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Jacqueline Fernand Jacqueline Fernandez


                       Jacqueline Fernandez

Subodh Kumar
Municipal Commissioner
Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Headquarter, Mahanagarpalika Marg
Mumbai 400001

Dear Sir,

I was appalled to learn about the horse who collapsed after being forced to pull a heavy carriage
near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) recently. I have observed so many similar
heartbreaking incidents, and I can't be a silent spectator to this abuse anymore. I join my friends
at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and urge you to do everything you
can to stop cruel horse-drawn carriage rides in Mumbai.

One thing that I love about Mumbai is the warmth of its people. Compassionate Mumbaikars join
me in not being able to understand how horses who are forced to pull heavy loads through hot,
crowded streets for our entertainment are allowed in the city. These horses are routinely driven to
exhaustion and forced to get up and keep pulling carriages when they collapse, as the horse near
CST was forced to do until he was taken away by caring people for treatment. Many horses used
by the carriage industry suffer from untreated injuries and wounds, dehydration and weakness,
and most will never see a veterinarian in their entire lifetime. Horses and humans alike have been
injured and even killed in carriage accidents. Horses are gentle and noble creatures, but there is
nothing dignified about abusing them or forcing them to give people "joy rides".

The conditions in which these horses are kept are so deplorable that if the public knew about it, I
have no doubt they would stop taking carriage rides. An investigative report by PETA found that
horses were kept in filthy, damp stables and left to stand without any shade amidst their own
faeces and urine. If the horses were provided with any food or water at all, it was often
unwholesome food and dirty drinking water.

PETA have urged your department to take action to help horses in Mumbai, but sadly, there has
been no change or improvement so far. Mumbai is a congested city with barely enough space for
all the humans who live there. Horses simply don't belong on the streets, and they certainly don't
deserve to be forced to pull carriages beyond the point of exhaustion. I urge you to please take
immediate action to stop this cruel form of entertainment.

Please inform me of what you plan to do to help horses in Mumbai by contacting PETA India's
Sachin Bangera.


Jacqueline Fernandez

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