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					                                                                       y the beginning of their se-
                                                               B       cond year at Harding, the
                                                                       sophomores were moving out
                                                             of their college days. No longer the
                                                                                                        point average. They enjoyed
                                                                                                        everything to the fullest - clubs,
                                                                                                        because at last they knew all the
                                                                                                        members; sports, because they finally
                                                             newcomers, they knew the names of          felt a part of the team; studies, because
                                                             the buildings, could locate the old, as    they lJegan to find their special fields
                                                             opposed to the new, field, and were        of interest.
                                                             able to take notes with one (or two)          As the middle children in the Har-
                                                             eyes closed.                               ding family, the sophomores were still
                                                               Still enjoying the leisure afforded by   young enough to relate to and help the
                                                             general education classes, the             freshmen, yet they could also identify
                                                             sophomores basked in the warm sum-         with the older students. In the sum-
                                                             mer glory of using the library with        mer of their college stay, while Har-
                                                             ease, populating Wendy's each night,       ding seemed both new and excitingly
                                                             and being pledge masters and               familiar, the sophomores became con-
                                                             mistresses for the first time .            fident in their abilities and pleased
               Sophomore Oass Officers. Front TOW: Sec.      Sophomores felt the snug, golden           with their opportunities. They enjoyed
               Tracy Brown. Back row: Pres. Craig Mabrey,    assurance that they still had two          their second year with gusto, and
               Treas. Wayne Houk, Vice-pres. Brooks Davis.   semesters to decide on a major and         prepared to move on.
               - photo by Bill Tripp.                        plenty of time to pull up their grade                       <> -      Sherry Daniel

                    Freddie Joe Acree - Pocahontas, AR
                     Lori Dawn Adams - Mt. Dora, Fl
                Digna Michel Aguilar - Tela, Honduras
                  Terry Duwin Albright . Webster, TX
      Susan Masgaret Alwck . Palm Beach Gardens. FL
                      Connie Renea A11en - Diboll, TX
          Maribel Almendarez - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

                       Ruth Anderson - Knoxville, TN
                Deborah Lee Anthony - 5 1. Ann, MO
               Valerie Ann Anthony - Dunwoody, GA
                M.uk Daniel Arensmeier - Searcy, AR
                 Mary Eilen Arensmeier - Searcy. AR
                Heather JOOInnt Armstrong - Sitka, AK
                Susan Downing Arnette - Salinas, CA

                     James R. Atkinson - Conroe, TX
                       Suzanne Ayanian - Warren, MI
                  David Franklin Bailey - Hatfield, PA
                       Amelia Kay Baker - Alicia, AR
                        Jodie Lynn Bilke~ • Lapeer, MI
                     Lindil Sue Baker · Stonewall, LA
               Michilel Charles Ballard - Kirkville, NY

                          Jay Buber - Bald Knob, AR
               Michelle Renee Barnett - Whitney, TX
                      Kerry Lou Barnhart - Breese, IL
             John Dilvid Barton - King of Prussia, PA
                Jennifeto L. Beckham · S. Boston, VA
               Cheryl Mrn.e Bednosky . Peconic, NY
                MMguet Virginiil Bell - Monroe, LA

          Christine A. Bendickson · Grand Island, NE
             Dilvid Andrew Berberiiln . Concord, NH
                   Kevin Dean Berry - Little Rock, AR
                      Tracy Leigh Bickford · Eustis, FL
                       JilDlie Lou Biggs - Bradford, AR
                    Douglas Eric Blilck . Byesville, OH
            Viviiln R.J.cheUe Black _ W. Memphis, AR

130   Shades of Sophomores
 Debor ... h ' ... ne BI ... mpied - Bow, NH
 Grace Bledsoe - Pangburn, AR'
 Tanya Kay Bo.ltwright - Texarkana, AR
 W... lter Lee Bounds - Memphis, TN
 Muc Alan Brackett - Catersville, GA
 Melinda Ann Bray - Tulsa, OK
 Alisande Brents - Cleveland, AR

    Jeanne Marie Brewer - Memphis, TN
    Cheryl Denise Brigham - Smyrna, DE
    Julia Diann Brimer - Bradford, AR
    Christine Marie Britton _ Burton, MI
    Audrey Rose Brooker - Plantation, FL
    Cheryl Lynn Brooker - Vero Beach, FL
    Betty Ann Brooks - Winter Park, FL

• Paul Alvin Brooks - Estero, FL
  Suzanne Brossette - Orange, TX
  Janet Lynn Brown - Row lett, TX
  Melissa M ... e Brown - Indianapolis, IN
  Phillip lsa;ac Brown - Searcy, AR
  Sarilh Ann Brown - Searcy, AR
  Tammy Rena Brown - Kensett, AR

    Tn.cy Linn Brown - Jonesboro, AR
    Sheridyn Suzanne Browning - Bartlesville, OK
    Nicholas Reynold Bryant - Crystal River, FL
    Bryan O... vid Burks - Searcy, AR
    Aaron l« Bussard - Corooran, CA
    Angel ... M ... e Butler - Marietta, OH
    Sheryl Renee Butterfield - Searcy, AR

    Jeffery M ...tthew Byrd - Bay, AR
    Ann Louise C;a1licott - Missouri City, TX
    Regina Sue Campbell - Frankfurt, West Germany
    Cheryl Oenise Carr - Florissant, MO
    Muci Lyn Casilda - Duncanville, TX
    Melissa K. Casteel - Doniphan, MO
    Santos Antonio Castro - Colon, Honduras

    Scott Allen Celsol - Hebron, IN
    Robert Linden Chambers - Richfield, MN
    Rhonda Celeste Chappell - Deer Park, TX
    Kathleen Louise Chast.tin - Ocoee, FL
    Patrick Doniphan Chesney - Baton Rouge, LA
    Courtney Cheyne - Granbury, TX
    Joan Elizabeth Cigrang - Westminster, MO

    Sharon Je ... nette auk - Leavenworth, KS
    Denise aileom - Madison, WI
    Leilh Carolyn Coble - Birmingham, AL
    Jeffrey Glen Cohu - Diamond, MO
    Carl Allen Collins - Harrison, AR
    Robert David Collins - Searcy, AR
    Ashley Darin Combs - Stockton, MO

    Kelly Sue Conolty - Endicott, NY
    Amy Caroline Cook - Muskogee, OK
    Kyle Allen Cooke - Diboll, TX
    Daniel Laurence Coombs - Laconia, NH
    Julie Kathryn Coombs - Laconia, NH
    Na ncy Anne Cope - Neosho, MO
    Jonathan A. Corpuz _ San Francisco, CA

    Bradley auk Cowart - Jackson, TN
    Angela Dawn Crain - Springfield, MO
    Christopher Lee Cn.nford - Benton, AR
    Denise Ann Crawford - Austin, TX
    Timothy S. Creel - Milton, TN
    Michael Farris Curtis - Memphis, TN
    Eric Nicholas Davis - Ashland, KY

    Jeffry Brooks D ... vis - Bartlesville, OK
    Kay Marie Davis - Searcy, AR
    Patrick Wayne Davis - Vernon, AL
    Leigh Ashlie Dean - Searcy, AR
    Muty Lynn DeJarnette - SterHng. IL
    Gabrielle Christine Dematteis - Chillicothe, OH
    Donn ... Ruth Den: • Irving. TX

                       Shades of Sophomores           131
        M.t.rb. Estheb. Diaz • 80cas del Toro, Panama.
               Gt'orge Eric Dickerson· Rock Hill, MO
                 Loounn~ D. Dickinson - Conroe, TX
                   Nicolas Henry Diehl - Beckley, WV
                      Melil.l Cuole Diles - Searcy, AR
                Mark Loonsing Donohue - Crowley, TX
                     Lesa Rene Duffey - Martinez, CA

                 Karis Elyn Dunkin · Pasadena, TX
              Michelle Ann Ed monds - Smyrna, TN
       Denise Virginia Edwards - W. Palm Beach, FL
                 Danny Effendi - Jakarta, Indonesia
             Stephanie Anne Elchuck - Lebanon, NJ
                Wendy Lea Ellmore - Gainesville, FL
                Donn.. Cheryl England - Searcy, AR

                 Bradley Ge ne Ennis· Kettering. OH
                        Shajid.. Espat - Corou!. Belize
                William Armour Everett · Conroe, TX
                  Molly Sue Everhart - Phoenix, AZ
                   W.. lter Alex F..gen - Oskaloosa, IA
                   Mugam Farmer - Milwaukee, W1
                      Heidi Ann Fecht - Edmond, OK

                J.. mes Gregory Fielder - McCrory, AR
               Phyllis Lynn Fitzgerald - Judsoni .., AR
                     Alice Elaine Retcher • Gilmer, TN
                   Jeffery Todd Aoyd - Uttle Rock, AR
                    Pamel.. Annette Fore - Houston, TX
                 Gregory Scott Fraley - Scottsdale, AZ
                Yvonne bchel Fnncois - Livonia, MI

             D .. vid Fr.. nklin Frazier - Little Rock, AR
                June Theresa Frederia - Baytown, TX
                       D.. vid Lee Fre.!m.. n - Rogers, AR
              Debonh Jean French - Countryside, IL
                  Julie Renee G..U..gher - Chaska, MN
                     Onett<l Ly n Ga.rd ner - Andover, KS
                    Fnncu Ptarl Carner - Augusta, AR

             Kirk Thomu Cuner - Shallowater, TX
        Eugene J..y Guriso n - Round Lake Beach, IL
           David Gnnt Gaskin - Daytona Beach, FL
                          Tony Lee Gentry - Troy, IL
                    Alice J.. nell Gill - Nashville, TN
                    Fnnk Riley Gill - Nashville, TN
            Kimberly Di.. ne DiUess - Memphis, TN

                         uun Kay Gillett - Rolla, MO
                    Debn K. Gipson - Mabelvale, AR
               Michul Gizaw • Addis Ababa, Ethiopa
           Ev.t Rorenci .. Gonula - Porvenu, Panama
                      N.. ncy 8dh Gn vrs - Milan, TN
                       Anne Geri Gray. Lubbock, TX
               Sheryl Michule Green - Arlington, TN

                Melissa Ann Grice - Jacksonville, AR
           Matthew Kyle Grieb - Oklahoma City, OK
              John Barttln Griffith - Fonest City, AR
                    Amy Jo Griggs - Terre Haute, IN
                   David Sidney Hale· Fairland, IN
                    David Keith Hall - Laramie, WY
                           Diane Hall · Wa rden, WA

               Donna Caye Hall · W. Memphis, AR
                WLiIaim by Haounitt • St. Jacob, IL
        Charles Christopher Hanson - Memphis, TN
                Janda L. Harlow - Baton Rouge, LA
                  Steven Derek Harrell - Mena, AR
                Alici.. Kim Huris - Little Rock, AR
                        Jon Paul Hart - Corning. AR

                      Kelli K. Harter - Monilton, AR
                H.. ndojo Hartojo - Jakarta, Indonesia
                 Alan Jarrard Hawkins - Roanoke, VA
               Janice Marie Hayes - San Antonio, TX
                  Maria Beth Ha1ft • 51. Marys, WV
                Mark Hunter Haynes _ St. Louis, MO
                      A. Catherine Hays - Sardis, MS

132   Shades of Sophomores
Expressions of Friendship
         hat is it about Harding that
W        makes everyone want to hug
         each other all of the time? No
one just shakes hands; there's always
                                          "helld' or maybe even "goodbye".
                                            Goodbyes are hard. Tney seem to
                                          happen more often here because of
                                          graduation. A friend of mine
this huge, body-embracing, bear hug       graduated last August and after the
that accompanies almost everything.       ceremony he gave me the biggest Har-
  I'm not complaining. Sometimes          ding hug I've ever received. It made                  lust a little hug
those big hugs are the only thing that    saying goodbye easier. Somehow that         There's a' hug to say I love you,
keeps me going, especially during real-   hug communicated what we couldn't
ly high-pressured or stressed-out         say: "I love you'; ''I'm happy for you;'    And a hug to say goodbye.
times. I remember during Pledge Week      and ''I'll miss you:' All of that, and      There's a hug to say how are you,
when          my        sister-turned-    more, was said with one hug. .
pledgemistress, hugged me for no            That's what it is. There are some         And a hug to say we tried.
reason on Silly Day. It made me cry,      things that are too hard to say and a       There's a hug to bond a
but after that I knew I could make it     hug takes care of all of them. And
through the rest of the week.             there are some people who are just so       friendship,
  Is that what this Harding Hug is all    loveable that I just have to hug them       And a hug when the day IS
about? Is it just that little extra       whenever I see them. It seems to be
reassurance that makes the difference     the spirit of Harding; the love that
between quitting and going on? That       results in hugs everywhere. It's kind of    But the hug that I like best,
may be part of it, but it seems like      a one-size-fits-all-multi-purpose '1 love   Is the hug I get from you.
there's more. Hugs don't always mean      you": the HarsJ.ing Hug.
that. Sometimes they're just a quick                      (J - Lisa Underwood                       - Alister Hanley

                                                                                               Chula O",wn Helm · Memphis, TN
                                                                                               Gregory l~es Henderson · Searcy, AR
                                                                                               LaUl,l. Ann Hendon - $earcy, AR
                                                                                               Sonya Lea Hendricks · Conway, AR
                                                                                               Bblke Norman Hendrix - Baton Rouge, LA
                                                                                               Lan~ Edward Hendrix · Baton Rouge, LA
                                                                                               Cindy Michelle Henson · N. Little Rock, AR

                                                                                               Ronda Len Higbee - Searcy, AR
                                                                                               Cuadace R. Hickson - New Iberia, LA
                                                                                               TI'iICY Cnol Hinlon - Jonesboro, AR
                                                                                               ~ Jeannette HiHle . Wichita, KS
                                                                                               Kelly Poitrice Hoh,day - Vero Beach, FL
                                                                                               I<M-en Sue Holst - Ointan, IA
                                                                                               Su"n Beth Holt . Harrison, AR

