BRACKLA COMMUNITY COUNCIL

                                     DATE: 21st April 2011

ATTENDED BY:                                        APOLOGIES FROM:
Cllr. Mrs G Atkinson                                Cllr. Mr M Voisey
Cllr. Mr J Spanswick                                Cllr. Mr A Wathan
Cllr. Mr D Aston                                    Cllr. Mr C Jones
Cllr. Mrs C Lewis                                   Cllr. Mrs D Davies
Cllr. Mr T Hacking – Left early                     Cllr. Mr T Hacking – Left early
Cllr. Mrs P Hacking – Left early                    Cllr. Mrs P Hacking – Left early
Jayne Jowett – Clerk
R. Smith; L. Roberts & A. Redfern – members
of public
Minutes prepared by Jayne Jowett
235.0 Time for Public to address Council, including police.
235.1 No comments
236.0 Council to consider letter of concerns regarding road from Crematorium
          to Spar roundabout. (Appendix 7)
236.1 Cllr. T Hacking requested that as per procedure, Apologies for Absence &
          Declarations of Interest be considered prior to any further agenda items.
          All present agreed. Therefore agenda item 236.0 was postponed to proceed
          agenda item 254.0

        Cllr. Spanswick Declared an interest & withdrew from discussions for this
        individual item, resuming participation thereafter.

        RESOLVED that letter be forwarded to B.C.B.C. for their consideration.

237.0   Council to consider grant of £5k to Brackla Community Development
        Ltd to assist with start up costs for the Residents’ facility mgt
        committee. S133 of the LG Act 1972
237.1   As per item 236.0 this item was postponed until after agenda items 238.0 &
        Cllrs. Spanswick & Lewis declared an interest & withdrew from discussions
        for this individual item, resuming participation thereafter.

        Mr Redfern introduced himself as V Chair & Co Sec of BCDL. He explained
        the formation of BCDL & its objective to build a sustainable residents’ facility
        in Brackla.
        Mr Redfern reported on the funding application process thus far and
        explained the need for funding from B.C.C. i.e. that in order to take the larger
        funding applications forward equipment (phone / laptop/ printer) and a
        suitable business plan were required which were a considerable cost which
        could not be currently met by BCDL as the company had no financial
        Cllr. T Hacking thanked Mr Redfern for his explanation and explained that
        whilst B.C.C. supported the aims of BCDL; in these financially challenging
        times B.C.C. could not approve the donation of £5k without substantial
        evidence that the grant was both required and appropriately beneficial to the
        furtherance of the project funding applications; particularly as B.C.C. had
        already expended a substantial amount of funding to get the project to the
        point of planning application approved for the building. It was also essential to

        note that Brackla already has a Community Centre & sports/community
        facilities via the new school.
        It was also pointed out that the new school facility was to focus on sports and
        the existing Community centre was at capacity. BCDL were not aiming to
        provide the same facilities as those already in existence but was aiming to
        focus on advocacy & youth / intergenerational engagement, via the cafe;
        transport hire; allotment; youth work; mum & tots; bridges into work training;
        seminars etc.
        Cllr. Atkinson confirmed that as we had committed so much already both
        financially and voluntarily via man hours along with other volunteers it would
        be a shame to see it fail now due to a lack of financial support.
        A loan of the £5k was ruled as inappropriate as, if BCDL did not get the major
        funding, it would not be in a position to pay back the loan.
        Cllr. Atkinson proposed that £1k be granted; Cllr. Aston suggested £2.5k
        Finally, considering BCDL’s requirements, it was

        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 133 of the
        Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure
        satisfies the requirements of that section; the Council approves the
        expenditure of an initial sum of £1k with the further incremental funding up to
        a total of £5k to be reconsidered if BCDL are able to progress the project’s
        funding requirements.

238.0   To Accept Apologies for Absence.
238.1    Cllrs. Jones & Wathan – holidays; Cllr. Davies – personal problems; Cllr.
        Voisey – working; Cllrs. T & P Hacking – have to leave early for prior booked
239.0   To receive declarations of personal and prejudicial interest (if any) from
        Members/Officers in accordance with the provisions of the Members
        Code of Conduct adopted by Council on 19/06/08
            Minute ref         Agenda Item             Name      Nature of
               236.0       Traffic concerns   Cllr. Spanswick    Prejudicial:
                             on road from                     B.C.B.C. Cabinet
                                Spar to                          member -
                             Crematorium                        Communities
               237.0        Grant to BCDL     Cllrs Spanswick    Prejudicial:
                                                   & Lewis      Members of
                                                                  board of
               254.0         Donation to      Cllr. Spanswick    Prejudicial:
                           Traffic calming in                 B.C.B.C. Cabinet
                             Church Acre                         member –
               255.0       Traffic calming in Cllr. Spanswick    Prejudicial:
                            Whitethorn Dr                     B.C.B.C. Cabinet
                                                                 member –
240.0   To confirm & sign minutes of Routine meeting of Council held on
        17/3/11; Finance mins of 17/3/11 & 12/4/11.
        RESOLVED: to accept the minutes of the routine meeting of 17/3/11 as a true
        record of proceedings.

        RESOLVED: to accept the minutes of the Finance meeting of 17/3/11 as a
        true record of proceedings.

        RESOLVED: to accept the minutes of the Finance meeting of 12/4/11 as a
        true record of proceedings.

241.0   Correspondence: Items for members of council to consider & items for
        council to note are listed at Appendix 1.
241.1   Item:
            1) Council noted this correspondence.
            2) Council noted this correspondence.
242.0   Finance: Council to consider & agree expenditure & statement of
        accounts listed at appendix 2 & to ratify the re-investment options for
        maturing 3 month bond.
242.1   A Full list of expenditure is at appendix 2 and was reviewed by members.

        RESOLVED: Expenditure against budget agreed by Council.

        RESOLVED To ratify the re-investment of £75,068.28 of the bond plus           Clerk
        maturing interest in a further 3 month bond – interest rate being 1.34375%
        gross, this being the most suitable mutual society bond available.

        RESOLVED to invest a further £100k from the current account into the 2nd      Clerk
        bond on its maturity, this being the most suitable mutual society bond
        available interest.

243.0   Council to review financial & business risk policy
243.1   Following consideration, no amendments were deemed necessary:

        RESOLVED to approve the Financial & Business policy

244.0   Council to consider the monetary limit for gifts received by Councillors
        & Officers of the Council
        RESOLVED to set a limit of £20.00

245.0   Council to consider the yearend balance sheet; to include virements;
        reserves & approval of Terms of Reference for Internal Auditor.
        (Appendix 4)
245.1   Clerk summarised the year end accounts. Accounts; Balance sheet;
        Ear-marked reserves & Virement are listed @ appendix 2

        RESOLVED To approve the balance sheet for year end 31/3/11

        RESOLVED To approve the ear-marked reserves for the ensuing year.

        RESOLVED To approve the virements

246.0   Council to consider the approval of Procurement policy (Appendix 5)
        RESOLVED to approve the Procurement policy

247.0   Council to consider waver of roundabout sponsorship fee for Inscapes
247.1   Clerk explained that as Inscapes were storing our steel containers free of
        charge they had requested that we waver our sponsorship fee for the two
        Inscape signs on the Crematorium roundabout.

