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Congratulations_ We Did It_

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									                                               C H A R T E R          M E M B E R S H I P

                  Celebrate one of Seattle’s and the nation’s acclaimed cultural treasures!
                                                                                                                                      Members Newsletter                                                                                                    Winter 2008
                          Join as a Charter Member today
                        and become a founding member of the
                  Wing Luke Asian Museum at its new expanded home!                                                                                          Congratulations! We Did It!
                                                                                                                                                                                                               After a journey of five years, congratulations and a
                     • Attend a special preview of the extraordinary new home of the WLAM                                                                                                                heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful supporters who have
                     • Receive the exclusive WLAM umbrella                                                                                                                                               helped us reach our $23.2 million fundraising goal! We made
                     • Take advantage of array of outstanding benefits                                                                                                                                   it to the finish line by involving over 100 campaign volunteers,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         and receiving contributions from 1,500 individuals, as well as
                   Charter Memberships will only be offered in 2008 and will not be offered beyond December 31, 2008. WLAM                                                                               significant public and private institutional gifts.
                  Charter Membership is also a great gift for your family and friends! For more information on becoming a Charter                                                                              Five years ago 16 brave souls pledged the first personal
                             Member, please contact Claire Cho at (206) 623-5124, ext. 126 or                                                                                         gifts to the Wing Luke Asian Museum capital campaign. Thus
                                                                                                                                                                                                         did the Museum Board members kick off a historic initiative,
                         Complete list of Charter Membership levels and benefits:
                                                                                                                                                                                                         each member giving the largest philanthropic gift of his or her
                              Sign up for a Membership online:                                                                                       life. Since that time succeeding Board members have added their
                                                                                                                                                                                                         gifts, and with 100% participation have today contributed over
                                                                                                                                                                                                         $750,000, exceeding their original audacious Board goal by 50%.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Since the moment our Board swallowed hard and set out on a
                                                                                                                                                                                                         course to create a permanent and expanded home for this 40-year
                                                                                                                                                                                                         old community institution, numerous public and private entities as
                                                                                                                    NON–PROFIT ORG.                                                                      well as over 1500 individuals have made personal investments in
                                                                                                                      US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                          PA I D      the Museum’s future. A heartfelt congratulations and thank you to all who have been part of this successful campaign!
                                                                                                                      SEATTLE, WA         We owe a HUGE thank you to you, our members and supporters, who have responded with overwhelming generosity and
                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 918   encouragement. Your support during the “quiet phase” of our campaign many years ago, and the community phase, which began
                                                                                                                                      shortly after the Blessing Ceremony for the new building back in 2005, continues today.                           (continued on Page 5)
   407 Seventh Avenue South
       Seattle, WA 98104
        (206) 623-5124
                                                                                                                                                 Hard Hat Gala: Building on Legacies
                                                                                                                                                              Presenting Sponsor – KeyBank
     As of March 1, 2008:                                                                                                                            Prime Sponsor – Safeco • Major Sponsor – Boeing
     719 South King Street                                                                                                                         Media Sponsors – KOMO TV, KUOW, The Seattle Times
      Seattle, WA 98104
                                                                                                                                      Join us! Be the first to explore the new facilities of the Wing Luke Asian Museum! Don
                                                                                                                                      your black tie and boots or sequins and steel-toe shoes for an evening of savory hors d’
We’re currently closed for public                                                                                                     oeuvres, lively entertainment, and fabulous works of art. You’ll feel like a star with the full
visitation. Please visit us in our                                                                                                    red-carpet treatment and valet parking! You’ll also have a chance to participate in both silent
  new site after May 31, 2008.                                                                                                        and live auctions and bid on exquisite original works of art by renowned artists such as Roger
 Our new hours and admissions                                                                                                         Shimomura, Aki Sogabe, Lolan Lo Cheng, Darlene Nguyen-Ely and Barry Wong. Co-chaired
information will be listed soon.                                                                                                      by Victor and Stacy Mizumori and Larry Yok and Eric Olson, this event will serve as the
                                                                                                                                      Wing Luke Asian Museum’s annual fundraiser and will take place before the public Grand
                                                                                                                                      Opening of our new building in May.

                                                                                                                                      DATE: Saturday, March 22, 2008
                                                                                                                                      TIME: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. | Special VIP Reception 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.                                       (continued on Page 6)
                                                                                                                                      PLACE: 719 S King Street (At the Wing Luke Asian Museum’s new expanded home!)
                                                             Message from the Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                                        Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
                                                                                 I am excited to become the Museum Executive Director at                                                                         (Gifts as of 12/31/07)
                                                                                 this historic juncture. The Museum has been part of my life
          Board of Trustees                                                      since 1991 when I was working up the hill in the Nippon Kan
    Gloria Lung Wakayama, Co–President                                           building and I heard there were meetings in the basement of
                                                                                 the Wing Luke Asian Museum. People were getting together to         Capital Campaign Tribute Gifts (continued)                             Surgery Center-Proliance, Sharman Communications, Trima
        Ellen Ferguson, Co–President
          Casey Bui, Vice-President                                              talk about what happened to the Japanese American community         Tsuchiya, Will and Myrna Tsukamoto, Diane Yamaguchi • In               Simek, Karen Sutton, Linda J. Takami and David J. Grendahl,
            Helen Kay, Secretary                                                 during World War II. I wanted to be part of those basement          Memory of Kai Wah Gerald Eng: Jon Ten Corporation • In                 Benjamin and Denise Trogdon, Susan Ulgado, Jayna M. and
         Victor Mizumori, Treasurer                                              discussions, and thus started my personal relationship with the     Memory of Ruth Eng: Calvin and Ruth Locke • In Memory of               Sam K. Umeda, Beth Van Camp, Michael and Linda Wishkoski,
              Bruce Brundige                                                     Museum as a community volunteer.                                    Manville Gan: B. Frederica Billingslea, Clement and Shirley            Chong A. Wong, Tek H. Wong, Gayle Yamamoto • In Memory
             Katherine Cheng
         Gemma Valdez Daggatt
                                                                                                                                                     Chan, Joe and Elizabeth Chan, Leland and Vicky Chan, Warren            of Dr. Yu-Tang Daniel Lew: Richard and Helen Kay • In
                                                                                 Like many of you, over the years the Museum has provided a          and Ethel Chang, May C. and Dale C. Ching, Myrna and                   Memory of Wayne Locke: Rina and David Chang, Marvin and
                Jackie Der
                                                                                 way for me to understand and honor our community heroes and
                Mimi Gan                                                                                                                             Richard Chow, Evelyn Chun, Edward, Norma, Juliet and Andrea            Jan Lock, Park Wei Locke and Yim Yee Ng Locke, Quirino and
              Bruce Hayashi                                                      their personal journeys. My grandmother Kaneji Takekawa was
                                                                                 a widow with three young sons born in Seattle, including my         Don, Frances L. and Andrew C. Eizember, Marsha and Craig               Sue Wong • In Memory of Art Louie: Vivian and Jue Chun • In
       Patricia Norikane Logerwell
                 Paul Mar                        dad. She made her living by teaching at the Seattle Japanese Language School. On weekends           Fong; Eun-Sook Han, Jean Xu, Pyong Cho, Steven Lee and                 Memory of James S. Luke: Susan L. Mar • In Memory of Maud
           JoAnn Mills Marshall                  she would take the Yesler Avenue streetcar down to Leschi and hop on the Leschi ferry to            Raymond Li; Donna M. Horwitz, Shelley A. Horwitz, Ronald               V. Leathart: John and Polly Shigaki • In Memory of Myrna Mar
            Barbara Mizoguchi                    go teach classes for the Bellevue Japanese American community. My maternal grandmother              and Karen Jang, Suk Jang, Dick and Frances Jeong, Richard and          Chin: Miyoko Kaneta • In Memory of Dan K. Mar: Mabel W.
               Savitha Pathi                     Kazue Hirotaka was born in Bellevue and graduated as valedictorian of the Bellevue High             Nancy Kao, Corinne Kong and Wayne Kikuchi, Laura Kong,                 Lum, Susan L. Mar • In Memory of Hideko Murakami: John
             Dolores Sibonga                     School Class of 1926. My grandfather Tom Matsuoka performed shibai at the Nippon Kan in
                Judy Tobin
                                                                                                                                                     Matthew and Phyllis Kong, Ella Lee, Johnnie Lee, Leon and              and Polly Shigaki • In Memory of Calvin Y. Takagi: Suma Yagi
                                                 his r&r time from farming in Bellevue, and helping to found the Bellevue Vegetable Growers          Mee Mee Lee, Aimee and Ronald Leung, Alice C. Lew, Cindy
             Dave C. Williams                                                                                                                                                                                               • In Memory of Rae Takekawa: John and Polly Shigaki • In
                                                 Association. Tom and Kaz were the first Nisei (2nd generation Japanese Americans) to be
                Sung Yang
                                                 married in Bellevue, where my mother was then born.                                                 Ling, Gregory Look and Lori Sun-Look, Dr. and Mrs. George              Memory of Bertha Tsuchiya: Amgen Foundation, Bernie and
                                                                                                                                                     Louie, Howard and Foy Yu Louie, Wei-Ling and Bock Louie,               Wendy Aquino, Asian Comm Celebrations, Asian Counseling &
                                                 During the World War II incarceration of Americans of Japanese descent, my dad and mom’s            Darrel and Cherryl Lum, Jim and Jessie Luyau, Nelson and               Referral Service, Carlyle and Patricia Meyer Chan, David Chan
    Joann Natalia Aquino, Public Relations       families were removed from their Seattle and Bellevue homes. So I was born and raised in            Alice Yee Mark, Ping Mark, Vera Matsumoto, Gerry and Kathy             and Jane Nakagawa, Myra J. Chin, Wilson Chin and Tina Young,
             and Marketing Manager               Minneapolis, where many Japanese Americans relocated after the internment ended, and that is        Nakata, Hyrum A. and Susan N. Ngim, Susanna F. and James N.            Chuck and Chris Chinn, Frances and Fung Chinn, Mr. and Mrs.
    Russel Bareng, Education Coordinator         also part of the community story.                                                                   Ngim, Netti C. Ong, Dee and Glen Ouchida, Gordon and Helen             Chinn, Kevin and Eileen Chinn, Michelle L. Chinn, Ruth and
  Vivian Chan, Community Programs Manager
                                                                                                                                                     Owyang, Jessie Owyang, Judi and Joe Rizzuto, Charlotte L. and          Derek Chinn, Wallace and Deanna Chinn, Walter and Linda
   Cassie Chinn, Deputy Director for Program     How marvelous that our community has created a permanent setting to remember our pioneer
  Claire Hyon Cho, Donor & Member Services                                                                                                           Art E. Shanen, Marion E. Shu, Hanson and Lucy Siu, Helen and           Chinn, Wilton and Paula Chinn, Mei-Lan K. Chiong, Leland
                                                 legacies and to help pave future directions. Both my mother and father participated in Museum
                   Manager                       projects, and like many of you did, we created a family gift to remember them as part of the        Alex Soloway, Romayne Louis Toy, Alvin and Betty Lai Wong,             and Carol Doung, Dexter and Alice Eng, Lorena Eng, Maggie
    Cesar Cueva, Visitor Services Manager        new museum campaign.                                                                                Doris Y. Wong, Hazel Wong, Steve and Stacey Wong, Susie                Eng and Family, Mary J. Eng, Ellen L. Ferguson and Diana
       Monica Day, Finance Director
                                                                                                                                                     Wong, Truman and Pamela Wong, Ronge and Wen Jia Yan, Peter             Sill, Barbara Fujita, Michael and Marion Fukuma, Kazumi
      Bob Fisher, Collections Manager
   Mary Ann Midori Goto, Development &
                                                 The lives of Asian Pacific Americans ethnic groups have become increasingly intertwined,            Yee and Vera Fong, Roberta Yee, Mervin C. and Emily C. Yue             Janice Gosho, Norman and Sandra Hastings, Kathy Hsieh and
               Marketing Director
                                                 and my 30-year marriage to Tony To is one example. Tony’s mother was from Beijing, and              • In Memory of Clifton M. Goon: Takao and Ruth Aoki, Bill              Rick Wong, Vera and Joey Ing, Bill and Jean Ishii, Amy Ishizu,
       Joshua Heim, Exhibits Developer           his father from Shanghai. In 1949 they were honeymooning in Hong Kong and got word from             C. and Apha J.M. Eng, Cecilia Marie Fong, P.Y. and G.Y. Jone,          Nancy Jang, Toni and Peter Jose, Robert Kiga and Ismeralda
    John Hom, Facilities Operations Director     family that due to political events they should stay there. So they raised a family in Hong Kong,
                                                                                                                                                     Ellis McCoy, Susan Mar, Frank and Haru Nishimura, Robert               Trangia-Kiga, Calvin and Helen Lang, Eng Lim and Kathy
       Suzanne Hu, YouthCAN Assistant            where Tony was born. They immigrated to New York City in the 1960’s, where Tony developed
      Ammara Hun, Education Assistant            his lifelong affinity for the Yankees, NY Giants and Knicks (no comment). We raised our son         and Marian Ohashi, Stephen Wamback, Marjorie and Harry                 Ideta, Irma and Gary Loper, Bettie Sing Luke, Vikki Luke, Paul
 Karen Kajiwara, Executive & Trustee Associate   James, now 26 years old, in Flatbush (Brooklyn), but eventually family ties and Mt. Rainier         Wyrwitzke • In Memory of Woo Gee Gun and Gee Shee Woo:                 Mar, James and Amy Matsuoka, Nobuko Miyazaki and Gwen
            Nam Keo, Custodian                   beckoned, and we relocated to Seattle, where my own Wing Luke experience began.                     Paul and Emma Woo Louie • In Memory of Susan Inouye: Doug              Kosai, Barbara Mizoguchi and Dave Asahara, Shuku W. Najita,
  Michelle Reiko Kumata, Exhibits Manager
                                                                                                                                                     and Barbara Kanaya, John and Polly Shigaki • In Memory of              Masaye and Junzo Nakagawa, Yosh and Sue Nakagawa, Joyce
        Leo Lam, Technology Assistant
                                                 I have been part of an extraordinary campaign initiative of a very special group of individuals,    Silas G. Jue: Byron and Virginia Marr, Priscilla Chong Jue • In        K. Nakamura, Diane Narasaki and James West, Patricia and
        Cindy Manabat, Weekend Staff
Charlene Mano Shen, Capital Campaign Manager
                                                 the Wing Luke Asian Museum staff. The Museum staff gave over $100,000 in personal                   Memory of Dorothy Jue: Bill C. and Apha J.M. Eng, Robert and           Douglas Nikaitani, Ogishima & Associates, Robert and Marian
       Jeannette Roden, Weekend Staff            campaign gifts, exceeding their goal by over 100%. This staff campaign was led not by Ron           Marian Ohashi, John and Polly Shigaki • In Memory of Ted Jue:          Ohashi, Airyang Julia Park and Eric Jensen, Alice Ito and Bob
      Christina Seong, Exhibits Assistant        Chew or me, but by staffers Vivian Chan and Adam Lee. A special congratulations and thank
                                                 you to Vivian, Adam and all the Museum staff. I am honored to be part of this exceptional team      AVISTA CORP., S. Delina Barden, Judy and Dan Bartelheimer;             Shimabukuro, Margaret Sigley, Thomas and Joanne Tanabe,
     Elizabeth Shaiken, Museum Assistant
        Margaret Su, Grants Manager              for the past 11 years, and they are a backbone to the Museum’s progress and its future.             Carolyn Bowman, Valerie Kato and David Kato; Shana                     Tama Tokuda, Chok and Betty Toy, Dean and Colleen Toy,
      Beth Takekawa, Executive Director                                                                                                              Carmody, Jade Chinn and Jeffrey King, James and Sue Chinn,             Herbert Tsuchiya, Lisa Tsukamoto, Will and Myrna Tsukamoto,
   Angel Taniguchi, Development Associate        It is a tribute to the Museum and its supporters that there is great continuity of its Board and    Raymond and Ling Chinn, Margit A. Clifford, Susan D. Clifford,         Miya Tsukamoto-Chiu and Dennis Chiu, Shigeko Uno, Kelly
   Troy Tsuchikawa, Accounting Specialist        staff members. We are moving ahead to meet our future largely intact and adding new talents as      Timothy Clifford, Cotton Financial Advisors Inc., Loie and             Ann Wakayama, Charles Wilkinson and Melanie Ito, Terry
                                                 we reach for new goals. I am especially proud to be part of a management team with heart and        Jeffrey Docter, Marion Eng, Carole F. Kassir-Garcia and Arthur         and Karen Wong, Arnold and Ardath Woo, Ben and Ruth Woo,
      Wing Luke Asian Museum                     exceptional abilities including Cassie Chinn, Mary Ann Goto, Monica Day, Charlene Mano              E. Garcia, Gretchen Gundrum and Peter O. Ways, Murray A.               Kathy Eng Yee • In Memory of Ben C. TsutsumotoL: Jun and
        407 Seventh Avenue South                 Shen and John Hom.
                                                                                                                                                     Johnstone, Richard and Helen Kay, Johnnie T. and Dolores               May Mori, Arthur and Helene Yorozu • In Memory of Bertha C.
