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Dean of the                 Associate Dean of the      Special Assistant to the      Chair of Accounting        Chair of Economics
Gordon Ford College of      Gordon Ford College of     Dean of Gordon Ford           Steve C. Wells, PhD        William W. Davis, PhD
Business                    Business                   College of Business 
William J. Tallon, PhD      Robert Reber, PhD          John Wassom, PhD

Chair of Finance            Chair of Information       Chair of Management           Chair of Marketing and     Executive MBA
Christopher Brown, PhD      Systems                    Zubair M. Mohamed, DBA        Sales                      Coordinator   Jeff Butterfield, PhD        J. Richard Shannon, PhD    Bob Hatfield, PhD, JD

Mr. Gary Broady             Mr. Randy Capps            Mr. Greg Coker                Mr. Mark Crothers          Mr. Vince Foushee
President                   President                  Director, Public Affairs      Vice President             President
Franklin Bank &             Leadership Strategies      Atmos Energy                  Luvata                     The Lyons Company
Trust Co.

Mr. Stan Gorman             Mr. Pete Gritton           Ms. Donna Harmon              Mr. James Hizer            Mr. C. Anderson
Division Manager            VP of Human Resources      CFO                           President                  Hostetler, Jr.
Consolidated Electrical     Toyota Planning Center     Trace Die Cast, Inc.          BG Area Chamber of         VP International Sales
Distributors                                                                         Commerce                   Fruit of the Loom

Mr. James Ising             Dr. Brian Mefford          Mr. Robert Owsley             Mr. David Stanley
Providian Corporation       President & CEO            President                     Controller
                            Connected Nation           Cecilian Bank and Holding     Passport Health Plan
Mr. Don Vitale              Mr. Rick Wilson
President                   Area Executive
Manchester Capital          BB&T

Erik Thomas (2008-09)       Jeff Witzgall (2008-09)    Ryan Graham (2008-09)         Riley Rios (2008-09)       Branka Tunjic (2008-09)
Amanda Belcher (2009-10)    Amanda Belcher (2009-10)   Brittney Chappell (2009-10)   Kwinn Davis (2009-10)      Aaron Pawley (2009-10)
Alpha Kappa Psi             American Marketing         Beta Alpha Psi                Delta Sigma Pi             Economics Club

Adrian Davis (2008-09)      Rebekka Welch (2008-09)    Rama K. Reddy (2008-09)       Robert Grigg (2008-09)     Lauren Kerulis (2008-09)
James Slaton (2008-10)      Andy Cullen (2009-10)      James Slaton (2009-10)        Sarah James (2009-10)      Amber Hanan (2009-10)
Clint McRay (2009-10)       GFCB Ambassadors           MBA Student Association       Society of HR Management   Students in Free Enterprise
Financial Management

 ON THE COVER - “Building for the Future”: A rendering of the future Gordon Ford College of Business building was provided by
 Ross Tarrant Architects. Additional details and photos can be seen at

2       Gordon Ford College of Business
        Gordon Ford College of Business
AACSB Accreditation                                   3
Gordon Ford College of Business earns reaccreditation
and was awarded initial accreditation for the Accounting
program.                                                                       Publisher
                                                                          Dean William J. Tallon
International Reach &
Entrepreneurial Activity in Kenya                  8
A global education provides knowledge and understanding
                                                                    Editor and Manager of Marketing &
                                                                               Lynn Minton
of various cultures, language, geography, and
                                                                             Graphic Designer
                                                                               I-Ping Kuan
Lecture Series Brings Experience
to the Classroom
Business executives, authors, and thought leaders
                                                  11                       Contributing Editors
                                                                               Pat Jordan
with special expertise speak with students to enhance                         Robert Reber
instructional programs.                                                     William J. Tallon

Centers of Excellence                               12                     Contributing Writers
                                                                               Wil Clouse
The advancement of knowledge and being able to                                Lukas Forbes
practice your primary field of study makes the Centers                         Laura Hess
of Excellence a great contribution to the entire student                      Lynn Minton
experience.                                                                    Dan Myers
                                                                             Jennifer Taylor
DEPARTMENTS                                                                   Photography
Undergraduate and Graduate Programs                     4
                                                                              Clinton Lewis
WKU HR Management Certified by SHRM                     5                     Lynn Minton
Beta Gamma Sigma Named Premier Chapter                  5                      Dan Myers
Student Ambassadors New for GFCB                       7                      Amber Hanan
MBA Program has Many Options                          15                       Krist Schell
WKU Hosted Ken-Tenn Business School Conference 19                             Lukas Forbes
Business Careers Conference a Great Success           19
Development News                                      20
   College Welcomes New Development Officer                               Mission Statement
   Private Support Furthers College of Business Success     To be a leader in providing high quality and applied
   Burchett Legacy Committed to Business                        business academic programs to enhance the
                                                               economic well-being of the Commonwealth of
                                                            Kentucky and beyond. We do so through dedicated
FACULTY NEWS & HIGHLIGHTS                                   student-focused teaching, relevant and high impact
Faculty Highlights Around the School                            research, and value-adding outreach activity.

                                                            Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education           1
message from the

If there is one term that best exemplifies the natural       where new business
condition of the Gordon Ford College of Business, it         freshmen both live
is change. Change is often dreaded, but it is vital for      and attend class
individuals and organizations to thrive and move forward.    together while connecting to our college long before
Moving into unknown territory has risks, but risks must      their first business course. Our college continues to
be taken to realize our full potential. Individuals and      be a leading player in international education through
institutions cannot achieve new levels of excellence         new programs that enable business students to earn
without changing – it is both a blessing and a curse. The    degrees at WKU and a foreign university simultaneously.
manner in which we manage and react to change says           We welcome our new development director, Jennifer
much about us, both as individuals and as a college of       Taylor, who brings boundless energy and a strong sense
business.                                                    of commitment as she helps me meet with alumni
                                                             and friends across the nation to allow me to share the
It is my distinct pleasure to share with you our inaugural   wonderful news of the Gordon Ford College of Business.
issue of the Dean’s Report which tells many stories of
change in the Gordon Ford College of Business. Our re-       I truly hope that you will enjoy this first issue of the
accreditation with AACSB-International (Association to       Dean’s Report and that you get a better sense for how
Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), including our       our college is changing. We have learned to embrace
initial accounting accreditation, puts us in the top 1%      change and to leverage it to move our college to
of all business schools worldwide. To complement our         increasingly higher levels of excellence. I take pride in
existing high quality undergraduate programs, we have        our accomplishments and in all of our efforts to ensure
launched our new Professional MBA program, a weekend         that our student experience is one that goes beyond the
program for middle and upper level executives that has       degree.
addressed an unmet educational need in our region and
has raised our visibility and recognition in the business    I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and I
community.                                                   thank you for your continued support of the Gordon Ford
                                                             College of Business.
Our Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is
flourishing under the new leadership of Dr. Wil Clouse       Best wishes,
and our new Center for Professional Selling, under the
direction of Dr. Lukas Forbes, has recently been approved
by our Board of Regents and is only the 13th such center
in the nation. We have a growing Business Honors
Program and a thriving Living and Learning Community,        William J. Tallon
supported by a generous gift by alumnus James Marshall,      Dean

2      Gordon Ford College of Business
T  he Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
   International (AACSB) reaffirmed accreditation for the
Gordon Ford College of Business (GFCB) at WKU and awarded the                Accreditation
Accounting Program within the GFCB initial accreditation for its
bachelor’s degree program.
                                                                                 A Symbol of Quality
 “The simultaneous attainment of both business and accounting
accreditations,” Dr. Tallon said “puts the Gordon Ford College in
the upper tier of high quality institutions and makes WKU only
the third institution in the Commonwealth having achieved both
business and accounting accreditations.”

Dr. Steve Wells, Chair of Accounting congratulated the accounting
faculty and staff for their support and work put into the
accreditation process. “Dr. Richard Aldridge, former department
chair, with support from Dean Tallon and Associate Dean Reber,
provided the leadership to guide the department through the
various stages of the program’s review,” Wells said.

“This has long-lasting implications for our accounting students
– past, present and future because the attainment of AACSB
separate accounting accreditation is an affirmation of our
commitment to quality,” said Wells.

Dr. William Tallon, Dean, Gordon Ford College of Business
said “Achieving AACSB accreditation, respected as the “Gold
Standard” of business school accreditation, ensures that our
programs, faculty, processes, and systems are of the highest
quality as determined by leading academics and thought leaders.”

To maintain accreditation a business program must undergo a
rigorous internal review every five years. To realize accounting
accreditation, an institution must first earn or maintain AACSB
International business accreditation. In addition to developing
and implementing a mission-driven plan to satisfy the 21
business quality standards, accounting accreditation requires the
satisfaction of an additional set of 15 standards that are specific
to the discipline and profession of accounting.