        RESOLVED to agree to the waver whilst Inscape are willing/able to store the
        B.C.C. steel container free of charge

248.0   Council to consider item for Newsletter
248.1   Members agreed to suspend SO to enable Mr Roberts to contribute to the
        Mr Roberts had submitted an article for inclusion in the B.C.C. Newsletter,
        regarding his concerns at the erecting of goal posts on the land next to Heol
        Glyndwr. B.C.C. members did not feel that the content of the article was
        appropriate for the Newsletter and therefore declined to allow its inclusion in
        the B.C.C. publication. Members also pointed out that this land was
        designated as ‘open space’ and therefore the goal posts were permitted. Mr        Clerk
        Roberts was also advised to attend the next P.A.C.T. meeting However the
        Council assured Mr Roberts that they would support his concerns of youth
        annoyance in the area confirming that they would pass on his concerns to the
        police and request that they monitor the area.
249.0   Council to consider moving the 4 tier planter from Crematorium
        Clerk to investigate the possibility of re-locating the planter to the land       Clerk
        adjacent to the Haywain roundabout. If possible:

        RESOLVED to seek planning approval for the relocation.                            Clerk

250.0   Council to consider the One voice Wales membership renewal
250.1   Cost will be ££1222, members agreed how useful OVW had been during the
        last 12 months and that the training provided was excellent.

        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 111 of the          Clerk
        Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure
        satisfies the requirements of that section; the Council approves expenditure
        for the renewal of One Voice Wales membership

251.0   Council to consider One Voice Wales training programme
251.1   Training available is:
         Date                 Module         Venue/time     Cost
         26/5/11              The Council    Brackla        £25.00 each
         16/6/11              The Planning   Brackla        £25.00 each
                              Process        Tabernacle
         23/6/11              The Councillor Brackla        £25.00 each
         14/7/11              Community      Brackla        £25.00 each
                              Engagement     Tabernacle

        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 111 of the
        Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure
        satisfies the requirements of that section; the Council approves expenditure
        for members to undertake the training should they wish.

        Clerk to e-mail out to members for their consideration                            Clerk
252.0   Council to consider Liability insurance renewal (Appendix 6)
252.1   Clerk had approached Allianz for a quote but they had not been forthcoming.
        Zurich’s renewal costs are as follows:

         1 year arrangement                        £1858.02
         3 Year long term arrangement              £1782.96 per yr (subject to no
                                                   changes by B.C.C.)
         5 year long term arrangement              £1722.03 per yr (subject to no
                                                 changes by B.C.C.)

        Given that this would provide stability of budget and continuity of cover,
        particularly in respect of the alleged subsidence members

        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 111 of the
        Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure               Clerk
        satisfies the requirements of that section; the Council approves expenditure
        for the 5 year long term arrangement @ £1722.03

253.0   Council to consider consultation documents including:
        Welsh Fire and Rescue Authority Equality and Diversity Strategy 2011-
        RESOLVED to note the Welsh Fire & Rescue Authority Equality & Diversity
        strategy consultation.

254.0   Clerk’s Report.
254.1   Face of Change books – distributed by Oak Tree & Shepherds, who have
        sold several.

        Kin sheets from police have to complete if you are on their web links               Clerk
        Members wish to invite police to next meeting to explain the requirement
        more fully.

        Cllr. Davies’ letter of resignation – informed B.C.B.C. Notice for electors up by

        Clerk detailed B.C.B.C. Town & Community Council Forum response re
        procurement policy. Members Noted the response.

        Clerk confirmed the traffic calming costs from B.C.B.C. for Church Acre.
        Cllr. Spanswick declared an interest and withdrew from discussions for this
        individual item, resuming participation thereafter.                                 Clerk

        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 274A of the
        Highways Act 1980 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the
        requirements of that section; the Council approves expenditure of £15k
        toward these costs as per 2010 / 2011 budget agreement.

        Employers Ass’t programme (Appendix 8) @ £15.00 per employee per year
        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 111 of the
        Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure
        satisfies the requirements of that section; the Council approves expenditure
        for B.C.C.’s two employees.

        B.C.B.C. wanted feedback on electronic planning consultations from                  Clerk
        Clerk to feedback Members comments:
        System permits speedier responses.

        Members don’t have to waste time attending a meeting to discuss.

        Viewing of the plans is restricted to the size of monitor one has, i.e. with the
        old hardcopy system, one had full sized A0 plans to view however, electronic

        plans can only be viewed in sections as generally members’ computer
        screens are too small to enable the whole plan to be viewed at a reasonable

        Members sometimes are unable to open the plans via the Bridgend County
        Borough Council link provided, which causes further work by the Clerk or
        B.C.B.C. to convert the plans into an e-mail format that they can view.

        Members don’t always like working in isolation to consider the plans, under
        the old system, members could discuss each plan together, whereas now
        they would have to telephone / e-mail other committee members and await
        their responses, so no longer instant.

        Local Cllr shadowing Award – Members noted this scheme

        Leadbitter Contractors have offered a raffle prize for the Funday.

        LCAS seminar 6/7/11 in Cardiff:- free for Clerk; Additional guest is £30.00 +

        RESOLVED that in pursuance of the powers conferred by section 111 of the           Clerk
        Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure
        satisfies the requirements of that section; the Council approves expenditure
        for Clerk plus one additional guess to attend this conference. Cllr. Atkinson
        was nominated as the guest.

255.0   Members’ Reports.
255.1   Cllr. P Hacking – Nothing to report
        Cllr. T Hacking – Nothing to report
        At this point Cllrs T & P Hacking had to leave.
        Cllr. Aston – had received concerns from residents re parking in and around        Clerk
        the new secondary school. – Clerk to invite Leadbitter to write an article for
        the newsletter and to have a stall at the funday.
        Cllr. Lewis – Nothing to report.
        Cllr. Spanswick – It has been confirmed that the Rugby / Football Clubs will
        not have storage space in the new school. Cllr. Spanswick suggested the
        possibility of siting a small steel container on the land between the football &
        rugby pitches next to the black path as B.C.C. may have to re-site our
        container to this site as well should we have to remove them from Inscapes in
        the future.. Clerk to investigate planning permissions / costs and place this      Clerk
        suggestion on the June agenda.
        Cllr. Atkinson had received a request for new road signs for The Woodlands
        from a resident – Mrs Jones. Cllr. Spanswick suggested that Cllr. Atkinson
        contact Huw Parry-John of B.C.B.C. regarding this.
        Cllr. Atkinson also confirmed that she had also received an e-mail from a
        resident of Whitethorn Drive complaining about the proposed traffic calming
        Cllr. Spanswick proposed that SO be suspended so that Mr Redfern (a
        resident of the area concerned) could comment. All agreed.
        Cllr. Spanswick then declared an interest and withdrew from discussions for
        this individual item, resuming participation thereafter.

        It was confirmed that the complainant had sent the complaint to relevant
        members in B.C.B.C. and B.C. ward members were planning to deliver an
        information leaflet to the homes concerned.

256.0   Council to consider / ratify planning applications
        RESOLVED: that Council ratified the following planning application
        observations as listed at Appendix 3

257.0   Council to consider the date of next meetings.
257.1   AGM – 19/5/11 @ 6.30pm in Oak Tree Surgery
        Routine – 19/5/11 @ 7.00pm in Oak Tree Surgery
258.0   Council to consider proposals from Personnel working party to include
        ‘Whole Council Review’ & ‘Staffing’ (Closed session)
258.1   Postponed until May 2011 routine meeting.
        Meeting closed at 20.57 hours.