            Seattle, WA 98104
          Phone: (206) 623–5124                  I am honored to follow Ron Chew as the next Museum Director. Thank you all for supporting           Lamm, John and Kathleen Legate, York and Arlene Luke,                  Wong: Quentin Chin, Vernice Shen, Phyllis and Peter Turner,
           Fax: (206) 623-4559                   this unique and extraordinary community resource as we enter our next transformation. I look        Suzanne E. and Patrick M. Lynch, Howard E. King and Vi Mar,            Phyllis and Jeffrey Wong; Wilma, Trina, Teresa, and Clint Woo •
        Email:                forward to seeing you at our upcoming Grand Opening events, and in our new Museum                   Donald and Elaine McIlraith, Douglas J. McIlraith, Patti S.            In Memory of Charles H. Yatsu: Miyoko Kaneta, Dianne Yatsu •
                                                 home!                                                                                               Miller, William and Joan Miller, Barbara Mizoguchi-Asahara             In Memory of Louise Yook: Priscilla Chong Jue • In Memory of
         Winter 2008 Newsletter                                                                                                                      and Dave Asahara, Karl and Mary Nelson, Larry L. and Janet             Taro Yoshihara: Isoko Yoshihara
      Edited by Joann Natalia Aquino                                                                                                                 M. Orr, Osami’s Barber Shop, Catherine Parochetti Markson,
      Layout Design by Naomi Mittet              Beth Takekawa
                                                                                                                                                     William and Joan Miller, V and O. Ida Saar, Seattle
                                                 Executive Director
                                                                             2                                                                                                                                         19
                                                                                                                                                                                         Thank You and Welcome
                    Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
                                                              (Gifts as of 12/31/07)                                                          Welcome to our newest Board of Trustees member Bruce Brundige. Bruce has served on the Board Finance Committee for the
                                                                                                                                         past two years. He is a Linsco/Private Ledger financial consultant, a Certified Estate Planner and Registered Investment Advisor,
                                                                                                                                         with over 20 years in the financial services industry. Thank you to departing Trustee Ador Yano, who recently relocated to the East
$1 to $999 (continued)                                                 Capital Campaign Tribute Gifts (continued)                        coast. We appreciate Ador’s support for our capital expansion, as well as contributing his technological expertise to our website
Okamoto • Stephen and Sharon Yamada-Heidner • Tom                      C. Luke’s 80th Birthday: Tom and Dorothy Chin • In Honor of       development.
                                                                                                                                              Please welcome John Hom, our new Facilities Operations Director. John is serving in a new staff position created as part of our
Yamaguchi • Gayle Yamamoto and Cynthia Tia Linn Johnson                Lip Mar’s 80th Birthday: William and Lily Sing • In Honor of
                                                                                                                                         facilities expansion. He has over 15 years of experience in facilities and lab management. John’s family ran a restaurant in Hamilton,
• Nina Yamamoto and John Ro Phillips Family • Ronge and                Mitsuko Otani’s 88th Birthday: Mark D. and Nancy A. Albright,
                                                                                                                                         Montana, where he grew up. John states “As a first generation Chinese American, whose father came here as a “paper son,”
Wen Jia Yan • Keiko L. Yanagihara • Anand A. Yang • Louise             Hinako Dogen, Suyeko Fujikado, Gary Iwamoto, Patricia             and parents who spent time at Angel Island near San Francisco, I would be honored and excited to work for an organization that
Yarmuth • James and Joyce Yasui • Betty Yee • Fred Yee • Peter         Murakami, Washin and Kathleen Murakami, Chiseko Nagaishi,         preserves the history and culture of Asians and tries to teach others of our heritage and fight to become part of the melting pot and
Yee and Vera Fong • Roberta Yee • Ernest and Rose Yim •                Haruko Nagaishi, Yukiko Sato, John and Polly Shigaki, Irene       dreams of immigrants in America.” We are pleased to introduce our new YouthCAN Assistant Suzanne Hu. Suzanne is majoring in
Norman and Georgiana Wong Yip • Frederick F. York • Arthur             Shikibu Shigaki, Wayne E. and Kerry A. Watanabe, Isoko            American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington and is a mixed-media artist. She was Youth Manager at the Youth in Focus
and Helene Yoruzu • Bob and Keiko Young • Christina Young •            Yoshihara, Nancy and Joe Schneider • In Honor of Mitsuko          photography program, and participated in Seattle: OneWorldNow! Welcome also to Troy Tsuchikawa, our new Accounting Specialist.
Elizabeth Ann Younger • Mervin C. Yue • Wang Yung and Leslie           Otani’s 90th Birthday: Kaoru and George Murakami, Hiroshi and     Troy is a business administration graduate of Seattle University. He has worked in marketing and sales, and interned at the Seattle Art
Lum, In Honor of Akemi Matsumoto • Nancy and Fred Zee                  Amy Myoraku, Chiseko Nagaishi, Isoko Yoshihara • In Honor of      Museum.
                                                                       Savitha Reddy Pathi’s 30th Birthday: Carol Leah Brown, Tiffany         Thank you to departing staff members Gerald Busque and Shang-yen Shen, who will continue as a museum volunteer while
Tribute Gift in Honor of the Extraordinary Work of Ron                 Devoy, Sara Elward, Susan Evans, Nanette Fok and Brad Tong,       completing her museum studies degree.
Chew and the Wing Luke Asian Museum Staff                              Suzanne A. Garland, Thomas Goldstein, Amanda J. Hornby,                Congratulations to staff members promoted to new positions as part of the Museum’s Expansion Staffing Plan, preparing for
                                                                                                                                         expanded operations in the new facility: Claire Hyon Cho, Christina Seong, Angel Taniguchi, thank you for stepping up to new
Mary Pigott                                                            Heather C. Hostetler, Kathleen Jost, Debbie Lindstrom, Leah
                                                                                                                                         challenges and accomplishments!
                                                                       C. McCollough, Cindy McRoberts, Therese Norton, Allison
Theatre Seat Special Naming                                            B. Orris, Lena Park and Bob Coggins, Shanthi Pathi, Uma
Arthur C.M. & Carole S. Chen • In Honor of Cian Chew &                 Rao, Dr. Janna Reddy Pathi, Latha R. Reddy, Jamil and Becky                                        Community Programs
Kino Chew • McKinlay and Kaya Daggatt • Ellen Ferguson                 Rich, William Sperling, Anupama Prasad Tantri, Nancy Lee          Saturday, February 16 at 12pm | 7th Avenue & Jackson Street to 8th St & King St
• Educational Legacy Fund • In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. Seth B.             Ward • In Honor of Yuki Sato: Irene Shigaki • In Honor of Doug    Wing Luke Asian Museum’s Lion Blessing for the Year of the Rat
Goldsmith • In memory of Bob and Eleanor Grant • With Love             Shigaki: John and Polly Shigaki • In Honor of John and Polly      In celebration of the Lunar New Year, cheer on the Lieu Quan Lion Dance Team’s energetic
& Honor to H.K. & Haruto Hosoda • Miyoko and Joe Ike • For             Shigaki: Irene Shigaki • In Honor of Gloria Lung Wakayama:        youths while they perform the traditional lion dance in hopes of bringing joy, happiness, good
our mom, Judith Ing-Higashi, M.D. • With love and honor to             Barbara A. Mizoguchi • In Honor of Phyllis Wong’s Retirement:     luck, good health and prosperity to our current and future homes!
Mitsuyuki & Nami Ito • Sophie Alyce Johnson • In Honor of              Ruth and Frank Chinn, Byron and Virginia Marr • In Honor
the Jorstad-Taniguchi Family • Helen Kay • Nancy Nordhoff •            of Deehan Wyman’s 60th Birthday: Patrick and Susan Dunn           The Lieu Quan Lion Dance team was founded in 1978 and is part of a nonprofit organization
                                                                                                                                         at Co Lam Pagoda in Seattle. Their team consists of energetic teenagers ranging from 10 to 20
Alan Painter and Jackie Der • Seattle International Rotary Club        • In Honor of Dahlia Yee’s 75th Birthday: Edison and Shirley
                                                                                                                                         years old. They specialize in the art of the Lion Dance to help preserve their own Vietnamese
- District 5030 • In Loving Memory of Laura Jones Shapiro •            Chan, William and Dorothy Chin, Wing and Betty Chin, Ruth
                                                                                                                                         culture and traditions, and at the same time, provide a unique service to the community.
Jon & Mary Shirley • Dennis and Nadine Shiroma and Family              and Derek Chinn, W.S. and Ching Chinn, Kim Frank and Bely
• In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Karl B. Su • The Sugimura & Maeda             Chinn, Mari and Kai Eng, Maree W. Hunter, Alma Ginhong,           The lion dance will start at our current yellow building at 7th and Jackson then will parade up
Families • Bertha & Herb Tsuchiya                                      Paul Y. and Gertrude Jone, Silas G. Jue, Richard and Helen Kay,   King Street to our future home in the East Kong Yick Building on 8th Avenue and King Street.
                                                                       Lorraine Leong, Jeem and Lelia Lock, Abe and Helen Lum,           This is definitely an event not to miss!
Financing Partners                                                     The Mar Kim Family, Albert Mar, Les and Fay Nihei, Caroline
National Development Council • Wells Fargo Community                   Tong, Wilma Woo • In Honor of Larry Yok’s Birthday: Fred          Have guests in town or looking for an insider’s perspective on Seattle’s Chinatown?
Development Corporation                                                Bateman, Michael Chertok, Christopher Chow and Stephen            Chinatown Discovery Neighborhood Tours | Reservation and rates: (206) 623-5124
                                                                                                                                         Discover Seattle’s Chinatown, a cultural experience that is unique, historic, educational and fun. Learn about Seattle’s Asian
                                                                       Thane, Tom Freeman, John Fujioka, Brian C. Giddens, Walter
                                                                                                                                         community from local guides and experience Asian cultures as you stroll through the Chinatown/International District neighborhood.
Capital Campaign Tribute Gifts                                         A. Hanson, Richard Hulbert & Richard Wheeler, Katherine
                                                                                                                                         Pre-planned tours are available for adults, families and school groups. Book your tour today!
In Honor of Raymond G. Chinn’s 80th Birthday: Raymond                  Kirk & Charles Mize, Gary P. Long, Phill Mroz and Richard
and Ling Chinn, Mary Chinn, Betty and Guy Falskow, Mr. and             Thorvilson, Jonathan Nicholson, N. Keith Shawlee • In Honor       Chinatown Discovery has been sharing, discovering and rediscovering Seattle’s Chinatown/International District with school groups,
Mrs. Henry Chin, Mr. and Mrs. John Chinn, James and Nancy              of Isoko Yoshihara’s 88th Birthday: Mitsuko Otani • In Honor      families and tourists since 1984. Chinatown Discovery is now affiliated with the Wing Luke Asian Museum after its owner Vi Mar
Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Embury, Shirley Eng, Mr. and                 of the good works of Marge Young: Dough Smith • In Memory         donated her business to the Museum in January 2007.
Mrs. Sheane Inaba, Richard and Helen Kay, Mike and Jo Ann              of Cheng Hiang Hwang: Priscilla Chong Jue • In Memory of
Shanahan, Kirk Wong • In Honor of Gladys and Harry Choi’s              Gam Har Chew: Walter and Linda Chinn, The ID Lunch Bunch                                        Call for Volunteers                                         Many Thanks to Our Dedicated
50th Anniversary: Richard and Helen Kay • In Honor of Kai              (Gary D. Iwamoto, Ann Fujii and Alan Lindwall, Don and Pat           With our grand opening coming soon, many volunteer opportunities in various               Volunteers and Interns!
Hip and Nina Lynn Eng’s 50th Anniversary: Howard Dong and              Logerwell, Clifford Louie and Patti Shimomura, Serena Louie,        departments are available. Do you love learning about history and working with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Front Desk: Izabel Egglin, Ann Gilbert, Bob Givens,
Gayle Lee • In Honor of Jack and Nancy Go’s 50th Wedding               Ken Mochizuki, Carlos Smith and Sumi Hayashi, David Takami,            students? Be a docent for school tours. Interested in recording the personal
                                                                                                                                            stories of loved ones or community members? Learn how by becoming an oral           Irene Heninger, Gil Hirabayashi, Mary Ishii, Pen
Anniversary: Calvin and Ruth Locke • In Honor of Sumi                  Gregory L. Tuai and Benling Wong), Sally Kazama, Lorraine
                                                                                                                                            history gatherer. Like working with your hands? Help build an exhibit. There        Sugamura, Rich Sugimura, Ed Suguro, and Connie
Hayashi’s Birthday: Robert Shimabukuro, Alice Ito, and Zenwa •         Leong, Diane Narasaki and James West, Wa Sang Associates,
                                                                                                                                             are many opportunities available for people with different skills and interests.   Tupper. Collections: Jessica Rubenacker, Amber
In Honor of Michelle Kumata’s Birthday: Robert Shimabukuro,            LLC
Alice Ito, and Zenwa • In Honor of Caroline Long’s 90th                In Memory of Hing Y. Chinn: Dennis and Doralyn Luke,                    We will have ongoing, periodic and special events volunteer positions. If        Strangstalien. Education: Emily Hu, Annie Li,
                                                                                                                                           interested, please email or call (206) 623-5124 ext. 132.       Joann Li, and Melissa Wong.
