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                                        Covering the Wiseburn School District
 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 5                                                                                                                           JUNE – OCTOBER 2010

                    Maintaining Excellence
                                                                                          Chess Challenge!
                         I would like to begin our final
                      issue of School News for 2009-10
                      by thanking the entire Wiseburn
                      Community for all of your sup-
                      port this year. The education of
                      our children is truly a community
                      effort and our school district is
 Dr. Tom Johnstone very blessed to enjoy unparal-
                      leled support from all of you.
        The theme for this edition of School News is
    “Maintaining Excellence.” These two words take
    on a special meaning this year as Wiseburn schools
    continue to battle what has been officially named
    as the “Great Recession.” Though funding for our
    schools has been cut by the State of California by
    nearly 23% since 2008, Wiseburn Schools con-
    tinue to make positive strides. The teachers at
    Juan de Anza School strengthened their initial
    literacy program this year with the introduction of
    DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early
    Literacy Skills). DIBELS is used with students in
    grades K-2 for screening purposes, identifying
    next instructional steps, student grouping and          Dr. Chris Jones, Principal                                 For the final and deciding round, the top six
    targeting specific areas for intervention.                 Students from Juan de Anza and                        scorers from each team were called to the stage to
        At Juan Cabrillo School, second grade teachers                                                              compete in a game of Speed Chess using a clock
    have launched the Accelerated Reader program              Peter Burnett faced off in the                        and a giant chess set. After an action-filled game,
    that strengthens each student’s reading skills and        annual Wiseburn Chess Challenge.                      Anza came away with the trophy, with the final
    encourages students to read more and strive for                                                                 score of 51 to 39 points.
    higher levels. Cabrillo School is also in the process        This tournament event was held in the Guerrero        Chess is promoted at both Burnett and Anza as a
    of launching a Growing Great program with 14              Multi-Purpose Center on Friday, April 30, 2010.       game that builds important life skills such as logic,
    brand new planter boxes.                                  Students participated in a 60 minute round of         strategic planning, and spatial reasoning. A big thank
                         SEE SUPERINTENDENT • PAGE 11         general play, earning points for each check mate or   you goes out to Chess Test Tutors for sponsoring
                                                              stale mate. At the end of the first round only two     and coordinating the event.
                                                              points separated the two schools.                        Congratulations to all of our participants.

                        Wiseburn School District Board of Education                                                               Your Reading
                                                                                                                                  Electives Inside:
                                                                                                                                  Neighborhood Assoc. ..........Page 2
                                                                                                                                  PTA’s ....................................................2
                                                                                                                                  Wiseburn Ed. Foundation ..............3
                                                                                                                                  Wiseburn District Schools:
                                                                                                                                  Da Vinci Charter Schools ..........4–5
                                                                                                                                  Juan de Anza ....................................6
                                                                                                                                  Peter Burnett ....................................7
 Dennis Curtis              Nelson Martinez             Roger Bañuelos           Israel A. Mora            Brian Meath
 President                                              Member                   Member                    Member                 Juan Cabrillo......................................8
                                                                                                                                  Richard Henry Dana ........................9

             Neighborhood Associations                                                                                                 PTA’s
Del Aire
    John Koppleman, President • 310/531-7111
                                                                                          Anza PTA
Spring has Sprung                                                                          Gwen Perius, President