     Appendix 1:

      Correspondence Received:

No     Date        From             Content
1      16/3/11     Open Doors       For members to consider invite to participate in celebration of
2      28/3/11     OVW              For members to consider notice of OVW 2011 conference & AGM on


No     Date        From                Content
1      16/3/11     Res of Brackla      Wanting to book comm ctr – passed on to Nick Roberts
2      16/3/11     Res of Brackla      Wanted to get rid of felled trees – Passed on to B.C.B.C.
3      21/3/11     Res of Brackla      Reported fly-tipping reported to B.C.B.C.
4      21/3/11     Res of Brackla      Reported fly-tipping in Bridgend Ind Est. – unable to locate
5      23/3/11     Res of Brackla      Wanted to know where he could obtain info’ on proposed
                                       traffic calming – passed onto B.C.B.C.
6      28/3/11     Res of Brackla      Not had a routine delivery of black waste & food bags asked
                                       B.C.B.C. to replace.
7      29/3/11     Res of Brackla      Wanted to report a household whose washing machine waste
                                       water was disposed of into the rain water drain. – passed to
8      30/3/11     Res of Brackla      Wanting local tax office details – gave website details

      APPENDIX 3:
      Planning Applications approved by Brackla Community Council:
      29/3/11- P/11/191/FUL – 73 Underwood Place Brackla – single storey extension to rear – No
      06/4/11 – P/11193/FUL – 3 St David’s Close Brackla – New dwelling – no observations
      08/04/11- T/11/16/TPO – 30 Honeysuckle Way Brackla – Crown reduction & thinning – no

      Planning Applications approved by Bridgend County Borough Council:
      P/11/59/FUL-12 Maes Talcen Brackla – Conservatory at rear
      P/11/105/FUL – 33 Georgian Way Brackla – Conservatory to rear

      Planning applications declined by Bridgend County Borough Council:

      Planning applications withdraw by vendor:
      P/11/2/FUL – 24a Priory Oak Brackla Retention of fence / gabion basket fronting Coychurch

Appendix 2:

                              Brackla Community Council 2010/2011

   Bank Reconciliation Statement as at: 31/03/2011 for Cash Book 1 Current Account
  Bank Statement Account Name (s)              Statement Date     Page No       Balances
  Co-op Current A/c                                 31/03/2011      310         12,534.02
  Unpresented Cheques (Minus)                                      Amount
  16/12/2010 202324         Brackla RFC                              250.00
  21/03/2011 202338         B'end & BC Veterans' Ass't               250.00
  21/03/2011 202340         Brackla Senior Citizens' Club            250.00
  31/03/2011 BILL PAY       J Jowett                                   4.69
  31/03/2011 202342         RCT                                      791.24
  31/03/2011 202341         HM Revenue & Customs                   2,545.28
  Receipts not Banked/Cleared (Plus)
                                                 Balance per Cash Book is :-     8,442.81
      Difference is :-                                                               0.00

                              Brackla Community Council 2010/2011

   Bank Reconciliation Statement as at: 31/03/2011 for Cash Book 2 Co-op investment account 4
  Bank Statement Account Name (s)            Statement Date      Page No        Balances
  Co-op investment a/c 4                          28/02/2011        9           75,068.28
  Unpresented Cheques (Minus)                                      Amount
  Receipts not Banked/Cleared (Plus)
                                               Balance per Cash Book is :-      75,068.28
                                                            Difference is :-         0.00

                              Brackla Community Council 2010/2011

   Bank Reconciliation Statement as at: 31/03/2011 for Cash Book 3 Co-Op Investment A/c 5
  Bank Statement Account Name (s)            Statement Date      Page No        Balances
  Co-Op Investment a/c 5                          31/03/2011        7           75,974.30
  Unpresented Cheques (Minus)                                      Amount
  Receipts not Banked/Cleared (Plus)
                                               Balance per Cash Book is :-      75,974.30
                                                            Difference is :-         0.00

             Appendix 2 cont’d

                                                                  Brackla Community Council 2010/2011
                                                                         Current Account
                                                      List of Payments made between 10/03/2011 and 14/04/2011

   Date Paid         Payee Name                                       Cheque Ref                  Amount Paid        Authorized Ref            Transaction Detail
  10/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       SO                               220.00                                  Part sal wk 48
  10/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       BILL PAY                           6.05                                  Part sal wk 48
  16/03/2011         BT                                               DD                                49.57                                  Tels
  16/03/2011         SW POLICE AUTHORITY                              202332                        13,516.61                                  PCSO
  16/03/2011         S W Police Authority                             202335                         4,601.40                                  PCSO
  16/03/2011         SW Police Authority                              202332                       -13,516.61                                  PCSO input in error
  16/03/2011         SW Police authority                              202332                        13,516.61                                  PCSO including vat
  16/03/2011         SW Police                                        202332                       -13,516.61                                  PCSO wrong vat %
  16/03/2011         SW Police Authority                              202332                        13,516.61                                  PCSO correct vat %
  17/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       BILL PAY                           6.05                                  Part sal wk 49
  17/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       SO                               220.00                                  Part sal wk 49
  17/03/2011         Bridgend County Borough Counci                   DDR129                         4,165.14                                  Xmas lights & van hire
  21/03/2011         Bridgend Foodbank                                202336                           250.00    s137LGA1972                   S137 donation
  21/03/2011         Brackla Live                                     202337                           250.00    s145LGA1972                   S145 Grant
  21/03/2011         B'end & BC Veterans' Ass't                       202338                           250.00    s145LGA1972                   S145 Grant
  21/03/2011         1st Bridgend Scout Group                         202339                           250.00    s19LG(MP)A                    Grant out
  21/03/2011         Brackla Senior Citizens' Club                    202340                              250.00 s19 LG(MP)A                   Grant out
  22/03/2011         Riverside Hardware & Engineeri                   DDR130                               40.00                               Equipment
  23/03/2011         B&Q                                              DDR131                                3.98                               Handle for notice board
  24/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       SO                                  220.00                               Part sal wk 50
  24/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       BILL PAY                              6.05                               Part sal wk 50
  24/03/2011         Harrison's Packaging                             DDR132                              488.39                               Animal Foul Bags
  27/03/2011         Dr Madelin & Ptners                              SO                                  221.25                               Rent
  28/03/2011         J Jowett                                         SO                                1,300.00                               Part sal Mar 11
  28/03/2011         J Jowett                                         BILL PAY                            196.63                               Part sal Mar 11
  28/03/2011         Treescene                                        BILL PAY                          1,044.00                               Tree maintenance
  28/03/2011         C3 imaging                                       BILL PAY                             96.00                               Funday banners
  28/03/2011         Bridgend County Borough Counci                   DDR133                              104.64                               Signs for van & trailer
  28/03/2011         Inscapes Environmental                           DDR134                               42.00                               Soil
  29/03/2011         Royal Mail Group Ltd                             BILL PAY                            170.00                               PO Box Licence fee
  29/03/2011         Inscapes Environmental                           DDR135                               61.00                               Soil / grass seed
  29/03/2011         Scats Country Stores                             DDR136                               32.00                               Lawn feed
  31/03/2011         B J Whitlock                                     BILL PAY                              6.05                               Part sal wk 51
  31/03/2011         J Jowett                                         BILL PAY                              4.69                               Expenses
  31/03/2011         B Whitlock                                       SO                                  220.00                               Part sal wk 51
  31/03/2011         RCT                                              202342                              791.24                               Pension Mar 2011
  31/03/2011         HM Revenue & Customs                             202341                            2,545.28                               PAYE & NI Jan/Feb/Mar
  04/04/2011         Graham Paul Chartered Accounta                   DDR01                               258.00                               Wages & yearend prep
  04/04/2011         Peninsula                                        DD                                  201.60                               Employ Serv
  05/04/2011         Bankfarm Trailers Ltd                            DDR02                               231.60                               Service / repair
  05/04/2011         Bridgend County Borough Counci                   DDR03                               396.60                               Van hire 28.2.11-01.4.11
  05/04/2011         Vodafone                                         DD                                   50.54                               mobiles
  06/04/2011         Texaco                                           DD                                  199.72                               Fuel:- Van & Equip
  07/04/2011         B Whitlock                                       SO                                  220.00                               Sal wk 52
  07/04/2011         B Whitlock                                       BILL PAY                              6.05                               Sal wk 52
  14/04/2011         B Whitlock                                       SO                                  220.00                               Sal wk 1
  14/04/2011         B Whitlock                                       BILL PAY                             11.64                               Sal wk 1

