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                                                                                                                                                 5th International
                                                                                                                                             Plastics and Rubber
                                                                                                                                          Trade Fair for Malaysia

                                                                                                                                             Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                                                                         Convention Centre

                                          9 - 12 Nov 2011
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SHAPING                                                        M-PLAS 2011
Into its 5th edition, M-PLAS 2011 is your gateway to Malaysia’s dynamic
plastics and rubber industries. Bringing together more than 200 exhibitors
from 20 countries including national pavilions and groups from Austria,
China, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore, this 4-day exhibition provides
you with an international platform to discover the latest market trends,
developments and innovations in plastics and rubber.

As the leading flagship plastics and rubber trade fair in Malaysia, M-PLAS
2011 is a key business conduit for industry professionals to network,
engage and explore business opportunities with key international
suppliers who are playing a significant role in elevating the manufacturing
and industrial sectors to the next level.

Alongside the exhibition, M-PLAS 2011 will also present a series of seminars
and presentations on various topics relevant to your business.

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business forward at M-PLAS 2011.

  M-PLAS value-add programme
 9 November

 9am – 5.30pm       International Plastics Technology Conference 2011                      KLCC
                    Organized by Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association &
                    Contact : Mr S.C. Chan •

 10am – 12noon      Increased Productivity in Plastics Manufacturing with MES HYDRA        KLCC
                    Value Add without Wastage                                              Hall 4
                    Organized by MPDV Asia Pte Ltd                                         Hospitality Lounge
                    Contact : Mr Sascha Graef •

 10 November

 9am – 6.00pm       APN Plastics in Automotive Applications & Technology Conference 2011   KLCC
                    Organized by Asian Plastics News
                    Contact : Ms Annie Chan •

 9am – 5.30pm       International Plastics Technology Conference 2011                      KLCC
                    Organized by Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association &
                    Contact : Mr S.C. Chan •

 10am – 12noon      Increased Productivity in Plastics Manufacturing with MES HYDRA        KLCC
                    Value Add without Wastage                                              Hall 4
                    Organized by MPDV Asia Pte Ltd                                         Hospitality Lounge
                    Contact : Mr Sascha Graef •

 11 November

 10am – 11am        Thickness Gauge in Today’s Plastic Film Market                         KLCC
                    Organized by SCANTECH                                                  Hall 4
                    Contact : Ms Jin-Joo Park •                   Hospitality Lounge

