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									                                                                                                                                                                  July 2, 2008

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Where’s                                                                                                           The recruit
water?                                                                                                            High School freshman Kasen
                                                                                                                  Williams gets national attention
could build
                                                                                                                  By J.B. Wogan                              “He never comes in acting like
more houses if                                                                                                                                            a big shot or anything,” said
                                                                                                                     Go to and type in        Heaps. “He’s just a pleasure to
the proects are                                                                                                   Kasen Williams.                         have around all the time. A hard
                                                                                                                     In one clip from the state           working kid.”
eco-friendly                                                                                                      championship game against
                                                                                                                                                          Sudden changes
                                                                                                                  O’Dea, Skyline’s quarterback,
By Emily Keller                                                                                                   Jake Heaps, heaves a Hail Mary              “It’s all coming at me so quick.
                                                                                                                  pass to the opponent’s 30-yard          Just last year, I was doing the
    Sammamish planners want                                                                                       line.                                   spring camp with the freshmen,
to encourage developers to                                                                                           Williams stretches out, falling      thinking that I was going to be
minimize their impact on the                                                                                      backward, and cups the ball onto        playing with the freshmen, and
environment by enticing                                                                                           his right side for about a 60-yard      all of sudden, a year later, I’ve
them with benefits.                                                                                               gain.                                   gotten three offers and I’m get-
    City planners are propos-                                                                                        Six months later, Williams says      ting all of this publicity,” said
ing a low impact development                                                                                      he has verbal scholarship offers        Williams, sitting in his family’s
(sometimes called LID) ordi-                                                                                      from three Division I college foot-     Trossachs home.
nance that would reward                                                                                           ball programs.                              Both parents, Aaron and
developers of commercial and                                                                                         He is 15.                            Rhonda, were present for his
large residential projects for                                                                                       “Kasen’s a real raw athlete.         interview with the Sammamish
using a host of storm water                                                                                       He’s a kid that you just watch          Review.
methods favored by environ-                                                                                       him for a couple minutes and                Kasen said it’s a family policy
mentalists. On June 24, a rep-                                                                                    you see he’s a special talent,” said    to keep his parents around dur-
resentative from SvR Design                                                                                       teammate Gino Simone.                   ing interviews.
Company met with environ-                                                                                            He, Williams and Heaps, all of            Even as a high school fresh-
mentalists and city planners                                                                                      whom are being recruited by big-        man, he gets regular calls from
to present recommended                                                                                            name colleges, will chat about          the national media. The attention
changes to the city’s proposal.                                                             Photo by J.B. Wogan   scholarship offers off the field,       has taught them to filter inquiries
    Low impact development          Kasen Williams, a rising sophomore, explodes down the side-                   but during practices and games,
is a stormwater management          line.                                                                         Williams is all business.                        See WILLIAMS, Page 3
and land development strate-
gy that aims to minimize soil
disturbance and impervious
surfaces, protect natural fea-
tures and add vegetation.
Planners say the term does
                                    Ridership exploding
not have one strict definition.
    The ordinance would put         As gas goes up and traffic worsens,
in place a point system that
rewards developers for              more people are riding the bus
actions like reforestation and
having rain barrels and green       By Emily Keller                      mute. I don’t want to drive in the
roofs. There are 20 low                                                  traffic,” Shahul said as he stood at
impact development tech-               Rafiq Shahul has a laundry list   the South Sammamish Park and
niques that carry rewards           of reasons that he takes Metro       Ride waiting for the 8:41 a.m.
under the proposed ordi-            Transit’s 216 bus to work in         bus.
nance.                              Seattle instead of driving.              However, there is one draw-
    SvR Design Company rec-            He can listen to music, protect   back to commuting by bus,
ommended deleting one of            the environment and save             Shahul said. “The only problem is
the incentives, an extra bonus      money and stress all at the same     it’s crowded.”                                                                                     Photo by Emily Keller
                                    time.                                                                         Sammamish residents board Metro Transit bus 216 to Seattle in
        See WATER, Page 2              “To Seattle it’s a long com-                      See BUS, Page 3          greater numbers than before.

                                   There she is                                                           a great                       Calendar...........18
                                      Mrs.                                                                 short                        Community.......10
                                   Washington                                                              game                         Editorial.............4
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      2 •     July 2, 2008                                                                                                                                    SAMMAMISH REVIEW

                                                                                                                                                             The Sammamish Police are regis-
                                                                                                                                                          tering neighborhoods which would
             Head to Fourth on the                                                                                      Plan for fall flowers. Some       like to participate in National Night
          Plateau for a family-friendly            It’s not yet the dogs days of summer,                             annual seeds, such as cos-           Out, Aug. 5.
                    celebration. The day         but Sammamish’s dogs get a club.                                    mos, sown in early July, will           Police will not be able to attend
                    will feature live                                           bloom in September.                                       individual block
                    music, and games                                                                                    Source: WSU extension                                  parties, but will
                    for the kids starting                                                                                                                                      hold a kick off
                    at 6 p.m. with fire-                            Weekend Forecast                                                                                           event from noon-
                    works set for 10:15                             Thurs ❚ Sunny 78/56                                                                   4:30 p.m. Aug. 5 at City Hall.
                    p.m. all at City Hall.                          Fri     ❚ Sunny 76/56                                                                    Neighborhoods which would like to
                    Free.                                           Sat     ❚ Sunny 76/56                                                                 register as a participant in National
                                                                    Sun ❚ Sunny 73                     AtWork! needs volunteers anytime from              Night Out should contact the police
                                                     Monthly        Source: National Weather        8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday to answer             department at 295-0770. the deadline
                                                    rainfall to     Service                         phones, greet visitors and perform general            for registrations is July 30.
                                                    date: 1.41                                      office duties. Call 274-4000.

                                                                                                                           Local judge charged
                                                                                   The ordinance would be sep-
Water                                                                          arate from the city’s storm water
                                                                               code and would not amend
Continued from Page 1                                                          those regulations.

for combining techniques, and
changing the number of points
                                                                                   “What this does not do is alle-
                                                                               viate any of the standards that
                                                                               we already have,” said Evan
                                                                                                                           with improper conduct
that 14 of the incentives carry.                                               Maxim, a senior planner for the
   Earning more points allows                                                  city. Maxim said he hopes the               By Jon Savelle                          according to the complaint.
builders more leeway in devel-                                                 ordinance will encourage devel-                                                     “Respondent’s intemperate
opment standards. For example,                                                 opers to strive for full Low                    A King County District Court                              demeanor has
a developer with 30 points can                                                 Impact Development credit                   judge based in Issaquah has been                              intimidated,
count 75 percent of the street                         Photo by Emily Keller   rather than using just a few pre-           charged with improper court-                                  discouraged
area that was omitted for envi-       Peg Staeheli, a landscape                ferred stormwater management                room behavior by the state                                    and prevent-
ronmental reasons in their den-       architect for the SvR Design             techniques.                                 Commission on Judicial Conduct.                               ed some pro
sity calculation while one with       Company, speaks about Low                    The code also calls on plan-                On June 20, the commission                                se litigants
24 points can only count 25 per-      Impact Development.                      ners to reassess the techniques             filed charges against Judge                                   from fully
cent of that street area.                                                      every three years to make sure              Judith R. Eiler, alleging violations                          presenting
   “I think for how codes work        could be a negative thing,” said         the incentives do not overlap               of five canons of the Code of                                 their testimo-
and how difficult it’s been to do     Tom Melling of the Beaver Lake           with requirements that are                  Judicial Conduct in at least 15                               ny or their
things like this it’s really good     Community Club.                          already in place, unintentionally           court cases.                                                  positions in
for builders and developers to           Kamuron Gurol, the city’s             rewarding developers for things                 She has engaged in “a pattern       Judith Eiler          court.”
have certainty. When you add          community development direc-             they are required to do.                    of rude, impatient, undignified                                  The com-
the points up there’s rigor to it,”   tor, disagreed.                              The City Council held a pub-            and intimidating treatment of pro       mission also charges that Eiler
said Peg Staeheli, a landscape           “More houses, in and of               lic hearing on low impact devel-            se litigants and attorneys in the       reversed an order and dismissed
architect for the SvR Design          themselves, is not the thing that        opment techniques in February,              courtroom,” the charges state.          a traffic infraction “in a fashion
Company. “The intent was to try       creates the impact. It’s how you         but delayed action pending this                 “Respondent routinely inter-        that suggested she was motivated
to come up with a menu of             design it, how it functions,”            study.                                      rupts litigants and/or their attor-     by self-interest.”
things.”                              Gurol said. “We wouldn’t create              The City Council will hold              neys, and addresses them in an             This charge arose from a case
   Some environmentalists             an ordinance that has a net neg-         another public hearing on the               angry, disdainful, condescending        in which Eiler dismissed an
expressed concern about the           ative impact on the environ-             ordinance, which is likely to be            and/or demeaning manner or              infraction after the defendant
density incentive, saying             ment.”                                   scheduled in September, Gurol               tone.                                   complained to the presiding
increased density could have             Gail Twelves of the Sierra            said.                                           “She has threatened in open         judge of King County District
adverse environmental impacts.        Club said it is important to cre-                                                    court to fire court personnel if lit-
   “I think the concern is in the     ate an ordinance that is friendly           Reporter Emily Keller can be             igants spoke to them, and has                           See JUDGE, Page 7
Beaver Lake, Pine Lake area. If       to developers to be sure it is           reached at 392-6434, ext. 242, or           otherwise failed to conduct her-
it were to increase density it        used.                                                 self in a judicious manner,”
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      SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                                July 2, 2008 •           3

Bus                                     between April 1, 2007 and
                                        June 27, 2008.
                                            The service has become                  Williams
Continued from Page 1                   more popular in the last few
                                        years as well.                              Continued from Page 1
   According to Metro, King                 From March 2005 to March
County’s transit agency,                2007, the service had only 124              and answer questions with cau-
Sammamish buses were more               new sign-ups in the 98074 area              tion, Rhonda said.
crowded this spring than in 2007.       and 156 people in the 98075                    “You kind of make sure that
   Average weekday boardings on         zip code.                                   he’s actually saying the truth. At
Route 216, which runs from                  Thielke said Metro does not             the same time you want to make
Downtown Seattle to the Bear            know whether those people                   sure that they’re asking appropri-
Creek Park and Ride, rose from          still use the service.                      ate questions,” she explained.
492 in spring 2007 to 535 in                Rochelle Ogershok, the                     “They don’t want me to say
spring 2008, an increase of 8.7         public affairs supervisor for               anything that would make it
percent, said spokesperson Linda        Metro, cautioned against                    seem like I’m a bad person,”
Thielke.                                attributing the increase in bus             added Kasen. “It gets annoying
   Average weekday boardings            and van ridership directly to               sometimes, but it’s okay.”
on the Route 269 bus that               gas prices.                                    Kasen said he has had two
runs from Issaquah to                       “We know that obviously                 conversations with Huskies
Overlake went up 24.2 per-              fuel prices are a significant               coach Tyrone Willingham in his                                                                   Photo by J.B. Wogan
cent from 310 to 385, and               contributing factor to rider-               office — both at least 45 minutes
boardings on Route 218 that             ship, but they’re not the only              and accompanied by a parent —           Rising junior Jake Heaps greets Williams on the sidelines after a
runs from Downtown Seattle              one,” she said. “There’s a num-             about the possibility of playing        seven-on-seven game in Husky Stadium. Heaps, a quarterback,
to the Issaquah Highlands                                                           for the Huskies.                        and Williams, a wide receiver, will make up two key components
Park and Ride rose 17.1 per-             “To Seattle it’s a long                       Kasen will joke that his par-        of Skyline’s offense next fall.
cent, from 1,336 to 1,565.                                                          ents, both UW alumni, want him
Route 927, which runs                   commute. I don’t want                       to choose the University of             scholarships,” said Gene Dales,       touchdowns.
between Sammamish and                   to drive in the traffic.”                   Washington, but Rhonda denies           Eastlake High School’s head foot-        But he only became a starter
Issaquah, also had a slight                                                         such claims.                            ball coach. His team will face        in his third-to-last game of the
                                                – Rafiq Shahul,
increase.                                                                              “We’re obviously a little biased     Skyline next year.                    season. Two games later,
   “Right now it’s a little bit over-             Bus rider –                       because we’re alumni, but at the           “Everybody’s just trying           Williams had five receptions and
crowded, but not too much,” said                                                    same time, we want to do what’s         younger and lower to find kids        107 yards against O’Dea in the
Srini Reddy, a programmer who                                                       best for him,” said Rhonda. “I          that they know are going to be        state championship.
lives in Sammamish and works in         ber of factors that come into               think we have a lot of responsibil-     great athletes,” Dales said, adding      “He showed the entire state
Seattle, as he waited for the 216.      play.”                                      ity, just in terms of helping him       that coaches like him feel a          that this kid is going to be some-
“Bus service is pretty good all            Those factors include                    and making sure he makes good           responsibility to protect high        thing special in the future,” said
around.”                                Metro’s ongoing efforts to add              decisions all along, academically       school athletes.                      Skyline coach Matt Taylor. “Two
   Across the street, Chevron sold      and restructure bus service to              as well as athletically.”                  “You don’t want your high          of the catches (he made) were as
gas for $4.42 per gallon. The           make it more convenient for                    Kasen also has spoken on the         school kids to be exploited,” he      much pressure situations that
escalating price of gas is one rea-     riders, Ogershok said.                      telephone with coaches from             said. Dales said his experience       you can be in.”
son bus riders say there has been          Metro is planning to accom-              UCLA and Boise State, and both          with the scouting process makes          In spite of all the attention,
a recent increase in riders, mak-       modate some of the growth by                parents agree that he will keep         him wary of putting pressure on       Williams cannot officially com-
ing their commute a little less         increasing service on Route                 his options open.                       a high school freshman.               mit to a college program for
comfortable.                            269 in September from every                    In the meantime, Kasen said             “We’ve got kids who get offers     another two and a half years. The
   “There’s not always enough           30 minutes to every 20 min-                 his mother keeps him on task            as seniors who change their           verbal offers are nonbinding,
seats. People have to stand,” said      utes at peak hours.                         about schoolwork. A scholarship         minds two or three times,” Dales      according to Jennifer Kearns, an
commuter Mikmikhail Sheybian,              The agency also plans to                 offer is not a guarantee, he said.      said.                                 associate director of public and
a longtime bus rider who has            make additional improve-                                                               But Dales also acknowledged        media relations for the NCAA.
seen an increase in ridership in        ments over the next five                    “I thought this one was ready”          that young stars, their families         “The only binding agreement,
the last few months.                    years.                                         “I offered my first freshman a       and their coaches cannot shy          where the NCAA is concerned, is
   Many Sammamish residents                Those improvements will                  couple weeks ago,” Willingham           away from the extra attention.        when a prospective student-ath-
have also begun carpooling by           be paid for through a partner-              announced during a college foot-           “It’s here and we’re going to      lete signs an NLI (National Letter
van through Metro’s Regional            ship with Microsoft and the                 ball forum in Dallas May 16.            have to learn how to deal with it,”   of Intent),” wrote Kearns in an e-
Ridematch System, an online net-        cities of Sammamish,                        Willingham joined other college         he said.                              mail.
working service.                        Redmond, Isssaquah                          coaches as they addressed the              During the forum, Willingham          In the spring 2011, Williams
   Thielke said 40 people in each       announced this spring.                      state of the game.                      did not name the beneficiary of       may collect on the verbal offers
of Sammamish’s two zip codes               For information on Metro’s                  One topic centered on the            his verbal offer because the          made to him, if they were still
signed up for van pool service          van and car pool service visit              accelerated recruiting process,         NCAA prohibits it.                    there, which is not guaranteed.
between March 1 and June 15,              where scouts identify younger              “I thought this one was ready.        “If he were to get hurt, the
2008.                                   van-car/ridematch.html or call              and younger college prospects.          I thought, physically, he could       offer may not even be there any-
   This makes up a significant          1-800-427-8249.                                Willingham’s comments are            probably do it right now,”            more,” Taylor said.
portion of the total 134 new                                                        available in a transcript from the      Willingham said.
sign-ups in the 98074 zip code             Reporter Emily Keller can be             National Football Foundation.              The 6-foot-2 Williams played          Reporter J.B. Wogan can be
and 117 new sign-ups in the             reached at (425) 392-6434 ext.                 “To me it’s just crazy, it’s crazy   nine games last year, posting 19      reached at 392-6434, ext. 247, or
98075 area that occurred                242 or                when you start offering freshmen        receptions, 394 yards and two

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     4 •     July 2, 2008
                                                            OPINION                                                                                SAMMAMISH REVIEW

Review editorial                                            Sammamish Forum
                                                            Challenge Day                               right and took off after it, growling        Thanks to all the compassionate