                                                                      Total Payments                  33,423.77

The above payments have been reviewed against the budget & authorised by members of Brackla Community Council

Signed: .........................................................................Signed: ............................................................................................

Appendix 2 cont’d
                                                 Brackla Community Council 2010/2011
                                      Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 31/03/2011
  Month No : 12                                           Committee Report
                                                          Actual      Actual Year    Current     Variance   Committed      Funds        % of
                                                        Current Mth    To Date      Annual Bud Annual Total Expenditure   Available   Budget
      101   Staffing
   4000     Clerks Salary                                    6,485       24,507       28,500         3,993                    3,993    86.0 %
   4002     Gardeners Salary                                 3,829       15,495       17,300         1,805                    1,805    89.6 %
   4004     Employers Pension                                1,151        6,579        9,000         2,421                    2,421    73.1 %
   4005     Employers National Insurance                    -4,579        2,581        4,000         1,419                    1,419    64.5 %
   4006     Health and Safety                                    0           70          100            31                       31    69.5 %
   4007     Staff Expenses                                       5           95          450           355                      355    21.2 %
   4009     Agency/Temporary Staff                               0        1,015            0        -1,015                   -1,015     0.0 %
   4010     Training                                             0          350        1,000           650                      650    35.0 %
                              Staffing :- Expenditure        6,891       50,692       60,350         9,658            0       9,658    84.0 %
                    Net Expenditure over Income
                                                             6,891       50,692       60,350         9,658
      102   Administration
   4011     Office Expenditure                                   0            4            0             -4                      -4   0.0 %
   4012     Rent                                               221        2,655        3,000           345                      345 88.5 %
   4022     Stationery                                          54          296          350             54                      54 84.5 %
   4023     Telephones                                          41          444          700           256                      256 63.5 %
   4024     Mobile Phones                                       17          208          300             92                      92 69.3 %
   4025     Photocopier                                        210          871          900             29                      29 96.8 %
   4026     Postage                                            170          291          300              9                       9 96.9 %
   4027     Insurance                                            0        1,767        1,800             33                      33 98.2 %
   4028     Subscriptions                                        0          145          200             55                      55 72.5 %
   4029     Insurance Contingency                                0            0        2,000         2,000                    2,000   0.0 %
   4031     Newsletter                                           0          750        1,500           750                      750 50.0 %
   4033     Website Hosting/Updating                            75           75          250           175                      175 30.0 %
   4053     Bank Charges                                         0           24            0            -24                     -24   0.0 %
   4055     Accounts Services                                   95          525          650           125                      125 80.8 %
   4057     Audit                                              900          850        1,000           150                      150 85.0 %
   4059     Peninsula                                          168        2,016        2,016              0                       0 100.0 %
   4060     Accounts Package Maintenance                         0          790          850             60                      60 92.9 %
   4070     Office Equipment                                     0          409          400             -9                      -9 102.4 %
                        Administration :- Expenditure        1,952       12,121       16,216         4,095            0       4,095 74.7 %
   1006     Income Photocopier                                   1            7            0              7                           0.0 %
   1176     Precept Received                                     0      147,066      147,066              0                         100.0 %
   1180     Income Miscellaneous                                 0            4            0              4                           0.0 %
   1190     Interest Received                                  150          985            0           985                            0.0 %
                             Administration :- Income          151      148,062      147,066           996                          100.7 %
                    Net Expenditure over Income
                                                             1,801     -135,941     -130,850         5,091
      105   Civic
   4100     Councillors Expenses                                 0             0          500          500                      500     0.0 %
   4105     Chairs Allowance                                   240           691          750           59                       59    92.1 %
   4110     Civic Service                                        0           296          300            4                        4    98.8 %
   4115     Elections                                            0             0        1,500        1,500                    1,500     0.0 %
   4120     Engraving                                            0             6           50           44                       44    11.1 %
                                 Civic :- Expenditure          240           992        3,100        2,108            0       2,108    32.0 %
                    Net Expenditure over Income
                                                               240           992        3,100        2,108
      106   Events
   4280     Funday                                              80           480        3,500        3,020                    3,020 13.7 %
   4295     Competition Prizes                                  11           560          500           -60                     -60 112.0 %
                               Events :- Expenditure            91         1,040        4,000        2,960            0       2,960 26.0 %
                    Net Expenditure over Income
                                                                91         1,040        4,000        2,960
      109   Grants
   4400     Section 137                                        250          750          900           150                      150 83.3 %
   4405     Summer Playscheme                                    0        2,143        1,500          -643                     -643 142.9 %
   4406     Youth Work                                         100        6,489       10,000         3,511                    3,511 64.9 %
   4407     Grants Out                                       1,000        2,170        2,100            -70                     -70 103.3 %
   4408     Brackla Live                                         0        4,994        5,000              6                       6 99.9 %
                               Grants :- Expenditure         1,350       16,546       19,500         2,954            0       2,954 84.8 %
                    Net Expenditure over Income
                                                             1,350       16,546       19,500         2,954

                                             Brackla Community Council 2010/2011
                                  Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 31/03/2011
Month No : 12                                         Committee Report
                                                      Actual      Actual Year    Current     Variance   Committed      Funds        % of
                                                    Current Mth    To Date      Annual Bud Annual Total Expenditure   Available   Budget
   201   Environment
 4200    Vehicle Renewal/Hire                              595        3,173        5,000         1,827                    1,827 63.5 %
 4201    Vehicle Maintenance                                87          276          500           224                      224 55.3 %
 4203    Vehicle Insurance                                   0          690        1,000           310                      310 69.0 %
 4204    Petrol                                            152          886        1,200           314                      314 73.8 %
 4220    Steel Container Storage                             0            0          250           250                      250   0.0 %
 4225    Equipment & Tools                                  37        1,037        2,000           963                      963 51.9 %
 4227    Equipment Maintenance                              27        1,774        1,000          -774                     -774 177.4 %
 4231    Fuel for Equipment                                 75          282          350             68                      68 80.6 %
 4250    Environmental Schemes                           1,396        3,246        3,500           254                      254 92.7 %
 4261    Seasonal Bedding                                    0        4,547        5,500           953                      953 82.7 %
 4265    Tremains Wood Project                               0           26            0            -26                     -26   0.0 %
 4281    Xmas Lights                                     3,207        3,207        3,500           293                      293 91.6 %
                       Environment :- Expenditure        5,575       19,144       23,800         4,656            0       4,656 80.4 %

