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					                                                                                                                      Issue 23
                                                                                                                December 2004

                                     Christmas greeting
                                     TO ALL OUR MEMBERS, HAVE A HAPPY AND                  To the numerous staff members of our partner
                                     safe Christmas and a secure, peaceful and             organisations that have worked with our
                                     productive New Year, with friends, family and         members during the year, its been great and lets
                                     fellow WILDCARErs by your side.                       keep doing it. We extend the same heartfelt
                                     To those who have been able to make the space         Christmas wishes to you and you families.
                                     to get involved as volunteers during the past year,   We are looking forward to an even more
                                     thank you very much for your efforts.                 interesting, productive and caring year in 2005.
                                     To the volunteers spending their Christmas time       Regards and warm wishes.
                                     volunteering in the Parks, on the tracks, on the
In this issue
                                     islands and in the visitor centres, we hope that      By: Richard Hammond & Andrew Smith, Co-
                                     everything lives up to expectations, and that the     Chairs, WILDCARE Inc.
– Job Safety Analysis
                                     experiences you have reward you appropriately,
                                                                                           PS If you haven’t renewed your WILDCARE membership for
– Gambusia Project Launch            and in comparable terms to the level of your          2005, make sure that you do so before December 31. A
– President Reports                  immense commitment.                                   membership renewal from is included in this newsletter!

– Summer in the Southwest
_ Obsevations of bumblebees
  in native vegetation
– Weed control — getting
                                     WILDCARE members assist in
– Getting busy at Mt Field           whale strandings
– Cradle Mountain News

                                     TWO WHALE RESCUE OPERATIONS WERE                      children whom happened to be camping on the
                                     undertaken within a day of each other in              island were utilised in the rescue effort.
Newsletter of
                                     Tasmanian waters. North of Naracoopa on King          Experienced whale rescue team members were
                                     Island, over 150 pilot whales and dolphins were       also diverted from the King Island to this
Tasmania’s largest incorporated
                                     discovered stranded on or near the shore at Sea       stranding. The beach was cordoned off to
volunteer organisation, caring for
wild places, wildlife and cultural   Elephant Rocks on November 28. A rescue effort        facilitate the rescue attempt.
heritage.                            was mounted immediately, although well over           The Darlington rescue effort was the most
                                     half of the animals were reported to have died        successful in recent times and proved that the
C/o GPO Box 44 Hobart                before anything could be done.                        whale rescuer training undertaken by Nature
TAS 7001 Australia.                  A short time later another mass stranding took        Conservation Branch in-conjunction with Parks
                                     place, this time on Maria Island, where 53 long-      and Wildlife Service staff and WILDCARE
Ph: 03 6233 2836.                    fin pilot whales were discovered on the beach at      volunteers works.
Fax: 03 6224 0884.                   Darlington Bay by a ranger on the morning of          The advances in marine mammal rescue
                                     November 29. Thirty four whales were rescued          techniques as a result of regular training
E-mail general:
                                     and sent back to sea and nineteen perished on         exercises, combined with what has been learned
                                     the beach.                                            from other rescue efforts paid off at Darlington,
E-mail newsletter articles:
<>.         Significant resources and personnel from Parks &      however the late discovery of the whales at
                                     Wildlife and the Nature Conservation Branch, as       Naracoopa meant that most of the animals were
Web: <>.       well as trained WILDCARE volunteers and school        dead before help arrived.
2 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

Environment Minister Judy Jackson and
Parks Minister Ken Bacon said that both     Job Safety Analysis —
incidents were responded to quickly
with a coordinated community and            A load of cobblers??
multi-agency effort and passed on their
heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.
                                            MANY INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEERS AND
They also acknowledged the high level
                                            volunteer groups will realise by now that
of community spirit and willingness to
                                            the Parks and Wildlife Service have
                                            recently taken a more direct role in
Thank you to all WILDCARE members           managing occupational health and
who assisted in the rescue efforts. Other   safety issues (including volunteer
people can register to help with any        insurance) for WILDCARE volunteers.
future strandings by completing the         This change has resulted in many
relevant box on their membership            volunteers coming ‘face to face’ for the
renewal form.                               first time with the dreaded Job Safety
Remember prompt action can save             Analysis (JSA).
animals — the Whale and Dolphin             What is a JSA? Why do we need one?
Sightings Hotline is 0427 942 537 or        Who’s responsible for doing them?
0427WHALES.                                 What are we going to do with the damn
By: Chris Leitch, Statewide Volunteer
                                            thing when we’ve got one?                        Who’s responsible for
Engagement Facilitator , Community          These are some of the more polite                doing a JSA?
Partnerships Section , Department of        questions I’ve heard from our volunteer
Primary Industries, Water &
                                            community over the last few months,              The JSA is normally done by the task
                                            and not only from volunteers. The need           supervisor, in conjunction with others
                                            for more formal handling of OH&S                 they may be working with and perhaps
                                                                                             other colleagues who may have special
 Gordon Gateway                             issues is still relatively new to PWS staff
                                            as well and some of us are handling it           experience in the area. It may need to be
                                            better than others! Here’s a very brief          approved      by    higher      authority,
                                            introduction to what they are all about.         depending on the highest level of risk
                                            What is a JSA?                                   In our WILDCARE context a JSA may be
                                                                                             an informal examination of the issues
                                            A Job Safety Analysis is nothing more            completed by the group convenor or
                                            than a systematic examination of a task          task supervisor, passed to their PWS
                                            to determine what control measures are           liaison who might knock it into shape to
                                            required to ensure we can safely carry           fit the official form, approved by a senior
                                            out that task.                                   ranger and finally passed back to the
                                            A JSA usually borrows from more                  task supervisor.
10% discount on door prices for             general risk assessment procedures in
 accommodation to WILDCARE
                                            that we list what could possibly go              Then what do we do with
                                            wrong (ie the risks) and then reduce the         the JSA?
                                            risks to some acceptable level through a
                                            hierarchy of elimination, substitution,          At the worksite we implement the
                                            isolation, engineering, administration           control measures specified on the JSA,
                                            and PPE (personal protective equipment)          that is, we work safely and we all go
                                            measures.                                        home safely!