Only 567 schools of business in 33 countries, or less than 5%
worldwide, have earned this distinguished hallmark of excellence
in business education, and only 171 accounting programs in
four (4) countries have achieved both business and accounting
accreditation, less than 1%.

AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate
Schools of Business, founded in 1916, is considered one of
higher education’s most rigorous accrediting bodies, stressing
quality, academic excellence and commitment to continuous

                                                                      Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education   3
T  he values we hold at the Gordon Ford College
   of Business reflect college wide initiatives
designed to shape the fundamental orientation of
business education. The undergraduate program
continues to meet the needs of students and
the business community with the addition of
two new majors in International Business and

This is part of a continuing process of assessing,
forming, redesigning, implementing and
reassessing our activities. While specific actions
may change with time the commitment to a quality
education remains constant. The Gordon Ford
College of Business has a clear sense of direction
and a commitment to excellence in all phases of its

                                                      GRADUATE PROGRAMS
                                                      T  he Gordon Ford College of Business offers a Master in
                                                         Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Applied
                                                      Economics. Meeting the needs of the changing economy and
                                                      diverse workforce, the college has several options for those
                                                      wanting to attain an advanced degree.

                                                      MASTER OF ARTS IN APPLIED ECONOMICS
                                                      The master in applied economics prepares students for
                                                      careers that require strong analytical skills, technical tools,
                                                      and communication abilities that can be applied to a broad
                                                      range of subjects. The program utilizes practicum, an applied
                                                      project, and workshops to build specific technical skills and to
                                                      enhance employability of graduates.

                                                      MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA)
                                                      We believe that it is important to differentiate yourself from
                                                      others in the job market, especially in these tough economic
                                                      times. An MBA from a fully accredited school of business is a
                                                      very good investment.

4     Gordon Ford College of Business
WKU HR Management
Certified by SHRM
A   t WKU our faculty are dedicated to preparing students to practice
    Human Resources (HR) in a variety of sectors such as for-profit,
nonprofit, government, or private organizations. This dedicated has
been recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management

The Gordon Ford College of Business at WKU Bachelor of Science in
Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management
degree fully aligns with the SHRM HR curriculum established guidelines.

The designation of meeting the SHRM guidelines puts WKU in the top 35
AACSB accredited schools nationally having received this certification.

The goal of SHRM is to provide colleges and universities a resource for
tracking HR curricula against a common, minimum skill set needed by
employers who seek to fill HR professional positions.

The Human Resource field has moved from a traditionally administrative
function to a strategic one that recognizes the link between talented and
engaged people and organizational success. The faculty in the Gordon
Ford College of Business at WKU have worked diligently to meet the
changing needs of the workforce. Their devotion has been recognized
not only by SHRM but by the college and the University.

Beta Gamma Sigma
Named a Premier Chapter
T he Beta Gamma Sigma “Premier Chapter” designation awarded to
  WKU is the highest recognition a business program accredited by
AACSB International can receive.

The International Honor Society, Beta Gamma Sigma, encourages
and honors academic achievement in the study of business, fosters
personal and professional excellence, advances the values of the
Society, and serves its lifelong members.

This level of achievement qualifies the WKU chapter to be eligible to
participate in the Beta Gamma Sigma Matching Funds Scholarship
Program, pre-qualifies WKU to participate in the 2009 Outstanding
Collegiate Chapter competition and the 2009 Outstanding Collegiate
Chapter Advisor Competition.

                                                                        Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education   5
                                  Living, Learning and
                                  Becoming a
                                  College of Business Student
                                  O   nce an individual has decided to attend college, they will want their living
                                      arrangement to match their goals and ambitions—who they are, and who
                                  they hope to become. The J.L. Marshall Living-Learning Community (LLC) has
                                  been a good choice for many students.

                                  A Living-Learning Community is a unique environment in which a select
                                  group of students share common residential and academic experiences.
                                  Although LLCs have been in existence for years and are commonplace for many
                                  universities and colleges, it is relatively new for WKU.

                                  As a member of a Living-Learning Community, students have the chance to
                                  really get to know their instructors and develop strong friendships with their
                                  fellow students. They create purposeful links among academic, residential
                                  and social components of the undergraduate experience. The possibilities are

                                  College of Business Honors
                                  The Gordon Ford Honors Program is a unique community of scholars made up
                                  of over 100 high achieving students and countless opportunities to stretch the
                                  mind. We provide excellent opportunities for social and intellectual growth that
                                  enhance the “Honors Experience”.

                                  Gordon Ford Honors students have access to additional advising, social
                                  networking, and supplementary financial assistance for study abroad. We
                                  provide opportunities for honors to extend beyond the general education
                                  requirements and traditional honors classes.

                                  Gordon Ford Honors students also have the opportunity to meet their
                                  professors in an informal social setting by having dinner at the Dean’s home.
                                  The dinner gives students and opportunity to develop relationships with their
                                  professors as well as other students early in the term.

6   Gordon Ford College of Business
New for GFCB
Business students serve as effective
liaisons for the college

T   he Ambassadors for the Gordon Ford College of Business
    are volunteers who showcase strong leadership as a
public relations arm of the college. They are a distinct
group of students who foster good relations between the
college student body and the alumni, faculty, staff, and the
community.                                                           Back Row: Clay Simpson, Clint McRay, George Callis,
                                                                     Andy Cullen. Seated: Amber Hanan, Courtney
The primary responsibility of the Ambassadors is to                  Burford, Rebekka Welch, Kirsten Wohadlo.
honorably represent the College demonstrating the
excellence of our students. They promote the college and
assist with special events hosted by the Dean and provide an
extra measure of hospitality to our prospective and current
students, donors, and alumni.

Ambassadors are chosen through a competitive selection
process. They build strong leadership skills through the many
events and activities they assist with throughout the year. It
is a privilege to be selected and to serve as an Ambassador to
the Gordon Ford College of Business.

The GFCB would like to thank our outstanding Business
Student Ambassadors for the commitment they show to the
college. Seven individuals have been chosen to represent
the Gordon Ford College of Business as its first Ambassadors.
Crystal Attwood, Senior, Gallatin, Tennessce; Courtney
Burford, Junior, Shepherdsville; George Callis, Sophomore,
Owensboro; Andrew Cullen, Freshman, Calvert City; Amber
Hanan, Senior, Tell City, Indiana; Arthur Clint McRay, Junior,
Springfield; Clay Simpson, Sophomore, Louisville; Rebekka
Welch, Freshman, Paducah; Jessica Williams, Junior, Bowling
Green; Jeffrey Witzgall, Senior, Villa Hills; and Kirsten
Wohadlo, Junior, Newburgh, Indiana.

                                                                 Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education             7
international reach
A   global education is one that provides knowledge and understanding of
    culture, language, geography, and global perspectives. Students wanting
to have a well-rounded business education in today’s world and understand
                                                                                     “Broadening your horizons” is
                                                                                     how Sam Palmer described his
                                                                                     experience in Amsterdam.
international business enroll in a study abroad course.                              “Studying abroad was a more
                                                                                     profound experience than I had
Global partnerships with Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, and Mexico have           expected,” said Palmer. “By not
been significant to the benefit of our students, along with additional faculty let   forcing the class to be structured like
programs to Australia and Spain. The partnerships, programs and progress we          a typical class I think that all of the
have secured are the foundation for our study abroad program.                        students were able to not only enjoy
                                                                                     their time more but quite simply
While visiting as tourists, students are also learning and earning credit hours      learn more.”
for the journey. Students must complete the required readings, assignments,
writings, tests, business visits, and cultural based projects while abroad.          A global education is one that
                                                                                     enables students to understand the
Global issues including sustainability, economic transition and immigration          world through the eyes of others
are key for GFCB students during the trips abroad. Dr. Dan Myers, who has            and teaches them how their actions
guided numerous educational trips to Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, and           can effect, and be affected by people
the Netherlands says understanding how culture affects business decisions            throughout the world.
and understanding that people are more similar than different from us are
significant advantages for the students who participate in these types of

Students who participate in an international learning experience set themselves
                                                                                     “Put the world on
apart from others and show prospective employers an entrepreneurial spirit
and a more well rounded understanding of today’s business environment.
                                                                                       your resume.”

8      Gordon Ford College of Business
T   hree recent initiatives from the GFCB include the Trilateral
    MBA, a double degree program with St. Etienne School of
Management in France, and a program in entrepreneurship funded
by the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement
of Postsecondary Education. The Trilateral MBA is a cooperative
effort between WKU, the University of Moncton (Canada) and
Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro (Mexico).

Our first group of students began the Trilateral MBA program
in 2008, and the cohorts from all three schools spent the fall in
Canada, the Spring at WKU, and the summer in Mexico. Following
completion of their studies, students receive an MBA from their
home institution.