 1050    Income Roundabout Sponsorship                       0           883            0          883                               0.0 %
 1057    Income Green Waste Bags                            20           204            0          204                               0.0 %
                           Environment :- Income            20         1,087            0        1,087
                Net Expenditure over Income
                                                         5,555       18,056       23,800         5,744
   202   Safety
 4270    PCSO                                           15,338       15,338       15,000          -338                     -338 102.3 %
 4271    Crime Prevention                                    0            0          100           100                      100   0.0 %
 4272    Traffic Calming                                     0            0        5,000         5,000                    5,000   0.0 %
                            Safety :- Expenditure       15,338       15,338       20,100         4,762            0       4,762 76.3 %
                Net Expenditure over Income
                                                        15,338       15,338       20,100        4,762
                       Finance :- Expenditure           31,437      115,873      147,066       31,193             0      31,193    78.8 %
                                      Income               171      149,149      147,066        2,083                             101.4 %
                Net Expenditure over Income             31,267      -33,276            0       33,276

 Ear Marked Reserves
   901   Ear Marked Reserves
 9101    Election Reserve                                    0             0       3,000        3,000                     3,000     0.0 %
 9102    Allotment Subsidence Reserve                        0             0       1,570        1,570                     1,570     0.0 %
 9103    Youth Worker Reserve                                0             0       7,976        7,976                     7,976     0.0 %
 9104    Youth Project Reserve                               0             0      58,385       58,385                    58,385     0.0 %
 9106    Tremains Wood Bridges                               0         3,328       5,915        2,587                     2,587    56.3 %
 9107    Traffic Calming Reserve                             0             0      10,000       10,000                    10,000     0.0 %
             Ear Marked Reserves :- Expenditure              0         3,328      86,846       83,518             0      83,518     3.8 %
                Net Expenditure over Income
                                                             0         3,328      86,846       83,518
         Ear Marked Reserves :- Expenditure                  0         3,328      86,846       83,518             0      83,518      3.8 %
                                    Income                   0             0           0            0                                0.0 %
              Net Expenditure over Income                    0         3,328      86,846       83,518

Appendix 4
                                             Brackla Community Council 2010/2011

                                             Balance Sheet as at - 31st March 2011

          31st March 2010                                                                                        31st March 2011
                                         Current Assets
                      5,366              Vat Control                                        9,666
                  31,527                 Current Account                                    8,443
                  20,000                 Co-op investment account 4                        75,068
                 100,446                 Co-Op Investment A/c 5                            75,974
                 157,339                                                                                  169,151
                               157,339 Total Assets                                                                      169,151
                                         Current Liabilities
                  19,868                 Accruals                                           1,732
                  19,868                                                                                    1,732
                               137,471 Total Assets Less Current Liabilities                                             167,419
                                         Represented By
                                50,625 General Fund                                                                       77,401
                                86,846 Ear Marked Reserves                                                                90,018
                               137,471                                                                                   167,419

The above statement represents fairly the financial position of the authority as at 31st March 2011 and reflects its Income and
Expenditure during the year.

           Signed :
           Acting Chairman     ________________________________           Date : ___________________

           Signed :
           Financial           ________________________________           Date :____________________

Appendix 4 cont’d

                                               Brackla Community Council 2010/2011
                                                        Year End Virements

         Virement Date:     31/03/2011                                                             Virement Ref No:    15
                                                                                                   Amount         Amount
A/c Code Description                 Centre Description             Virement Description          Decreased      Increased
  4400   Section 137                     109    Grants              Tfr to General Grants                 600
  4407   Grants Out                      109    Grants              Tfr from s137                                       600
                                                                                Virement Totals           600           600

          Signed :
          Acting Chairman    ________________________________       Date : ___________________

          Signed :
          Financial         ________________________________        Date :____________________

    Appendix 4 cont’d

    Internal Audit Terms of Reference


           1.     The Internal Audit Service is responsible for conducting an objective and independent appraisal of all the Council’s financial
           2.     The Internal Audit Service is responsible for evaluating and reporting to Council and thereby providing them with assurance on the
                  arrangements for risk management, control and governance.
           3.     The scope of internal audit work should cover all operational and management financial controls undertaken.
           4.     Internal audit is required to examine the arrangements by which decisions are made, monitored and reviewed.
           5.     The Internal Audit Service may also conduct any special reviews requested by Council.


    To provide the required assurance, the Internal Auditor will evaluate the arrangements in place:

•                 To establish and monitor the achievement of budget objectives.
•                 To identify, assess and manage risks to those objectives.
•                 To advise on, formulate and evaluate policy within the responsibilities of the FRO
•                 To ascertain the integrity and reliability of financial and other information provided to the council, including that used in decision
•                 To ascertain that systems of control are laid down and operate to promote the most economic, efficient and effective use of
    resources and to safeguard assets.


    The Internal Auditor has no executive role, nor does it have any responsibility for the development, implementation or operation of systems.
    However, he may provide independent and objective advice on risk management, control and governance, value for money and related
    matters, subject to resource constraints.

    The responsibility for risk management, control and governance arrangements and the achievement of value for money rests with Council,
    who should ensure that appropriate and adequate arrangements exist without reliance on the Internal Auditor. To preserve this objectivity and
    impartiality of the Internal Auditors' professional judgment, it is for management to determine whether or not to accept audit
    recommendations, to recognise and accept the risks of not taking action, and to implement recommendations.


    The Internal Auditor has rights of access to all the Council's records, information and assets which it considers necessary to fulfil its


    The Internal Auditor must submit an annual report to Council

    Signed: ................................................................ Print: .......................................................... Date: ...........................................

    Acting Chair of Brackla Community Council


    Meeting 21/4/2011 Item: 245.1

Appendix 5

                              Brackla Community Council



 Section       Topic                                                   Page

        1.     Purpose of Document                                       2

        2.     Interpretation                                            2
        3.     Compliance with Relevant European and UK Legislation.     2

         4.    Objectives of Procedures                                  3
         5.    Procurement of Supplies and Services                      3
         6.    Invoice Processing                                        3
         7.    Sourcing Suppliers                                        4
         8.    Tendering Procedures                                      5
         9.    Selective Tendering                                       5
        10.    Tendering by Advertisement                                5
        11.    Opening of Tenders                                        6
        12.    Tender Documentation                                      6
        13.    Contract Variations                                       8
        14.    Contract Documentation Filing                             8
        15     Post Contract Evaluation                                  8
        16.    Hiring Consultants / Project Management                   9
        17.    Diversity and Equal Opportunities                         9
        18.    Environmental Issues                                     10
        19.    EU Procurement Legislation                               10


 1.   Purpose of Document

      This document has been produced to help define and explain each individual’s responsibilities in
      relation to Brackla Community Council’s procurement and tendering procedures. It should be viewed
      as a framework document. Further systems and procedures may be introduced from time-to-time as
      the need arises.

                                                 2. Interpretation

      In these Contracts Procedure Rules:-

      “The Council” means Brackla Community Council.

      "The Responsible Finance Officer" means the officer for the time being having statutory
      responsibility for the administration of the Council's financial affairs;

      “Contract” means any form of contract or agreement entered into by Brackla Community Council
      with any other party for the supply of goods, services or works, or any combination thereof.