                                            There are forms available to help us keep        So next time your friendly ranger or
                                            our thoughts in order but these are not          volunteer facilitator mentions the need
                                            essential to the process.                        for a JSA please don’t roll your eyes or
                                                                                             run for the hills — have pity on the poor
                                            Why do we need a JSA?                            dear and truly amaze him/her by pulling
                                                                                             out your already completed version from
                                                                                             the back pocket!
                                            I often hear that the answer to this one is
   The Esplanade, Regatta Point,
                                            “to protect the bosses a - - e”. Well, that is   More Info: Anyone wishing to learn more about the
 Strahan, Tasmania, 7468, Australia.
Ph: 1300 134 425 Ph: 03 6471 7165           unfortunate, and usually means the whole         Parks and Wildlife Service Occupational Health and
        Fax: 03 6471 7588                   process is a load of cobblers. I would rather    safety Policy should speak to your nearest friendly
     Email:                                                                ranger or contact Southern District Volunteer
                                            think that the JSA exists to ensure that we      Facilitator Craig Saunders on 03 6264 8463 or email
                                            can all go home safely at night.                 <>.
                                                                                                      December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 3

Gambusia Project launch                                                                     mosquito fish in the belief that it will
                                                                                            help       control    mosquito         larva      in
                                                                                            waterways. Research indicates that this
                                                                                            is not the case, in fact most native fish
MR KERRY FINCH MLC INDEPENDENT                funding received will be used to raise
                                                                                            species      are     better   at      controlling
Member       for   Rosevears     launched     public awareness of the introduced pest
                                                                                            mosquitos than gambusia.
WILDCARE’s Natural Heritage Trust             fish, Gambusia holbrooki, determine the
                                                                                            Members of the community can help by
Project ‘Investigate Distribution and         extent of its distribution and to
                                                                                            not spreading Gambusia around, in fact
Control of Gambusia holbrooki’ at Tamar       investigate possible control methods.
                                                                                            you should never move any fish, native or
Island Wetland Centre on November 11th        The Project Officer will be working with
                                                                                            introduced from one area to another.
2004. A total of 48 people attended the       the   community,       local   and   state
launch with ABC Radio, Win Television         governments, NRM Facilitators and             By: Rodney Milner, Gambusia Project
and    the    Examiner     and    Mercury     private landholders.                          Officer.
newspapers covering the event.                Gambusia holbrooki is an introduced
                                                                                            More Info: Gambusia Project Officer, Rodney
The Tamar Island CARes Group and              North American pest fish that threatens       Milner,    Phone:    03   6336     5410,       Email:
WILDCARE Inc have received funds              Tasmania’s     freshwater      biodiversity   <>, Web: <http://
from the Federal Government’s Natural         including the green and gold frog   >.      Inland     Fisheries
                                                                                            Service, Dave Jarvis, Phone: 03 6233 2458, Email:
Heritage Trust Fund, with the support of      (Litoria raniformis). It has become a pest
                                                                                            <>.    Fishcare     Volunteer
NRM North, to employ a Project Officer        around the world, including Australia. It     Coordinator, Quenton Higgs, Phone: 03 6336
to undertake the Gambusia Project. The        is often mistakenly referred to as a          5319, Email: <>.

What’s happening on the
Overland Track?
THE OVERLAND TRACK TRAVERSES                  vision was developed by a steering
from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair,        committee and the document is very
through the heart of the Cradle               strategic. Along with Kent McConnell (a
                                              ranger at lake St Clair since 1986), it has    Something Wild is a rehabilitation and
Mountain — Lake St Clair National Park,
                                                                                             conservation sanctuary for orphaned
at the northern end of the Tasmanian          been my job to look at how the vision          and injured animals. We nurture our
Wilderness World Heritage Area. An            for the Overland Track can be                  native wildlife back to good health and
                                              implemented.                                   prepare them for eventual release.
iconic Australian bushwalk, the Overland                                                     Something Wild also has a number of
Track has been attracting walkers for         There were three key announcements in          habitats for animals that are unsuitable
over 50 years. The popularity of the          the vision statement:                          for release or may have been bred in
                                              • A booking system will be introduced,         captivity.
Overland Track has increased, to a point
where management decisions have to              for the peak walking season only                  Come and visit Tasmania's
                                                (November to April). It will                   Premier Wildlife Experience, on
be made to ensure the use of the area is                                                      the road to Mt Field National Park
                                                commence in November 2005;
sustainable, and still provides a world                                                         and the SouthWest wilderness.
                                              • During the peak walking season
class experience for visitors to the state.                                                        Ph: 03 6288 1013
                                                walkers will have to walk the track
In May this year, the Minister for Tourism      from North to South; and                          Fax: 03 6288 1341
& Parks, Ken Bacon, announced a Vision                                                            Mob: 0408 128 325
                                              • An Overland Track fee will be
for the future of the Overland Track. The       introduced.
4 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

                                                  One of the features of the Overland          allow advance bookings for November
                                                  Track is the magnificent landscape, with     2005. The Parks and Wildlife Service will
                                                  so many interesting side trips to peaks      retain some capacity for emergency use,
                                                  and waterfalls just begging to be            and to allow for stand-by bookings.
                                                  walked. To ensure walkers have the
                                                  flexibility to walk at a comfortable pace,
                                                  the booking system will manage
                                                  departures only, and not lock walkers
                                                  into a fixed itinerary. Walkers won’t
                                                  book their track accommodation, rather
                                                  they will book a departure slot. By
                                                  managing departures onto the track, we
                                                  aim to minimise the number and extent        Inside one of the huts. Photo: Tourism Tasmania.

Barn Bluff early morning. Photo: Sandra Wright.                                                We also want to address the level of
                                                                                               preparedness and experience people
We are motivated by a desire to ensure
                                                                                               have when walking on the track. The
sustainable and sound environmental
use of the Overland Track, and                                                                 booking system will also be used as an
improving the experience walkers                                                               educational tool. It will reinforce to
currently have on the track. Use of the                                                        people the Minimal Impact Bushwalkers
Overland track has doubled since 1990,                                                         Code, remind walkers what they should
and has been doubling nearly every 10                                                          be carrying, how much food they might
years since records were first kept in the                                                     need, what safety equipment they
1970s. I think everyone would agree                                                            should take and how long they should
that this type of increasing use cannot                                                        plan for their trip.
continue forever, and to ensure long                                                           The booking system will also be the
term sustainable use of the area,                                                              point where the fee is collected. The
management intervention is required.                                                           final fee has not been set, but it will
The extent of the over-crowding on the                                                         reflect    the     cost     of     maintaining
track is of concern. It detracts from
walkers’ experience. For many walkers,
the Overland Track is their opportunity
to experience the Tasmanian Wilderness
World Heritage Area and get back to
nature. It is hard to do this if you are
                                                  Overland Track. Photo: Tourism Tasmania.
spending each day sprinting from one
location to the next to grab a hut or tent        of over-crowding events by flattening
site, sharing a hut that safely sleeps 16         out the peaks and spreading use more
with over 30 others, and fighting                 evenly during the peak period.
stomach bugs easily passed around                 The booking system will be web-based,
when so many are packed into together.            and is due to go live in May 2005 to

                                                                                               A waterfall on the Overland Track. Photo: Tourism

                                                                                               infrastructure, the quality of the
                                                                                               experience          and          environmental
                                                                                               protection. For those people without
                                                                                               access to the Internet, there will be a
                                                                                               phone line set up, and Parks and
                                                                                               Wildlife Staff at St Clair and Cradle will
                                                                                               also be able to accept bookings over
                                                                                                    December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 5

