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Our Mission Statement - Broadfield Primary School Homepage


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									       Our Mission Statement

                   …HIGH STANDARDS

               “…our best in everything we do.”

                     …GOOD BEHAVIOUR
        “…a friendly, safe and secure school for us all”

                 …TRUST AND HONESTY
“…an open and honest school by listening and telling the truth.”

              “…happiness in our work and play.”

Our School Aims
1. To provide a structured, stimulating and secure environment where
children learn effectively.
2. To strive for the highest standards of education using the best quality
3. To provide a broad, balanced, relevant and inspiring curriculum that is
sensitive to individual needs.
4. To develop a positive attitude to learning that encourages independence,
self reliance and self discipline.
5. To provide the knowledge and skills to participate fully in an increasingly
technological and information rich environment.
6. To encourage respect and tolerance for the other races, religions,
beliefs, values and opinions.
7. To encourage in each individual a sense of positive worth and self
respect by recognising and emphasising positive qualities and abilities.
8. To work with parents in a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation and
encourage them to be informed and active members of the school
9. To be an active member of the local community and encourage each individual
 to become a confident, responsible and caring member of that community.

                          The Governors

School Governors are like a Board of Directors and make decisions about
how the school is run. They meet each term at school. They are appointed
    Ensure school meets local and national legislation
    Set standards of behaviour
      Set targets for academic achievement
      Interview and select staff
      Decide how the school budget is spent

  School Governors are:
   Parents
   Staff who work at the school
   Local council representatives
   Community representatives.

  Our Governing body is made up of people from each of these groups of
  people. If you are interested in becoming a school Governor please contact
  Ms. Stennett(Headteacher) or one of our parent Governors.

                Our School Governors are:

            Name                      Type of Governor
Mrs S. Beasley                        Chair, Parent Governor
Mr M Dickson                          Vice, Chair of Governor
Ms P.A.Stennett                             Headteacher
Mr M Giles                             Community Governor
Mrs Rehana Ali                           Parent Governor
Mr P.Forshaw                          Community Governor
Mr R. England                           Parent Governor
Councillor Glenys Shaw                   LEA Governor
Mr G McConniffe                      Support Staff Governor
Mrs S Dutton                           Teacher Governor
Mrs F. Haque                            Parent Governor
Mr M Griffin                          Community Governor
Mr Zahoor Hussain                     Community Governor
Miss E Farrand                          Parent Governor

   People Who Work
     in our School

  Head Teacher:               Ms P. Stennett
  Deputy Head Teacher:        Mrs C Walker

  Teaching Staff:
                         Miss M Chaudhry
                         Miss V Collins
                         Mr J Coupe
                         Miss E Dunn
                         Mrs S Dutton
                         Mrs N Halford
                         Mrs J Hall
                         Miss K Hanley
                              Mrs C Kirk
                              Mrs A Nunn
                              Miss K Palmer
                              Miss V Procter
                              Ms P Rotton
                              Miss S Zafar

   SEN Support                Mrs M Armstrong
                              Mrs L Forshaw
                              Mrs M Higgins
                              Mr C Cameron
                              Miss E Brown

Teaching Assistants:          Mrs R Ali                           Miss F Blayds
                              Miss A Khatun                       Mrs S McConniffe
                              Mrs E Carroll                       Mrs D McKiernan
                              Mrs A Etchells                      Mrs J Turner
                              Mr D Worsley                        Mrs J Rowlandson
                              Mrs M Hunt                          Mrs S Hussain
                              Ms K Welby                          Miss E Ross

   Learning Mentor:                       Mrs E Jolley

   Home/School Liaison Officer:           Mr M Farman

   School Business Manager:   Mrs C Charnock
   School Administrator:      Miss T Chambers
   Site Manager:              Mr G McConniffe

   Cleaning Staff:            Mrs S Chapman, Mrs K Harrison.

   Mid-Day Supervisors:       Mrs S Chapman, Mrs C Doherty, Mrs F Lowe,
                              Mrs Hirst, Mrs P Akhtar, Mrs Parveen Mrs Bibi

   Cook:                      Mrs K Harrison
   Kitchen Staff:             Ms J Tunnicliffe

                    Admissions to Foundation Stage
Parents considering sending their child to Broadfield are very welcome to
visit and look around school at a mutually convenient time, chat to the Head
and/or staff and request a prospectus, Foundation Stage brochure and
home-school agreement.