Birthday: Richard and Helen Kay • In honor of May                      Kenneth Luke, Vikki Luke, Kazuo and Michi Murakami, Herbert

                                                                  18                                                                                                                                            3
                                                Introducing the Marketplace                                                                                                          Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
     Seattle’s newest and most unique shopping experience opens inside the Wing Luke Asian Museum’s new expanded home
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Gifts as of 12/31/07)
this May! Located on the main floor and with a separate entrance off Canton Alley, the shop’s design is integrated into the historic
building, and provides space for an enticing array of new merchandise and a self-service beverage cart. The new shop will present
a collection of treasures to tempt museum-goers of all ages. Brimming with items that express the dynamic vitality of Asian Pacific                              $1 to $999 (continued)                                                  $1 to $999 (continued)
American cultures, the Marketplace will offer unique artwork and jewelry, clothing and accessories, fun and educational items for                                • Maxine and Lily Loo • Gregory Look and Lori Sun-Look •                • Charles G. Payton Jr. • Michael and Susan Peskura • Ruth
children, as well as a compelling selection of books, gifts, journals and cards.                                                                                 Louella Look • So Hing and Jow Wun Look • Mary Jeanne                   Pelz • Miriam V. W. Pierce • Kim Pasciuto • Bill Phelan •
     Books and gifts related to current museum exhibits will be a special focus. Wing Luke Asian Museum signature merchandise now                                Lord • Brian and Betsy Losh • Dr. and Mrs. George Louie •               Ellen Punyon and Frederick Saling • Greg and Megan Pursell
in the planning stages includes scarves, t-shirts, hats and tote bags based on the Museum collection, the historic Kong Yick Building                            Howard and Foy Yu Louie • Wei-Ling and Brock Louie • Huu                • Ayn and Aldis Quan • George Quibuyen and Chera Amlag
and the Chinatown-International District neighborhood. These mementos will provide meaningful and lasting reminders of a visit to                                Van Luc Family • Vu Van Luc Family • Lucky An Dong • Bo                 • Radio Shack Corporation • Rolla and Elizabeth Radley •
the Museum.                                                                                                                                                      Kum and Ming D. Luke • Dale Luke • Markus, Dahlia, and                  Ann Ramsay-Jenkins • Job Ramirez • Uma Rao • Carolyn C.
     In line with the Museum’s mission and community-based focus, the Marketplace will show local artists’ work and host Northwest                               Nadia Luke • Mary Luke Woo Family - Shelia Woo, Charlene                Rees • Cynthia Renfro and Margherita Vacchiano • Restaurant
author’s book signings, trunk shows and other special events. Along with the Museum itself, the Marketplace plans to help make the                               and Bud Ishida, Marilyn and Ray Kihara, Michael and Marie               Appliances Services, Inc • Lawney L. Reyes • Chris and Elaine
Chinatown/International District neighborhood an ever more lively and interesting destination, supporting neighborhood businesses                                Woo • Terry, Glenna, Jonathan, Colleen, Jason, Patti, and Ginger        Richards • Jill E. Rullkoetter and William L. Hurley Jr. • Jill
and attracting locals and out of town visitors alike.                                                                                                            Luke, In Memory of James and Maye Luke • Randy Luke •                   A. Ryan • Sonja J. Saavedra • Kenneth G. Sam • Vannie and
     Watch out for the Marketplace online store coming soon! Please check for continuous updates.                                                   Randall K.G. Luke • Scott and Christine Luke • Terry Luke •             Lillian Sam • Jesus Sanchez • Robert L. Sander • Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                                 Theodore E. Luke • York and Arlene Luke • Darrel and Cherryl            Robert M. Sarkis • May and Hideo Sasaki • Calvin K. Y. Say •
                                                                                                                                                                 Lum • Douglas W. Luna • Monica Lundberg, Deb Heiden,                    Sharon Sobie Seymour • Terry Shibata • Erin Shigaki, In Honor
                                                                          Collections News                                                                       and Kristina Heiden-Lundberg • Arbrella and Henry Luvert •              of Donna Chin and Anthony Ng • Saki and Roger Shimizu •
                                As we prepare to move to the Wing Luke Asian Museum’s new expanded home with much more storage and                               Robert J. Malae • Susan Mar • Catherine A. MacDonald • May              Beverly Sims • Marion E. Shu • Jon and Barbara Snyder, In
                                workspace for collections, donations to the collection are still being offered as well as books and articles for                 K. Macnab • Anne Marie MacPherson-Davis and Chris Davis •               Honor of Norman Chin • Surinderjit and Sukhjiwan Singh •
                                the Gov. Gary Locke Community Heritage Center.                                                                                   Rodney and Marilyn Madden • Molly K. Maeda • Suwako and                 Leila Sushak • Hanson and Lucy Siu • Doug Smith, In Honor of
                                                                                                                                                                 James Maeda • Don and Kiyo Maekawa • Jeanie and Steve Mah               Marge Young • Lance Sobel • Helen and Alex Soloway • Twila
                                We will be adding some awards and airplane models relating                                                                       • Francis Maher and Elizabeth Reynolds • Edith Mar • James and          and Dwight Souers • Alan Sugiyama, In Memory of San and
                                to the career of Abraham Goo, former president of Boeing                                                                         Ida Mar • Lily M. Mar • Stephanie Mar-Horstman, In Honor of             Teiko Sugiyama • Josephine and Michael Eric Stamm • Julie K.
                                Advanced Systems. We have also received art works for                                                                            Jeff Dong’s Birthday • Gary and Mary Mark • Kathleen Mark •             Stein • Steven and Linda Suzaka • Hiroshi and Teresa Suzuji •
                                the permanent collection from Darlene Nguyen-Ely and her                                                                         Nelson and Alive Yee Mark • Ping Mark • Frank Marr Family,              Syrenka Slettebak • Kathleen M. Taft • Christina Tai • Chisato
                                sister Thu Nguyen, slowly adding to our collection of Asian                                                                      In Memory of Wanda Chin Locke, Tom Sakai, and Linda Y.                  Takagi • Naoko Naomi Takagi • David Takami • Gregory Y.
                                Pacific Islander art, the storage and display of which will be
                                                                                                                                                                 Dong • Matt Martel • Ruthann and Jerry Martin • Karen and               Takeuchi • Steven and Donna Takeuchi • Shuzo and Alice
                                significantly enhanced by the new building.
                                                                                                                                                                 Lawrence Matsuda • Francis T. Matsudaira • Vera Matsumoto •             Takeuchi • Kiyoshi Taki • Jan Tanabe • Frank and Fay Tanagi
                                We are very excited that we will be the home for the                                                                             Fran and Hero Matsuoka • Karen McCoy • Patricia McInturff •             • Ed and Mona Tanaka • Li Tang • Mary J. Taylor • Grace R.
                                archives of the Northwest Asian American Theatre, one of                                                                         Kathleen and Terry McLaughlin • Kurt and Christine McVay •              Tazuma and Bruce Brundige • Mary Lou Thomas • Eileen and
                                the prominent Asian American theatres in the country and a                                                                       Susan and Todd Meadows • Lyle and Barbara Mercer • Richard              Goro Tokita • Kip Tokuda and Barbara Lui • Marilyn Tokuda •
                                significant part of the history of the Chinatown/International                                                                   Meyer • Amy Miller • Dale Minami and Al Mori • Dan and                  Toshio and Dolly Tokunaga • Judy Tom • Thomas N. Tomashek
                                District. It will be a huge task re-housing and cataloging this                                                                  Julianne Miura, In Memory of Rin Miura • Paul and Wanda                 • Betty and Peter Tonglao • Xuan-Trang Mary Tran-Thien • Ben
                                archive. Volunteer assistance is appreciated. If interested,                                                                     Miyahara • Brad and Gayle Miyake • Kathy Miyauchi • Lynn                and Sally Tsuboi • Jack Y. Tsuchiya • Tsue Chong Company,
                                please contact Bob Fisher, Collections Manager, at bfisher@                                                                      Miyauchi Family • Steven Momii and Jeanette Wong • Mary E.              Inc. (Tim Louie) • Patricia Justine Tumang • I Jean Turnbull
                       or (206) 623-5124 ext. 117. These materials will                                                                    Montgomery • Jun and May Mori • Diane Morrison and Joel                 • Elizabeth Umbanhowar • Ken and Marcia Usui • Aurora
                                then be stored in our new compact shelving archives room and                                                                     Bradbury • Eugene Moy and Susan Fong Sing • Phill Mroz and              Valentinetti • Friendly M. Vang-Johnson • Huong T. Vu • Thuy
                                will be accessible in the Community Heritage Center and via                                                                      Richard Thorvilson • Chester and Martha Murakami • Myrna                Vu, In Honor of Dich and Vieu Vu • Tad and Frances Wada •
                                online in the future as we increase the collections presence
                                                                                                                                                                 B. Muto • Eddie and Jan Nagai • Kemi Nakabayashi and Jim                Nora Wagner • Jody Waits, Sanjay Das, and Coldwell Banker
                                on the internet. We hope the new facility will enable us to
                                                                                                                                                                 Norton • Mako Nakagawa • Yosh and Sue Nakagawa • Ruby                   Bain Community Partnership • Walter and Jean Walkinshaw •
                                preserve and provide access to an even larger collection of              Part of the Northwest Asian American Theatre archives
                                artifacts, archives, photographs and personal stories of the                                                                     T. Nakamura • H. Ray and Chiyo Nakanishi • Nyla M. Nakano               Nancy Wallrof • Eugene Wan, In Memory of Abe wan and Yuen
                                Asian Pacific Islander community.                                                                                                • Bob T. Namba • Susanna and James Ngim • Patti and Doug                Ling Wong • Louis and Georgia Lord Watanabe • Ray B. and
Artwork by Darlene Nguyen-Ely
                                                                                                                                                                 Nikaitani • Ralph H. Nishimi • Frank and Haru Nishimura                 Moira F. Watts • West Coast Printing/ Ted Tomita • Dr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                                                                 • Ronald Nobuyama • Carol A. Nygren • Harry and Neale                   Fred I. Hasegawa • Nancy Wilden and Wilfred Hasegawa • Gene
  “Year Two: Torn by War… Healing Through Hope”                                   Aviation High School Southeast Asia History Project                            Obedin • Donald and Irene Ohashi • Julie Ann Oiye • Richard             and Nina Williams • Marilyn Wittenmyer • David Wohl • Steven
                                                                     By Ammara Hun                                                                               K. Okamoto and John S. Okamoto • Susan K. Okamoto • Tosh                D. Wohl • Nora Wolf • Alvin and Betty Lai Wong • Darryl S.
                                                                                                                                                                 and Toshiko Okamoto • Susan and Robert Oki • Kazuo and Kiyo             Wong • Donna May Wong and Kenneth R. Sprague, Sr. • Doris
     The Wing Luke Asian Museum has embarked on its second year collaborating with Aviation High School and Legacies of War                                      Ono • Louise S. Ono • Mitsuko Otani • Dee and Glen Ouchida              Wong • Hazel Wong • Kristine Wong, In Memory of Florence
on the Southeast Asian oral history project. This year we are honored to receive a $9,000 grant from 4Culture: Heritage Cultural                                 • Gordon and Helen Owyang • Merry Y. Oya Stewart Wong and               Fu • Steve and Jean Wong • Judy F. Wong • Truman and Pamela
Education.                                                                                                                                                       Thom K. Harrington • Pacific Continental Bank • Carolyn G.              Wong • Linda Woo and Annop Chaipatanapong • Teresa and
     The project began last year from the Legacies of War curriculum, which aims to educate high school students on the Secret War in                            Paquette • Gloria Park and Gimmy Park Li • Steven S. Park •             Wilma Woo • Wilbur and Dolores L. Woo • Dave and Sherine
Laos during the US-Vietnam War era. The weeklong course expanded to an entire year in the sophomore class                                                        Linda and Jeremy Parker • Alice Parman Ph. D. • Carla Patterson         Woodey • Aileen Wu and Andy Louie • Suma Yagi and Kats
                                                                                                                                        (continued on Page 5)

                                                                            4                                                                                                                                                       17
                                                                                                                                           “Year Two: Torn by War… Healing Through Hope” (continued from Page 4)

                    Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll                                                                     (about 100 students) where they learn about the war histories of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and the resettlement of refugees in the
                                                             (Gifts as of 12/31/07)                                                        U.S. The students not only interviewed the refugees from the, but also Southeast Asian veterans and American veterans who served
                                                                                                                                           in the 1960s and 1970s in Southeast Asia. The students learned about the complexity of war from different perspectives to support a
                                                                                                                                           culture of peace in our community.
$1 to $999 (continued)                                                  $1 to $999 (continued)                                                  In preparation for their oral history interviews, the students are required to take an oral history workshop, a post-traumatic stress
Campbell • David Caple and Karen Bruhn • Roscoe Caron and               Gross • Mary and Raymond Gruenewald • James W. Guenther            disorder workshop and cultural sensitivity workshop. The students will then use their oral histories to incorporate into their final
Katherine Gorham • Center For Career Alternatives • Michele             and Sandy Adams • Eleanor Hadley • Harvey Hailer • Robert          projects. Projects from last year included exhibits, a documentary and a website. This year, the students will have the option of
Catalano • Clement and Shirley Chan • Leland Chan • Sharon              H. Hamatani • Peggy Hanada • Amy Y. Hara • Art and Carolyn         incorporating more abstract and artistic opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge by having different workshops on art, poetry,
Pian Chan • Warren and Ethel Chang • PJ Singh and Sutinder              Harano • Jim and Karen Harp • Dr. and Mrs. Fred I. Hasegawa        and filmmaking. Aviation High School does not have an arts program, which is why there will be a few professional artists coming to
Kaur Chawla • Arthur and Carole Chen • Emily Chen • Jean and            • Jill Hashimoto • Kay Hashimoto • Robert E. Hayden •              the school to lead the art workshops.
Wen Chen • Judy Chen • Nancy Y. Cheng • Michael Chertok •               Carol Narasaki and David Hatten • Grayce Hattori • Fumiko               There will also be guest speakers such as Jack Silberman, director of the documentary “Bombies,” which discloses the bombs
Barbara Chin • Mabel and Gordon Chin • Elaine and Michael               Hayashida • Elaine I. Hayes • Mary and Walter Heckel • Dan         left behind in remote villages in Laos by the U.S. Many Uch, a Cambodian American deportable man, will visit the students and
Chin • Rockwell J. Chin and May Ying Chen • Susan Chin, In              and Carol Henderson • Irene Heninger • Gilbert and Aimee           show his documentary “Sentenced Home” to discuss the deportation of Southeast Asian refugees as a continuing effect of war on the
Memory of Seid Gau Chin and Ye Ngo (Louie) Chin • Wanda                 Hirabayashi, In Memory of James and Rose Hoy • Tom and             community today. Another guest speaker includes a survivor from the Secret War in Laos who lived next to the U.S. bombs in her
Chin and Terry Dickey • Wing and Betty Chin • Ying and Anne             Kay Hirai • Leroy and Janet Hisayasu • Samuel Y. Hokari •          village.
Chin • Dale and May Ching • Kim Frank and Bely T. Chinn and             Rex and Cynthia Hohlbein • Matt and Tira Holt • Donna M.                The students will present their project to the community on Wednesday, March 19, 2008, time to be determined, at the Museum
Children: Kory and Donna Chinn, Kevin Chinn, Jary and Gail              Horwitz • Susan Hovis • Jeanette Huie and Gilbert Cho • Julie      of Flight. A light reception will follow the short program. To see last year’s projects, visit For more information,
Chin, Tamara Chinn, Michael Chinn, Alan and Kaylene Chinn               and Gordon Hungar • Diana S. Huntington • Christine E. Hurley      please contact Ammara Hun, Education Assistant, at or (206) 623-5124 ext. 116.