Students in the double degree program in International Business
spend two years at WKU, one year at St. Etienne, and their final
year at WKU. St. Etienne students do the opposite. The curricula       Incorporating our exchange students into the
at both schools has been reviewed and students complete their          classrooms provides students who do not
program with no additional time. When the students have                take advantage of a study abroad experience
completed the requirements of the program, they receive a degree       an exposure to the culture of our visiting
from both schools.                                                     students, increasing their global understanding
                                                                       and awareness as well. This allows domestic
The entrepreneurship program is a consortium of six institutions       students and faculty to have the opportunity to
from Canada, Mexico and the US, and provides students and              be involved in significant ways in global activities
faculty financial support to study abroad and to have cooperative      where everyone benefits from shared ideas and
class projects.                                                        practices.

                                                                    Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education             9
                                  Activity in Kenya
                                  T   raditionally when students travel abroad they are the ones gaining
                                      knowledge and experience. However, the Students in Free Enterprise
                                  (SIFE) have decided to use their experience abroad to better the lives of
                                  individuals living in various villages in Kenya.

                                  As part of an interdisciplinary project, Entrepreneurship Professor Matt
                                  Marvel, SIFE student, Lauren Torger and other WKU faculty, visited Kenya to
                                  build economic and cultural bridges.

                                  To aid in the economic growth of the area, Professor Marvel and Lauren Torger,
                                  worked with 6 Women’s Basket Weaving Cooperatives. Hand woven baskets
                                  were purchased at wholesale cost, brought back to the States, and sold at
                                  retail prices at regional events such as the International Festival.

                                  This initiative has a large economic impact on the women and families in
                                  the villages. One hundred percent of the profits made are returned to the
                                  Cooperatives and distributed to the villages. Funds are used to pay school fees
                                  for the children, to support widows and orphans within the communities, and
                                  to assist in day to day living needs.

                                  The ties that the SIFE team is establishing will both preserve the basket craft
                                  and improve the living standards in the villages. “Each year customers provide
                                  invaluable feedback, which the SIFE team then communicates back to the
                                  Kenyans, to improve the appeal of their product to American consumers,” said

                                  “I think village by village we are making small differences and improvements
                                  economically,” Lauren Torger said, “which will hopefully empower people to
                                  make positive changes throughout their region and throughout Kenya.”

10   Gordon Ford College of Business
Bringing experience to the classroom

Each year Gordon Ford College students
enrich their classroom experience by
hearing from business executives, authors
and thought-leaders who visit the school.
                                                                                   Dr. Pearse Lyons       Dr. William Tallon
The Hays Watkins Lecture Series is an important outreach activity for the
college. Gordon Ford College of Business Dean, Bill Tallon, said having
speakers in to talk to our business students enhances the education they
receive in the classroom. Tallon went on to say “having former students in to
share their experiences helps to inspire our current students.”

Guest lecturers with special expertise are invited throughout the academic
year to enhance instructional programs. They provide new perspectives
and valuable real-world experiences from small businesses, corporations,
consulting firms, nonprofits, and scholars.

The Hays Watkins Lecture Series has brought notable speakers to our campus
to share their experiences with students, faculty and staff about current issues
and the impact they will have on their future.

                                                                                                                Bob Best

“Business Culture” Topic of Atmos          Russ Carroll walked through the Baby
Energy Exec Presentation Bob Best          Steps to Financial Freedom

“Sustainability, Economy, and Life”        “Making Sense of Banking in the 21st
Topic of Whirlpool Exec Bracken            Century” was presented by Richard
Darrell                                    Davis, CEO of U.S. Bancorp

An Apprentice Experience was told          Experiences Shared by Douglas
by Mark Lamkin, founder and CEO of         McMeekin on Living in the Ecuadorian
Lamkin Wealth Management                   Amazon Rainforest

Branding and Imaging highlighted by        Biotechnology Visionary Dr. Pearse
Janet Chambers, account executive          Lyons speaks of “Kentucky’s Bright                          James L. Marshall
with Carmichael Lynch                      Future”
                                                                      Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education         11
                                                   CENTERS OF

                                   Entrepreneurship Center Growing
Ron Rizzo
                                   T   he Center for Entrepreneurship
                                       & Innovation contributes both to
                                   the advancement of knowledge and
                                                                             entrepreneurship, financial literacy,
                                                                             business ethic, and sustainability.

                                   the practice of entrepreneurship that     Because of these outstanding
                                   will create the momentum to fuel          achievements and the growth
                                   small business development of WKU         of activity the Center for
                                   students, faculty, and alumni. The        Entrepreneurship & Innovation has
                                   newly approved Entrepreneurship           added additional faculty to handle the
                                   Major offers outstanding value            growth of the program.
                                   and contributes significantly to the
                                   entrepreneurial movement across the       Dr. Wil Clouse, Professor of
                                   WKU campus.                               Entrepreneurship and Management,
                                                                             has been recruited to WKU from
                                   This movement has been made visible       Vanderbilt University as the
                                   when Ron Rizzo, a staff engineer for      Mattie Newman Ford Professor of
                                   the Engineering Department at WKU,        Entrepreneurship and Executive
                                   won the 2008 Governor’s Innovation        Director of the Center for
                                   Award in the state business plan          Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
                                   competition for the most innovative
                                   and exciting proposal out of the entire   He has been working on opportunities
                                   field of competition entrants. In 2009    that the Center can be involved with
                                   Austin Schroll, an engineering student    and is working to infuse the spirit of
                                   also won The Governors Innovation         entrepreneurship and creativity into
                                   Award for the most technologically        the region. Dr. Clouse will also look for
                                   significant entry.                        ways to intersect new technology with
                                                                             the development of new enterprises.
                                   The Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)    He encourages students to ‘make a
                                   team has made great strides by            job vs. taking a job.’
                                   winning the Regional Championship
                  Austin Schroll   at the SIFE Competition in Cincinnati     Dr. Dawn Bolton, Assistant Professor
                                   in March 2008 for the fourth straight     of Management, will also be working
                                   year. The WKU SIFE team has made          with the Center for Entrepreneurship
                                   an impact on the WKU campus,              and Innovation on special projects
                                   in the community and globally.            and research in entrepreneurship.
                                   Projects taken on by WKU SIFE             Bolton brings with her years of
                                   teach participants about market           teaching experience in business.
                                   economics, personal success skills,
12     Gordon Ford College of Business
Regional Entrepreneurial Activity
Supported By Grant
T   he Center for Entrepreneurship &
    Innovation received a $400,000
contract awarded by the Lincoln Trail
                                          major topic areas of new business
                                          startups including: idea generation,
                                          legal entities, business plan outline,
Workforce Investment Board on July        business impact, finance, accounting,
1, 2008 to develop an Entrepreneurial     and small business management.
Academy of Excellence (EAE) to
infuse the spirit of entrepreneurship     Phase III--County Descriptive Studies
in a predominately farming and/or         A study was conducted for each of the
manufacturing culture.                    eight counties in terms of strengths
                                          and weaknesses and made available
Under the direction of Dr. Wil Clouse,    for the training sessions of the EAE.                     Dr. Wil Clouse presents at
                                                                                               the LTADD Think Tank Institute
executive director, a team of experts
at WKU’s Center for Entrepreneurship      Phase IV—Think Tank Institute
& Innovation, the Lincoln Trail           The Think Tank Institute was
Innovation Center (LTIC), the South       facilitated by a group of outside

Central Kentucky Innovation and           entrepreneurial facilitators that
Commercialization Center and              assisted in identifying possible new
the Elizabethtown Small Business          business startups and outlined a plan
Development Center (SBDC), the            of growth and development for the
Lincoln Trail Workforce Investment        region.
Board, the Elizabethtown Community
and Technical College and other           Phase V—Steering Committee                            Spirit
organizations in the Lincoln Trail area   A steering committee, comprised
leveraged a broad base of expertise       of local leaders, helped identify
and resources in developing and           new and different approaches for
delivering the programs and services.     implementing an entrepreneurial
The project was developed into the        culture in the eight county region.
following five phases:
                                          This is the beginning of a process
Phase I ---Entrepreneurship Spirit        to change the mind set from a rural
Development                               farming, manufacturing culture to
Working jointly with the                  a self-sustaining, self-development
Elizabethtown Innovation Center a         entrepreneurial culture. The EAE
comprehensive marketing program           is based on the premise that the
was developed to begin a process to       industry attraction model has
infuse a cultural change in this region   limited potential for the future in
of Kentucky. This phase of the project    this changing age of technology.
was to help develop a mindset from        The model created by the EAE is
“taking a job” to “making a job”.         economic development through
                                          entrepreneurship as opposed to
Phase II--Entrepreneurial Academy of      economic development through
Excellence (AEA)                          industry attraction.
The EAE involved instruction in the

                                                                      Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education              13
                                                Center for Professional Selling

                                                M     any college graduates, in
                                                      business or other majors, will
                                                eventually have a job in the sales
                                                                                          sales center in an elite group of 15
                                                                                          sales programs in the United States.