City survey leads                                           can matter
                                                                I would like to thank the
                                                                                                        and snarling. My daughter and I
                                                                                                        were caught in the middle. It was
                                                                                                        very frightening, not only for her,
                                                                                                                                                   Skyline Spartans for making this a

to more questions                                           Sammamish Review for being such
                                                            great community partners and com-
                                                                                                        but also for me.
                                                                                                           Thankfully, the owners man-
                                                                                                                                                                                  Claire Ma
                                                            municating all the exciting things          aged to get their dogs under con-
   The city of Sammamish recently hired Hebert              happening here in Sammamish.                trol and we were not harmed. But           Tab fees are too much
Research to complete a community opinion survey                 In a (much appreciated) commu-          really, this is a recipe for disaster. I
of 393 residents to gauge how citizens are feeling          nity article, Sammamish teens to get        want to urge dog owners to leave              Every time I renew my vehicle
their city. It’s interesting, but we’re not too sure        first Challenge Day (June 11, Page          their dogs at home on Wednesday            license tabs, I become increasingly
what to make of it all. Let’s take a closer look:           14) I’d like to clarify a couple of         afternoons.                                disturbed by the tax increases and
   The number one thing people like about living in         points.                                        I speak from experience that            new taxes that keep getting tacked
Sammamish is the small town feel. Interesting that              Most importantly, the Challenge         most dog owners believe they               on. With my latest license renewal I
the city just approved Town Center, a plan that will        Day program is not about fixing bro-        know their dogs and how they’ll            included the following note out of
allow up to 600,000 square feet of commercial space         ken kids. Absolutely not.                   behave in public. But in such a            frustration:
and up to 2,000 housing units.                                  It is not all gloom and doom with       small space and with so many                  Department of Licensing man-
   Only 7.6 percent of survey respondents want              our youth. At their core they are all       dogs, it’s impossible to know              agement, You folks are getting real
more businesses to locate here, yet, ironically, many       fantastic, bright and vibrant young         which dog might take off after             creative on how to triple the cost of
comments were specifically for more restaurants,            community members.                          another and who might get caught           the $30 license renewal fee that we
more shopping (one suggested Wal-Mart) and more                 The overall goals of the program        in middle.                                 voted for and approved several
services. Equally as many want growth to stop or            are to increase personal power and             I also want to encourage the            times. Here is the break-down:
slow. “You can’t let too many people in,” said one          self-esteem, to shift dangerous peer        folks who run the market and the              $3 filing fee — This should be
responder.                                                  pressure to positive peer pressure          market volunteers to enforce the           covered in the “license fee.”
   Nearly 70 percent rated the city’s long-range plan-      and to eliminate the acceptability of       no dog policy.                                $25 RTA Tax — We do not use
ning as good or excellent. While 67 percent said they       teasing, violence and social oppres-           As I was informing the volun-           transit. It does not go anywhere we
agree that the Town Center plan is heading in the           sion. Challenge Day programs are            teers at the market booth about            want to go. Transit fares should
right direction, more than 80 percent of those say          designed to unite members of the            what happened to us, two different         cover transit costs. People using the
they only “somewhat agree.”                                 community and to empower them               people with dogs went by. The vol-         system and benefiting from it will
   The city continues to contemplate a park bond            to carry the themes of the program          unteers looked right at them, but          pay for it.
vote this fall, so it is interesting that 78 percent give   back to their schools and to the com-       did nothing.                                  $30 license fee — This is the only
high marks to the city for parks facilities. A full 93.9    munity at large.                               Let’s take this seriously. If           fair part of this whole fee structure.
percent are pleased with the appearance of city                 This is, possibly, a once in a life-    somebody gets harmed because                  $10 weight base fee — This fee
parks. Look closely at comments, though, and you’ll         time opportunity for us here in             the “no dogs in the market” policy         should only apply to trucks. I was
see that many voices are impatient for a teen center,       Sammamish — an opportunity that             is not being followed or enforced,         even charged this fee on my motor-
community center, even a bowling alley.                     could change all our lives within a         I’m sure the city of Sammamish             cycle license! If you really want to
   The survey also asked about communications. It           single day.                                 and the Sammamish Chamber of               charge someone based on the wear
turns out that only 10.2 percent had watched the                                                        Commerce would be looking at a
city’s TV channel for 5 minutes or more in the past                                 Sosie Sagherian     lawsuit.                                                   See FORUM, Page 5
month, although 31 percent had visited the city’s                                      Sammamish
website. We’re tickled pink that most citizens get                                                                                  Susan Lee
their city news from Sammamish Review, but dis-
mayed to read comments that imply the Review is
                                                            No dogs allowed                                                       Sammamish
owned by the city. Not true! The Review is pub-                 The Sammamish Farmer’s Market           Thank you Skyline                                Sammamish Review wel-
lished by an independent journalism company,                is a great addition to our communi-                                                      comes letters to the editor on any
dependent on the advertisers who are dependent on           ty. It’s a great place to take our chil-       I am a student at Skyline High            subject, although priority will be
your readership.                                            dren, particularly younger children,        School in Sammamish, and I                   given to letters that address local
   Surveys are only as good as the people who read          with the activities, the food vendors       would like to thank all of the stu-          issues. We reserve the right to edit
them. We hope this one will be referred to often, as        and the open space to run around            dents and staff who generously               letters for length, clarity or inap-
elected officials look for citizen guidance.                and be a kid.                               supported the recent China Quake             propriate content.
                                                                It’s just not a place for dogs. Signs   Relief fundraiser at Skyline.                    Letters should be typed and
                                                            are posted throughout the market               Claudia (my sister) and I                 no more than 350 words.
Poll of the week                                            explaining why dogs are not                 launched a fundraiser on May 27              Include your phone number (for
  Where do you like to swim during the summer               allowed, yet there is a constant flow       to raise money for victims of the            verification purposes only).
months?                                                     of people and their dogs browsing           May 12 earthquake in Sichuan,                    Deadline for letters is noon
                                                            the stalls.                                 China, and we were soon running              Friday prior to the next issue.
A. Lake Sammamish                                               I love dogs, but a crowded mar-         out of materials due to all the vol-         Address letters to:
B. Beaver Lake                                              ketplace full of young children is not      unteers and donations!                       Sammamish Review Letters
C. Pine Lake                                                the place for our dogs.                        When our fundraiser ended                 Box 1328, Issaquah, WA 98027
D. Puget Sound                                                  As I walked into the market with        June 5, we had collected $2,173.82           fax: 391-1541
E. My backyard inflatable wading pool                       my 3-year-old daughter, a large dog         just by selling paper to people for          e-mail:
   To vote, visit                  to my left spotted a bigger dog to my       $1 and $5 each.

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      SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                  July 2, 2008 •          5

Issaquah school board                                                        Forum                               There is nothing wrong with my           We already pay the highest
                                                                                                                 existing license plates. This is     gas taxes in the country to cover
                                                                                                                 just another hidden tax and a        all the reasons stated as the
                                                                             Continued from Page 4               waste of aluminum. Few people        need for these extra fees and

member resigns                                                               and tear of the roads, tax the
                                                                             people that use studded tires,
                                                                                                                 will recycle the old plates; they
                                                                                                                 will just end up in the landfill.
                                                                                                                    $4 plate reflectorization fee —
                                                                                                                                                      taxes. How about finding ways
                                                                                                                                                      to reduce government spending
                                                                                                                                                      instead of increasing taxes? Oh
By Chantelle Lusebrink                life.”                                 which cause considerable dam-       The paint on the license plate       yeah, that would be a conserva-
                                          The board will finalize the res-   age to the roads.                   should be included in the cost of    tive concept, and a liberal state
   Issaquah School Board mem-         ignation at its Sept. 10 meeting.         75-cent license service fee —    the license plate. Why not           like Washington would never
ber Mike Winkler announced his        Winkler said he selected that          another hidden tax. This should     charge extra for the holes drilled   consider such a thing.
resignation at the June 25 meet-      date to allow board members            be covered in the $30 license       in the license plates, too, and
ing.                                  ample time to prepare.                 renewal fee or the $3 filing fee.   add shipping and handling                               Maynard Pillie
   It takes effect September 10.          The board has 90 days to              $20 replacement plate fee —      while you are at it?                                     Sammamish
   “In all sincerity, I have had      appoint a replacement to
some significant changes in my        Winkler’s seat as District Director
personal life,” he said. “I have      4, serving the southeast corner,
found that as much as I enjoy         including the Issaquah
serving the children in the           Highlands, Preston, Mirrormont
Issaquah School District, I have      and Tiger Mountain.
not been serving my own chil-             Winkler was appointed to the
dren as well as I                                       board in 2004
should be. In            “I have to do what’s           and was re-elect-
order to be a
responsible com-         best for my family.” ed in 2005.
                                                        Whoever is
munity member                – Mike Winkler,            appointed to the
and citizen and              School Board –             seat will serve
father, I have to                                       the remainder of
do what’s best                                          his term, until
for my family, and I have to          November 2009.
make the very hard decision to            Board members will likely
resign.”                              begin discussing the replacement
   Winkler is a Realtor and was       process and timeline at their July
recently promoted to managing         9 business meeting. However, in
broker of Coldwell Banker Bain’s      past appointing processes, mem-
regional branch.                      bers have accepted online appli-
   “But this decision is primarily    cations from residents who live
about my family,” he said. “My        within the district director area
son and my daughter right now         and held open interviews prior to
are the paramount issues in my        making an appointment.
      6 •     July 2, 2008                                                                                                                                                   SAMMAMISH REVIEW

City survey says permitting process improved
By Emily Keller                          city met its two-day maximum            400 people conducted by Herbert                   ence. The poll has a margin of              found it very poor.
                                         goal for over-the-counter town-         Research in April showed that 55                  error of plus or minus 4.9 per-                Gurol’s presentation also
    Obtaining a land use or build-       house permits 60 percent of the         people had applied for building                   cent.                                       showed that there have been
ing permit from the city has got-        time, compared with 10 percent          permits from the city, and 84.4                       When asked to rate their prior-         fewer than expected single-fami-
ten faster and easier, according to      in 2007. The city also met a two-                                                         ities in the permit process, 91.6           ly residence permit applications.
city officials and Sammamish res-        week goal for small projects per-       “Eventually, the market                           percent of the respondents who              The city now expects to receive
idents.                                  mits for townhouses 67 percent                                                            had applied for permits said                only 40-50 single-family resi-
    City staff processed a greater       of the time, compared with 16           will rebound, and we’ll                           faster turnaround of permits was            dence applications in 2008, com-
portion of home renovation per-          percent in 2007, Gurol told the             be ready for it.”                             important, and 85.7 percent said            pared with the 100-125 projected
mit applications within its target       Council in a quarterly presenta-                                                          the same of customer service                earlier this year.
processing time in 2008 com-             tion June 17. He attributed the              – Kamuron Gurol,                             hours. A large portion, 86.7 per-              But Gurol notes that land-use
pared with 2007, said Kamuron            city’s success in part to its transi-      Development director –                         cent, said more online capability           permits that are already in the
Gurol, the city’s director of com-       tion to an online application pro-                                                        was important, and 81.8 percent             system are high, and the number
munity development.                      cess.                                                                                     chose lower cost.                           of residential permits like addi-
    The city increased its speed in         Sammamish residents who              percent of them said they had a                       Only 8 of the survey’s respon-          tions and remodels have
all permit categories. The most          answered a recent phone survey          good or excellent experience. The                 dents had applied for a land use            remained the same or risen.
significant increases were for           gave the permit process a posi-         remaining 15.6 percent said they                  permit. Three found the experi-
additions and deck permits. The          tive rating. A survey of nearly         had a poor or very poor experi-                   ence good or excellent and two                          See PERMIT, Page 8

Planners propose municipal, critical areas code changes
By Emily Keller                          residents are limited to keeping        agent has to take his sign down                   feet for residential areas zoned            to 200 square feet. Planners say
                                         no more than five indoor pets           in five days, why do we let the                   for four houses per acre, to make           the 2005 requirements were too
   City planners are proposing a         and three outdoor pets but are          commercial guy leave his sign up                  the requirement consistent with             strict for the benefits they pro-
series of changes to development         permitted to have an unlimited          for 30 days?” Amidei said.                        other residential zones. That is            duced and the proposed changes
and drainage requirements in             number of cats.                            The proposals are part of a                    the most prevalent zone in the              will still keep standards higher
Sammamish that they say will                Planning Commissioner                series of code amendments that                    city in terms of total land area,           than they were before 2005.
reduce bureaucracy and protect           Richard Amidei suggested                Rob Garwood, senior planner for                   Garwood said.                                   Joanna Buehler, president of
the environment.                         amending that clause.                   the city, says will make the code                    This is the beginning of the             the non-profit organization Save
   But some environmentalists               “I don’t know what the correct       more understandable and consis-                   process and planners say the                Lake Sammamish, asked the
say those two goals are inconsistent.    number of cats are but I think we       tent and remove irrelevant claus-                 public will have additional                 commission to postpone making
   At a June 19 meeting, the             should put something there,” he         es that the City adopted from                     chances to weigh in on the pro-                                    those
city’s Planning Commission               said.                                   King County.                                      posed changes to the municipal                                     changes until
heard recommendations about                 Amidei also suggested reduc-            One of those clauses allows for                code, as well as the critical areas                                the environ-
some of the less controversial                                                   commercial businesses of up to                    code, as the review processes                                      mental
proposals to amend portions of            “I don’t know what the                 5,000 square feet in residential                  move forward.                                                      impacts have
the municipal building code.                                                     zones that are at least one mile                     Planners say the changes to                                     been thor-
Proposed changes to the critical          correct number of cats                 from the nearest shopping area                    the codes are minor but some                                       oughly
areas code that came up at anoth-                   are.”                        and have two major roads near-                    environmentalists disagree.                                        assessed.
er recent meeting have generated                                                 by. Garwood said those standards                     At the end of the meeting, the                                     She cau-
more controversy.                              – Richard Amidei,                 are too difficult to meet and city                commission heard testimony                                         tioned
   In the municipal code, plan-            Planning commissioner –               residents might not favor com-                    about proposed changes to the               Joanna Buehler         against an
ners are making a variety of pro-                                                mercial establishments in resi-                   critical areas code that was the                                   amendment
posals that run the gamut from                                                   dential areas anyway.                             subject of a June 5 meeting. That           that would allow property owners
making it easier to move soil,           ing the number of days that com-           “We had a couple of people try                 proposal calls for reducing                 to drain storm water into the
mulch or bark for lawn and land-         mercial establishments are per-         and they couldn’t meet the crite-                 drainage requirements estab-                city’s lakes through a series of
scaping work, to prohibiting com-        mitted to keep for-rent or for-sale     ria,” Garwood said. “While it                     lished by a 2005 mandate, allow-            pipes – a process known as
mercial establishments in resi-          signs on their lawns after a deal       seems to allow it, it really doesn’t              ing property owners more lee-               tightlining – in lieu of infiltration.
dential zones to limiting the            is closed, making that clause           allow it anywhere in the city.”                   way in how they handle storm                She said infiltration is preferable
number of cats residents can             more consistent with the limita-           The proposed changes also                      water and giving them a one-time            because it removes toxins that
keep in their homes.                     tions on other sign displays.           include reducing the interior lot                 exemption to drainage require-              would harm the lakes, causing
   According to the current code,            “If a residential real estate       line setback from seven to five                   ments for property additions up             irreversible damage.
                                                                                                                                                                                   “In our opinion, these are not
                                                                                              The joy of dance, the                                                            minor changes, especially given
                                                                                                                                                                               the fragility of the lands upon
                                                                                          pleasure of self-conf idence...                                                      which the city lies,” Buehler said.
                                                                                                                                                                               “The point of having all of these
                                                                                                               Our program follows the school year,                            regulations was because this was
                                                                                                                  plus a 6 week summer program
                                                                                                                                                                               an incredibly sensitive area.”
                                                                                                                 Ages 3-6 • Pre-ballet, basic tumbling, tap                        Ruan Breedt, a design engi-
                                           NEW LOCATION                                                    Hip Hop for ages 7 - 9 • 2 days a week on the Plateau               neer for the American
                                        MEADOW CREEK ON FRONT STREET
                                                                                                                                                                               Engineering Corporation who is
                                          10 AM WITH CHILDREN’S
                                                                                                                  Dance with Miss Sue                                          working on a project near a sen-
                                                                                                                    425.443.5737                                               sitive environmental area in
          65 FRONT STREET SOUTH , ISSAQUAH 98027                                             Tuition or Drop In • 26 years experience • Mbr. of Dance Educators of America     Sammamish, spoke in support of
                                                                                                                                                                               the proposed changes.
                                                                                                                                                                                   “Even though we could collect
                                         “FUN with Horses” Ages 6-11                                                                                                           the storm water, control the
                                                                                                                                                                               storm water and have no erosion
                                              CIT Program for ages 12-17                                                                                                       downstream, this code still pre-
                                          Weekly Sessions: June, July & August                                                                                                 vents us from doing any develop-
                                                 Sammamish Plateau                                                                                                             ment whatsoever,” Breedt told
                                                                                                                                                                               the commission. “I don’t really
                                                   425-392-0111                                                                                                                see why some of these areas can-
                                                                                                                                                                               not be developed.”
                                            Summer Camp Openings                                                                       No-Scalpel No-Needle No-Pain
                                               Enroll Online Now!                                                                                                                 Reporter Emily Keller can be
                                                                                           Swedish Greenlake Clinic Swedish Issaquah Campus                                    reached at 392-6434, ext. 242, or
      SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                     July 2, 2008 •                   7

Issaquah schools official leaving                                                                                  Judge                                  This time, the commission ini-
                                                                                                                                                       tiated disciplinary proceedings
                                                                                                                                                       against Eiler on Feb. 14.
                                                                                                                   Continued from Page 2                  She filed a response to them
By Chantelle Lusebrink                facilities services, who has           and director of transportation.                                           March 18. The commission inves-
                                      worked with Christensen for 10            Christensen was hired with         Court about her conduct.            tigated further and filed amended
    On June 30, Craig                 years. “But we will miss him,          Issaquah schools in 1998.                Eiler has been a judge for 15    allegations April 14, after which
Christensen, director of opera-       and the quality and commit-               Before that he was in the          years.                              Eiler had 30 days in which to
tions for the Issaquah School         ment he brings to his job.”            Army, ending his career as a             In February 2005, the com-       respond.
District, will leave his post after       Christensen said, he will miss     major in 1997 after 27 years and      mission reprimanded her for            No response from her had
10 years.                             being part of the Issaquah com-        having traveled to about 20           identical behavior. In that         been received, however, by the
    Christensen, who lives in         munity.                                countries.                            instance, Eiler agreed with their   time the commission filed
Edmonds, accepted a position              “It is like an old sweatshirt or      With the district, Christensen     findings.                           charges June 20.
with Edmonds schools in the           sweater you like to wear and           said he learned much from his            She expressed remorse and           Neither she nor her attorney,
same capacity.                        have had for 20 years and never        colleagues, community mem-            recognized the need to change       Anne Bremner, of Seattle, could
    “This is a great community        want to throw away. That is how        bers and students.                    her demeanor; agreed to partici-    be reached for comment.
and it is hard to leave, but I’m      I feel about Issaquah,”                   “Because we have such a            pate in ethics training; to avoid
going to be closer to home and        Christensen said. “I am glad that      group of talented people in our       such behavior in the future; to        Reach Reporter Jon Savelle at
I’ll be able to put my energy into    I was a steward of our schools         district, I have learned, with        read and familiarize herself with   392-6434, ext. 234, or jsavelle@iss-
things in my own community,           here.”                                 every decision I have had to          the Code of Judicial Conduct;
as opposed to the Issaquah com-           Reg Clarke, Christensen’s          make, that I learn something          and participate in behavioral
munity,” he said.                     neighbor and Edmonds’ retiring         new from the citizens of              therapy with an emphasis on
    Christensen will also get to      director, specifically asked           Issaquah, whether it is about         sensitivity training.
see more of his wife, Lai             Christensen to fill his position.      our processes or techniques in           The reprimand consisted of a
Christensen, and grown chil-              It is the only job he said he’d    decision making,” he said. “I am      written action by the commis-
dren.                                 leave Issaquah for.                    taking that with me.”                 sion, stating its findings and
    “My commute is about two              Clarke inspired Christensen           District officials will inter-     requiring Eiler to appear in per-
hours a day. Now, it will be 12
minutes,” he said.
    “He will be getting hours back
                                      to take a transportation position
                                      with Issaquah 10 years ago.
                                          In the district, Christensen
                                                                             view for his replacement soon.