Suyematsu, Kristene Suyematsu, Jayna Suyematsu • James F.               • Thomas K. Ikeda and Sara T. Yamasaki • Tsuguo and Sumi
Chinn, M/SGT USAF (RET) and Sue L. Chinn • Kenneth and                  Ikeda • Victor Ikeda • Thomas S. Im • Dwight and Cynthia Chan
                                                                                                                                           “Congratulations! We Did It!” (continued from Page 1)
Amy Chinn • Randall K. Chinn, In Memory of Kim Charles                  Imanaka • International District Housing Alliance • Jade Guild
Chinn • Ray and Ling Chinn • Sandra Chock-Eng Ed.D. •                   • Pete and Terri Jamero • Suk F. Jang • Ronald and Karen Jang           We are busy preparing the new Museum experience in our expanded facility and for the various Grand Opening activities over
Eleanor H. Cho • Suj’n Chon • Myrna and Richard Chow •                  • Dick and Frances Jeong • Don W. Joe • Gary Johnson and           the next months. We want to have many opportunities to thank and recognize all the contributors who have made the campaign a
Charles R. Chu, DPM, PS and Helen Wang • Evelyn Chun •                  Karen Ko • Mary M. Johnson • Frank Jones • Gordon and Linda        success. At this beginning of our next life phase, we extend these initial thanks:
Denna Cline • China Club • Terry R. Collings • Janice Condit            Joo • Shannon and Dan Jost • Priscilla Chong Jue • Margaret        -- To Bettie Luke and the family of City Councilmember Wing Luke, for giving us a true role model for generations to come and
• David Copley • Gair and Richard Crutcher • Carol and Dick             Kadoyama • Ellen Kahan • Linda Kan, In Honor of Ruby Luke          for supporting the Museum and its evolutions over the years;
Dean, In Honor of Rae Matsuoka and Yutaka Dutch Takekawa                and Marguerite Young • Pamela Kan-Rice • Mariko Kakiuchi           -- To Ron Chew, for his directorship that established the viability and value of the Asian Pacific American museum during a period
• Tom and Jean Deguchi • Marie C. Dietrich, In Honor of Linda           • Morris S. Kanekuni • Miyoko Kaneta, In Memory of Myra            the Museum gained national attention, and for his leadership to our historic campaign;
Nyugen-Khalil • Ven and Mary De Guzman • DeSYNe/ Sharon                 Chin • Fumi and Paul Kaseguma • Hana Kawaguchi, In Memory          --To Joy Shigaki, for her determination and vision for a Wing Luke-style community campaign and for prevailing through those
Nakamura • Steven and Elizabeth Deutsch • Mr. and Mrs. Billy            of Harutaro and Yoneko Umino • Brent Kawahara • William            sleepless nights, and campaign ups and downs;
Diamond, In Memory of June and Chas Mizoguchi • Ticiang                 and Beth Kawahara • Bill and Toy Kay • Steve Keeler • Doug         -- To our seven Campaign Co-Chairs for their early commitment to an audacious goal: Martha Choe, Ellen Ferguson, Helen Kay,
P. Diangson and Greg P. Sletteland • Dr. Alice Ding and Dr.             Kemper • Debbie and John Kennedy • Islanda Khau • Corinne          Gloria Lung Wakayama, Tomio Moriguchi, Tam Nguyen and Dolores Sibonga. To our Campaign Advancement team including
Greg Yen • Guy Ding, In Honor of Ken Quan • Susan F. Dogen              Kong and Wayne Kikuchi • George and Brenda Kikuchi • Wes           Board members Gloria Lung Wakayama, Ellen Ferguson, Paul Mar, Mimi Gan, JoAnn Marshall, Savitha Pathi as well as
• Norman Dong • Rolland and Phyllis Dukes • Patrick and                 Kim • Teru Kiyohara, In Memory of Edward Kiyohara • Patricia       campaign counsel The Collins Group including Stuart Grover, Anne Marie McPherson, Natalie Lamberjack for their leadership
                                                                                                                                           and guidance through five years of meetings with half-sandwiches.
Susan Dunn • Keishi Echigo and Wanda A. Harris • Ruth and               Kiyono • The Honorable Adam Kline • Crevin and Melinda Ko
                                                                                                                                           --To the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, the Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
Alvin Eller • Elliot Bay Book Company • Steve and Sherrill              • Daniel J. Ko and Cindy Lee Ko • Carol and Fumiko Kojima •
                                                                                                                                           State of Washington, United States Federal Government, King County and the City of Seattle, the contributors of our largest
Elliott • Anne Emerson • Joan Yasui Emerson • April J. Eng •            Matthew and Phyllis Kong • Michiko Kono and James Schone
                                                                                                                                           gifts. These contributions instilled a sense of confidence for our expansion dream within the larger community and ourselves.
Rev. Lincoln and Mabel Luke Eng • Mary J. Eng, In Memory                • Peter and Cheri Kopp • Ben Kodama • George Kodama • Lisa
                                                                                                                                           --To the many members of our Project Team whose expertise and problem solving abilities enable us to make a unique community
of Rose Chinn Wong • Randall Erekson, In Honor of Amanda                Kodama • Anne and Myron Ko • Elaine I. Ko and John Foz •
                                                                                                                                           project possible: general contractor Marpac Construction especially Don Mar, Herman Setijono, Sai Chaleunphonh, Steve Kenagy
Erekson • Charles C. Eriksen and Alden M. Garrett, In Honor of          Paul and Taka Kogita • John E. Kozu and Darlene A. Eng-Kozu        and the entire project crew; architect Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen especially Rick Sundberg, Stephen Yamada-Heidner, John
the Wyman Family • Theresa A. Escobar • Cheryl and Millison             • Marilyn Kreft • Chris Krisologo-Elliot • Karen J. Kroslowitz •   Kennedy, Misun Chung and Martha Rogers; project manager Homesight, especially Tony To, Matt Martel, and Nora Liu; and
Fambles • Families with Children from China - Seattle • Jim             Kathryn Kuhns • William W. Kuhns • Suzanne M. Kumasaka •           to our financing partners and consultant National Development Council, Wells Fargo Community Development Corporation and
and Gretchen Faulstich • Terry J. Felts • David Fluharty and            George and Bonnie Kurata • Judy and Paul Kusakabe • Taku and       Tony To.
Lisa Bergman • Marsha and Craig Fong • Donald Isle Foster •             Monica Quill Kusakabe • Tomio and Alice Kusakabe • Dr. and         --To our Campaign Steering Committee, Casey Bui, Ark Chin, Ray Chinn, Nelson Dong, Cheryl Fambles, Brenda Handley,
Elizabeth Franklin and Jennifer Cast • John S. Fujii • Michael          Mrs. Tao Kwan-Gett • Dr. Manuel R. Lagmay and Dr. Eladia S.        Ruthann Kurose, Winnie Lee, Frances Locke, Bettie Luke, Barbara Mizoguchi, Patricia Norikane Logerwell, and Jasmit
and Mary Fujii • Saibo Fujii • Suyeko M. Fujikado • Glenn H.            Lagmay • Austreberta G. Laigo • Natalie Lamberjack • Amanda        Singh, who persevered through our challenging early campaign period, and to the many leaders of community campaign initiatives
Fujimoto and Lynda S. Joko • Kai Fujita, In Memory of Harry             and Judd Lee • Cathy Lee • Charles and Joann Lee • Ella Lee        who achieved a successful campaign conclusion.
Fujita • Sandra J. Fujita • Michael and Marion Fukuma, In               • Gladys Lee • James Lee • Johnnie Lee • Leon and Mee Mee          --To the brilliant and dedicated artists of our community, who stepped forward forty years ago to elevate the Museum, and whose
Memory of Winston G. Chin • Beatrice Y. Fung • Betsy Fan and            Lee • Lorraine Lee • Manny Lee • Marilyn S. Lee • Omar and         work will be enjoyed by the public at our new home for years to come. And to hundreds of community participants in the vaunted
June Dong • Fidelity National Financial • Brenda and Michael            Christine Lee • Patricia M. Lee • Susan H. Lee • M.A. Leonard      Community Advisory Committees, whose leadership and creativity shape all of our work, including our new facility program
Finkenbinder • Marc and Jo Anne Gaspard • John Gish and                 • Aimee and Ronald Leung • Mark Levine and John Keppeler •         and design.
Starling Roberts • Ann C. Gilbert • Wang C. Gin • Dorothy Gist •        Marjorie Levy • Mark Levy and Marcia Sohns • Alice C. Lew •             Many people have helped build the Wing Luke Asian Museum over its forty years, and we are grateful for each of these
Margaret F. Gojio • David S. Goldstein • Ann and Arthur Gorai •         Hazel Leung • Gene Liddell • Atsuko Lile • D.L. Lilly and D.M.     contributions. To each of our campaign donors a heartfelt thank you. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Grand Opening
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Gough • Bill and Sue Grinstein • Lori             Lilly • Wayton Lim • Lara Littlefield • Linda Liu • Andre H. Loh   events, and in our new Museum home!

                                                                   16                                                                                                                                              5
               Institutional Support: Corporate, Foundation & Government Donors
                                                             (January 1, 2007 – January 5, 2008)
                                                                                                                                                                                  Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (Gifts as of 12/31/07)

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
                                                                                                                                                              $1,000 to $4,999 (continued)                                            $1,000 to $4,999 (continued)
                                                                                                                                                              Korean Women’s Association of Washington • Peter T. Koshi •             • Pei Pei Sung • Frieda K. Takamura, In Honor of Sojiro and
                                                                                                                                                              George and Mary Kozu, In Memory of Michiko Fujii • Jim and              Hisako Takamura • Talking Dreams Stable • Gail Tanaka and
Institute of Museum and Library Services • Exemplar Program,
a Program of Americans for the Arts in collaboration with the                                                                                                 Coralie Kozu, In Memory of Sam Kozu; In honor of Aya Kozu,              David McLanahan • Paul Tanaka • David and Daphne Tang •
LarsonAllen Public Service Group, funded by the Ford Foundation                                                                                               Helen and Hiram Akita • Henry and Jan Kumasaka • Yukinori               Angela Taniguchi • Andrew Taper • Beth Takekawa and Tony
                                                                                                                                                              and Sheila Kuniyuki • Annie and Victor Kuo • Mike Tsung-I and           To, In Memory of Alex Kai Sum and Julia Lily To • Jean E.
$25,000-$49,999                                                                                                                                               Misty Kuo • Marie Kurose and Michael Woo • Ruthann Kurose               Takekawa, In Memory of Rae and Yutaka Takekawa • Lisa
4Culture • Comcast • Marguerite Casey Foundation                                                                                                              and Nathan Rothman • Betty Lau • Adam Lloyd Lee and Cindy               Takekawa and C. Michael Litgen, In Memory of Rae M. and
                                                                                                                                                              Manabat Lee • Lynn and Jerry Lee • Neva Lee • Ray and Janie             Yutaka D. Takekawa • Tom and Kiyomi Takekawa • Henry and
$10,000-$24,999                                                                                                                                               Lee • Tommy W. Lee • Tony Lee • Tommy G. Leong, In Memory               Lore Tenckhoff • Wendy Tokuda-Hall • Paul and Mary Ann
Adobe • ArtsFund • The Boeing Company • National Endowment                                                                                                    of Yew Doung (“Bill”) Leong • Cecil and Hazel Leung • Jim and           Truase • Doug and Janet True • Tsutakawa Art Fund • Ayame
for the Arts • Office of Economic Development, City of Seattle •                                        Other Ways to Give to The Wing                        Janet Linardos • Ann Fujii and Alan Lindwall • Little Family            Tsutakawa • Gerard Tsutakawa • Mayumi Tsutakawa • Tulalip
Washington Civil Liberties Public Education Program • Washington                                             Luke Asian Museum                                                                                                        Tribes Charitable Fund • Herb and Patricia Ueda • Jim and
                                                                                                                                                              Foundation • Eric Liu • Betty Lock • Steve Lock and Anne
State Arts Commission
                                                                                                                                                              Arakaki-Lock • Frances S. Locke and Martin Yen, In Memory               Camille Uhlir • Union Station Associates LLC- Nitze-Stagen
                                                                                              on           assess the market value,   of William Locke • Jimmy and Julie Locke • Ronald K. Locke              & Co., Inc • Pat Walker and Dr. Charlie Walker III • Ed and
$5,000 - $9,999                                                                                        the Internet                complete all DMV title
Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation • Lucky Seven Foundation                                                                                                        • James and Christina Lockwood • Andre H. Loh • Gary Long               May Wan • Tim D. Wang • Nancy Lee Ward • Washington
                                                                                              is           transfers, and provide                                                                             Education Association • Marjorie Watt, In Memory of Louie
• Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, City of Seattle • U.S. Bancorp                                    a new search engine         a tax receipt at no cost
                                                                                                                                                              • Jonathan and Patricia Loop • Bruce Lorig • Juanita Tamayo
                                                                                                                                                              • Lott and Robert H. Lott • Cliff Louie and Patti Shimomura •           Loy and Leong Shee • William Waye • Cynthia Wells and Tim
                                                                                                       that donates half its       to you.
$1,000 - $4,999                                                                                                                                               James Louie, In Memory of Louie Loy and Leong Shee • Todd               Kerr • Elaine Wetterauer • Marci Wing, In Memory of Charles
                                                                                                       revenue, about a penny
Little Family Foundation • Motoda Foundation                                                           per search, to charities.   Planned Giving             R. Lovell • Dr. Ted and Joyce Love, In Memory of Alexander              and Mary Wing •Melanie R. Wojtulewicz and Tony Crowe,
                                                                                                       All you have to do is       Please consider            and Julia To • Luke Family Association / Ho Nam Association             In Memory of Rae Matsuoka and Yutaka Dutch Takekawa •
                                                                                                       go to www.goodsearch.       leaving the Wing Luke      • Dale Luke • McLellan Family Trust Fund • Macy’s Northwest             Benling Wong and Gregory Tuai • Benson D. Wong and Terry
(continued from Page 1)
                                                                                                       com, enter “Wing Luke       Asian Museum as a          Fund of the Federated Department Stores Foundation • Kimberly           M. Mark • Losa Wong and Larry Mar, In Honor of Paul Mar
Hard Hat Gala Ticket Levels:                                                                           Asian Museum” as            beneficiary in your        and Kyle Maeda • Dao Mai and Randy Reichenbach • George                 • Stewart Wong and Thom Harrington • Josephine Woo, In
$250 Hard Hat Team                                                                                     your designated charity,    will. The legacy you       and Irene Mano • Stephanie Mano • Carolyn A. Mar • Richard              Memory of Henry H. Woo and David H. Woo • Shiao-Yen Wu
Red Carpet Treatment and Valet Parking.                                                                and then use it just as     leave will help provide    Mar and Sue Taoka • Jill Marden and Roswell Bond • Gary and             • John and Arlene Yamada, In Memory of Yoshito and Takayo
$500 Construction Crew                                                                                 you would any search        valuable programs for      Wendy Mark, In Memory of T. Watt Mark • Dr. Tats and Donna              Okada • Marlene S. Yamada, In Honor of Haruko Abe Yamada
Each ticket entitles you entrance to the VIP reception and a limited-edition                           engine. Please use it       future generations.        Matsuoka • Barbara and Gerry Maurer • Roberta and Matthew               and George Yozo Yamada • Jana Yamamoto • Ambassador
Gerard Tsutakawa pendant that incorporates the door pulls he specially                                 and help spread the
                                                                                                                                                              Medlin • Cynthia Mejia-Giudici • Norio and Michiko Laurette             Linda T. Yang • Barbara Yasui and Robert Hayman • Soon Beng
designed for the new museum entrance.                                                                  word. Just 250 of us        Individual Retirement
                                                                                                                                                              Mitsuoka • Diane M. Morrison and Joel C. Bradbury • Motoda              Yeap and Tamara Echter • Isoko Yoshihara, In Memory of Taro
$1,000 Cornerstone Society                                                                             searching eight times a     Account (IRA)
                                                                                                                                                              Foundation • Masako Murakami, In Memory of Winston Chin •               Yoshihara • Joan Kiyo Yoshitomi • Erin Younger and Ed Liebow
Each ticket entitles you entrance to the VIP reception and a signed, limited-                          day will raise $7300 in     Rollover Gifts
edition Gerard Tsutakawa art piece which will replicate his exquisite canopy                                                                                  Kenneth and Mari Nakamura • Gerry and Kathy Nakata • Curtis             • Grace and Garr Youngren • Dae Yu • Mary Yu and Susan
                                                                                                       a year without anyone       If you are over age 70-
that will grace the new museum entrance way.                                                           spending a dime!            1/2, you may rollover      and Charlene Nakayama • Diane Narasaki and James West •                 Secker • Nobuo Yutani
                                                                                                                                   up to $100,000 annually    Nhien Nguyen and Richard Cranor • Patti and Douglas Nikaitani
Cornerstone Society tickets will be given priority ticketing. Due to limited
space, other tickets will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.                            Donate a Car                from your IRA to our       • Yuh-line Niou • Nordstrom • Constance Okada, In Memory of             $1 to $999
All RSVPs must be received by Feb. 28, 2008 and sent to: WLAM Hard Hat                                 Avoid the hassle of         organization.              Yoshito and Takayo Okada • Roy and Mary Okada, In Memory                Devon Alisa Abdallah • Paul and Sharon Aburano • Robin Adair
Gala, P.O. Box 3146, Seattle, WA 98114. To receive an invitation to the gala,                          trying to sell your                                    of Yoshito and Takayo Okada • Wilson and Carol O’Donnell •              • Alice and Mel Aikens • Don M. Akagi • Marvin and Judith
please e-mail or call (206) 623-5124, ext. 107. See                              car, truck, RV, boat or     For more information       Lorraine, Mirabai, Naima, and John Pai • Anne P. Parker-Pollack         Albert • Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas E. Allen • Gilbert and Mary Jane for more information and updates.                                                     motorcycle. Instead,        on giving to the Wing      • Lynn Perkins • Louis and Barbara Peterson • Tommer Peterson           Anderson • Anonymous (5) • Amgen Foundation • Takao and
                                                                                                       donate it to support        Luke Asian Museum,         and Betty Jo Flett • Purple Gate Design • Latha Reddy • Viladeth        Ruth Aoki • Carol and Michael Aoki-Kramer • Caron Atlas •
     Hard Hat Gala Host Committee:                                                                     all the great programs      please contact (206)
        Virginia Anderson, Mimi Gan & Everett          The Hard Hat Gala is the first in a series of                                                          Saetia and Eydie Detera • Lloyd and Fudge Fujii Sakurada • Bob          Leslie A. Arai • Fortun and Larry Azose • Janet Baba • Claudia
                                                                                                       and exhibits at the         623-5124
   Billingslea, Katherine Cheng, Gemma & Russ         several Grand Opening events. Mark your                                                                 and Lucy Sato • Frank and June Sato • Yukiko Sato • Haruto              J. Bach • Elizabeth Bagshaw, In Honor of Frank Miyamoto •
                                                                                                       Museum and receive a        ext. 129.