                                                profession. Yet, only a handful of        In 2008, Raymond Tuschl, WKU
                                                more than four thousand colleges and      senior, took fourth place honors in
                                                universities in the United States have    the In-Basket Competition at the RBI
                                                established a formal sales program or     National Sales Challenge at William
                                                teach multiple sales classes.             Paterson University.

                                                The WKU Gordon Ford College of            In 2009, in addition to education
                                                Business Center for Professional          opportunities, the WKU Center for
                                                Selling has been established for only     Professional Selling has made great
                                                two years and has already been taking     strides in building relationships with
                                                giant steps towards becoming one of       local and national firms. Currently, the
                                                the top sales programs in the United      center has received financial support
                        Ray Tuschel received    States.                                   from six large corporations and works
                            4th Place                                                     to add new partners.
                                                In the fall of 2007, the WKU Center for
                                                Professional Selling received associate   As part of the development of the
                                                member status in the University Sales     sales center, the Gordon Ford College
                                                Center Alliance, a distinction held by    of Business and the department of
                                                only 11 Universities nationwide and 4     marketing now offer a minor in sales
                                                Universities are associate members.       to go along with the already available
                                                Receiving this honor places the WKU       concentration major in sales.

                                                   Through the partnerships the sales program is able to offer
                                                   students numerous learning opportunities, employment
                                                   options, in-class presentations, as well as providing support for
        Dr. Lukas Forbes and Dean William
Tallon receive a donation from Keith Springs,      “student-centered” activities to include participation in national
   President of HeathCo for the Center for
              Professional Selling

 14         Gordon Ford College of Business
T    he prestige of an MBA degree
     has risen in popularity over the
past several years. Applications
                                          come back to make themselves more
                                          Even though the MBA office is phasing
                                                                                    and graduate with the same group
                                                                                    of classmates. Students meet on
                                                                                    alternate Saturdays throughout the
in the United States have risen           out the on-campus part-time program,      year, which averages to two courses
substantially and slots in the MBA        it still offers an option to students     at a time.
program at WKU are becoming               who cannot commit to the full-time
increasingly competitive. In order to     program—the online program.               The fourth degree option for MBA
meet the needs of this rising volume      Students can take one to two classes      students is what some people
of students, the MBA office of the        per semester and will complete their      will consider the most exciting—
Gordon Ford College of Business           degree in two to five years. The online   the trilateral program. Students
has created four different tracks of      option allows students to complete        participating in this study abroad
study to earn an MBA degree. When         their MBA on their own time at            program will take classes at three
applying for the MBA program,             home. This option especially appeals      universities—the Universite de
students will now choose between          to students who cannot make it to         Moncton in Canada, WKU, and
the full-time, professional, online, or   campus for classes.                       Universidad Autonoam de Queretaro
trilateral programs. As a result, the                                               in Mexico—over the course of one full
students studying at WKU to earn an       The third option being offered by the     year. Students will pay tuition to and
MBA are becoming diverse because          MBA department is the professional        earn their degree from their home
the program now appeals to a larger       track of study. Only managers and         university.
variety of people.                        high-level professionals who have
                                          five years or more of mid- to top         “Entering the WKU MBA program
The previous part-time program            level management experience will be       may be one of the most important
offered by the MBA office is slowly       admitted into the professional MBA        career decisions you will ever make,”
being phased out to make way for          program.                                  said Dr. Bob Hatfield, MBA Executive
the full-time program. Students                                                     Coordinator. “And now that WKU
participating in the full-time program    “We have a wide spectrum of               offers four tracks of study, it is
will take classes during the day and      students in the professional MBA,”        possible for students from all walks of
night for twelve months.                  said April Schleig, Admissions Director   life to earn a degree.”
                                          and Advisor for the MBA office.
The full-time program typically draws     “Many students are moving up into
younger students who have just            administrative positions and need a
earned their bachelor’s degree, but       higher degree.”
with the weak economy the MBA
department is seeing more students        The professional program takes two
who have become unemployed                years to complete. Students enter                           AT WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY

                                                                      Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education                    15
Faculty Highlights
                                               Around the School
Kirk Atkinson, Professor of              Campus (6/29/09 - 8/7/09) at Korea      University is President of the South
Information Systems was appointed        University. The International Summer    Central Kentucky Council of the
as the Broadband Internet                Campus is one of the most prestigious   Blind, based in Bowling Green and
coordinator by the Judge-Executive       and biggest summer programs in          is the 1st Vice President of the
of Butler County to identify potential   the world. The program invites          Kentucky Council of the Blind, based
providers for rural constituents,        internationally renowned scholars       in Louisville. He is Chair of the
plan site study and deploy a plan in     as faculty. This is Dr. Lee’s second    Monthly Monetary Support Program
conjunction with selected provider,      invitation to represent WKU in that     Committee of the American Council of
Connect Kentucky, local business         program.                                the Blind (ACB), based in Washington,
leaders, the county K-12 school                                                  D.C. and is a member of the ACB’s
leadership, and concerned citizens,      Harold Little, CPA, CIA, CMA, of the    Resource Development Committee,
to develop a communication strategy      Department of Accounting in the         and a member of the ACB’s Board of
necessary to notify residents and        Gordon Ford College of Business is at   Publications. He was also appointed
provide education on productive uses     work on a project to identify every     to the position of National Chair of
of broadband access.                     African-American to have ever earned    the Marketing, Public Relations, and
                                         a doctorate in accountancy from an      Publicity Committee for the American
Catherine Carey serves as Editor of      American university. Dr. Little says    Council of the Blind. The American
the Kentucky Economic Association,       the idea to create a database arose     Council of the Blind has over
Journal of Applied Economics and         from his work with the American         50,000 members and is the largest
Policy (JAEP).                           Accounting Association and KPMG,        organization of its type of the blind
                                         LLP’s Ph.D. Project.                    representing the blind in the world.
Johnny Chan, Leon Page Professor of
Banking and Financial Planning, has      Matt Marvel, Vitale Research            Brian Strow has been appointed as
reached a major milestone on the         Fellow and Management and               the first BB&T Professor in Economics
acceptance of his coauthored article     Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor,   for the Study of Capitalism in Western
entitled “Ranking accounting journals    has been appointed Vice President       Kentucky University’s Gordon Ford
using dissertation citation analysis:    of Services for United States           College of Business. BB&T Corporation
A research note” in Accounting,          Association for Small Business and      made a $1 million commitment to
Organizations, and Society (AOS),        Entrepreneurship (USASBE). With         WKU to create the professorship. Dr.
making it his 100th career publication   over 800 members worldwide,             Strow and the new Center for the
to date. AOS is regarded as one of       USASBE works with educators to          Study of Capitalism will be regarded
the top four accounting journals and     advance knowledge and foster            as a tremendous resource for those
the top behavioral accounting journal.   business development through            individuals and organizations desiring
                                         entrepreneurship education and          to learn more about the benefits
Bob Hatfield, the Lessenberry            research. Marvel’s appointed position   of Capitalism and the Free Market
Professor of Business Education, was     will give him the opportunity to        System and how these important
awarded the Distinguished Teacher        work closely with USASBE staff          concepts can lead to a better society
award by The Academy of Educational      to develop additional services for      in general.
Leadership. Hatfield helped pioneer      their members. Professor Marvel,
graduate online learning and has         Vitale Research Fellow, specializes     Bill Tallon, Dean of the Gordon Ford
designed innovative professional and     in technology entrepreneurship          College, was elected Fellow of the
full-time MBA options.                   including opportunity development       Institute, its highest recognition, by
                                         and innovation.                         the Midwest Region of the Decision
Minwoo Lee, Associate Professor                                                  Sciences Institute.
of Accounting, was invited to teach      Ronald E. Milliman, Professor
at the 2009 International Summer         of Marketing, Western Kentucky

16      Gordon Ford College of Business
                                             C. Richard Aldridge, Professor of Accounting
                                             and former Accounting Chair; DBA, Accounting,
                                             University of Kentucky
                                             Richard Callahan, CPA, Partner; M.S.,
                                             Accounting; University of Kentucky
                                             Yining Chen, Mary R. Nixon Professor of
                                             Accounting; Ph.D., Accounting, University of
                                             South Carolina
                                             Jack O. Hall, Jr., CPA, Professor of Accounting,
                                             Ph. D., Accountancy, University of Missouri,
                                             Sheri L. Henson, Instructor; M.P.A., Accounting,
                                             Western Kentucky University
                                             Randall L. Kinnersley, CPA, CGFM, Assistant
                                             Professor; Ph. D., Business Administration-
                                             Concentration in Accounting, Texas Tech
                                             Minwoo Lee, Associate Professor; Ph.D.,
                                             Business Administration-Concentration in
                                             Accounting, University of Pittsburgh
                                             Harold Little, Jr., CPA, CMA, CIA, Assistant
                                             Professor; Ph.D., Accounting, Southern Illinois
                                             University in Carbondale