                                                                                               Donna L. Honty - Archer, FL
                                                                                               8oni~ G.\y Hood - Hope, AR
                                                                                               Larry Wayne Hauk - Memphis. TN
                                                                                               J.lInes Thomas Howard - Oyde, 1)(
                                                                                               Susan Kay Hubbud - Houston, TX
                                                                                               Thomas    .
                                                                                                        J Hllie   - Augusta, AR
                                                                                               Thomu    Al~n   Hull · Ft. Recovery, OH

                                                                                               Aven AshJey Humpl\reys . Jackson, TN
                                                                                               u,donna Eliulbeth Hutchison · Bald Knob, AR
                                                                                               Karen Michelle Ingrum . Warren, MI
                                                                                               Theron Lowell Isucs . Batesville, AR
                                                                                               Colleen Janette J~ckson - Germantown, TN
                                                                                               Deborah Lynn James - Shreveport, LA
                                                                                               Sleven Matthew Juvis . Uoyd Harbor, NY

                                                                                               D~vid Uoyd Jenkins · Prior Lake, MN
                                                                                               Timothy Michael Jernigan - Ravenden, AR
                                                                                               Jeffrey J~y Jewell - Searcy, AR
                                                                                               Carl Alen Johnson· Sherwood, AR
                                                                                               Duren Muk Johnson · Hixson, TN
                                                                                               Jill J~nette Johnson · Shreveport, LA
                                                                                               June Marie Johnson . B~y City, MI

                                                                                                                      Shades of Sophomores   133
                                                                                   The No-generation Plant
                                                                            9      :47 p.m. on a typical
                                                                                   December evening at Harding
                                                                                  - everything humming along
                                                                         as usual. You were in the library, of
                                                                                                                     when the lights shut down while you
                                                                                                                     were in the mailroom after chapel, and
                                                                                                                     you were nearly trampled to death.
                                                                                                                     But now you had to admit, albeit reluc-
                                                                         course, frantically collecting sources      tantly, that the co-generation plant was
                                                                         for a left-over term paper. You always      pemaps not the wisest financial invest-
                                                                         did hate leftovers. Your best friend,       ment the university had ever made.
                                                                         Bob, was in the computer center, rabid-        While you pondered over these
                                                                         ly working on the 178 page<;t program       thoughts a horrible qualm caused your
                                                                         he'd been hacking away at all semester.     pancreas to convulse painfully, Bob!
                                                                            Then, in one ugly moment, the            His 178 paged program! When the
                                                                         whole neat structure of your existence      power went down, had Bob's life's
                                                                         was kicked out from under you as easi-      work been sucked into the inaccessi-
                                                                         ly as if it were a tower of tinkertoys.     ble twilight of electronic limbo?
                                                                         With a sound like your Ittle brother           You leapt up, injuring a librarian,
                                                                         makes when landing his toy                  and groped madly out the front door
                                                                         spaceship, THE LIGHI'S WENT OUT!            of Beaumont Memorial, but as you
                                                                            While waiting in the pitch dark,         started toward the computer center
                                                                         notecard in hand, for the librarian to      you were arrested by a blood-curdling
                                                                         find a flashlight, your first feeling was   cry. Turning, you saw Bob poised on
                                                                         one of annoyance. Hadn't this happen-       the pinnacle of the Administration
                                                                         ed just one too many times? You hadn't      Building, a few sheets of torn print-out
                                                                         complained when the power had gone          flapping from his clenched fist .
                                                                         out during the night before the first          As the power surged back on a mo-
                                                                         day of classes, and your electric alarm      ment later and "Jingle Bells" came
                                                                         not only failed to rouse you for your       wafting over the loudspeakers, you
                 Lights out-again! The ironically termed co-
                                                                         8 dclock class or for chapel, but even      sighed and turned away. The co-
                 generation plant had its share of problems dur-         let you sleep through lunch, and only       generation plant had claimed yet
                 ing the course of the year. After many power            blinked 12:00, 12:00, 12:00 innocently      anothe~ victim in its ceaseless quest for
                 failures and a brief fire, the plant rose to its feet   when you punished it by hitting it          blood, and you could only wonder,
                 and began to function as it should. - photo by          with a rolled-up newspaper. You             ''Will I be next?"O
                 the Co-generation Plant.                                hadn't written any letters to the editor                           - Sherry Daniel

                      Britt Howard Jones · Batesville, AR
                  Danielle Lashaun Jones - Picayune, MS
                  Kimberly Lynn Jones - Little Rock, AR
                  Lisa Ann Jones - Dearborn Heights, MI
                            Sandra Lee Jones - Searcy, AR
                       Wayne Allen Jones - Rock Falls, Il
                         Amy Lora Jonbn - Graham, NC

                  Susan Nanette Jouett - Uttle Rock, AR
                   Phillip Joyner - Cherokee Village, AR
                       Kathy Lynne Joynes - Elkton, KY
                      Jina Liynl' Kell - Brownwood, TX
                     Betty Jean Kellems · Hesperia, CA
                      Shayn.1- Role Kelly - Bradenton, FL
                  S.lundra Kay Kelsey - Fern Creek, KY

                        Randi Lee Kerby - McKinney, TX
               Paul Don Killingsworth - Forrest City, AR
                Kimberly K. Kilpatrick - Springdale, AR
                       Linda Sue King - Sistersville, WV
                          Tonuny Ray King . Streator, Il
                 Jill Michelle Kinser - Middletown, OH
                 Thdd Renon Kirkpatrick - Harrison, AR

                            John J. Klein · Littleton, CO
              Elizabeth Kathryn Knight - Carbondale, IL
            Robert Winslow Knight - Hendersonville, TN
               Mutin Webb Koonct' • N. little Rock, AR
                        Jeryn Fae Kuehn - Kaufman, TX
                      Sharon Elaine Kunkle - Selah, WA
                         Junko KU$unose • Koehi, Japan

                Tammy Kathleen laW - little Rock, AR
                   Thomas Allen Land . Gainesville, Fl
                     Lisa Dawn Landis - Paragould, AR
                   Rhoda Jeneane Lanier - Houston, TX
                      Rhonda Sue Lanier· Houston, TX
                 Sean Andrews LeCave - Memphis, TN
      Cheok Yuen Lee . Singapore, Republic of Singapore

134     Shades   of Sophomores
              A Tradition of Praise
         et's playa game. I will describe   w ith frie nds a nd enjoying the

 L       an occasion to you and you tell
         me what the occasion is. I am
walking through the doors of the
                                              If you guessed I was at a, Lily Pool
                                            Devo, you were right. Though the term
American Heritage lobby. The lobby          "Lily Pool" was a misnomer because
has been changed though . People have       we seldom actually met there,
moved the furniture around and are          everybody knew what it was. To
sitting in a circle. They look as if they   regular attenders, it was a term of        A time to laugh and sing. Several students
are gathered for some event. The looks      endearment.                                enjoy a more humorous moment of the " Lily
on their faces tell me this is not            With spiritual life committee chair-     Pool" devo. The weekly devotionals serued as
                                                                                       both a time for spin'tual enrichment and
something dull and drab that they are       man Tommy Drinnen and his assistant        fellowship. - photo by Bill Tripp.
required to attend but something            Jim Martin as directors, the devotionals
vibrant and exciting that the whole         took a little different twist this year.
crowd is looking forward to. As I take      They added a theme to the devotional
a seat among the crowd, someone             talks. The theme was ''The Student
starts singing. The rest of the crowd       Body of Christ:' This theme combined
joins in and we sing song after song        the phrases, "the student body" and
of praise to our Lord. After several        "the body of Christ" to show that the
songs, someone gets up and in-              student body is part of the boay of
troduces the speaker. Then we are led       Christ.
in a prayer. The speaker is a student;        Those of us who were regular at-
not someone we are used to hearing          tenders looked forward to Thursday
like an instructor or a preacher. He is     nights when we could gather with the
someone we can relate to. His message       gang and worship our God together.
uplifting and encouraging. After the        It was a break during the week that
message, we sing some more songs            was much needed and uplifting.
and close with a prayer. Once dismiss-      Those of us who leave will miss it
ed, the mood remains lively. Most           greatly.(>
folks stay around for a while visiting                                 - Tim Tripp

                                                                                         Fostu ~e, JJJ - S hreveport, LA
                                                                                         James Dixon 1..« - Chester VA
                                                                                         Mark Edwud LH - Searcy, A R
                                                                                         Lornine Eliubdh LeOtr - Tampa, FL
                                                                                         Ion Fong Lei - Macao, Ho ng Ko ng
                                                                                         Ktllyne Jo Lew... ndowski - Ard en Hills, MN
                                                                                         Jeremy a~nce Lewis - 8 eliu City, Belize

                                                                                          Keri Lynn Lewis - Black Roc k, AR
                                                                                          Andrea   Ga~   Uvely - Birmingham, AL
                                                                                          Richud Wayne Lockhut - Grand Blanc, MI
                                                                                          Ann Elizabeth Loden - N ashville, TN
                                                                                          Ann Lucille Loftis - Care, MI
                                                                                          Duon Keith London - Grubbs, AR
                                                                                          Darin Andrew Long - Crestwood, KY

                                                                                          Kennah D uren Longar . 51. Charles, MO
                                                                                          Jody Lane Louden:nilk - S tu ttgart, AR
                                                                                          Cr.aig S. M.abrey - Lakeforest, IL
                                                                                          Lori Dawn M.anley - Hillsboro, MO
                                                                                          Mi ch ael Leon M.anning - Enig ma, GA
                                                                                          Arturo Ruy M.artinn - Mexico City, Mexieo
                                                                                          Lina. Hortensia M.artinn - Colon, Hond uras

                                                                                          Dianne C. Muon · SciOiovill e, O H
                                                                                          Ruth Re n« Mathews · Bell evue, NE
                                                                                          E~ Michelle May - Bartle tt, TN
                                                                                          Robert Wayne Mayes - Sen ey, AR
                                                                                          ~ffrty Scott McAd;ams - Fl int, MI
                                                                                          Stephanie Den«n McAke - Missoula, MT
                                                                                          Rusull Oay McAlister · EliUlbethtow n, KY

                                                                                          Cynthia Lynn Mc:CIUl't - Tulsa, OK
                                                                                          Jacq ue Fay McCormack · Dall as, TX
                                                                                          ~lbert O inton McCutchen - Flippin, AR
                                                                                          Rebecca Agnes McDo nough - Uttle Rock, AR
                                                                                          Dena. Lane McEntire - McKinney, TX
                                                                                          Amy Beth McFadden _ Paragould, AR
                                                                                          Scott Markham M~ - Dallas, TX

                                                                                                               Shades   of Sophomores   13
                   Dorothy Fay McGill - Laurel. M5
                  Kimberly Ann McGuire - Troy, IL
        Melanie Ann McK«hnie - N. Little Rock, AR
           Stephanie Paige McRee - Ft. Sheridan, IL
                    Heidi Irene Meadows - Pa na, IL
        Timothy Shane Melikian _ N. Little Rock, AR
                  Melisu Lea Meredith - Tulsa, OK

                Kelly Dawn Mid yett - Memphis, TN
                 Debra Deanne Millet _ Benton, AR
               Shelli Lynn Miller - Springfield, MO
                Elisabeth M. Milligan - Conway, AR
                     Julie Ann Mitchell - Searcy, AR
               Robert Huold Mobley - Ball win, MO
                     Lisa Leann Moore - Wichi ta, KS

                        Muk ArthlU Moore - Flint, MJ
          Gregory Shawn Morgan - Hopkinsville, KY
               Shannon Leigh Morris - Tutwiler, MS
                  Sl.1Icey Leigh Morrow - Benton, KY
           Merlin Anthony Mosher _ W. Monroe, LA
             Stephen IYlph Mullins _ lavergne, TN
                    Jenane Ann Mumey - Searcy, AR

                 Joseph Watson Mun... y - Ozark, AL
                     h ula Denise Nevil - Irving. TX
             laura Lynn Nickerson _ Queen City, TX
                Sherry Beth Nohsey - Memphis, TN
              Tammy Lynn Nonis - Montgomery, At
             Wend; Lynette Northam - Lexington, SC
                   Gaudia Lynn Ollu - Benton, AR

                Andy Glenn Olree - Memphis, TN
             Paul Frank Orlando - Manchester, NH
           NorMrta Otero - David Chiriqui, Panama
                Anna Muia Outlaw . Portland, OR
             Douglas Gerard hce • Fort Worth, TX
               Mittie Bernice Parks - Scranton, AR
               Perry Lynn Parr · N. Uttle Rock, AR

                           ROMrt E. Pation - Oio, MI
                       J;tna Lynn hyne - Cabot, AR
                   Byron Keith Perry - Mem phis, TN
                    Duin Keith Perry - Housto n, TX
                Robin Leigh Phillips - Memphis, TN
                Teni Dawn Phillips - Tuscaloosa, At
                  hul Richard Piemll - Abilene, TX

                 Veronica Jw.n Pillay - Jacksonville, AR
                    James Henry Pipkin _ Clin to n, AR
                 Wade Lynn Poe • Mount;tin Home, AR
                   Cherie Annette Poynot - Slidell, LA
          David Christopher Preston · EI Dorado, AR
         SU$.1l.n Michelle Privett · Downers Grove, IL
                    Naomi hige Proctor - Jackson, MS

                     Dennis Leon Pruitt - Nichols, IA
                     Jennifer Jo Puckett - Benton, AR
             Lilliam M. Quiros - San Jose, Costa Rka
                 Mug.vet E. IYwlins - Oarksville, TN
                          David A. R«c:e - Exlon, PA
                    Lisa Renee Reynolds _ Dover, AR
                Muiett.a Kaye Ridge - Uttle Rock, AR

                    Nal.1llie Ann RoMrts - Pope, MS
                  Kitty Renee Robinson · Kemp, TX
                 Ann Michele Roder - Lebanon, TN
            Melanie Deanna Rodge rs. Romance, AR
                        TIm R. Rogers· Jackson, MI
            Daniel Cuter Rosier - New Freedom, PA
           Donald Joseph Rottm.1lll . Kenora, Canada