      Daggatt, Ellen Ferguson, Mark Horiuchi,         calendars for the Community Grand                                                                       and Toki Sekijima • Joe, Staci, Sean, Jon and Bekah Severns •           Prof. Gerald J. Baldasty • Linda L. Barnes • Kristin Barsness
                                                                                                       tax deduction. Please
     Joey & Vera Ing, Ken & SaSa Kirkpatrick,        Opening, scheduled for May 31 and June                                                                   Elizabeth Shaiken, In Honor of Stephen and Josephine Shaiken            and Ed Crossan, In Honor of Julia K. Q. Crossan • Miriam
                                                                                                       contact Northwest
   Raj & Rana Manhas, Rich & Diane Sugimura,          1, 2008! Co-chaired by Dolores Sibonga                                                                  • Jon and Mary Shirley • Nadine and Dennis Shiroma • Par and            Bartha • Aubin K. Barthold • Virginia and Tom Barto • Patricia
                   Deehan Wyman                                                                        Charity Donation
                                                       and Helen Kay, this will be THE GRAND                                                                                                                                          L. Benavidez • Venugopal Bhat • Alaric and Jolyn Bien • Ken
                                                                                                       Service at 1-800-961-                                  Sheenu Singh • Michael and JoAnne Shanahan • Irene Shikibu
            Honorary Committee:                      OPENING of the new facility of the Wing Luke                                   Thank You for
                                                                                                       6119 and tell them                                     Shigaki • Stanley Shikuma and Tracy Lai • Tom Skerritt and              Bounds and Linda Gorton • Pamela G. Bradburn • Bif Brigman
   David Henry Hwang, Ang Lee, Maya Lin, Mona         Asian Museum. Community Grand Opening                                         Your Support!
  & Gary Locke, Franklin Odo, Tom Skerritt & Julie                                                     you are donating on                                    Julie Tokashiki • Carlos Smith and Sumi Hayashi • Florence              • Mort Brinchmann and Jill Allyn • Buwon and Ronald Brown
                                                       sponsors include Washington Mutual and
   Tokashiki, Amy Tan, Gerald & Judy Tsutakawa,                                                        our behalf. They will                                  Spencer • Jonathan Su • Margaret Su and Benjamin Goldsmith •            • Katherine M. Bullitt • Amalia Bueno and Milton Sakuoka •
                                                                    KUOW radio.
               B.D. Wong, Welly Yang                                                                   pick up your vehicle,                                  Paul R. Sugawara • Stephen H. Sumida and Gail M. Nomura                 Bustillo-Booth Family • Ralph L. Byron • Jerry and Kate
                                                                                     6                                                                                                                                           15
                    Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll                                                                                      Sincere Thanks to Our Generous Donors & Members
                                                               (Gifts as of 12/31/07)
                                                                                                                                            CHARTER MEMBERS
$5,000 to $9,999 (continued)                                              $1,000 to $4,999 (continued)
Day • Cynthia and Jay del Rosario • David Della and Odette                • Paul and Phoebe Bock • Tim Bradbury • Linda Breneman •          Charter Historymakers Circle $10,000 and above                      Charter Patron $125 - $249 (continued)
                                                                                                                                            Frank and Charlene Blethen • Ellen Ferguson • Abraham               Driscoll • Dale and Rebecca Hom • John Hom • George and
Polintan • Jackie Der and Alan Painter • Bruce and Dolores                David and Virginia Broudy • Herb and Shirley Bridge • Cascade
                                                                                                                                            M. S. Goo • Paul and Mary Hosoda • Jim Lintott and May Liang        Wanda Hughes • Ammara Hun and Montha Kimso • Christine
Dong • Jeffrey Dong and Jeni Dong Mar • Cheryl and Millison               Kendo Kai • Elizabeth Castleberry • James Chan and Holly
                                                                                                                                            • Paul Mar • Milton Wu • Deehan M. Wyman, In Honor of Ron           Hurley and Marlys Erickson • Don W. Joe • George and Lily
Fambles • Robert and Micki Flowers • Robert J. and N. Carol               Mar • Vivian Chan and Bradley Chu • Warren and Nobie Chan         Chew’s Retirement and Award                                         Kajiwara • Karen Kajiwara • Cecil and Hazel Leung • Milton
Givens • Doug and Kit Granum • Lorin and Charlene Grinolds                • Stella Chao and Michael Smyser • Grace Chien and Rodney                                                                             and Lily Lew • Jean and Larry Liebman • Toni R. Long • Sharon
• Bruce Hayashi and Kari Schlechten • Heidi Hui and Ross                  Eng • Carolyn Chin • Chuck M. Chin • William and Dorothy          Charter Visionary Circle $5,000 - $9,999                            Maeda • Dr. and Mrs. William Malcomson, In Honor of John
Peterson • Humanities Washington • Faith Ireland, In Memory               Chin • William L. and Laura Chin • Mayme Chinn, In Memory         Beth Takekawa and Tony To • Dean, Gloria, Lindsay and               Malcomson • Cindy Manabat and Adam Lee • Jeni Mar • Ken
of Janice and Carol Enyeart • Alice Ito and Bob Shimabukuro               of Winston G. Chinn • Helen Chinn and Randall K. Chinn, In        Brady Wakayama                                                      Mayeda and Eliane Dao • Rudolph Mazza • Isaac and Lensey
• Gary D. Iwamoto • William E. James • Barbara Johns and                  Memory of Kim Charles Chinn • Raymond and Ling Chinn, In                                                                              Namioka • Barbara Nilson • Susan K. Okamoto • Kunio Otani
Richard Hesik, In Memory of Thomas Walter Jackson • Jon Ten               Memory of Winston G. Chinn • Wallace and Deanna Chinn •           Charter Leadership Circle $2,500 - $4,999                           • Lin Poy, In Memory of Alfred F. Poy • Hiep Q. and Caryl K.
Corporation • Dr. Charles and Lillian Kaplan • Christine and              Claire Hyon Cho, In Honor of Lucy and Phillip Cho • Lucy T.       Jackie Der and Alan Painter • Mary Ishii • Rick and Sharon          Quach • Elizabeth Shaiken • Libby Sinclair • Ruth A. Sinton •
Omar Lee • Lexus of Tacoma/Fife & Lexus of Bellevue • Danny               and Phillip B. Cho, In Honor of Jacob and Emma Cho; Simon         Sundberg • Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer                            Yae and Ron Sobie • Julie Stein • Peggy A. Tanemura • Yoshio
and Irene Lim • Don and Pat Norikane Logerwell • Debbie Louie             Kang and Cecilia Lee • Chow Fund of the Fidelity Charitable                                                                           & Florence Teshima • Sid White and Pat Matheny-White • Brian
                                                                                                                                            Charter President’s Club $1,000 - $2,499                            D. Wong and Cindy Gok • Glenn G. Woo
• Paul Louie, In Memory of Louie Loy and Leong Shee • Steve               Gift Fund • Heyward and Sandra Chow • Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis
                                                                                                                                            Hiram and Helen Akita • Richard and Judith Bressler • William
and Jolene Louie • Les and Linda Lung • Lynden Incorporated               Chow • Elizabeth Choy and James Lobsenz • Anne Xuan Clark
                                                                                                                                            and Dorothy Chin, Charles and Christina Chinn • Mayme Chinn         Charter Family $75 - $124
• Sharon Maeda • Roy S. Mar DDS • Chris and Christine Marr                • Coast Pro Rata Committee • Harriett Cody, Halley Cody, and      and Dorothy Wright Vaio • Bill C. and Alpha J.M. Eng • Mary         Gary A. and Grace Y. Anderson • Ranesto Angeles and Ellen
• Beverly M. Martin, In Honor of Judy M. Tobin • Akemi and                Harvey Sadis • James and Nancy Cox, In Memory of Florence         Ann Midori Goto • Julie and Ajay Jindal • Linda Larson and          Phillips-Angeles • Carolyn Brenner • Bill Broderick • Aldo Chan
Andrew Matsumoto • Koji and Tomoko Matsuno • Barbara                      Chin Eng and Donald Kai Eng • Deb Creveling and Don               B. Gerald Johnson • Lori Matsukawa and Larry Blackstock •           • Evan Chan • Crispin Chinn and Leah Johnson • Stacy Choi •
Mizoguchi and David Asahara • David Moseley and Anne                      Whiting • Cesar Cueva • Alicia Fung Davis • Gordon Davidson,      Tomoko and Koji Matsuno, In Honor of Tomoko, Koji, Mineko           Sally and Ian Chong • Ruth and Alvin Eller, In Honor of Ron
Fennessy • Museum Loan Network • Andrea and Nelson Nakata                 In Memory of Peg Marshall • Pio De Cano II, Ph. D • Carina        & Magumi Matsuno • Victor and Stacy Mizumori • Connie               Chew • Mabel L. Eng • Ann and Art Gorai, In Honor of Ron
• National Trust for Historic Preservation • Jill Nishi and Howard        A. del Rosario, In Honor of John D. Pai and Alan Chong Lau        Okada • Carlos and Loretta Orpilla • Sharon Sobie Seymour and       Chew • Robert and Haruko Hiranaka • Dorothy & Leon Hopper,
Nakase • Kinko R. Nomura, Nathan P. Nomura, Pamela Nomura                 • Idalice S. Dickinson • The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation          David Seymour • PJ Singh and Sujot Chawla • Donald Sirkin •         Jr. • Yasuko Inouye • Tao Kwan-Gett and Paula Bock • Drs.
• Robert A. Norikane • Larry Numata and Mae Fujita Numata                 • William and Sandra Dunn • Educational Legacy Fund •             Grace R. Tazuma and Bruce Brundige • Jack Y. Tsuchiya • Anne        Eddie and Natalie Lo • Ray Manahan and Jeff Eckmann • Geoff
• In Memory of Takayo and Yoshito Okada: Roy and Mary                     Elisabeth T. Ely, In Honor of Pat Norikane Logerwell • Lorena     and David Wing                                                      Miller • Hal and Susan Mozer • Walter Nakatsukasa • Greg
Okada, John and Arlene Yamada, Constance Okada • Sharon                   E. Eng • Mari and Kai Eng • Lucia Enriquez • Patricia Fisher                                                                          and Sharon Nickels • George and Betty Nomura • Chaun and
                                                                                                                                            Charter Gallery Supporter $500 - $999                               Tess Osburn, In Memory of Kels Osburn • Barbara Parker and
Ott and Stephen LeGrand • Savitha Reddy Pathi • William Pope              • Nanette Fok and Brad Tong • Ron and Linda Forest • Carey
                                                                                                                                            Karen Sakuma and Gary Ikeda • Duane and Rulee Matsuoka              William Nichols • Michael and Susan Peskura • Linda and Mark
and Teresa Castner • George F. Russell, Jr. • Seattle Conference          and Josephine Fujii • Theresa and Kia Fujiwara • Pam Fujimoto
                                                                                                                                            Stallmann and Family, In Memory of Takeo and Kazue Hirotake         Secord • Robert and Elizabeth Sims • Mani and Karen Soma •
Organizing Committee • In Memory of “Obachan” Sen Seko                    • Calvin and Jeni Fung • Helen Gamble, In Honor of Ellen L.       Matsuoka • William and Leila Waye                                   Claude A. Soudah • James Tweedie and Sasha Welland • Ray
• Charlene A. Mano Shen and Eugene Shen • John and Polly                  Ferguson and Judy Tobin • Marc and Jo Anne Gaspard • Libia                                                                            B. and Moira F. Watts • Charles Wilkinson and Melanie Ito •
Shigaki • Joy Shigaki and Vincent Booys • John Shoji and Elaine           Gil and Richard Hanks • Robert L. Gojio • Bruce and Dawn          Charter Benefactor $250 - $499                                      Evelyn P. Yenson • Erin Younger and Ed Liebow • Olivia Zapata
Ishihara, In Memory of Mack and Aiko Shoji • Dolores Sibonga              Goto • Mary Ann Midori Goto • John Aslin and Carol Grisholm •     Robert and Eileen Iguchi • Barbara Johns • Doug and Barb
• Althea Stroum • Ed Suguro • Paul and Dorcas Szeto • Katsumi             Doug and Joanne Hanada • Chuck and Brenda Handley • Sharon        Kanaya • Timothy Kim DDS PS • Austreberta G. Laigo, In              Charter Friend $65 - $74
and Teruyo Tanino • Sandra Ting, In Memory of Dr. Er Yi Ting •            Harada • Harris, Mericle, and Wakayama • Joshua Heim • Rachel     Memory of Val Laigo • Tamae Moriyasu and John Olson •               Grace Adriano • Elizabeth Jallie Bagshaw • Redmond J. Barnett
Christopher To, In Memory of Alex and Julia To • Ruth Trubner             Hidaka, Anne Hidaka-Turner, and Mark Hidaka • Mike Higashi        Barbara Ohnick • Jim, Lanette, Nathan and Megan Peterson •          & Suzanne Wilson Barnett • Marla Jacobson Blaser • James and
• Patricia True • Sally Tsutsumoto • Neill and Janice Urano •             and Judy Ing-Higashi • Kari and Larry Hofer • John Hom • Katie    David and Catriona Reuther • Jon and Judy Runstad • Samuel          Dorothy Chen • Howard and Barbara Droker • Jeanne Eaton
Womens History Consortium • In Memory of Harry and Rose                   Hong and Harold Taw • Lloyd Hoshide, In Memory of Fumiko          and Sylvia Shiroyama, In Honor of Sechiko M. Shiroyama •            • Mike and Brenda Finkenbinder • Shidan Greene • Shuko Y.
