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									               Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                   "The Little Blue Book of Hot Ideas"
                              Online Business Management

Let's talk about what it takes to make passive income programs and products work for

First, I've discovered that you need to work or try many streams of income to find out
what will "jazz" you. In my experience, you'll never make a lot of money with only one
method – UNLESS – you become totally dedicated and committed to promoting that one
way of making money. That means constantly marketing your program. The Internet is
not magic – it takes work to be successful.

Trying out many of the ideas presented here will help you to focus on the one(s) that
work best for you, that you are most interested in, and the one(s) that you have the most
fun with. If you aren't enjoying your venture, the venture might not be the one for you.

I've presented many ideas here for you to try, to expand upon and to vary; some quick,
some take more time, but all are a potential source of passive income for you.

Okay, let's get started!

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
INTRODUCTION ........................................................................................................................................ 1
OKAY, LET'S GET STARTED! ................................................................................................................ 1
INDEX ........................................................................................................................................................... 2
"COOK" UP A PRODUCT! ....................................................................................................................... 3
CUSTOMIZE A PRODUCT AND RESELL ............................................................................................. 4
VIRTUAL ASSISTANT E-COURSES ....................................................................................................... 7
AUDIO "HOW-TO" GUIDES AND MINI-TUTORIALS ON CD ......................................................... 8
CREATING SOFTWARE OR TOOLS ..................................................................................................... 9
CREATE A TRAINING EVENT FOR CLIENTS AND OTHER VAS ................................................ 11
MINI TUTORIAL SERIES ....................................................................................................................... 13
PRODUCT BUNDLES .............................................................................................................................. 14
LEVERAGE YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ........................................................................... 16
SET UP A GOOGLE ADSENSE CAMPAIGN. ...................................................................................... 17
CREATE AN AMAZON STORE ............................................................................................................. 18
BECOME A RESELLER OF YOUR CLIENTS' SERVICES............................................................... 19
HOBBIES AS A BUSINESS ...................................................................................................................... 20

                                             Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                                        By Kathy Sparks
                                                 Online Business Management
"Cook" Up a Product!
Creating an information product is the best way to jump-start your passive virtual
assistant revenue.

You don't need to spend the next three months with your nose in the books, and your kids
in front of the TV!

Not at all!

You've got all you need right in front of you, but probably haven't yet discovered how to
turn it to income.

Here is the recipe:

    1. Do a search on your computer for all Word files (just type "*.doc" in the search
       box). Chances are you'll find some valuable articles, lists, instructions, templates,
       questionnaires, and forms you've used with your VA clients.

    2. Go to your e-mail program and look through your "Sent" folder. You'll find
       wealth of tips and information in the replies you've been sending to clients and
       prospects, including the "how-to's" that you've sent to your clients, your VA
       colleagues and even your family.

    3. Organize everything you find into categories, then table of contents, then fill in
       the gaps.

    4. If you need some extra research help, there is a little program I use to get ideas
       called – you’ll be amazed at the time you can save
       researching by plugging in a few words and letting it do the work for you.

Realistically, it should take no more than 10 hours (or 3-4 days) to turn into a ready-to-
sell virtual assistant product.

                          Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                     By Kathy Sparks
                              Online Business Management
Customize a Product and Resell
If you can't think of something or need some creative help, look for products that you can
customize and resell.

Do a search for "Public Domain" and see if you can find an idea or grab something that
you are knowledgeable about. See how you can turn it into your own product, with your
logo and your name.

Create a one-page web site filled with information about your product – your sales page
and offer it for sale.

Are you aware that US law allows anyone to distribute, resell or give away expired
copyrighted content; it's called public domain, and savvy marketers “borrow” it to
publish instant products.

Public domain refers to anything that is NOT protected under US copyright law
published before 1923, and under certain conditions, works published up to 1978. A
“work” can be a book, movies, white papers, plays, songs, photographs, instruction
manuals, posters, courses, reports, etc. You can repackage these works and sell them for a
profit. By tapping into public domain content, all the detail work and research has been
done for you.