      “Contract value” means the total value of the contract over the whole term of the contract. If
      there is no fixed price then the value of the contract is to be calculated on the expected
      expenditure during that financial year, if there is no fixed term for the contract. In the case where
      there is a contract term but no fixed price then the value of the contract is to be calculated on the
      expected expenditure over the whole contract period. All contract values are exclusive of VAT.

      “EU” means the European Union

3.    Compliance with Contract Procedure Rules and Relevant European and UK Legislation.

3.1   Every contract for the sale, purchase or hire of goods by or the carrying out of works or provision of
      services for the Council shall comply with:

         (a) All relevant statutory provisions including in particular the Local Government Act 1988 Parts I
             and II, the Local Government (Contracts) Act 1997, the Local Government Act 1999 Part I, and
             the Public Contract Regulations 2006.

         (b) Any relevant EU law, EU Treaty, and EU public procurement Directives as implemented in UK

         (c) The Council’s Constitution, including in particular Financial Regulations.

3.2   The Responsible Finance Officer should inform Council by the 1st February each year of all contracts
      that are likely to be subject to renewal within the following financial year.

3.3   The procurement of goods, services and works shall not be artificially over estimated or under-

4.       Objectives of the Procedures

          • To ensure that the procurement of, and tendering for goods and services are properly authorised,
         recorded and monitored.

         • To ensure that the purchased goods and services are of a satisfactory quality and offer value for

         • To minimise the chances of misappropriation and protect Brackla Community Council and its staff in
         such an event.

5. Procurement of Supplies and Services

Staff need to be aware that expenditure is committed when an order is placed on behalf of Brackla Community
Council, not when payment is requested.
Therefore, it is important that all orders are placed properly, and are within agreed budgets and delegated

5.1 Purchase Order / Invoice Thresholds:

Value or cost (£)                      Purchase Order required?              Authorisation required
0 - 500                                No                                    Responsible Finance Officer
501- 49,999                            Yes                                   Full Council
50,000 & over                          Yes                                   Full Council

Orders under £500 (Five hundred pounds) can be authorised by the Responsible Finance Officer and
confirmed by the Chairperson or in the Chairpersons absence, the Vice Chair.

5.2 Orders for Goods and Services < £500

     •   Purchases of under £500 can be placed directly with a supplier, the invoice should be addressed to the
         Responsible Finance Officer who will authorise & register the invoice on receipt.

5.3 Orders for Goods and Services > £500

         •   Purchases exceeding £500 must be approved by full Council

5.4 Orders for Goods and Services > £49,999

If a contract for the purchase of goods or services is expected to exceed £49,999 (Forty Nine Thousand Nine
hundred & Ninety Nine Pounds) competitive tenders MUST be invited.
A minimum of three written tenders MUST be sought before a Purchase is made. See Tendering process.
Purchases must be authorised as per parameters in 5.1 BEFORE an order is placed.

6. Invoice Processing

All invoices must be presented for payment to the Responsible Finance Officer.
The authorising member of staff is responsible for checking invoices for:

     • Accuracy in terms of figures and conformity with the order placed.

     • That the services or goods have been received and of the expected quality.

     • Following up any problems. Should an invoice be incorrect the Responsible Finance Officer should
         contact the Chairperson
Once authorised as in 5.1, suppliers will be paid within 30 days.
If payment terms need to be negotiated this must have prior written approval from the Full Council
Any lease, hire purchase agreement or other contract involving expenditure will be subject to the same
authorisation procedures as in 5.1, with the appropriate expenditure amount being the total committed
expenditure over the period of the contract.
No lease, hire purchase or contract should be entered into without adequate advice and approval from the Full
Council. Any deviation in terms and conditions must have prior approval from the Full Council.

7. Sourcing Suppliers

7.1 Preferred Suppliers

Brackla Community Council may in the future create a list of preferred suppliers.
Suppliers may be entered onto this list if they provide references indicating that their work / services meet with
Brackla Community Council’s requirements in terms of delivering products and services of a suitable quality,
price and be completed within a specified timescale.
Suppliers may also apply to become a preferred supplier by completing an application form.

7.2 Supplies and Services

                     Value or Cost (£)                               Requirement
 0 – 500                                                  Where possible 3 quotes via
                                                          verbal; e-mail; fax & written
 501 – 49,999                                             3 quotations via e-mail; fax &
 50,000 +                                                 3 tenders which must be in writing

Single Tenders should be avoided wherever possible to ensure that value for money and the most appropriate
services are being obtained.
If, exceptionally, it is proposed to invite a single tender for a particular project, reasons may include:

      • The goods or services are only available through one supplier,

      • A particular supplier/contractor has already given recent evidence of good performance so economies of
          scale can be achieved through discount or building on previous work.

      • Where the need for the goods or services is so urgent that the time needed for tendering would be
         prejudicial to Brackla Community Council’s interests.

Under these circumstances the mitigating facts should be presented to full Council for approval to proceed
before approaching the supplier/contractor in question.


8. Tendering Procedures


8.2      Any contract exceeding £49,999, and in any other case where Brackla Community Council
         determines, tenders shall be invited in accordance with either Rules 6, 7 or 8 and in accordance
         with EU rules.

8.3      Where the estimated value or amount of a particular description of goods to be purchased or
         hired, works to be carried out or services to be provided exceeds the figure specified in 6.2

          tenders shall be invited for the full value or amount of the goods, works or services of that
          description required.

 8.3      A register of contracts over £10,000 shall be maintained by the Responsible Finance Officer.


 9.1      The selection of contractors shall be made from the list of suitable contractors compiled by the
          Responsible Finance Officer.

 9.2      The basis of selection for those companies on the list shall be by way of suitability of contractors
          to undertake the project. Reasons for such choice must be recorded,

 9.3      Tenders may be sent to less than three of the persons or bodies approved for a contract of the
          relevant category and amount or value if in the opinion of the Responsible Finance Officer this is
          necessary because of the specialised nature of the works or services


 10.1     All requirements for goods above £49,999 shall be referred to the Responsible Finance Officer
          who will arrange for the provision of such to be advertised as described in 7.2.1 and 7.2.2

 10.1.1    In addition, where a category for Works or Services does not exist, this shall be referred to the
          Responsible Finance Officer who will arrange for the provision of such to be advertised as
          described in 8.2. and 8.2.1

 10.1.2     An advertisement shall be placed as directed by the Responsible Finance Officer in one or
          more of the appropriate media, i.e.:

          (a) The Councils website
          (b) Local newspapers
          (c) EU Journal (which shall be mandatory in the event of the relevant threshold being exceeded)

10.2.1      The advertisement shall:

          (a)      Specify details of the contract into which the Council wishes to enter;

          (b)      Invite persons or bodies interested to apply for permission to tender;

          (c)      Specify a time limit of not less than 14 days within which such applications or tenders are
                   to be received by the Council.

          (d)      Indicate the criteria and weighting to be used to select tenderers and award the contract.

 10.3     Except where an open procedure has been used, after the time limit specified in the
          advertisement has expired invitations to tender for the contract shall be sent to:-

          (a) At least Three of the persons or bodies which applied for permission to tender, selected by
          the Finance Committee after consulting the Responsible Finance Officer, or

          (b) Where fewer than three persons or bodies have applied or are considered suitable, to all
          those persons or bodies which the Finance Committee considers suitable after consulting the
          Responsible Finance Officer.

