the past this has launched more than 30
new products and given customers the chance to                 What makes Scotch whisky unique and how
taste products. His main message to whisky                 can the industry defend that uniqueness.That was
producers was that collaboration was the key               the theme of the presentation of Dr Natasha
to growth.                                                 Munshi, cryptically named “cunning alchemists
                                                           and the hunt for the philosopher’s stone” Dr   .
                                                           Munshi gave examples of what industry personnel
                                                           had identified as the unique character of the
                                                           industry and her session became one of the most
  92% of delegates rated the Gala
  Dinner at the Balmoral “excellent” or                    interactive of the conference as delegates enjoyed
  “very good”.                                             a whisky and debated what made the world of
                                                           whisky so special, and how important that was to
                                                           its success.

                                                                                      WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT
                                                                                                                              In brief...

Responsibility, moderation and self-
regulation Frank Coleman, Public Affairs, Distilled Spirits
Council of the United States; Campbell Evans, Director of
Government & Consumer Affairs, Scotch Whisky Association
   This critically-important keynote presentation                     Evans went on to describe SWA efforts to inform the
opened day two of the Conference, with senior
representatives of two of the most important global
                                                                  political debate and outlined the five basic principles
                                                                  of social responsibility promoted by the World
                                                                                                                                 Trends and issues
industry associations leading a discussion on                     Spirits Alliance.                                              in world whisky
responsibility, moderation and self-regulation – themes               From the USA, Frank Coleman outlined the role of
close to the heart of the worldwide whisky industry.              DISCUS. In a market that is still shaped by Prohibition,
                                                                                                                                 Anne Nugent, Head of
   From the SWA Campbell Evans drew attention to the              DISCUS has worked to educate politicians and the               Research, Euromonitor
diversity of drinking styles of the European consumer             media about the heritage of the distilling industry,which
with a pointed contrast between sophisticated                     dates back to George Washington.                                  Euromonitor’s alcoholic drinks research
Stockholm club-goers and a binge drinking culture                     Coleman stressed that “cultural acceptance and             provides strategic analysis of the global market
prevalent amongst some UK nightclub and pub users.A                                                               .
                                                                  responsibility were key to commercial success” Industry        and in-depth coverage of the alcoholic drinks
sharp intake of breath from delegates followed the                initiatives on responsible drinking back to 1965 were          industry in more than 60 countries worldwide,and
chastening quote from Scottish Health Minister Andy               illustrated and current programmes to combat drink             offers an online alcoholic drinks Integrated Market
Kerr,“The way I look at the alcohol debate is that I think that   driving and under-age drinking were shown in detail.           Information System (IMIS).
we are in the foothills of the debate that we have now had            He concluded by emphasising that constant                     Anne positioned whisk(e)y within the global
on smoking” .                                                     vigilance was necessary, both against pressure-group           spirits market, demonstrating trends at a regional
                                                                  attack on the industry’s freedoms and vigorous self-           level, by product category and by volume
                                                                  regulation to ensure consistently high standards. If we        compared to other spirits.
                                                                  promote moderation and a message of “Drink better,not             Major whisk(e)y markets, such as India and the
                                                                  more” then our industry will continue to prosper.              USA, were then analysed in greater depth and the
                                                                                                                                 potential of developing markets demonstrated by
                                                                                                                                 reference to current volumes and growth trends.
Successful relaunch of a global icon                                                                                                Anne also covered key demographic indicators
                                                                                                                                 in major markets and the implications of these for
Martin Riley, International Marketing Director, Chivas Brothers                                                                  whisky volumes. An analysis of countries with the
                                                                                                                                 fastest growth in disposable incomes showed
   Taking the idea of brand building one stage further,           taken in the communication strategy for the relaunch of        eight out of the top 15 fastest growing countries
Martin Riley, Chivas Brothers International Marketing             the iconic whisky – including having a certain element         are in Asia,and a further five within Eastern Europe.
Director,looked at how the company has relaunched its             of lifestyle such as an attitude to life.                         Looking more broadly at key trends in
global icon.                                                          To emphasise this point,he showed a series of glossy       consumer behaviour, Anne emphasised the
   Riley took delegates through the Chivas Regal history          advertising campaigns from the ‘This is the Chivas Life’       importance of organic, green and environmental
focusing on what had made the brand strong,including              promotions. In sharing the lessons Chivas had learned,         issues; identified growing evidence for
its use of non traditional Scotch branding and                    Riley said that three of the most important things to          ‘authenticity’ in products and a nostalgia factor
packaging.He also revealed that taking a sample of the            come out of the work were to build on the brand’s core         (especially in Eastern Europe and Japan)
market had shown that for most people Chivas was still            image, take a long term perspective and to remember            and pointed up the positioning opportunities
regarded as one of the most prestigious whiskies.                 what made the brand unique.                                    for whisk(e)y.
   The seminar included some of the changing faces of                                                                               If chocolatiers can sell wines and liqueurs,
Chivas advertising campaigns from the 1960s to the                                                                               challenged Nugent, how can whisky exploit this
present day – particularly focusing on the impact of the                                                                         trend to indulgence and premium quality?
relaunch in 2000. Riley said that there were several steps