There are many ways that you can make money with public domain content. Let me
suggest a few different examples you can use to activate and tap the public domain

1. Resell It.
You can re-publish public domain content exactly as it is. Whether it’s a book, a movie or
even music, you can take this content and quickly turn it into a product. Just copy it as it
is and start selling it.

2. Repackage
You can repackage a public domain work into a new product. You can use the ideas and
some of the content of public domain works to create new and better products, adding
your name. Are you aware that Walt Disney characters Snow White and the Little
Mermaid were stories from the public domain?

3. Website Content
You can use the text of the public domain work which relates to a product you are selling
or an affiliate program that you are promoting. You then create web pages and include
links back to your product page.

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
4. Multimedia
You can record the books in print to a CD or a video set. Add to the value of the product
by offering ways to consume the information. For instance, what was once simply a
“book” can now be a complete home study course or training program.

5. Upsell
You can use public domain works as an “upsell” to a regular version of your best selling
product. You simply present your buyer with an additional opportunity to “upgrade” their
order or add something to their order.

6. Reprint Rights
You could sell your version of the information product along with marketing materials
which you will allow reprint. People love reprint rights and it’s a quick and easy way to
make money immediately. You can sell reprint rights only to a derivative product you
have created from the original public domain material.

7. Bonuses
Simply use the work as a bonus to your main offering. People love bonuses and will buy
a product just for the bonus, especially if it's unique and not something they’ve seen all
over the net already.

8. Viral E-books
You simply take parts of the book and turn it into a viral e-book by allowing others to
pass along or even sell this e-book as their own. Once you trigger the “virus” it's nearly
impossible to make it stop because people continue to pass it on.

9. Google AdSense
You can use the material to create an information-rich website and then place add the
Google Adsense code to run the AdSense program on your site. You’ll be a partner with
Google and get paid a percentage for everyone that simply clicks on the ads Google
places on your site. The Google ads placed on your content site are relevant to the content
of the site.

10. Articles/ Mini Courses
You could use content from public domain works to create a mini-course that people
would subscribe to from your site. You just load a series of 4 to 10 articles into your
auto-responders and it delivers it on a total auto-pilot.

You can also use the material to create articles to distribute for free publicity and traffic
to your sites. Editors of e-zines and owners of web sites are always looking for hot fresh
content and in exchange they’ll send traffic to your web site.

                          Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                     By Kathy Sparks
                              Online Business Management
Among the topics available in the public domain treasures are:

•   writings
•   ebooks
•   music
•   art
•   photography
•   architecture
•   maps
•   choreography
•   movies and video
•   software
•   databases
•   collections and hobbies

Public domain works provides a huge opportunity in the Internet world to tap these vast
treasures. Simply put, you can use these works to instantly create e-books, manuals,
articles, reports or any other type of information products in a snap.

Resource: - The Public Domain: How to Find and Use Copyright-Free
Writings, Music, Art & More (Public Domain) (Paperback)

Or you can purchase materials with "master resell rights" on line. Do a "Google" on
"master resell rights" and you'll see many sites offering to sell you a complete e-book to

To read about using Public Domain materials and copyright law, visit:

Find Public Domain materials at: - PD links - Lots of books in txt format - Search for US Gov docs - PD books - Copyright search

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Virtual Assistant E-Courses
An e-book's "twin sister" is an e-mail course - an electronically delivered series of lessons
that help accomplish a specific goal.

Many people love the e-course format because:

- You can write it one day (or one week) at a time, instead of putting together a full-size

- Your customers will appreciate the ability to focus on one action step at a time without
being overwhelmed with dozens or hundreds of "stuff to read."

- You can build deeper relationships with your customers, because they hear from you
daily or weekly, as opposed to one-time e-book download link.

- You can update your e-course any time, adding new links, removing old ones, or
expanding it with new resources.

Assembling your e-course is very similar to putting an e-book together:

   1. Ask yourself what issue your target clients need help with the most. Choose that
      as the main topic for your e-course.

   2. Create 7 to 26 step-by-step lessons from your existing materials, filling the gaps
      where needed. Include an action step at the end of each lesson to make your e-
      course brings tangible results for your customers.