                                             Nace R. Magner, CMA, J. C. Holland Professor
   aculty in the Gordon Ford College of      of Accounting; D.B.A., Accounting, Southern
                                             Illinois University of Carbondale
   Business have been recognized for         Mark T. Ross, Assistant Professor, Ph. D.,
                                             Accounting, Carl Eller Graduate School of
their dedication to teaching, student        Management, University of Arizona
                                             Steve C. Wells, Professor and Chair of
advising, research, and public service.      Accounting, Ph.D., Accounting, University of
The college faculty provide a thorough       Mississippi

and relevant academic background             ECONOMICS
                                             Melvin V. Borland, Professor; Ph.D., Economics,
that prepares students for a variety of      Washington University
                                             J. Michael Brown, Professor; Ph.D., Economics,
industries and enterprises.                  University of Kentucky
                                             Catherine Carey, Associate Professor; Ph.D.,
                                             Economics, University of Kentucky
                                             William W. Davis, Chair, Department of
                                             Economics; Ph.D., Economics, University of
                                             Brian L. Goff, University Distinguished
                                             Professor; Ph.D., Economics, George Mason
                                             Roy M. Howsen, Professor; Ph.D., Economics,
                                             University of Arkansas
                                             Youn Kim, Professor; Ph.D., Economics,
                                             University of Cincinnati
                                             Alex G. Lebedinsky, Assistant Professor; Ph.D.,

                                          Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education           17
Economics, Georgetown University          Management Science and Information       Ph.D. Business Administration,
Stephen E. Lile, Professor; Ph.D.,        Systems, The University of Texas,        University of Kentucky
Economics, University of Kentucky         Graduate School of Business              M. Afzalur Rahim, Professor; Ph.D.,
Daniel Myers, Associate Professor;        Mark Ciampa, Assistant Professor;        Management, University of Pittsburgh
Ph. D., Economics, Vanderbilt             M.S., Computer Information Systems,      Robert A. Reber, Associate Dean and
University                                Middle Tennessee State University        Professor of Management; Ph.D.,
Thomas C. Noser, Associate Professor;     Phillip Coleman, Assistant Professor;    Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
Ph.D., Economics, University of           Ed.D., Technology Management, Ball       and Management, Louisiana State
Alabama                                   State University                         University
Robert W. Pulsinelli, Professor; Ph.D.,   Thad Crews, II, Associate Professor,     J. Krist Schell, Director, Center for
Economics, Rutgers University             Ph.D., Computer Science, Vanderbilt      Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
Claudia W. Strow, Assistant Professor;    University                               M.B.A, Finance and Marketing,
Ph.D., Economics, Vanderbilt              Melinda Hill, Executive in Residence;    Kellogg Graduate School of Business,
University                                MBA, Western Kentucky University         Northwestern University
Brian Strow, Assistant Professor; Ph.     Jim Lindsey, Instructor; M.S.,           Michael Shane Spiller, Assistant
D., Economics, Vanderbilt University      Management Information Systems,          Professor; Ph.D., Human Resource
Michelle W. Trawick, Associate            Bowie State University                   Management, University of Alabama
Professor; Ph.D., Economics, North        Mark Revels, Assistant Professor;        in Tuscaloosa
Carolina State University                 Ph.D., Technology Management,            Brian Sullivan, Assistant Professor;
Dennis P. Wilson, Assistant Professor;    Indiana State University                 J.D., University of Kentucky, College
Ph.D., Economics, University of           Evelyn Thrasher, Assistant Professor;    of Law
Kentucky                                  Ph.D., Management Information            William J. Tallon, Dean and Professor,
David Zimmer, Assistant Professor;        Systesm, Auburn University               Gordon Ford College of Business;
Ph.D. Economics, Indiana University       Jeff Willis, Instructor; M.S., Network   Ph.D., Business Administration-
                                          Security, Capitol College                Operations Management, University
FINANCE                                                                            of Iowa
Christopher Brown, Associate              MANAGEMENT
Professor and Chair of Finance; Ph.D.,    Dawn l. Bolton, Assistant Professor;     MARKETING
Finance, Oklahoma State University        D.B.A., Mississippi State University     Gary L. Benton, Executive Professor
Kam C. (Johnny) Chan, Leon Page           Wil Clouse, Mattie Newman Ford           in Residence; M.A., Marketing and
Professor of Finance; Ph.D., Finance,     Professor of Entrepreneurship; Ph.D.,    Management, University of Nebraska
University of Alabama                     Vanderbilt University                    Lukas Forbes, Assistant Professor;
Indudeep S. Chhachhi, Associate           LeAnne Coder, Assistant Professor;       Ph.D. University of Kentucky
Professor; D.B.A., Finance, Southern      Ph.D., Management, University of         Douglas L. Fugate, Professor; Ph.D.,
Illinois University                       Kansas                                   Marketing, University of Missouri-
Yung Ling Lo, Assistant Professor of      Todd Creasy, Executive in Residence;     Columbia
Finance; Ph.D., Finance, Florida State    EDM., Management, Case Western           Jerry b. Gotlieb, Associate Profesor;
University                                Reserve University                       Ph.D., Marketing, Arizona State
Jean C. Snavely, Executive-in-            Scott Droege, Assistant Professor,       University
Residence in Finance; Ph.D., Finance,     Strategic Management, Ph.D.,             Allan W. Hall, C.P.M., Executive
University of Cincinnati                  University of Kentucky, Business         in Residence; MSA, Industrial
Samanta B. Thapa, Associate               Administration (Management)              Management, George Washington
Professor; Ph.D., Finance, Georgia        Robert D. “Bob” Hatfield,                University
State University                          Associate Professor, Executive MBA       Craig A. Martin, Assistant Professor;
Edward R. Wolfe, Professor, Ph.D.,        Coordinator; Ph.D., Management,          Ph.D., Marketing, University of
Economics, University of Kentucky         Indiana University                       Memphis
                                          Michelle D. Lane, Assistant Professor    Ronald E. Milliman, Professor; Ph.D.,
INFORMATION SYSTEMS                       of Management; Ph.D., University of      Marketing, Arizona State University
Kirk Atkinson, Visiting Assistant         South Carolina                           Joanna Phillips, Assistant Professor;
Professor; Ed.D, Adult and Technology     In Hyeock (Ian) Lee, Assistant           Ph.D., Marketing, University of
Education, Ball State University          Professor; Ph.D., Business, Kelley       Mississippi
Ray J. Blankenship, Associate             School of Business, Indiana University   J. Richard Shannon, Associate
Professor; Ph.D., Management              Matt Marvel, Assistant Professor;        Professor and Marketing Chair; Ph.D.,
Information Systems, University of        Ph.D., Human Resource Development,       Marketing, The University of Memphis
Mississippi                               University of Illinois @ Urbana-         Patricia R. Todd, Assistant Professor;
Robert W. Bretz, Associate Professor;     Champaign                                D.B.A., Cleveland State University
D.B.A. Quantitative Management,           Zubair M. Mohamed, Professor and
Mississippi State University              Management Chair; D.B.A., University
Jeff Butterfield, Associate Professor     of Kentucky
and Information Systems Chair; Ph.D.,     Paula W. Potter, Assistant Professor;
18      Gordon Ford College of Business
Business School Conference
T   he Gordon Ford College of Business at WKU hosted the annual conference
    of all Kentucky and Tennessee Business Schools on February 27, 2009.

The focus of the KEN-TENN Business School Conference was “Best Practices in
Business Education.” Presenters from various universities across the two states
highlighted best practices taking place within their institutions.

As we look back on how far we have come in higher education we continue
to look toward the future to take business education to new heights. This
conference gave faculty time to reflect on their accomplishments and share
what they consider to be their best practices.

Faculty bring diverse perspectives in terms of experience and education that
others can use as a springboard for future actions in their own colleges.

Business Careers Conference
a Great Success
O    ver 700 students participated in
     the Business Careers Conference
hosted by the Student Advisory
                                         with something “significant” to help
                                         students and the College in general.
                                         “I wanted to empower them and give
Council for business students as well    them support for something that will
as undeclared majors. The event          have impact on the student body,”
gave students an opportunity to hear     said Dean Tallon.
about career options in their field
of study and speak with business         “Letting them have a day of classes
professionals that spoke during the      was a powerful symbol of my
event.                                   commitment to them,” Tallon said,
                                         “and they believe that they have been
A casual lunch was provided for          given an opportunity to do something
students that participated in the        remarkable.”
event. The lunch time gave student
and business professionals a unique      Leadership in the college believes that
opportunity to talk outside of the       enabling our students to deliver the
conference setting.                      program and encounter a successful
                                         result enhanced their confidence and
The Business Careers Conference          professionalism.
was the idea of the Student Advisory
Council in response to a request from    The Gordon Ford College of Business
William Tallon, Dean, Gordon Ford        wanted students to know that we are
College of Business.                     an ‘engaging’ college and “having the
                                         Business Careers Conference showed
Dean Tallon asked the leadership of      students that we are, it’s not just
the student organizations to come up     talk,” said Tallon.