Wong • York and Paula Wong • Milton Wu • Sung Yang and                    Hoshide • Macon Lee Howard • George and Wanda Hughes •            Diane and Rich Sugimura • Ed T. Suguro • Teresa and Wilma           Hara • Tom Hom and Mae Rosok • Julie Y. Hungar • Cherry
                                                                                                                                            Woo, In Memory of Dan Woo                                           Kinoshita, In Honor of Ron Chew • Sharon Kita and Rob Britt
SoYoung Kwon • Ador Yano and Nancy Baer • Dahlia Marr Yee                 Ammara Hun • Christine E. Hurley • Ichikawa Family: Dai and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                • Molly K. Maeda • Tak and Kimi Momoda • Eugene W. Moy
and Gail Yee • Glenn and Mary Yee and Herbert and Pat Ueda in             Junko Ichikawa Family, Jack and Aki Ichikawa Family, Kai
                                                                                                                                            Charter Patron $125 - $249                                          • Deems and Margaret Okamoto • Michael and Emily Osburn •
memory of June Ueda Mizoguchi • Wang Yung                                 Ichikawa and Brad Davis, Mai Ichikawa • Miyoko and Joe Ike •      Joann Natalia Aquino • Russel Wi Bareng • Karuna Berryman •         Paul Pascal and Naomi B. Pascal • Laurel Sercombe • Yukio and
                                                                          Dean and Cindy Ikeda • Frank and Margaret Isernio • Ray Ishii •   Glenda Cassutt • Vivian Chan and Bradley Chu • Sen Poy and          Kimi Tazuma • William Thieleman • Ted Van Velzen • Cathryn
$1,000 to $4,999                                                          Tosh and Aki Ito • Deborah L. Jacobs • Jade Guild • Della Jung    Wai Fong Chew • Rocky and May Chin • Frank and Ruth Chin            Vandenbrink, In Memory of Michael Fajans • Tad and Fran
Bernie and Wendy Aquino • Roger Ainsley and Evelyn Iritani •              • Jenny Jung • Stephanie Jung • Karen Kajiwara • Kaleidoscope     • Claire Hyon Cho and Lucy T.I. Cho • James & Marilyn Chu           Wada • Eugene Wong
Elaine Reiko Akagi, In Memory of Dorothy K. Akagi • Gilbert               Foundation • Michael Kan • Warren Kan • Anne Katahira and         • Cesar Cueva • Hon. Frank Cuthbertson and Jackie Beery •
and Mary Jane Anderson • Virginia and Maile Anderson •                    Chance Sims, In Honor of Miyo Katahira • Leslie C. Katsman        Gary and Carrie Dodobara • Patrick & Susan Dunn • Robert and        Charter National Friend $55 - $64
Anheuser-Busch, Inc. • Anonymous • Douglas and Susan Adkins               • In Loving Memory of Sue Eng Kay, sister to Yippe - her          Julianne Fisher • Beatrice Fong and John Donnelly and family        Ethelyn C. Abellanosa • Janet Baba • William Eng • Fong Hom
• Linda Ando Family and Ito Family • Architects Kubota Kato               children, Jacquie, Sue and Roger Kay • Rod and Kris Kawakami      • Jing Fong and Barry Hoonan and Family • Yan and Thelma            and Cort Harrington • Ronald K. Inouye • Zenobia Lai • Edward
Chin • Rus Wi Bareng • Maria Barrientos and Ron Wright • Jeff             • Shirley and Ping Kiang • Bea Kiyohara, Ellen Suzuki, and        V. Fong • Michael Furuta and Diane Sakai-Furuta • Weng and          and Mayumi Lee • Louis G. Marsh • Ms. Rosalyn Tonai and Mr.
and Melanie Barstow • Larry Blackstock and Lori Matsukawa                 Yoko Shimomura • Thomas and Charlene Ko •                         Linda Gavino • Mary Gruenewald • Lisa Hoffman and Bill              Grant L. Din, In Honor of Ron Chew

                                                                     14                                                                                                                                     7
               Sincere Thanks to Our Generous Donors & Members                                                                                           Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Gifts as of 12/31/07)

Charter Individual $45 - $54                                         $1 - $999 (continued)
Linda S. Capriotti • Ron Chew • Cassie E. Chinn • Valerie           and Chris Chinn • Brenda M. Collier • Alicia and Mark Davis       $25,000 to $49,999 (continued)                                       $10,000 to $24,999 (continued)
Costa • Monica A. Day • Pam Funai • Victoria Thomas Gentry          • Eydie Detera and Viladeth Saetia • Yan and Thelma V. Fong •     Tyler Eng, Pudge, Hoover, Art, Chinn Tow-nze and Kwan Hay            and Leslie Matsuda, Andrea Mano • Dan K. and Edith Mar •
• Robert H. Hamatani • Robert Hancheroff • Amy Y. Hara              Ann and Arthur Gorai • George and Cylvia Grantham • Robert        • Betty Luke Family: Betty Sing Luke, Michael Kan, Linda             In Honor of the Frank and Elizabeth Marr Family • JoAnne
• H. Deforest Hardinge • Kiku Hayashi • Fumiko Hayashida            H. Hamatani • Margaret D. Hellyer • George and Wanda Hughes       Kan Parker, Jeremy Parker, and Jacob Parker • D.V. & Ida             Mills Marshal, In Honor of Bob and Eleanor Grant • James M.,
• Joshua Heim • Hannah Hirabayashi • Suzanne Hu • Ann B.            • Nam Keo • Cherry Kinoshita, In Honor of Ron Chew • Roland       McEachern Charitable Trust • Tomio Moriguchi • Muckleshoot           Amy F Matsuoka, and Jan Kumasaka, In Memory of Richard
Irish • Christina Seong • Polly Kang • Leslie Katsman • Nam         and Bernadett Kumasaka • Edmon G. Lee • Mark Levine and           Tribe • National Endowment For The Arts • The Oki Foundation         K. Matsuoka and Amy E. Matsuoka • Edward Miesen and Dr.
Keo • Alice M. King • Teru Kiyohara • Anne Ko • Michelle R.         John Keppeler • Marjorie Levy • Abe and Helen Lum • Molly K.      • Opus Northwest, LLC • Andrea and Alan Rabinowitz •                 Glenn Yorita • Victor, Stacy, Anthony, Mike and Colin Mizumori
Kumata • Richard Kuniyuki • Leo Lam • Betty Lock • Thomas Y.        Maeda • Wendy B. Marlowe PhD, ABPP • Katherine R. and Eric
                                                                                                                                      Christina M. Rockrise and David S. Brown, Jr., In Honor of           • Mocassin Lake Foundation • Furman C. and Susan Moseley
Locke • Stephanie R. Mano • Charlene A. Mano Shen • Wendy           S. Merrifield M.D. • Yancey and Sarah Murphy-Kangas • Mako
                                                                                                                                      Iwahiko Tsumanuma • Jon and Judy Runstad • Safeco Insurance          • Tam Ky Nguyen • Norman Archibald Foundation • Dick
B. Marlowe, PhD, ABPP • Vera Matsumoto, In Memory of                Nakagawa • Patti and Douglas Nikaitani • Sadaomi and Phyllis
                                                                    Oshikawa • Merry Y. Oya • Barbara Parker and William Nichols      • Diane and Rich Sugimura • Remembering Yutaka Dutch &               Obayashi • Robert and Marian Ohashi • Ross, Ava, Tani and
Manville Gan • Margaret Mettert • John Moritsugu • Ann Nieder
                                                                    • Carla Patterson • Elizabeth B. Patterson • Ruth Pelz • Yukiko   Rae Takekawa: Anonymous, Carol and Dick Dean, Charles and            Taryn Ohashi, In Honor of Bob and Marian Ohashi • Airyang
• Toni D. Okada, In Memory of John I. and Matsuno Okada
• Aiko Okamoto • Ruth G. Pelz • Cher Ravagni • Jeannette J.         Sato • Sunny Speidel • Loc G. Tran and Thu M. Ngo • Constance     Arlyn Gagnon, Dr. Tats and Donna Matsuoka, Ty and Janice             Julia Park and Eric Jensen • Ken and Nancy Prichard • Puget
Roden Loo • George W. Scarola • Shang-yen Shen • Joy R.             Trowbridge • Hannah Wong • Shawn Wong and Erin Malone             Matsuoka Family, Rulee and Duane Stallmann, Kurt Stallmann           Sound Energy • William and Wendy Rabel • Jeannette Roden
Shigaki • Katherine Shozawa • Margaret Su • W. Richard Takaki       • Olivia Zapata                                                   and Shih-hui Chen, Reiko Sumada, Beth Takekawa and Tony              Loo and Chung Kit Loo • Natilee Riedman, Pam Fujimoto,
• Angela Taniguchi • Gail Tremblay • Constance Trowbridge                                                                             To, Jean Takekawa, John A. and K. Phyllis Takekawa, Joyce            Jonathan Ozer, and Angie Anderson • Seattle First Hill Lions
• Laura Tuck • Patti Warashina • Shawn H. Wong • Curtis D.          Tribute Gifts (8/18/07 – 1/11/08)                                 Takekawa, Lisa Takekawa and C. Michael Litgen, Michael &             Club • Seattle International Rotary Club - District 5030 • Jasmit
Woo • Darlene Yamada • Roy I. Yotsuuye                              In Celebration of May C. Luke’s 80th Birthday: Dorothy C.         Amby Takekawa Family, Tom and Kiyomi Takekawa, Melanie               Singh and Molina Kaur • Dennis and Millie Su • Suguro Family,
                                                                    Curtis, Gene M. Fujita, Yalan Chang Lew, • In Honor of Samuel     Wojtulewicz and Tony Crowe • Herb Tsuchiya, In Honor of              In Memory of Takayoshi and Michi Suguro and Jiro Suguro:
MEMBERS (08/18/07–01/11/08)                                         Kai Chen: Jean and Wen C. Chen • In Honor of Ron Chew’s           Bertha Chinn Lung Tsuchiya • Urban Visions • Weyerhaeuser            Ed Suguro, Mitsue Suguro, Mae Deguchi, Sumi Akizuki, Toshi
                                                                    Retirement and Award: Neva Lee, Wa Sang Associates, Ador          Company Foundation • Rodney C. Wheeler                               Suguro, Takeo and Sue Yoshiyama, Paul Deguchi, Glenn and
Visionary Circle $5,000 - $9,999                                    Yano • In Honor of Raymond G. Chinn: Mike and Brenda
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Carol Takagi, Janice Deguchi, Dave and June Akizuki, Doug
Jon and Mary Shirley                                                Finkenbinder • In Honor of Nelson Dong and Diane Wong:
                                                                                                                                      $10,000 to $24,999                                                   Akizuki, Joan Yoshiyama, Mark Yoshiyama • In Memory of
                                                                    Elizabeth and John Saxon • In Honor of Lilly H. Lee’s 80th
                                                                    Birthday: William B. Lee • In Honor of Robert and Mary Woo’s      Patricia Akiyama • Kenneth and Marleen Alhadeff Charitable           Alex Kai Sum and Julia Lily To: Beth Takekawa and Tony To,
Leadership Circle $2,500 - $4,999
                                                                    50th Anniversary: Milton and Lily Lew • In Memory of Kai Wah      Foundation • Bank of America • Maria Batayola and James              Christopher To, Joyce and Ted Love • The Thurston Charitable
Ken and Nancy Prichard • Judy M. Tobin and Michael Baker
                                                                    Gerald Eng: Bill C. and Alpha J. M. Eng • In Memory of Toyo       Rounds • Bladin and Lou Family • Beverly Brice • Casey X.            Foundation • George Tsutakawa Family • U.S. Bancorp
President’s Circle $1,000 - $2,499                                  Fujiyama: Rod and Kris Kawakami, Robert and Marian Ohashi         Bui • Herb Chaffey • Katherine Cheng and Ron Nelson • Ron            Foundation • Wa Sang Associates • Walker Family Foundation •
Casey X. Bui • Katherine Cheng and Ron Nelson • Wallace             • In Memory of Chuan-yin Kao: Richard Kao • In Memory of          Chew • Ark and Winifred Chin • Wilson Chin, Tina Young, and          David, Nancy, and Natalie Williams • Edwin Wong, In Memory
and Deanna Chinn • Mimi Gan and Everett Billingslea • Bruce         Harry Lee: Tek and Anna Wong • In Memory of Yuri Takahashi:       Family • Hing W. and Jane P. Chinn, Desiree F. Chinn • Wilton        of Anna Lee-Wong • Karen and David Wong • Terry and Karen
Hayashi and Kari Schlechten • Helen and Richard Kay • Joann         Mas and Shirley Shimada • In Memory of Hang Ho Le Tam:            and Paula Chinn • Martha Choe • Gemma, Russ, McKinlay                Wong • Ben and Ruth Woo • Ann P. Wyckoff • Yamasaki Family:
M. Marshall • Dolores Sibonga • David, Nancy and Natalie            Thomas and Charlene Ko • In Memory of Dan Woo: Wilma Woo          and Kaya Daggatt • In Memory Of Goon Dip, Lew G. Kay                 Frank and Sadie Yamasaki, Fujie Yamasaki, Hannah Yamasaki
Williams • Sung Yang and SoYoung Kwon • Larry T. Yok                • In Memory of Mary Lee Woo: Tony and Fran Chinn, Jack and        and Rosalind G. Kay • Nelson G. Dong and Diane Yen-Mei               and Scott Bender • Sally Yamasaki, Lina, Lara, Dan Benson,
                                                                    Nancy Go, Gayle Lee, Mark Stoeckle, Mae J. Tse, King T. Lee       Wong • James and Mary Dunnam • The Yippe Eng Family •                Steve, Valarie and Marisa Yamasaki • Larry T. Yok, In Memory
Friends and Family $50                                              and Lily N. Woo
                                                                                                                                      The O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation • Mimi Gan and Everett         of Nymphia Lam Yok and In Honor of Frank T. Yok • Laurena
Sharon Chung • Noel Frame • Hannah Love • William Shelton •                                                                           Billingslea • Mimi Gates • Christopher L. Gee, In Honor of           Yok, In Memory of Nymphia Lam Yok and In Honor of Frank T.
