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                          Have you ever been working on something or even just cruising the Web -suddenly your
                          computer slows to a crawl or starts acting "funny". You think -"maybe I need some more
 Select to language       memory or perhaps it's my Internet provider". So you stop and wait or reboot and BAM!
                          things are worse. You might even get the dreaded blue screen of death.
                          Its happened to me. I did not know all the bad things Adware, Spyware (Malware)
No More Adware and        can do to a computer. Now I've learned. I've set up this website as a helper to anyone
Spyware                   who wants to destroy Malware, Adware, Spyware and the other problems that can slow
Download Free Booklet     down or destroy your computer and are looking solutions to the problems they cause.
on Spyware
                          You'll find inside plenty of tips, information and advice designed to help you get
Spyzooka Review           understand and get rid of your computer "infections". For spyware and adware
Spyware Cease Review      protection, I looked for the software that had the best reputations at the most
Error Nuker Review        reasonable prices.
Registry Easy Review      First of all, here's a brief background on Spyware and Adware (collectively known as
Malware Basics            Malware):
5 Great Benefits From     Spyware and Adware are not only an ever-increasing nuisance for computer users
Adware and Spyware        everywhere, but also a booming industry. According to Webroot Software, Inc., the
Removal Software          distribution of online advertisements through spyware and adware has become a
Why Do I Feel Like        whopping $2 billion industry. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, spyware
Somebody’s Watching       infects more than 90% of all PCs today. These unobtrusive, malicious programs are
Me?                       designed to silently bypass firewalls and anti-virus software without the user’s
Spyware Cease and         knowledge.
                          Here's an affliate link to a Solid Program to remove Spyware if really need it now;
6 Tips to Remember
When You Buy an              Spyzooka with Exclusive 100% Spyware Removal Guarantee
Antispyware Removal
Tool                      The terms adware and spyware are often lumped together. In truth, there is a
The 5 Huge Tasks of the   fundamental difference between the two, where adware tends to fall into that ethical
Best Spyware Killer       gray area and stops short of crossing the line. Adware is software that’s commonly used
                          to generate ads, hence the name. Spyware often performs much more insidious actions,
What Makes Up the         such as monitoring your keystrokes and capturing your username and password
Best Spyware Removal      information or credit card numbers. Both are members of the family of software known
Software                  as malware or malcious software.
Malware Cleaner The
Things You Have to        While many people call all adware and spyware “spyware,” there is a difference. As just
Know                      pointed out in the discussion of adware, adware is technically legal, if not always
Anti Spyware Adware       ethically right, and is something that you most likely have unwittingly agreed to install
                          on your system. Spyware, by comparison, is a more covert or stealthy form of adware.
To Remove the Worst       In fact, many spyware applications are closer to being Trojan programs than actual
You Need the Best         adware, due to the fact that they come disguised as something else and install without
Sure-Fire Ways to Spot    your knowledge.
a Good Spyware
Removal Tool              Adware tends to stay in that gray area and focus its recording and monitoring efforts on
                          data that is less personal and confidential, such as simply tracking generalities like what
Spyware Adware Killer     types of sites you visit, how often you visit them, how long you stay on each page, and
Why the Need to           other similar statistical data which can help web sites monitor how the site is used and
Remove Adware and         help advertisers get the most bang for their buck by getting their ads in front of people
Spyware                   more likely to be interested in their product or service.
The Difference between
Adware, Spyware and       Spyware crosses the line into actual malware by installing itself secretly and without the
Viruses                   user’s consent, as well as through the data it tracks and reports in many cases. Some
                          spyware actually relies on exploiting known vulnerabilities in your web browser to
What's the Snag Behind    execute and install without your knowledge or consent.
High Price of Things
That Are Free             While adware is, for the most part, up front about the functions it will perform, spyware
Removal Adware            is covert and tenacious. Many spyware programs not only install without any clear
Spyware                   method of uninstalling them, but actually go out of their way to obscure any way of
                          removing them and may even disable some of the configuration and control options of
Got Questions? What       the Web browser to prevent you from tampering with them.

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                             the Web browser to prevent you from tampering with them.
you Need to Know
about a Malware              Spyware programs also sometimes spy on a broader scope of information than standard
Removal Tool                 adware.They may even log your every keystroke, allowing them to capture usernames,
Registry Cleaning            passwords, account numbers, credit card numbers, and every word you type in your e-
Software vs. Spyware         mail program, among other things.This obviously crosses the line from simply monitoring
                             your activity for demographic reasons to carrying out pure spying with malicious intent.
Indicators for the Best      Still, the majority of spyware consists of Web bugs and tracking cookies designed to
Spyware Remover              track and monitor your activity just like adware, except without your knowledge or
Adware and Spyware           consent.
Such a Pain
Using a Registry             Once embedded in a computer, they can wreak havoc on the system’s performance
Cleaner for Spyware          while gathering your personal information. Fortunately, unlike viruses and worms,
                             spyware and adware programs do not usually self-replicate. And there are good
Zombie Computers             programs to remove adware and spyware from your PC.
Registry Cleaner
Important Tips On How
to Get Rid of Spyware
Trojan Horse….Greek
Myth or Computer
The Sneaky Keyloger or
Key Logger
The Spyware Threat
Why the Need to
Remove Adware and
Spyware Registry
Keys Steps to Spy Ware
Procedures On How to
Remove Malware
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