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newsletter summer 2011 by nuhman10


									Summer Village of
West Cove
Council News
Although this has been a trying year for West Cove       Newsletter Summer 2011
Council, we have been working hard on your
behalf. The new garbage system was implemented
to help ease the pain of closing the burn pit and has
been quite a success. We urge residents to share
                                                         Summer Village of West Cove Community
bins when possible and cooperate with neighbors to       League
help pull the bins back after pick-up.                   Great News! West Cove Community League is up
We are currently working on getting mail delivery        and running! We had a very successful bottle drive in
boxes in West Cove. The request, along with a            June that raised $850.00. Thanks to everyone who
petition from residents, has been forwarded to           donated their bottles and also the crew that showed up
Canada Post.                                             at the hall to do the sorting. We will be actively
Due to the huge amounts of runoff and rainfall we        collecting again after the September long weekend; so
had this spring; we have identified several areas of     hang on to those empties. If you have bottles you
the Village that will require additional work on the     would like to get rid of now, you can drop them off at
drainage. A contractor has been hired to address         1408 Park or call Shauna @ 780-892-3071.
these issues and will be starting immediately.           The community league is also sponsoring a West
Historically, West Cove has a very high water table      Cove garage sale to be held at the Community Hall on
and before the drought, water would flood lots,          July 31, 2011 from 10: a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tables are
roads and bubble out of the ground. Our new              $20.00 and you can join up with your neighbours or
drainage system has eliminated most of these             you can bring your trailers ready to go! There will be
problems but we will be continuously monitoring          Hamburgers and Hotdogs for sale. Call Barry @ 780-
and repairing the system. Please ensure that your        220-9041/Darlene @780-892-3174 to book a spot.
driveway culverts are clear and installed properly. If   Check the bulletin Board for more details.
you have a sump pump running ensure that it drains
into a ditch and not the neighbor’s yard!                The “Kids in the Park” program will be starting
West Cove Days will be held Saturday July 23 and         Saturday, July 16 and will be running every Saturday
we hope to see everyone out and participating in the     until September long weekend. Children ages 5- 12
various activities. Please check the bulletin            are welcome to participate in games and crafts from
board/website for a schedule of events!                  1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the main park (Boat

New Web Site for the Summer Village of                   New Summer Village Bylaws
West Cove                                                Council has now passed two new bylaws. The first is
The new website         is   up   and    running    at   a Noise Bylaw and the second is a Fireworks Bylaw.                                          These are now posted on the web site. If you would
                                                         like a hard copy of these bylaws, please contact the

                       Box 7, Site 19, RR 1, Gunn, Alberta T0E 1A0
                     Phone: 780-446-1426 email:
Waste & Organic Disposal                                   Development Permits
From May 1st to October 31st waste pick-up will be         For all development questions, Development Permits,
weekly. From November 1st to April 30th it will be         and Compliance Certificates please contact:
bi-weekly pick-up. Organic pick-up will weekly and         Paul Hanlan
available from May 1st to October 31st.                    RR#2, Site 202, Comp 89
                                                           Onoway, Alberta, T0E 1V0
Burn Pit                                                   Phone:(780)994-1883
With the addition of the Organics Bins, the Burn Pit       email:
will now be closed to the public. All trees stumps etc
must now be taken to the Regional Waste site in the        Safety Codes Permits
County. If you are caught dumping in the burn pit          A reminder that development or construction in the
area you will be charged with illegal dumping.             Village requires Safety Codes Permits. Please contact:
                                                           Superior Safety Codes Inc.
Street Addresses                                           14613 - 134 Avenue
DO YOU HAVE YOUR STREET ADDRESS                            Edmonton, Alberta
PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON YOUR                              T5L 4S9
PROPERTY?                                                  Phone:                        (780) 489-4777
It is imperative that all properties are identified with   Fax:                          (780) 489-4711
their street address which is clearly readable from        Toll Free Phone:              1-866-999-4777
the roadway. This is the only way that emergency           Toll Free Fax:                1-866-900-4711
personnel such as fire, ambulance or police can            (Includes Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Sewage
quickly identify your property in case of emergency.       and Gas Permits)
If you are not sure what your address is, please
contact the Village office and confirm it.                 Council Meetings
                                                           If you have any suggestions or matters you would like
Street lights out or coming off & on                       addressed by Council, please contact the Administrator
If this is occurring, please call Fortis and report the    to be placed on the Council Agenda. Council meetings
problem. You will need the correct street address          continue to be held every forth Thursday at the
where the defective street light is located.               Community Centre at 7:00 p.m. Watch the bulletin
Call 780-310-9473                                          board for any changes in dates, times or locations.

Contact Information                                        Contacts
Fire Emergency                     911
Ambulance Emergency                911                     Mayor Dave Breton                    780-289-5270
RCMP Emergency                     911           
RCMP Stony Plain Detachment Emergency
780- 963-2217                                              Deputy - Mayor Brad Londeau          780-906-8816
RCMP Stony Plain Detachment Non-Emergency        
Lac Ste. Anne County Community Police                      Loretta Muir                         780-892-3541
Toll Free                   1-866-880-5722       
Lac Ste. Anne County Animal Control
Toll Free                   1-866-880-5722                 Administration:
                                                           Dennis Evans                         780-446-1426

                         Box 7, Site 19, RR 1, Gunn, Alberta T0E 1A0
                       Phone: 780-446-1426 email:

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