   3. Open an autoresponder account (Try; it allows you to have as
      many autoresponders as you want:

   4. Copy and paste each lesson into an autoresponder, leaving 3-7 days between them
      to make sure your customers have the time to implement what they learn.

When you're finished, just create a web page where people can purchase your e-course,
decide how much you'll charge for it (We've seen e-courses sold anywhere from $10 to
$497, depending on the amount and value of your content, and your target audience) and
you're ready to go!

Now take it one step further and make it into a video with PowerPoint presentation. There
is an inexpensive video software called Camstudio.

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Audio "How-To" Guides and Mini-Tutorials on CD
Why CDs?

- Most people talk faster than they type, and if you have a good topic in mind, you can
literally create an audio product in a weekend!

- Many people prefer audio products, because they can listen in their car, while jogging,
or even in the kitchen!

- Compared to books or home-study courses, audio products are incredibly inexpensive to
produce. (As little as 65 cents per CD including labeling!)

- You can easily have your audio product transcribed, turned into an e-book and offer it
as an added-value bonus to your customers.

- You can interview other people on various aspects of your specialty, and turn these into
a series of audio products.

Can you create an audio product this week? Here are the steps:

   1. Pick a hot topic - something very specific and very targeted to the people you
      want to reach. You may also want to do a quick poll to see what your audience
      wants to purchase by suggesting a few topics. Perhaps you've documented the
      process of completing a project that would be useful for others.

   2. Write down a list of 5-12 points you want to cover about this topic. TIP: Look
      through the articles you've written, you might have ready-to-use agenda for your
      audio seminar.

   3. Record yourself into a microphone hooked up to your computer, one segment at a
      time. (We use software from to save audio recordings, or you can
      go into a local recording studio and ask them to record you professionally - it's not
      as expensive as you may think.)

   4. Create a CD using a CD-burner on your home computer, and send it to a
      duplication company. (They might also allow you to send audio files via the
      Internet to speed things up.)

A good fulfillment company will not only create and label the CDs for you, but will put
them in jewel cases with pre-printed inserts and ship them to customers, as well!

The key is to have a great topic and speak with confidence!

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Creating Software or Tools
If you're about to roll your eyes after seeing the word "software," let me re-assure you:
you won't have to ever write a line of code!

There are plenty of people who can do it for you, all you need is an idea.


"Several years ago, after getting my share of 'difficult' clients, I wanted to find a quick
and systematic way of pre-qualifying each person before saying 'yes.'

I created a simple self-assessment for my web site and asked people to complete it before
scheduling a call.

After using that form for a few weeks, I created a few more self-assessments. Visitors to
my web site could test their Internet skills, find out whether their web site needs a
makeover, and discover how much they know about building a business.

Wouldn't it be great if others could create self-assessments? So, I put my programming
hat on (finally, her B.S. in Computer Information Systems came in handy!) and wrote a
quick-and-dirty script.

Two years later, this script is now known as Assessment Generator, with over 450
coaches from around the world!”

You can check out this tool at:" and a new version

The point is that by being tuned into her target audience, Milana was able to create a
piece of software that was missing from the coaching industry.

In addition, when she released this tool to the public, she noticed that coaches started
using it for many other purposes - generating client leads, pre-qualify clients, collecting
data during intake, using self- assessments to add value to their coaching programs, and
much much more.

Example 2:

I was in need of text formatting software for formatting newsletters, articles for
distribution, and broadcasts. I wanted this software to reside on my desktop so I would
not need to visit formatting sites each time I needed to use it.

                          Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                     By Kathy Sparks
                              Online Business Management
I spent quite a bit of time looking for a program and could not find what I needed. I
turned to my favorite programmer who created a little program called WordWrapMagic

I now use it daily and have found many other uses for the program and have made it
available for others by creating a small web site.

So, how can YOU develop software programs for your target audience?

Here are the steps:

1. Surround yourself with your target audience and clients by reading what they read,
going where they go, interviewing a few of them in person or by phone, visiting their
message boards, and surveying them.

2. Find out what their biggest problems and challenges are and what software or web-
based service could make their lives ten times easier.

3. When you have an idea for a software program, do some research online to find out if
anyone else is offering something like that. If it already exists, how could you make it
better? Different? Easier? Less expensive?