 11am – 12noon      Plasma Coating for Plastic Industries                                  KLCC
                    Organized by GF Technology Sdn Bhd                                     Hall 4
                    Contact : Mr Khor Meow Siang •        Hospitality Lounge
        groups                                                    Industry Leaders
                                                                  at M-PLAS 2011
Austrian Federal
                                        APEX ENGINEERING SERVICES                           BEHN MEYER POLYMERS
Economic Chamber                                                                            MANFACTURING SDN BHD
The official institution representing   A Singapore
the Austrian business community        based                                               They manufacture white masterbatch (BM
and the promotion of Austria’s         company, they                                       WHITE), degradable masterbatch (Eco-
foreign trade, the Austrian Federal    specialize in                                       degradant) and CC masterbatch (CC-fil) for the
Economic Chamber (AFEC)                the import                                          plastics industry. In addition, they offer a broad
incorporates all Austrian business     and export of                                       range of plastic raw materials and additives
                                       engineering materials, including machineries.       including polyolefins, styrenics, polyurethanes
associations in: manufacturing,
                                       They are an authorized agent of the Plastic         chemicals, high performance engineering
industry, trade, transport, banking
                                       Injection Moulding Machines (IMM) and               plastics, and PVC and plastic additives.
and finance, insurance, tourism,        auxiliary machines manufactured by L&T
other service industries, and          Plastics Machinery Limited which is a 100%          For the latex dipped goods and rubber
the nine regional Chambers of          subsidiary of the Larsen & Toubro Group, the        products industries, besides manufacturing
Commerce in Austria.                   largest engineering conglomerate in India. The      chemical dispersions and emulsions, they
                                       L&T Plastics Machinery Limited is accredited        provide an array of products including
The Austrian Embassy –                 with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008               synthetic rubber and synthetic lattices. They
Commercial Section will again be       certifications for its quality systems and           are also actively involved in the sales of
present at M-PLAS with a group         environmental care and protection respectively.     accelerators, antioxidants, antiozonants, fillers,
pavilion of Austrian companies                                                             processing aids, blowing agents, sulphur, zinc
from the plastics and rubber            ASIA INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE                      oxide, waxes, tackifiers, pigments as well as
industry. With vast experience in       (HONG KONG) LTD                                    speciality additives for the latex and dry rubber
this field, these Austrian companies                                                        market.
are prominent market leaders           One of the largest
providing resin dryers, cast film,      engineering plastic                                  DESHENG MOULD FACTORY
sheet, and coating lines and pipe      suppliers with an
fitting systems to recycling plants.    annual output of                                    The company specializes in the
                                       100,000 tons in                                     design and manufacture
• BSW Machinery Handels-GmbH           Asia Pacific market,                                 of belling machines
• HTW Formen-und                       they specialize in                                  for PVC, PP and PE
                                       the research and                                    pipes which come
  Fertigungstechnik e.U.
                                       development, manufacturing and sales of             with different types
• KUAG Kunststoff-Maschinen-und
                                       engineering plastics such as PC, ABS, PBT,          of sockets and
  Anlagenbau GmbH
                                       PET, PA66, POM and PPO; special plastics            rubber ring systems. They use the pressure
• NGR - Next Generation                such as PPA, PPS, PEI, PES, PEEK and                chamber and mechanical collapsible mandrel
  Recyclingmaschinen GmbH              LCP; general plastics such as PP, HIPS and          for forming perfect sockets for pipe diameter
• Recent Recycling Machinery           thermoplastic; alloy plastics such as PC/ABS,       ranging from 60 to 1,000mm. They are also
  GmbH                                 PMMA/ABS, PVC/ABS, PC/PBT, PBT/ABS and              capable of supplying fully automatic machines
• SML Machinengesellschaft mbH         PPO/PA66. Widely used in the automotive,            with Rieber system rubber rings.
• Starlinger & Co Gessellschaft        electrical & electronics, home appliances           Represented by Surfmep Extrusions Sdn Bhd
  m.b.H                                and communication industries, most of these
• Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH             materials have been certificated by UL, SGS,          DONGGUN JUSUOHENDA PLASTIC
                                       ROHS and FDA.
                                                                                            CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO LTD
Singapore Plastic
                                        BSW MACHINERY HANDELS-GMBH                         “Dongweijin Plastic
Industry Association                                                                       Masterbatch Mfy”
A non-profit trade organization         They offer a whole range of machines designed       (Head Plant) is
established in 1989, Singapore         and constructed in their own European factory       established in year
Plastic Industry Association (SPIA)    for the production of flexible packaging made        1999 at Dongguan,
is currently the sole representative   of PP woven fabric (block bottom valve bags         producing middle-
body of the plastic industries in      and raffia bags): tape extrusion lines, tape         high grade black
Singapore. SPIA membership             winders, circular weaving looms, coating            masterbatches. Owing to large demands from
comprises multinational                lines, cutting and roll slitting machines, either   China local market, we have established one
                                       as single machines, groups of machines or           subsidiary factory in Qishi in 2011 equipped
organizations as well as large,
                                       complete production units.                          with German twin screw extruders producing
medium and small enterprises that
                                                                                           high-end black masterbatches. We are a
represent virtually every aspect of    They also have                                      leading manufacturer specialized in PE/PP/
the plastic industry.                  exclusive worldwide                                 ABS/PS-based black masterbatches, widely
                                       sales rights for                                    used in the application field of food grade
•   Apex Engineering Services          AD CONVERTEX                                        film, moulding, tubing, sheet applications and
•   Intraco Trading Pte Ltd            machines from                                       much more. Apart from domestic sales, our
•   LMS Technologies Pte Ltd           Windmöller &                                        products are also exported to Europe, North
•   Maguire Products Asia Pte Ltd      Hölscher.                                           and South America, Africa, Middle East and
•   MPDV Asia Pte Ltd                                                                      Asia. We are looking for worldwide distributors
•   Plasmax Technologies Pte Ltd                                                           in each country to represent Dongweijin
•   Tool-Temp Asia Pte Ltd                                                                 Masterbatches.
 GT INSTRUMENTS SDN BHD                                  INTRACO TRADING PTE LTD                             KREYENBORG GMBH