11.1    Tenders for contracts exceeding £49,999 shall be opened at the same time in the presence of:-

        (a)       Two Members comprising any of the following:

                  (i)     the Chairperson;

                  (ii)    the Vice-chairperson;

                  (iii)   the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee.

                  If any of these Members shall be unavailable, one or two Councillors may be nominated
                  to act in their place.

        (b)       The Responsible Finance Officer.

11.2    A record shall be kept of all tenders received in a form approved by the Responsible Finance
        Officer, including any reasons for disqualification

11.3    All unsuccessful tender documents shall be retained for a period of two years from their receipt.

12       Tender Documentation

 12.1 The tender documentation provided by Brackla Community Council will be as comprehensive and
      complete as possible.

       The contractor will be provided with a letter inviting him to tender. Also included will be:

       • Two copies of comprehensive and clearly written specifications.

       • Delivery timescales.

       • Deliverables by which performance will be measured.

       • Criteria for awarding the contract.

       • The closing date beyond which tenders will not be accepted.

       • The name and contact details of the Responsible Finance Officer dealing with the tender.

       • Any special conditions e.g. Risk Assessments, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Disability
         Rights, Environmental Issues.

       Invitations to tender should be accompanied by:

       • An A4 sized envelope bearing only the address of the appropriate budget holder and the words
         ‘Confidential – Tender for (name of project or item) Not to be opened until (the closing date)’.

12.2    When tenders are received they should not be opened but should be:

     1. Signed and dated by the recipient
     2. Stored in a safe place until the closing date.
     3. Contractor should be provided with a receipt

              •   Tenders received by any other method other than in the envelope provided will not be accepted.
              •   All tenders received after the closing date will not be accepted.
              •   Tenders for contracts estimated to cost in excess of £49,999 should be opened as 9.1 above.
              •   The prices quoted in the tender should be recorded at the point of opening the tender.

            •   On completion of this process those present should sign and date the record.
            •   The contract should normally be awarded to the tenderer submitting the best service and value.
                This does not necessarily mean the lowest tender.

12.3     In evaluating a tender other than on the basis lowest price, the following may be used as a means of

            • Delivery or completion date

            • Cost effectiveness

            • Quality

            • Aesthetic and functional characteristics

            • Technical merit

            • Security of supply

            • Running costs and maintenance issues

            • Fitness for purpose

            • Financial viability of the prospective supplier

            • Environmental considerations

            • Diversity

            • Any other relevant agreed criteria

12.4    All those invited to tender should be notified immediately as follows:

     1. Where a tender is received after the closing date it should be returned with an explanatory letter.

     2. Where no tender is received from a person or firm invited to tender the person or firm should be
         informed that the contract has been awarded and that no tender was received from them.

     3. Unsuccessful tenderers should be notified of the outcome by letter, with feedback offered.

     4. The successful tenderer should be notified of the outcome by letter.

     5. Where appropriate the successful tenderer will be required to attend a pre-contract meeting.

     6. Any tenderer found to have had access to information (financial or otherwise) relating to the project
     which may give them unfair advantage, will be disqualified.

Copies of all tenders received, together with all correspondence with those invited to tender should be retained
on file.
In some cases Brackla Community Council must also adhere to the tendering requirements specified in
contracts with third parties e.g. a third party funder e.g. big Lottery, European Social Fund.
It is the responsibility of the Responsible Finance Officer to ensure that all relevant members of staff are aware
of specific requirements.

13       Contract Variations

A contract variation that extends the scope of the original work must be treated as a Single Tender Action and
therefore contracts cannot be extended on a single tender basis.
Where the supplier’s costs have overrun but the scope of the work has remained unchanged, then Brackla
Community Council will not fund the overrun.
If the contract is running significantly behind schedule it may be necessary to extend the delivery time of the
remaining milestones. Brackla Community Council will not cover any additional inflationary costs under these
circumstances. This does not need to be covered by a Single Tender Action.

14      Contract Documentation Filing

All signed original contracts should be filed centrally.
The Responsible Finance Officer must ensure they keep a hard documentation file providing a clear audit trail
supporting the contracting process.
Suppliers should not commence work until the contract is signed ensuring that the scope of work and price has
been properly agreed.

15      Post Contract Evaluation

Once a contract subject to the tendering process has been completed a post contract evaluation should be
carried out within one month of the project’s completion.
The objectives for this:

       • To determine the validity and suitability of the project criteria as established by Brackla Community

       • To ascertain if the supplier met the required project criteria and provided value for money.

       • Establish if the supplier is suitable to be used again.

Report and record knowledge gained, lessons learned and any problems encountered.

16      Hiring Consultants / Project Management

In addition to the procurement and tendering procedures when hiring Consultants the following should be
adhered to:

       If Brackla Community Council is hiring a Consultant for the first time, the Responsible Finance Officer
           should take references from clients for whom the Consultants have previously worked.

       • The Consultant should be provided with a single contact name within Brackla Community Council.
           This should be the Responsible Finance Officer.

       • The Responsible Finance Officer should ensure both they and the Consultant are clear on the key
           stages within the production process.

       • Where possible there should be consistency between the personnel commissioning the project and
          those subsequently overseeing it.

       • The Responsible Finance Officer should ensure they are fully aware from the start of any changes
           that can be made to the project within the agreed budget and what changes if required would be

       • No lease, hire purchase or contract should be entered into without adequate advice and approval
          from the Full Council any deviation in terms and conditions must have prior written approval from
          the Full Council

17      Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Brackla Community Council is pro-active in promoting diversity and equality of opportunity within our own
organisation, across the industry we serve and in using our position to influence service providers and
suppliers in supporting us in our diversity aims.
We have developed a Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy to ensure that no Brackla Community Council
board member, stakeholder1, job applicant, employee or advisor is discriminated against either directly or
indirectly on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, gender
reassignment, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, HIV status or age.
  By stakeholder we mean members of Brackla Community Council’s Skills Panels, Forums or Advisory
Brackla Community Council wishes to ensure that the purchase of all goods, services and facilities is
undertaken in line with our equal opportunity and diversity commitments. We will not use agencies or
companies who do not share our values on equality of opportunity and diversity. We wish to create an
environment where businesses from diverse communities have an equal opportunity of competing for Brackla
Community Council contracts.
Where we deliver services ourselves we must ensure that these are provided in line with our equal opportunity
and diversity commitments and we expect the same from service providers and suppliers.
In addition we are happy to provide support and information to assist service providers and suppliers to more
fully to understand and address diversity issues when working with us or when supplying goods or services.
Whilst suppliers must not discriminate, they do not have a legal obligation to promote equality of opportunity.
However, we would wish that suppliers respect and respond to our requirement to support diversity and
equality of opportunity in their dealings with us.
Brackla Community Council will, where possible, build equality considerations into its procurement process.
These considerations may include, but not be limited to:

     • Specifying equality requirements in draft specifications of contract documents.

     • Considering whether specific contract conditions covering equality should be included.

     • Checking the company has no known history of discrimination.

     • Checking the company has the ability to promote race equality in employment and service delivery.

     • Encouraging the supplier to take steps voluntarily to promote equality beyond that which is legally
         required after the contract award.

     • While managing the contract checking the supplier’s performance meets equality requirements.

     • Requesting access to suppliers own equal opportunities or diversity policy (if applicable).

