Advanced Uphold High Expectations in BPR Artha Prima Perkasa New Office

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					BATAM - Traditional Opening Malay Folk Dance and Cheering splendid Barongsai act
entangled in the opening of BPR (rural bank) Artha Prima Perkasa new office at Nagoya
Newtown Area (18th May 2011), Vice mayor of Batam, H. Rudi ,SE ,MM that
inaugurated of the opening of the new office, cherish the progress of rural bank in Batam
island although several limitation is being bordered by the Bank of Indonesia Batam. In
the ending number 30 rural bank in Batam island must maintain the micro economics
balances for the credit and spending control mechanism. The government are trying to
establish good foundation on the three elements on the market between State Holder,
Share Holder and Stake Holder, in order to proof that, therefore the Head of this City
(Mr. Ahmad Dahlan) and the vice mayor are standing for the stimulating and
economical-pro policies, said Rudi in his Opening Speech that sounded for the audience
that attended from BPR Artha Prima Perkasa owner and stock holderwith their officer,
customer, Head deputy of Bank of Indonesia Batam, Indonesian Police Force officer, .

Severe Lacking Area

The presence of severe lacking area in the downtown of Nagoya and Jodoh Area are
being concerned by Local the Government through the support of the community support,
not just the society but all the Batam sectoral official, the Police of Indonesian Republic,
and all the related unit must give their role for the goods of bigger and better Batam area
and proceed with the visionary Batam City with no more slum area, Hope Rudi. From the
beginning of the city planning development program, Batam has been modeled from the
central government as the national assets model for macro economics. This made Batam
are outstanding in performing and servicing investment opportunities, but not in the
model of micro economics. But in the end, the switch of BPR Artha Prima Perkasa new
better office from their old one, proof that the growth of economic in Batam city are
going on a bloom, surely that’s a fact.

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