               William Folsom Russell · Des Arc,      AR
                     Laura Jo Rutledge · Glasgow,     KY
          Robert Victorino S<1In Juan · Shreveport,   LA
            Gregory Dean S<1Indlin • Bentonville,     AR..
             Kevin Joseph Santiana - Bridge port,     CT
                 Muk Lynn Sartin • Jacksonville,      AR
                     Penny Cuol Sartin - Shirley,     AR

:36   Shades of Sophomores
 The Graphic Side of Harding
 ~        or communications students,
          the theory of the classroom
         was often just not enough.
                                              The computers contained various
                                           software packages for designing high-
                                           resolution advertisements, informa-
Students learned the skills of their       tional graphiCS, work processing and
trade in the textbook, but the addition    page layouts. A light table, drafting
of the new graphics lab, installed late    table and typewriters were also fur-
in the fall semester, provided a hands-    nished to aid students in further
on center for practice of classroom        designing their computer-processed
skills with state-of-the-art technology,   works.
giving students the necessary practice          Jack Shock, professor of com-
for their careers in the vocational        munication and director of the lab
world.                                     stated that the equipment would also
  "It is a boost to the morale of our      be used to design and typeset a
mass communication majors to have          departmental newsletter to be sent to
access to the latest technology;' Dr.      Harding alumni.
Evan Ulrey, communication depart-            The immenSity of the system was
ment chairman, commented. "Our             such that Harding, in association with
main interest is to train them             Apple Computers, planned to hold
thoroughly in the use of the equip-        seminars for other colleges and univer-
ment."                                     sities in Arkansas and Texas to display
  The graphics lab, located in the         the lab. According to Dr. Ulrey, only
American Heritage building, contain-       one other school in the state had a
ed the equipment of the most advanc-       similar package.
ed desktop publishers. Four com-             "Desktop publishing is definitely the    Anticipation. Brad Watson and Suzanne
puters, Apple's MacIntosh 512K             wave of the future;' Shock said . "Many    Radcliffe, both members of Harding's Public
Enhanced Computer, were installed          businesses will be doing in-house          Relations staff anxiously await on copy for their
initially with five more to be added in    publishing and our graduates will be       respective jobs. The addition of the computers
the future . Two printers, including a     trained to fill these openings:'           lab brought a new dimension for the journalism
new-technology laser printer, were                              <.J> - Bill Everett   majors to work with. - photo by ferry
provided as well.                                                                     TTllughber.

                                                                                                        Lisa Renee Schultz - Stark City, MO
                                                                                                        Br.idley Andrew Seay . Vernon, At
                                                                                                        Elizabeth Arm Segr.a. ... es _ Searcy, AR
                                                                                                       aa~     Eliubeth Seratl - Memphis, TN
                                                                                                       Marjam Setiomuljo - Jaka rta, Indonesia
                                                                                                       Dora Maria Sevilla - San Jose, Costa Rica
                                                                                                       Marie Garice Shelton - New Boston, TX

                                                                                                       Y.ln Lee Shelton - Big Sandy, TX
                                                                                                       Angelill B. Shields - Glenwood, AR
                                                                                                       uur.l Louise Shifflet - Newberry, MI
                                                                                                       luke Newman Shows · Augusta, CA
                                                                                                       Maricel Sibaja . San jose, Costa Rica
                                                                                                       Susan lynn Silliman · New Waterford, OH
                                                                                                       linda Katherine Simko · Memphis, TN

                                                                                                       Kay TMa Simpson - Searcy, A R
                                                                                                       lisa Elaine Skigen - Bridgepor t,   cr
                                                                                                       Candi(t' Ann Skipworth - Louisville, KY
                                                                                                       Ric Sbn Small · Modesto, CA
                                                                                                       Jill Renee Smiley - Houston, TX
                                                                                                       Billy Scott Smith · Memphis, TN
                                                                                                       Brian lee Smith - E. Syracuse, NY

                                                                                                       Genolyne Smith · Myrtle Beach, SC
                                                                                                       George David Smith · jackson, TN
                                                                                                       Gerald William Smith · Bloomington, MN
                                                                                                       John A. Smith · Trenton, OH
                                                                                                       leslie Cheryl Smith · Black Rock, AR
                                                                                                       Margaret W. Smith - Searcy, AR
                                                                                                       Nancy jill Smith · Yellville, AR

                                                                                                       Rodney Scott Smith · Searcy, AR
                                                                                                       lisa DMlene Spence · Mt. Pleasant, AR
                                                                                                       Beth Ann Srygley . Memph is, TN
                                                                                                       Kimberly Denise Sbcy - Rogers, AR
                                                                                                       Benjamin Oay Stanley . Alpharet ta, GA
                                                                                                       Cheryl Eliu beth Sbnley - Searcy, AR
                                                                                                       Gwenda Joy StMling - S terling He ights, MJ

                                                                                                                              Shades     of Sophomores   1,
                                                                                 Dirt Cheap Dates
                                                                         he average Harding date
                                                                         followed a rather rigid for-
                                                                                                               One of the outstanding complaints
                                                                                                            among Harding students was lack of
                                                                         mula; guy asks girl, guy picks     privacy on campus. When trekking to
                                                                up girl, guy pays for girl. As if conjur-   Little Rock proved too costly - gas
                                                                ing the nerve to initiate the date wasn't   alone made the trip worth the cost of
                                                                enough, the collegiate guy was often        several S.A . movies - where could
                                                                faced with a rather burdensome dilem-       couples go just to kick back and talk
                                                                ma - low cash flow. Yet, when the           away from the eyes of their peers?
                                                                chips were down (and the dollars as         Why, Garner, Ark., of course! Where?
                                                                well), Harding men were often inven-        Garner is a little-known town on the
                                                                tive and through the determination          "other" side of the freeway. Being a
                                                                forced upon them by the laws of             modest town - a bait shop and a gas
                                                                supply-side economics, alternatives         station with a cafe - it offered only
                                                                were found which offered all the arnor      minimal entertainment in the culinary
                                                                of any other date - plus they were dirt     arts. But it did have a seclusive at-
                                                                cheap.                                      mosphere which many discovered
                                                                   S.A. movies were cliche. The selec-      made it one of White County's best-
                                                                tion was decent and few couples had         kept secrets for those on the dating
                                                                trouble with the one or two dollar ad-      scene, with Bald Knob running in a
                                                                mission. Surprisingly, some of the          close second .
                                                                more entertaining movies (the 16mrn            Greer's Ferry Lake, just a stone's
                                                                "What's Up Doc?" for instance) were         throw from the heart of the Ozark
                                                                only 50¢. Ah, how many generations          Mountains, proved to be a most
              Hand it " ver! Suzi Shipp, a junior from Ruther
                      o                                         can say they went to movies for the         popular recreational spot in the early
              Glen, VA. takes the concert tickets of Randy      price of a coke??                           fall and latter spring semesters. The
              Wood, a sophomore from North Little Rock and         When the weather was cool,               Cliffs became a byword for sunny-
              Vanesa Diles a senior academy student. With       Wyldewood was hot. Wyldewood, a             weather adventure and fun. Located in
              all of the movies and concerts held in theBen-    retreat center located at the edge of a     Heber Springs, it was a place where
              son it became renowned for its ability to pro-    line of jagged cliffs and the Little Red    couples congregated to revitalize old
              vide a budget date. - photo by 'erry Traughber.
                                                                River, offered afternoon enjoyment for      tans gone pale and old friendships
                                                                all types.                                  gone stale.        0-     Bill Everett

                Jason Todd Stephens - Pangburn, AR
         Gregory Matthew Stevenson - Effingham, IL
                 Christ. Kay Stricklen - Conway, AR
                 Nancy Rf:,n~ Stuck - Strafford, MO
              Stephen Patrick Stumne - Smithton, It
         James Mich.llel TanktJ$11ry - Southaven, MS
                      Cynthi.l. L. Taylor - Muncie, IN

                  Greg Ross Tilylor - Bartlesville, OK
                       ,olnet D. T,lylor - Jackson, TN
                        lisa Marie Taylor - Flint, Ml
      Zen i Atndie Temtemie . Addis Ababa, Ethiopa
             Bury Anthony Thames· St. Louis, MO
               Donna Beth Thomas· New Iberia, LA
                Kelly Renee Thomas · Middleton, NJ

         Kristen Michelle Thomas· Middletown, NJ
                   Melissa Jane Thomas · Tulsa, OK
           Leslie Anne Thompson. Uttle Rock, AR
                 Rhea Ann Thompson . El Paso, TX
             Jacqueline J Tiaoo . Beli~e City, Beliu
                   Theresa Lynn TIllett · Searcy, AR
                  Jim Durin Toms · Channahon, IL

            Steven Dale Townsdin . White Hall, AR
          Susan Lee Traughber . Hendersonville, TN
              William Earnest Tripp · Lancaster, OH
               Lisa Kathryn Tucker · Little Rock, AR
             Shannon Renee Tungate · Mesquit e, TX
           Tracey Lauren Turner· St. Petersburg, FL
                       Mina J. Valier · DuQuion, IL

                          Eric Vanmatre · Rolla, MO
            Michelle Annette Vann . Grapevine, TX
               Paige Eliz.abeth Vaughn . Searcy, AR
               Cheryl Macia Waite · Huntsville, AL
             Kimberl y Denise Wallis· Monroe, LA
            Mary Lenora W.tson . Murfreesboro, TN
                    Lauri M. Watts · Maumelle, AR

38   Shades of Sophomores
-      Sweet
1 ------                                Service
           imultaneous chimes of "Nuts       project. Not only did it give them a

   S       and whip cream?" suddenly
           brought the often silent Stu-
  dent Center to life. This hub of activi-
  ty resulted from none other than the
                                             chance to get to know each. other bet-
                                             ter, but it also gave them a chance to
                                             interact with other students.
                                                 Even though the banana split sale
  traditional Galaxy/Ju Go Ju Banana          idea originated with Galaxy, both
  Split Sale.                                 Galaxy and Ju Go Ju members en-
     Galaxy and Ju Go Ju sponsored the        thusiastically participated. In charge of
. event as a fundraiser for Sicilian mis-     the event were the treasurers of both
  sionaries, Charles and Carolyn Moore.       clubs. Shifts to work the sale were ar-
  Funds raised from last year's sale          ranged in 3O-minute slots but many of
  helped purchase a computer which            the members stayed around after their
  was needed in making their work             shifts just to help out and participate
  more efficient. Approximately $150          in all the excitement.
  that was raised from last year's sale          Perhaps the best summary of the en-
  went towards the computer. Although         tire event was the statement made by
  this year's sale had no set goal, they      Belinda Tatum, Ju Go Ju president:
  were able to increase their earnings to     "Every club has a service project but
 $200.                                        the banana split sale was not only ser-
    Bob Corbin, a Galaxy sponsor, stated      vice, but fun!"
  that although the funds weren't rais-          Unfortunately new members of
 ed for a particular project they may         Galaxy and Ju Go Ju were not able to
  possibly be used to help cover the cost     participate in this year's sale but anx-
  of translating Biblical materials to        iously await their chance to obtain the Chow down! Roger Hall, a freshman from
  Italian for children.                                                                 Searcy pigs               banana      The an-
                                              inside "scoop" on the meaning of nual bananaout auer his just one split.of service
                                                                                                    split sale is        area
    Even though this event was a service      Christian servitude and productive that fu Go fu and Galaxy social clubs are in-
 project for both Galaxy and Ju Go Ju,        socializing.
 it also turned out to be a very social                     <> -    Candi Skipworth
                                                                                        volved in. - photo by foan Miller.

                                                                                                                        Susa n E. Waugh . Judsonia, AR
                                                                                                                        Lisa Anne Weatherington . Harrisburg, lL
                                                                                                                        Nancy Ellen Webb - Anchorage, AK
                                                                                                                        Ty Tow nsend Webb - Carmel, IN
                                                                                                                        Kimberly l. Weeks - Cleveland, MS
                                                                                                                        Tom Jily Weeks - Salem, IN
                                                                                                                        Carl Edward Weller _ Glens Fails, NY

                                                                                                                        Carol Jane Whistle - Endicott, NY
                                                                                                                        Michael Todd White · Elizabethtown, KY
                                                                                                                        Terry l ee White· N. Litlle Rock, AR
                                                                                                                        Elaine E. Whitener . Bradford, AR
                                                                                                                        Angela Lynn Whitlock · Biscoe, AR
                                                                                                                        Tamara uigh Wiese _ Warren, AR
                                                                                                                        Julie Dell Wiley - New Braunfels, TX

                                                                                                                        Thert'sol D<lI riene Willett · Searcy. AR
                                                                                                                        Mon a Lee Williams - Nashville, TN
                                                                                                                        Rachel Ann Williams - Franklin, AR
                                                                                                                        Kindra Michelle Willingham - Hurst, TX
                                                                                                                        Nan cy Owen Wilson - Memphis, TN
                                                                                                                        Jeffrey Mark Wingfield - N. Little Rock, AR
                                                                                                                        Tracy Lee Winters - Jonesboro, AR

                                                                                                                        Carol Ann Wood - N. Little Rock, AR
                                                                                                                        Kenneth Ray Wood - Mu rfreesboro, TN
                                                                                                                        Thomas W. Wood - Lithia Sp rings, GA
                                                                                                                        Christopher Gary Workman - MesqUi te, TX
                                                                                                                        Amy Wright - Tampa, FL
                                                                                                                        Gina Leigh Ann Wright - Troy, IL
                                                                                                                        Carol Jean Young - Hot Springs, AR

                                                                           David Wiley Young - Cabot, AR
                                                                           Jimmy Joe Young - Comanche, O K
                                                                           Kathryn Elizabelh "\bung - Searcy, AR
                                                                           Lana Jean Young - Mammoth Spring, AR
                                                                           M au~en Emil y Young - Belize City, Belize