   Competitions; what                                                If you’ve ever won a major award you’ll know
                                                                  the benefit of entering them. But still many
                                                                                                                              of how recognition in awards could help build and
                                                                                                                              establish    a   brand.     And    he    treated
   are they worth?                                                companies don’t take the major drinks awards                his audience to a tipple of one of his company’s
                                                                  seriously enough.That was theme of the session by           prize winners.
   Frances Horder, IWSC; and                                      Frances Horder of the International Wine and Spirit
   Richard Paterson,Whyte &                                       Competition, who stressed that there is not only a
                                                                  strong commercial value to receiving award
   Mackay                                                         recognition but there was a huge team-boosting
                                                                                                                                “I am sorry that I did not make day
                                                                                                                                2, but if day 1 was representative,
                                                                  morale factor too. She was joined by Whyte &                  you had a success on your hands.”
                                                                  Mackay’s master blender Richard Paterson, no
                                                                  stranger to receiving awards, who gave examples

                                                                                                                               Issue 1 • WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT • 5
            WORLD WHISKIES
     2006   CONFERENCE

Whisky's place in global drinks
Maria Castroviejo, Industry Analyst, Rabobank

                                                           Rabobank’s business analyst looked at where
                                                        whisky was placed in the global drinks market.
                                                           Castroviejo used market figures and sales
                                                        information to show who was growing fastest in the
                                                        western world and why, and who in the Indian
                                                        market was going to be worth watching.
                                                           She also discussed how major banks could help
                                                        whisky firms by looking at financing, exports and
                                                        investments,and also in an advisory role for investors
                                                        and partners.

The Malt Report: an overview of the global
performance of malt whisky
Dave Broom and                                                                                   The North American
   Whisky Magazine’s contributing editor Dave
                                                                                                                 experience; a
Broom tackled the performance of malt whisky                                                                     transatlantic view
across the globe.
   He looked at the current state of play within the
                                                                                                                 Ken Weber, Global Brand
malt whisky category and discussed how distillers                                                                Director, Buffalo Trace Distillery
and brand owners were having to face up to the next
step-change in malt’s evolution.                                                                                    Ed O’Daniel of the Kentucky Distillers’Association
   Broom advocated that the different approaches                                                                 and Ken Weber of Buffalo Trace gave a fascinating
taken by the major players were a clear indication of                                                            and somewhat sobering assessment of the North
malt growing up, of products becoming brands. He                                                                 American spirits market. Delegates were shown
counselled that malt needs to resist the temptation                                                              statistics revealing the dominance of vodka in the
to devalue its premium credentials for short-term                                                                States but the figures also revealed that there was no
volume gain.                                                                                                     single national market and huge variations
   He explained it needed to identify not just the                                                               regionally. New York, for instance, had a much higher
needs of consumers in each market, but also the                                                                  consumption of Scotch than many other states.
different needs of a range of consumer groups.                                                                   Delegates also heard how America is very price
   There is no single malt consumer he told the                                                                  sensitive and doesn’t pay premium prices for spirits,
seminar, there are many… which is the greatest                                                                   and that a supplier had to be prepared to invest for
opportunity of all.                                                                                              years to build a top brand.

New packaging trends Francis-Michael Claessens,
Managing Director, Claessens International

   Claessens International is well-known to many        presentation, claiming the record for the largest
in the global spirits industry having worked on the     number of slides in any WWC presentation,the firm’s
packaging and brand development of a large              founder Francis-Michael Claessens demonstrated
number of famous brands and the introduction of         the contribution of packaging to brand evolution
many NPD projects.                                      and longevity.
   In a highly-polished and fast-moving                    Subtle packaging changes from a number of
                                                        spirit categories were illustrated and their
  79% of delegates rated the World                      contribution to brand values, pricing and
  Whiskies Conference “more                             consumer recognition and sales uptake
  interesting than I expected” and                      convincingly demonstrated.                               changing consumer lifestyles, demographic trends
  92% agreed “I learned something
                                                           Delegates enjoyed a series of detailed case           and the needs of developing markets was
  new, interesting and valuable.”
                                                        studies and much background information on               presented as back-up to the main points.