Representing a wide                                     Intraco Trading Pte Ltd, an international leading   The Kreyenborg
range of renowned                                       integrated solution trading company.                Group is
material testing                                                                                            comprised of
equipment for the                                       Under the Plastic division, our main                the following
rubber, plastic,                                        products are PE/PP/PET/PA/ABS/POM/PBT/              companies:
metal, furniture,                                       Masterbatches and specialty compounds               Kreyenborg
composite, automotive                                   which we have been distributing for the past        GmbH, BKG
parts and structure                                     25 years. Our strength lies with having wide        Bruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik
industries, they are                                    customer base in Asean, strong connection           GmbH, Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH
an engineering based                                    with end users, molders and suppliers and also      (BSG) and Kreyenborg Plant Technology GmbH
trading company that                                    having a comprehensive local warehousing            & Co. KG (KPT).
provides total testing                                  facilities.
solutions.                                                                                                  As family owned and operated companies, the
                                                         JING HONG MACHINERY CO LTD                         members of the Kreyenborg Group have been
With a team of qualified and experienced                                                                     recognized for more than 50 years and their
service engineers capable of providing quality          Specializing in                                     name is synonymous with quality components
after-sales support, their calibration facilities are   the design &                                        and machines for the extrusion and
accredited by SAMM and are in compliance                manufacture of                                      polymerization industries. Customers around
with ISO 17025.                                         single and twin                                     the world know and trust the equipment and
                                                        screws / barrel                                     systems of the Kreyenborg Group, the global
 GREAT WALL PLASTIC IND BHD                             for extruders with                                  partner for the plastics industry.
                                                        parallel and conical
With a strong reputation for product quality and        systems like those                                   KUAG KUNSTSTOFF-MACHINEN-UND
on-time delivery, Great Wall Plastic Ind Bhd is         on European                                          ANLAGENBAU GMBH
a leading Malaysian manufacturer of a wide              extruders such as Cincinnati-Battenfeld, Krauss
range of PE packaging film and bags. They use            Maffei, Theysohn, Weber as well as Chinese          The competencies of
the latest production equipment and operate             extruders. A special bi-metallic coating            the Lower Austrian
from a modern and hygienic plant. Their end             ensures that the screw and barrel not only          Kuag GmbH range from
products include stretch film, lamination base           process complicated plastics material in this       the development and
film, bread bags on wickets, printed sheet in            competitive environment but there is also the       production of tools to
roll, 5 layer co- extrusion barrier films (nylon &       added advantage of protecting its life span.        downstream devices for
EVOH).                                                  Represented by Surfmep Extrusions Sdn Bhd           plain pipe systems for
                                                                                                            the pressure, sewage,
 H&T INDUSTRIES (KL) SDN BHD                             KEIFEL GMBH                                        drainage and domestic
                                                                                                            waste water area as well as the exhaust gas
Incorporated                                            KIEFEL develops,                                    and gas supply sector.
in 1989, the H                                          designs,
& T Group of                                            manufactures and                                    Committed to providing customers with
Companies is a                                          supplies machines                                   customized solutions, they are customer-centric
market leader and                                       and plant systems                                   and are highly competent in problem solving as
specialist in metal                                     for the processing                                  well as in its environmentally sound production
surface finishing,                                       of plastics, and                                    process.
plastic screw                                           provides a range of directly-related services.
and barrel manufacturing and repair. As an              They act as a technological partner, supplying       L&T PLASTICS MACHINERY LIMITED
ISO 9001:2008 certified group of companies,              future-oriented solutions to their customers. The
they are supported by a total integrated                company offers core expertise in the field of        A 100%
management and administration network.                  forming and joining technology.                     subsidiary of
With a well-qualified management team and                                                                    the Larsen &
high precision in-house machinery, they are             The company is also a partner to the                Toubro Group,
confident to provide total customer satisfaction         packaging sector, above all as a supplier of        the largest