If it doesn't exist, approach a few members of your target audience (4-5 people) and share
your idea with them. Ask for honest feedback on whether they think it'll be useful to

4. When you make a decision to go ahead with developing your software, write out a
good description of what you want it to do. Then, go to and post your
project. Programmers from all over the world will bid on it, and you'll be able to choose
the person you want to develop it for you.

What software could YOU develop for your target audience? What's missing in your

Remember, simplicity is the key - many times large software companies overlook smaller
tools they could develop for certain groups of people, and you can easily jump in and
create it!

Put on your thinking cap and ask yourself this question: "What tool would make the lives
of my target clients easier?"

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Create a Training Event for Clients and Other VAs
A training event can be held for clients and colleagues. Perhaps you are an expert in
creating PowerPoint presentations, or Excel spreadsheets, or perhaps you know of some
little known tips and tricks to make a process much easier. How about Word's use of
"track changes," "mail merge," or "style formatting?" Are you a FrontPage or
Dreamweaver expert?

The outcomes of holding a live event for your target audience can be absolutely amazing!

- You'll gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, and be able to develop and
customize your solutions in a much more effective way;

- You will build relationships with some of the most well-connected experts in your

- You will sell more of your other products and services, just because more people are
exposed to your business;

- You'll raise your profile to being the best expert in your field, and will end up getting a
lot of new clients;

- You'll gain visibility in the V.I.P circles of your niche, and have more strategic alliance
and joint venture opportunities than ever before!

- You'll generate a hefty chunk of revenue from your event, in addition to your "regular"
VA income.

The bottom line is - JUST DO IT!

A live event - especially the one conducted over a telephone bridgeline - is not difficult to
do at all.

Here are the steps used to put together a training event.

1. Determine the angle or theme of your event. It must be highly relevant to your target
audience and focus on the solutions to some of the biggest problems your clients

2. Invite guest speakers who can enhance your knowledge of the topic

                          Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                     By Kathy Sparks
                              Online Business Management
First, determine the depth of training you absolutely want to be covered during the event.
Once you have decided on the depth of training, ask yourself: who are the best experts to
speak on these topics? Come up with a list of people and send them a letter of invitation.

3. Create a promotional strategy. Schedule the entire program, and write a sales letter,
create a web site, and add a "Register" button.

Every guest speaker should be asked to announce the event to their database of
subscribers, customers and clients. You can also offer to people who join the event an
opportunity to earn commissions by inviting their friends and colleagues.

4. Record your event and offer CDs as a bonus. This is especially useful to people who
can't attend live, but really want to learn what you are teaching.

You can make your event last as long as you wish – perhaps 3 days for an hour a day, or
maybe your topic is only long enough for one hour.

Your challenge is to create tutorial events that you can repeat easily, and that people in
your industry and will tell everyone they know about it!

                          Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                     By Kathy Sparks
                              Online Business Management
Mini Tutorial Series
There is nothing better than sitting at home in your pajamas, holding a conference call
with people from all over the world, while earning revenue.

While there are many ways to run and profit from teleseminars, I want to share a very
unique strategy with you - teleseminar series.

Doing a teleseminar series is like writing a book (in fact, I've seen some people turn their
teleseminars into a book!). It is also a great strategy for someone who prefers speaking to

Here are the basic steps:

1. Pretend you're writing a book in your area of expertise. What would the title be? What
would the central theme of your book focus on? What would you want your readers to get
out as a result of reading it?

2. Outline the "table of contents" - list 10-12 topics you want to cover. In other words,
instead of trying to come up with random training topics every month, you'll be using
your list.

3. Create a schedule and run your event on a regular basis, announcing each one to your
mailing list. A unique spin on this strategy would be to announce your training series as a
6-12 month group program and generate revenue while you're holding them.

Whether you choose to charge for your training series or not, the beauty of this strategy is
that you can now turn your training into a home-study course, a self-published book, or
any other information product format.

                            Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                       By Kathy Sparks
                                Online Business Management
Product Bundles
There are two things all VAs do on a regular basis – solve problems and execute projects
using technology and expertise.