                                                                                                                                           Shades of Sophomores       1.
                                                                   he freshmen walked onto            organize a Class A food fight. Even
                                                            '(     campus that first day, with        chapel was new to them, and their en-
                                                                   their crisp blue jeans, dazzling   thusiasm for privileges old-timers took
                                                           new sneakers, and wide, innocent           for granted infused the upperclassmen
                                                           eyes, and the upperclassmen called         with a new life and a new pride in
                                                           them "green:' And they were green-         Hardifig. Like the yearly return of
                                                           green as new buds on an April              spring, so new and exciting and yet so
                                                           dogwood; green and fresh and new,          timeless, the return of the freshmen -
                                                           and ready for college life to begin. The   different individuals, yet somehow the
                                                           freshmen were a new spring for             same each year - gave a sense of con-
                                                           Harding; they offered ' the older          tinuity to Harding. To seniors finishing
                                                           students a brand new glimpse of the        up the last few hours of their major
                                                           almost forgotten "outside world" as        course work, it seemed both refreshing
                                                           they sported the latest fashions and in-   and poignant to hear freshmen com'
                                                           troduced the most recent fads to the       plain about Art Appreciation, Speech
                                                           campus. The freshmen were a breath         101 and Earth Science, as had genera-
                                                           of clean outside air after a long study    tions of freshmen before them. A new
             Freshmen Class Officers. Front row:           session in a musty room. They hadn't       springtime appeared, fresh life came
             Sec./Treas. Monica Bagley; Back row: Vice     gotten so run down by Calc II and B        to Harding, and the cycle began all
             Pres. Dave Lane, Pres. Brad Altman. - photo   Law that they'd forgotten how to en-       over again - Educating for Eternity.0
             by Bill Tripp.                                joy frisbee on the lawn or how to                                - Sherry Daniel

                     Scott EJUt Acbir . Ph~nix. AZ
                      Aliu E. Adams - Ventura, CA
                    Bndley Earl Aain - Arnold, MO
           S~phen   Leon AleQnder - McKinney, TX
                  Becky Jea n Allbu - Newberg. OR
                    Br;1Id Alin AJllI'Iln - Searcy, AR
                     Mark Arm:nons - St. Louis, MO

                 Ouisti~ M. Amos - Caseyville, IL
         hmelil Jo Anderson - Sulphur Springs, TX
                       Ben S. Arnette - Salinas, CA
            Carole Denise Arnold - S herwood , AR
             William Lyn Astuno~ - Valparaiso, IN
           Tera b e Atkins - Mammoth Spring. AR
                Trent Oilvid Austin - Paragould. AR

             Monica lynn &gley - Wrightstown, NJ
                  Li.s.I Lynn Bailey - Pocahontas, AR
         ~ina  Darlene Bililey . Daytona Beach, FL
                       Terri; Bililey . Searcy, AR
             Muy K.itherine Bilker· Huntsville, AL
                 Oewq' Scott Buber - Tarrant, AL
              Sheri Renee Buber - Sherwood, AR

             Kimberly Rioe BunH - Uttle Rock, AR
               Niln~ Louise BunH - Vernon, AL
                      Jody J;ty Bumt - Amarillo, TX
                 Julie FnnCfl Beil11 - Gonules, LA
                     Gail Ann 8urd . Ringgold , LA
               l.e$li Deilnn Beuden - Midlilnd, TX
                 Jon Scott 8ul'er - Bentonville, AR

                             Kim Beill'er - Ford yce, AR
               Kent Jilmes Beddoff - Bentonville, AR
         Oilvid John Benedict - Fumington HUIs, MI
               Oiln .. Louise Bennett · Little Rock, AR
             Sb.n1 ey W..yne Bennett : Columbus, MS
          Bevnly A. Be!pChicker - Schilumburg. IL
         Mark Stephen Beshirs . Vuginia BeK h , VA

10   Shades of Freshmen
  Amy lynne Bice - Vienna, WV
  Michul BmI: Biggs - Ft . Worth, TX
  Kimberly Ann Bismark - Hot Springs Village, AR
  Ce<:ilia lynn Bitting - Santa Paula, CA
  C inge r Elene Blackstone - Mesquite, TX
  Yasmin Yaloa Bledsoe - Pangburn, AR
  Ann Marie Blue - Tulsa, OK

   And~   Thomas Blues - Memphis, TN
   Bobby   ~ne Bluford - Knoxville, TN
  Re~ca Joy Bou - Searcy, AR
  Robert Anthony Bona - Lawton, OK
  Shawn Ran nn Bond - Broken Bow, OK
  Antoinette Bowers - Memphis, TN
  Shuon Dianne Bowles - Abilene. TX

.' Stephanie K. Bowlin - little Rock, AR
   Kirk Anthony Bowman - Newport, AR
   Ben Boyd - Memphis, TN
   Jayson Clenn Boyd - Searcy, AR
   Sue Lynn Brackett _ Vero Beach, FL
   Michelle Renee Brady - Gle n Carbon, IL
   Lara Louise Brasfield _ Memphis, TN

   Kimberly Ann Bratcher · Searcy, AR
   Wade H . Bray . Little Rock, AR
   Danny Neil Brightwell - lonoke, AR
   Lorin Brooks Bristow - Alexandria, LA
   Janet Lyn Broussard - Zachary, LA
   Cn:gory Alan Brown - Birmingham, At
   Kelley Suunne Brown • Cord~, TN

    Lisa Gayle Brown - Hope, AR
    Mark Allen Brown - Searcy, AR
    Michael Todd Brown · Indianapolis, IN
    Phillip Orville Brown _ Media, PA
    Mica Angela Bryan - Houston, DC
    Syrena Leanne Burch • Madison, TN
    John Harper Burdge - Ulysses, KS

   Scott William Burgan - Live rpool, NY
   Kevin Wayne Burger - Ashdown, AR
   Norvella Purgos - Belize City, Belize
   Andy P. Bums - Spring.. TX
   Leanne Dorris Butterfield· Pulaski, NY
   Doyne A. Byrd • Mountai n Home, AR
   Re~ca Margan:-! Byrd • Redfield, AR

   Shannon LeVaughan Clldwell - Benton, AR
   Patricia Dell CUlihan - Lexington, KY
   Lynnibo Joyce Clmpbell - Omaha, TX
   Corey Tyray Camper . Brinkley, AR
   Miriam Kondetta Ca.rdin • Dixon, MO
   Stephanie Dawn CUSer - Jacksonville, AR
   Lilli Anne Carlton - Batesville, AR

   Courtnt")' Anne Cannack • W. Palm Beach, Ft
   Regina! Dn:w CuT • Florissant, MO
   Kelly Rene Carringer - Knoxville, TN
   Donna Faye Carter· Selma, AL
   Lisa Lynnette Carter - Searcy, AR
   Troy Clifton Carter · Frederick, MD
   Tony lee Castttl - Paragould, AR

   Christy Lynn Caskllaw - Memphis, TN
   Christy Lynn Castner - Spring.. TX
   Angela Zann Catht")' - Emory, TX
   Anita Kay Chadwell - Oxford, MS
   Craig Alan Cheatham - Montgomery, At
   Marc Chenaux-Repond - Kelkheim, W. Germany
   Weslt")' David Chin · W. Mol\J"Oe, LA

   Cheryl Ruth Ouk • Endicott, NY
   Krisbon Gray Oark - Searcy, AR
   Shellt")' Ihanne Oark - Waxahachie, TX
   Terry t. Oay - Centreville, MI
   Michael Lyn Oayton - Memphis, TN
   Melydia Ellen Oewrll - Davis-Monthan, AZ
   Robert Craig Oifft - Ni!lshville, TN

                         Shades of Freshmen        14
           Dianna Lynn Cochran - Montoursville, PA
              Carol Yvonne Coffey - Shreveport, LA
             David Shannon Cogar - Shreveport, LA
                 Timothy Edwin Colby - Blythe, CA
             Sharon Lynn Coleman - Noblesville, IN
                Michelle Renea Collins - Paris, MO
                Sandra Leigh Collins· Atlanta, GA

                   Susan Lee Converse - Roswell, GA
                       Bonnie G. Cook - Fulton, AR
                 Sean Michael Cordry - Wamego, KS
                Paul Howard Corfman - Rorenee, AL
                  Georgia Lynn Cox - Shreveport, LA
                Jana M. Cox - Mammoth Spring, AR
                 Tanya Kristine CO)( - Little Rock, AR

           Tina Vanette Crawford · Swartz Creek, MI
             Kimberly Diane Criss - Hot Springs, AR
          Sondra Mechel!e Cross - Sulphur Rock, AR
           Jennifer Patrice Crowley. Grants Pass, OR
                Loida Esther Cruz - Panama, Panama
            Doann Laniece Cummings - Hereford, TX
          Roger Grady Cunningham - Bald Knob, AR

                    Scott Vernon Curd - Searcy, AR
              Sharon Elizabeth Daniel - Orlando, FL
                 Andrew Hinds Davis - Barrow, AK
                Diane M.uie Davis - Shreveport, LA
               Gregory Lovel Davis - Sherwood, AR
                 Melynda Sue Davis - Gresham, OR
                   Michele Ann Davis - Reston, VA

                  Robert Charls Davis - Des Arc, AR
                           T. J. Davis - Houston, TX
                   Teresa Ann Davis - Memph is, TN
                Shannon L. Deffynbaugh - Elma, WA
                David Robert Depew - Kettering, OH
                  Tammy Lynn Deramus - Mena, AR
                 Billy Bob Derryberry - Garland, TX

                Robert Keith DeShazo - Brittany, LA
                      Sally Jane Diehl - Be<kiey, WV
          Timothy Randal! Diles - N. Little Rock, AR
                     Lisa Ann Dillinger _ Searcy, AR
                   Donald H. Dillon - Seminole, FL
              Steven W. Dingler - N. Little Rock, AR
      Maria Thembie Dladla - P. O. Mliba, Swaziland

                      Julia Alisa Doan - London, AR
                 David Glenn Dobson - Dresden, TN
                  Randal Alan Dodson - Garland, TX
                     Katy Marie Dreher - Bastrop, LA
          Shane Terril Drollinger . Gympie, Australia
         Jennifyr Lynn Drull'lD'lond - Crown Point, IN
                   Alva Jonathan Dugger - Searcy, AR

                  Michael David Duley - Dexter, MO
                Susan Elaine Duncan - Mesquite, TX
                 Bonnie Lynn Dunn - Monticello, AR
                   Dana Durigan - Apple Valley, MN
               Regina Sue Duwe • Broken Arrow, OK
          William Howard Earwood - W. Monroe, LA
              Rebecc.a Lynn Eason - Birmingham, AL

               Jeffrey L. Easterling - Bentonville, AR
               Janice A. Edmunson • Livermore, CA
              John Alan Edmunson - Livermore, CA
              Timothy Alan Edwards - Memphis, TN
                   Charles Allen Elkins - Joplin, MO
                    Danny Eugene Elliott - Tulsa, OK
                     Tama Lynn Ellis · Ardmore, OK

                       Kirk Alan English - Frisco, TX
                     Margaret Ann Eoff - Rogers, AR
                  Melissa Dawn Erwin - Piggott, AR
                    Carlos Espinoza - ipis, Costa Rica
                Thomas Kyle Eubank - Pontotoc, MS
               Angela Rachel!e Evans - Greenway, AR
                   Jeffry Todd Evans - Muscatine, iA

'42   Shades Qf Freshmen
                      A Bit of History
          remembered the Bell Tower ing student body and curriculum. It

  I       from my first visit to Harding, took on a fond, grandfatherly air,
          as a child. Dad propped us reminding everyone, with its 'old-
kids up beneath its arches and took fashioned metal bell, when it was time
our picture, and so, years later when to head for the dorm at night. In
I arrived in Searcy as a terrified 1985-86, when the bell shut off because
freshman, that familiar monument Patti Cobb dorm, which also controls
seemed like an old friend. Many other the bell, was closed, part of the am-
students have shared similar ex- biance of Harding disappeared, and
periences, I feel sure.                   students, returning to school, were
   The Bell Tower formed a focal point glad to hear the chimes once again.
for the campus. Built with bricks from      Since it was built, the Bell Tower has
the venerable Godden Hall, one of the served as the innocent victim of
first buildings of the old Harding Col- countless practical jokes and harmless,
lege, it seemed rooted in the history of or fairly harmless, tricks. In the spring   Through the yeatS. From the fi rst day it was
the University - an embodiment of all of 1986, students emerged from their           built, the Bell Tower has been a place of friend-
that Harding meant . IT served us as a dorms one morning to find the Bell            ship, practical jokes and tradition - a part of
favorite renezvous point (even the Tower completely swathed, tied, and               Harding life. - photo by J   erry Traughber.
greenest freshman knew where the knotted with all of the garden hoses
Bell Tower was), a shortcut to class, a on campus. The student body was
shelter in the sudden Searcy rains, and amused, though the grounds crew
a source for many campus jokes and was not. A year or two previously,
legends. Generations of art majors white spray paint outlines of a human
have sketched it, thousands of gradua- body kept appearing beneath the
tion pictures have been taken in front tower, as if someone had been
of it, millions of Harding postcards murdered, and of course, various
have sported its image. It was noticed clubs have often left their insignias on
first by freshmen, forgotten last by or under the arches.
alumni, and it ranked with the Wypool       Despite these pranks, though,
and the Harding swings in Harding Harding students have always loved
memorabilia .                             the picturesque old tower, and it will
   There were many causes for the Bell continue to serve as a place to prop the
Tower's fame and popularity. It drew kids, take their pictures, and begin the
together the old and the new of Har- old, familiar phrase, "When I was at
ding, and seemed a monument to H ard mg. .." '<I·         A
stability in world of a quickly chang-                       - Sherry Darne I'