Our Nursery offers 26 part-time morning or afternoon places. Children
are usually admitted into our Nursery in the September of the school year
in which their 4th birthday falls. At the school‟s discretion if places are
available a January intake will be considered. Applications for Nursery
should be made at the school on the official school application form by the
end of January 2012. On application for a Nursery place parents will be
asked to state their preference for morning or afternoon sessions. For
more information about Nursery, please ask at the office for a copy of our
Foundation Stage brochure. Successful applicants will be notified by Easter
Our children come into Reception class in the September before their 5th
birthday. Our Reception class has places for 45 children and places are in
demand. Broadfield is an over-subscribed school please refer to the
School‟s Admissions Policy which can be found at

                          Admissions to School
           Broadfield is a popular school and many of our year groups are
full. Parents who may be considering sending their children to Broadfield
are asked to make an appointment with the Headteacher Ms. Stennett.
This will allow parents to look around school, ask questions and be given
information about the school and any available places.

For all admissions, parents are asked to visit school with their child‟s birth

                        School Times

Nursery:                       Morning          8.45am – 11.45am
                               Afternoon        12.15pm-3.15pm

Infants:                                        9.00am – 12.00 noon
                                                1.00pm – 3.15pm

Juniors:                                        9.00am – 12.30pm

                                                1.30pm – 3.15pm

These are learning times and so to allow for settling down in a morning, we
open our doors at 8.50am for KS1 and KS2 to ensure our children can be in
classrooms on time. If your child is in Foundation Stage you are welcome to
come into school with your child at 8.50am to read with them. If you arrive
after 9.00am please come into school through the front door as all other
doors will be locked for security reasons. Children‟s names and the reason
they are late will be recorded. If your child is late on a regular basis
(more than 8 times per half term) a letter will be sent informing you of
our concern. Pupil Welfare monitors lateness and absences.

Thank you to all our parents who make a tremendous effort to get their
children to school every day and on time. This creates a feeling with your
child that school is important.

 If your child is to reach their full potential it is important that they
                    attend regularly and are punctual.

If your child is too ill to attend school or has a doctor‟s appointment please
let us know as soon as possible. You can call into the office, telephone or
send a message with another adult. We operate a „School Safe‟ policy, if we
do not hear from you by 11.00am on the first day of absence we will worry
that your child has got lost on the way to school and we will contact you to
check. For this reason it is very important that school has up to date
contact numbers. Please save us the worry and let us know!


When a child is absent we record the absence as „authorised‟ or
„unauthorised‟. An „unauthorised‟ absence is where the child‟s parent/carer
does not inform the school of the reason for the absence or when the
Headteacher considers the reason for the absence is not a valid one.

The school authorises absences when parents/carers notify school by
letter, telephone or in person and the school considers that the absence is

The LEA and the government monitor school‟s attendance. Each year we
are set attendance targets by the LEA. Here are our attendance figures
for last year and how they matched up to our target:

Target    2010/2011                  94.3%
Actual    2010/2011                  95.1%

Please help us to reduce our authorised absences by making non essential
appointments out of school hours and taking vacations in the school holiday


  Visits to your family‟s country of origin can be a positive experience for
  children. However, children who go away on extended absence during
  term time can fall behind in their school work by a term or more and may
  find it difficult to settle back into friendships. Please give careful
  thought to when the visit takes place and plan your visit during the school

 Holidays during term time is at the discretion of the Headteacher and
 the Chair of Governors. Regulations state that it is not a right or
 entitlement to take a child out of school for the purposes of a term time
 An appointment must be made to see the Headteacher before a holiday
 is booked. The Headteacher will look carefully at the child‟s attendance
 record and if they have any concerns, for example should the child‟s

  average attendance be below 95% it is likely the Headteacher will refuse
  to authorise any further absence.
  Please do not request an absence before or during the time of national
  tests in Years 2 and 6.
  Please contact school as early as possible to make the request for
  absence; you need to sign a home/school contract with the date of your
  child‟s return to school. Please do not book a holiday before speaking to
  the Headteacher.

  You risk losing your child‟s place in school if:
       you do not receive permission from school for their absence;
       your child does not return on the agreed date.

Make the most of your child‟s visit by:
   talking to your child about the visit
   taking books and reading with your child

Please contact Ms Stennett, Mrs Jolley or Mr Farman our HSLO if you
need more information.