And, if you've been in business for several years, you probably have a wealth of material
sitting on your hard drive.

We are sure you'll find:

- articles - teleclasses and tele-seminars - worksheets and workbooks - checklists,
templates and tip sheets - e-books and books - home-study courses, audio programs -
interviews - workshops and presentations - instructions

...and other materials you developed over time.

The best way to use this material is to bundle it.

People love bundles, because they're not only able to get access to some of your best
materials, but also get a very good deal on them.

Let me use some illustrations to help you come up with your own bundle:

-------------- "VA Client Business Bundle" ----------------

    1.   Is Your Business Ready for a Virtual Assistant? (assessment)
    2.   Computer File Basics (e-book)
    3.   How to Manage Your Email Efficiently (e-book)
    4.   Accounts Receivable Tracker (spreadsheet)
    5.   Office Organization Planner (workbook)
    6.   Login and Password Toolkit (workbook)

---------------------- "Business Bundle" ----------------------

    1.   10 Steps to Jump-Starting Your Business (10 teleseminars on CDs)
    2.   Building a "Dream Team" for Your Business (e-book and workbook)
    3.   12-Month Marketing Planner (workbook with audio CD)
    4.   Business Startup Toolkit (home-study course)
    5.   7 Companies That Changed the Way We Do Business (interviews)

You might also want to create more than one bundle with your materials by focusing
each package on a separate topic or series of topics. For example, you could have:

                           Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                      By Kathy Sparks
                               Online Business Management
- "Software Tutorial" bundle

- "Office Organization" bundle

- "Successful Home Business Management" bundle

- "Client / VA" bundle

...and so on.

Here is a real-life illustration.

"Working with hundreds of clients, I noticed that all issues I worked with them on fell
into one of three categories.

- Practice Building

- Practice Management

- Passive Revenue

I gathered all of my materials (training calls, articles, special reports, live event
recordings, interviews, teleclasses, etc.) and created three separate bundles."

When creating your bundles, make sure that the total price of the bundle is much less
than if people had to purchase each item separately. In fact, put the cost of each item right
next to it to show the actual amount you'd have to pay to get it. Bundles can be as much
as 40% in savings, so it becomes truly a super deal.

Question for you:

If you had only 1 hour to create a VA product bundle, what would it be?

                            Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                       By Kathy Sparks
                                Online Business Management
Leverage Your Intellectual Property
"Squeeze" as much potential (read "profits") out of every minute of work as possible.

If you create something once, you better use it in at least three different ways, or
consider it a waste of time.

"If it only has one use, don't do it!"

What does this mean?

1. Save all emails you send to clients and turn them into articles.

2. Collect all posts you make on message boards and discussion lists and convert them
into a Frequently Asked Questions page.

3. Gather all your articles, organize them by category and create a private membership

4. Record your teleclassess and add all of the recordings to your membership site.
Archive all teleclasses.

5. Turn all your articles into PDF files, burn them onto a CD and sell it as a collection of
"special reports." You can also offer it as a bonus to any other product, service, or event
you sell.

6. Create case studies based on your VA experiences, then add them to your web site for
content or as a special report for generating leads.

7. Design your programs (seminars, tutorials, training, etc.) in modules. This way you can
repackage them or sell each module individually in the future.

8. If you do live events, be sure to videotape them and offer them as products or bonuses.

9. Create an outline of your new information product (book or e-book). When you write
your newsletter, focus each issue on a section or a chapter. By the end of 3 to 6 months,
you might have your entire product completed.

10. License your materials (workshops, tools, assessments, programs, systems, etc.) to
other VAs and trainers to spread your brand while generating literally unlimited revenue
(recommended resource:

                           Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                      By Kathy Sparks
                               Online Business Management
Set up a Google Adsense Campaign.
Google Adsense is a win win program for everyone. You have a focus and are an expert
at something. Maybe it's organization, how keywords work with your web site, taking
care of client's bookkeeping, making travel arrangements, or finding hard to find items.

Whatever it is, it is good content for a Google Adsense program.

Here is how it works.