                           Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education             19
                                               NEW DEVELOPMENT OFFICER

J ennifer Taylor joins the
  Development staff at Western
Kentucky University as the Director
                                         After graduation, Jennifer went to
                                         California where she pursued her
                                         Master in Economics at San Jose State
                                                                                    Jennifer attributes her success both in
                                                                                    education and her professional career
                                                                                    to her days on the Hill.
of Development for the Gordon Ford       University. While working on her
College of Business. Jennifer first      graduate degree, she worked in the         “The transformation on the Hill
came to the Hill as an undergraduate     financial industry as a stockbroker for    and success of our Business School
student and Hilltopper golfer.           TD Waterhouse/Ameritrade.                  programs, faculty, and students is
                                                                                    astonishing,” Taylor said. “Having
A graduate of WKU with a Bachelor        “In effect, my life has come full circle   worked in the financial industry, I can
of Science in Business Economics and     and I am so honored to be back on the      honestly say the best investment I
a minor in Marketing, Jennifer has a     Hill. I am dedicated to the movement       have made so far, is giving my time
true passion and love for the College    of our WKU Gordon Ford College of          and resources back to WKU and to
of Business.                             Business in the efforts to become a        help continue the strong tradition of
                                         premiere, choice academic college.”        Western Kentucky.”

T   he Gordon Ford College of
    Business has been fortunate to
receive support from our alumni,
                                         with an increase in tuition, the College
                                         of Business relies on private support
                                         to continue to build on the foundation
                                                                                    carrying out our mission in providing
                                                                                    high quality and applied business
                                                                                    academic programs through dedicated
friends and corporate partners. The      laid by former administrators,             student-focused teaching and value
support received through private         professors, and staff. Thanks to the       added outreach activities.
donations facilitates the expansion of   generosity of our donors who have
current programs and growth of new       helped carry on the work of the            On the following pages we are
and emerging programs.                   Gordon Ford College of Business.           pleased to acknowledge the generous
                                                                                    contributions made during the 2008
State funding for Western Kentucky       By investing in our college our            and 2009 fiscal years.
University has steadily declined. Even   contributors have assisted us in

20      Gordon Ford College of Business
                                                             Burchett Legacy
                                                             Committed to

                                                             Gift is Third Largest
                                                             One-Time Commitment
                                                             to WKU
                                                             $7.15 million estate commitment from Dorris (DB)
                                                             and Lula Burchett of Germantown, Tennessee

D     orris E. “DB” and Lula Burchett both grew up in
      Russellville, Kentucky, and married in 1962. The
decision to make WKU a major recipient of their estate
                                                            credits to his experience at WKU. “My experience at
                                                            Western definitely opened some doors for me, and I
                                                            was encouraged by professors and staff to excel to be
was due to their fondness for the school. “We’ve            attractive to a first-class organization,” said Burchett. Lula
followed the progress of the school over the years,” DB     is also an alumna of the Business University.
said, “and we want to help it gain and achieve excellence
in its academic pursuits.”                                  WKU President Gary Ransdell said the Burchetts
                                                            have generously embraced the transformation that
“We hope the gift will allow the school to enhance its      is underway at WKU. “Their support for our business
accreditation, attract quality professors, and provide      curriculum will play a large role in the achievement of a
opportunities for deserving students who might be           bold vision to become a leading American university with
unable to attend without financial assistance. Hopefully,   international reach,” he said. “Our Gordon Ford College
those things will be repaid, as some of the recipients      of Business faculty and students, with DB and Lula’s help,
achieve levels of success and feel driven to return the     can lead the way.”
                                                            Bill Tallon, Dean of WKU’s Gordon Ford College of
Dorris E. “DB” Burchett, a CPA, is retired from             Business, said this gift will be transformational for the
Terminix, where he served as Vice President of Market       program. “As our college attempts to compete on the
Development. He earned his B.S. in Accounting from          national stage for the finest business students and
WKU in 1967 and after graduation worked for Arthur          faculty, such an investment in our future will set us apart
Andersen & Co., an international CPA firm, a move he        from our peer institutions,” he said.

                                                                 Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education                21
                                                    Lifetime Leadership Gifts
                               In recognition of individuals and organizations whose cumulative giving
                              exceeds $25,000 to allocations within the Gordon Ford College of Business.
Atmos Energy                                    Glenda and Gordon (d.) Ford             Leon and Lassie Page
Atmos Energy Corporation                        Franklin Bank & Trust Company           Harry (d.) and Jean Peart
Baulch Family Foundation                        Pat and Thomas Gorin                    PNC Bank of Kentucky
Holly and David J. Baulch                       Anne and Dan Greenwell                  Charles and Karen Shuffield
Joanne and Robert E. Baulch, Jr.                The Humana Foundation                   State Farm Companies Foundation
BB&T                                            Kentucky Bank Management Institute      Caroline H. (d.) and Alfred Tyson
Bridgestone-Firestone North America Tire, LLC   Dr. David Daniel Lessenberry Estate     Linda and Don S. Vitale
Dorris (D.B.) and Lula Burchett                 Brenda Bailey and G. Wm. Little, Jr.    Suzanne Vitale
Carolyn and Spencer Coates                      Logan Aluminum, Inc.                    Hays T. and Betty J. Watkins
Margaret and Steve Eaton                        Mary R. Nixon
Ford Motor Company                              Martha and Bob Owsley

                                 2007-09 Giving to the Gordon Ford College of Business
               In recognition of individuals and organizations who contributed from July 1, 2007-June 30, 2009.

$10,000 and above                               Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Edward Lile        $250-$499
Baulch Family Foundation                        Dr. and Mrs. Nace R. Magner             Dr. Tammy Jean Atwood
Holly and David J. Baulch                       Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wayne Cecil
Joanne and Robert E. Baulch, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Ryan K. Meredith           Kevin Lee Cecil
BB&T                                            Dr. Daniel A. Myers                     Dr. Yining Chen
Anne and Dan Greenwell                          Dr. Karen L. Pickerill                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward Clark
The Humana Foundation                           Luciano Prida                           Jill A. Cooper
Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company   Prida-Guida & Company, P.A.             William A. Dermody
PNC Bank                                        Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pulsinelli       Meryle V. Elftmann
Standard Register                               Marion W. Ray                           Danny Ray Foster
Linda and Don S. Vitale                         Dr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Reber         Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Franklin
Suzanne Vitale                                  James Phillip Regnier                   Rebecca W. Garrett
                                                Dr. James Richard Shannon               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paul Gawarecki
$5,000-$9,999                                   Vulcan Materials Company                Dr. and Mrs. Brian L. Goff
HeathCo, LLC                                    Mr. Stephen Michael Washer              Shirley Annette Green
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas Henderson, Jr.                                                Dana C. Greene
Paul A. Kimbel                                  $500-$999                               John Martin Halicks
Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC                 Dr. Charles Richard Aldridge            Kristie F. Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Timothy Sinks               Richard Ronald Alexander, II            Carrie Anne Hill
Alan Wayne Taylor                               Atmos Energy Corporation                Curtis L. Jorgenson
Tom James Company                               Beta Gamma Sigma, Inc.                  Michael Francis Karnes
                                                Gary Franklin Biggs                     Julie Carol Kemp
$2,500-$4,999                                   Ralph Blackwood                         Mr. and Mrs. Craig Alan Leyers
BKD, LLP                                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Boston           Christopher S. Louder
Dr. Bonnie and Mr. Walter Breidenbach           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dale Boyd           Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Madison
Steven and Jill Brown                           Kevin L. Cardwell                       Elizabeth Jones McKinney
Capital Financial Group                         John William Chester                    MMC Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lee Jackson                 Nelson E. Clemmens                      Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Andrew Peterson
William J. Jones                                Consolidated Electrical Distributors    Lawrence Keith Probus
Dr. Lee and Mr. Ray A. Knight                   Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gonzalez              Elaine W. Reed
Mass Mutual Holding Company                     Scott T. Graybill                       Dana Parsons Reynolds
Microsoft Foundation                            David Lee Hawkins                       Matthew James Roberto
                                                Holland CPAs, PSC                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Roberts
$1,000-$2,499                                   Ben M. Johnson                          David Eugene Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Michael Augusty               Darchelle Leggett                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith, III
Donald F. Barrickman                            John Lee Osborne                        Harry Brown Sullivan
Bessemer Trust                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mark Page          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gerard Taylor
Beta Alpha Psi                                  Procter & Gamble                        Gary Douglas Wall
Leilani Boulware, Esq.                          Dr. Mark T. Ross                        Keith David Washer
Crowe Chizek and Company, LLC                   Marc Satterthwaite
Deloitte & Touche Foundation                    Tony W. Simpson
Lara Myatt Derryberry                           Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod R. Smith            $100-$249
Debra Ennis Francis                             Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dewayne Smith         Mr. and Mrs. Terry Allgood
Samuel Smith Francis                            Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrew Staynings      Phillip O. Altman
Patricia and Joe Glasser                        Richard J. Styza                        American International Group, Inc.
Roy Allen Green                                 Amanda L. Trabue                        John Kirk Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Hinton                Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jay Wissing, Jr.    L. Stuart Augenstein
Frederick G. Holcomb, Jr.                       Mr. and Mrs. David F. Ziller            Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Allen Beavin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne Jefferson                                                     Brenda Eileen Forcht Beloin