by way of a most effective solution and best            high-performance automatic pressure forming                            lomera
                                                                                                                               lomerate in Indi
                                                                                                                                    r      India, &T
                                                                                                            engineering conglomerate in Ind a L&T
price / performance ratio.                              machines and cup forming equipment.                 Plastics Machinery Limited is a leader in
                                                                                                            the manufacturing of injection moulding
 HTW FORMEN-UND                                         As a leading supplier of technology to the          machines. The performance of the machines
                                                        automotive industry, the company also               has consistently provided unparalleled results,
                                                        specializes in the manufacture of vehicle           which directly reflects in part quality and cost
Specializing in the                                     interior components made of plastic.                effectiveness of the moulding. L&T machines
production of high                                                                                          are manufactured at the new state-of-the-
performance injection                                                                                       art factory in Chennai, India which is fully
moulding for screw caps,                                                                                    equipped to produce machines in sizes up
their 1-fold pilot moulds                                                                                   to a clamping force of 1,000 metric tonnes.
and 96-fold series                                                                                          Due to its consistent performance and high
moulds can be produced                                                                                      productivity, L&T injection moulding machines
and delivered in a very                                                                                     have established itself as a preferred choice of
short period of time.                                                                                       many plastic moulders.
                                                                                                            Represented by Apex Engineering Services
The tools used for the
production of soft drink caps, sport bottle
caps, oil caps, flip-top caps, shampoo caps,
cosmetic caps and screw caps of all kinds are
manufactured on site by toolmakers who are                            To see the full range of exhibitors and
highly educated and experienced in state-of-
the-art machinery.                                                    product showcase, visit M-PLAS 2011!
 LMS TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD                             NGR - NEXT GENERATION                               RECENT RECYCLING
                                                      RECYCLINGMASCHINEN GMBH                             MACHINERY GMBH
LMS is an established
engineering trading                                  NGR – Simply                                        Highly efficient, most consistent
company involved in the                              One Step                                            A member of
distribution of scientific                            Ahead                                               Kuag Group
instruments for material                             The company                                         which has
science and polymer                                  produces                                            a wealth of
technology in S.E Asia.                              machinery for the reprocessing of thermoplastic     experience in
                                                     waste back into high value raw material.            the recycling
They exclusively represent market leaders                                                                industry, they
such as OCS and Dynisco Instruments. OCE             With their ONE-STEP technology, a patented          are an Austrian company that develops and
is the world’s leading supplier in optical quality   cutter-feeder-extruder combination, there is        manufactures plastic recycling plants.
control system for on-line measurement of            no additional pre-cutting systems necessary,
contamination, fisheye, gels, shape and size          reducing reprocessing costs and manpower            Their innovations such as a separated
of polymer film, pellets and powder. Dynisco          requirements.                                       conveyor unit which is a new highly efficient
Instruments is the world’s leading supplier for                                                          concept of the drive system allow an
instrumentation and controls in the polymer                                                              uninterrupted material flow, improved quality
                                                      PLASMAX TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD
processing industries.                                                                                   of the pellets and energy reductions for up to
                                                     Plasmax                                             30%. Their plastic recycling plants are highly
 MAGUIRE PRODUCTS ASIA PTE LTD                       provides one                                        flexible when dealing with contamination,
                                                     stop machinery                                      printing inks, material mixes or co-extruded
In every 10 blenders sold worldwide, 8 are           solutions for                                       films and achieve a high degree of purity and
from Maguire, thanks to the simplicity design        plastics industries,                                good free flowing pellets.