Sunny Speidel/Underground Tour • Laura Staley • Olivia Zapata                                                                         Herbert H. and Virginia C. Gee • Gee How Oak Tin Foundation          Yok • John Young and Marguerite Young • Xtremities Design
                                                                    Matching Gifts
                                                                    Adobe Systems Incorporated • Alaska Airlines • Amgen              • Gull Industries • Suzanne Hittman • Paul and Mary Hosoda •
Senior $20
                                                                    • Anonymous • Bank of America • Boeing Employees’ Credit          Tsuguo and Sumi Ikeda • Douglas and Patricia Ikegami • David         $5,000 to $9,999
Teru Kiyohara • Marjorie Levy • Maxine and Lily Loo • Molly
K. Maeda • Aurora Valentinetti                                      Union • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • The Boeing              Woods • Kemper Memorial Foundation • Carolyn Kelly • Robin           Alaskan Copper and Brass Company/ Alaskan Copper Works •
                                                                    Company • Buck & Gordon LLP • Cingular • Deutsche Bank            J. Knepper • Kong Yick Investment Company, Inc • In Memory           Anonymous • Joann Natalia Aquino • Sheldon Arakaki • Aileen
DONORS (08/18/07– 01/11/08)                                         Americas Foundation • Dorsey & Whitney LLP • Eli Lilly &          of Shiro and Ryoko Kunimatsu • Calvin A. and Helen Lew Lang          Balahadia and Michael Panlasigui • Teresita Batayola and
                                                                    Company Foundation, Inc. • Freddie Mac Foundation • Gap           and Family • Linda R. Larsen and B. Gerry Johnson • Ven and          Dionnie Dionisio • Ben Bridge Jeweler • Bobbe and Jon Bridge •
$1,000 - $5,000                                                     Foundation • IBM Corporation • Kemper • Key Bank • Kresge         Winnie Lee • Rhoady Lee Jr. • Calvin and Ruth Locke • Stephen        Gordon A. Bowker • Capital Campaign Consulting, LLC • CCC,
Anonymous • Abraham M. S. Goo • Amanda and Judd Lee                 Foundation • Los Angeles Times • Lynden Incorporated              I. Locke, Calvin W. Locke and Melvin F. Locke, In Memory of          Inc. Fund of The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation •
• Thomas and Mitsuye Takeoka • Jim and Camille Uhlir • In           • Macy’s Northwest, Inc. • Marguerite Casey Foundation            Our Parents • Wayne and Irene Locke • Don and Pat Norikane           Linda Chew Burt • Rebecca and Mike Chan, In Honor of Sui Jun
remembrance of Henry H. Woo’s 100th Birthday from Josephine         • McDonald’s Corporation • Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation,        Logerwell, Elaine Wetterauer, Robert A. Norikane, In Honor of        Choi • Deanna Chin • Dora Chin • Cassandra Chinn • Charles
Woo and Family                                                      Inc. • Microsoft • Nintendo of America, Inc. • Oracle • Pop
                                                                                                                                      Koji and Mary Norikane • Marjorie Watt, Paul Louie, and James        and Christina Chinn • Brien, Marcia, Kyle and Taylor Chow •
                                                                    Cap Games Inc. • Puget Sound Energy • Radio Shack • Safeco
                                                                                                                                      Louie, In Memory of Louie Loy and Leong Shee • Barry and             Cheryl M. Chow • Edward Chow Jr. • Margaret M. Chow and
$1 - $999                                                           • Sallie Mae • SBC Communications Inc. • Starbucks Coffee
                                                                    Company • Sun Microsystems, Inc. • Washington Mutual              Teresa Luke • Ruby Luke • Mano, Matsuda and Shen Families:           Family • Honorable Mark C. Chow and Carol Tamura-Chow •
American Association of University Women Lake Washington                                                                              George and Irene Mano, Stephanie Mano, Lisa White and Mark           Shelton and Jeannie Chow • Robert E. Coggins and Lena Park •
Branch • Anonymous (2) • Masse and Fay Bloomfield • Chuck           • Weyerhaeuser Company
                                                                                                                                      Mano, Charlene Mano Shen and Eugene Shen, Richard                    Craig and Susan Cole • The Collins Group • Monica and Stephen
                                                                8                                                                                                                                     13
                   Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll                                                                                     Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
                                                            (Gifts as of 12/31/07)                                                                                                               (Gifts as of 12/31/07)

     $100,000 to $249,999 (continued)                                  $100,000 to $249,999 (continued)                                 Generous donors in our community have made the new                     $500,000 to $999,999 (continued)
     In Honor of the Luke Family Association (continued)               Wing Luke Asian Museum Staff                                    museum project possible. Thank you for helping to create                • Vera Matsumoto • William W. Montgomery, III • Kenneth
     Roscoe Caron and Katherine Gorham • Jean and Wen Chen             ($109,800 - 100% participation)                                   a new and expanded home for the Wing Luke Asian                       and Mari Nakamura • Andrea and Nelson Nakata • Gerry
     • Nancy Y. Cheng • Cynthia Chin • Mabel and Gordon Chin               Joann Natalia Aquino • Rus Wi Bareng • Vivian Chan and      Museum- A Museum Like No Other! We apologize for any                    and Kathy Nakata • Hung Pak and Sau Lan Ng • Hyrum
     • Frances Chinn • Sandra Chock-Eng, Ed.D. • Heyward and               Bradley Chu • Ron Chew • Cassandra Chinn • Claire Hyon                donor who may have been omitted.                              and Susan Ngim • Susanna and James Ngim • John and
     Sandra Chow • Katherine M. Chow • Katy Chow • Susanna                 Cho, In Honor of Lucy and Phillip Cho • Cesar Cueva •                                                                               Mary O’Brien • The Oki Foundation • Netti C. Ong • Dee
     Y. Chung • Steven and Elizabeth Deutsch • April J. Eng •              Monica and Stephen Day • Bob and Julianne Fisher • Mary                                                                             and Glen Ouchida • Gordon and Helen Owyang • Jessie
     Mari and Kai Eng • The Ven Lincoln and Mabel Luke Eng                 Ann Goto • Joshua Heim • John Hom • Ammara Hun • Ray        $1,000,000 to $3,500,000                                                Owyang • Gloria and Gimmy Park-Li • Alfred and Lin Poy •
     • Terry J. Felts • Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Gough • Elaine               Ishii • Karen Kajiwara • Islanda Khau • Michelle Reiko      The Taxpayers of Washington State • United States Federal               Puget Sound Energy • Ann Ramsay-Jenkins • Jay Reich Jane
     I. Hayes • Mary and Walter Heckel • Rex and Cynthia                   Kumata • Adam Lloyd Lee and Cindy Manabat Lee • Lynn        Government Appropriation • King County • The Paul G. Allen              Reich • Judi and Joe Rizzuto • Ausey and Elizabeth Robnett,
     Hohlbein • Matt and Tira Holt • Diana S. Huntington •                 and Jerry Lee • Tommy W. Lee • Lena Park and Robert E.      Family Foundation • City of Seattle • The Hugh and Jane                 MD • Jon and Judy Runstad • George F. Russell, Jr. • Safeco
     Herman H. Kan • Linda Kan, In Honor of Ruby Luke and                  Coggins • Tommer Peterson and Betty Jo Flett • Chi May      Ferguson Foundation • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation             Insurance • Calvin K. Y. Say • Douglas W. Seto • Charlotte
     Marguerite Young • Pamela Kan-Rice • Bill and Toy Kay                 Ching Praseuth and Louie Praseuth • George Quibuyen and                                                                             and Art Shanen • Marion E. Shu • Steven M. Shulman •
     • Anne and Myron Ko • Austreberta G. Laigo • Cecil and                Chera Amlag • Jeannette Roden Loo and Chung Kit Loo •       $500,000 to $999,999                                                    Hanson and Lucy Siu • Helen and Alex Soloway • Althea
     Hazel Leung • Linda Liu • Andre H. Loh • Gina and Andy                Elizabeth Shaiken • Charlene A. Mano Shen and Eugene        The Atsuhiko and Ina Goodwin Tateuchi Foundation • The                  Stroum • Dennis and Millie Su • Leila J. Sushak • George
     Look • So Hing and Jow Wun Look • Huu Van Luc Family                  Shen • Shang-yen Shen, In Memory of Shan-shyoung Shen       Kresge Foundation                                                       and Barbara Lee Sycip • Kathleen M. Taft • Li Tang • Henry
     • Vu Van Luc Family • Lucky An Dong • Barry and Teresa                • Joy Shigaki and Vincent Booys, In Memory of George        In Honor of the Governor Gary Locke Library and                         and Lore Tenckhoff • Romayne Louis Toy • Melinda Travis •
     Luke, In Memory of Russell Luke and In Honor of Diane                 and Yasuko Shigaki and Seigo Otani • Margaret Su and        Community Heritage Center                                               Paul and Mary Ann Truase • Washington Forest Protection
     Luke; In Memory of Roger Luke; and In Recognition of Stan             Benjamin Goldsmith • Beth Takekawa and Tony To, In              Anheuser-Busch, Inc. • Anonymous • B. Frederica                     Association • Alvin and Betty Lai Wong • Grant and Wendy
     & Young-Jae Luke, John & Linda Luke Kook, and Keith                   Memory of Yutaka Dutch Takekawa and Rae Matsuoka                Billingslea • Herb and Shirley Bridge • Mr. Jon and                 Wong • Hazel Wong • Sam and Ruth Wong • Steve Wong
     & Donna Luke Peterson • Bettie Sing Luke • Bo Kum and                 Takekawa • Angela Taniguchi                                     Honorable Bobbe Bridge • Clement and Shirley Chan • Joe             Stacey Wong • Steve and Jean Wong • Susie Wong • Truman
     Ming D. Luke • Dale Luke • Markus, Dahlia, and Nadia                                                                                  and Elizabeth Chan • Leland Chan Vicky Chan                         and Pamela Wong • Marie Eileen Worthington • Ronge
     Luke • Mary Luke Woo Family - Shelia Woo, Charlene and            $50,000 to $99,999                                                  Warren and Ethel Chang • James C. M. and Dorothy T. S.              and Wen Jia Yan • Peter Yee and Vera Fong • Roberta Yee •
     Bud Ishida, Marilyn and Ray Kihara, Michael and Marie             Nancy and Buster Alvord • Anonymous • Kathleen D. Chin •            Chen • Rockwell J. Chin and May Ying Chen • Dale and                Ernest and Rose Yim • Grace T. Yuan, In honor of Dr. Kemi
     Woo • Maye and Terrance Luke • Randall K.G. Luke •                Derek L. Chinn • Bruce Y. Dong, Howard Y. Dong, Vincent Y.          May Ching • Charles R. Chu, DPM, PS and Helen Wang                  Nakabayashi and Jim Norton • Mervin C. Yue Emily C. Yue
     Randy Luke • Ruby Luke, Scott and Christine Luke • Terry,         Dong, and Marguerite D. Mark, In Memory of Dong On Long,            • Craig and Susan Cole • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP •            M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust • The Norcliffe Foundation •
     Glenna, Jonathan, Colleen, Jason, Patti, and Ginger Luke,         Chin Shee Dong, Tom S. Dong and Chow Shee Dong • Davis              Edward and Norma Yee Don • Roland and Phyllis Dukes •           Safeco Insurance Foundation
     In Memory of James and Maye Luke • Theodore E. Luke •             Wright Tremaine LLP • William Randolph Hearst Foundation            William and Sandra Dunn • Frances and Andrew Eizember           Wing Luke Asian Museum Board of Trustees
     York Q. Luke Arlene F. Luke • Luke Family Association / Ho        • Joshua Green Foundation, Inc. • Kawabe Memorial Fund •            • James Ellis • Calvin T. Eng • Ellen Ferguson • David          ($751,750 - 100% participation)
     Nam Association • Arbrella and Henry Luvert • Catherine           Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation • In Memory of Tow G. Lew             Fluharty and Lisa Bergman • Marsha and Craig Fong •                 Maria Batayola and James Rounds • Casey X. Bui •
     A. MacDonald • May K. Macnab • Jeanie and Steve Mah •             & June Eng Lew from Mrs. Daniel Lew and family; Mr. and             Robert and Pat Fukai • Gifts in Memory of Manville Gan              Katherine Cheng and Ron Nelson • Gemma, Russ, McKinlay
     Kathleen Mark • Karen McCoy • Julianne and Dan Miura              Mrs.Chiliang Liu (May) and family; Mr. and Mrs. Y.N. Chang          • Marcus and Jo Anne Gaspard • Wang C. Gin • Harold                 and Kaya Daggatt • Jackie Der and Alan Painter • Ellen
     • New An Dong • Kazuo Ono Kiyo Ono • Linda and Jeremy             (Jean) and family; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Chin (Dorothy)            A. Goltz • Eun-Sook Han • Susan Si Lian Han • Donna M.              L. Ferguson • Mimi Gan and Everett Billingslea • Bruce
     Parker • Ellen Punyon and Frederick Saling • Rolla and            and family; Mrs. Raymond Lew and family; and Mr. and Mrs.           Horwitz • Shelley A. Horwitz • Faith Ireland, In Memory             Hayashi and Kari Schlechten • Julie and Ajay Jindal •
     Elizabeth Radley • Restaurant Appliances Services, Inc •          Calvin A. Lang (Helen) and family • Gary, Mona, Emily, Dylan        of Janice and Carol Enyeart • Paul and Jane Jacobsen •              Helen Kay • Paul Mar • JoAnne Mills Marshal, In Honor
     Sonja J. Saavedra • Doug Smith • Twila and Dwight Souers          and Madeline Locke • Nesholm Family Foundation • Nancy S.           Ronald and Karen Jang • Suk F. Jang • Dick and Frances              of Bob and Eleanor Grant • Barbara Mizoguchi and David
     • Josephine and Michael Eric Stamm • I Jean Turnbull •            Nordhoff • Peach Foundation • Judy Pigott • Schultz Family          Jeong • Richard Kao Nancy Kao • Corinne Kong and Wayne              Asahara • Victor and Stacy Mizumori • Don and Pat
     Ray and Moira Watts • Gene and Nina Williams Marilyn              Foundation, In Honor of Gloria Lung Wakayama • Catherine and        Kikuchi • Laura Kong • Matthew and Phyllis Kong • Lake              Norikane Logerwell • Airyang Julia Park and Eric Jensen
     Wittenmeyer • David Wohl • Steven D. Wohl • Nora Wolf •           David Skinner • Starbucks Corporation • Judith M. Tobin and         Snell Perry & Associates, Inc. • Amanda and Judd Lee •              • Savitha Reddy Pathi • Dolores Sibonga • Par and Sheenu
     Donna May Wong and Kenneth R. Sprague, Sr. • Keiko L.             Michael Baker • Wyman Youth Trust                                   Ella Lee • Johnnie Lee • Leon and Mee Mee Lee • Lorraine            Singh • Judith M. Tobin and Michael Baker • Dean, Gloria,
     Yanagihara • Betty Yee • Fred Yee • Norman and Georgiana                                                                              Lee • Aimee and Ronald Leung • Alice C. Lew • Gloria Park           Lindsay and Brady Lung Wakayama • David, Nancy, and
     Wong Yip • Bob and Keiko Young • Christina Young • John           $25,000 to $49,999                                                  and Gimmy Park Li • Cindy Ling • Betty Lock • Seow Tung             Natalie Williams • Rodney C. Wheeler • Mei-Ling Woo •
     Young and Marguerite Young                                        Adamucci Family • Anonymous • Jeff and Susan Brotman •              Lock and Shun Soon Lock • The Honorable Gary and Mona               Ador Yano and Nancy Baer, In Honor of Alfredo and Laura
Paul Mar • Marpac and the Dan K. Mar Family, In memory                 Kerry and Benjamin Chew, Lori and Doug Pang, Leslie and             Locke • Frances S. Locke and Martin Yen • Jimmy and Julie           Yano • Sung Yang and SoYoung Kwon • Larry T. Yok, In
of Dan Mar • Rockefeller Foundation • Sanford Sonny Rose               Linda Lung, and Teri and Ross Yoshimura • In honor of Ping          Locke • Paul and Carol Locke • Thomas and Mae Locke •               Memory of Nymphia Lam Yok • Wang Yung and Leslie Lum
• The Seattle Foundation • Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation             and Ruby Chow Family: Edward Chow Jr., Shelton and Jeannie          Merritt and Marsha Tadano Long • Dr. and Mrs. George
• State Farm Insurance • Uwajimaya and Moriguchi Family •              Chow, Cheryl M. Chow, Brien and Marcia Chow, The Honorable          Louie • Howard and Foy Yu Louie • Jack G. Louie • Bettie        $250,000 to $499,000
VA/ HUD Federal Appropriation • Dean, Gloria, Lindsay and              Mark C. Chow and Carol Tamura-Chow • Katharyn A. Gerlich            Sing Luke • Darrel and Cherryl Lum • Jim and Jessie Luyau       4Culture
Brady Wakayama, In Honor of Herbert and Bertha Chinn Lung              • GlaxoSmithKline • Marshall and Helen Hatch • Julie and Ajay       • Chris and Christine Marr • Nelson and Alice Yee Mark •            In Honor of Ron Chew
Tsuchiya                                                               Jindal • In Honor of Justin Lim, Jordon Lim, Derek Eng,             Ping Mark • Larry Blackstock and Lori Matsukawa                     Roger Ainsley and Evelyn Iritani • Gilbert and Mary Jane

                                                                  12                                                                                                                                   9
                   Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll                                                                                      Wing Luke Asian Museum Capital Campaign Honor Roll
                                                            (Gifts as of 12/31/07)                                                                                                                 (Gifts as of 12/31/07)

    $250,000 to $499,000 (continued)                                   In Honor of the George Tsutakawa Art Gallery (continued)             $100,000 to $249,999 (continued)                                      $100,000 to $249,999 (continued)
    In Honor of Ron Chew (continued)                                       Walkinshaw • Patti Warashina • Patricia and Griffith Way •       In Honor of the Ping and Ruby Chow & Family                            In Honor of the Frank Fujii Youth Space (continued)
    Anderson • Claudia Bach • Gerald J. Baldasty • Aileen                  Cynthia Wells and Tim Kerr • York and Paula Wong                 Gathering Space & Learning Studio (continued)                         Kaneko and Amry Sanbo Yamamoto • Fumi and Paul
    Balahadia and Michael Panlasigui • Paul and Phoebe Bock                                                                                  Lee • Marie Lee • May Lee • Ron F. Lee • Siqi Lee • Ying             Kaseguma • Charles and Lilian Kato • Teru and Edward
    • Elsa and David Bowman • Elizabeth Castleberry • Carina           $100,000 to $249,999                                                  Chun Lee • Milton and Lily Lew • W. Walter Liang • Paul              Kiyohara • The Honorable Adam Kline • Daniel J. Ko and
    A. del Rosario, In Honor of John D. Pai and Alan Chong             2nd and Main Building Association • Aboda, Inc. • The Boeing          and Mei-yea Liao • Dorene, Jodina - Danny and Irene Lim              Cindy Lee Ko • George Kodama • Paul and Taka Kogita
    Lau • Wanda Chin and Terry Dickey • Wilson Chin, Tina              Company • Cathay Post #186 Foundation of Seattle • Derek              Family • Fannie and Winfred Lim • Jonathan and Patricia              • Peter T. Koshi • George and Mary Kozu • John E. Kozu
    Young, and Family • Ellen L. Ferguson and Diana Sill •             Chinn, Karen and David Wong, and Valerie and John Hom,                Loop • Todd R. Lovell • Kathleen F. Lucero • Bettie Sing             and Darlene A. Eng-Kozu • Kathryn Kuhns • William W.