                                                                                Reach Reporter Chantelle
                                                                                                                   son before them.
                                                                                                                      It does not require censure or
                                                                                                                   a recommendation to the
in his life, which is great,” said
Keith Simmonds, director of
                                      has held several positions,
                                      including transportation officer
                                                                             Lusebrink at 392-6434, ext. 241, or
                                                                                                                   Supreme Court that she be sus-
                                                                                                                   pended or removed.                      Photo

                                                                                                                                                            in 3 categories:
                                                                                                                                                            PEOPLE • SCENIC

                                                                                                                                                         Judging criteria:
                                                                                                                                                            Originality, composition, lighting,
                                                                                                                                                        strength of Issaquah/Sammamish identity.

                                                                                                                                                               All submissions come with
                                                                                                                                                             permission to be reproduced,
                                                                                                                                                                with photo credit, in any
                                                                                                                                                            publication of The Issaquah Press
                                                                                                                                                                 or Sammamish Review

                                                                                                                                                             Judging by Issaquah Press staff
                                                                                                                                                                and invited professionals.

                                                                                                                                                           Submit JPEG by email:
                                                                                                                                                                or deliver 8x10 print to:
                                                                                                                                                               Amateur Photo Contest,
                                                                                                                                                               45 Front Street South,
                                                                                                                                                               Issaquah, WA 98027

                                                                                                                                                             Include name, address, phone,
                                                                                                                                                              email, and the photo’s story.
                                                                                                                                                            Limit 3 entries per photographer.

                                                                                                                                                        Deadline: August 15, 2008
                                                                                                                                                         Winners announced:
                                                                                                                                                           Sept. 3 in The Issaquah Press
                                                                                                                                                             & Sammamish Review
     8 • July 2, 2008                                                                                                                                                  SAMMAMISH REVIEW

                                     ing and came home to find the                               The items are a silver Sprint         The incident occurred in front

POlice                               exterior and interior garage doors
                                     open. There were no fingerprints
                                                                                              PM 225 camera flip phone, a
                                                                                              G4015 AT&T silver flip phone, a
                                                                                                                                    of the younger boy’s house.

                                     and no items were missing.                               grey VXB300 Verizon camera flip       Sprayed while walking
Blotter                              Eastlake vandal
                                                                                              phone with black tape on the
                                                                                              back, a silver K1M Verizon cam-          A husband and wife from the              promoted
                                                                                              era flip phone, a blue and black      23900 block of Northeast 14th
                                         Several parts of Eastlake High                       T6300 Motorola Talkabout and a        Street were squirted from a car
Windows shot                         School were spray-painted with                           grey digital compact VHS              with a liquid that temporarily                 The Sammamish Police
   Someone shot out three win-       male genital shapes and the                              Camcorder JVC recorder with a         impaired their vision.                      Department is about to lose a
dows of a construction project on    words “Class 08” between 10:30                           black carrying case. The items           The incident occured as they             few good men.
the 1200 block of 211th Avenue       and 11:10 p.m. June 17.                                  were left at the school over the      walked westbound on the south                  Two officers are being pro-
Northeast, possibly with a pellet        A security guard said he                             last two years.                       side of Northeast 8th Street, in            moted or reassigned to other
or BB gun. The incident occurred     arrived at the school, which is                                                                front of Inglewood Junior High              units in the next few months.
between midnight May 20 and 4        located at 400 228th Avenue                              Teen assault                          School, at 7:50 p.m. June 20.               Sammamish police officers
p.m. June 20 at Covington            Northeast, to find a large group of                                                               The passenger window of the              are King County Sheriff’s
Multicare. The shots damaged         juveniles hiding in the parking                             Police arrested a 14-year-old      vehicle was down when the inci-             Office deputies who work for
the exterior pane of the double-     lot.                                                     Beaver Lake Middle School stu-        dent occurred.                              the city by contract.
paned windows.                           He said there were also youths                       dent for fourth degree assault at 2      There were no lasting affects               Sgt. David Rainey will
   No bullets were found. Parker     hiding in the bushes on the west                         p.m. June 17. The boy called out      on their vision. The suspect vehi-          leave the Sammamish Police
Homes is building two homes at       side of the school and they ran                          the name of a 13-year-old Beaver      cle, a dark blue two-door Toyota            Department July 1 and the
that location. The damage is esti-   northeast when he tried to speak                         Lake student from a basketball        with a “Y” and/or “O” missing               department is currently inter-
mated at $3,500.                     to them. The other group told                            court where he had been playing       from its tailgate, stopped at the           viewing applicants for a
                                     him they were from the graduat-                          with two friends and then fol-        four-way stop at 244th Avenue               replacement, Police Chief
Bank fraud                           ing class.                                               lowed him when the boy did not        Northeast briefly and then drove            Brad Thompson told the City
                                         An officer then spoke to sever-                      respond.                              northbound.                                 Council June 17.
   A woman from the 22300            al young people in the Safeway                              The first boy asked the second                                                    The department will also
block of Northeast 28th Street       parking lot but they did not iden-                       boy whether his mom was sitting       Car dented                                  lose Sgt. Jesse Anderson, who
found $5,129.46 worth of unau-       tify the vandals.                                        in her pickup in front of his                                                     will move to the King County
thorized charges to her U.S. Bank                                                             house and he said no. The first          A woman driving her silver               Sheriff’s fraud unit September
visa credit card. The transactions   Unclaimed                                                boy then pushed him to the            2005 BMW convertible past the               1.
occurred between June 16 and 19                                                               ground and, after he got up, tack-    Sammamish Skate Park heard                     Thompson also told the
and consisted of 10 payments to      Skyline items                                            led him, causing the second boy       something hit her car at 4 p.m.             council in his quarterly report
Hawaiian Airways, U.S. Airways          A school resource officer for                         to hit the back of his head and       June 16 and then saw a golf ball            that Detective Andreas
and Continental. The woman dis-      Skyline High School found a                              back, according to the police         size dent in the hood. She                  Kaltsounis was honored May
covered the charges when she         Fujifilm FINEPIXZ Z10 orange                             report. He refused medical atten-     stopped and found a skateboard              21 at the U.S. Courthouse for
was unable to make a dry clean-      digital camera with no SIM card                          tion.                                 wheel on the ground.                        participation in Operation
ing payment.                         and a dead battery in the auxil-                            The older boy claimed the             The park is in front of City             Guarantee Fraud, an effort to
                                     iary gym at 2:15 p.m. June 11 and                        younger boy had made an               Hall and the Sammamish Police               reduce identity theft.
Garage door opened                   turned it into police because it                         obscene gesture and that he had       Station at 801 228th Avenue
                                     was unclaimed.                                           followed him to talk about it. The    Southeast. The woman is from                  Local news ...
   A man from the 2500 block of         A school resource officer at                          younger boy also said that the        the 23100 block of Southeast 27th
238th Court Northeast reported       Skyline High School also turned                          older boy told him several times      Way. Police watched videos of the
that someone may have entered        in a host of unclaimed items                             to punch him, which the older         scene but could not see anything                   Sammamish
his home between 4:30 and 6          from the school’s lost and found                         boy denied. When the younger          being thrown at that time.
p.m. June 18. The man said he
closed all the doors before leav-
                                     at 8 a.m. June 20. The school is
                                     located at 1122 228th Avenue.
                                                                                              boy got home, his mother called
                                                                                              the police.                              Information in the Police Blotter
                                                                                                                                    comes directly from local police
   School is out,
                                                                                                                    Celebrating     reports.
                                                                                                                   30 Years
                                                                                                                    of Excellence
                                                                                                                    in Education                             Everyone Needs a Little Help

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      or has weak basic skills, our certified teachers and individu-
      alized programs help children overcome frustration and
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     SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                 July 2, 2008 •          9

LWSD reviews budget proposal                                                                                      Permit
                                                                                                                                                     staff deal with the ebb and flow
                                                                                                                                                     of applications.
                                                                                                                                                        “We’re kind of like the gro-
                                                                                                                  Continued from Page 6              cery store,” Gurol said, explain-
                                     Barbara Posthumus, business ser-       for review and public comment.                                           ing the permit process from
District proposes                    vices coordinator for the district.    To view it, go to,           “Eventually, the market will   the city’s perspective. “You go
                                        The proposed budget also out-       click “about us,” followed by “bud-   rebound, and we’ll be ready for    to the grocery store and it
$217.9 million in                    lined how money is spent and           get information.”                     it,” he said.                      seems like everyone else decid-
                                     accumulated by the district.              A public hearing and the offi-         The city processed an          ed to go to the grocery store at
spending                                The largest spending for the        cial adoption of the proposed         increasing number of over-the-     the same time you went to the
By J.B. Wogan                        district is dedicated to direct        budget are scheduled for the Aug.     counter permits per month for      grocery store.”
                                     classroom support. That number         11 school board meeting.              mechanical, re-roof, tree             The city expects to receive
   The Lake Washington School        translates to 80.3 percent of             To submit questions or com-        removal, plumbing and other        60 plat and short plat applica-
Board reviewed the 2008-2009         spending, roughly $161 million         ments about the budget, call 702-     applications from January to       tions by year’s end, along with
budget proposal during its meet-     for the 2007-2008 budget.              3300 or send e-mail to                May. The city issued 57 typical    120 remodel applications, 30
ing June 23.                            Direct classroom support                 over-the-counter permits in        demolition requests, 30 stan-
   The $217.9 million spending       includes paying for teachers’                                                May compared with 29 in            dard re-roof applications and
plan calls for an 8.42 percent, or   salaries, school materials and            Reporter J.B. Wogan can be         January.                           400 mechanical, roof, plumb-
$16.8 million increase in expen-     textbooks, the salaries of librari-    reached at 392-6434, ext. 247, or         Gurol said the online appli-   ing and other electronically
ditures for the coming year.         ans and counselors, as well as the                 cation process has helped city     issued permit requests.
   The largest proposed increases    costs of maintaining and provid-
are for transportation, special      ing technology to the school
education, and special and pilot     buildings.
programs.                               The largest source of revenue
   Transportation would see an       for the Lake Washington School
increase in costs of $772,553, or    District is the state, which pro-
10.89 percent — from about $7        vides 54.8 percent of the district’s
million to slightly more than $7.8   funding.
million.                                Local levies provide 17.9 per-
   Special education would jump      cent of funding. Money set aside
9.47 percent, or about $1.6 mil-     from the state for categorical pro-
lion — from about $16.9 million      grams — such as special educa-
to about $18.5 million.              tion and English Language
   Special or pilot programs         Learners education — make up
would increase 78.17 percent, or     14.2 percent of the funding.
$462,949 — from about $592,000          Federal funds, fee programs,
to $1 million.                       and several smaller district and
   The increasing costs in trans-    agency sources provide the
portation are partially driven by    remaining sum.
soaring gas prices, according to        The budget is available online
      10 •     July 2, 2008
                                                           COMMUNITY                                                                            SAMMAMISH REVIEW

                                                                                                                                                    Villenueve, who will attend the

Trash                                                                                                                                               University of Oregon next year.
                                                                                                                                                    Protecting the environment is a
                                                                                                                                                    cause close to Villenueve’s heart,
                                                                                                                                                    he said.
                                                                                                                                                        “It’s something I’ve been fol-
                                                                                                                                                    lowing in the political world. It’s

talk                                                                                                                                                something that our generation,
                                                                                                                                                    we’re a little more versed in it,”
                                                                                                                                                    he said. “To be able to take part in
                                                                                                                                                    it is awesome.”
                                                                                                                                                        Villenueve said his back-
Anti-littering ad                                                                                                                                   ground in film — he took sum-
                                                                                                                                                    mer classes at the New York Film
nets Sammamish                                                                                                                                      Academy in Boston, and has pro-
                                                                                                                                                    duced clips for his Eastlake
student time on TV                                                                                                                                  DECA chapter — helped enhance
                                                                                                                                                    the quality of the commercial.
By J.B. Wogan                                                                                                                                           Best, on the other hand,
                                                                                                                                                    described the experience as new
   CJ Best, a rising senior at                                                                                                                      and different.
Eastlake, had a brush with televi-                                                                                                                      “I’ve never been into acting
sion stardom this summer.                                                                                                                           that much,” said Best. His mother
   It came in the form of a com-                                                                                                                    is a film producer though, and
mercial he and classmate Matt                                                                                                                       his success as a character in the
Villenueve produced for a contest                                                                                                                   30-second spot has encouraged
conducted by DECA and the                                                                                                                           him about acting prospects in the
Washington Department of                                                                                                                            future.
Ecology.                                                                                                                              Contributed       “She has a lot of opportunities
   As part of the “Litter and It      Matt Villenueve and CJ Best get goofy during the Comcast production of their anti-littering com-              for extras, so I might jump into
Will Hurt” campaign, the depart-      mercial.                                                                                                      some of those,” he said.
ment challenged students across                                                                                                                         “We liked the humor, and yet,
the state to submit a 30-second       focused on workers piling up         out onto the road.                 just as the spot ends.                we also liked the literal depiction
spot condemning littering.            cardboard boxes on the back of a        “Doesn’t make sense, does it?      The concept was to hone in on      of the incident itself,” said Megan
   Best and Villenueve’s commer-      pickup truck, just to speed out of   Driving with an unsecure load is   the “secure your load” aspect of
cial — filed under Best’s name —      a parking lot and fling the boxes    a crime,” flashes on the screen    the anti-littering message, said                 See LITTER, Page 12

Sammamish woman crowned Mrs. Washington
By Kendra Abernathy                                                                                                                                 in the pageant proceedings.
                                                                                                                                                    Husbands are involved by walk-
   There were 23 women com-                                                                                                                         ing their wives out on stage for
peting for the title of Mrs.                                                                                                                        the evening gown portion and
Washington 2008, but in the end,                                                                                                                    the winner’s husband has oppor-
Sammamish’s Marikay Coyer                                                                                                                           tunity to crown his wife if she wins.
came home with the prize.                                                                                                                               “It’s very nerve wracking
   “I was absolutely in shock                                                                                                                       watching your wife being judged
when I was chosen,” Coyer said.                                                                                                                     by other people,” Coyer’s hus-
“As they say it’s 90 percent prepa-                                                                                                                 band, Joe Fithian, said.
ration and 10 percent luck.”                                                                                                                            Besides working as a financial
   The 2008 Mrs. Washington                                                                                                                         sales development consultant
pageant, held June 21, was                                                                                                                          with Allstate Insurance, raising
Coyer’s second time competing                                                                                                                       two children and being a wife,
for the Mrs. Washington title.                                                                                                                      Coyer dedicates her free time to
   “I think what makes Marikay a                                                                                                                    community involvement. Coyer
great Mrs. Washington is, first,                                                                                                                    is involved with Habitat for
her perseverance to succeed,”                                                                                                                       Humanity, Joey Cora Children’s
Mrs. Washington pageant director                                                                                                                    Foundation, Big Brothers &
and producer Pam Curnel said.                                                                                                                       Sisters of King County and sever-
“She’s articulate, intelligent,                                                                                                                     al other organizations.
beautiful and she can do it all.                                                                                                                        As Mrs. Washington, Coyer
She’s a mother, wife and busi-                                                                                                                      will also promote her platform,
nesswoman.”                                                                                                                                         “Empowering Women,” which
   According to Mrs. Washington                                                                                                                     encourages those who face adver-
pageant director and producer                                                                                                                       sity in their lives to recognize
Pam Curnel, the Mrs. Washington                                                                                                                     that they can achieve goals,
pageant showcases the accom-                                                                                                                        dreams and ambitions.
plishments of today’s married                                                                                                                           Coyer hopes to be a role
women and shows others how                                                                                                                          model who shows women they
women can make a difference in                                                                                                        Contributed   can overcome challenges in their
their communities and our             Sammamish resident Marikay Coyer (center) was crowned Mrs. Washington. From left are Julie                    lives, she wrote in her entrance
nation.                               Rzechula, fourth runner-up, Natalie Lybbert, second runner-up, Coyer, Lisa Quast, first runner-up             letter for the Mrs. Washington
   The Mrs. Washington pageant        and Carla Richards, third runner-up.                                                                          pageant.
is different from other pageants                                                                                                                        With her victory, Coyer will be
in that participants don’t have to    and there is no talent portion.      categories: interview, swimsuit       This pageant also differs in
qualify at a preliminary pageant      Participants are judged in three     and evening gown.                  that husbands are also involved               See PAGEANT, Page 12
     SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                           July 2, 2008 •       11

Obituary                          Arts Commission’s                                                          Boys take a stand