                                                                                               Melanie Ib.t Evans - O ar ksville, AR
                                                                                               Mika1a Rhea Ezell - Hot Springs, AR
                                                                                               Stacey Sulena Faires - Chattanooga, TN
                                                                                               A1 vin Lewis Fannin - Byesville. OH
                                                                                               Guy Richard F.tVft . Campbell, CA
                                                                                               Jonathan Kilt FinJer - Lowell , O H
                                                                                               Lori Kae Fischer· Scranton, KS

                                                                                               Su$Ul Rebekah Fisher - W. Monroe, LA
                                                                                               D~e Howud Aippin - Searcy, AR
                                                                                               Kevin Lewn Flowe..s _ De Ridd er, LA
                                                                                               Charles Neil Aoyd - Virginia Beach, VA
                                                                                               WlJli,1;m Andrew J;:Jrd - Rogers, AR
                                                                                               Bri.n Muk fursylhe - Miramar, FL
                                                                                               Michul Cillo Fostu - Jonesboro. AR

                                                                                               Teni Elaine Fluitr - Chillicothe, OH
                                                                                               Lulie Kay FrHman - Rogers, AR
                                                                                               Sean P:itrick French - Bellevue, NE
                                                                                               Cathnine E. Frey - Madison, TN
                                                                                               Don AI .. n Frost - Clarksville, AR
                                                                                               Dan .. Lynn Fulbright - Goodlettsville, TN
                                                                                               W1Ili .. m Eric Fu~lI . Pocahontas, AR

                                                                                               Shelli EJ .. ine Ca.ge - Redlands, CA
                                                                                               Buffie Ellen G;aiche - Bentonville, AR
                                                                                               Gregory Donilld Gounll\i11 . Hope, AR
                                                                                               Ch;ancin Dean Gilrul . Paola, KS
                                                                                               Rol;ando N. Guci;a - little Rock, AR
                                                                                               Latru.n Todd Gunett . Conway, AR
                                                                                               Marth;a Marie Garrett . Pine Bluff, AR

                                                                                                                       Shades of Freshmen   143
                                                                               Strutting Their Stuff
                                                                   W         ho says freshmen have no
                                                                             talent? This year's freshmen
                                                                             talent show produced a
                                                                   wealth of entertainment from Har-
                                                                                                                Several freshmen members of the
                                                                                                             Bison football team showed up to do
                                                                                                             their own version of the Chicago Bears'
                                                                                                             "Superbowl Shuffle;' naming it ap-
                                                                   ding's newest additions. This year's      propriately the "Bison Shuffle:' The act
                                                                   acts were as diverse as the people who    received third place mention.
                                                                   put them on. There were rockers and          Other acts included the magic of
                                                                   rib-splitters, singers and other sur-     Shawn Hull and his veritable "bag '0
                                                                   prises as Harding's freshmen made         tricks:' Hull startled the audience with
                                                                   their campus debut in the limelight of    his captivating array of illusions and
                                                                   the Benson stage.                         feats'-of amazement by performing
                                                                     Placing first was Clarence and          various magic tricks, climaxing when
                                                                   Friends who performed the tune            he juggled a set of bowling pins and
                                                                   "That's What Friends are For:' The        fire-lit torches. He ended his act by
                                                                   group consisted of Terrance Talley,       tossing a flower into the audience for
                                                                   Dawn Blaine, Sheri Clements and           the selection of his assistant in the last
                                                                   Clarence Cannon. The performance          act.
                                                                   received a tremor of applause from the       Todd Mott performed a comedy act
                                                                   captivated audience which secured the     followed by the singing duet of sisters
                                                                   top position for the act.                 Natalie and Dawn Blaine as well as
                Be a Lion. Freshmen Errica Walker, from Buf-         Errica Walker came in a close second    other performers who contributed
                falo, N.¥. sings her way into second place by      with her stirring a cappella rendition    equally to make the Freshmen Talent
                performing her own acappella version of "Be        of "Be a Lion:' Though her recital con-   Night an ongOing success and a true
                a Lion." The talent show was the chance far
                the freshmen to exhibit their skills. - photo by
                                                                   tained no instrumental back-up she
                                                                   was warmly recognized for her true
                                                                                                             Harding tradition.   <>    - Bill Everett
                 Bill Tripp.                                       vocal gift.

          Sheila Kathleen Gaskin - Daytona Beach, FL
                   Quendy L. Gibbins - England, AR
                      Musha Ann Giesler - Rolla, MO
                  Todd Laine Gilliam - Sherwood, AR
                Gregory Rillph Gilmore - Mesquite, TX
                    Stella Givens - N. Little Rock, AR
                  Reg.ln Leon Glenn - Farmington, AR

                    lWila Joy Goble - Olillicothe, OH
                    Richard G. Goff - Bossier Cily, LA
                  Enrique Gomez - San Antonio, TX
           Audrey Marie Gonguez - Belize City, Belize
              Douglu Lynn Goodpasture _ Alma, AR
              Linda Diann Gordon - Des Moines, IA
              Sindi Kay Graber - Corpus Christi, TX

                    Christi Dawn Grady - Golden, CO
                    Christopher R. Graves - Spring, TX
                     CrysW Marie Greene - Irving. TX
          Paul Allen Greenhagen - Donaldsonville, LA
               DOlle Cll.yton Gregory - W. Monroe, LA
                      LiSl. Kl.y Griffin - Hamburg. AR
                Dana Marcelean Grile - Anderson, IN

                   Angell. C_ Haley - Farmington, KY
                  K.ul Tunothy HI.II - Clarksville, AR
                    MIiRdi Michelle HI.II - Ottawa, IL
              Drew Qinton Hallman - Winnsboro, TX
           Anthony Jerome Hamby - Natchitoches, LA
                    Andzew Paul Hammitt - Flint, MI
               Shelley Louise Hanna - ~lIinglon, FL

             Charles Christopher H.ulan - Florence, AL
       Sylvia Grace Harrelson - Prince George, Canada
                   Cindy Marie Harris - Channahon, IL
            Surijl.nti Hartono - Jakarta-Barat, Indonesia
                  Steve Shane Haught - Bridge City, TX
                 Alden Gillette Hawke - Carthage, MO
                        Allen Shane Haws - Liberty, MO

144   Shades of Freshmen
     Tammy Rae Hayes - Judsonia, AR
     Melinda Leigh Hay nes - Oxford, AL
     Reid J. Hayward - Fayetteville, AR
     Jeffrey Curtis Heam - Ottawa, IL
     Jodi lynn Heinselman - Dunwoody, GA
     Kelly Ray Helpenstill . Longv iew, TX
     law-a Ann Henderson - Jonesboro, AR

    Brian Edward Hendrix - Oxford, MS
    TImothy Peter Hermann - Dearborn, Ml
    Kelly Wayne Herod - N. Uttle Rock, AR
    Donna Michelle Hicks - Birmingham, AL
    Kelly Shannon Hkks - Norcross, GA
    Gerald Roy Hill - Birmingham, AL
    William Mark Hodges - N. Uttle Rock, AR

"   James David Holland· BOlingbrook, IL
    Jeffrey lane Holland· Arlington, TX
    Amanda Jean Holliman - Pascagoula, MS
    Bert Page Hollis - Crowley, LA
    Elizabeth Rene Hollis - Pasadena, TX
    Julia Terese Holloway - Lo uisville, KY
    Anthony lynn Holt - Swifton, AR

     Melody Ruth Hood - Missouri City, TX
     Robert Westley Hooper · Pasadena, TX
     Karen Jane Hoover - Danville, IL
     Marty Joe Homer - McDougal, AR
     Mary Jo Hough - McRae, AR
     James Matthew House - Searcy, AR
     Dee Anne Houston - Maitland, FL

    Paul Anthony Houston - Memphis, TN
    Daren Paul Howard - Memphis, TN
    Julie Ann Howard - Collinsville, IL
    Michael Schillin Howard - Zachary, LA
    Rebecca lyn Hubbard - Houston, TX
    Holly Alison Hughes - Parkersburgh, WV
    Kristy Kay Hughes - Uttle Rock, AR

     Oayton Shawn Hull - Old Hickory, TN
     Joanna Michelle Hunnicutt - Calera, AL
     Kimberly Ann Hw-Iey - Plano, TX
     John Robert Hurt - Memphis, TN
     D.rol Anne Hutson - Uttle El m, TX
     Penny lynn Irwin - Memphis, TN
     Donald Eric Jacobs - Edgewood, TX

    Keri Denise Jacobs - Edgewood, TX
    Karen Joanne Jahn • Clinton, IA
    David Anthony James - Manchester, MO
    Keny lane Jenkins - Paragould, AR
    Sheri Renea Jennings - Rogers, AR
    Cui lyn Johnson - Carrollon, TX
    Craig Dale Johnson - Searcy, AR

    K~nd .... Johnson - Covington, LA
    Kim Renee Johnson - Newberg.. OR
    Michael Warren Johnson - N. Uttle Rock, AR
    Tammy l ynn Johnson - Ooltewah, TN
    Victoria L. Johnson - Searcy, AR
    Rocky Jones - G reen Forest, AR
    Julie Kay Jones - Romeo, MI

    Kris Anne Jones - Wellesley, MA
    Jackie Elaine Jordan - Carthage, MO
    David Karl Judd - Aorissant, MO
    Tamtn)' Gwyn Keith - Leachville, AR
    Janet Elizabeth Kelley - Vienna, WV
    Keith Kelley - lillie Rock, AR
    Todd Daniel Kempton · Indianapolis, IN

    Brent Robert Ke nnedy - Bishop, CA
    Colleen D. Kerr - Sharpsville, PA
    Janet Carol Kesler - Columbia, TN
    Tara 1Yler Kibler - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Fernando Kidd - Colon, Panama
    Kuman Elise Kidd - Little Rock, AR
    Usa Ann Killen ~ Beaverton, OR

                         Shades of Freshmen      14.
                  Eric Neil Kimberlin - Antlers, O K
            Lis.I Michele Kinningh~ - Searcy, AR
           Andrew Todd Kinser - Middletown, O H
                   John David I<odatt - Lil burn, GA
                       John H. Krantz - EI Paso, TX
                William Davis Lane - Memphis, TN
             Hubert E. Langston - Birmingh am, LA

              Suzette Maria Laroche - Plainfield, IN
                      Wai Kin Lau - New York, NY
             James William Laughary - Apache, O K
               Jerry Mike Lawren« - Valparaiso, IN
              Christopher C. Lawrenson - Pekin, IN
                          Brian E. Lea - Rogers, AR
                  Jennikr Ho11y Lee - Palmdale, CA

                    Graham D. Leighton - Utica, MI
           Philip Quintin Les~r - Grand Prairie, TX
                 John Edward Lewis - Memphis, TN
                Jay Alan lightfoot - Russellville, AR
                 O ay Phillip Uoyd - Little Rock, AR
                   Melanie Uoyd - Marked Tree, AR
            Thomas Vincent Uoyd - Shreveport, LA

               Stephen Edward Loft - Memphis, TN
                     Lori Sue Logan - Beaufort, MO
              Donna Elaine Looney - Mabelvale, AR
                          Julisa Lopez - Santa Cruz
              Deborah Joy Lon:nz - Springfield, MO
                Lisa Lynn ~ - Missoula, MT
                Carrie Suun Lowry - Memphis, TN

              Brenda Leeann Lundy - Lagrande, OR
                J~es Willi~ Lynn - Memphis, TN
                   Gretche n Lea Lyons - Searcy, AR
             Kimberly RenaeMailliard -Searcy.AR
         Danetb. Learon Manning - Black Rock, AR
     Douglas Albert Manning - Ft. Walton Beach , FL
               Kevin Paul Marcum - Indiahoma, OK

            Derrick Gilbert Martin - Bartlesville, OK
                    Jani« Kay Martin - Glencoe, AR
                  Tina Louise Martin - Imperial, MO
                      Jaime Martinez - San Salvador
               David Brian Mashburn - Hou ston, TX
     Susa.n Michelle Mashburn - Independence, MO
           Richard ~muel Mason - Columbiana, OH

             Chad Everett Massie - San Antonio, TX
              Dam!n Lane Mathews - Fullerton, GA
             Michelle L. Maxwell - Englewood, O H
               Cindy Lynne Mayhue - Bradford, AR
              Yvette Marie McCoy . Gainesville, GA
             Cada Diane McDade - Shreveport, LA
              Amanda Rae McDonald - Wilmer, AL

               Connie Lynn McGaughey - Yuma, AZ
                   Paula Ann McGee - Little Elm, TX
                 Jenel Beth McGinness - Freeport, IL
                Meli5S.1l Lee McGowan · Mon roe, LA
             Christopher A. McHan - N. Canton, OH
            David Wayne McRoberts - Sherwood, AR
            Stacy Regena McSpadden - Bradford, AR

               La~ Elaine Meadows - El Dorado, AR
                India Cannene Medders - Resaca, GA
             Jacque li ne V. Mendez - Panama, Panama
                    Todd Wayne Meredith - Tulsa., OK
              Tunothy Raymond Messenger - Oio, MI
            Scott Andrew Michaels - furt Collins, CO
               Prap.upom MiddJebrook _ Tomball, TX

                     Joan Carol Miller - Lewisville, TX
                Susa.n Jeannette Miller - Pasadena, TX
          Suzette Michelle Miller - Belize City, Belize
     Jerry Dew.tyne Mitchell - Prince Rupert, Canada
               Rebt'cca Ruth Mitchell - Nashville, TN
       Sharron Michelle MontgomH)' - Memphis, TN
         Garrick Shirrell Moody - Mountain Vi~, AR

