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Parliament Ready to Listen to Public Aspirations


									Parliament Ready to Listen to Public Aspirations

BATAM - House of Representatives (DPRD) Batam has reached the age of 11 years on
Monday (31/10). With the 11th anniversary, Parliament held a celebration in Batam
Batam City DPRD office.

In his speech, Chairman of the Parliament Surya Batam birthday theme Sardi says the
council now is to Implement Function Build Affairs. According to the implementation of
development should be based on the pillars of effectiveness and efficiency of the
complementarities, synergies, and interactions. So that people no longer as a passive
object of development but as the subject of a proactive role. While the government's only
role as regulator and facilitator. "For the legislature itself, is an enormous task to bring
the aspirations of the people came to the realization that real development anticipated by
the community," said Surya.

It is therefore natural that Parliament be bitching place while also under the spotlight for
its performance. Assessment and criticism is something that one should not. So that all
elements taking part in the development. "Batam City Legislature is not anti-criticism.
Even the parliament asking for the continued criticism. But it should be done by
upholding the oriental culture, "the Democrat said.

Corresponding duties, Batam this year Parliament has adopted a regulation 9 ranperda. Of
the 16 proposals ranperda legislation included in the program area (prolegda). While the
remainder, five are in the process ranperda discussion at committee level. And two others
are being proposed for discussion, one of which is ranperda Long-Term Regional
Development Plan (RPJPD).

Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan said in his speech since Batam Autonomous Region, the
role of Parliament is very important in making policy and oversight of local government.
"After Decentralization, local vying to carry out the development. Parliament is required
to provide the best for the region, "he said.

Dahlan said that Parliament and the Government of Batam City should continue to
coordinate and strengthen the synergies in building area. Society, according to the object
of which should disejahterakan. "Pemko Batam proud of legislators who have
successfully established Batam as it is today," he said.

At the celebration a few legislators contributed his voice in front of invited guests. Call it,
Chairman of the Democratic Faction Muhammad Yunus, a member of the Golkar faction,
Rusmini Simorangkir, Hanura Faction members, Wahid's Word and the Secretary of the
Commission I, Ruslan M Ali Wasyim contributed his voice.

In addition to the appearance of representatives of the people, in celebration of the
anniversary of Parliament is also presented in the form of Dhikr Western entertainment
brought some students of Madrasah Aliyah.
This celebration event attended by Mayor Ahmad Dahlan, Deputy Mayor Rudi, Eka
Yudha Barelang police chief, former Chairman of the Parliament's first period Taba
Iskandar. It also comes Riau Islands Provincial Chairman Nur Syafriadi, as well as
members of the DPD Dapil Riau Islands, Djasarmen Ancient and Zulbahri.

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