               Term Dates for 2011 – 2012

School Closes                                   School Opens
Friday 22 July 2011                             Tuesday 6th September 2011
Friday 21st October 2011                        Monday 31st October 2011
Friday 16th December 2011                       Wednesday 4th January 2012
Friday 10th February 2012                       Monday 20th February 2012
Friday 30th March 2012                          Monday 16th April 2012
Thursday 3rd May 2012                           Friday 4th May 2012
Monday 7th May 2012                             Tuesday 8th May 2012
Friday 1st June 2012                            Monday 11th June 2012
Thursday 19th July 2012                         To be confirmed

Broadfield School is used as a Polling station; school will be closed on
Thursday 3rd May 2011

Broadfield School believes that the wearing of a school uniform and a
smart appearance fosters a sense of unity, belonging and maintains our high

Our uniform consists of:

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered school logo
Gold polo shirt
Grey skirt or pinafore dress, trousers or shorts
Uniform is optional for Nursery children
Sensible black outdoor shoes (these need to be flat, please avoid high
heels and platforms).

In the interests of safety and security, jewellery is not allowed to be
worn other than a watch and small stud earrings for pierced ears.

                                         P.E. Kit

All of our children will do P.E. each week plus a weekly games or swimming
lesson (Year 4 and 5 this academic year). Your child will need the following:
Indoor Kit
Navy blue shorts or gym skirt
                                                    You can buy our
Gold or white t-shirt
                                                 uniform at the school
Black pumps

Outdoor Games
Navy tracksuit

Towel and a costume
Swimming hat for long hair

In the interest of safety children must wear the appropriate kit for all
P.E./games lessons and sports clubs. Watches and stud earrings must not
be worn for any physical education; we recommend that children do not
wear jewellery on P.E. days. For this reason please only get your child‟s
ears pierced in the long summer holiday so they have chance to heal.

Lost Property
If your child misplaces an item of school uniform etc, please do not assume
that it has been lost permanently. Please ask your child to check carefully
or speak to your child‟s class teacher.

All personal property should be clearly named. The Local Education
Authority and school do not accept responsibility for loss of personal
property and valuables. Children should not bring valuables to school such
as mobile phones, electronic games, cameras or large sums of money.

                             PLEASE ENSURE
                             ALL CLOTHES &
                             BELONGINGS ARE

        Halal Diners

HIGH QUALITY MEALS – Has your child tried them yet?
 Varied menus, always a choice
 Salad and sandwich option
 Fruit and yoghurt available

A school dinner costs £2.00 per day. Dinner money for the week (£10.00)
is collected on Monday mornings. This should be sent into school in a
named, sealed envelope with your child‟s class written on the front.

Packed lunches may be brought to school. Please do not send drinks in glass
bottles or cans. We are a „Tooth Friendly „School. This means that we
encourage our children to make healthy food choices. We ask that children
do not bring sweets or sugary drinks for their lunch. If a child forgets
their sandwiches and we cannot contact anyone we will provide the child
with a school lunch and ask the parent/carer to pay £2.00 as soon as

Children who have a school meal or sandwiches are cared for by mid-day
supervisors during the lunch time break. Children who go home at lunch
time should not return until 5 minutes before the end of lunch as their care
at lunch time is the responsibility of the parents/ carers, not the school.
If you wish to change dinner arrangements for your child you need to let
our School Administrator know giving at least two weeks‟ notice.

                             Playtime Snacks
Nursery, Reception and Infant children will be provided with a piece of
fruit every day. Milk is provided for Nursery, Reception and Infant
children. Children can bring their own healthy snacks in the juniors. Please
do not send sweets, chocolate or sugary drinks.
                     Organisation of Learning
Broadfield Primary School is made up of 4 main Learning phases:

       Phase                      Class                    Curriculum
    Foundation              Nursery &                    Early Learning
    Stage                   Reception                    Goals
    Key Stage 1             Year 1 & Year 2              Key Stage 1
    Lower Key               Year 3 & Year 4              Key Stage 2
    Stage 2                                              Curriculum
    Upper Key               Year 5 & Year 6              Key Stage 2
    Stage                                                Curriculum

Our admission number for each year group is 45. In order to organise our
children into manageable teaching groups, it is necessary to have children
from more than one year group in some classes. Mixed age classes will be
formed on the basis of the needs of the children. Individual class teachers
are responsible for the academic and pastoral needs of their pupils. There
are times when children work with Learning Support staff to create smaller
teaching groups. Teachers use a combination of group work, individual work
and whole class teaching and a combination of ability and mixed ability
groupings within their classes.

Our organisation of teaching and learning at Broadfield reflects our belief
in the need to cater for the individual differences and needs of all our
pupils, allowing them to progress at different rates depending on their
different developmental stages, abilities, aptitudes and prior attainment.