                                  new additions
                                  By Kendra Abernathy

                                      At the Sammamish City
                                  Council’s meeting June 17,
                                  Deborah Akerstrom and Bala
                                  Subramanian were chosen to
                                  serve as the city’s newest Art
                                      The Arts Commission was
                                  founded by the City Council
                                  July 22, 2003, at the request of
                                  the Sammamish Arts Task
                                  Force, according to the city Web
                                      The commission is com-
                                  prised of seven members and
Lauren A. Poor                    serves as an advisory body to
                                  the City Council in matters con-
Lauren A. Poor                    cerning public art in the
                                  Sammamish. Each member             Deborah Akerstrom
   Lauren A. Poor, precious       serves a four-year term.
daughter and sister, passed           Akerstrom and Subramanian      and help build on what the
away peacefully June 21.          have terms that run through        commission has already accom-
   She was born in Bellevue       Dec. 31, 2011.                     plished.”
on Oct. 13, 1992, and grew up         The commission pursues its        Throughout her term,
attending Samantha Smith          goals of promoting and facilitat-  Akerstrom plans to work to
Elementary School and             ing public art through grants      increase public awareness
Inglewood Junior High             from outside the city.             and public involvement in
School, of Sammamish.                 Akerstrom,                                     the arts.
   Her life has been filled       who is a princi-      “I would like to see            Subraman-ian
with the love of her family,      pal in the inte-                                   could not be
mother Cindy Cimoch, father       rior design            all of these things         reached for com-
Dean Poor, sister Leah Poor       firm Arrange-         incorporated in our ment.
and brother Spencer Poor, as      ments, decided                                        Michael              Blaine and Ryan Minton won a nationwide contest from
well as grandparents Norm         to apply for the          community.”              Carpenter, Vinita       Crayons, Inc., a natural beverage company, and received a
and Maryann Cimoch, of            position               – Deborah Akerstrom,        K. and Katja May        lemonade stand and 120 cans of pink lemonade.
Bermuda Dunes, Calif., uncles     because of her          Arts Commissioner –        will serve as           They had to have their stand out at a high traffic area on June
Bill Cimoch, of Hood River,       interest in pub-                                   alternates for the      21, and set up at the Starbucks at the entrance to Eastlake High
Ore., and Chris Cimoch, of        lic art and                                        Arts                    The boys had to give all their proceeds to a charity of their
Crystal Mountain, Wash., and      what she says is the arts ability  Commission.                             choice and they chose Hope 4 Kids International.
aunt Lori James of Mount          to improve surroundings and           In previous years, the Arts          They were hoping to raise enough to sponsor a child for a whole
Saint Helens, Ore.                enrich peoples’ lives.             Commission only had two alter-          year and they did just that raising $315.70, with the Starbuck’s
   Her family and all who             “The arts comprise many        nates, but at the June 17 meet-         store donating the last $20.
have been blessed to have         areas: paintings, sculpture, the   ing the City Council decided to
Lauren’s presence in their        written word, drama and music      add a third.
lives dearly love her.
   Please visit Lauren’s online
                                  among many others, and I
                                  would like to see all of these
                                                                        The Arts Commission hosts
                                                                     meetings on the third Monday
memorial to sign her guest-       things incorporated in our com-    of each month at 7 p.m.                    We are your eyes and ears at local government meetings.
book or make a memorial           munity,” Akerstrom said. “It is
donation at
                                  truly exciting to think that I        Intern Kendra Abernathy can
                                  have an opportunity to get in on be reached at                                         SAMMAMISH REVIEW
                                  the ground floor in Sammamish

                                                                                            – Dr. Chris & Dr. Kim
                                                                                               Your family dentists on the
                                                                                               Sammamish Plateau
   — Heidi Sutter, OD

                                                                                            (425) 392-2103

      12 •     July 2, 2008                                                                                                                                            SAMMAMISH REVIEW

Mysteries of travel                                                                                                                                                         Pageant
                                                                                                                            California. Donahue is a Junior,

                                                                               College                                      majoring in Japanese.
                                                                                                                               Scripps College is the women’s
                                                                                                                            college of the Claremont                        Continued from Page 10
By Sarelyn Radecke                        Where was she going? Well,
                                       last I heard, Paris Hilton was          notes                                        Colleges, an academic communi-
                                                                                                                            ty of five undergraduate and two                representing Washington at the
    Writing this article poses         accepting applications for a                                                         graduate institutions.                          Mrs. America pageant in
extreme difficulty for me,             new best friend. I guess Nicole                                                         The dean’s list recognizes stu-              Tucson, Ariz., Sept. 2.
because I am actually writing it       Richie didn’t cut it.                   Chancey Anderson                             dents who have achieved a grade                    “Her strength is her age,
in a notebook as I speak. Write.          Spotted: A young man, carry-         wins scholarship                             point average of at least 11 (A-) in            which will set her apart from
Whatever.                              ing a box with latches on the                                                        four, letter-graded courses in one              the others and she looks great,”
    Unlike at Starbucks (where I       outside. What was odd—the                  Chancey Anderson, of                      semester.                                       Curnel said. “I think she will do
wrote my article in a notebook         base of the box was an octagon.         Sammamish, has been awarded                                                                  well at Mrs. America because
and wasn’t considered abnor-           As I stood in line to grab my           the Lynden Memorial                          Kimberly Evanson                                of her confidence in all her
mal in the slightest), it is a lot     boarding pass, I pondered all of        Scholarship for 2008.                                                                        great assets.”
harder to go incognito at an air-      the possibilities that the box             The $1,000 scholarship is                 on deans list                                      According to the Mrs.
port — much less observe peo-          could have encased.                     given to children of Lynden                     Kimberly Evanson, a junior                   American Web site, the winner
ple.                                      A hat? No, the box was far           Company employees. Eight                     from Sammamish, was recently                    of the pageant will receive
    I love to travel, and over the     too elegant. A megaphone? No,           scholarships were awarded for                named to the Gonzaga University                 cash, prizes and endless oppor-
years, I have developed the            at the rate the line was moving,        the 2008-2009 academic year.                 Dean’s List for spring semester                 tunities. For the entire year
habit of watching people at the        it wouldn’t have been in the               Anderson, daughter of Dane                2008.                                           Mrs. America will act as the
airport and trying to figure out                                               and Carolyn Anderson, of                        Evanson is a graduate of                     ambassador and spokesperson
where they were going and                                                      Sammamish, is studying educa-                Eastlake High School Students                   for America’s married women.
why.                                    School                                 tion at the University of St.                must earn 3.5 to 3.69 to be listed.                “I feel that it is an extreme
    Of course, this habit has           scoop                                  Thomas in St. Paul, Minn.                                                                    privilege to represent the state
become quite pricy over the                                                                                                 Philip Chwaniec                                 going to nationals,” Coyer
years. With all of the security          Sarelyn                               Lindsay Donohue                                                                              explained. “I will be competing
requirements in place, you
                                                                                                                            makes president’s list                          against 50 other women and
actually have to buy an airplane                                               makes deans list                                Philip Chwaniec was named to                 would like to do the best I can.”
ticket to hang out in the airport       Eastlake High                             Lindsay Donahue, a resident               the President’s List at Gonzaga
… hmph!                                    School                              of Sammamish, was named to the               University for spring semester.                    Intern Kendra Abernathy can
    So here they are, my official                                              dean’s list for the spring semester          He graduated from Eastlake High                 be reached at
observations and hypotheses:           box; it would have been                 at Scripps College in Claremont,             School in 2007                        
    Spotted: A middle aged             cemented to the guy’s mouth. A
woman, decked out in profes-           replica of an Egyptian pyramid?

sional, high-tech hiking gear          It was hard to tell for sure.                                                           The original commercial,                      Best and Villenueve submitted
from head to toe.                         As I stood there considering                                                      which won the contest’s grand                 a second commercial for the con-
    Atop her head: cheap red           the box and all of its mysteries,                                                    prize, is available for viewing at            test under Villenueve’s name,
plastic sunglasses, no doubt           the box walked out of my life,          Continued from Page 10                               which won first place — just
made for a four year-old. Where        leaving the ticket lady snapping                                                        A Comcast crew revamped the                behind the grand prize.
was she going? Home. She               her fingers at me: “Miss? Miss!         Warfield, a spokesperson for the             original spot, with Best starring                They each received $500 edu-
probably mistook Mount                 Pay attention!”                         Department of Ecology. Warfield              as one of two workers loading a               cational scholarships, and earned
McKinley for “Mount                       Where was he going with the          served as a judge for the contest.           statue onto the back of a truck.              a $1,250 scholarship for their
McKidley.”                             octagonal box? Your guess is as            “CJ and Matt’s video was a                Once again, the unsecured load                DECA chapter. While Best had
    Spotted: A woman with              good as mine.                           very clear winner,” added fellow             falls out once the vehicle starts             the pleasure of watching his com-
stilettos and a mini-skirt, talk-         Author’s Note: If you were           contest judge Cynthia Hartwig.               moving.                                       mercial air on television,
ing on her diamond-studded             departing from Sea-Tac on June             The commercial’s high pro-                   That professional reproduc-                Villeneuve received a free party
phone.                                 16 and this was your box, or            duction value, combined with a               tion, which aired on local                    for his friends.
    The catch — she could hard-        you know whose box it was ...           concise and amusing premise,                 Comcast channels such as
ly keep her balance. I got dizzy       contact me … the suspense is            made for an easy choice, Hartwig             Comedy Central, Discovery and                    Reporter J.B. Wogan can be
just looking at her trying to          killing me.                             explained. “Nothing was as strong            MTV, can be seen at                           reached at 392-6434, ext. 247, or
maintain it.                                                                   as this one.”                                        

                                                                                  CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY , MSD
                                                                                                         n .
                                                                                                     John R. Liu, DDS

                                                                               Pediatric             e .
                                                                                              SallySue M. Lombardi, DDS,
                                                                                                     a .
                                                                                                Donna J. Quinby, DMD,, MSD
                                                                               Dental Group                                             Members of Academy of
                                                                                                                                          Pediatric Dentistry

                                                                                    185 NE Gilman Blvd. Issaquah               L Specializing in Dentistry for Infants,
                                                                                                                                 Children & Adolescents
                                                                                      w        s
                                                                                    New Patients Welcome
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                                                                                                                                                                                 for 31 years.
                                                  at Issaquah                                                                                                                Additions our specialty.
                                                  Total Eye Care                                                                                                               Expert remodeling.
                                               • Complete Eye Exams                                                                                                               Design service.
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                                 Event starts at 6 PM
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     Family Fun!                 Great live music! Old-fashioned treats!
                                 Fun kid’s playground! Spectacular fireworks!
               Schedule of Events
Upper Commons/City Hall
                                                                                                                                     Where to Park
6 pm
6 pm
          National Anthem by Master Chorus Eastside
          Food & Vendor Booths Open                                                        10:15 pm                                             Legend
6:15 pm
8 pm
          Ido Eyez: 70s, 80s, 90s Party Hits
          Dance Factory: Super Disco Dance Band                                            Fireworks!                                                  FOUR OR MORE ON THE FOURTH
                                                                                                                                                       *Special lot for vehicles with 4 or more persons

                                                                                                                                                       Large-size lot

                                                                                                                                                       Medium-size lot

                                                                                                                                                       Small-size lot

                                                                                                                                                       Handicap parking
                                                      Lower Commons Park                      Food Concessions                                         Vendor Parking
                                                                                              • Mexican
                                                      6 pm    Family Fun Zone (til 9:30)             Hermosa Mexican Foods
                                                                                              • Smoothies                                      1   Pine Lake Park

                                                      6 pm    Food Booths Open                       Emerald City Smoothies                    2   Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church
                                                                                              • Elephant Ears                                  3   Mary Queen of Peace Church
                                                              Clowns, Balloon Artist                 Panda Catering
                                                                                                                                               4   Sammamish Highlands Shopping Center
                                                                                              • Kettlecorn
                                                              Special Guest: Mrs. Sammamish          Amazing Kettlecorn                        5   Eastlake High School
                                                                                              • Ice Cream                                      6   Skyline High School
                                                                                                     Kiwanis Club of Sammamish                 7   Discovery Elementary School
                                                                                              • Hot Dogs & Hamburgers                          8   Pine Lake Middle School
                                                                                                     Sammamish Rotary Club
                                                                                              • Vegetarian/Ethnic                              9   Sammamish City Hall
                                                                                                                                                   (handicapped parking only)
                                                                                                     Vedic Cultural Center
                                                                                              • Pizza by the Slice                            10   Sammamish City Hall
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               The City of Sammamish is proud to present the second annual Fourth on the Plateau,
                               an event celebrating community, family and fun!

                Boasting one of the largest celebrations and fireworks shows on the Eastside,
       this community festival provides an exciting opportunity for thousands of Sammamish residents
           to connect at an Independence Day celebration that is sure to become a family tradition!

           Free and open to the public, the park opens at noon with activities starting at 6:00 pm,
                           but the real bang comes with the fireworks at 10:15!

Presented by

Sponsored by

                       For more information please visit
               The City of Sammamish is proud to present the second annual Fourth on the Plateau,
                               an event celebrating community, family and fun!

                Boasting one of the largest celebrations and fireworks shows on the Eastside,
       this community festival provides an exciting opportunity for thousands of Sammamish residents
           to connect at an Independence Day celebration that is sure to become a family tradition!

           Free and open to the public, the park opens at noon with activities starting at 6:00 pm,
                           but the real bang comes with the fireworks at 10:15!

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      SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                                                 July 2, 2008 •                          17

Rotary’s Skyline scholars
                                                                                                                                                                                     of viral pneumonia. Cory gradu-

                                                                                                                                                College                              ated from Eastlake High School
                                                                                                                                                                                     in 2002.
                                                                                                                                                                                        The scholarship is awarded
   The Rotary Club of
Sammamish awarded five gradu-
                                                           school dis-
                                                                                            Business at Arizona State
                                                                                            University. Block served as ASB                     Notes                                to a graduating senior at EHS
                                                                                                                                                                                     who demonstrates a strong
ates of Skyline High School’s                              tricts, and was                                      director of                                                          desire for learning, community
class of 2008 scholarships at the                          recognized as                                        communica-                                                           service and understands the
senior breakfast June 4.                                   “distinguished                                       tion and was a                  Curtis Yasutake                      meaning of “living life to the
   Rotary’s scholarship chairman,                          lieutenant                                           member of                       graduates                            fullest.”
Chris Leyerle, made the presen-                            governor”                                            the National                                                            For Anne Marolich volun-
tations to the five young adults.                          (highest hon-                                        Honor Society                      Curtis Yasutake, Sammamish        teering in her community has
This marks the fourth year of                              ors) at the end                                      and Link                        resident and a 2004 graduate of      become a way of life. Whether
such scholarships to Skyline          Alicia Kim           of her term.                                         Crew. She also                  Eastlake High School, recently       working with the homeless,
seniors. A total of $10,000 was                            In addition to                                       was DECA                        graduated summa cum laude            fund raising for Children’s
awarded this year. For the class      many extracurricular and com-                         Diane Block         vice president                  from Seattle University with a       Hospital or volunteering at a
of 2009, the scholarships will        munity service activities, she                                            of community                    Bachelor of Arts in Business         local elementary school she
total $15,000.                        enjoys art and singing.                               service and has been instrumen-                     Administration, major in             tries to contribute meaningfully
   Receiving scholarships are the        ◆ David Bretl will attend the                      tal in implementing fundraising                     Finance.                             to her community.
following students:                   University of Washington to                           events for Make-A-Wish and                             He was awarded the Paul A.           During her academic years
   ◆ Andrea Scripa will attend        major in engineering. Bretl has                       World Vision.                                       Volpe Award, which is awarded        she has overcome challenges in
                     Duke             been captain                                              ◆ Stephanie Dietzel will                        to the outstanding senior in the     learning and graduated from
                     University as    of varsity soc-                                       attend the University of                            Albers School of Business and        EHS with a 3.6 GPA. Anne will
                     an               cer and a                                             Washington to major in mathe-                       Economics. Selection is based        be attending Washington State
                     International    member of                                             matics. Dietzel is active with the                  on academic excellence and           University in the fall and plans
                     Baccalaureate    the All-King                                          Issaquah Hot                                        contributions to the school, the     to major in elementary educa-
                     diploma can-     County 3A                                             Meals                                               university and the community.        tion.
                     didate. Scripa   First Team,                                           Program,
                     has been a       and was voted                                         Eastside                                            Anne Marolich                        Kristen Sawchuk
                     member of        this year’s co-                                       Domestic
                     Link Crew        player of the      David Bretl                        Violence                                            wins scholarship                     graduates
Andrea Scripa       and treasurer     year. He quali-                                       Program and                                           On May 28th Anne                      Kristen M. Sawchuk has
                    for the           fied for the state solo competition                   has spent two                                       Marolich,, a senior at Eastlake      earned the degree of Bachelor
Associated Student Body. She          in music for the past three years                     summers pro-                                        High School, was awarded an          of Science in Accounting with a
also has helped lead the debate       on saxophone and past two years                       viding hurri-                                       $8000 scholarship from the           minor in history from Linfield
club and has been on the school’s     on bassoon. He is also active in                      cane relief in    Stephanie                         Cory O’Brien Memorial Fund.          College. Commencement exer-
swim team for four years. Her         the community with Athletes for                       the New           Dietzel                           The Cory O’Brien Memorial            cises were June 1.
community interests include           Kids                                                  Orleans area.                                       Scholarship was established in          Sawchuk is employed as an
playing and teaching piano and           ◆ Diane “Dee” Block will                           She also enjoys playing piano                       2004 shortly after Cory passed       accountant with Moss Adams
snow skiing.                          attend the W.P. Carey School of                       and working at her church.                          away suddenly from a rare form       LLP.
   ◆ Alicia Kim will attend
Dartmouth College. Kim served
as lieutenant governor of
Division 28 within Key Club
International’s Pacific Northwest
District in charge of all Key
Clubs in the Bellevue and

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      18 •     July 2, 2008
                                                                   Calendar                                                                              SAMMAMISH REVIEW