that brings reliability and serviceability in line   from material
with a unmatched 5 years warranty. Blenders          conveying, blending, drying, automation, chiller,    SCANTECH
range from 45 kg/hr to 5,500 kg/hr and up to         granulator to injection moulding machines.
12 components blending capability. Maguire           They are the sole distributor for KraussMaffei      As a manufacturer of
Low Pressure Dryer (LPD) reduces start up            and Piovan in Singapore and Malaysia.               thickness and weight
time, foot print and up to 80% energy saving                                                             gauging systems,
for drying of engineering resins. 3 typical          With 170 years of innovation and engineering        they are the first
models 15, 50 and 90 kg/hr available. With the       expertise, KraussMaffei is the world’s leading      company to introduce
merging of Novatec, we are now covering large        plastics machinery manufacturer that combines       low energy X-Ray
drying systems and complex central conveying         the technology of injection, extrusion and          sensors for plastic
systems. Maguire Asia is headquartered in            reaction into a new innovation – Technology         materials such as
Singapore and is the regional service and            to the Power of Three. A global leader in the       biax, cast, lamination coatings, and non-woven
distribution centre.                                 plastics material processing sector, Piovan         materials. Their automatic profile control system
                                                     has a wide range of auxiliary machineries           is one of the fastest and most stable.
 MECOMB MALAYSIA SDN BHD                             that are capable of responding to any                
                                                     requirement concerning injection and blow           Founded in 2006, Guangzhou SCANTECH
A subsidiary of                                      moulding, extrusion, PET preforms and optical       Electronic Measuring Equipment Co Ltd
the Sime Darby                                       applications.                                       provides their Asian customers with a full
Group, they have                                                                                         range of proximity technical services. They
strong customer                                       PURA RUBBER                                        manufacture and sell on-line measurement
service support                                                                                          equipment for monitoring and automatic control
and skilled sales                                    Awarded with ISO                                    of most flat web production processes (BOPP,
and service engineers to handle solution selling     9001:2008 by SGS,                                   BOPET, BOPA, BOPS, CPP, CPE, PC, PET, PP,
and problem solving. Apart from distribution of      Pura Reclaimed                                      PMMA, PVB, EVA, PE, non-woven, paper).
physical testing, process testing solutions, life    Rubber is an
sciences, analytical and scientific products,         established brand                                    SML MASCHINENGESELLSCHAFT MBH
they also provide total solutions to laboratory      in the reclaimed
design, supply and equipment planning for            rubber industry. Pura                               SML - Pushing
turnkey laboratory solutions.                        Reclaimed Rubber is produced using modern           Forward
                                                     German technology, thereby ensuring the             With New
 MPDV ASIA PTE LTD                                   highest and consistent quality. Made from used      Technologies
                                                     tyres, Pura Reclaimed Rubber is odourless and       They specialize
The Manufacturing Execution                          possesses high quality properties.                  in the supply
System (MES) / Production                                                                                                        f
                                                                                                         of customised, high-performance extrusion
Management System HYDRA                               RUBBER BOARD,                                      lines and enjoy an outstanding reputation
helps to manage productivity,                         GOVERNMENT OF INDIA                                derived from over 40 years of experience and
efficiency, quality and energy,                                                                           worldwide references.
ensuring that their machines                         As an organization constituted under the
/ workplace, materials,                              Rubber (Production and Marketing) Act, 1947         The company develops extrusion lines for film,
workers and orders are in good order. MES            and working under the aegis of Ministry of          sheet and laminates, and spinning lines for
HYDRA excels through the widest scope of             Commerce and Industry, Government of India,         multifilaments. Products include the high-end,
mature standard functionality for shop floor          they aim to promote and facilitate production,      optical PC sheets used in LCD modules, the
management needs, including wide-ranging             processing and marketing of natural rubber.         especially thin CPP films employed inside
integration possibilities and external systems       They own and promote the brand “Indian              batteries as well as hygiene films and stretch
such as ERP-Systems, and connectivity to             Natural Rubber” with the aim to differentiate       films.
injection moulding machines, extrusion lines,        the natural rubber exported from the country
handling robots, ovens and chambers.                 by its consistent quality parameters in line
                                                     with international standards. They undertake
MPDV and HYDRA are a recipient of the                stringent measures to ensure that the products
2010 FROST & SULLIVAN Best Practices /               marketed under the brand conform to the
Product Excellence Award in the Discrete             specified quality standards.
Manufacturing Execution category.