22         Gordon Ford College of Business
Charles Alan Bentley                    Dr. Randall L. Kinnersley                      $1-$99
John Tyler Beshear                      Dennis Edward Kubiak                           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Birdsong, Jr.    Sheri D. Lee                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Anderson
Leslie and John Paul Blair              Mr. and Mrs. David W. Lester, Sr.              Marsha F. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. George Bernard Boehnlein   Drs. Cassandra and Harold Little               Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Antle
Brian Daniel Bowman                     James Clifton Long                             Alicia L. Arbuckle
Donna W. Bozarth                        Mr. and Mrs. William A. Loudermilk, Jr.        Sharon A. Arth
Phoelin Bridgette Bradshaw              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff T. Martin                    Debra A. Barbour
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Branstetter       Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Mayhugh                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Barger
Thomas Al Brieske                       Roddy David McDowell                           Cheri C. Barnett
John Michael Brock                      Keith C. McKinney                              Phillip W. Barnhouse, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Douglas Brock         Claudetta S. McMurtry                          Mr. and Mrs. Joe Basile
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lloyd Brown    Allen J. Medus, Jr.                            Mark Evan Bates
Brown-Forman Corporation                Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Mitchell             Dr. Dennis E. Bauer
Shirley M. Buckner                      Monumental Life Charitable Foundation          Jeffrey T. Baynham
Michael Burns, Jr.                      Sara Louann Moulton                            Steven Demico Bell
Merritt William Cash                    PNC Bank of Kentucky                           Mr. and Mrs. Darren N. Bensing
Dr. and Mrs. Indudeep S. Chhachhi       Barbara E. Neighbors                           Debbie Kay Billingsley
Gerald Lottos Chreste                   Tricia Lynn Nevitt                             Mary J. Bird
Ronald Lynn Clark                       Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Newby                  Barry Scott Blankenship
Randall S. Clauson                      Patrick Tommy O'Brien                          Flora E. Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Clay              Donna H. O'Mara                                Brandon L. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Coatney         Keith Andrew Owen                              Eddy Lyn Boucher
Confidential                            Kevin Randall Owen                             Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Lee Brand
Michael L. Conrad                       Mr. and Mrs. Barry Stephen Patton              Mr. and Mrs. Josh D. Brewer
Gene and Gay Cooke                      Karen Atwell Peerce                            Michael A. Brock
J. Richard Copeland                     Charles Edward Polk, III                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Brodarick
Jennifer B. Cotter                      Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Ransdell                  Steven Dale Brooks
Angel A. Cruz, Jr.                      Honorable and Mrs. Donald Timothy Ray          Matthew L. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. William Wesley Davis       Jason T. Riley                                 Mr. and Mrs. James Clay Brumfield
Dell Corporation                        John Edwin Roby                                Michael Patrick Bryan
Steven Loyd Dorris                      Laurie S. Rose                                 William Brandon Burke
Erik L. Dowell                          Alison L. Sexton                               Malaby Morrow Byrd, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas White Driver       Judy F. Shelton                                Brian Harding Calhan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradley Dunnagan    Julie P. Shipley                               Lori Anne Causey
Pamela J. Elrod                         Joseph Eugene Simms                            Dr. Kam C. Chan
John Edward Estill                      Dr. Leo R. Simpson                             Jeffrey L. Childs
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Esz                  Dr. John Ramsey Smith                          Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas Clayton
Jack Walter Flynn                       April Dawn Spear                               Kimberly C. Claytor
William Sidney Fogle                    Allen Charles Spears                           Mr. and Mrs. David Owen Coffey
Peter A. Frederick                      State Farm Companies Foundation                Jeremy Allen Collins
Thomas T. Frishe                        Edwin Ray Staton                               Shelly Glasscock Compton
Clara Rose Epp Garvey                   Bernard Leo Steen, Jr.                         Mr. and Mrs. David L. Conway
Michael Lynn Gipson                     Harold Stice                                   Thomas Burbridge Cook, Jr.
William Wallace Gleason                 Stephen Allen Straney                          Charles K. Copas
William Buford Gossett                  Anthony Guinn Stratton                         Christopher Michael Copas
Nathan Paul Gray                        M. Kristin Stuedle                             Dr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Corriher
Ronnie V. and Jody C. Gregory           Mr. and Mrs. Don O. Sullivan                   Belinda Eaton Coulter
Mark Alan Grimes                        Stanley Thomas Syra                            Roger C. Cox
Louis A. Haas                           George T. Tabor                                Walter Thomas Crutcher
John C. Hales, Jr., FACHE               Tax Time, Inc.                                 Norman Julius Damer
Dr. and Mrs. Jack O. Hall               Tenet Healthcare Foundation                    Harold Wayne Davis
Hallmark Cards, Inc.                    Williams Gas Pipeline Texas Gas                Thomas Wayne Davis
Laura K. Hardison                       Dr. and Mrs. Samanta B. Thapa                  Delta Air Lines Foundation
Danny L. Harris                         Edward G. Thomas                               Sara S. Demuth
Eric Allen Harris                       Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Kristin Thompson          Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence DeSpain
Karen S. Harrison                       Harold R. Toney, Jr.                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Dilliha
Susanne Haynes                          Dr. Stacy R. Wade                              Mr. and Mrs. Brenton Edward Ditto
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Hays            Mr. and Mrs. William L. Walthall               DMJ, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gregg Henry         Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Watts                   Mr. and Mrs. Lance R. Dosch
Barry A. Hines                          Dr. Steve Carrol Wells                         Diana Mae Duggins
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Preston Hodges        John D. Wenk                                   Alexandra L. Eckert
John Anthony Hollinsworth               Mr. and Mrs. William Carl Whitmer              Dr. Thomas G. England
Dr. Roy Michael Howsen                  Geoffrey Allen Wigner                          Mr. and Mrs. Marshall L. Enoch
Edward James Ising                      The Williams Companies, Inc.                   Ronald H. Estes
Phyllis Jewell Bookkeeping              Mr. and Mrs. Paul David Williams               Kevin Wayne Ezell
Phyllis J. Jewell                       Dr. and Mrs. Edward Ray Wolfe                  Susan Barr Fackler
Brian Keith Johnson                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian Scott Woosley               Gabriel L. Fancher
William Brent Jones                     Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Erin Wright                  Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Farley
Jack O. Kelley                          Jonathan Clark Wysong                          Suzanne Denise Feller
Loyce B. Keough                         Terry Alan Young                               Cynthia Donne Milligan Fields
Stacey Jeanine Key                                                                     Jennifer Ferguson Fields