       Cherry season is upon us at the Hawthorne Del Aire Farmers Market.                 Very Important Volunteers
       Our little Market is growing and has a very nice collection of flowers, fruits,
    vegetables including Asian vegetables like bok choy, Dwarf Choy Sum, Pak Choy              At Juan de Anza, we love our volunteers. At our April PTA meeting, we
    and more. Our apple and pear farmer also carries jujube for making jujube tea.         recognized each of our Very Important Volunteers. The evening was attended by
    There are spices, fresh fish and lobsters. Not to forget the farm fresh eggs and        many of our volunteers, teachers and staff. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner
    chicken. We now have added an all organic farmer to the mix!                           donated by Delzano’s by the Sea, Tony’s Pizza and Subs and Whole Foods. To
       Come join us on Saturdays from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM at 135th and Aviation          date, we have a record of more than 6,700 volunteer hours! Thank you everyone.
    (Divinci school) and let our reflexologist rub your feet with essential oils!               In May, we had another successful evening at Island’s Restaurant in Manhattan
                                                                                           Village. We are always grateful for this well-attended and fun family event.
                                                                                               In June we had our first annual Adult Social Fundraiser Night at Delzano’s by
Wiseburn                                                                                   the Sea in Redondo Beach. The evening gave us a spectacular beach sunset,
    email:                                                           fantastic food, and dancing to a DJ. This event was well-attended by teachers,
                                                                                           staff and parents, who were happy to celebrate the end of the school year in a
                                                                                           way that will boost our budget for the coming year.
Watch Update                                                                                   The Anza PTA has worked very hard this past year and is planning for our
                                                                                           future. We wish everyone in our community a safe and healthy summer, and look
        Wiseburn Watch is a neighborhood watch program dedicated to the Wiseburn           forward to seeing you in the fall.
    community. The goals of Wiseburn Watch are to maintain, protect, and enhance
    our neighborhood. Wiseburn Watch strives to create and maintain positive,
    productive relationships with law enforcement, county officials, and other groups
    with common interests. We are working to decrease crime and graffiti in the            Burnett PTA
    community, provide for the needs of the neighborhood and increase disaster pre-        Jennifer Morgan, President • 310/990-5455
        Started in 2007, Wiseburn Watch has grown to over three hundred members           A Busy Spring for the PTA
    strong. We invite any homeowner, property owner, or leaseholder within the
    Wiseburn community (properties east of the 405 freeway, west of Inglewood                 We were able to provide two field trips to each grade level, thanks to the
    Avenue and south of El Segundo Blvd., north of Rosecrans) to attend a Watch            fundraising efforts of our members.
    meeting or contact us at for more information.                      Our Growing Great Nutrition program was a huge success! The program is
        Wiseburn Watch is involved in a variety of community activities and issues of      paid for by the Wiseburn Education Foundation. We were able to teach five
    concern. Wiseburn Watch has worked closely with County officials to improve safety      lessons to each class at Peter Burnett. Thank you to all our Parent volunteers,
    conditions along the La Cienega corridor. Wiseburn Watch is currently looking to       as this program would not be possible without you!
    bring much needed open green space to our neighborhood. This has been an ongoing          The school year is coming to an end with many more exciting things to come
    cooperative effort with the Watch and Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas’ office.            for students. We will miss all our fifth grade families moving to Dana next year.
        We are continuing our effort to get the Wiseburn community disaster prepared.         We have many open PTA positions for the 2010-11 school year. If you are
    We have begun to form a committee to create a disaster plan for Wiseburn. We           interested in volunteering, please contact Jennifer Morgan at 310-990-5455.
    encourage all families to create their own disaster plan and have a disaster supply
    kit with enough food, water and supplies to sustain your family for 7-10 days.
        Wiseburn Watch is planning a community event for National Night Out on the        Cabrillo PTA
    evening of Tuesday August 3rd at the Oceangate Baptist Church. The event will          Andra Taylor, President • 310/297-0855
    include a raffle of a brand new cherry red Beach Cruiser. Tickets will be pre sold
    at our meetings and the evening of the event. Look for more information to come!      1st Annual Casino Night
        We hope all Wiseburn residents will take an interest in the community and
    join us at a watch meeting!                                                              Date: Friday, June 18, 2010
                                                                                             Time: 7:00- 11:00pm
                                                                                             Place: The Proud Bird, 11022 Aviation Blvd., Los Angeles

                                                                                              Join us for a parents night out and support the Cabrillo PTA.
                                                                                              Tickets for the event are $35 a person and include a selection of appetizers
                                                                                           and pastries, coffee and tea, and 200 “Funny Money” dollars to spend on
                                                                                           gambling at the blackjack, poker, craps or roulette tables. A selection of raffle
                                                                                           prizes will also be available and gambling chips/ Funny Money may be exchanged
                                                                                           for raffle tickets. Adult beverages, sodas, and additional Funny Money will be
                                                                                           available for purchase at the event.
                                                                                              ADULTS ONLY, PLEASE!
                                                                                              A limited number of tickets available. June 11 is the last day to purchase
                                                                                           tickets. Tickets will be available for purchase at Cabrillo’s Open House on
                                                                                           May 26th, and before school on June 9th & 11th.
                                                                                              For tickets or questions contact Janine Gertsch at 310-740-1982 or

Wiseburn Education Foundation
  13530 Aviation Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250
  310/643-3025 ext. 55

Rock Around the Block
By Scott Morgan, President
     On Saturday, April 24th the Wiseburn Education
  Foundation held their annual Rock Around the Block
  event at the new Juan Cabrillo School campus. For
  the first time ever, our event was opened with our
  very own Dana jazz band playing our national anthem. We had a record number
  attendance for this year’s event that enjoyed the many rides and games such as
  the bungee jump, train ride, human hamster ball, dunk tank, video game truck,
  balloon pop and the dual obstacle course. With the tough economic times in our
  country and within our own state’s budget cuts, we raised over $20,000 that will
  be used for programs that support all four schools. Our annual event cannot take
  place without the energy from our volunteers. The WEF would like to thank the
  many volunteer heroes who made this year’s event possible. You truly “stepped
  up” again this year.