Events                                friends? Beginning Thursday              free Judaic and Torah class for      following the local school calen-      feature a video book review con-
    Its that time again. Come         afternoons in June, July and             women, is from 1-1:45 p.m. every     dar. Contact Principal Davis           test. Teens may shoot a book-
and enjoy the Fourth of July with     August, Sammamish Presbyterian           Tuesday at Caffé Ladro in            Hwang at 868-2437 or davish-           themed video, reviews of books,
20,000 of your closest friends.       Church will host a summer golf           Issaquah Highlands Shopping                      or even book trailers. They then
The Sammamish Commons                 league. Both men and women of            Center. Contact Chabad of the                                               upload their personal entry into a
opens at noon July 4 and the fes-     all skill levels, ages and golf attire   Central Cascades at 427-1654.        Youth                                  YouTube account and a panel of
tivities kick off at 6 p.m. with      are welcome. Visit                          Free Hebrew classes are                                                  five teen services librarians will
fireworks set for 10:15 p.m. for          offered through Chabad of the           Sammamish Family YMCA               judge it.
    Activities include kid-friendly   more information or to register to       Central Cascades. Call 427-1654.     is offering summer camps, spe-             Sammamish Book
areas and live music. Admission       play.                                       Kabalat Shabbat is offered at     cialty programs, sports,               Discussion Group meets at 7
is free. Visit                Pine Lake Covenant Church            the Chabad house at the Issaquah     preschool, tween and teen pro-         p.m. July 16. This month’s book for         is hosting a Christian summer            Highlands at 7 p.m. Fridays. New     grams and swim lesson at 4221          is “Anout Alice” by Calvin Trillan.
more information.                     sports camp for children 6-12.           members and guests are wel-          228th Ave. S.E. in Issaquah. Call          “Breaking Dawn” release
    The King County Office of         “Undefeated” sports camp will            come. Call 427-1654.                 391-4840 register.                     celebration. Go to the liubrary
Civil Rights will host a commu-                                                                                                                            for a ‘Twilight’ books trivia con-
nity forum designed to provide                                                                                                                             test, hear the first chapter of the
practical advice for every resi-                                                                                                                           book, watch the movie trailer and
dent, focusing on what the office
calls basics such as how to recog-
                                          Guitar hero                                                                                                      have some snacks. 3 p.m. July 31.
                                                                                                                                                               Talk Time is at 7 p.m.
nize discrimination, where and                                                                                                                             Tuesdays. Join other adults to
how to report it and how to stop                                                                                                                           improve your English conversa-
it. The forums are designed to                                                                                                                             tion skills. Call Literacy
give practical advice to renters,                                                                                                                          AmeriCorps at 369-3452.
property managers, employers,                                                                                                                                  Bayou Bug Tales.
employees and building and busi-                                                                                                                           Grasshopper, ant and caterpillar
ness owners who have questions                                                                                                                             and pollywog know they need to
about their responsibilities and                                                                                                                           prepare for winter. For ages 3 and
civil rights under anti-discrimina-                                                                                                                        older, free tickets are available at
tion laws.                                                                                                                                                 the Information Desk. 11 a.m.
    The forum is scheduled for 4-6                                                                                                                         and 1 p.m. July 9.
p.m. July 11 at the Sammamish                                                                                                                                  Book Bugs! pajama summer
Library, 825 228th Ave. N.E.                                                                                                                               story times. For children aged 2-6
    A Hazel Wolf Wetlands envi-                                                                                                                            with an adult. 7 p.m. July 7, 14,
ronmental restoration work party                                                                                                                           21 and 28.
is scheduled for 10 a.m.-1 p.m.                                                                                                                                Flutter, Buzz and Zoom!
July 19, at the Hazel Wolf                                                                                                                                 preschool story times. For chil-
Wetlands (Just off Southeast                                                                                                                               dren aged 3-6 with an adult. 10
Windsor Boulevard. in                                                                                                                                      a.m. July 8, 15, 22 and 29.
Sammamish). Join the Cascade                                                                                                                                   Buzz! Buzz! A buggy story
Land Conservancy and other vol-                                                                                                                            time for babies. For children aged
unteers as they clean up and                                                                                                                               6-12 months with an adult. 11
restore parts of the Hazel Wolf                                                                                                                            a.m. July 8,15,22 and 29
Wetlands. Bring work clothes,                                                                                                                                  Be-Bopping Bugs! toddler
boots, water, and rain gear if nec-                                                                                                                        story times. For children aged 2-3
essary. Snacks and drinks will be                                                                                                                          with an adult. 11 a.m. July 16, 23
provided. To RSVP or for more                                                                                                                              and 30.
information, call or email Stacy                                                                                                Photo By David Zearing
Cachules at volunteer@cascade-            Guitarist Dan Carollo, a finger-style player who specializes in traditional Irish and American                   Volunteers needed or 206-905-6931. For             songs, will be joined by master uilleann piper Eliot Grasso and the Baile Glas Irish Dancers
directions visit www.cascade-             at Sammamish Presbyterian Church for a family-friendly evening of Irish music and dance                             The Sammamish Farmers           at 7 p.m. July 13, Sammamish Presbyterian Church 22522 NE Inglewood Hill Rd. Call 868-                           Market needs volunteers. The
lands-preserve-volunteer-restora-         5186.                                                                                                            market is from 4-8 p.m.
tion-event/.                                                                                                                                               Wednesdays through Oct. 1 at the
                                                                                                                                                           Sammamish City Hall Plaza.
Religious/spiritual                   offer soccer, basketball or cheer-          Community Bible Study,               Eastside Precision Drill            Volunteers are needed to plan
                                      leading from 9 a.m.-12:15 p.m.           open to all women, meets             Team is seeking new members.           special events, work on the
   Join other couples on the          July 21-25. The cost is $75 for the      Thursday mornings. To register       The non dance drill team prac-         newsletter, help with logistics,
third Thursday of the month at        week. To register, call or e-mail        for the class beginning Fall 2008,   tices weekly on Tuesdays from          organize children’s events and
Sammamish Presbyterian Church         Kim Strobaugh at Pine Lake               or for more information, call        6–7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of        more. Go to www.sammamish-
for the 10 Great Dates class. This    Covenant Church at                       Nancy Carr at 868-1630.              Redmond Junior High. They’re  for a descrip-
unique program combines fun  or 395-5516 or                                                  now forming their 2008 team and        tion of volunteer opportunities.
dates and marriage education          find a registration form on the          Classes                              will be training for 2008 parade          The King County Long-
skills, giving busy couples an        Web site Space is                                               performances. School-age girls         Term Care Ombudsman
opportunity to build their mar-       limited.                                    A yoga class is offered at        are invited – no experience need-      Program needs certified long
riage and enrich their relation-         Healing Prayer Service is             Beaver Lake Lodge, 25101 S.E.        ed. Call 647-4831.                     term care ombudsman volun-
ship. Registration is required for    available every fourth Tuesday of        24th St., from 9-10 a.m.                                                    teers. After completing a four-day
the program and childcare.            the month at 7 p.m. at Pine Lake         Saturdays. All levels of experi-     Library activities                     training program, visit with resi-
Please e-mail mainoffice@spcon-       Covenant Church, 1715 228th              ence and body types are wel-                                                dents, take and resolve com- Childcare is $10 per        Ave. S.E. Call 392-8636.                 come. Go to www.sammamishyo-            Read three get one free             plaints and advocate for resi-
child with a maximum $20 per             Celebrate Recovery, a                                     summer edition. Students in            dents. Volunteers are asked to
family. There is no charge for the    Christian, 12-step ministry,                The Taiwan School offers          middle school/junior high and          donate four hours a week and
class. Call 868-5186.                 meets Monday evenings from               Mandarin classes. Primary class-     high school, read three books,         attend selected monthly meet-
   Sammamish Presbyterian             6–9:30 p.m. at Pine Lake                 es are 4:30-6:30 p.m. Thursdays      write three thoughtful reviews         ings. Contact John Stilz at 206-
Church kicks off its fourth sea-      Covenant Church, 1715 228th              and intermediate classes are         and get a prize book free. Forms       697-6747 or johns@solid-
son of the men’s softball league.     Ave. S.E. Call 392-8636.                 Fridays from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at       are available at the Sammamish
E-mail if         Pine Lake Covenant Church             1715 228th Ave. S.E. Enrollment      library and when turned in, are           Eastside Bluebills is a Boeing
you want to take part in a sum-       offers a ministry for children           is open to ages 5 and up with or     eligible for a monthly prize draw-     retiree volunteer organization
mer of sunny doubleheaders.           with special needs at 10:30 a.m.         without a heritage background.       ing and entered in the drawing         that strives to provide opportuni-
   Are you interested in play-        Sundays. Call 392-8636.                  Classes meet once a week for         for the grand prize, a laptop com-
ing golf and meeting new                 “Caffeine for the Soul,” a            two-hour lessons with 30 weeks       puter. In addition, this year will           See CALENDAR, Page 19
      SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                    July 2, 2008 •         19

Calendar                               for use as guide dogs for the
                                       blind. For information, call Sandy
                                       at 644-7421.
                                                                             Sammamish Presbyterian
                                                                             Church meets the first and third
                                                                             Mondays, October through June,
                                                                                                                   charities. Call 836-7810.
                                                                                                                       Mothers and More –
                                                                                                                   Sammamish/Redmond Chapter
                                                                                                                                                        a.m. the third Wednesday of the
                                                                                                                                                        month at the Plateau Club, 25625
                                                                                                                                                        E. Plateau Drive. Call 788-2028.
Continued from Page 18                    Volunteer Chore Services           from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at SPC. E-       offers “Moms Need a Playgroup           Sammamish Plateau Parent
                                       links volunteers with seniors or      mail        Too,” scrapbooking, book club,       Networking Group meets nor-
ties for retirees to help others in    individuals who are disabled and         Sammamish Garden Club              movies out, Clutter Club, kids       mally the last Monday of the
need and to assist charitable and      are living on a limited income.       meets the second Tuesday of the       play groups and more. The            month at Sahalee Fire Station
nonprofit organizations. Eastside      Call 284-2240.                        month at 9:30 a.m. in the homes       monthly chapter meeting is the       #82, 1851 228th Ave. N.E. Call
Bluebills meet every third                                                   of members. Visitors and new          first Thursday of the month at 7     868-2111.
Wednesday of the month at the          Clubs, groups                         members are always welcome.           p.m. Go to www.redmondmother-           Redmond Toddler Group, a
Bellevue Regional Library from                                               Call Cathy at 836-0421 or e-mail                        parent-child program with art,
10 a.m.-noon. Call 235-3847.              The Eastside Welcome Club                       Pine Lake Urban Telescope        music, play and parent education
   LINKS, Looking Into the             meets the first Wednesday of the         Great Books and                    Observers’ (PLUTO) meet the          has openings in pre-toddler, tod-
Needs of Kids in Schools,              month at 10 a.m. in member’s          Conversations: Join conversa-         second Saturday of the month at      dler and family classes. Call 869-
places community volunteers in         homes and on various days of the      tions about best-selling books on     Ebright Creek Park, 1317 212th       5605.
the schools of the Lake                month for other activities and        social justice issues. The gather-    Ave. S.E. Call 877-2781.                MOMs Club of Sammamish
Washington School District.            outings. people who are new to        ings are the first and third              Sammamish Saddle Club —          Plateau meets at 10 a.m. the
Opportunities include tutoring,        the area and want to meet new         Mondays of each month at 1:30         For membership and meeting           third Friday of the month at Pine
classroom assistance and lunch         people and join in different inter-   p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of        information, visit www.sam-          Lake Covenant Church, 1715
buddy. Just one hour a week can        est and social groups, can call       Sammamish Hills Lutheran     Contact        228th Ave. S.E. Children are wel-
make a difference in a child’s life.   821-5857.                             Church, 22818 S.E. Eighth St. Call    Shaila Nyborg 466-7168.              come. Our other activities
Call Clair at 867-1677 or Nanci at        Sammamish Kiwanis meets            Linda at 392-7799, ext. 12.               Sammamish Women’s                include weekly age-specific play-
885-9158.                              every Wednesday at 7 a.m. at             Moms in Touch for Sunny            Walking Club hosts one to three      groups, local area outings, mom’s
   Eastside Baby Corner needs          Sammamish Hills Lutheran              Hills Elementary students             different walks each week.           night out, book club and craft
volunteers to sort incoming dona-      Church, 22818 S.E. Eighth St.         meets from 9:30-10:30 a.m.            Sometimes it will be a neighbor-     night. E-mail momsclubsam-
tions of clothing and toys and         Visit       Tuesdays at Pine Lake Covenant        hood walk under the streetlights or call 836-
prepare items for distribution. Go        Toastmasters of Sammamish          Church during the school year.        or maybe a walk in nature along      5015.
to                 meet from 7:15–8:45 p.m. every        Moms in Touch International is a      a trail. E-mail your requests of        Foster Parent Support
   Volunteers are needed to            Tuesday at Mary, Queen of Peace       Christian organization whose          times and potential walking sites    Group meets the last Thursday
visit homebound patrons with           Parish, 1121 228th Ave. S.E. Call     purpose is to bring women             to            of each month from 6-8 p.m. at
the King County Library System’s       391-4834 or e-mail davidl-            together to pray for their children       The Rotary Club of               Mary, Queen of Peace Parish,
Traveling Library Center pro-                      and the schools they attend. E-       Sammamish meets every                1121 228th Ave. S.E. Earn your
gram. Volunteers must be at least         The General Federation of          mail           Thursday at 7:30 a.m. at the         training/foster parent hours.
18 years old and have reliable         Women’s Clubs local chapter,             Sammamish Citizens Corps           Bellewood Retirement                 Refreshments and child care are
transportation. Call Susan             Cascade Woman’s Club, meets at        holds a refresher/advanced train-     Apartments, 3710 Providence          provided. Call 206-719-8764.
LaFantasie at 369-3235.                7 p.m. the second Wednesday of        ing class for CERTs on the second     Point Drive S.E.
   Volunteer drivers are needed        each month in members’ homes.         Saturday of each month from 9-11          The Sammamish Fit Club, a
for the Senior Services Volunteer      Membership is open to all             a.m. at Station 82. E-mail sam-       club looking to improve the             To submit items for the
Transportation Program. Flexible       women who would like to be a       health of the community, meets       Community Calendar, contact the
hours, mileage, parking reim-          part of one of the oldest and            The Pine Lake Garden Club          from 7:30-8 p.m. Wednesdays. For     editor at 392-6434, ext. 233.
bursement and supplemental lia-        largest women’s organizations         meets the second Wednesday of         location and more information,       Information may be e-mailed to
bility insurance are offered. Call     whose members are dedicated to        the month, plus occasional meet-      call Trish at 206-605-0679 or send or mailed to
206-448-5740.                          community improvement                 ings for workshops and taking         an e-mail to whyweight@com-          the Sammamish Review, P.O. Box
   Guide Dogs for the Blind            through volunteer service. Call       local field trips together. Their                            1328, Issaquah, WA 98027.
Eager Eye Guide Pups Club              898-8603.                             yearly plant sale is a fundraiser         Cascade Republican                  Items must be received by the
needs volunteers to raise puppies         Mothers of Preschoolers at         for “green-related” projects and      Women’s Club meets at 11:30          Wednesday before publication.

            OW S

          & FOR BRUNCH JULY 5TH.
             Some brunch items:
       The JaK Bene *filet mignon bene                  $15.95
       classic benedict                                  $9.95
       baja scramble                                     $9.95
       veggie frittata                                   $8.95
       JaK’s southern steak hash                        $10.95
       country fried sirloin steak                      $14.95
              Some lunch items:
        JaK’s burger                                     $8.95
        n.y. steak sandwich                            $14.95
        chop chop salad                                $12.95
        prime top sirloin salad                        $14.95
        caesar salad           half $5.50          whole $7.95
            Dinner served 7 nights a week. No Reservations.
  ISSAQUAH                                          WEST SEATTLE
14 Front St. N.                                      206-937-7809
                       JaK’s 1996
  206-985-8545                                     JAKSGRILL.COM
     20 •      July 2, 2008
                                                                            Sports                                                                   SAMMAMISH REVIEW

                                                                                             Photo by Greg Farrar
Peter Jancola tested out several wakeboarding models June 27. A Tacoma resident, Jancola said
he tries to get out on Lake Sammamish every weekend.