Surfmep specializes in the manufacturing
of thermoplastics machinery upon customer
request especially pipe and
profile extrusions.

Their dedicated and responsible after-sales
service team is committed to providing excellent t
and reliable support to their customers, thereby
ensuring customer satisfaction.


They offer a wide range of plant machinery
and process technology for woven plastic
sack production including coated and
uncoated sacks, Leno, valve sacks,
FIBCs and the internationally patented
AD*STAR® block bottom valve sacks for
cement and other products. 

Their product range also includes plastics recycling machines, PET
bottle recycling lines, with food safety certifications from the US FDA
and major brand owners. They provide a spectrum of innovative
machinery solutions for efficient recycling of a variety of plastics
such as PE, PP, PA, PS  and extrusion machines for special tapes
(e.g. artificial grass, carpets, geotextiles).


Tool-Temp AG, a precision temperature
control manufacturer was founded in
1973. In Sulgen, Switzerland, it caters an
annual production of more than 8,000 units
for all plastic moulding, die-casting, chemical,
pharmaceutical and F&B industries.

Tool-Temp Asia in Singapore was established in 2003. With its
network of distributors in Asia and office setup in China, it has gained
considerable reputation and constantly strive to expand.

Our Temperature Control Units and Chillers are produced to a
remarkable precision of +/- 0.1 °C that features a digital flow
indication that monitors the minimum flow. We also have units that
operates in both pressure or vacuum mode. With no medium lost on
leaking tools, it ensures production continuity.


The WITTMANN group is one of the
world’s leading manufacturers of robots
and peripheral equipment for the plastics
industry. The product portfolio includes
robots and automation equipment,
automatic material loaders and material
dryers as well as equipment for plastics recycling, mould tempering
and cooling, and volumetric and gravimetric metering appliances.

In 2008, WITTMANN took over BATTENFELD Kunststoffmaschinen
GmbH. WITTMANN BATTENFELD is a leading manufacturer of
injection moulding machinery for the plastics industry. The company
is present in about 60 countries with its own sales and service
companies as well as representative offices, thus offering optimal
support to its customers.


They are a specialist in designing and making
various pipe fitting moulds with materials like
PVC, PP, PPR, PE, ABS and etc. Moulds made
of 2316 Starvac last longer and the product
quality is better. Their mould fittings are widely
used in water supply, drainage, irrigation, gas
supply and etc.
Represented by Surfmep Extrusions Sdn Bhd
SHAPING                                                                                                                                                   5th International
                                                                                                                                                      Plastics and Rubber
                                                                                                                                                   Trade Fair for Malaysia
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[ ] 14 Plastics & Rubber                                                     [ ] 16 Size reduction, crushers, scrap reclaim                                02 INTERPLASTICA 2012               [ ] Exhibiting [ ] Visiting
[ ] 15 Printing                                                              [ ] 17 Tooling (mould, die, component)                                           (Moscow, Russia)
[ ] 16 Recycling                                                             [ ] 18 Vacuum, thermofoaming, bending, cutting                                03 P&RV 2012                [ ] Exhibiting [ ] Visiting
[ ] 17 Telecommunications                                                    [ ] 19 Welding                                                                   (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
[ ] 18 Others (please specify)                                               [ ] 20 Others (please specify)
                                                                                    ___________________________________________                            04 K 2013                           [ ] Exhibiting [ ] Visiting
         ____________________________________________                                                                                                         (Düsseldorf, Germany)
                                                                             B4 Services                                                                   05 ARABPLAST 2013                   [ ] Exhibiting [ ] Visiting
 ABOUT MYSELF                                                                [ ] 01 CAD / CAM CAE & other software                                            (Dubai, UAE)
                                                                             [ ] 02 Contract manufacturing / Assembly services
A. Your Primary Job Function (Please tick one only)                          [ ] 03 Material formulating / compounding                                     06 TIPREX 2013                      [ ] Exhibiting [ ] Visiting
[ ] 01 Senior Management                                                     [ ] 04 Plastic injection moulding                                                (Bangkok, Thailand)
[ ] 02 Technical Management                                                  [ ] 05 Rubber injection moulding                                              07 M-PLAS                   [ ] Exhibiting [ ] Visiting
[ ] 03 Consultant                                                            [ ] 06 Others (please specify)                                                   (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
[ ] 04 Maintenance / Quality Control
* Disclosure
  Your contact details may be made available to exhibitors for the Business Matching Programme. If you wish to keep your contact details confidential, please indicate: [    ] Please do not disclose my contact details.
matching you with the
       right business partners
Benefit from online and onsite business matching service
Beyond our role as a leading trade fair organizer, we at Messe Düsseldorf Asia will work
with you to maintain and enhance your strategic capabilities, and generate new business
leads, customers, clients, suppliers and acquisition targets by connecting you with the
right business partners.
With our free business matching service, you will find and connect with the perfect
business partner before, during and after the exhibition.
To register your participation for the business matching programme, please visit                                    