    We would also like to thank the following contributors to this year’s event.
    Windstar, Directv, Pipkin Family Foundation, The Goodlick Company, Rick
  Porter & the Rainbow River Staff, Celestron Telescopes, California Highway Patrol,
  LA Fire house #160, National Food Service, U.S. Food Service & David Gilner,
  Teen Challenge, Mr. Rod, New Zealand Ice Cream, Southbay Ford, Chevron and
  Anthony at AMK Design (who donates our volunteer shirts each year).
    A “Thank You” also goes out to the many families for attending and your
  donations to our cause, which is to help our school district continue to be strong
  and provide our students with the resources they need to prevail.

COVERING THE   W ISEBURN S CHOOL D ISTRICT                                             JUNE – OCTOBER 2010   3
Da Vinci                                    Charter Schools
    13500 Aviation Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250

By Dr. Matthew Wunder, Executive Director                                                     If your family has moved into the area after the lottery application deadline,
WASC Accreditation                                                                         please contact us. We have set aside a small number of enrollment slots for resi-
       We are extremely proud to announce that Da Vinci Design and Da Vinci                dents who meet eligibility requirements.
    Science—known collectively as Da Vinci Schools—are now fully accredited by
    the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges             Da Vinci Students Win First, Second Place at L.A. County Science Fair,
    (WASC). Da Vinci Schools have been granted a four-year term of accreditation          Headed to State Science Fair
    retroactive to the opening of the schools in August 2009 and continuing through           Da Vinci sophomore Jared C. and freshman Brian V. took home top honors at
    June 30, 2013.                                                                         the 60th Annual Los Angeles County Science Fair that was held April 14-16,
       The WASC Visiting Committee singled out for recognition our high-quality            2010. Jared took First Place in Physics for his “Thermal Conductivity of Roof
    learning environment and our supportive partnerships with local businesses and         Color” project. Brian earned Second Place for his Engineering Applications
    corporations.                                                                          project, “Blowout: Acoustic Fire Extinguisher.” Jared and Brian qualified to
       In addition to the areas of strength noted above, the WASC Visiting                 compete in the California State Science Fair that will be held on May 17-18 at
    Committee found that Da Vinci Schools have developed a system to serve                 the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Jared and Brian were supported by
    students with different learning needs; we have a clear sense of purpose and           Da Vinci engineering teacher Mario Rodriguez and parent Marshall Vallelunga.
    direction; parents and students feel valued and connected to our schools;                 Congratulations to our young scientists, and to their teacher and mentor!!
    students are happy and productive; and teachers have positive attitudes about
    students and their learning, providing students with high levels of self-confidence.
    This accreditation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students,    Project-Based Learning and Exhibition
    faculty, staff, families, board members, and community partners.                           Da Vinci Schools prepare students for future success via a real-world, “learn
       WASC is one of six regional associations that accredit public and private           by doing” curriculum that is aligned with the California content standards and
    schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. WASC accreditation is a      exceeds the UC and CSU “a-g” requirements. Da Vinci students do not sit
    voluntary process that provides a certification to the public that schools must be      passively at desks listening to teacher-directed lectures and memorizing facts.
    worthy of the trust placed in them to provide high-quality learning opportunities      Instead, students are actively engaged in authentic, real-world tasks that are
    and clearly demonstrate continual self-improvement. Graduation from an                 relevant and meaningful. Students “learn by doing” in an immersive, project-
    accredited high school is required by most colleges and universities and financial      based environment that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, technology
    aid institutions. For more information about WASC, please contact: Western             literacy, and teamwork—all skills that are vital to academic and lifelong success.
    Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Schools,
    533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010, Tel. (650) 696-1060.
       We are thrilled with the recognition that this accreditation brings us, and we
    will continue our commitment to ensuring that all Da Vinci students graduate
    college-ready, career-prepared, and community-minded.
       Congratulations to the entire Wiseburn/Da Vinci community!

