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					                           GREENLAND PASSAGE (1996) LIMITED
                                MINUTES OF MEETING

Minutes of board meeting held on Monday 14th November 2007 at 7:30pm at the Moby Dick public
house, 6 Russell Place, Greenland Dock, Rotherhithe SE16 7PL

Present                      Bob Muid – Chairman (BM)
                             Dominic Roberts – Director (DR)
                             Sally Manderson (SM)
                             Steve Comben (SB)
                             John O’Kelly – Director (JO)
                             Simon Van Houten – Rendall & Rittner Limited (SVH)

Apologies for Absence        Stan Koura – Director (SC)
                             Marcie Battersby – Director (MB)
                             Jeremy Elliott – Director (JE)

1.   Introduction
     BM opened the meeting and noted the apologies (above). BM took the chair for the meeting.

     BM explained to all board members that he would be resigning as chairman of the board with
     effect from the date of the next AGM, due to be held on the 26th November 2007. A vote of
     thanks was made to BM for all his hard work and commitment during his time as chairman.

     A discussion then took place in relation to a suitable replacement for the chairman of the board.
     All members agreed to consider this and report back to the board in due course.

2.   Previous minutes and matters arising
     There were no matters arising from the previous meeting minutes.

3.   Management and Financial Report

     SVH presented to the members present his draft proposal for the 2008 Service Charge Budget. In
     addition to the draft budgeting figures, SVH presented a summary forecast for the expected actual
     expenditure for the 2007 financial year. It was clear that the expected expenditure should fall
     short of the budgeted figures.

     The board as a whole requested details of the different interest rates that were being received on
     the different accounts.
                                                                    ACTION POINT - SVH
4.   Discussion/Decision Items
     a. Service Charge Budget for 2008 Financial Year

     A detailed discussion took place in relation to the figures and all members felt it would be best to
     consider the budget over the course of the next few working days – and to discuss via email, if
     there were any questions. It was agreed that the budget figures should if possible, be approved
     before the AGM.

     b. Major Works Items
        Mailboxes/Entry Panels for communal staircases
        JoK advised that he had spent considerable dealing with Interphone – but had now finally
        received a ‘reasonable and comprehendible’ quotation from Interphone.

        It was agreed that the action plan to move the matter forward would now be;
            1. R&R Accounts Team to split out the interphone costs on a unit by unit basis – to
                produce a minimum or maximum figure for works.
            2. SVH to; produce a time plan / timescale plan
            3. Strip down the specification and send out to a 2nd Contractor
            4. SVH / JoK to approve documents before they are sent out.
            5. Once second quotation received – provide to board for consideration and approval
            6. Second Stage Section 20 Notice to then be circulated.

        A query was raised over the quality of the materials to be used. JoK agreed to find out from
        Interphone if the main plate was aluminium or steel. Will it rust? What guarantees would be
        included in the contract prices? BM asked for the steel grading to be provided, in order that he
        could then run this past his specialist colleagues at work.
                                                                    ACTION POINT – SVH/JoK

        Royal Court External Decoration Works
        It was generally agreed that the works should proceed on the basis in which it had been
        presented by the working party of Royal Court. After much discussion it was agreed that a
        meeting with McKillopsmith should be organised. SVH and DR agreed to be the attendees.
        Once the meeting had taken place – the results should be fed back to the board as a whole.
                                                                  ACTION POINT – SVH/DR

        BM recommended to DR that the contractors use Smooth Hammerite for the top coat.

        53/54 Queen of Denmark Roof Cladding
        The report from Broles Broderick has finally been received. The recommendation was made
        by BB that the down pipe section, including the guttering joint – should be taken off and
        investigated in conjunction with the valley gutter. The original roof contractors were too
        specialised for the purpose of these works. JO advised that the gutters were lined with multi-
        layer asphalt.

        Required; The following works were required to be carried out as a semi-permanent solution;
        Strip out the sealant from under the metal cladding, then patch repair the gutter valley around
        the down pipe / water escape.
         SVH & JoK agreed with the board members to carry out this work urgently. (JoK & SVH to
         oversee and approve the works).
                                                               ACTION POINT – SVH/JoK

         KFT Leaking Windows
         SC advised the board that he had carried out a survey of the apartments within KFT – to find
         out if the residents had leaking window frames. SC presented a diagram showing those
         affected and those units not affected. There did not appear to be any apparent trend between
         the apartments suffering from water leaks. SC advised that he would be continuing his
         investigations but emphasised the importance of the small plastic tabs covering the vent holes.
         SVH requested to remind the window cleaners that they are required to replace these when
         they carry out the window cleaning of KFT.
                                                                    ACTION POINT - SVH

5.    Freehold Purchase

A general discussion took place in relation to the outcome of the Sportelli vs. Cadogan LVT case and
the ways in which this would affect the Greenland Passage freehold purchase position. The overall
result of the case in general terms meant that the market price had softened slightly. However the
overriding factor governing the way forward on the purchase was now the number of leaseholders
interested in taking part in the purchase. Since the original log of interested leaseholders had been
made, significant time and changes of ownership have taken passed through – meaning the original
number of leaseholders prepared to take part may have changed significantly. A number of the
directors were aware of a great number of movements in leasehold interest.