                                                                                             walkers        which        contributes          to
                                                                                             perceptions of overcrowding.
                                                                                             Everything outlined so far is pretty short-
                                                                                             term, management for issues that exist
                                                                                             now. A plan needs to be written that not
                                                                                             only addresses immediate needs, but
                                                                                             also looks to how we want the Overland
                                                                                             to be in 10, 20, or 30 years’ time. This is
                                                                                             what the Recreation Zone Plan for the
                                                                                             Overland Track will set out. A subsidiary
                                                                                             plan to the Tasmanian Wilderness World
                                                                                             Heritage Area Management Plan, the
                                                                                             Recreation Zone Plan will set out future
                                                                                             directions for the management of this
Lake Windermere. Photo: Grant Dixon.
                                                                                             area. It is a statutory document and will
the counter. The success (or otherwise)          differently, a common concern is that       be on public display early next year for
of the booking system will be closely            crowding degrades enjoyment. A              public submissions.
monitored       with     baseline      surveys   strategy that addresses this issue and is
                                                                                             By: Sandra Whight, Overland Track
                                                 demonstrated to be successful in
commencing this summer (with the                                                             Project Officer, Parks and Wildlife
                                                 practice is encouraging people to walk a
help of      WILDCARE Volunteers …                                                           Service.
                                                 route in a single direction. Significant
thank you all).
                                                 success factors are that walker numbers     For more information about the Overland Track, visit
While people do experience the Track             are maximised and it reduces passing        the website: <>.

Friends of                                                                                   tussock grassland known as the
                                                                                             Macquarie Slopes. With less competition

Maatsuyker Island                                                                            from other woody shrubs it has become
                                                                                             the dominant species. Alex Buchanan of
                                                                                             the Tasmanian Herbarium confirmed the
                                                                                             plant as Hebe elliptica, an introduction.
Weed Eradication Project                         blackberries were also cut and paste,       This plants only other known "wild"
31 October 2004–                                 with frilling of the bottom of the canes.   distribution in Tasmania is on Entrance
12 November 2004                                 Other previously unknown patches of
                                                 blackberries were located and treated.
THE LONG PLANNED WEEDING                         Although some of these were not that
working-bee on Maatsuyker Island took            small they were treated by the cut and
place from the 31st of October to the            paste method to minimise disturbance
12th of November. The WILDCARE                   to native vegetation. The tedium of this
group, Friends of Maatsuyker Island, had         is what may have inspired the American
                                                 Negro style slave songs being sung.
been successful in securing funding
                                                                                                minerals - crystals - gemstones
through Envirofund and have worked in            Monbretia (a flat leaved lily with orange    fossils …and from around the world
partnership with the PWS Southern                flowers and masses of underground
District to arrange the trip. Much work          corms) was sprayed with backpacks in
was achieved by a remarkable and                 locations around the lighthouse precinct
resourceful bunch of volunteers.                 and along the edge of the track that
Dense patches of blackberries that               runs from the lighthouses out to the
intertwined an over-storey of tea-tree           disused haulage way.
were brush-cut to allow for spraying of          Of interest and concern was the
the regrowth that will occur over the            identification of another weed problem,         175 Lune River Rd, Lune River
summer. The mass of blackberries left            Hebe elliptica that had originally been                Open most days 9–5
hanging were pulled from the trees to            planted around the lighthouse quarters.                (near Hastings Caves)
allow for ease of movement in the forth-         This woody shrub extends into the
                                                                                              Saturdays at Salamanca Market
coming spraying and to ensure that all           surrounding tea-tree, upslope of the
the canes had been cut to ground level.          quarters in a cryptic manner until it            Ph: (03) 6298 3182
                                                                                               10% discount to WILDCARE members
The edges of these large patches of              reaches the ridge above the beautiful
6 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

                                                                                                    But the trip was not only work.                shows were very impressive. But what
                                                                                                    Our trip was blessed with many things.         impressed us all the most was the
                                                                                                    Tremendous flying weather for the              conjuring up of a Southern Light Show
                                                                                                    helicopter trips in and out from the           that few people in Australia would have
                                                                                                    island. We were also fortunate in the          had the opportunity to see with as little
                                                                                                    broad culinary skills of the group. Many       light interference as we enjoyed on
                                                                                                    loaves of bread, cakes and fine meals          Maatsuyker Island.
                                                                                                    were baked and cooked. The frequency           All up a remarkable trip. The group are
                                                                                                    of El Fresco dining is testament to the        all acutely aware of the need for regular
El’ Fresco dining on Maatsuyker Island. Photo:                                                      predominantly fine weather we got.             follow-up for effective weed control and
Steve Cronin.                                                                                       Even the heavy easterly rain was a treat       everybody expressed a desire to be
Island in the mouth of Macquarie                                                                    with the island being covered in a sheet       involved. Must have been an OK
Harbour. By coincidence this island also                                                            of water. The welcome of Caretakers on         experience.
                                                                                                    the island Phillipa Foster and Mick Eccles     Volunteers:    Kate     Kiefer,   Jason
has a lighthouse on it. You can imagine
                                                                                                    was amazing and we enjoyed a creative          Whitehead, Victoria Reid, Pip Buchanan,
the keepers’ wives sending cuttings of
                                                                                                    social calendar. This included BBQs with       Steve Cronin, Jean Jackson, Mark
this plant via the re-supply ships. The
                                                                                                    views to catch the sun dropping below          McCall, Colin Malcomn-Rowe and
natural distribution of Hebe elliptica is
                                                                                                    the horizon (is there really a green flash),   Karen Ziegler.
widespread, including the islands of                                                                social croquet matches that only
New Zealand, Southern South America                                                                                                                Thanks to Craig Saunders from PWS
                                                                                                    threatened to get ugly a couple of times,
and the Faulkland Islands. All weed                                                                                                                Hounville who helped coordinate the
                                                                                                    they ensured that we didn’t fail to
locations were also mapped to allow                                                                 observe the Australian tradition of the
effective follow-up.                                                                                Melbourne Cup Sweep and the slide              By: Karen Ziegler.