18       Environmental Issues

Brackla Community Council takes environmental issues seriously and is committed to building environmental
considerations into all aspects of its procurement process.
Brackla Community Council’s procurement should be based on value for money, with value for money being
defined as “the optimum combination of whole life cost and quality (or fitness for purpose) to meet our
requirement”. This means all aspects of costs, not just the initial purchase cost, will be considered when
making a decision to award a contract or to purchase goods or services. Environmental issues which may be
taken into consideration could include, for example:

     The use of refurbished and recycled products e.g. toner cartridges and paper thereby reducing waste.

     • Ensuring services and products if derived from wildlife such as timber are from sustainable sources.

     • Avoiding the use of ozone depleting substances.

     • Avoiding the use of excessive or non-recyclable packaging.

Buying green can cost less, however it should be noted that there will be instances where the costs are
actually higher and will not be offset by savings in the long term. Therefore consideration will have to be given
to determine if the extra premium cost is justified.

19         EU Procurement Legislation

Brackla Community Council should comply with EU procurement legislation for goods and services that are
over the current EU threshold.
 Up to date information on current EU legislation can be obtained from:

The Directives set out the procedures to be followed by purchasers in the public and utilities sectors. Revised
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Acting Chair of Brackla Community Council

Minute ref: 21/4/2011 item: 246.1

Appendix 6:
Liability Ins quote:

Policy Numbers: YLL-122033-5483
Renewal Date: 9th March 2011
Zurich Town and Parish Council Team
PO Box 726
PO19 9PS
Direct Phone:01243 832137
Direct Fax: 01243 210101
Communications will be monitored
regularly to improve our service and
for security and regulatory purposes
Zurich Municipal is a trading name of Zurich Insurance plc
A public limited company
incorporated in Ireland
Registration No.13460 Registered Office Zurich House, Ballsbridge Park ,Dublin 4 Ireland.
UK branch registered in England and Wales Registration No.
. BR 7985
UK Branch Head Office
The Zurich Centre, 3000 Parkway,
Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 7JZ
Authorised by the Irish Financial Regulator and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Services Authority. Details about the extent of our regulation by the Financial Services Authority are available
from us on request
Dear Jayne,
Thank you for your time to discuss the renewal of the above named policy. As discussed, I will detail below the
alternative premiums based on a one year agreement together with the premiums for entering into a Long Term
Agreement over 3 and 5 years. I am enclosing an explanation leaflet about the Long Term Agreement terms.
Annual Premium excluding Insurance                                          Annual Premium including Insurance
Premium Tax                                                                 Premium Tax at 6%
1 year arrangement            £1,752.86                                                    £1,858.02
3 year Long Term Agreement £1,682.05                                                       £1,782.96
5 year Long Term Agreement £1,624.56                                                       £1,722.03

I can confirm that your property sums insured have been uplifted by the appropriate index-linking percentages for
2011 (3% for All Risks, Buildings and Contents).
The Limit of Indemnity for Public Liability has been increased to £10 million - this has not affected the premium for
this line of cover.
I am enclosing a copy of the Policy Schedule detailing the cover for the Council. I would ask you to check the
details to ensure these are all correct. It is important to have adequate levels of cover for all sections of the policy so
that the Council is not left exposed in the event of a claim.
I understand you have a Council Meeting on 21st April, so I am sending this by email to make sure you have the
details in time.
Once the decision has been made, all I will need is an email to confirm on which basis you would like to renew and
then I can organise all the documentation to be sent.
I trust this to be in order but if you have any queries or questions concerning your policy then please do not hesitate
to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Miss Christina Tomlinson
Zurich Town and Parish Councils

Appendix 7

From: steve
To: Gwen Atkinson
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2011 7:29 PM
Subject: speeding issues by Crematorium

Dear Gwen,

I have been thinking carefully about the issue of the traffic and speeding at our end of Brackla so I will try and list the
issues with as much practical detail as possible.

1. The road between the Crematorium and the roundabout leading to Channel View/Church Acre is a dual carriageway
and therefore has the effect of not discouraging people from continuing at 40mph or more until they reach said

2. Both sides of this 'dual carriageway are used regularly by pedestrian and cyclists. The paths through the woods by the
crematorium are popular with dog walkers and MANY children on bikes and just playing a matter of a handful of metres
from where the road is 40mph.

3. As cars speed up the hill from Singletons and turn onto Brackla, there is a bus stop and shelter centimetres from where
the road speed changes to 30mph.

4. Beyond the end of 30mph and therefore beyond the big 40 sign there is the only defined crossing point.

5. The tarmacked pavement which extends along the road opposite the crematorium is well used. It also has a defined
sunken crossing point to the central island and then across to the crematorium side. This is well used as it leads to the
public footpath through the field next to the crem.

6. There have recently been several new footpath signs and trees cleared to create said footpaths. This has the obvious
effect of increasing the number of pedestrians and cyclists using the area next to the faster road.

7. As people leave Brackla or continue down towards Singletons, there have been numerous bumps due to the nature of
the road layout. The paths adjacent to this are used by Brackla and Coychurch pedestrians who have to negociate the
incredibly narrow path under the railway bridge. This is not directly an issue for the section I am discussing but it is a
continuation of what affects people from this end of Brackla. There are, quite regularly, groups of young people who
presumably are walking between Brackla and Coychurch and they have to negociate this dangerous route.

8. There are many families with young children living in the houses near the Crematorium. There is no safe crossing point
until the Spar. The fact that motorists disregard this when speeding onto Brackla is of concern.

9. Cars coming up the hill from Singletons can easily reach 40mph and there is clear evidence that, on reaching Brackla,
they accelerate further up the hill towards the Channel view junction.

10. People with dogs, children with bikes, parents going for a walk with children, have to take their lives in their hands in
order to cross the roads at this end of Brackla. Visibility is awful for both pedestrians and motorists. Given that this end of
Brackla has good public footpaths through woods and fields it is well used but inadequately provided for in terms of safety
for the public.

My propositions and the ideas of those I have spoken to so far in this area would be:
A. Extend the 30mph along the bottom road towards Coity, especially to include the area beyond the boundary of the
Crematorium which has pavement opposite which is used by aforementioned groups.

B. Extend the 30mph down towards Singletons as far as possible. Those I have spoken to would go as far as the turning
to Coychurch given that it passes playing fields and used pavements, footpaths along the whole length.

C. Have the Police Van include this part of Brackla in it's regular patch. Would the layby on the left hand side going down
to Singletons be possible or the 'Old road' section next to the Crematorium caretakers house?

D. Have the 'bumpy surface' put on the roads approaching Brackla - the type used on the approach to roundabouts on
faster roads. This would seem appropriate given the immediate risk to pedestrians as motorists approach Brackla from
that end and the fact that a bus stop is there and regularly used.

E. One idea given was to actually have a crossing along this stretch. The designated crossing area at the bottom of the
hill is frankly ill conceived and dangerous.

F. Could the road be redefined as single carriageway, perhaps have a cycle track area. I think part of the problem is the
fact that there is a 'dual carriageway' perception.

I have spoken to dog walkers, families and individuals and have the backing, so far, of residents in:

1, Hawthorn Way
69, Hawthorn Way
144, Hawthorn Way
146, Hawthorn Way
147, Hawthorn Way
135, Hawthorn Way
102, Bishopswood.

I am sure that I could easily get many more people to back these ideas and concerns.

What do you think Gwen? Last summer my children and a neighbour's children stood by the road in reflective vests with
'Slow Down, 30 mph' banners.

I could rally more support with no difficulty, I just would rather get on with my gardening!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Appendix 8


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