46   Shades Of Freshmen
                                                                                       Surfin' U.S.A. Kyle Colvelt, a freshmen from
                                                                                       Alamo, TN. does his impersonation of a Beach
                                                                                       Boy as he surfs into a pep roily on the local iron-
                                                                                       ing board. Bobby Bison was responsible for the
                        Pep and Pride                                                  increase of spirit of the different athletic event.
                                                                                       - photo by 'erry Traughber.
         oat ball coaches avoided him,     crowds came from a knowledge of
 19      tense referees despised him,
         but the fans loved him and
that's what counted for junior Kyle
                                           pantomine. "I don't use words; my
                                           gestures have to speak for themselves;'
                                           Colvett remarked. He did most of his
Colvett, a.k.a. Bobby Bison. When the      stunts impromptu. You could tell
ballfield became a pressure cooker you     when his spontaneous juices were
always knew who to count on to turn        flowing. So could the coaches,
down the steam.                            especially when he was on field kick-
   For Bobby Bison, the point of atten-    ing a goal or demanding the attention
ding a football game was to have fun.      of the opposing team's coach. And
However, moments often became              who could forget the delivery of the
stressed . The Bisons could not always     homeCOming queen envelope? .
live up to the expectations of every          It wasn't the most lucrative job on
spectator present . So, exit Bobby         campus. Colvett did not receive a
Bison, enter Surfer Dan and his            scholarship for his antics but it was for
reliable ironing board. With the help      him natural enough that it required lit-
of the band, even the most reluctant       tle pre-game preparation. "It was like
spectators would be cracking a grin to     a second job, sometimes;' he said. "I
'Surf's up' or another number from         think a lot about my act and 1 try to
Colvett's repertoire.                      see when other p eople are thinking
   Colvett, a Biology major from           and get their feedback:'
Alamo, Tenn., transferred from Texas          Probably the most grateful fans of
Tech University to pursue his bac-         Bobby Bison were the collegians of the
calaureate at Harding. "I felt like this   future. "I try to get the little kids in-
was where 1 wanted to be;' he com-         volved;' Colvett said. "Sometimes they
mented. He felt definite ties with Har-    need someone to keep them entertain-
ding, having several family members        ed at Bison games:' <)
who graduated from Harding.                                          - Bill Everett
   Colvett's skill in entertaining home

                                                                                                        Janet A. Moo~ - Ell en to n, FL
                                                                                                        Shuon Fu Moreland - Oongola , IL
                                                                                                        Celia Elaine Morgan. UtIle Rock, AR
                                                                                                        Freddy Ronald Morg .. n - Wumington, NC
                                                                                                        Kitty Lyn Morgan - Santa Rosa, CA
                                                                                                        Lisa Kay Morgan - Santa Rosa, CA
                                                                                                        Savannah Lyn Morley - Honolulu, HI

                                                                                                        Jill Melina Morris - Uttle Rock, AR
                                                                                                        Tracy Ann Morris - Tutwiler, MS
                                                                                                        Drole Jean Morrison - Madison, TN
                                                                                                        Timothy Allen Mosh er - W. Monroe, LA.
                                                                                                        Fred Moss - Shreveport, LA
                                                                                                        Melisa   ~y   Moss - Indianapolis, IN
                                                                                                        Nichol;as   Ro~rt   Mui1ni eks - W. Monroe, LA

                                                                                                        Ronda Lynn Mullen - Portia, AR
                                                                                                        MeliSN Jo Mullins - Smyrna, TN
                                                                                                        JONthan Chad MUn<\y - Carthage, MO
                                                                                                        Melanie Muie Myers . Rogers, AR
                                                                                                        Doni Joe Nulillsi . Madison, TN
                                                                                                        ~an  Patritk Neill · Cary, NC
                                                                                                        Sonja Diann Nelson - Florissant, MO

                                                                                                        Deborah Diane Nichols - W. Memphis, AR
                                                                                                        S.1-ndra Lee Norvell - MI , Drab, O H
                                                                                                        Karen Leigh Norwood· Searcy, AR
                                                                                                        Kevin W.1-yne Oats · Roswell, GA
                                                                                                        Patriei.1- Call Ohllin - Letona, AR
                                                                                                        Calvi Henl\olwan Ong - Pontiana k, Indonesia
                                                                                                        Muc Edward Orsera . St. Petersbufg.. FL

                                                                                                                                 ShadeS of Freshmen      14
                                                     ~         A Campus' Best Friend
                                                     1Z       emember that big, copper-
                                                              colored dog found hanging
                                                              around campus, especially
                                                     around the time of "Annie"? Well, he
                                                     may have looked like the average
                                                                                              hoped Heitschi would be allowed to
                                                                                              stay on campus once the musical was
                                                                                              over. Dorm mother Sandra Bouchareb
                                                                                              said she felt really safe with him there
                                                                                              and allowed him to stay with Sindi in
                                                     American pet, but there was a lot more   her room. "He's a very freindly dog
                                                     to him than that.                        and won't hurt anyone but he will at-
                                                        His       real      name        was   tack on command and will protect pro-
                                                     Heitschibumbeitsehi or Heitschi for      perty," said Graber.
                                                     short. His rightful owner was Sindi        Heitschi celebrated his second birth-
                                                     Graber, a freshman who called both       day in the fall. His favorite sports in-
                                                     Austria and Padre Island, Texas her      cluded soccer and frisbee. To top it all
                                                     home. "I raised Heitschi in Austria;'    off, h~ even had his own passport.
                                                     said Graber, "so he only understands       Heilschi was described as being a
                                                     German commands:' Graber named           one-person dog. Many students notic-
                                                     her dog after her favorite Austrian      ed that the dog followed his owner
                                                     Christmas song.                          constantly and rarely raised his head
                                                        The main purpose for Heitschi be-     when others called out to him.
                                                     ing on campus was so he could per-         Every day, Heitschi walked Graber
                                                     form in the musical "Annie". He played   to each of her classes and waited
                                                     the dog "Sandy" that befriended little   faithfuly outside the building. One
                                                     orphan Annie, played by Alice Gill.      day, after an economics class, Graber
                                                        Graber trained Sandy to follow An-    left through a side door instead of the
                                                     nie around the stage. "He's not afraid   front door where Heitschi was waiting.
                                                     of the audience, he's a ham and loves    Hours later, she went back to the
                                                     it;' Graber commented. 'The problem      Mabee building to find Heitschi still
                                                     is getting him to mind someone else      there. "Sometimes, it's hard to
                                                     besides myself:'                         remember he's a dog;' she chuckle .
                                                        Graber, who lived in Cathcart dorm,                         - Sharon Kunkle

        Ramon J OStjo - San Jose, Costa Rica
         Sauh Jane Osgood - Oaremore, OK
      RkhM<! Curtis Ousley - Manchester, GA
           St~n Glen Owen - Memphis, TN
         D.I.b.i1Q Adell Oxford - Palestine, TX
          Ernest Wilbu P.lrsons - Searcy, AR
                Matthew Todd Patton - Clio, MI

              Ellcn Michele Peck - Searcy, AR
                 Shui Lany Peck - Searcy, AR
            Kenndh M. PKtoI - Balesville, AR
                  Lis.a Kay Pelkey - Searcy. AR
          Grq;ory Ray PenNI - Southaven, MS
                ~nl1d L. Perrett - Milford, MI
         Samuel Chester Perry - Valparaiso, IN

         Malinda Kaye Ptttee _ Brentwood, TN
             Joe l..Jytl Phillips - Quitman, AR
            Tyrtll Scott Phillips - Quitman, AR
              Robert D.ue Pickens - Garland, TX
              SM<l Lis.1; Pielde - Hoi Springs, AR
          Deborah Faye Pierce - Pine Bluff. AR
          J mes Oates Pike - W. Memphis. AR

           Cuoline F. PilIOI)' - Jacksonville, AR
        Diana OflirH Pillay - Jacksonville, AR
          Esther Kamesh Pipkin - Clinton, AR
                 Rcbei:ca E. Pitts - Mobile, AL
        David E. Porter - N. Richland Hills, TX
             Pamela Lynn Poteet - Orlando, FL
            Lon! Lynn Pwsell - Bradenton, FL

     Melinda Ann Raines - Baton Rouge, LA
     Charles Jonathan Raley - Frederick, MO
       Sherry Ann Ramberget . Bradford, AR
 Charles David Ramseyer - Harrisonville, MO
             Amy Ellis Rasche . Kennett, MO
                   Mary A. Ray - Searq, AR
    Btet Jordan Raymond - VVorthington, OH

148       Shades of Freshmen
Andrew Richud Redil • Herndon, VA
Emily lYlili Reddick · Conroe, TX
Travis Wilyne Reed • Searcy, AR
Mark Anthony Reeves . Dothan, AL
Paul Bryilnt Reiser - Monroe, LA
Dilvid Kevin Repond - Colinston, LA
Jill Rene Richuds - U ttle Rock, AR

KMen Kilye Richardson - Bolingbrook. IL
Paul Arthur Richardson - Memphis. TN
SUSiln Leigh Ri chardson - An nand ale, VA
Vivian Gay Richardson - Mem phis, TN
Gary Lewis Ri chey. Searcy, AR
Muk Eliott Pickett - AleQ nder. AR
Vicky Rentt Ridge - Uttle Roc k. AR

Cheryl Jeiln Risner· Scottsdale, AZ
Ronilld Edwud Ritchie - Mons, Belgiu m
Donald Charles Robbins - W. Memphis, AR
Kelly Rene Robertson · Beebe, AR
Dean Rily Robinson - Li ttle Rock, AR
Elise AIi~ Rob inson - N. Little Rock, AR
Arthur Edwud Rodwell - Portland, OR

Michilel Duane Rodgm - LaPalma, CA
1f:resa CMreI Rogers . Roma nce, AR
Travis Glen Rogers - Rogers, AR
Jose Rigoberto Rosales - Estado d e Mexico, Mexico
Uoyd Scott Rose - Marianna, AR
Robin Leigh Ross • Kingwood. TX
Kimberly Sue RoWiln - Searcy, AR

 Paige Leigh Rowland · Rhome, TX
 David Alan Ruble - Philadelphia, MS
 Laura Lucille Ruggles - N. Little Rock, AR
 Murrily lloyd Sanderson - Germantown . TN
 Uoura Lea Sandlin - Searcy, AR
 Marla D;awn Sartain - Utt le Rock, AR
 Robert Louis Scltaffer • Murfreesboro. TN

 Sheri Lynn Schoettle - KoRers, AR
 E1iu beth a ilire Schroer -Mariett;a, AG
 S~n Matthew Schwartz • Searcy, AR
 Jimmy Dun Seeley - Lern a, IL
 Desonya R. Seigriest - Bradford, AR
 Darlene Jofrance Sellers· Madison, TN
 Renate Ann Selvidge - Glendale, AZ

 Kellie M. Shannon· Clinton, AR
 Wdliilm Robert Shelton - Memphis. TN
 Kimberly K;ay Shennan - EI Cajon. CA
 Jenna Cay Shipman . Shreveport, LA
 Rebe<:ca Lynn ShO'NS - Augusta, GA
 Ting Shum - Kwun Tong. Hong Kong
 Trina Marie Sigler - Caulfield, MO

 Dilnny Dille Simmons - Searcy. AR
 Therna Sue Sims · Belvedere. IL
 Sally Louise Sizemore · Birmingham. AL
 Rebe«iI E. Skelton - W. Mem pllis, AR
 Lisa Stu Slaton· Leechburg, PA
 Tonya J. Sliter - N. Little Rock, AR
 Julie Ann Sloop - Memphis, TN

 Brend;a Jilne Smith - Hong Kong
 Cindy A. Smith - Searcy, AR
 David Lynn Smith · Memphis. TN
 Krista E1i1ine Smith - Nash. TX
 Mari l« Smith - Myrtle Beach. SC
 Amy Eliubeth Smoak - Nashv ille. TN
 Peggy Snyman • Capetow n. South Africa

 Eb Kotari Soehardinata - Ja karta-Parat, Indonesia
 Amy Jo Solomon - Bastrop. LA
 John Allen Span - Bastrop. LA
 Victow. Marie SWnper • Morril ton. AR
 Geneva Rentt Stamps - Mena, AR
 Amie Lynn Starling - Tu pelo. MS
 Sandra Lynn Steams - Irvi ng. TX

                        Shades of Freshmen            14
                 Misty Renae Steele - Madison, TN
            lydia Dawn Stephens - Indianapolis, IN
               Muk Kendall Stew.ut - Midland, MI
             Jennifer L. Stillinger - Indianapolis, IN
            Glenda Elaine Stoneman - Raytown, MO
                    Lynette M.uie Stow - Tulsa, OK
            Don Thomas Strader - New Orleans, LA

                     Jotl W. Strickland - Lilburn, GA
                 Benjamin H. Strider - Gamaliel. AR
                     Joan Rebekah Suit - Bigelow, AR
              Hyatt Dibrell Sutton - Birmingham, AL
                Daniel Wayne Swinehart - Sewell, NJ
               Emanuel Tabora - Juticalpa, Honduras
              jeffrey L.J:ne Taggart - Birmingham, AL

                    Brandon Louis Tandy - Wichita, KS
         TIrt.l Tamunasastra - Jakarta-Barat, Indonesia
                            Jill Dulene Tate - Searcy, AR
                    l..J:na Susan Taylor - Sherwood, AR
                                Lisa Taylor· Elizabeth, AR
                       Lloyd James Taylor - Houston,- TX
                 jennifer Rae Terry - Apple Valley, MN

                          Kay Lynn Terry - Conroe, TX
                  Andrew Eugene Thacker - Dallas, TX
           L.J:ura Renee Thibodeaux _ Terre Haute, IN
                   Angela Renee Thomas - Terre Haute
                    David M. Thomas - Columbia, TN
                   D. Michael Thomas - Arlington, TN
                   Hope Maria Thomas - Pensacola, FL

               Jacq ueline Evon Thomas - Malvern, PA
                      james Britt Thomas - Searcy, AR
                 Teresa loyce: Thomas - Clarksville, AR
                     Kelly jare Thomason - Tampa, FL
        Heath Alan Thompson - Oklahoma City, OK
                    Lara Sue Thornton - Lancaster, CA
       Christy Allison Thrasher - Oklahoma City, OK

