Socialization Advertising Tax in Batam by jokovicmatthew


									BATAM-Deputy Mayor (Wawako) Batam, Rudi, SE, MM asked the employers
advertising or billboards to understand and adapt to new legal products, including current
Mayor disosialisaikan Regulations so as not to violate these provisions. "I hope that
advertising businesses can adapt well to the laws that have been issued," he said in his
speech when opening Wawako Socialization Major Regulation Number 24 Year 2011
About Advertising Tax Guidelines Batam City. Tuesday (1 / 11) at the Crown Ballroom
of Hotel Vista, but attended by a taxpayer who is a businessman billboards, socialization
also attended by the Department and related agencies as well as a sub-district and village
chief city of Batam.

In his speech Wawako Batam Mayor expects to Regulation No. 24 of 2011 concerning
Guidelines Advertising Tax Batam will have implications for more effective
implementation of the billboard tax collection and improve revenue.

The amounts of taxes in Perwako number 24 of 2011 has not changed, that is still 15%.
Changes only made on NJOP (Tax Object Sale Value) and the strategic value, taking into
account the development of Batam city building and it remains to consider the ability of
people in Batam

The changes are not fundamental enough in taxes wore to the name that identifies the
business or profession, which is mounted on a building attached to the place of business
or profession with the provisions of no more than 10% of the total area of the building.

 "Therefore, socialization is intended to equalize the perception and provide an
understanding of the service users that the installation of billboards safe, orderly and
balanced," he said.

However Wawako advised in the administration of the billboard should pay attention to
religious norms, beauty or aesthetic, public order, safety and also the spatial plan of the

In the socialization of 250 participants who attended the materials will be delivered direct
by the resource persons from the Regional Directorate of Taxes and Levies Ministry of
Finance Directorate General of Fiscal Balance RI. Also present is also Chairman of
Commission I of Batam City Legislature, Basri Aaron, Chairman of the Advertising
Association of Batam, Totok, as well as representatives from the BP Zone.

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