Demo draws wakeboarders
to Lake Sammamish                                                                                                   Kevin Penner, rising senior at Eastlake, glows after winning a

By J.B. Wogan                       sentative, helped Jancola test          a boat, said Gibbons. Even with         sudden death playoff to qualify for the U.S. Junior Amateur in
                                    the boards by driving the boat.         a boat, boarders need special           Birmingham, Ala.
   Peter Jancola chews gum          Sims steered the Malibu wake-           permits from Lake Sammamish
when he wakeboards.
   If he doesn’t, something feels
off, he said.
                                    board boat through 64-degree
                                    water at 21 miles per hour.
                                       The Malibu left a fading
                                                                            State Park to launch from sites
                                                                            like Swim Beach and Sunset
                                                                                                                    Golfer qualifies for
   During a free wakeboarding       imprint into the waves, shaped              “There isn’t an easy answer,”
demo on Lake Sammamish
June 27, Jancola forgot to bring
his typical Trident, the original
flavor, and had to buy an emer-
                                    like a whale’s tail, thin at its ori-
                                    gin and spanning out in invert-
                                    ed parabolas.
                                       Hundreds of feet away from
                                                                            Gibbons said.
                                                                                From the boat ramp, board-
                                                                            ers can launch without the per-
                                                                            mit, but such a scenario works
                                                                                                                    Junior Amateur
gency substitute packet.            the shore, the boat came to a           best with private enthusiasts.          By J.B. Wogan                        qualify for the tournament in
   Anyone could take part in        halt and Sims invited Jancola to            Jancola said he drives up                                                Birmingham.
the demo, hosted by                 try out a board.                        from Tacoma each weekend to                 Kevin Penner qualified for the       In the morning, he posted a
Sturtevant’s, a Bellevue sports        Jancola strapped on his ash-         enjoy the lake.                         U.S. Junior Amateur golf tourna-     72, one stroke over par. He ral-
store, as well as staff from the    colored wet suit and life jacket            Larger events like the demo         ment.                                lied back in the afternoon shoot-
Byerly and Hyperlite wake-          and plopped into the water.             or a competition require a big-             In the last summer he is eligi-  ing a 70, one stroke under par.
boarding brands. For the demo,         There were clear skies during        ger space, like Swim Beach.             ble to compete in the Junior         The score put him in a tie for
about 25 people signed up to hit                                                Local boarders use the Lake         Amateur, Penner, 17 of               third place with Broc Johnson,
the waves, according to Tracy          “Ideal conditions are                Sammamish Waterski Club and             Sammamish, eked out a perfor-        thrusting the two into a sudden
Gibbons, a co-owner of                                                      the International Novice Tour —         mance June 23 that will send         death playoff.
Sturtevant’s.                             glassy water.”                    a national amateur water sports         him to the Birmingham, Ala.              Penner, a rising senior at
   Jancola, who rated himself as             – Kevin Dreher,                league for wakeboarding, water-         tournament July 21-26.               Eastlake High School, had faced
an intermediate wakeboarder,                 Wakeboarder –                  skiing and kneeboarding — as                The Junior Amateur is consid-    Johnson, a rising junior at Todd
said he came to test out new                                                venues for experiencing a more          ered by many                                             Beamer High
wakeboard models.                                                           social water sports experience,         to be the coun-
   The sport resembles water-                                               Gibbons said. Otherwise, wake-          try’s premier
                                                                                                                                        “It’s probably the most School, at the
                                                                                                                                                                             4A state golf
skiing — a motorboat tows the       the morning demo, and the sun-          boarding is often a personal and        junior compe-      nervous I’ve ever been in tournament. In
athlete across crashing waves       light refracted into iridescent         casual hobby.                           tition. Only          a golf tournament.”                that event,
called wakes — but the main         patterns as Jancola’s board                 Wakeboarders want to drift          golfers 17 or                                            Johnson edged
piece of equipment looks like a     kicked up a trail of white foam         out to either side of the trail cre-    younger can                – Kevin Penner,               Penner, taking
snowboard with open-toed            and water.                              ated by the boat and then lean          gain entry into                 Golfer –                 second to
boots.                                 “It’s a little choppy,” observed     into the edges, sailing up out of       the event. It is                                         Penner’s third.
   Wakeboarders resist the pull     North Bend resident Kevin               the water for jumps, spins and          one of 13                                                   This time
of a rope to maintain balance.      Dreher, a Sturtevant’s store            flips.                                  national championships conduct-      around, the Sammamish youth
By keeping the back straight        manager. “Ideal conditions are              After one spill — the handle        ed by the United States Golf         drained a five-foot putt to make
and the legs bent, weight is dis-   glassy water.”                          darted out of Jancola’s hands —         Association.                         birdie, beating his opponent by
tributed evenly through the            Some days, the lake’s surface        he cycled through a series of               To make the cut, Penner com-     one stroke.
heels. Without this counterbal-     will look like a mirror, Dreher         tricks.                                 peted in a 36-hole tournament at         “It’s probably the most ner-
ance, a wakeboarder would slam      added.                                      The most basic jump is called       Gig Harbor’s Canterwood Golf         vous I’ve ever been in a golf tour-
headfirst into the waves.              Wakeboarding is a difficult                                                  and Country Club. The top three
   Scott Sims, a Hyperlite repre-   sport to get into unless you own                    See WAKE, Page 21           finishers there automatically                    See PENNER, Page 21
      SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                                July 2, 2008 •                21

                                                                                                                                                                                         Photos by Greg Farrar
Peter Jancola executes a “huge” tantrum, a sideways flip that requires him to maintain a grip on his rubber handle. Jancola completed three tantrums June 27 during a
wakeboarding demo at Lake Sammamish.

Wake                                       Spectra, similar to nylon,
                                        remains more taut and allows for
                                                                            involves a complete rotation
                                                                            while popping, and requires a
                                                                                                                          be a professional wakeboarder
                                                                                                                          one day, and had practiced every
                                                                                                                                                                   of the ensuing cartwheel, he said.
                                                                                                                                                                      Jancola thanked Sims and pat-
Continued from Page 20                  a higher vertical on pops, Dreher   handoff between hands during                  day for three weeks.                     ted his demo wakeboard.
                                        said.                               the turn.                                        Toward the end of his ride,              “This is the one,” he said.
                                           A 180 involves training the         Each time a boarder crashed                Jancola employed three                      For more information on local
a pop, which involved Jancola           front of the board to turn 180      into the waves, a staff person on             tantrums, a trick translating to a       wakeboarding opportunities, go
exploding sideways out of the           degrees, closing or opening the     the boat had to raise an orange               mid-air cartwheel.                       to and
water, several feet in the air, land-   boarder’s stance in mid-ride.       flag.                                            “You were huge,” Sims said, 
ing, and maintaining a steady           Jancola transitioned through 180s      In the Malibu’s case, this was             complimenting Jancola after-
grip on the rubber handle               repeatedly.                         the charge of 15-year-old Auburn              ward.                                       Reporter J.B. Wogan can be
attached to a spectra rope towing          A 360 is more challenging,       native Kahlen Sheehan.                           “Huge” referred both to the           reached at 392-6434, ext. 247, or
him all the while.                      according to Dreher. This move         Sheehan said he would like to              height of the jump and diameter

                              , or e-
                                        mail                Penner                                       swing coach, said the Junior
                                                                                                                            Amateur will feature an elite
                                                                                                                            field with future Division I col-
                                                                                                                                                                    game. “He shouldn’t fear any-
                                                                                                                                                                    one. He’s just got to believe in
                                                                                                                                                                    the talent.”
                                                                               Continued from Page 20
                                        Softball camp                                                                       lege and professional players.             Penner carried his momen-
Camps                                      Eastlake and Skyline varsi-         nament, but then again, I’ve
                                                                                                                               “It’s gonna be the intangibles
                                                                                                                            that are going to set the one guy
                                                                                                                                                                    tum from the Canterwood tour-
                                                                                                                                                                    nament by finishing fifth in the
                                        ty coaches will host a softball        never been happier after I made              from the next,” said Williams,          Washington State Golf
                                        camp July 21-25 at Eastlake            the putt,” Penner said.                                                              Associations Men's Amateur,
Boys basketball                         High School. There will be                Last year, Penner played at                                                       held June 24-27 at The Links in
   Former Eastlake boys bas-            two sessions each day.                 the Canterwood tournament,
                                                                                                                            “He shouldn’t fear any-                 Moses Lake.
ketball coach Richard Belcher              The first, running from 9           but fell short of his goal to quali-           one. He’s just got to                    After posting a 77 on the first
will hold his youth summer              a.m. – noon, will focus on             fy for the Junior Amateur.                    believe in the talent.”                day, Penner finished with a 68,
camp again this summer.                 players 6-12 years old. The               Over the last year, he round-                                                     68 and 69 on the last three days
Belcher’s Youth Summer                  second, running from 1:30-             ed out his short game, which                        – Scott Williams,                of the event. His total score was
Basketball Camp, now in its             4:30 p.m., will focus on play-         might have made the slight dif-                       Golf coach –                   a 283. Richard Lee, of
37th year, will run 9 a.m. – 3          ers 12-15 years old.                   ference in the final hole, he                                                        Covington, finished first with a
p.m., July 28 – August 1.                  The deadline for registra-          said.                                                                                275.
   Geared toward boys aged 7-14,        tion is July 11 and the cost is           “I was just putting really
the camp will take place at             $125 per session. Call 836-            well,” Penner said. “I trusted my            who called Penner a “flat-out              Reporter J.B. Wogan can be
Eastlake High School.                   6600, ext. 339, or e-mail              line.”                                       good player” equipped with              reached at 392-6434, ext. 247, or
   The cost is $225. Register at                        Scott Williams, Penner’s                  strengths in every aspect of the

                                                                                    IN HOME TUTORING
               Hey, Get Hooked On                                                 Northwest Educational Services
                                                                                                                               New Student Special
                                                                            Your PROFESSIONAL Educational Resource

        Wa t e r Po l o                                                       All Subjects K - 12 Reading and Writing
                                                                                     Expertise in all disabilities;
                                                                                        WASL and SAT Prep
                                                                                                                                                   Two Weeks of Classes For

                                                                             Helping your child excel in the classroom
                                            Ages 7 & Up Welcomed               and beyond
                                            Call Today to schedule                                                                                        Includes a FREE Uniform.
                                                                                                                                                       Sign up for any program in July
                                            a FREE TRIAL                                                                                            and we will waive the registration fee
                                                                                                                                                 a $130 value! Not valid with any other offers. Exp. 07/31/08

                                                           Bring                       Parties
                                                             a                        Meetings
                                                                !                    Weddings
   United Water Polo Club                                                       Accommodates 200 • Stage for band or DJ

                                                                                   RENT PINE LAKE
         Where Great Players are Created                                           COMMUNITY CLUB
       For more information please contact Tim at (425) 896-0495                         392.2313
22 •   July 2, 2008   SAMMAMISH REVIEW
SAMMAMISH REVIEW   July 2, 2008 •   23
24• July 02, • 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                    SAMMAMISH REVIEW

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Deadline: Monday Noon

                                                                              To place your ad call 425-392-6434 FREE ads for personal items under $150

     Classified Director y
           Homes for Sale
           Open House
                                      PERSONAL SERVICES
                                                 Work Wanted
                                                                                             1-Homes For Sale
                                                                                        FOR SALE BY owner. 2BD
                                                                                        mobile home in beautiful 55+
                                                                                        community in Issaquah.
                                                                                                                           4BD/2.5 BATH, MOVE-IN
                                                                                                                           READY, 2 fireplaces, 2800
                                                                                                                           SqFt, bonus room, all new
                                                                                                                                                                        Garage Sales this week!
003        Condo & Townhouses         142        Childcare Provided                                                        app., new kitchen. $2500/mo
                                                                                        $21,900.00 OBO. 206-390-           +$2,000 Deposit, lease option.
004        Lots & Acreage             143        Nanny
005        Commercial Real Estate     144        Cars Delivered                         1980.                              425-486-1353. fulsanglm@
007        Recreational Property      145        Consulting/Counseling                                           
009        Real Estate Wanted         146        Health & Fitness                              4-Lots/acreage
010        Insurance                  147        Personal Care                                                                24-Commercial Space
RENTALS                               148        Sewing & Alteration                    20 ACRE RANCHES, near
013        Apartments Unfurnished     149        Elder Care                             Booming El Paso Texas.             SUITE FOR LEASE, 1200sqft.
015        Apartments Furnished       150        Beauty                                 Roads surveyed. $14,900,           New, professional, high visibili-
017        Duplexes                   BUSINESS SERVICES                                 $200 down, $145/month. Mon-        ty, computer ready, Kitchen,
018        Condo & Townhouses         151        Accounting Services                    ey back guarantee. Free maps
019        Houses for Rent            152        Taxes                                                                     A/C, Parking. 425-941-7211
                                                                                        & pictures, 1(800)343-9444.
021        House Sitting              153        Appliance Repair
023        Rooms                      154        Computer Services                      No credit checks!! <w>                 41-Money & Finance
024        Commercial Space           155        Office Support
025        Storage Space              156        Insurance                                                                 CREDIT CARD RELIEF! Free
026        RV Space                   157        Legal Services                                                            consultation, save thousands
029        Hall Rentals               158        Resumes                                ABSOLUTE STEAL RIVER               of dollars. Out of debt in                                                                          2
031        Vacation Rentals           HOME SERVICES                                     access! 6 ac - $49,900. 15 ac -    months, not years! Avoid
033        Want to Rent               161        Telephone Services                     Old Farm buildings, $89,900.       bankruptcy. Not a high priced
035        Wanted to Share            162        Blinds                                 Top quality acreage in stun-
MANUFACTURED HOMES                    166        Holiday Services                                                          consolidation company or a                                                                                            1
                                                                                        ning setting! Limited available.   Consumer credit counseling
037        Manufactured Homes/Sale    167        Asphalt & Paving
038        Manufactured Homes/Rent    168        Building Supplies                      EZ terms. Call WALR                program. Call Credit Card Re-
039        Manufactured Homes/Lease   169        Carpentry                              1(866)836-8196.                    lief 1(866)479-5353. Not avail-
FINANCIAL                             170        Cement Work                                                                                                                                                              (2) ESTATE SALE, Multi-Fam-
                                                                                                                           able in all States. Free Consul-
041        Money & Finance            171        Cleaning Services                                                                                                                (1) GARAGE SALE, Saturday               ily. July 5/6, Saturday & Sun-
042        Mortgage & Finance         172        Construction                                                              tation. <w>
                                                                                        CLE ELUM ACREAGE, 10                                                                      only, July 5th, 9am-2pm. Fur-           day, 9am-3pm. Furniture,
044        Business Opportunity       173        Dozing/Backhoe                         beautiful acres, super views,                                                             niture, home decor, baby and            knick knacks, luggage, games,
045        Investments                174        Electrical Services
046        Opportunities Wanted       175        Fences & Decks                         best property in Hidden Valley,    LOCAL PRIVATE INVESTOR                                 pet gear, and more! 24518 SE            toys, books, clothing, bunk
MERCHANDISE                           176        Furniture Refinishing                  425-868-4562                       loans money on real estate                             45th Way, Issaquah 98029                beds. 22215 SE 38th St.,
050        Garage Sales               177        Gardening/Landscaping                                                     equity. I loan on houses, raw                                                                  Sammamish 98075
051        Garage Sales Nearby        178        Gutters                                                                   land, commercial property and
052        Antiques                   179        Heating/Air conditioning               HORSE PASTURE FOR
053        Auctions                   180        Handyman Services                                                         property development. Call
                                                                                        RENT, Cle Elum, great loca-        Eric at 1(800)563-3005,
054        Bazaars                    181        Hardwood Floors
055        Antiques                   182        Home Improvement                       tion, quality acreage, monthly, <w>
056        Arts & Crafts              186        Misc. Home Services                    425-868-4562                                                                 76-Misc. For Sale                134-Help Wanted-Local                134-Help Wanted-Local
057        Bicycles                   187        Custom Furniture                                                           44-Business Opportunity
058        Cameras & Equipment        188        Moving & Hauling                                                                                              ANTIQUE FIREPLACE FEND-                   ADVERTISING                     INFANT/TODDLER/PRE-
059        Collectibles               189        Siding                                                                                                        ER, adjustable, carved oak,                                               SCHOOL TEACHER, 9am-
                                      190        Paint & Wallpaper
                                                                                        MUST SELL 40 ac - $39,900.         ALL CASH CANDY route. Do
                                                                                                                                                               $75.00, 425-392-5230
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ACCOUNT REP.
060        Carpeting                                                                    Near Moses Lake. Beautiful         you earn $800 in a day? Your                                                                                  6pm, up to $13.00/hr DOE.
061        Clothing                   191        Plaster & Drywall                                                                                                                                  Work close to home! Issaquah
                                                                                        land and views, abundant wild-     own local candy route. In-                                                Press Inc. newspaper group          Also 2 Floater positions-
062        Computers                  192        Plumbing Services
063        Electronics                193        Professional Services                  life. Surveyed on maintained       cludes 30 machines and can-                                              seeks a great ad sales person        Noon-6:30pm and 2:30-
                                                                                                                                                               XMAS TREE WITH Rubber-
064        Farmers Market             194        Roofing                                road. Great financing. Call        dy all for $9,995. 1(888)771-                                             who enjoys getting out from         6:30pm, Mon-Fri. Child care
                                                                                                                                                               maid storage bin - 6 feet, artifi-
065        Firewood/Fuel              195        Masonry                                WALR 1(888)598-5253. <w>           3503 to find out if there is a                                             behind the desk to join our        center Issaquah. If interested
066        Furniture                  196        Tile                                                                                                          cial, nice and bushy. $15.
                                                                                                                           Dealership in your area.                                                                team.                 call 206-919-0159
067        Jewelry                    197        Tree Service                                                                                                  425-868-6519
068        Musical                    198        Carpet Cleaning                                                                                                                                    Sell into our four newspapers
                                      199        Windows                                NEW ARIZONA LAND rush. 1                                                                                     and many special sections.             LA PETITE ACADEMY
069        Estate Sale
                                                                                                                                    53-Auctions                        77-Free For All
070        Office Equipment           ANNOUNCEMENTS                                     or 2 1/2 "Football field" sized                                                                                Must be a detail-oriented                 IS GROWING!
071        Sports Equipment           200        Announcements                          lots! $0 down, $0 interest.                                            FREE TO GOOD home.                   multi-tasker with great people       Now hiring Full-time Teaching
                                                                                                                           200 PROPS MUST be sold!
072        Ticket Mart                201        Great & Fun Things To Do               $159-$208 per month! Money                                             Swing set, 425-888-2208               skills. Full time, weekdays.         positions: Preschool, Infant,
073        Tools & Equipment          202        Travel & Recreation                                                       Low down/E-Z financing. Free
                                                                                        back guarantee! 1(877)228-                                                                                    Good grammar, computer              Toddler, School Age. PT Van
074        Toys/Baby Items            203        Happy Ads                                                                 brochure, 1(800)578-0158;                     79-Wanted
                                                                                        4126 or www.sunsitesland                                                                                       skills, reliable car. Good        Drivers, 8:30am-10am & 2:45-
075        Rentals                    204        Lost                                                            
076        Misc. For Sale             205        Found                         <w>                                                                                                  benefits include mileage.           4pm. Competitive wages.
                                                                                                                           <w>                                 HORNETS & YELLOWJACK-
077        Free For All               206        Card of Thanks                                                                                                ETS WANTED! FREE non-                     Base + commission.                    Call 425-868-5895
078        Swap/Trade                 207        900 Numbers                                                                        61-Clothing                                                     Send cover letter, resume and        Email:
079        Wanted                     208        Personals                              SHY 2 EPHRATA Acres/Soap                                               toxic removal of most from
080        Dogs                       NOTICES                                                                                                                  aerial, not sprayed paperball-                references to:
                                                                                        Lake Lots, sunny eastern           TOMMY BAHANA SHORTS &
081        Cats                       210        Legal Notices                                                                                                 type nests around football size                 Jill Green,
                                                                                        Washington. 360-297-7871           tops, size 6-10. Assorted col-                                                                                LPNS, MED-AIDES, AND
082        Other Pets                 220        Special Sections                                                                                              or larger. Also active nests in          Advertising Manager
083        Equestrian                 250        MAP                                                                       ors & tyles. $20/each,425-837-                                                                                CAREGIVERS NEEDED
                                                                                                                                                               ground, stumps, etc. later in                45 Front St. S.,
084        Livestock                  260        Consignment                            13-Apartments Unfurnished          9816
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Issaquah, WA 98027                 FOR ALL SHIFTS!!
085        Veterinarians              270        Holiday Help Wanted                                                                                           summer. 425.485.0103/venom
                                                                                        DUVALL-2BR/1BA APTS.                                                                   or email                We offer great pay, benefits,
086        Boarding                                                                                                                                                                                                                      and $100 cash bonuses for
087        Service & Supplies                                                           BOTH an upper and a lower                   66-Furniture                                            
088        Pet Sitting                                                                  available now. Washer/Dryer                                                   121-Instruction                   Fax: 425-392-1695                 good performance every 90
091        Autos
                                        PL ACE YOUR                                     in units and quiet peaceful set-   ANTIQUE ICE CREAM chairs,
                                                                                                                           metal/wood seats, $45               ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         days. Join our dynamic team
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             and make difference.
                                                                                        ting. $895/mo +util, Also avail-
                                         AD TODAY!                                      able a large 2BR/2BA, approx.      each/both $80, 425-392-5320         from home. Medical, Business,
                                                                                                                                                               Paralegal, Computers, Crimi-         CAREGIVER,            EXPERI-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fax your resume to
095        Parts & Repair              Call: 425.392.6434 ext. 222                      1200 SqFt, Washer/Dryer,                                                                                    ENCED, NEEDED at enjoya-
                                                                                                                                                               nal Justice. Job placement as-                                                     or email to:
097        Insurance                                                                    Fireplace and great Valley                                                                                  ble Senior Care Facility. Brand
REC. VEHICLES                               Fax 425.391.1541                                                               LOVELY WHITE BUFFET-                sistance. Computer available.                                                 greg@spiritwood
                                                                                        Views,available 7-1, $960/mo                                                                                new facility. Night staff also re-
100        Boats                                                                                                           TOP/MANTLEPIECE. New                Financial aid if qualified. Call
                                                 Email:                                 +util. Steve 206-930-1188
                                                                                                                           mirror     and      paint,                                               quested. 425-233-0986.           
101        Camper/Trailer                                                                                                                                      1(866)858-2121; www.Centura
102        Motor Homes                                                                   37”HX58.5”W, $150.00. 425- <w>
106        Rentals                       (We gladly accept VISA and
                                                                                                                           392-2790.                                                                CHIROPRACTIC ASSIS-
                                                MasterCard)                             2BD/2-1/2BA luxury town-                                                 134-Help Wanted-Local                                                           We’ve got
109        Farm Machinery                                                                                                                                                                           TANT. BUSY Issaquah Chiro-
110        Farm Supplies                                                                house located in the heart of         71-Sports Equipment              ACACIA SALON AT Snoqual-             practor seeks enthusiastic,                  the lowest
114        Supplies
                                             DEADLINES                                  Sammamish. No smoking, no
                                                                                        pets. $1950/mo. 1 year lease.      BIKES, 10-SPEED WOMEN’S             mie Ridge is hiring! Please
                                                                                                                                                               send your resume to
                                                                                                                                                                                                    committed, F/T employee.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Front office duties, patient
117        Classes & Seminars                   Noon Monday                             Call Scott at Sammamish Re-        or Men’s, $10. Girl’s, fushia,                                                                                         in town!
119        Colleges/Schools                                                                                                $30. Boy’s bike, $45.00. 425-,            support. Must be outgoing,
                                               Real Estate ads -                        alty, 425-864-9700.                                                                                         friendly, willing to learn, self-            $18.00 for
121        Instruction                                                                                                     836-3212                  
123        Music Instruction                                                                                                                                                                        motivated. Position Monday                   10 words,
125        Preschool
                                                Noon Thursday                                                                                                                                       thru Friday; 11:00am-7:30pm.
126        Tutoring                                                                                                Call your favorite                                                               Resume to lifetimewellness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               35¢ for each
EMPLOYMENT                            GENERAL                                                                         Real Estate                                         TO                                                                    extra word
                                         Sammamish Review reserves the right to                                                                                                            Salary DOE
133        Employment Info
134        Help Wanted Local          correctly classify and edit copy. We may reject                              Professional for a                                 ADVERTISE                                                               in one insertion
                                      or cancel at any time. Prepayment may be                                                                                           CALL
135        Help Wanted Other
                                      requested at our discretion.                                              FREE MARKET ANALYSIS                                                                P/T LIFEGUARDS needed.                  in one publication.
136        Health Care Jobs
137        Domestic Jobs                Copy changes during an ordered ad schedule                                   when you are                                      392-6434                     Benefits included. Email                   Call 392-6434
                                      constitute a new ad and new charges.                                                                                                                          margotn@sammamishclub.
138        Childcare Needed                                                                                          ready to sell!                                    Ext. 222                                                                   Ext. 222
                                                                                                                                                                                                    com or 425.313.3131.
SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                                                                              July 02, • 2008 • 25