Enrollment Update
        Da Vinci Schools will admit about 240 new students in 9th grade and about
    16 students in 10th and 11th grades for the 2010-2011 school year. These are
    approximate numbers because the number of returning students can only be
        The residents of Wiseburn receive an admission preference to attend the
    Da Vinci Schools because the high schools were developed to serve Wiseburn
    residents. If Wiseburn students/families submit a “Resident Intent to Enroll
    (Lottery Form)” by the last working day in January they are guaranteed
    admission. (In 2011, the last working day in January is Monday the 31st.)
    Charter law requires that a lottery be held if the number of students applying
    for admission exceeds the number of students we are accepting. Residents
    must still fill out the Resident Intent to Enroll (Lottery Form) indicating
    their desire to attend Da Vinci. The reasons for this are: (1) to stay in com-
    pliance with charter school law; (2) not all Dana Middle School 8th graders
    will choose to attend Da Vinci; (3) we wish to be fair to all students who are
    on our waiting list. Next year, in addition to the extensive communication
    about our lottery process that currently occurs, we will attempt to contact
    each resident with an 8th grader attending Dana Middle School if we do not
    receive their lottery form within a week of the lottery, which will be held in
    February 2011. The lottery date has been moved from January to February
    to allow more time for residents to let us know their intention of attending
    Da Vinci Schools.
        For those applicants who have been wait listed, your continued patience
    is appreciated. There’s no way to predict the timing or number of applicants
    who may be admitted from the wait list. We just ask that you notify us if
    you no longer wish to remain on the wait list and that you provide us with                 Alyssa T., a ninth grade Science student, thoughtfully discusses Augustin Pinochet’s
    up-to-date contact information.                                                             rise to power with parent Mauricio Lopez. Alyssa created a paper mache balloon
                                                                                                documenting the life of the Chilean dictator who she called the “Hitler of Chile.”

                                                                                              Early College
                                                                                                  Da Vinci students are required to complete at least three community
                                                                                               college classes on-site as they simultaneously earn a high school diploma.
                                                                                               At Da Vinci Schools, we believe Early College is an important tool to
                                                                                               increase both high school graduation and college enrollment rates, preparing
                                                                                               students for high-skill careers by engaging them in a college preparatory
                                                                                               curriculum and compressing the number of years to earn a college degree.
                                                                                               Currently, Da Vinci Schools offer two college level courses in collaboration
                                                                                               with El Camino College: Group Discussion (Speech) and Robotics. The
                                                                                               robotics curriculum is developed in partnership with Project Lead The Way,
                                                                                               the nation’s premier provider of science, technology, engineering and math
                                                                                               (STEM) education curriculum. Da Vinci students begin taking Early College
                                                                                               classes once assessment demonstrates their readiness to succeed at college-
                                                                                               level work. For some students, this may be as early as the second semester
                                                                                               freshman year; for others, it may not be until senior year. There is no cost
                                                                                               associated with Da Vinci Schools’ Early College program.