You provide an informational page with lots of great content to your web site visitors.
You add your Google Adsense ads to the page and each time someone reads your
information and clicks on one of the ads being displayed on that page, Google pays you.

Obviously, the more content or articles you can provide for Google to serve their ads, the
better the chances are that someone will leave you a tip by clicking on one of those ads.

Setting up an account is free. You just need to be able to place the ads on your site and
follow the easy instructions. Google serves relative ads to your content on the page and
you have the ability to ban those ads, maybe competitors or sites you'd rather your
visitors not see, from being served on your pages.

Here is what I've done to maintain my site as a Virtual Assistant business site, yet have
Google ads. I have been collecting articles relative to virtual assistants, technology VAs
use and small business information, listed them in a menu and on every article, I have a
set of Google ads being displayed. You can see them by going here:

You can get the details here:

What is Google AdSense?

Google's overview of the AdSense program

Is Google Right for Your Site?/Case Studies

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Create an Amazon Store

Amazon has recently launched a beta to create an Amazon Store. It is free to set up under
your Amazon affiliate agreement.

Here's how:

   1. Set up an associate's account here:

   2. Log into your account and go to aStore page to set up your store.

I've sent up a store called Kathy's Kiosk, added my favorite books and other products to
the store, set a link from my home page of my web site.

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Become a Reseller of Your Clients' Services and
Your clients probably have affiliate programs, books to sell and use services from various
sites. Wouldn't it make sense if your clients used your product? Or find your own affiliate

Think about how you can be involved in all those online services your clients use or

   1. Become an affiliate of your clients' products and put a link on your web site.
   2. Services such as:
      • Bridgelines
      • PayPal
      • Private label shopping cart (
      • Assessment Generator (
      • Audio Generator
      • Domain Hosting (
      • Submit Your Articles (

Think about all of the services your clients use often. Research the resource most
comfortable for you and join. Eventually, one of your clients will have a need for one of
these services and you have the solution – instantly!

Here are some guides that might help you make your Affiliate Business successful.

Affiliate Elite: Get A Giant List Of All CB Affiliates For Any Product. Instantly See All
Adwords Keywords For Any Domain. Spy On Adwords And Yahoo Search Marketing
Ads And Much More!

AffiloRama: Affilorama is an affiliate marketing training portal, offering free written and
video lessons, tools, tips and support; allowing complete beginners to build up a
successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Hobbies as a Business
We all have what I call a side business – sometimes referred to as a hobby, an interest,
being a mom, being a caregiver to someone, and through these events, we learn. We learn
what works best for you, a new resource, a new way of doing something, a new place a
new book.

Over the years, you've collected articles, emails from friends, read rules, reports, and
researched resources. Wouldn't you think someone interested in your hobby would like
your information?

Here is what to do.

   1. Decide on a topic.
   2. Gather all of the information you know about the topic. Emails, articles,
      experiences etc.
   3. Create a one-page web site with information about your hobby.
   4. Create an e-book, rules book, resource book, how-to e-book etc. to sell at your
   5. Now, take it one step further and add your Google Adsense code to your hobby
   6. Tell everyone you know who has the same problem, hobby or interest about your

Now you are probably saying, "if I add Google Adsense ads to my web site, won't that
encourage people to leave my site and not purchase my e-book?" Well, maybe, but if they
haven't found what they want on your site, and they've had time to review your e-book
and are probably going to leave anyway, you have another chance for them to leave you a
little change by clicking on one of your Google ads.


My husband had a hobby of building in wall jewelry cases for a few years. He created the
complete system, specifications, how-to built them and sold a few. He is now no longer
interested in doing this project, so I took his information, created a how-to-build your
own in wall jewelry case, a one-page web site and added Google Adsense. Now I have
two ways of earning money – from the e-book and Google Adsense. You can see it at

                         Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                    By Kathy Sparks
                             Online Business Management
Keep this e-book handy so that you can always go back to review the possibilities.
Remember, you can always take one of these ideas and adjust it to make it work for you.

Good luck with your Passive Income!

Warm Wishes,

Kathy Sparks
Your Virtual Resource

                        Passive Income for Virtual Assistants
                                   By Kathy Sparks
                            Online Business Management

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