                                                                                 WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT

                                                               Alpha Retail’s Martin Petchey gave delegates an
                                                            insight in to the mind of the travelling whisky buyer
                                                            through his experience in global tax free and
                                                            travel retail.
                                                               Delegates were shown, with a series of
                                                            photographs showing displays in airports, how
                                                            important the impact of branding and displays were
                                                            to the travelling public.
                                                               He also emphasised the importance offers such as

Driving sales in                                            “two bottles for £30” or even getting a free gift with
                                                            a purchase played for the public when making a
global tax free and                                         decision on what to buy.                                       An overview of the
travel retail                                                  One of his tips for the industry was to look at how
                                                            the fragrance companies had marketed themselves
                                                                                                                           Indian whisky
Martin Petchey, Alpha Retail                                in airports.                                                   market and its
Opening a new                                               of reviving the Gaelic-speaking tradition on the island        Dr Mohan Krishna, Marketing
distillery & building                                       of Skye he introduced new industries with the aim of
                                                            economic regeneration.
                                                                                                                           Director, Cheers Spirits India
the brand Sir Iain Noble,                                       This led to the foundation in 1976 of Pràban na
                                                            Linne, the Gaelic Whisky Company, which now plans                 As the fourth largest economy in the world,
Pràban na Linne; Magnus                                     its own distillery.The £3m project, part-funded by the         India is looking more and more like an attractive
Dandanell, Mackmyra Distillery                              local enterprise company, is due to open in late 2008.         market for whisky producers.
                                                                “This is about putting Skye on the whisky trail with          Dr Mohan Krishna, Cheers Spirits India
   Many who work in the whisky industry have                a new Gaelic whisky,” explained Sir Iain. “Everyone is         marketing director, gave delegates an overview
harboured the dream of opening and running their            rather excited about the idea of having two distilleries       of the market and its future, including the
own distillery. But it’s one thing to have the dream,       in Skye and I'm sure Talisker will benefit.”                   increased demand for better quality products.
altogether something different to go and do it. In this         Whilst the Skye project is still on the drawing board,        During his seminar, Dr Krishna said that India
very popular session, two independent distilling            Mackmyra Distillery is now marketing the world’s first         was a complex market with significant entry
pioneers told how they ‘walked the walk’.                   Swedish whisky. Distillery founder Magnus Dandanell            tariffs for new entrants,but with 130 million cases
   Sir Iain Noble described himself as a ‘pluralist’– one   explained the genesis of the project, outlined funding         of Scotch sold each year the potential for growth
with a large variety of interests. Starting with a dream    sources and showed how the product was developed.              was impressive.
                                                                Innovative marketing ideas were also shared with              He added that the whisky market was set to
                                                            delegates, such as Mackmyra’s 30 litre cask – which            expand to 180 million cases by 2015.
                                                            customers are able to carry away from the distillery.             He advised that the expansion possibilities
                                                            Such is the interest in the project that the distillery’s      created a considerable opportunity for spirits
                                                            first public release of whisky sold out in under               players in terms of pushing to gain more of the
                                                            30 minutes!                                                    market share.

Is old Europe too poor to buy its own
whisky? A consumer voice
Dr Clemens Dillmann,
   The World Whiskies Conference is a trade-only            made by distillers in allocating scarce products to
industry event. But Dr Clemens Dillmann wears               global markets.
two hats.                                                      Were the “poor philosopher” consumers in ‘Old
   By day he provides software and web design               Europe’ effectively denied the superior products
services to the spirits industry, including                 reserved for Asia’s “super-rich capitalists”? Dr Dillmann
management of many of Germany’s most popular                quite deliberately posed more questions than he
drinks web sites. By night he is a passionate               answered, leaving delegates to consider the effects of
whisky enthusiast.                                          their global distribution strategies, some perhaps
                                                                                                                          “Thanking you for your excellent
   His provocative and challenging presentation             unintentional, on Europe’s traditional whisky markets.
                                                                                                                          organisation of the World Whisky
looked at the difficulties of marketing in highly              As he demonstrated, some consumers have even               Conference. We feel privileged to
competitive mature markets; the impact of pricing on        begun distilling their own whisky – taking lessons            have been a part of it.”
brand image and the strategic distribution choices          from distillery visitor centres, perhaps!

                                                                                                                         Issue 1 • WORLD WHISKIES CONFERENCE REPORT • 7
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  • 89% said “I would definitely recommend to a
  • 94% said “I would attend a future event”


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