 Ninth grade Science students Ariana M. and Catherine R., representing Zimbabwe, show off     Community Partners
 traditional drums, bows and arrows to Kyle L. of Team Macedonia. Ariana and Catherine            Da Vinci Schools’ Community Partners are essential to our success.
 studied Tourism, Cultural Pride & the Arts. They learned the ways in which Zimbabwe’s         Da Vinci Schools have as one of our highest priorities to integrate students’
 culture is similar to and different from American culture, as well as the importance of       learning experiences with the real world. Through strategic community
 looking at the world from a different perspective. Zimbabwe won the proposal competition      partnerships, Da Vinci Schools faculty and students gain access to expert
 to host the Olympic Games at Da Vinci Schools. Way to go, Team Zimbabwe!!                     knowledge, a cutting-edge curriculum, internship opportunities, academic
                                                                                               mentoring, teacher training, early college programs, career guidance, job
                                                                       At our recent           shadow experiences, and much more. In addition, industry is able to
                                                                    Exhibition Night,          genuinely affect learning outcomes by defining the skill sets needed for
                                                                    students presented         21st century jobs that are hard to fill while developing a talent pool of
                                                                    their major projects       diverse and well-trained employees.
                                                                    from the semester to          Some of our Community Partners include: Northrop Grumman, Belkin
                                                                    an audience of             International, The Boeing Company, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo,
                                                                    students, parents,         Cal State University-Los Angeles, Chevron, Com Dev USA, El Camino College,
                                                                    faculty, subject-          Grandparents as Parents, High Tech High, iNACOL, Los Angeles Small School
                                                                    matter experts,            Center, LMU School of Education, Mattel, Otis College of Art & Design, Project
                                                                    mentors, community         Lead The Way, Raytheon, reDiscover Center, UCLA, United Friends of the
                                                                    members and industry       Children, USC, and West L.A. College.
                                                                    professionals. Using          Chevron has been instrumental in helping Da Vinci Schools create a rigorous
                                                                    oral presentations and     and engaging engineering culture where students learn real skills, solve real
                                                                    digital media, students    problems, and make real discoveries about the world. With the academic
                                                                    demonstrated how           support and financial backing we have received from Chevron, Da Vinci Schools
                                                                    they were able to          created two challenging robotics courses in collaboration with El Camino College
                                                                    tackle real-world          and Project Lead The Way. Da Vinci students enrolled in the college robotics
                                                                    complex problems.          class earn college level credit for the work they complete in high school. Our
                                                                    This semester,             students’ interest in robotics and their recent second place finish in the Northrop
                                                                    students participated      Grumman Innovation Challenge would not be possible without Chevron’s
                                                                    in a school-wide           support. Chevron’s funding has also been used for PLTW teacher training and to
                                                                    Olympics project.          purchase equipment and supplies used in PLTW courses.
                                                                    Students selected a           In addition, Chevron recently awarded Da Vinci Schools an “Energy for
                                                                    country to study,          Learning” grant as part of its $1 million investment in South Bay schools to
                                                                    learned about its          stimulate interest in STEM careers. The funds will be used to develop the
                                                                    history, culture,          new Chevron Center at Da Vinci Schools, which will allow students from both
                                                                    economic condition,        schools to connect, collaborate and innovate with STEM and design experts
                                                                    government, tourism,       from around the world. The funds will also be used to purchase laptop
Michael S., a ninth grade Design student, shows off his research on and transportation, as     computers, video conferencing technologies, and mobile laptop carts. The
China’s People’s Liberation Army. The PLA is the world’s largest    well as the physics of     Chevron Center will also allow students who are ill or not enrolled in Da Vinci
military force with 2.3 million active troops. Military service in  Olympic sports.            Schools to virtually attend our project-based learning classrooms and to
China is compulsory for all men ages 18 and over. However, a draft
                                                                    The countries also         collaborate with other students.
has never been enforced due to large numbers of volunteers.
                                                                    competed in an                We gratefully acknowledge Chevron and the invaluable assistance of Lily
                                                                    Academic Decathlon         Craig, Chevron’s External Affairs Manager, for supporting STEM success at
  and competed against each other for the privilege to host the Olympic Games on               Da Vinci Schools and for leading the way in developing innovative public-
  campus. Congratulations to Team Haiti and Team Zimbabwe, the winners of the                  private partnerships to enhance education and drive the future growth of
  Academic Decathlon and Host Proposal, respectively.                                          California. Chevron is a vital community partner and friend committed to
      Exhibitions are an important component of project-based learning and assess-             empowering students to acquire the 21st century skills needed for college
  ment, and provide a comprehensive view of each student’s knowledge and                       and career success.
  mastery of the curriculum. Our real-world “learn by doing” curriculum keeps
  kids engaged, focused, and on task so they can acquire the skills necessary to be
  successful in college and the 21st century workplace.

COVERING THE   W ISEBURN S CHOOL D ISTRICT                                                                                                                JUNE – OCTOBER 2010   5
Juan de Anza
                                                  Elementary School (K–5)
    12110 S. Hindry Ave., Del Aire, CA 90250

                      By Sean Syed
                      I am ten years old, and I attend fifth
                   grade at Juan De Anza Elementary
                   School. I have recently been accepted
                   into the Junior National Young Leaders
                   Conference, which I will be attending
                   for six days starting on July 3rd. This
                   program is for middle school students
Dr. Chris Jones
                   around the country who excel in
                   school and show great leadership
   potential. I was nominated by my school principal,
   Dr. Chris Jones, because he noticed these special
   qualities that I posess. I believe that when people will read about this program,
   they will realize that if they put forth more effort in their school, career, or any
   other manditory applications that are in our every day lives, in the long run,
   there will be many benefits, and that if everybody helps, it will lead to a better
                                                                    Additional Chess Challenge pictures from page 1.