  134-Help Wanted-Local               136-Health Care Jobs                   210-Legal Notices                   210-Legal Notices                   210-Legal Notices                   210-Legal Notices                   210-Legal Notices
P/T TEACHER, SAMMAMISH             CAREGIVERS NEEDED!                   DNS is issued after using the       Appeals must be submitted in        10, 2006 through August 31,        may be made at the City of
Hills Lutheran Preschool.          JOIN a special team of people        optional DNS process in WAC         writing with the appropriate fee    2006. This Notice of Public        Sammamish City Hall, 801 –           Public Comment Period:
Great pay, great job for experi-   who make a real difference in        197-11-355. There is no fur-        and received by the deadline        Hearing was issued on July         228th Avenue SE, Sammam-             April 07, 2006 through April
enced person who loves             the lives of the elderly. We         ther comment period on the          described below.                    02, 2008 and public notice has     ish, Washington 98075 (Tel:          27, 2006
teaching preschoolers in a         provide non-medical help and         DNS.                                                                    been provided via: mailed no-      425.295.0500) during normal
faith-based setting, September     companionship in their homes.        Responsible Official:               Required Mitigation: The fol-       tice to property owners within     business hours, Monday               Project Location: 603 212th
through        May!        Call    Flexible day, evening and            Kamuron Gurol, Director             lowing mitigation measure is        500 feet of the subject site, a    through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to         Ave SE, Sammamish, WA.
425.392.7799                       weekend hours available.             Department of Community De-         required to offset potential ad-    sign posted on the subject         5:00 p.m.                            98074
                                   Home Instead Senior Care.            velopment                           verse environmental impacts:        site, and by placing a legal no-   Note: Mediation of disputes is
                                   425-454-9744.                        801 – 228th Ave SE                  1. The proposed dock may on-        tice in the local newspaper.       available pursuant to SMC            Tax Parcel Number:
TEACHERS/CLASSROOM                                                      Sammamish, WA 98075                 ly be constructed between                                              20.20. Requests for mediation        3225069070
                                                                                                                                                The City has recommended
ASSISTANTS-TLC ACADEMY                                                  425-295-0500                        OHWM flags 1 through 4                                                 should be made as soon as it
                                                                                                                                                that the project be Preliminar-
is a premier Montessori school     JOIN THE HOMEWATCH                                                       where compliant with other                                             is determined the disputed is-       Existing Environmental
                                                                                                                                                ily Approved.
located on the Sammamish           family. Currently hiring Child-      Contact Person:                     shoreline requirements (at                                             sue(s) cannot be resolved by         Documents: Sensitive Areas
Plateau offering quality educa-    care Givers, companions,             Mona Davis, Senior Planner          least 15 feet from property                                            direct negotiation. Please           affidavit, dated 7/21/05; SEPA
                                                                                                                                                Applicant: Bennett Sherman
tion for over 27 years. Current-   NAC’s/NAR’s. Flexible sched-         Department of Community De-         line), outside of shoreline wet-                                       contact the Department of            Checklist, dated 8/12/05; Geo-
                                                                                                                                                (Lisa Baker)
ly seeking full-time Montessori    ule, pt/ft. Premium pay. 425-        velopment                           land areas as shown on Figure                                          Community Development for            technical Engineering Study
certified teachers and class-      889-2627                             801 – 228th Ave SE                  1 prepared by Evergreen                                                additional information on the        by Earth Consultants, Inc.,
                                                                                                                                                Public Comment Period:
room assistants for primary                                             Sammamish, WA 98075                 Aquatic Resource Consul-                                               Land Use Mediation Program.          dated June 23, 2006; Level 2
                                                                                                                                                August 1-, 2006 through au-
and toddler programs for              171-Cleaning Services             425-295-0529                        tants, LLC with a revision date                                                                             Off-site Drainage Analysis, by
                                                                                                                                                gust 31, 2006
2008-2009 school year. Salary                                                                               of July 18, 2007 and supplied                                           Published in Sammamish              Barghausen Engineers, as re-
DOE, benefits and matching         ROMY’S CLEANING SERV-                Date of Decision: June 26,          for City review along with a                                               Review on 7-02-08                vised 5/9/08; Revised Prelimi-
                                                                                                                                                Project Location: 22090 SE
IRA available. Interested can-     ICE. We’ll clean your mess for       2008                                January 22, 2008 cover letter                                                                               nary Plat map set, received
                                                                                                                                                7th St, Sammamish, WA.
didates contact Christal at        less! 18 years experience.           Signature                           from Daryl L. Stromswold.                                                                                   5/9/08; Tree Inspection Report
                                                                                                                                                98074 or       Wife/husband team. Licensed,                                             This referenced figure accu-                                                                                by Greenforest, Inc., dated
visit our website at www.tlc       insured. References with esti-       You may appeal this deter-          rately reflects the location of                                                                             1/25/07; Revised TIA by
                                                                                                                                                Tax    Parcel        Number:                     mates. 206-579-2002                  mination. Send appeals to:          shoreline wetland areas on the                                                                              TraffEx, dated 1/10/08
                                                                        SEPA Responsible Official           Stromswold property.
                                                                        City of Sammamish                                                       Existing Environmental                                                  Other Permits Included: Plat
  135-Help Wanted-Other                                                 801 – 228th Ave SE                  Responsible official:               Documents: Sensitive Areas           02-1358 LEGAL NOTICE               Clearing and Grading Permit;
                                             205-Found                  Sammamish, WA 98075                 Kamuron Gurol, Director                                                                                     34 Future Building Permits,
DRIVER - CDL training: $0                                                                                                                       affidavit, dated June 13, 2006;
down, financing by Central Re-     FOUND CANOE, CALL Issa-                                                  Department of Community De-         SEPA Checklist, dated June           CITY OF SAMMAMISH                  Future Right-of-Way Use per-
frigerated. Company drivers        quah Police at 425-837-3200          Appeal Deadline: Per SMC            velopment                           26, 2006; Geotechnical Engi-       NOTICE OF PUBLIC Hearing             mit
earn average of $40K/ year.        to claim.                            20.10.080 and 20.15.130, ap-        801-228th Ave SE                    neering Study by Earth Con-             for a Subdivision
Owner Operators average                                                 peals must be submitted in          Sammamish, WA 98075                 sultants, Inc., dated June 23,       Green Briar Division 1 -           SEPA Review: The City of
                                           208-Personals                writing with the appropriate fil-   425.295.0500                        2006; Level 1 Off-site Drain-            PLN2006-00013                  Sammamish issued a Mitigat-
$60K/year. 1(800)637-9277,
x4781; www.centraldriving                                               ing fee and received by 5:00                                            age Analysis, by Barghausen                                             ed Determination of Non Signi-
                                   ADOPT: A NURTURING sta- <w>                                                            pm on the last day of the ap-       Contact person:                     Engineers, dated June 22,          Project Description: The ap-         fance for this project on May
                                   ble home, caring stay home
                                                                        peal period at City Hall, locat-    Mona Davis, Senior Planner          2006, revised June 26, 2006;       plicant proposes to divide a         30, 2008
                                   mom, gentle dad, strong val-
                                                                        ed at the above address. Ap-        Department of Community De-         Revised Preliminary Plat map       10.41-acre parcel into thirty-
                                   ues await your baby.
DRIVERS - $5K sign-on bonus                                             peal instructions are available     velopment                           set, dated March 2, 2007; Tree     four (34) single-family residen-     A Public Hearing will be held
                                   1(866)690-3193 toll free. Ex-
for experienced teams: Dry                                              at City Hall, or are available      801-228th Ave SE                    Inspection Report by Green-        tial lots. The subject site is       at:
                                   penses paid, Donna & Frank.
Van & Temp control available.                                           upon request at 425.295.0500.       Sammamish, WA 98075                 forest, Inc., dated January 25,    zoned Residential, 4 units per       Date of Hearing:
O/O's & CDL-A grads wel-                                                Appeals must be received at         425.295.0529                        2007; Revised Level 1 Drain-       acre (R-4) and is located at         July 17, 2008
come.     Call    Covenant                                              the address above by: July                                              age Report by Barghausen,          approximately at SE 7th Place        Time of Hearing:
1(866)684-2519. EOE. <w>           PROMISING UNCONDITION-               18, 2008 at 5:00 PM per SMC         Date of Decision: June 30,          dated March 1, 2007; Infiltra-     and 212th Ave SE. The pro-           7:00 pm
                                   AL LOVE, security and world          20.15.130.                          2008                                tion Evaluation by Golder &        posed subdivision is associat-       Location of Hearing: City
                                   of opportunities. Expenses                                                                                   Associates, dated February         ed with Green Briar Divisions        Hall - 801 228th Ave SE
                                   paid. Check us out, Pat-              Published in Sammamish             The comment period for this         28, 2007; Revised TIA by           2 and 3, and will contain infra-
Sign-on bonus. 35-42cpm.
                         ; 1(888)               Review on 7-02-08               project was combined with           TraffEx, dated March 2, 2007       structure improvements that          Staff Member Assigned:
Earn over $1000 weekly. Ex-
                                   758-7062. <w>                                                            the Notice of Application is-       Public Comment Period:             will benefit all three of the pro-   Evan Maxim, Senior Planner
cellent benefits. Need CDL-A
                                                                                                            sued July 14, 2006.                 August 10, 2006 through Au-        posed Green Briar Divisions.         (425) 295-0523
& 3 months recent OTR.
                                                                                                            You may appeal this deter-          gust 31, 2006                      This project was formerly            emaxim@ci.sammamish.wa.
1(800)635-8669 <w>
                                         210-Legal Notices                02-1355 LEGAL NOTICE              mination. Send appeals to:                                             known as Sammamish High-             us
                                                                                                            SEPA Responsible Official           Other Permits Included: Fu-        lands Division 1. Per a Supe-
FOREMEN TO LEAD utility              02-1352 LEGAL NOTICE                                                   City of Sammamish                                                                                           Inquiries regarding the appli-
                                                                          CITY OF SAMMAMISH                                                     ture Building Permits, Future      rior Court Order No. 05-2-
field crews. Outdoor physical                                                                               801 - 228th Ave SE                                                                                          cation, SEPA determination
                                                                               MITIGATED                                                        Right-of-Way use Permit, Plat      27048-9, the proposed subdi-
work, many positions, paid           CITY OF SAMMAMISH                                                      Sammamish, WA 98075                                                                                         process, comment period,
                                                                           DETERMINATION OF                                                     Clearing and Grading permits       vision is vested to August 12,
training, competitive union        DETERMINATION OF NON-                                                                                                                                                                public hearing, decision and
                                                                         Non-Significance (MDNS)                                                                                   2005.
hourly pay rates plus weekly         SIGNIFICANCE (DNS)                                                     Deadline: Appeals must be                                                                                   appeal process as well as re-
                                                                          Stromswold (formerly                                                  SEPA Review: The City of
performance bonuses after          Dedo Estates Subdivision –                                               received at the address above                                                                               quests to view documents per-
                                                                          Padilla) Dock Permit –                                                Sammamish issued a Mitigat-        The applicant (Bennett Sher-
promotion, company truck and            PLN2006-00100                                                       by: July 21, 2008 at 5:00 pm                                                                                tinent to the proposal, includ-
                                                                             PLN2006-00038                                                      ed Determination of Non Signi-     man (Lisa Baker)) applied for
tools, and union benefit pack-                                                                              per SMC 20.15.130.                                                                                          ing environmental documents
                                                                                                                                                fance for this project on June     the above project on February
age. Must have strong leader-      Description of Proposal:                                                                                                                                                             may be made at the City of
                                                                        Description of proposal:                                                27, 2008                           28, 2006; following a review to
ship skills, good driving histo-   The applicant proposes to                                                 Published in Sammamish                                                                                     Sammamish City Hall, 801 –
                                                                        Construct a new floating                                                                                   confirm that a complete appli-
ry, and be able to travel for      subdivide a 3.23 acre parcel                                                Review on 07-02-08                                                                                       228th Avenue SE, Sammam-
                                                                        pier/dock extending to 60 feet                                          A Public Hearing will be held      cation had been received, the
short and extended periods in      into 8 single-family residential                                                                                                                                                     ish, Washington 98075 (Tel:
                                                                        in length and being approxi-                                            at:                                City issued a letter of comple-
Washington and NW States.          lots with an existing single-                                                                                                                                                        425.295.0500) during normal
                                                                        mately 352 SF in area to serve                                          Date of Hearing:                   tion to the applicant on March
Email         resume          to   family residence to remain on                                                                                                                                                        business hours, Monday
                                                                        an existing single-family resi-       02-1357 LEGAL NOTICE              July 17, 2008                      27, 2006. On April 07, 2006, or          proposed Lot 2. The subject                                                                                                                                                          through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to
                                                                        dence. The property is locat-                                           Time of Hearing:                   the City issued a Notice of Ap-
apply online at www.Os-            site is zoned R-4 (Residential -                                                                                                                                                     5:00 p.m.
                                                                        ed in the Rural Shoreline Envi-       CITY OF SAMMAMISH                 7:00 pm                            plication / SEPA Notification,, EOE,            4 units per acre). Critical areas                                                                                                                                                    Note: Mediation of disputes is
                                                                        ronment.                            NOTICE OF PUBLIC Hearing            Location of Hearing: 801 -         which identified a public com-
M/F/D/V. <w>                       exist on site and are set aside                                                                                                                                                      available pursuant to SMC
                                                                                                                for a Subdivision               228th Ave SE                       ment period from April 07,
                                   in a separate tract. The pro-                                                                                                                   2006 through April 27, 2006.         20.20. Requests for mediation
                                   posed development will retain        Proponent: City of Sammam-           Sammamish Highlands 2
NEEDED: 15 PEOPLE to lose                                               ish, 801 228th Avenue SE,                                               Staff Member Assigned:             This Notice of Public Hearing        should be made as soon as it
                                   a portion of the existing signifi-                                        (Green Briar) - PLN2006-
up to 30lbs., 30 days $30 +s/h.                                         Sammamish, WA                                                           Evan Maxim, Senior Planner         was issued on June 25, 2008          is determined the disputed is-
                                   cant trees on the subject site                                                     00058
All natural. Dr. recommended,                                                                                                                   (425) 295-0523                     and public notice has been           sue(s) cannot be resolved by
1(803)361-8409. <w>                in conformance with the City’s                                                                               emaxim@ci.sammamish.wa.            provided via: mailed notice to       direct negotiation. Please
                                   tree retention ordinance.            Location of proposal: 25408         Project Description: The ap-
                                                                        SE 28th St, Sammamish, WA;                                              us                                 property owners within 500           contact the Department of
                                   Proponent:George Moor-                                                   plicant is proposing to subdi-
NEEDED: 15 PEOPLE to lose                                               Situated in Section 11, Twp 24                                                                             feet of the subject site, a sign     Community Development for
                                   head, 2018 – 156th Ave NE,                                               vide two properties with an
up to 30lbs., 30 days $30 +s/h.                                         Range 6East W.M., City of                                               Inquiries regarding the appli-     posted on the subject site, and      additional information on the
                                   Bellevue, WA (425) 748-5065                                              acreage of 5.12 acres into a
All natural. Dr. recommended,                                           Sammamish, County of King,                                              cation, SEPA determination         by placing a legal notice in the     Land Use Mediation Program.
                                   Location of Proposal: 21222                                              total of 17 lots. The subject
1(803)361-8409. <w>                                                     State of Washington. Tax Par-       site is zoned R-4 (Residential,     process, comment period,           local newspaper. The City has
                                   SE 5th Place in Section 33,                                                                                  public hearing, decision and       recommended that the project          Published in Sammamish
                                   Township 25N, Range 6E,              cel: 112406 9026                    four units / acre) and is located
                                                                                                                                                appeal process as well as re-      be Preliminarily Approved.               Review on 7-02-08
POLICE OFFICERS: EARN              W.M., City of Sammamish,                                                 at approximately at SE 7th
                                                                        Lead agency: City of Sam-           Place and 212th Ave SE. The         quests to view documents per-
up to a $20,000 bonus. Train       County of King, State of
                                                                        mamish, Department of Com-          proposed subdivision is to the      tinent to the proposal, includ-    Applicant: Bennett Sherman
to protect your fellow Soldiers,   Washington.
                                                                        munity Development                  southwest of the existing Sam-      ing environmental documents        (Lisa Baker)
be a leader in the Army Na-        Tax Parcel: 1473150100
tional Guard. 1-800-GO-            Lead agency: City of Sam-            The lead agency for this pro-       mamish Highlands subdivision <w>              mamish, Department of Com-           posal has determined that it        and will be integrated with
                                   munity Development                   does not have a probable sig-       Sammamish Highlands direct-
                                                                        nificant adverse impact on the
                                                                        environment. An environmen-
                                                                                                            ly.                                                For Information on Advertising in
RN'S UP TO $52.50/hr. LPN's        The lead agency for this pro-
                                   posal has determined that it         tal impact statement (EIS) is       The applicant (Bennett Sher-
up to $45.00/hr; CNA's up to                                            not required under RCW
                                   does not have a probable sig-                                            man (Lisa Baker)) applied for
$27.00/hr. Free gas/weekly                                              43.21C.030(2)(c). This deci-
                                   nificant adverse impact on the                                           the above project on June 26,
pay, $2,000 bonus. AACO                                                 sion was made after review of
                                   environment. An environmen-                                              2006; following a review to
Nursing Agency 1(800)656-                                               a completed environmental
                                   tal impact statement (EIS) is                                            confirm that a complete appli-
4414. <w>                                                               checklist and other information
                                   not required under RCW                                                   cation had been received, the
          TO                       43.21C.030(2)(c). This deci-         on file with the lead agency.       City issued a letter of comple-
                                   sion was made after review of        This information is available to    tion to the applicant on July
      ADVERTISE                    a completed environmental            the public on request. This         26, 2006. On August 09,
         CALL                      checklist and other information      MDNS is issued under WAC            2006, the City issued a Notice
                                   on file with the lead agency.        197-11-340; the lead agency         of Application / SEPA Notifica-
       392-6434                                                         will not act on this proposal for   tion, which identified a public
       Ext. 222
                                   This information is available to
                                   the public on request. This          21 days from the date below.        comment period from August                   Call Vickie Singsaas 425.392.6434, ext. 225
      26 • July 2, 2008                                                                                 SAMMAMISH REVIEW