It was requested that a fresh list and threshold calculation should be made to find out the position now.

BM requested that SVH provide a list of the current shareholders, in order that the exact position in
relation to the freehold purchase supporters – can be ascertained.
                                                                   ACTION POINT – SVH

It was agreed that a re-evaluation was now needed, bearing in mind the amount of time that had passed
– since the matter had originally started. Mr. Peter Tobin had been recommended by Duncan Rendall as
a suitable surveyor and was highly recommended by ARMA. SVH remarked that Mr. Tobin had
presented recommendations to ARMA and it’s deligates. SVH was requested to obtain a refreshed fee
quote for the board to consider. On receipt of the revised fee quote an action plan could then be put in
                                                                     ACTION POINT - SVH

6.    Any other Business

It was noted that Mr. Wilson and Mr. Spalding appeared to have recently carried out signification
works to their newly purchased apartment in Princes Court. SVH was requested to investigate the
position to ensure all approvals had been obtained.
                                                                  ACTION POINT – SVH

Problems Associated with Tenanted Apartments; Attention was made to the directors regarding the
problems caused by the tenants of Nigel Spalding and Anthony Wilson. In particular dumped rubbish
and breaches of the lease covenants – such as noise, were a concern for many residents. SVH was
requested to speak to Nigel Spalding and Anthony Wilson on this subject.

SVH recommended the board consider a ‘How to be a good neighbour’ type document or consider
imposing administration charges on the tenanted apartments. All board members agreed to give this
                                                                  ACTION POINT - SVH

Cleaning; It was remarked that the dates on the notices within hallways did not appear to be regularly
updated by the cleaners following their visits and the generall standard of the cleaning was below
standard, especially in KFT. SVH requested to pull up Tony Sell on this point, as well as the cleaning
contractors – Personal Touch Limited.
                                                                     ACTION POINT – SVH

It was noted that in 2008, a deep cleaning of the common parts would be needed, to remove the heavier
dirt and grime – collected over the last 10 + years.

KFT Lift Refurbishment; The board requested that the lift refurbishment work required to be finished
in KFT, should be completed as soon as possible.
                                                                   ACTION POINT – SVH

The board had received reports that Brian Sheppard was continuing to use the KFT garage, despite
relinquishing his leasehold interest some time ago. It also appeared that Mr. Sheppard was using a
remote control to open and close the garage door – a system that the board understood was removed
some time ago. SVH was requested to investigate and report back to the board on this matter.
                                                                     ACTION POINT – SVH

Bicycle Store Idea; BM explained that during a Friday morning walk around with SVH, it was noted
that a large section of the underground car parks could be used to install secure bike stores. This would
solve a number of problems currently being experienced by residents namely;
     General Security – By increasing pedestrian traffic in and out of the garages.
     The lack of bike storage areas around the development generally

BM mentioned that freeholder permission would be required for this work, as it formed part of the
development common parts. All members thought this idea had potential, however a recommendation
was made to raise the idea at the forthcoming AGM to canvass opinion.

Parking Permits; It was agreed that the charge for replacement parking permits and / or fobs should be
placed at a rate suitably high enough to avoid regular false claims being made by residents.

Double Yellow Lines opposite KFT outside parking spaces; SVH advised that he had received a
request from leaseholders with parking spaces outside KFT. The request being that double yellow lines
be placed along the kerb opposite the parking spaces – to assist with access. At present when many
vehicles are parked in the area, it is often impossible to use the space. SVH was requested to obtain
prices for these works and revert back to the board for instructions.
                                                                       ACTION POINT – SVH

Greenland Passage Sign on Front of KFT; A detailed conversation took place in relation to the current
sign located on the river facing exterior wall of KFT. The sign in its current state was heavily graffiti
marked and looked tired. After much consideration, it was felt that the best route would be to remove
the sign, consider the condition of the stone underneath and to inspect the condition of the sign
thoroughly. SVH was requested to get the sign removed and stored in the basement garage of KFT – as
well as obtain a quote for refurbishment (as is) of the same.
                                                                  ACTION POINT – SVH

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 10.25pm

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