    Elizabeth Franklin and Jennifer Cast • Lori Gross • Glenn          In Honor of Robert and Ruth Chinn • City of Seattle Office            Luke • Dean and Elena Lum • Mary Makosky and Family                  Kuhns • Suzanne M. Kumasaka • George and Bonnie Kurata
    and Soya Harris • Gary D. Iwamoto • Margaret Kadoyama •            of Economic Development • City of Seattle Department of               • Rana and Raj Manhas • Dr. Roderick Mar • James and                 • Judy and Paul Kusakabe • Charles and Joann Lee • Ann
    Dr. Charles and Lillian Kaplan • Rod and Kris Kawakami •           Neighborhoods                                                         Louisa Mar • Jamie E. Mar • Roy S. Mar DDS • Susan L.                Fujii and Alan Lindwall • Mark Levy and Marcia Sohns •
    Bill and Toy Kay • Elaine I. Ko and John Foz • Yukinori and        In Honor of the Ping and Ruby Chow & Family Gathering                 Mar • William and Mary Kay Mar • Byron and Virginia                  Steve Lock and Anne Arakaki-Lock • Francis T. Matsudaira
    Sheila Kuniyuki • Marie Kurose and Michael Woo • Ruthann           Space & Learning Studio                                               Marr • JoAnn Mills Marshall • Barbara and Gerry Maurer               • Richard Meyer • Midgets Athletic Team: Keishi Echigo
    Kurose and Nathan Rothman • Manny Lee • Marilyn S. Lee                  Virginia and Maile Anderson • Anonymous (2) • Herb and           • Chris Morningstar • Sarah Morningstar • Anthony and                and Wanda A. Harris, John S. Fujii, Tomio and Alice
    • Patricia M. Lee • Tony Lee • Bettie Sing Luke • Douglas               Shirley Bridge • Mr. Jon and Honorable Bobbe Bridge •            Wanda Mozzone • Liann Mummey and Stephen Sundquist                   Kusakabe, Carol and Kenzo Moriguchi, Bob T. Namba,
    W. Luna • Sharon Maeda • Lily M. Mar • Susan L. Mar •                   Diana T. Brooks • David and Virginia Broudy • Katharine          • Nyla M. Nakano • Carlton J. Nathon • Patti and Doug                Yosh and Sue Nakagawa, Terry Shibata, Tom Yamaguchi,
    Akemi and Andrew Matsumoto • Fran and Hero Matsuoka •                   M. Bullitt • Bi Hoa Caldwell • Herb Chaffey • Austen and         Nikaitani • Lois H. North • Rob, Iris, and Amy Nielsen •             James and Joyce Yasui • Takumi and Yoshie Mikami • Dale
    Nhien Nguyen and Richard Cranor • Jane Nishita • Wilson                 Nora Chan • James Chan and Holly Mar • Benjamin and              Wendee Ong • Marcie Overbeck • Douglas, Lori, Kimberly               Minami and Al Mori • Jun and May Mori, In Memory of
    and Carol O’Donnell • Alice Parman, Ph. D. • Charles G.                 Kerry Lung Chew and Family • Kenneth and May Chew •              and Julie Pang • Mary and Fon Pang • Shirley and Ted                 Ben C. Tsutsumoto • Chester and Martha Murakami • Eddie
    Payton Jr. • Jill and Peter Rinearson • Jill E. Rullkoetter             Dora Chin • Mae and Quinn Chin • Lori Tan Chinn • Wilton         Pang • Jeffrey and Charlene Pimentel • Scott and Karin               and Jean Nagai • Ruby T. Nakamura • Nyla M. Nakano
    and William L. Hurley Jr. • Frank and June Sato • Bob                   and Paula Chinn • Stacy Choi • Ted Choi Tam • Brien,             Pollock • Kim Prochnau • Zach Robinson • Ellen and                   • Gerry and Kathy Nakata • Ralph and Ruby Nishimi •
    Shimabukuro and Alice Ito • David Takami • Huong T. Vu                  Marcia, Kyle and Taylor Chow • Cheryl M. Chow • Edward           Harold Roe • Karen D. Sakuma, D.D.S. and Gary Ikeda •                Kinko R. Nomura, Pamela Nomura, and Nathan P. Nomura
    • Deehan Wyman and Ann Wyman • Suma Yagi and Kats                       Chow Jr. • Heyward and Sandra Chow • Honorable Mark              Joe, Staci, Sean, Jon and BekahSeverns • Dolores Sibonga             • Donald and Irene Ohashi • Richard K. Okamoto and
    Okamoto • John and Marguerite Young • Erin Younger and                  C. Chow and Carol Tamura-Chow • Katy Chow • Margaret             • Albert J. Smit and F. Christina Morningstar • Schultz              John S. Okamoto • Susan K. Okamoto • Tosh and Toshiko
    Ed Liebow                                                               M. Chow and Family • Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis Chow • Andre,           Family Foundation, In Honor of Gloria Wakayama • Al,                 Okamoto • Susan and Robert Oki • Louise S. Ono • Bill
Paul and Mei-yea Liao • Microsoft Corporation • South                       Selina, Juliea, and Justin Chow • Sharon and Doug Chow           Kaylene, Kristene and Jayna Suyematsu • Victoria Terao •             Phelan • Norman and Constance Rice • Lloyd and Fudge
Downtown Foundation                                                         • Shelton and Jeannie Chow • Vivian Chun • Barbara               Dave and Chris Towne • John and Janice Train • Vietnam               Fujii Sakurada • Jesus and Naomi Sanchez • May and Hideo
In Honor of the George Tsutakawa Art Gallery                                Clemons • Donald, Marilyn, and Bradford Covey • Michael          Veterans of America, Seattle Chapter 102 • Thao D. Vo                Sasaki • John and Polly Shigaki • John Shoji and Elaine
    4Culture • Robin Adair • Alaskan Copper and Brass                       Curtis and Eric Thom • Andrea A. Darvas • Joan Dingfield         and Mark Santos • Van Vong • Pat Walker and Dr. Charlie              Ishihara, In Memory of Mack and Aiko Shoji • Mona and
    Company/ Alaskan Copper Works • Nancy and Buster                        • April J. Eng • Doreen S. Eng • Lorena E. Eng • Mari and        Walker • Man Ying Wang • John and Sarah Weinberg •                   Ryan Simons, In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh T. Johnson,
    Alvord • Aubin K. Barthold • Gordon A. Bowker • Idalice                 Kai Eng • Mary Anne Eng • Milton and Nancy English •             Sandra Wong • Debora Yee • Linda and Suey-Hong Yee •                 Jr. • Paul R. Sugawara • Rick and Gina Sugawara • Stephen
    S. Dickinson • Diane Douglas and Steve Perlmutter •                     Scott and Francine Fankhauser • Deborah and Rynold               Marge Young • Grace and Garr Youngren • Judy Yu and                  H. Sumida and Gail M. Nomura • Hiroshi and Teresa Suzuki
    Patrick and Susan Dunn • Ellen Ferguson • The O.D                       Fleck • Peter B. and Lorilee J. Elrod Folta • Patricia D.        Clay Hall                                                            • Chisato Takagi • Gregory Y. Takeuchi • Shuzo and Alice
    Fisher Charitable Foundation • Robert and Micki Flowers                 Ford • Ron and Linda Forest • James A. and Mary A. Fossos   Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC                              Takeuchi • Steven and Donna Takeuchi • Keiko A. Taki •
    • Donald Isle Foster • Katharyn A.Gerlich • Mimi Gates •                • Phil and Jeanne Fujii • Sandra and David Fukuhara •       • Ellen Ferguson                                                          Kiyoshi Taki • Mary J. Taylor • Eileen and Goro Tokita • Kip
    Doug and Kit Granum • Jeannie H. Gravenkemper • Gull                    Donna and Mike Gerity • Libia Gil and Richard Hanks •       In Honor of the Frank Fujii Youth Space                                   Tokuda and Barbara Lui • Marilyn Tokuda • Tama Tokuda •
    Industries • Marshall and Helen Hatch • Betty and Richard               Jean H. Godden • Dr. Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson • Gary             Anonymous • Paul and Sharon Aburano • Jon and                        Wendy Tokuda-Hall • Toshio and Dolly Tokunaga • Ben and
    Hedreen • Mrs. Dan F. Henderson • Ron T.W. Ho • Susan                   and Tanya Grant • Janet R. Gundersen • Gretchen Harrell          Honorable Bobbe Bridge • Tom and Jean Deguchi •                      Sally Tsuboi • Jack Y. Tsuchiya • Sally Tsutsumoto • Janice
    Hovis • Douglas and Patricia Ikegami • Barbara Johns                    • Gary and Carrol Harris • Karen Heidergott • Gilbert and        DeSYNe/ Sharon Nakamura • Susan F. Dogen • Carey and                 and Neill Urano • Ken and Marcia Usui • Tad and Frances
    and Richard Hesik, In Memory of Thomas Walter Jackson                   Aimee Hirabayashi • Barbara Hitch • Suzanne M. Hittman •         Josephine Fujii • Michael and Mary Fujii • Saibo Fujii •             Wada • Nancy Wallrof • West Coast Printing/ Ted Tomita
    • William E. James • David Woods Kemper Memorial                        Sheila and Thomas Huang • Heidi Hui and Ross Peterson •          Michael and Marion Fukuma • Margaret F. Gojio • Robert               • Nancy Wildin and Wilfred Hasegawa • Suma Yagi • Ed
    Foundation • Robin J. Knepper • Rhoady Lee, Jr. • Brian                 Thomas M. Ikeda • The Honorable Faith Ireland and Chuck          L. Gojio • Douglas and Joanne Hanada • Peggy Hanada •                and Maxine Yakushijin • Nina Yamamoto and John Phillips
    and Betsy Losh • Bettie Sing Luke • Suwako and James                    Norem • Larry R. Johns • Bruce D. Johnson • Marilyn and          Jill Hashimoto • Kay Hashimoto • Grayce Hattori • Rachel             Family • Arthur and Helene Yorozu, In Memory of Ben
    Maeda • Kathleen and Terry McLaughlin • Mocassin Lake                   James Jonassen • Della Jung • Jenny Jung • Madelyn Jung          Hidaka, Anne Hidaka-Turner, and Mark Hidaka • Leroy and              Tsutsumoto
    Foundation • Nancy S. Nordhoff • The Norcliffe Foundation               • Stephanie Jung • Mariko Kakiuchi and Tom Voelk • Ralph         Janet Hisayasu • Samuel Y. Hokari • Ichikawa Family - Dai        Homesight • Joey and Vera Ing • Key Foundation
    • Paracom Inc/ G. Page Tanagi • Kim Pasciuto • William                  Kaplan • Richard and Helen Kay • Kenneth and Marleen             and Junko Ichikawa Family, Jack and Aki Ichikawa Family,         In Honor of the Luke Family Association
    Pope and Teresa Castner • Jill A. Ryan • Mr. and Mrs.                   Alhadeff Charitable Foundation • Arthur D. King & Alice          Kai Ichikawa and Brad Davis, Mai Ichikawa • Dean and                 C Melvin and Alice Aikens • Don M. Akagi Midori Akagi •
    Robert M. Sarkis • Robert L. Sander • Jon and Mary Shirley              M. King • King’s Barbecue House • Thomas and Charlene            Lucinda Ikeda • Victor Ikeda • M. Ted and Laura Inouye •             Marvin and Judith Albert • Fortun and Larry Azose • Janet
    Foundation • Mary Lou Thomas • Ruth Trubner • Patricia                  Ko • Nancy Kodani-Lee and Craig S. Lee • Mike Tsung-I            Frank and Margaret Isernio • Renee J. Johnson, In Memory             Baba • Frank Barth • Virginia and Tom Barto • Patricia L.
    True • George Tsutakawa Family • Walter and Jean                        and Misty Kuo • Pok-man Kwi • Betty Lau • Janet and Ken          of Hugh and Renko (Fujii) Johnson • Lonny                            Benavidez • Pamela G. Bradburn • Ralph L. Byron •
                                                                  10                                                                                                                                     11

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