                                  For enquires and bookings
                                                                                                    President Reports
                               Phone (03) 6248-5390
                               Fax (03) 6248-5117
Flights to Tasmania’s South West National Park –                                                    Friends of Mt Nelson                           on a large infestation of boneseed in the
               World Heritage Area.
                                                                                                    Signal Station — Andrew                        E. globulus/E. viminalis scrubland that
       Award winning Par Avion can take you to this                                                                                                flanks the dry rainforest, as well as
        pristine and remote region allowing you the                                                 Hingston
       opportunity to experience Tasmania’s inspiring                                                                                              removing cotoneaster, Elisha’s tears,
                                                                                                                                                   banana passionfruit and hawthorn from
 Tours range from half to full day World Heritage
                                                                                                    The Friends of Mt Nelson Signal Station
Flights to overnight camps as well as luxury cruis-                                                 WILDCARE Group was formed in May               near the walking track through the E.
         es aboard MV Southern Explorer.
                                                                                                    2003, to help care for the Mt Nelson           globulus/E. obliqua wet forest and dry
                               1995, 1996, 1997                                                     Signal Station and Truganini Reserves          rainforest.
                            Tourism Award Winners.
                                                                                                    between Mt Nelson and Taroona. The
                  10% discount to WILDCARE members
                                                                                                    area contains communities of Eucalyptus
                                                                                                                                                   Friends of the Trevallyn
(Just quote membership number when making a booking.)
                                                                                                    pulchella/E. globulus woodland, E.             Reserve — Roy Skabo
                                                                                                    globulus/E. obliqua wet forest, dry

                                              GREAT NEWS                                            rainforest, and E. globulus/E. viminalis       The Friends of the Trevallyn Reserve has
                                                  for Carers of                                                                                    been revived and is active again in caring
                                                                                                    scrubland, and is habitat for several
                              Orphaned/Injured                                                      threatened species of animals including        for the Reserve. At a meeting on
                                  Animals                                                           swift parrots, masked owls, grey               October 21st we elected a president
                             Cartledge Agency has been appointed a                                  goshawks, wedge-tailed eagles and              (Roy Skabo) and a secretary (Jenny
                                 Wombaroo/Passwell distributor.
                              This means ALL WILDCARE MEMBERS CAN NOW                               eastern barred bandicoots.                     Mayne).
                              GET AN 8% DISCOUNT off any product (except of
                              Seeds and Mixes for Birdlife) contained in our new
                                             revised catalogue.                                     During the past 18 months we have              We had our first working bee on
                                    WILDCARE members are also entitled to:
                               • Free catalogue mail out
                                                                                                    been removing environmental weeds              November 6th at which ten people
                               • Product data sheets for most products
                               • On-going promotions (discount included)
                                                                                                    from these reserves. Our strategy has          turned up to do some weeding in an
                               • Buy $35 of Wombaroo/Passwell products and
                                  receive FREE PRODUCTS to the value of $7.
                               • Buy $55 of Wombaroo/Passwell products and                          been to initially remove scattered             area adjoining houses in New World
                                  receive FREE PRODUCTS to the value of $12.
                            Orders can be delivered statewide for a delivery fee of $5 per carton
                                                                                                    Spanish heath, tree heath, boneseed            Avenue. The Launceston City Council
                               up to 30kg, with next day delivery to most metropolitan areas.
                             Cartledge Agency would like to thank all WILDCARE members for          and bluebell creeper from near the             (which controls this portion of the
                                   their past support and look forward to future dealings.
                                  To request a catalogue or place orders contact:                   Signal Station to prevent these weeds          Reserve) has agreed to do some spraying
                              Mark Cartledge at Cartledge Agency,                                                                                  in the area before our next working bee.
                                 26/34 Innocent Street, Kings Meadows Tas 7249.
                                                                                                    from spreading down slope into the
                             Phone 03 6344 5466    Fax 03 6344 7721                                 largely weed-free Eucalyptus pulchella/E.      We will then do some more “mop-up”
                                      Mobile: 0408 335 498
                             Email:                               globulus woodland. We are now                  weeding on December 11th, from 10am
                                      WE MIGHT NOT HAVE THE ANIMAL
                              BUT WE CAN SURE HELP YOU TO LOOK AFTER THEM!
                                                                                                    working deeper into Truganini Reserve          until noon.
                                                                                                       December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 7

                                                    Events calendar
   Date                                       Description                                      Contact
   31 December 2004                           Membership renewals due.                         WILDCARE Office, Service
                                                                                               Tasmania Shop or Parks &
                                                                                               Wildlife Service field centre.
   First week of February 2005                General maintenance —                            Craig Saunders, 03 6264 8463.
                                              Maatsuyker Island.
   16–25 February 2005                        Track Construction — Melaleuca.                  Craig Saunders, 03 6264 8463.
   Second Saturday of                         Friends of Trevallyn Reserve                     Roy Skabo, 03 6334 6787 or
   each month                                 working bee.                                     Jenny Mayne, 6331 0008.
   During 2005                                Weed control training.                           Craig Saunders, 03 6264 8463.

We will hold working bees on the
second Saturday of each month and it            Summer in the
has been suggested that we do some
seed collecting at our working bee in
January so that we can restore some of
the vegetation in the areas we are
                                                CRAIG SAUNDERS, DISTRICT VOLUNTEER             with the group likely to camp on site.
weeding and other suitable areas.
                                                Facilitator for the Parks and Wildlife
                                                                                               Prospective volunteers should have
People who would like to participate in         Service Southern District advises of two
our activities should phone Roy Skabo           special volunteer opportunities in the         general practical skills and be prepared
on 03 6334 6787 or Jenny Mayne on 03            Southwest over the coming summer.              to camp out on the job.
6331 0008 for details.
                                                General maintenance —                          Further details on these opportunities to visit remote

Friends of Adventure Bay                        Maatsuyker Island                              parts of the Southwest are available from Craig
                                                                                               Saunders at PWS Huonville on phone 03 6264 8463
— Marcus Henry
                                                                                               or email <>.
                                                In the first week of February 2005, timed
Much has been happening in recent               to coincide with the changeover of the
months. In late August a working bee,           island’s volunteer caretakers, a group
                                                will travel to the island by helicopter and                         The
assisted by the local Parks Ranger,
Bernard Edwards, put in 78 volunteer-           carry out general maintenance duties
                                                around         the       light      station.
hours in removing a dangerous tree that
had fallen from the foreshore into the
                                                Accommodation will be provided in one                 SHED
                                                of the stations vacant light keeper’s            Westerway                   (Nr Mt Field NP)
water close to the jetty (see full story in
this   issue).   During    August     and
                                                Prospective volunteers should have
September, five members attended the
                                                general practical skills and be prepared
PWS Volunteer Training Courses in First
                                                to stay on the island for up to a week.
Aid, Bushland Weed Management,
Brushcutter Use and Volunteer Group
                                                Track construction —
Management. These courses were partly
funded       through   a    grant    from
WILDCARE Inc. On 2nd October, a
                                                Over the period 16–25 February 2005
public meeting was held at Adventure
                                                PWS ranger Stuart Graham will lead a
Bay to explain to the local residents the       small group of volunteers to Melaleuca
aims and objectives of the group and the        to complete ‘hardening’ of sections of
meeting was followed by a most                  the South Coast Track between
                                                                                                   10% discount to
successful clean up of the Adventure Bay        Melaleuca and Cox Bight. Travel to and
                                                                                                 WILDCARE members
Foreshore.                                      from Melaleuca will be by light aircraft             on all gifts.
8 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