                     Classes for 2011 – 2012

      Class                Year                        Teacher
    Nursery             Nursery               Miss Palmer
    Holly               Reception             Miss Procter
                                              Miss Sheikh
    Larch               Year 1                Miss Choudhry
    Beech               Year 1 &              Mrs Nunn
                        Year 2                Mrs Halford
    Willow              Year 2                Mrs Kirk

   Maple                Year 3                Miss Dunn
   Woodlands            Years 3 &4            Miss Hanley
   Chestnut             Year 4                Mr Coupe
   Sycamore             Year 5                Mrs Hall
     Ash                Year 5 &              Miss Collins
                        Year 6

    Juniper             Year 6                Mrs Dutton

                  The Curriculum
At Broadfield we strive to offer a curriculum that is exciting, challenging
and enjoyable. We deliver all of the National Curriculum subjects:
Maths, English, Science, Information Technology, P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social
& Health Education), SEAL, Forest Schools, French and P.E. as well as the
Creative Curriculum which encompasses Music, History, Geography, Design
Technology, Art,

We have close links with Hathershaw Technology College who provide some
of our children with ICT, DT, P.E. and Science opportunities as well as
modern foreign languages for Year 6.

                          Religious Education

Children attending Broadfield Primary School come from a variety of
backgrounds. Through Religious Education we aim to develop our children‟s
knowledge and awareness of world religions, we believe that the children
will grow up with greater awareness and tolerance of each other. We
encourage respect and understanding of beliefs and cultures of others, in
readiness for life in a multicultural society. An act of worship is held in
school each day. Whilst this assembly is broadly Christian in nature it may
or may not include songs and prayers. We welcome visitors to our
assemblies from a range of religions at different times of the year.
Parents are entitled to withdraw their child from Religious Education or
assemblies by negotiation with the Headteacher.

         Special Educational Needs

Many children experience some degree of special needs at some point in
their school career. Our school has a policy for supporting children who
have special educational needs. If we are at all concerned about your child
we will talk to you immediately and agree a way forward together.

The progress of all pupils is monitored by teaching staff, when a teacher
has a concern about a pupil and the progress they are making, the parents
are informed and additional action is taken.

The new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice identifies the
following stages:

„School Action‟
When a class teacher or the SENCO identifies a child with special
educational needs, the class teacher will provide interventions that are
additional to, or different from, those provided as part of the school‟s
usual differentiated curriculum. The class teacher remains responsible for
working with the child on a daily basis. Strategies will be put into place to
encourage and support progress against learning targets.
„School Action Plus‟
At this stage the school (in consultation with parents), will seek
involvement from external support services. These services will give advice
on learning targets. Regular meetings will be held with parents to review
progress made towards the targets.

„Statement of Special Educational Needs‟
This statement will identify what the child‟s unique needs are and the
appropriate help and support that he/she should be given. Funding will be
attached to this statement.

              Good Behaviour and Your Child

At Broadfield Primary School we want to make sure that your children are
happy and reach their full potential. We believe that children learn best in
a safe and calm environment, when they are clear about what they are

supposed to do and when they are continually and consistently encouraged
to do it.

There are 6 simple expectations which are used in every class.

At Broadfield we…
 Listen and follow instructions first time
 Are kind, helpful and polite to all
 Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
 Look after everything in school
 Speak quietly and politely
 Walk around school in a quiet and orderly manner

To encourage appropriate behaviour we concentrate on giving praise,
rewarding and high-lighting good behaviour at all times. Staff use a range
of rewards to encourage high standards of behaviour and work. Class
teachers use the reward systems that are appropriate for their class.


Verbal praise
Claps and pats on the back
Stickers for good work, effort and behaviour
Smiley faces, merits and/or stars on good work
„Star of the Day‟
Table points, team points or marbles in a jar
Class trophy awarded to „Pupil of the Week‟ in Friday assembly
Award winners are named in our weekly newsletter.
„Listening Bear‟
Dinnertime stickers - daily
Dinnertime certificates awarded in Friday assembly – one per class
Two „Always Children‟ who always follow our class rules are chosen from
each class to work with Mrs Jolley on Friday afternoon. (Key Stage 1 and 2
alternate weeks.)
Postcards sent home at the end of each half term
Good work shown to Ms Stennett.