Home safety
                                                                  Overdale Park

checklist                                             23253 SE 54th Place, Issaquah 98029

                                                     A contemporary home lovingly lived in on horse
                                                     acre w/enchanting landscaped yard full of spring

                                       real estate
                                                     to summer blossoms! 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, rec
                                                     room + sauna. NWMLS# 28054310. $641,250.
   Senior citizens and their fami-
lies might want to look for the                                Open Sun 1-4
following opportunities when                                 Mirror Lake Estates
performing a home safety                             15024 260th Ave SE, Issaquah, WA 98027
review:                                              Here is your opportunity to live amongst private
                                                     lakes on 1.2 acres. in a cherished, quality-
   ◆ Examine dark pathways,                          updated, 2-story home. Floorplan offers 4 large
corners and other areas where                        bedrooms, a large bonus room and den.
seniors regularly walk or read.                      NWMLS# 28074812. $800,000
Make sure all have adequate                                Please contact Susan for
lighting. Timed and motion-sen-                       Open House schedule or to schedule
sor lights outdoors can illuminate                            a personal showing
potentially dangerous pathways.                             Connected to the Pulse of Sammamish
Make sure hallways and stairs                                   & Issaquah for Over 28 Years
also are properly lit.
   ◆ Avoid monochromatic color                                         Susan H. Gerend,
schemes. Contrast can help                                             CRS., GRI.,ASP
seniors with failing eyesight bet-                                     Certified
                                                                       Residential Specialist
ter navigate their homes. Large
red and blue buttons over hot                                           206-719-4663
and cold water-faucet controls
will help prevent dangerous mis-
takes. A dark green or brown toi-
let seat and vinyl tape around the
shower will make those fixtures                      Contact Emily
more easily distinguished.
Kitchen countertops should con-                              392-6434
trast with floors as well.
   ◆ Look for ways to reorganize.
                                                              ext. 238
Mom always put the black stew                                 for your
pot under the stove to keep the
children from breaking it.                                  real estate
Perhaps now it belongs on a shelf                           advertising
beside the stove. And who says
the eggs must go in the egg tray
of the refrigerator? Perhaps it’s
easier for Dad to handle them if
they’re stored in the meat tray. If
that hallway table, always a per-
manent fixture, is becoming a
dangerous obstacle, move it.
   ◆ Look behind closed doors.
Many seniors will close off parts
of a house they no longer use. Be
sure to check those areas regular-
ly for mold or water damage.
Don’t close vents to crawl spaces.
   ◆ Talk to your parents about
why and how they do things,
then look for ways to simplify
their lives. If your mom’s
immaculate floors are now regu-
larly dirty, think about how she’s
been doing that job all these
years and offer options. Rather
than a heavy mop and bucket,
check out lightweight, all-in-one
mops. Look for smooth-top stoves
and refrigerators with water and
ice on the outside. Change door-
knobs to levers, or purchase grips
that can go on conventional
knobs. Convert single-bulb light
fixtures to multiple bulbs, so
seniors still have light when one
bulb burns out.
   ◆ Consider security. Think
about potential dangers lurking
within your loved one’s home.
Lock-in switches on thermostats
and stoves will keep seniors with
dementia and Alzheimer’s dis-
ease from harming themselves.
Help them manage in their envi-
ronment by installing a cordless
   This list was adapted from a
home safety checklist developed
by Home Instead Senior Care.
Call 454-9744.
 SAMMAMISH REVIEW                                                                                                                                                                     July 2, 2008 •               27

                                                                                                                   FEATURED HOME OF THE WEEK

                                                                                                               ISSAQUAH Charming Upgrades make this stylish
                                                                                                               2bd/2.5ba townhome stand alone. Brazilian cherry
                                                                                                               flooring, crown molding, granite tile in kit & much    Stunning 4 bedroom, 6 bath, 5370 square foot
                                                                                                               more!        (SP)     Emma          425-281-1753       home in Timberline. Who says you can’t have it
                                                                                                                        $349,750    all…? (SP) Roland Fink 425-829-1402

           SAMMAMISH                                                  REDMOND                                                REDMOND                                             SAMMAMISH

Privacy, seclusion & inspiration is built onto this     Grousemont Estates. This 4bd/3.5ba Smith Bros          Gorgeous cedar sided 4bd/2.5ba home located on         4bd, 2.5ba, 2,900sf Executive Home on Samm
custom lake & Mnt. View home. This shy 4300 sqft/       home has been meticulously maintained &                quiet .86ac lot in desirable Salish Estates. Quality   Plateau next to Pine Lk Park. Features, vaulted
5bd home is on the most private 5 acres around.         updated. Huge family rm, theater & hidden rm           construction w/territorial Mnt views. (SP) John        ceilings, hrdwd flrs, new ktchn grnte, flex rm &
(SP) Mike 206-679-3457              perfect for wine cellar. (SP) Mike 206-679-3457        425-445-0703                  more.        (SP)       Bob      206-890-5124
41280                                   $1,850,000              $1,075,000                                                 $765,000                $689,000
            SAMMAMISH                                               SAMMAMISH                                              SAMMAMISH                                             SAMMAMISH

Beautiful 4bd/3.5ba/approx 3000sqft home                Custom, one of a kind 4bd/2b rambler features          Live the American Dream in Timberline Park.            Wonderful 4bd home nestled in the midst of .52ac.
surrounded by open/protected space on 3 sides.          mature landscaping & 2 patios. On quiet cul-de-        Charming 3bd/2ba Buchan rambler. Great curb            Features include; huge rec room, ton’s of built-in
Uncommon upstairs baths. (SP) Kerri 425-736-            sac that’s just a short walk to Blackwell              appeal, backs to greenbelt & just a short walk to      storage, new roof & gutters, RV parking. (SP)
9214        $639,000           Elementary.    (SP)   Roland    425-829-1402           Blackwell Elementary. (SP) Roland 425-829-1402         Nancy 425-829-4720
                                                            $629,000                $625,000                                              $599,000

            SAMMAMISH                                                 REDMOND
                                                                                                                   “We work here, we play here, and we live here.
                                                                                                                     Doesn’t it make sense to go with a local
                                                                                                                        Real Estate Specialist who knows
                                                                                                                         and supports our home town?”
                                                                                                                            Shalimar Backman, Real Estate Specialist
Located in beautiful Renaissance Ridge in               Sought after Ames Lake location. New exterior
Sammamish. 3 bd home w/flex area off one bdrm.          doors, windows, trim, remodeled bath & exterior/
Perfect for a toy area or teen suite. Home is filled    interior paint. All Appls included. (SP) Marcia 206-
w/upgrades in a private setting. (SP) John 425-
445-0703 $495,000
                                                        595-4284 $295,000

                                                       Proud Supporter of
                                The Fourth on the Plateau
                 Visit our booth and enter to Win a Trip
                   or a $200 Dinner Gift Certificate!
                                                                                                                                              SAMMAMISH PLATEAU
                                                                                                                                                      22841 NE 8TH ST.
 28 •           July 2, 2008                                                                                                                                                                                SAMMAMISH REVIEW

          THE RESERVE                                   BEAUTIFUL LAKE VIEW                             BROOKSHIRE ESTATES                                   RENAISSANCE RIDGE                                PROVENCE IN VINTAGE

 Stunning 5 bdrm Conner resale offers over 5000      Pride of ownership, 3 bdrms, 2.5 bths,           Meticulously maintained Buchan w/islnd kit          Beautiful vaulted entry w/3 bdrm w/den or          Best Value in Vintage! 2860 sf., 4 bdrm, 2.5
 sq ft.Gardner’s paradise and entertainers dream!    Gourmet kit w/cherry & granite. Large deck,      w/new cooktop & SS applncs. Priv, fncd              optional 4th bdrm on main & 2 3/4 bath.            bath Murray Franklyn resale backs to park.
 Peaceful private setting backs greenbelt. ISD.      updated baths. Gardens & spectacular view!       bckyrd w/outdoor deck. New roof & AC.               2170 sf. Iss schls. 1 year hm wrrnty included.     Island kitchen, Flat sunny bckyrd, 3 car gar.
 Scott & Kim 425-864-9699                $975,000    Scott & Kim 425-864-9699           $557,500      Mike Maloney 206-755-8483        $609,900           Marissa Ormondo 425.445.9616 $539,000              Scott & Kim 425-864-9699           $599.000

            BELLASERA                                   TIMBERLINE RIDGE                                  HOOPER CONSTRUCTION                                           TOULON                                    SHANNONWOOD

 Gorgeous Chaffey resale. 4 bdrms, den, &            Beautiful Burnstead Wisteria Ct resale, 3500     Gorgeous Craftsman on park-like .26 acre lot        Murray Franklin, Laurel floor plan 4bdrms,         Charming 2-story offers 1660 sq ft, 3bdrms
 bonus. Chef’s island kit granite & SS appl.         sf w/4bdrms, den + bonus. Chefs kit w/           w/3bdrms + bonus. Brazilian cherry hrdws,           main floor den & huge bonus, gourmet kit           & 2.5 baths. Light & bright situated on
 Upgrades & built-ins. A/C, LKW schools.             granite, top-end applncs, etc. Formal LR,DR.     chef’s kit w/slab granite. Views. LKW schls.        w/ss appliances & 3 car tandem gar. LWS.           private .16 acre lot w/large patio and deck.
 Scott & Kim 425-864-9699            $849,999        Scott & Kim 425-864-9699            $819,000     Scott & Kim 425-864-9699            $764,900        Marisa 425.445.9616                 $699,950       Johnson 425-283-8008                 $429,900

          CROSSWATER                                    SAMMAMISH ACREAGE                               TIMBERLINE CHARMER                                             ISSAQUAH                                        INGLEWOOD

 Gorgeous 4 bdrm, bonus + loft. Main floor           2.43 acres in the heart of Sammamish, near       Beautifully updated 3Bdrm, 2.5 BA on .23            Pride of Ownership throughout! Master on main      Great building lot w/single-wide MFD home
 den, great room & master. Kitchen w/granite,        hms 1 Million +, perfect estate setting, prvt    acre lot in Timberline. Kitchen w/Corian &          w/walk in closet & bath.Bright & sunny kitchen,    connected to public water. Sewer & comm.
 SS, cherry cabinets & floors.                       sunny lvl lot, live in rmblr/ build dream hm!    SS, newer carpet & roof! Blackwell Elem.            Entertaining deck w/hot tub & fenced yard.         shared beach rights available. Value is in land.
 Scott & Kim 425-864-9699          $625,000          Scott Bobson 425-864-9700             $585,000   Jay Johnson 425-283-8008           $545,000         Dave Green 425-941-9415              $467,000      Eric Skoglund 425-864-8833 $194,500

             PINE LAKE                                  PERSONAL RETREAT                                       TIMBERLINE                                    RENAISSANCE RIDGE                                          TOWNHOME

 Beautiful NW Contemporary style home, 3             Huge 6 bdrm, 4.75 baths, island kit, formal      Timberline 4 bed/2.5 bath. Cul de sac-backs         Beautiful vaulted entry home has 3 bdrm            Granite kit w/maple cabinetry, hardwoods, SS
 bdrms, den & bonus. Bright open flr plan w/         LR & DR, sunroom, exercise room, 2 dens,         to green belt. Kit w/granite SS appliances,         w/den or optional 4th bdrm on the main &           appliances 2 master suites & 2nd floor laundry.
 vaulted ceilings, skylights, hrdwds. 1/2 acre.      AC, pool, tennis courts, etc.                    Dacor ovens .Wood floors & newer carpet.            2 3/4 bath. 2170 sq ft. Iss Schools.               Slate faced gas frpl, 2 car garage.
 Marilyn Droukas 206-321-6841 $684,800               Eric Skoglund 425-864-8833 $1,499,000            Aynn Appleton 425-985-5483           $505,000       Call Marisa 425.445.9616             $525,000      Scott & Kim 425-864-9699            $1,750/mo

   AYNN                  JUSTIN                  STAN             MARILYN                 DAVE              ANN                NICHOLA                    JAY                MIKE                  MARISA              ERIC                  ANNA
APPLETON                BOBSON                  CHANG            DROUKAS                 GREEN            HAUSER                HENLEY                JOHNSON             MALONEY                 ORMANDO           SKOGLUND               WHITFIELD
425 985 5483           425 941 7432           425 445 2510       206 321 6841          425 941 9415      425 444 3461          206 355 5294           425 282 8008        206 755 8483            425 445 9616      425 864 8833           206 940 0522

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