                                                                            Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education          23
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jerome Flannery, II   Carl W. Lee                               Anna Katherine Schmitt
Gary Winston Flynn                       Lentis Ferrel Lee                         Donovan Schultz
Glenda Gentry Ford                       Walter B. Litchfield                      Science Applications International Corporation
Kyle Andrew Forrester                    Robert T. Mace                            Dr. William L. Shanklin
James Michael French                     Larri Ann Mahoney                         Michael Christopher Sharber
Lori Suzanne Frey                        Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Majors              John L. Sills, Jr.
Margaret Ann Fultz                       Michael Todd Mansfield                    Mr. and Mrs. Shane Simmons
Judith Wilson Garratt                    Mr. and Mrs. John Steven Marcum           Virgil L. Smallwood
Stacy M. Garrett                         Laura Jean Marcum                         James Halstead Smith
GE Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brent Mason            Mr. and Mrs. James Travis Smith
Joshua Allen Gibbar                      Giulio Mastropasqua                       Cathy Paulette Snell
Martina Cockerel Gibson                  Michael Glen Matney                       Kathern Mae Son
Joe N. Giles                             Autumn H. Mattingly                       Rhonda Kay Spaulding
Rhonda R. Glass                          Mr. and Mrs. Auston G. McCay              Bonita S. Spiegl
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herman Goff          McCay and Associates                      Marvin K. Spurlock
Gena Lee Gooding                         Jessica Rae McMurry                       Melissa A. Stahl
Stacy M. Goodman                         Mr. and Mrs. David F. Metzger             Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stanley
Mark Eugene Gordon                       Carrie A. Miller                          Sallie Amanda Starks
Terry Lee Gray                           Mr. and Mrs. Keith Patrick Mills          Barrett Martin Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Paul Greenlee       Howard Robert Mitchell                    William Scott Stewart
Bradley Michael Greenwell                Jerry Dwayne Monday                       Jeremy Allen Stiles
Dr. Verner N. Grise                      Donna Lynn Montgomery                     Jill G. Stokke
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bennett Guess        Loree Ann Moody                           Joseph A. Strader
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg O. Guy                Joan Kerr Moore                           Jennifer Kozman Swift
James Leo Hagan                          Angela E. Morehead                        Lucinda L. Tanner
Jon Hall                                 George Joseph Morgan                      Cyndia L. Tarrence
Melinda Faith Hamilton                   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Eugene Morgan          Danny Holbrook Taylor
Leta D. Harman                           Edward D. Moseley, Jr.                    Leslie Gayle Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Harmon              Jeremy Mowers and Sara Greenwell Mowers   Tina Thomas
Jerry Wayne Harris                       Michael Allan Multerer                    George C. Thompson
Melissa Jo Harrison                      George Guthrie Nelson                     Colleen A. Tincher
James Francis Hayden                     Terry Richard Nunn                        Mr. and Mrs. Rick L. Tingle
Mary W. Hazle                            Craig James Nunnari                       Mr. and Mrs. Sean Owen Torr
Mr. and Mrs. Wells Heath, III            Rebecca Dillon Nunnelee                   Barbara Humphries Tortorice
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Patrick Heffley         Christy Danielle Oakes                    F. Scott Travis
Kathy T. Henderson                       Timothy Alan Oliver                       Dr. Michelle White Trawick
Kathy L. Henneberg                       Cathy Lynn Page                           Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Turner
William K. Herriford                     Michael Byron Painter                     Universal Equipment Service, Inc.
Heather E. Hertel                        Kimberly E. Papp                          Jennifer L. Utley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven John Higdon          Darren L. Parker                          Roy Downey Vance
Michael Harlen Hoffman                   Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nick Parker            Amy M. Vincent
Lanuell Allen Holt                       Danny B. Parrish                          Lawrence Darian Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hubert Horn         Mr. and Mrs. William C. Patterson         William Brock Wainscott
Shawna Delane Horne                      Cheryl Payne                              David W. Walden
Veronica N. Horner                       Christopher Lee Payne                     Kochun Wang
Clinton Michael Howard                   Robbie E. Payne                           Gretchen Peterson Warner
Melissa Howell                           Maegan Annette Pearman                    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Washam
John Franklin Hoxworth                   Larry Wayne Perkins                       Dr. and Mrs. John C. Wassom
Billy Wayne Huffines                     Michelle A. Perry                         James Elliott Wayman
Rickie Gene Huntsman                     Shawn M. Perry                            Mr. and Mrs. Bartley Hodge Weaver
C. Joe Hutchison                         Joanna K. Peyron                          Bernard G. Wedding
Don H. Ignatz                            Jessica Alison Phelps                     Leigh Ann Weinzapfel
James Hagan, State Farm Insurance        Kimberly S. Prendeville                   Valerie Jo Weld
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ray James             Hershel Coleman Proffitt                  Holly Erin Wheeler
Marvin and Paula Jarboe                  Cristi W. Pruitt                          John Craig Wheeler
Cheryl Leigh Jenks                       Justin Jewell Pursley                     Mills Landon White, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Ray Johnson          Kathi Jo Ranes                            Krystal Nicole Williams
Karen Connor Johnson                     Robert Jeremy Reagan                      Timothy Larue Williams
Cindy Ann Jones                          Lindsey Brooke Reed                       Mr. and Mrs. Cordell E. Williams
Joyce Lewis Jones                        Regions Financial Corporation             Brenda Martin Willoughby
James Richard Kaster                     Larry J. Reneau                           Candace L. Witherspoon
Karen L. Keene                           Nathan Ryan Renschler                     Stephen Bradshaw Wood
Deanna Phillips Kerrigan, MBA, CPA       Mark Ross Richey                          Allison Jamison Woosley
Carrol D. Kessens                        Martha Peters Richmond                    Barry and Elizabeth Woosley
Joel Gregg Kimmer                        Sue Ellen Richter                         Sarah B. yann
Trina Smith Klassa                       Norma Ruth Roberts                        Douglas Gene yoeckel
Jeff D. Kniese                           Dana E. Ryan                              Eric Todd Young
Cornelius Abeile Kuunyeeh                Deborah Ann Sales
Mary Ann Lamborn                         Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Weldon Sanders
Randall Carl Landwehr                    Carol Russell Sappington
Katherine Marie Law                      Lt. Col. (Ret) John G. Schaeufele
Shannon R. Lawless                       Schering Plough Foundation

24         Gordon Ford College of Business

                                                                                                W      e continue to push forward
                                                                                                       on realizing a new building
                                                                                                for the Gordon Ford College of
                                                                                                Business (GFCB). Our strategic
                                                                                                intent is to make the Gordon Ford
                                                                                                College of Business the school
                                                                                                of choice for highly capable and
                                                                                                motivated students. We also
                                                                                                intend to make it the workplace of
                                                                                                choice for faculty and staff.
                                                                                                   The new GFCB building will be
                                                                                                a dedicated business facility that
                                                                                                will foster a sense of community
                                                                                                and ownership by all college
                                                                                                students, faculty, and staff. It will
                                                                                                provide a professional physical
                                                                                                work environment that will be
                                                                                                a technologically state of the
                                                                                                art facility with all the resources
                                                                                                necessary to deliver a superior
                                                                                                professional business education in
                                                                                                the twenty-first century.

Located on the              Designed by Ross Tarrant       29 classrooms               Four stories            Undergraduate Studies
corner of Kentucky Street   Architects                     300 seat auditorium         148,620 square feet     Suite
and 14th Street             of Lexington, Kentucky         2-100 seat auditorium       Atrium                  Graduate Studies Suite
                            LEED registered with           2 MBA Executive             Café                    Centers of Excellence
                            certification goal of silver   classrooms                                          Business Honors Program

                                                                                   Go Beyond the Degree- Earn An Education           25

                   Amber Hanan, senior, United States
                   “If I could use only one word to describe my education from the Gordon Ford College of Business it would
                   be Experience. I have had many opportunities through study abroad, student organizations like Students In
                   Free Enterprise (SIFE), and even in the class room to apply my education in the real world. I participated in a
                   class that competed against 25 other schools investing $200,000 in the stock market. The class is sponsored
                   by Tennessee Valley Authority and continues each semester with new students. We researched and analyzed
                   new and previous stocks in a portfolio that has grown to approximately $270,000 from its inception. My class
                   posted returns of 45.62% compared to the Standard & Poor’s returns of 26.46% and placed second in the
                   competition for the year. In this uncertain economy I know the experiences I have had with the Gordon Ford
                   College of Business will give me that extra edge I need to find a job.”

                                                                                      Tzu-I Wu, senior, Taiwan
           “The University experience at WKU has shown me that it is not only about studying. I have enjoyed the
     opportunity to study in the United States as well as travel to other countries. The chance to explore different
       cultures has enlarged my vision, making me realize the amazing power of globalization and to think about
      the bigger picture. At WKU, you have the advantage to experience many different cultures without going to
      another country! It is your choice to make it happen or not! Although studying is very important, the values
                                             and experiences you get in the college will unexpectedly amaze you.”

                   Andy Cullen, sophomore
                   “To me college is so much more than reading books, taking notes, and passing a test. College is about gaining
                   the knowledge and know how to become successful when you enter the real world. You can’t get all that you
                   need from textbooks and tests. Being a student in the College of Business has given me the extra tools that I
                   need to gain that edge that I need. Whether it be CEOs and Company Presidents coming to speak, or former
                   business executives teaching classes; there have been numerous tools afforded to me that have not been
                   afforded to students at other colleges. It has been my job to take full advantage of these opportunities. You
                   can get your degree from reading textbooks and taking tests, but to get true education you must go beyond
                   the books. The College of Business is giving me the opportunity.”

                                                                                                                 NoN-profit org.
                                                                                                                   U.S. poStage
                                                                                                                  permit No. 398
                                 gordon ford College of Business                                                BowliNg greeN, KY
                                 western Kentucky University
                                 1906 College Heights Boulevard                                                        42101
                                 Bowling green, KY 42101-1061

26        Gordon Ford College of Business

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