Request for information:                                                                   one person) in one day at 23 of the 51
                                                                                           locations where the original survey
                                                                                           found evidence of breeding in native
Observations of bumblebees                                                                 vegetation, including within the most

in native vegetation                                                                       remote areas from human settlement.
                                                                                           Because of the ongoing debate over the
                                                                                           capacity for bumblebees to invade
                                                                                           native vegetation, and the time that has
A FERAL POPULATION OF THE EURASIAN            become established beyond the
                                                                                           passed since their distribution was last
bumblebee      Bombus     terrestris   was    agricultural areas where the target crop
                                                                                           surveyed, I would like to survey the
discovered in Hobart in 1992. The             is grown. A survey of the distribution of
                                                                                           distribution of bumblebees in Tasmania
effectiveness of this bee as a pollinator     bumblebees in Tasmania up to autumn
                                                                                           during the coming spring, summer and
of greenhouse tomatoes has prompted           2001 found evidence of them breeding
                                                                                           autumn. I would appreciate it greatly if
repeated calls for its importation to the     in all of Tasmania’s major types of native
                                                                                           people could let me know of any places
Australian mainland, where it does not        vegetation, including within six National
                                                                                           where they see more than 10
yet occur. However, enormous harm has         Parks and the most remote parts of the
                                                                                           bumblebees in one day in native
                                              World Heritage Area. The survey
already resulted in Australia from                                                         vegetation between spring 2004 and
                                              concluded that bumblebees were
deliberate introduction of animals that                                                    autumn 2005.
                                              breeding across a large part of southern
were believed to be harmless or
                                              and western Tasmania. This conculsion        By: Dr Andrew Hingston, Geography &
beneficial, and this may also be the case
                                              was subsequently questioned because it       Environmental Studies, University of
if bumblebees are introduced to the                                                        Tasmania, Private Bag 78, Hobart, Tas.
                                              had accepted sightings of only two bees
Australian mainland.                                                                       7001. Email: <>,
                                              in one day as evidence of colony
                                                                                           Ph: 03 6223 1223 (h).
The most important factor influencing         establishment, which may have been
the severity of an imported pollinator’s      sightings of the same bee. However,          References for the above article can be obtained
ecological impact is its capacity to          more than 10 bumblebees were seen (by        from Dr Hingston.

Derwent Avenue Group                                                                       in training courses kindly arranged by
                                                                                           Volunteers Coordinator Craig Saunders.

— land grab                                                                                By the time this issue of WILDTIMES hits
                                                                                           the stands we expect to have new site
                                                                                           identification signs installed — again
                                                                                           kindly facilitated and funded by Parks
OUR GROUP WHICH MANAGES A                     land running more or less parallel with      through Craig. This year we also had a
small stretch of coast south of Margate       the coast and in effect becoming a           significant survey and documentation of
(see WILDTIMES #21, May 2004) is on a         buffer zone between the State Coastal        plant species in our site — courtesy of
land grab! Not content with our little lot,   Reserve and the new estate. This             Rae Glazik, DPIWE.
where, during the last twelve months,         additional buffer zone is some 6200 M2       We have just had our first formal
we’ve managed to get on top of most of        of varying width and includes a number       birthday as a Group but are not resting
the serious environmental weeds, we           of trees (e.viminalis and e.ovata) which     on our laurels. We realise the continuing
have made a bid for more coast to look        we considered worth preserving.              effort we need to maintain the area we
after.                                        Additionally under the terms of the          manage; during 2005 we hope to
We have Parks conditional approval to         subdivision settlement, two other            develop new working partnerships to
extend our management interests by a          eucalypts just inside the property line      tackle weeds in “our” new area and
20 metre wide, some 200 metres length         have been protected by a 6m diameter         develop       the    walking     trail   to
of coastal reserve to the north of our        tree covenant. We are working through        bicycle/stroller level. And, we’ll continue
original site. We had always had this in      the details and hope to be able to sign-     to have great afternoon teas following
mind as a prospect but in the last 18         off soon with Council, Parks and the         our working bees!!
months or so have also been working           developer on all arrangements for a          To mark our first birthday we have voted
closely with the owner of land which          common management regime for the             in our Group executive for 2005.
abutted the coastal strip. We worked
                                              Coastal strip-Public Open Space.             Convenor is Lorraine Nielsen, phone 03
through the subdivision phase —
                                              One of our aims in this exercise is to       6267 1083, email: <c.lnielsen@
approvals, appeals and so on, and now
                                              extend the coastal walking trail to reach>; Secretary is Gordon
more closely with the developer as he
                                              the settlement around the Margate Jetty      Bain, phone 03 6267 2143, email:
started work on site. As part of the
                                              — North West Bay Ships area.                 <>.
subdivision process, the developer
agreed to hand over to Kingborough            Like many other groups this year we had      By: Gordon Bain, Secretary, Derwent
Council, as Public Open Space, a strip of     a number of our members participating        Avenue Group.
                                                                                                              December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 9

Weed control —                                                                                         almost all aspects of weed control
                                                                                                       projects including:

getting smarter                                                                                        • Identification and prioritisation of
                                                                                                         weed problems;
                                                                                                       • Selection of the appropriate weed
                                                                                                         control measures from a wide range
AS I LOOK OVER PAST ISSUES OF                measures, and secondly to give them a                       of ‘tools’;
WILDTIMES I realise just how much time       better understanding of ‘strategic’ weed                  • Obtaining necessary resources such
volunteers have spent on weed control        control, that is, a better overview of the                  as grant funding and training;
projects over recent years. Weeds are of     long term issues and how to manage                        • ‘On-ground’ weed control using a
course one of the biggest threats to the     them.                                                       wide range of techniques; and
natural values of our bushand,
                                                                                                       • Supervising contractor staff where
particularly urban bushland, and it                                                                      necessary.
comes as no surprise that almost all our
                                                                                                       The advantages of groups taking on all
CAREs groups have weed control close
                                                                                                       aspects of a project in times of smaller
to the top of their agenda.
                                                                                                       PWS budgets and reduced staff
At the same time I have also seen a shift
                                                                                                       availability are clear.
in how the volunteer community has
                                                                                                       In 2005 I hope to again offer training to
tackled weed problems. This shift has
                                                                                                       volunteer groups in weed management
seen individual volunteers and groups
                                                                                                       at the two levels described above.
gaining more skills and experience in
                                                                                                       Volunteer coordinators from most local
weed control measures allowing them to
take on more complex problems and to                                                                   government councils in the south are
handle them more efficiently, and very                                                                 also now aware of this program and are
importantly, more safely.                                                                              joining with the Parks and Wildlife
                                                                                                       Service in providing this training to their
In 2002 DPIWE Vegetation Management
                                                                                                       bushland management groups.
Officer Rae Glazik devised a short course
in bushland weed control and safe use                                                                  Any staff or volunteers who are interested in this
of herbicide for community groups. This                                                                program can contact Craig Saunders, District
                                             Using all the ‘tools’: The picture shows Bruny Island
                                                                                                       Volunteer Facilitator, PWS Huonville on 03 6264
half day course was delivered in the         ranger Bernard Edwards assisting Friends of Snake
                                                                                                       8463 or email <>.
south by TAFE contractor (and ex PWS         Island group members spraying Spanish Heath
                                             (Erica lusitanica) regrowth with Garlon 600 using a
ranger) Andrew Kirkley and is well           portable electric sprayer (12 volt, 50 litre capacity).
summarised in WILDTIMES Issue 17 April       The erica had been brushcut 10 months previously
                                             by contractors using funds the group obtained
2003 (available from the WILDCARE            through the Australian Government Envirofund
website).                                    program. Key members of the group have
                                             ChemCert accreditation.
This course provided a grounding in safe
and efficient use of herbicide, generally
                                             Without designing a whole new course
qualifying volunteers to carry out ‘cut
                                             the only accredited training available
and paste’ with S5 schedule (eg
                                             was the ChemCert qualification, usually
Roundup and other glyphosate based
                                             a 2 day course designed for users of
products). Any works requiring the use
                                             agricultural and veterinary chemicals
of more toxic herbicides (eg S6 - Garlon
                                             (including herbicides) in commercial
600) or spraying were still left to PWS
                                             agriculture. Some volunteers completed
employees or contractors.
                                             this course but it was immediately
In the Southern District I have continued
                                             apparent that we needed a similar level
to offer this course, especially to new
                                             course but with a bushland weed rather
formed groups hoping to tackle weed
                                             than commercial agriculture focus.
control problems, and have run about
10 sessions over the last year or so.        Working       with     DPIWE       Weed
                                             management staff, TAFE Horticulture in
However, in the course of working with
                                             Hobart and the Huon Valley Council
many groups on their weed control
                                             Landcare Advisory Group we devised
projects I realised there was a need for a
                                             such a course and a pilot program was
higher level of training, at least for key
members of some groups. This higher          offered in Spring 2003. The course was
level of training was required firstly to    further refined and offered again as part
provide groups with a broader range of       of the PWS 2004 Volunteer Training
‘tools’ with which to tackle weed            program in September 2004.
problems, including access to a wider        The result is that we now have
range of herbicides and control              community groups who can take on
10 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

Friends of Adventure Bay                                                                      nine hours in the water as saw operator
                                                                                              and removal organiser, with general
                                                                                              assistance from several other members,
                                                                                              resulting in the successful removal of all
Removal of dangerous                      Fears had been held that children sliding
                                                                                              dangerous material from the site over
                                          down the trunk may become impaled
tree material                                                                                 some 80 man hours of effort.
                                          and/or trapped underwater on its
                                          branches. A project was initiated to                A public meeting was held on October
A large fallen tree on the foreshore                                                          2nd providing general background
                                          remove the hazard; Dave coordinated
adjacent to the Adventure Bay jetty has   works, Chester devised some ingenious               information on the aims of the
been a real safety issue for some time.   engineering feats, Bernard put in some              Association.
                                                                                              Foreshore clean-up. Following the public
                                                                                              meeting           approximately        30
                                                                                              members/supporters held a successful
                                                                                              clean-up of refuse from the Adventure
                                                                                              Bay Foreshore. Some 45 man hours were
                                                                                              involved, and we were pleased to recruit
                                                                                              new members for our Association, and
                                                                                              as Volunteers with the Parks and Wildlife
                                                                                              FAB would like to publicly thank the
                                                                                              Parks and Wildlife Service for their
                                                                                              support in these endeavours, and in
                                                                                              particular for the services of ranger Mr.
                                          Bernard and Steve at work in the water, and
                                          Charlie (foreground) preparing to demonstrate his   Bernard Edwards.
                                          Olympic-class rendition of unsyncopated
                                          underwater swimming complete with waders.           By: Charlie Turnbull, Secretary.

                                          Getting busy at Mt Field
                                          WITH THE EXCEPTIONAL SNOW LEVELS                    rotted, causing the door to drop and not
   Country Hospitality                    of winter disappearing and favourable               close properly.
     by the Seaside                       work conditions returning Friends of Mt             Under the guidance of Kerry Smith the
Ada Street, Bridport,Tasmania 7262        Field are getting busy again.                       source of the problems was quickly
       Ph: 03 6356 1873                   A group of around 9 volunteers travelled            exposed and new timbers installed. The
       Fax: 03 6356 0173                  to Lake Nicholls on the Mt Field East               excellent end result provided much
  Web:            track on Saturday 13 November to carry              satisfaction to all who attended. The
 Email:        out urgent repairs on the hut beside the            group will probably return to the hut
   15% discount to WILDCARE members.
                                          lake. Sections of the floor framing had             later in the summer to install a new door
                                                                                                      December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 11

and replace some rotted cladding.
The group is planning to install a new
logbook in this hut, including perhaps
details of the area’s history. If anyone has
information on history of this area of the
park the group would be keen to hear
from you. Contact Peter Franklin on 03
6228 4889.
Before Christmas the group is also
planning working bees on the Lake
Fenton to Lake Webster track and the
hut at Lake Newdegate. Contact Peter
Franklin if you would like to know more
about the group’s activities.

By: Craig Saunders, PWS Huonville.
Friends of Mt Field at Lake Nicholls (volunteers
Greg Kidd, Leigh Smith, Kerry Smith, Bronwyn
Smith, Alan Sanderson, Peter Franklin, Sue
Franklin, Philip Rogers).

District Volunteer                                                                              community groups in the district I look
                                                                                                forward       to    nurturing        a    healthy,

Facilitator —                                                                                   productive partnership between the Parks
                                                                                                and Wildlife Service and the community.
South East District                                                                             I   am      available      on      Wednesdays,
                                                                                                Thursdays and Fridays.