                  Melissa Gail TIdwell - Roanoke, TX
                   Byron Ooyce TItus - Lewisville, TX
                       Shelley J. TItus - Lewisville, TX
              Samantha Diane Tobey - Colleyville, TX
                Leigh Ann Traisci - New Fairfield, cr
                Lisa Gay Troutman - Hot Springs, AR
                 Phillip Bur.:h Tucker - Nashville, TN

                   Alan Damon Turner - Burton, Ml
                Lisa Karen Underwood - McRae, AR
                Yolanda Suzette Usry - Augusta, GA
             David Waynbe Van Buskirk - Irving, TX
         Greggory Alan Vandagriff - Indianapolis, IN
              Jim Roger Vanderpool - Ft . Smith, AR
             N. Kathleen Vanderpool - Memphis, TN

         Thomas William Vandun>n - E. Syracuse, NY
             Wanda F. Vanhouten - Montgomery, AL
                   Su;a Leann Varner - Marietta, OH
                   Pedro Velasquez. David, Panama
            Craig Carter Venable - N. Little Rock, AR
                Regina Ann Verkler - Black Rock, AR
                        Donna Kay Vick - Spring, TX

              Nodel Villarreal - Panama City, Panama
                   Tonya <.athleen Vines - Searcy, AR
             Jennifer Lynn Visser - Northampton, fA
                   Shannon D. Waggoner - Tulsa, OK
                        Enica W;a]ker - Fairmont, WV
                   Kevin Tyrone W;a]ler - Lonoke AR
                     Lisa Ann W;a]ters - Star Citi AR

                     Curtis Washington - Brinkley, AR
                     Ste~n J;1mes Watts - Radcliff, KY
             TlDIothy Neil Weaver - Birmingham, AL
             Kristin Gi)'le Webb - N. Little Rock, AR
                      Julie Ann Weibel - Yucaipa, CA
          Traq Eliuobeth Weldy - Winston Salem, NC
              Penny Helen Wells - Sulphur Rock, AR

'SO   Shades of Freshmen
                CqIlege Adaptation
          etting ready to go away to col-   bathtub. As I said goodbye to my fami-

  G       lege was a very confusing
          time. Anxiety. Excitement.
 Goodbyes. And even fear. I felt all
                                            ly, little did I know that I would receive
                                            25 letters from my mom the first week!
                                               When I arrived at the campus, anx-
                                            iety and fears quickly left me as Stu-
these as the time drew near to leave.
As I collected a year's supply of           dent Impact volunteers cheerfully car-
toothpaste, shaving cream and those         ried my things to my room. I had
indispensible Paper Mate pens, and          found HARDING : A place where you
tried in vain to explain to my friends      felt at home the moment you stepped
why I wanted to go to school in Sear-       foot on campus; where you were ac-
cy, Arkansas, tension began building.       cepted for what you were and how you
  I had heard many good things about        were by people who really cared;
Harding, and I was very impressed the       where you quickly make friends if you
three times I visited the campus, but       just accepted the invitations; where
was that really Harding? Was                your intelligence was challenged and
everything just a front to get me to        understood by caring instructors;
come? I really had enjoyed all the let-     where classification was not a factor in
ters, birthday cards, personal attention    making friendships; where God's              Going for the gold! Freshman Brian
(let's hear it for Admissions!) and         presence was felt everywhere on cam-         Mashburn from Houston , TX follows through
smiley faces embossed with, '1t's           pus, and His love was taught.                on a bet whereby if he eats three live goldfish
Great To Be At Harding," but weren't           Harding represented a family, one in      then his friend will do his laundry for the en-
they just gimmicks? Propaganda?             which allbad a part, where there was         tire semester. By the time mid-tenns rolled
  The time finally came to go.                                                           around the freshmen no longer felt like "out-
                                            something for everyone. Of course            siders" but had found their own niche and felt
TranSCripts had been sent, CLEP tests       Harding is not perfect, but man! Look        right at home. - photo by Bill Tripp.
taken, and my bedroom had been              what we've got here!! \ )
transplanted in a U-Haul the size of a                              - Phillip Tucker

                                                                                                         Sheri Leigh Wells· San Anionio, TX
                                                                                                         William Brent Wells - Southaven, MS
                                                                                                         KMtn Ruth Wendt - Shreveport, LA
                                                                                                         Phillip D. Wheeler - Norcross, GA
                                                                                                         Wilde Lincoln Wheel er - Camas, WA
                                                                                                         8ewrly D. White · Bradenton, FL
                                                                                                         James David Whi~ - Searcy, AR

                                                                                                         John Gregory Whl~ - Phoenix.
                                                                                                         Samantha Jun White - The Woodla nds, TX
                                                                                                         Holly FI.nah Whitrock - Denver, CO
                                                                                                         KristJ.nto Wibowo - Jakarta, Indonesia
                                                                                                         Dayna Sue Wiggins - Tulare, CA
                                                                                                         Dana Louise Wilburn - Tulsa, OK
                                                                                                         Mary Bess Wilcox - Ballwin, MO

                                                                                                         Fred Douglas Wiley - Houston, TX
                                                                                                         T.nj. Cenev. Wilks - Bigelow, AR
                                                                                                         Bury O'Neal Willi.ms - Millington, TN
                                                                                                         D.VC' W.yne Wlli.ms . Aurora, MO
                                                                                                         Randil11 Lee Wilhllns - N. Little Rock, AR
                                                                                                         Roslyn Anne Wllli.ms . Searcy, AR
                                                                                                         TrOid Lynn Williams - Crown Point, IN

                                                                                                          Zinker WilliJ.D\5 - Sean:y, AR
                                                                                                          T~nt   De;rn WiIliOlIl'lSOn . Rifle, CO
                                                                                                          Lis.I Renee Wilson - VYestern Sprin~, IL
                                                                                                          Robert Rand.U Wilson· Soddy DaISY, TN
                                                                                                          Bundy Ann Wllli'U - White Oak, PA
                                                                                                          AlOin Reed WishMd . Greenville, TX
                                                                                                          0uU Elvin Wolfe - Memphis, TN

                                                                                                         John Franklin Wood - Roswell, GA
                                                                                                         Sheil. Kaye Wood - Mabelvale, AR
                                                                                                         Tracy Lynn Wooten - Broken Arrow, OK
                                                                                                         Jennifer L. Wright - Monticello, IL
                                                                                                         hbid. K.y WyOitt . Juneau, AK
                                                                                                         Ricky Dale 'rubeny . Searcy, AR
                                                                                                         Kevin Lynn Y.ilws - Portland, OR

                                            Judith Melanie Ye;ury - Paragould, AR
                                            Laun Rene Young · Portland, OR
                                            Lana Sue Zartman · Nevada, MO

                                                                                                                                Shades    of Freshmen   151
                                                                                                        A Melting Pot
                                                                                           t the spring induction of        spoken by two or more of these more

                                                                                  11       members into the Arkansas
                                                                                          Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi, the
                                                                                 officiating sponsor, Dr. Joseph E.
                                                                                 Pryor, announced that the 70 inductees
                                                                                                                            cosmopolitan "foreigners" as they
                                                                                                                            communicate in their native tongue -
                                                                                                                            Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian,
                                                                                                                            Malaysian, or "whatever:'
                                                                                 represented 38 academic majors from          These students have impressed us
                                                                                 25 states and three foreign countries -    with their desire to learn and their
                                                                                 Belize, Indonesia, and South Africa.       willingness to pay the price of intense,
                                                                                 At the fall induction, he announced        dedicated study for a long period of
                                                                                 that the 58 inductees represented 26       time so that they can master the con-
                                                                                 academic rnajors from 20 states and        tent of their courses and be able to
                                                                                 two foreign countries - Belize and         apply it. They have become involved
                                                                                 Singapore with four from Belize.           in ca!JIpus activities and they have ex-
                                                                                   Although "foreign students" in years     celled. Their cheery smiles and their
                                                                                 gone by have qualified for Alpha Chi       resonant "hellos" have "made the day"
                                                                                 membership, eight qualifying in a          for many of us "natives:' They have
                                                                                 given year represented a really signifi-   not objected to hearing the pledge of
                                                                                 cant increase. A check into the fall       allegiance to the United States
                                                                                 enrollment analysis made by the            repeated in chapel by us "natives:'
                                                                                 registrar revealed a decided increase in   Their deep appreciation for the oppor-
                                                                                 the number of foreign students enroll-     tunity to get a good education so they
                                                                                 ed and some increase in the countries      can be of greater service in "their coun-
                                                                                 represented beginning in the fall of       try" has rubbed off on us. Their get-
                                                                                 1985. This was not unexpected in view      ting to know us and our getting to
                                                                                 of the fact that the Walton Scholarships   know them may make a real contribu-
                                                                                 for students from Central America          tion to peace in our world in decades
                                                                                 began with the fall of 1985.               ahead. Their study of the Bible and
                                                                                   Not only have these students been        seeing Christ exemplified, hopefully,
                                                                                 blessed by attending Harding but we        in our lives may result in thousands
                                Countries                      Students          "Yankees" from the 50 states (and 47       becoming simple New Testament
             1986                25                             112              or more have been represented each of      Christians in the decades ahead as
             1985                32                             101              these years) have been blessed by          they become leaders in their
             1984                23                              78              these students from so many "foreign       homelands.
             1983                19                              54              countries:' Names like Castro, Diaz,         This had been a very important
             1982                18                              53              Effendi, and Jittimaporn now break         shade of change at Harding in 1986-87.
             1981                19                              49              the monotony on class rosters of Allen     We "natives" salute you as '1Jrothers"
             1980                17                              54              and Ganus. Classes are taught in           and "sisters" who came to us in the fall
             1979                25                              57              English but it is not unusual for a        as "foreigners" and wish you God's
             1978                25                              72              parochial "Yankee" to corne out of a       richest blessings as we all join hands
             1977                   24                           72              building or to walk down the sidewalk      in service to our fellow men.<0>
             1976                   19                           47              and hear an "unknown tongue" being                                - Dr. Joe Pryor

                        David W. AdcoX' III - Malden, MO
                        Gary Michael Ashley - Bonita, CA
                          MU'Cia Gail Ayob - Conway, AR
            Claudia Azille - Chrisliansted, Sain t Croix, VI
                            M. Gregg Bmlen - Searcy, AR
                     Julie Ann Bateman - Uttle Rock AR
                     Bruce Eugene Bales - Portsmouth, VA

                Mitsouko The Bernard - Nassau, Bahamas
                            Ina M. Biggs - Bradford, AR
                             Nancy E. Billiot - Searcy, AR
                   ScoH Patrick Bonk - Drayton Plains, MI
                     Ann Dehlny Brown - Bartlesville, OK
                           Je~nifer R. Brown - Searcy, AR
                       Cltherlne Lee Budti - Franklin, TN

                                           aifton Eric Butler - EI Dorado, AR
                                                  Jennifer R Cain - Cocoa, FL
                                             Kelly Chapman - Long Beach, MI
                                      George G, Chinnici - Fountain Valley, CA
                                             Jamie Lynn auk - Oak Park, MI
                                         Roger Andrew Cooper - Lancaster, OH

152       Shades of Second Semester Students
                    Lela Hill Cypert - Searcy, AR
                    Dana Renee Daniels· Paragould, AR
                    Peter O. Davis - Searcy, AR
                    Wiliam Brent Dismuke - Dunwoody, GA
                    Skelley Donohue - Crowley, TX
                    Andrew Stephen Dudley - St. Petersburg, FL
                    Kendra Fenley - Amarillo, TX

                    Tonja Renee Fogle - Marietta, GA
                    Lawrence W. Freund - Lawton, O K
                    Jonathan Noel Frye - Mountain Brook, AL
                    Rebecca Marie F1,1l1er _ Fulton, NY
                    Kevin Wayne Gann - Paola, KS
                    Linda C. Gibson - N. little Rock, AR
                    W. Lewis Green, Jr.. Housto n, TX

                      Carole Anne H;u-rison - Batesville, AR
                   .. Melinda Leigh Haynes· Oxford, AL
                  • William Andrew Holder - Memphis, TN
                      Petuel Hong · Jakarta-Bara t, Indonesia
                      John Henry Hoover · Searcy, AR
                      Susan Anita Hoover - Searcy, AR
                      Traci Dawn Hulse · Fayetteville, AR

                   Sherri Lynn Jernigan - Searcy, AR
                   Sarah Ruth Jimenez· Alexandria, VA
                   Timothy Paul Jones - Maryland Heights, MO
                   Cynthia Lynne Key _ Dallas, TX
                   Tim Kroeker - Prince George, Bc' Canada
                   Alton Leon Lancaster - Burleson, TX
                   Ernest Andre Lancaster - Burleson, TX

                    Jeanne T. Lockhart - Charlotte, NC
                    Todd Rodn ey Loe - Dekal b, TX
                    David Lee Maust - Morgantown, WV
                    Mary Ruth Maxwell - Dearborn, Ml
                    Everett Lee McCain - Searcy, AR
                    Kirk David McEuen · little Rock, AR
                    Regina "Jes nie" Merrell - Bald Knob, AR

                    June Kellie Miller - Lewisville, TX
                    Timothy W. Moore - Bentonville, AR
                    Cheryl R. Murray - Redfield, AR
                    Abby Dora Murrell · W. Palm Beach, Fl
                    Christina Northcutt - Clinton, TN
                    Sheri Ann Parker - Terre Haute, IN
                    Becky Gaye Panish - Rogers, AR

                     James William Pearce - Dallas, TX
                     Christa Darling Reese - Selma, AL
                     Janis Blair Reynolds · Dyersburg, TN
                     Roben Marie Roberts - Charleston. SC
                     Mavette L. Rouse - Nashville, TN
                     Suzanne C. Sabourin - Dulu th, GA
                     Tracy A. Schn akenberg - t'Jeosho, MO

                     Luann Schwartz -Searcy, AR
                     Amy Sherwin - Spring, TX
                     Daniel Andrew Shill · Memphis, TN
                     Ken Mars hall Shumard - Chamblee, GA
                     Volyn De(' Simmons - Wolfforth, TX
                     Kamala Lee Smith - Tulsa, OK
                     Shannon Lynn Smith - Aurora, CO