Very occasionally, children forget our rules for good behaviour and may
behave inconsiderately towards others. Everyone at Broadfield Primary
School has agreed to try to prevent this from happening by reminding
pupils of the classroom rules. Sometimes this may not be enough and the
following consequences will be applied:

1. Warning
2. Move to Amber and „Time Out‟ if needed
3. Move to Red
4. „Time Out‟ in another classroom
5. If on Red at the end of the day loss of Golden Time

If your child moves beyond consequence 5 you will receive a letter
informing you of this and asking for your support in encouraging more
positive behaviour. You may be invited into school for a meeting.
The importance of good behaviour cannot be over estimated in our view.
Governors, staff, children and parents are entitled to enjoy a happy, safe
and supportive environment at Broadfield Primary School, and wish to
maintain it through the help of all concerned.

                        Extra Curricular Activities
Thanks to the hard work of our staff we continue to be able to offer a
very good range of out of school activities for junior aged children. We
offer some or all of the following:

Football                                         Netball             French

  Music                   Art                            Computers

We regularly take part in sports tournaments at Hathershaw Technology
College. Extra curricular activities may vary at different times of year.
                         School Council

Our School Council meets regularly and consists of 14 children made up of
2 representatives from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. Council
members are elected annually. The class councillors find out issues or
problems that have occurred in their classes and report them to the
council. The School Council then sees what can be done about the issues.

Our Year 5 & 6 councillors have represented school on Oldham‟s School
Council. They have debated such issues as „What makes a good teacher?‟
and „How do schools contribute to children‟s mental and emotional health?‟


Homework has become a regular feature for pupils at Broadfield. The
homework will allow your child to practise skills learnt in school and can
help them to become more confident about their schoolwork. The type of
homework set will alter as your child gets older, but will usually relate to
Literacy and Mathematics taught that week. Younger children will usually
need some support with homework, but they will not be expected to
undertake any type of work that they have not already covered in school.

By the time your child reaches Year 5 & 6, we hope that they will be able
to organise their own studies and they should be able to do their
homework with little or no help. Each child will be provided with a
homework book which will include a record sheet. Please sign this weekly
to confirm that your child has completed the tasks set.

School staff will always be on hand to provide any information or support
that parents may need to help their children with homework.

          Please help your child by supporting their homework.

                                     Parental Involvement

Broadfield Primary School is keen to build up good relationships with
parents as we believe that this will be of benefit to all children. You can
play your part in many ways:
    Ensure your child attends school regularly and on time
    Show an interest in your child‟s school life
    Attend parent‟s evenings, productions and school events
    Volunteer to help in school – offers of help are always appreciated
    Support your child with their homework
    Read each evening with your child

We send home regular newsletters to keep parents informed about school
activities and events. We hold two parent‟s evenings each year (one in
October and one in March). To keep you up to date with your child‟s
progress twice a year we will send home a written report which outlines
your child‟s achievements. We also have an annual questionnaire for
parents to share their views and ideas with school. You do not have to
wait until the questionnaire is issued, if you have any suggestions please
speak to the Headteacher, Ms Stennett.

Ms Stennett is often available at the beginning and end of the school day
if parents wish to have a short discussion. If a longer discussion is needed;
please telephone for an appointment.

If anyone has a concern about their child please speak to the class
teacher or Ms Stennett. Please remember, however, teachers are very
busy in the morning and often have training/ extra curricular commitments
after school. If a longer discussion is necessary please make an
appointment by phoning school.


To enrich the curriculum offered in school and to involve the community
outside school, our children are given regular opportunities to go on trips
and visits. Where possible these are at no extra cost to parents, but
occasionally we have to ask for parental contributions to help us pay for
visits. Without your contributions then some of our visits would not be
possible. We aim to give parents plenty of notice of any visits which
involve a cost and always make arrangements for parents to pay in
instalments. All school visits follow health and safety policy and
procedures which include asking for parental consent and contact

                           Complaints Procedure
If you have a complaint about school we will do our best to solve it. Most
complaints can be dealt with quickly and easily by talking to the class
teacher or member of staff concerned. Most concerns can be addressed
at this stage. If you have a major concern that cannot be dealt with by
the class teacher, then we ask you to follow this agreed procedure.
   1. Ask for an appointment with the Headteacher or Deputy
      Headteacher so that you can raise your concern. In most cases, the
      complaint will have been resolved by this stage.
   2. However if you are still unhappy, you should make a formal complaint
      in writing addressed to the Chair of Governors, Mrs Sandra Beasley,
      care of the school.

  The information in this booklet is correct at the time of issue. In the event of any
              alteration, parents will be informed in our regular newsletters.


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