                                                                                                More Info: Leah Page, District Volunteer Facilitator,
HI THERE!                                          Southern   Coastcare    Association    of
                                                                                                South East District, Parks and Wildlife Service,
My name is Leah Page. I am the new                 Tasmania. With my positive work history      Department of Tourism, Parks, Heritage and the
Parks and Wildlife Service Volunteer                                                            Arts, 293 Surf Road, Seven Mile Beach, TAS, 7170.
                                                   with SE district PWS staff and my strong
                                                                                                Ph: 03 6214 8107, Fax: 03 6214 8112, Email:
Facilitator for the South East District
                                                   connections with existing volunteer          <>.
based at sunny Seven Mile Beach. I have
a background in marine science having

                                                     Specialists in Adventure Equipment
completed a science degree with
honours in South Australia before
working as a research scientist in
Western Australia and the United States.                                                      Packs, Tents, Boots,
I moved to Tasmania four years ago after
                                                                                            Clothing, Sleeping Bags,
falling in love with the place. Since then,
my partner and I have had two children                                                       Climbing Gear, Stoves,
and therefore feel like we are honourary                                                    Maps, Foods, Cookware,
Tasmanians. I worked as a Summer
Ranger on the Tasman Peninsula in                                                            Torches, Compasses,
2000/2001 and was also the Assistant to                                                      Kayaks & Accessories.
the Summer Program for two years
running. Through this role I worked with                                                         Expert Advice.
many staff from PWS and the
                                                                                           104 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Department of Primary Industries Water
and Environment.
With the birth of my children I began
                                                                                          Ph 03 6234 7877
working from home as a consultant                                                                Mail order welcome.
producing         interpretative      and                                                        Phone for catalogue.
management material for community
groups, predominantly in the South East                       Prepare yourself for adventure
District. I have worked closely with many                       10% discount* to WILDCARE members
local Coastcare groups and I am an active                  (Just quote membership number when making a purchase.)
                                                                    *Does not apply to Kayaks, Chaco sandals and scouting.
volunteer as the Vice President of the
12 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

Cradle Mountain news                                                                       over next month and Cathie Plowman is
                                                                                           working with Professor Sofield from the
                                                                                           University of Tasmania on a project
                                                                                           where        students        will     undertake
New Cradle senior project                    consultants to develop a master plan for
                                             a village was advertised and the Cradle       evaluation of the signs during January
                                             Steering Committee is investigating the       2005.
The new Cradle Senior Project Manager        possibility of proceeding.
                                                                                           A training package for shuttle bus
is Ralf Zenke. He is based in the Parks
                                             Cradle Mountain National                      drivers     has      been      developed         in
and Wildlife Service’s (PWS) head office
in Hobart.                                   Park update                                   conjunction with McDermotts. The
                                                                                           packages will also be used by new Parks
Cradle shuttle service                       The construction of a toilet at Kitchen       staff.
                                             Hut will go ahead as soon as the council
                                             development application process is
The Cradle shuttle service is operating                                                    Research project
on its summer timetable, with four           completed. The design for the toilet is
buses and one on stand-by. The               complete and the heritage issues
                                             associated with Kitchen Hut will also be      Jim Curtis from the Monash University
feedback from users is still positive. The
shuttle service operators, McDermott         addressed. The new toilet will be a fully     Tourism Research Unit is undertaking
Coaches said they hope to be able to         enclosed system and the waste will be         research for a PhD about alternative
offer an after-hours service and valued-     flown out, providing a good                   tourism      transport       services      within
added service — for instance a pick-up       environmental outcome.
                                                                                           national parks with a focus on how
service from accommodation centres to
                                             Bringing structures up to                     visitors can be persuaded to use
the information centre.
                                             standard                                      alternative transport systems. He will be
Sewage treatment plant                                                                     at Cradle Mountain in December for
                                             A recent review of risk management in         about five days to conduct interviews
A consultant has been appointed for the      relation to park infrastructure identified
                                                                                           with visitors at the Cradle information
design of the sewage treatment plant         issues with several structures. As a result
                                             of this review, the viewing platform at       centre.
and preliminary investigations are under
way. It is planned to have the plant         base of Pencil Pine Falls was closed
operational by June 2006, which allows       temporarily and will be repaired as soon      Overland Track update
for a contingency of several months          as river levels permit. The Enchanted
before the existing lease runs out.          Walk has been closed for several              PWS staff have been working to
                                             months. Standards have changed since
                                                                                           implement the changes announced for
Water supply                                 the walk was first constructed and it
                                                                                           the Overland Track by the Minister for
                                             now needs to be brought up to modern
A consultant for the new water supply        standards.                                    Tourism, Parks, Heritage and the Arts,
system should be appointed by mid-                                                         Ken Bacon, earlier this year. An update
December.                                    Information and                               can be found on the Overland Track
                                                                                           website <>
New village centre and
                                                                                           or       through     the     Parks’      website
visitor centre                               The Cradle Currawong newsletter
                                             should be out on pamphlet racks by            <>.
An Expression of Interest (EOI) for          now. This edition will be valid for up to
                                             12 months. It will be distributed through     Concerns about feral
                                             the Parks visitor centre, accommodation       bumblebees
                                             businesses in Cradle and visitor centres
                                             at Deloraine and Sheffield. At the
                                                                                           There is growing concern that the
                                             request of DIER the newspaper includes
                                             road safety messages for people and           infestation of feral bumblebees in the
                                             wildlife.                                     park is increasing and the effects on the
                                             A familiarisation day for Kentish Visitor     environment are unknown. A study is
                                             Centre volunteers will be held on             being undertaken about the distribution
                                             November 29. The objective is to provide
                                                                                           of bumblebees.
                                             an update on the shuttle and visitor
                                             services, accommodation options, etc.         Contacts for the Cradle Senior Project Manager: Ralf
                                             A series of new interpretive signs have       Zenke, Phone: 03 6233 6425 or 0428 563 630,
                                             been produced. They will be installed         Email: <>.
                                                                                                 December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 13

                                                    WILDCARE Inc
                                          Active wildlife carer authorisation
                                Valid only while the carer holds current WILDCARE Inc membership.

WILDCARE Inc carries no-fault accident insurance cover for its members undertaking
voluntary wildlife care activities authorised by WILDCARE Inc. If you are a current WILDCARE
Inc member and are actively caring for wildlife, please complete this form and return to the
WILDCARE Inc c/- GPO Box 44 Hobart 7001.

NOTE: WILDCARE DOES NOT AUTHORISE members to care for snakes or other
venomous animals and accepts no responsibility for accidents associated with the
care of those animals.

This authorisation does not replace the need to hold permits to have and rehabilitate
wildlife. Permits are available from the Nature Conservation Branch of the Department of
Primary Industries Water and Environment. Phone 03 6233 6556 for information.

Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Phone number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Email Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

WILDCARE MEMBER NUMBER (include all numbers) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Expiry date on membership card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Type of animals/birds you are caring for (please list) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .









Your signature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
14 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

   WILDCARE Inc Membership Renewal Form (2005)

 Complete and mail to WILDCARE Inc, c/- GPO                             species assistance, Data records (computer),
 Box 44 Hobart 7001                                                     Community education, Fox eradication assistance,
                                                                        Land For Wildlife, Caring for injured/orphaned
 Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                        animals. Botanical Guardians: Monitoring,
 Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Survey, Replanting, Propagation, Field collection,
                                                                        Community education, Orchid Guardians
                                                                        Heritagecare — conserving Tasmania’s
 Contact Phone number: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                        cultural heritage: Site recording, Data records
  ....................................                                  (computer), Archival research, Excavation
                                                                        assistance, Community education, Historic site
 If the above details have changed since
 you renewed/joined in 2004 please
 provide your previous address details so                               Fishcare — promoting a sustainable fishery:
 that we can find you on the membership
                                                                        Fishcare North West, Fishcare North, Fishcare
                                                                        South, Office support, Community education,
  ....................................                                  Schools education, Research assistance. . . . . . . .
  ....................................                                   ....................................
                                                                        WILDCARE Inc Office: Special event assistance,
                                                                        Administrative assistance, Member records,
  ....................................                                  Newsletter production.

      Please leave my background information and                        Payment method
      volunteer preference unchanged on the
      database.                                                             Cheque or money order attached $25 made
                                                                            out to WILDCARE Inc
      Please update my record with the following
      additions…                                                            Please arrange $25 payment from my Credit
 Preferred reserve/place (if you have one)                                  Card

  ....................................                                  Card Type: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  ....................................                                  Card Number: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 Circle volunteer activity categories you wish                           ....................................
 to add to your record.
 CARes — Community Action in Reserves:                                  Card Expiry Date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 General management assistance, Adopt-a-Track
 Program, Enterprise projects, Visitor Education,                       Name on Card: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 Walking hut maintenance, Habitat Care, Action
 for Coasts, Cave Care.                                                  ....................................

 Naturecare — conserving Tasmania’s plants                              Signature of Cardholder: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 and animals: Whale rescue, Oil Spill response,
 Raptor research, Wildlife survey, Threatened                            ....................................
                                                                                              December 2004 – WILDTIMES – 15

Mid-term Review of the                                                                  are not working.”

                                                                                        Mr Mooney said there will be two stages
Tasmanian Wilderness                                                                    of public comment on the plan: an initial

World Heritage Area                                                                     issues identification stage from 11
                                                                                        December 2004 until 4 February 2005;
Management Plan 1999                                                                    and     the      release      of     the     draft
                                                                                        management plan for comment in mid
THE GENERAL MANAGER OF THE PARKS           “This mid-term, limited review is to
and Wildlife Service, Peter Mooney, said   ensure the plan is up to date and takes      “I encourage all Tasmanians with an
today the mid–term review of the           account of new issues prior to the full      interest in the World Heritage Area to
Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage        plan review in 2009,” Mr Mooney said.        raise issues they believe are important
Area Management Plan 1999 had              “For this review we are adopting the         and urgent so they can be addressed in
commenced.                                 motto ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’.
                                                                                        the review,” Mr Mooney said.
Mr Mooney said that the Tasmanian          “We don’t intend changing the plan’s
Wilderness management plan is an           structure or broad management                Issues can be identified via the plan review website
important plan for Tasmania as it          approach, however we are looking to          <> or by
determines how 20% of the State is         fix errors, take account of any major        requesting a plan review Issues Feedback sheet from
managed.                                   new issues, and fix parts of the plan that   the Parks and Wildlife Service (03 6233 6285).

Occupational Health and                                                                          New CARes
Safety, for everyone!                                                                              Groups

DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE             the group would have time for all three            Trevallyn
newly appointed volunteer coordinator      so he thought he would save some time
who learned from the old hand that the
                                           by splitting the group up.
three most important things to
incorporate in any volunteer activity      Group 1 was going to have fun, group 2           Coningham
were:                                      was going to get the work done and
                                                                                          milaythina muka
• having fun,                              group 3 was going to go home safely!
• getting some meaningful work done,
                                           Which group would you want to be
                                           in?                                           Photos taken by Murray Willcox
• going home safely at night.
                                                                                         at a weed bash at Royal George
On his first volunteer project the new     By: Anonymous PWS volunteer                   recently.
chum was a bit rushed and didn't think     facilitator.

                     WILDTIMES 2005
                    publication schedule

     Issue   Cut-off Date for                                Publication
    Number Article Submissions                                  Date
         24                 28 Feb 2005                        Mar 2005
         25                 31 May 2005                        Jun 2005
         26                 31 Aug 2005                        Sep 2005
         27                 30 Nov 2005                        Dec 2005
       Publication dates are subject to receiving a sufficient number
                 of articles to allow publishing to go ahead.
16 – WILDTIMES – December 2004

  WILDCARE wishes to thank the following sponsors for
        their support of the WILDCARE Fund
     Gold Sponsors ($10,000 plus)
                                    Parks and Wildlife Service
       Category 2 sponsors ($5000–$9999)
                       Resource Management & Conservation
       Category 3 sponsors ($1000–$4999)
                                  Forestry Tasmania
                           Tasmanian Fishing Industry Council
                  And the following WILDCARE
                   member discount sponsors
                    Cartledge Agency – 8% discount(refer to advertisment)
                    Eaglehawk Neck Backpackers – $2 discount per night
                          Gemstones at Lune River – 10% discount
               Gordon Gateway – 10% discount on accommodation (door prices)
                                 Moonpads – 10% discount
                        Par Avion Wilderness Flights – 10% discount
                Parks and Wildlife Service – $20 discount on Annual Park Pass
                  Platypus Park, Country Retreat, Bridport – 15% discount
                           Snowgum equipment – 10% discount
                         Something Wild – 10% discount on entry fee
                  The Possum Shed, Westerway – 10% discount on all gifts
                     (To claim your discount, simply present your WILDCARE member card.)
   We are looking for other sponsors, both for the WILDCARE Fund and as discounters. Know someone who
   you think might be interested? Why not have a chat to them and suggest they contact Andrew Smith at
   Community Partnerships Section for more details (Ph 03 6233 2836 — GPO Box 44 Hobart 7001).

          Tasmanian Trail Guidebook – Tasmanian                                                 Trail
  This essential guide will give walkers, bicyclists and      Fascinating snippets of information on the natural and
  horse riders all the information needed to travel all or    cultural features you will discover along the trail are
  part of the unique Tasmanian Trail.                         liberally spread throughout the book.
  Detailed trail notes cover each stage of the journey,       If you are contemplating a full traverse of the state or
  providing concise directions and information on             just a day trip, this book is a must.
                                                                                                                         Graphic Plus 1771

  access, campsites and facilities. Distances are given for   Recommended Retail Price: $22.00. Order through the
  trips in either direction, while each stage is supple-      WILDCARE Office, GPO Box 44 Hobart 7001. Please
  mented with detailed maps.                                  make cheques payable to The Tasmanian Trail Association.
  Planning, safety and environmental issues are all thor-
  oughly covered.                                                                            ISBN 9 318923 009651

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