                    Rodney Sean Stalnaker - Morrilton, AR
                    Jerry Eugene Stotts - Te){ilrkana, TX
                    Sayang Sock Tan - Singapore
                    Mark Allen Thompson - Conway, AR
                    Bobby R. Upton, Jr. - McRae, AR
                    Ellen Ruth Walker - Searcy, AR
                    Tamara M. Wallace - li tt le Roc k, AR

Wendy Lynn Walling . Allentown, Ml
Jacqueline Williams - Kensett, AR
Jessie LeAnn WjlJ~ams • Springfield, VA
Tinea Louise Williams - Pine Bluff, AR
Dana Lynn Word · Me mph is, TN
Franco Zengaro - Cosenea, Italy

                     Shades of Second Semester Students          153
                                                                                            Mutual Benefits Achieved
                                                                                       any Harding students were        by entering the teaching profession:'

                                                                             l1        working on their master's
                                                                                       degrees free of charge. That's
                                                                             right, 100% of their tuition was paid by
                                                                             Harding.             .
                                                                                                                           'This has been a tremendous oppor-
                                                                                                                        tunity for me;' added Melody Benton
                                                                                                                        of Mena, AR. '1 really love to learn and
                                                                                                                        1 have learned more practical things
                                                                               These select few were found in every     this year than in my previous four
                                                                             department on campus - they were           years. 1 will be able to use a substan-
                                                                             graduate assistants.                       tial amount of these things in the
                                                                               Most of these students have really       classroom.1f
                                                                             "hit the books" and "gone the extra           Jones was quick to add that these
                                                                             mile" before grasping this honorable       students were not really going to
                                                                             plateau in their higher education.         school scot-free. 'These students have
                                                                               Graduate assistants were selected at     worked extra hard during their
                                                                             Harding by departmental committees         undergraduate work and deserve to be
                                                                             after intense review of varying criteria   where they are today;' said Jones.
                                                                             which usually revolved around              "'TKey also work twelve hours per
                                                                             G.P.A., references, and leadership         week in various sections of the depart-
                                                                             abilities.                                 ment:'
                                                                               After talking briefly with a couple of      Providing service for the college was
                                                                             the graduate assistants in education,      all part of her master's experience ac-
                                                                             the smoke cleared and 'it was easy to      cording to Benton. "We have the op-
                                                                             see the caliber student to which an        portunity to work closely with the
                                                                             assistantship was afforded.                teachers and see their different
                                                                               "1 was so excited when 1 was told 1      methods. The experience has been in-
                                                                             had been chosen as an assistant;' said     valuable and 1 encourage other
                                                                             Benay Waite of Huntsville, AL. "1 was      students to strive academically for this
                                                                             told last spring on graduation day. This   type of opportunity:'
                                                                             has certainly been a big step forward         'This will allow me to not only com-
                                                                             in my lifelong dream of becoming a         mand a higher salary, but also to make
                                                                             teacher. I'm following in the footsteps    a greater impact in my chosen field;'
                                                                             of both my mother and grandmother          added Waite.

                Brent David Alexander - Delight, AR
         Kristen Marie Anderson - Lake Crystal, MN
                 Cheryl Lynne Bd:er . Memphis, TN
                   Donald Stan Beck - Rockville, MD
                  Stephen A. Beliech - Pensacola, FL
                   DOlOUi)' Ann Bell - Pangburn, AR
                   Melody Anne Benton - Mena, AR

                   Dawn L Bb.ine - Camp Hill, PA
             Melissa Anne Branum - Ft. Smith , AR
     Ana Gisela Castrellon - David-Chriiqui, Panama
                     Diane Conner - Millington, TN
            Sharon Eli.u.beth Daniel - Westfield, NJ
                 Oro Megan Denham - Hebron, KY
                    Richard M. Denney - Milan, IL

            Thomas Brabson Drinnen - Knoxville,      TN
                 Melinda Leigh Ellis - Judsonia,     AR
                      Gary Ike Evans - Canehill,     AR
                  Rebecha Maree Evans - Searcy,      AR
                       Tony Scott FinJey - Searcy,   AR
                Ka.ren Robertha flippin - Searcy,    AR
                        David C. Fowler - Yuma,      AZ

                        WLiliam Ga.rdner - Searcy, AR
                    StanJey Bruce Green · Searcy, AR
                 Lisa Michelle Howell - Billings, MT
              Ephraim D. Akpan Ituen . Uyo, Nigeria
                 Mark Alan Jacobs· Winter Park, FL
                    Stanley Ellis Keith · Seneca, MO
                  David Alan Kelsey - Louisville, KY

                                   Anna Karen Kroencke - G r~nfield IN
                                Lisa Kimberly LeInll'lon . Switzerland: FL
                                            Franklin D. Lou - Searcy, AR
                                           Carla Cay Loucks - Searcy, AR
                               Roger Kenneth Maach - Grand Junction, IA
                                     Thomas Herbert M;utin - Searcy, AR

54   Shades of Gmduate Students
 With Assistantships
   And what an impact they will make!
 A common vein that seemed to run
 through this caliber of student was a
 strong desire to make themselves and
 their professions the best they could
   "I see a special opportunity as a
teacher," added Waite. "I see the
chance to build a child's self-concept
to what it ought to be:'
   "As a teacher 1 can even affect a
child's parents by showing a special
love toward their kids;' said Benton. "I
can make a difference in a few kids'
lives and who knows - one may grow
up to be somebody important:'
   Someone once said, "There have
been a lot of important people in every
'important' person's life:' <:)
                     - Brett Kirkman
Satisfaction. Karen Roseberry, a graduate stu-
dent /r(Jl11 Ft. Wnth, TX possesses a look of con-
tentment after a day full of accomplishment. The
graduate assistantship was not only a great
benefit to the students, but it was a great ser-
vice to Harding as well. - photo by ferry

                                                                                                     Paul lU.ymond Maturi - Little Rock, AR
                                                                                                     Charlotte E. McGee - Dallas, TX
                                                                                                     Lolita Elise Meredith - Augusta , AR
                                                                                                     Chad Dwayne Necessary - Springfield, OH
                                                                                                     Shari [)eann Nelson - Florissant, MO
                                                                                                     Michael H. Oliver - Royal Oak, MI
                                                                                                     Oyde W.llter Owen - Camino, CA

                                                                                                    Mucus Braley Pyland - Searcy, AR
                                                                                                    Scott S. R.logsd.IIe - Searcy, AR
                                                                                                    Terri Lynn Rine - Proctorville, OH
                                                                                                    Robert Andrew Ritchie - Canterbury, NH
                                                                                                    Karen Leann Rosebeny . Ft. Worth, TX
                                                                                                    Frink Jeffrey Sholey . Memphis, TN
                                                                                                    Deni Olene Sims · Ratliff Cit y, OK

                                                                                                    Charles Dwight Smith· Searcy, AR
                                                                                                    Kari Ann Smith· Bloomington, MN
                                                                                                    Jeffrey Edward Stevenson · Effingham, IL
                                                                                                    Lisa Denise Stewart · West Monroe. LA
                                                                                                    Homer Anderson Stroud· Jonesboro, AR
                                                                                                    Jeny ToUT . Zanesville, OH
                                                                                                    Brent R. Tiylor . Bartlesville, OK

                                                                                                    Terri Giyle Taylor · Bartles ville, OK
                                                                                                    Cynthia Faye Thomas · Raytown, MO
                                                                                                    James Scott Viughn . St . Louis, MO
                                                                                                    Kathryn SeniY Wiite . Huntsville, AL
                                                                                                    Sharon Annette Waldrop' Bartlesville, OK
                                                                                                    Deborah L. ~atherington . Harrisburg, IL
                                                                                                    Brenda Mae Wheaton · Burton, MI

                                                     G.vy Thomas Williams - Prince Albert, Canada
                                                     WllIi. n Curtis Williams - Searcy, AR
                                                     George Nathan WLilis - Pasadena, TX
                                                     Lori Ren~ Woodworth - Sdotoville, OH

                                                                                                                Shades of Graduate Students    1~
                                                        School of Biblical Studies
                                  Mu Class
                 Buddy by Aldridge - Duncan, OK
                Lany Dta.n Bynwn - Van Buren, AR
               ~nld  Scot ~nsho1w - Magnolia, AR
                 Douglu Brent Franks - Minco, OK
                 James Allen ~ntry • Malvern, AR
              Michael B. Higgins - Farmington, NM
                   Tod wi Jones· Ft. (arson, CO

                 John Gt-orge Krink - Seattle, WA
               Guy Mack Ldtwich - HaxeJpark. M I
                   Sunley Illy U~l - Kennett, MO
            Bndlty Keith McAlft - Fort Gibson, OK
                         Roy F. lYines - Ozark, AR
                 Thomas Alan Taylor - Ft. Riley, KS
              Donnie Mack Tr.lmmell - Canyon, TX

                                                                G.tither Lynn Vanderveer - Skiatook, OK
                                                                Randy Allan Willingh.lm • Stillwater, OK
                                                                             David L. Wolfe - Searcy, AR
                                                                       Jeff Lynn Ziegler - Boonville, MO

                                  Nu Class
                    Roy And_ - Bangalore, India
                         Marty Atkins - Muncie, IN

                   leRoy Baugus - Farmington, AR
                   }ewe'll M. Belew, Jr. - Beebe, AR
                          Huold Can- - Galena, MO
                           P.aul Collins - Spring. TX
                TImothy Greilthouse - Texarkana, TX

                          Aliln HoIte - Chaska, MN
                          Doug Leckie - Moore, OK
                          David Lrwis _ Lytten, KY
                          Craig Miller - Searcy, AR
                      John Paul Morgan - Lyn n, AR
                        Danny Parrish - Rogers, AR
                      Stephen bmsey - Vernon, TX

                                                                         J. Rtulbac:h - White Phdn$, NY
                                                                               Jon Brian TOlte - Tyler, TX
                                                                       Lury Eugene Wagner - Tampa, FL
                                                                 William H. Wilson, Jr. - Englewood, FL

156   Shades of Biblical Studies
     Preparing to Preach the Word
       ecause of the intensity of the      HSBS board critically reviewed and            Though the 22 participants faced

  13    pmgram and the demands
        placed upon its students, few
find much time for part-time jobs. The
                                           screened applicants to be convinced of
                                           each potential student's a commitment
                                           to excellence.
                                                                                         tremendous tests of stamina in their
                                                                                         work for the gospel, the success of the
                                                                                         trip was evident to Franks and others
work load which faced each student            James Gentry, who is in his second         who were very positive about the
was that of a four-year program, con-       year of studies, preached regularly at       outcome.                     ~
densed into half the time. And classes      the Marquard Street church of Christ           'We knocked doors for an average of
were 90-minutes long, four in a row,        following the leave of Richard King,         six hours a day, starting in the morn-
every day.                                  former professor of Bible. 'lt's definite-   ing and resuming after lunch;' said
                                            ly an accelerated program, and               Franks. 'lt took us a while to orient
    HSBS, the Harding School of Biblical    demanding," Gentry commented.                ourselves to the London way of life;
 Studies, though intense, trained its 36    "The curriculum is focused to gIve us        reading road maps, for instance, was
 students in Biblical languages,            a good foundation for the life we've         impossible, but once we were ac-
 homiletics, and doctrine. Students at-     chosen for ourselves.                        climated to the country things began
 tended class year-round with only a          The HSBS is under the direction of         to roll:'
 three-week break for summer inter-         L.v. Pfeifer, who was in his second            Franks described the response as be-
 mission and campaigns. Despite the         year as director of the program. Pfeifer     ing very miXed, but often atheistic:
 odds, however, students who par-          feels that the school, which was              "The people there are rebelling against
 ticipated in HSBS generally stuck with     created in 1974, serves an important         the Anglican Church (the Church of
 it, the drop-out rate was very low, and    function among churches of Christ to-        England) and as a result have rebelled
 gained practical Biblical knowledge        day: "The success of our graduates is        against God altogether. Many were
 coupled with experience in the field.      becoming quite well-known. They              unemployed and had a rough time
    The average HSBS student was            leave here and do what they came here        which they felt gave them a reason to
 male, though there were some females       to do, to make great gospel preachers:'      be atheistic:'
 enrolled in the program. The average          In addition to rigorous classroom           The campaigners worked with a
 student was in his mid 30's, married       time, students were required to par-         small church of 50 members and spent
 with two children, and had a degree        ticipate in two U.S. campaigns, usual-       their two weeks in London teaching in
 in some academic training.                 ly held in the spring, and one foreign       the homes of interested Londoners
   The HSBS work week was four days         campaign, conducted in the summer,           and holding a meeting at which Bobby
in length. Students were encouraged         before completing the program. This          Parks, former HSBS graduate and field
to assist smaller congregations in the      year's domestic campaigners travelled        director for the program, spoke.
area on Sundays. Because of the long        to Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and           Though American sentiment there
drive which faced many students             Texas.                                       was often less than desirable, shortly
(some drove to Missouri each Sun-              Two foreign campaigns were held,          following the bombing of Libya by the
day), Monday was a holiday.                 one in Scotfand and one in England.          U.S., five responded and were added
   To become a student in the program,      Brent Franks, a student from Minco,          to the kingdom as a result of HSBS ef-
applicant was required to be 21-years-      Okla., participated in the campaign          forts in London<>              I
old with good recommendations. The          which was held in London, England.                              .     - Bil Everett

                                                                                  On Ihe defensive. Jeffrey    J. Reulbach from

                                           •                                      White Plkilins, NY and John Paul Motgan from
                                                                                  Lynn are "guarding" their territory to prevent
                                                                                  the opposing team from scoring. Although the
                                                                                  SBS progmm UXlS very demanding, the students
                                                                                  still had time for some fun and relaxation. -
                                                                                  photo by Bill Tripp.

                                                                                                                     Shades of Biblical Studies   157
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