                                                                                                                                       date & venue
Product range                                                                                                                          9 – 12 November 2011
• Machinery & Equipment for the Plastic & Rubber Industries                                                                            Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
   -   Ancillary, measuring, control & test                         -    Parts & components                                            Malaysia
   -   Extruders & extrusion lines                                  -    Preprocessing, recycling
   -   Finishing, decorating, printing & marking                    -    Presses
   -   Foam, reactive or reinforce resins                           -    Post processing
                                                                                                                                       opening hours
   -   Injection & blow moulding                                    -    Welding                                                       9 – 11 November :      10.00am – 6.00pm
   -   Moulds & dies                                                                                                                   12 November :          10.00am – 5.00pm
• Semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics
• Raw Materials, Auxiliaries                                                                                                           admission
   -   Additives                                                     -   Paint resins                                                  Admission is free for business and trade
   -   Adhesive & glues                                              -   Reinforcing fibres & materials
                                                                                                                                       visitors only by registration.
   -   Coating compounds                                             -   Rubber & synthetic fibres
   -   Fillers                                                       -   Starting materials & intermediates                            Pre-register online at or
   -   Foams & intermediates                                         -   Thermoplastics & thermoplastic elastomers                     fax pre-registration form to
• Services for the Plastic and Rubber Industries                                                                                       (65) 6332 9655 or (65) 6337 4633.
                                                                                                                                       During the exhibition, please register at
Visitor target group                                                                                                                   the designated counters at the entrance
                                                                                                                                       of the halls.
• Manufacturers, processors and users of plastic and rubber products
• Raw material processors                                                                                                              dress code
• Trade associations / Service organisations                                                                                           Office / work attire
• Management, technical & production, sales & marketing and purchasing
  personnel                                                                                                                            accommodation
   From the following industries:                                                                                                      List of hotels in available at
   Automotive & Transportation, Building & Construction, Chemical & Petrochemical,                                           
   Consumer Products, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Infocomm, Medical &
   Pharmaceutical, Mould & Die, Recycling and Semiconductor                                                                            official travel agent
                                                                                                                                       Discovery Overland Holidays Sdn Bhd
                                                                                                                                       Ms Stella Sim
How to get to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)                                                                                    tel : (603) 9222 8113 ext 316
                                                                                                                                       fax : (603) 9222 8248
                  BY TRAIN Take the Light Rail Transit (LRT), Kelana Jaya Line to KLCC                                       
                  station. Turn left after exiting the turnstiles and walk through the Suria
                  KLCC shopping centre Concourse Level to the Centre Court. Turn left                                                  for enquiries
                  and make your way past Cold Storage to the Guardian Pharmacy where
                                                                                                                                       within Malaysia
                  there is a walkway through to the Convention Centre. Take the elevator to
                                                                                                                                       Edaran Anfas (M) Sdn Bhd
                  the Ground Floor.
                                                                                                                                       210 2nd Floor Block A, Kelana Square
                                                                                                                                       17 Jalan SS 7/26 Kelana Jaya
                  BY ROAD If you are in a taxi or a chauffeured car, approach the Centre                                               47301 Petaling Jaya
                  along Jalan Pinang and turn left into the main entrance (second turn after                                           tel : (603) 7803 2276
                  the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) for dropping off.                                                                       fax : (603) 7803 3276
                  ON FOOT From the Suria KLCC shopping centre Ground Floor Centre                                                      overseas
                  Court, take the park exit into the KLCC Park and turn right. Follow the                                              Messe Düsseldorf Asia Pte Ltd
                  Esplanade along towards the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and then follow the                                              3 HarbourFront Place
                  path around the edge of the park towards the centre of the building and                                              #09-02 HarbourFront Tower Two
                  enter via the Park Entrance.                                                                                         Singapore 099254
                                                                                                                                       tel : (65) 6332 9620
Disclaimer: All information is published in good faith and based on information available at press time. No part of this publication   fax : (65) 6332 9655 / 6337 4633
may be reproduced in part or full without the written permission of the publisher. Opinions expressed are those of the contributors
and not necessarily endorsed by the publisher. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the reproduction of the material
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