Peter Burnett                                    Elementary School (3–5)
                                                                                         Vistamar School
  5403 W. 138th St., Hawthorne, CA 90250                                                   737 Hawaii St., El Segundo, CA
  310/725-2151                                                                             310/643-7377

                   Celebrating Chess Club                                                By Ryan Tillson, Director of Admissions and External Relations
                      As the 2009- 2010 School year comes to an end Peter Burnett or 310-643-7377
                  is reflecting on the successes we have been able to celebrate this
                  school year. During our Wednesday morning assemblies we have           Oxfam America Board Chair, Janet McKinley, Spoke at Vistamar
                  saluted many students for their hard work and dedication                   With the stated purpose of “working together to end poverty and injustice,”
                  throughout the year.                                                    Oxfam America has recently been at the forefront of relief efforts in Haiti and
                      Mr. Keith Pittluck sponsored our Chess Club, which allowed          Darfur, while maintaining long-term efforts in micro-financing, education, and
                  third, fourth, and fifth grade boys and girls an opportunity to learn    public health to promote independence and sustainable development throughout
Laura Sullivan
                  rules, strategies and how to play chess. The students enjoyed the       the third world. A new project is identifying and countering the devastating
                  challenge and welcomed opportunities to show their talent.              effects of climate change on the world’s poorest communities. Ms. McKinley’s
      A culminating chess tournament was held at Anza School on April 29, 2010.           presentation, “Doing Good Well” and a follow-up conversation with audience
  All participants had a wonderful time and both schools competed well and                members explored what she has learned about the recalcitrant problems of
  enjoyed the hospitality from Anza School and principal, Dr. Chris Jones.                global poverty and ways to make philanthropic intervention effective.
      Burnett is anxiously awaiting another school year, to compete again and learn          Ms. McKinley is recognized throughout the world as a philanthropic leader
  more strategies to support their skills and chess knowledge.                            who has brought the highest level of executive skill and business savvy to
      Chess Club members were recognized at a Wednesday morning assembly.                 international charitable efforts. After 25 successful years in business, including
  Mr. Pittluck introduced the chess club participants to the entire student body.         directorship of Capital Research and Management Company, which oversees
  We are looking forward to more success stories next year.                               mutual fund assets in excess of $1.3 trillion, she redirected her full attention to
                                                                                          global volunteer efforts. In addition to her work at Oxfam America, she serves on
                                                                                          the boards of Oxfam International, the Deutsche Bank Global Commercial
                                                                                          Microfinance Consortium, MicroCredit Enterprises, and Smith College, from
                                                                                          which she graduate summa cum laude.
                                                                                             Vistamar School is located at 737 Hawaii Street in El Segundo. Please RSVP
                                                                                          to 310-643-7377 or by e-mail to .
                                                                                             Vistamar held its last Open House of the year on Thursday, May 20th. We
                                                                                          were excited to be welcoming over 50 new families to our School next year, but
                                                                                          will continue to offer rolling admissions over the coming months. This event was
                                                                                          a great opportunity for families with rising eighth graders to get a jump start on
                                                                                          their high School options along with anyone who is still considering an
                                                                                          Independent High School option for this September. Questions can be directed
                                                                                          to Ryan Tillson at or 310-643-7377.
                                                                                             On May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, the Vistamar Drama Club presented its first
                                                                                          musical, “Guys and Dolls.” Full of memorable songs, exciting dance sequences,
                                                                                          and a vast array of comedic interchanges, “Guys and Dolls” transports its
                                                                                          audience to the underworld of New York City where gamblers and sinners run
                                                                                          the streets. In “Guys and Dolls,” all the hot gamblers are in town, and they’re all
                                                                                          depending on Nathan Detroit to set up this week’s incarnation of The Oldest
                                                                                          Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York. Throw in Sarah Brown,
                                                                                          who’s short on sinners at the Save-A-Soul Mission; Sky Masterson, who accepts
                                                                                          Nathan’s $1000 bet that he can’t get Sarah Brown to go with him to Havana;
                                                                                          Miss Adelaide, who wants Nathan to marry her; and Police Lieutenant Brannigan,
                                                                                          who always seems to appear at the wrong time, and you’ve got quite the show!
                                                                                          The performance included a live pit orchestra.

Success Stories
      Peter Burnett students celebrated success stories on April 17, 2010. This was
  a special day at the Wiseburn Library, where Mrs. Barbara Johnson, Wiseburn
  librarian, held the 14th Annual Wiseburn Library Story Writing Contest. There
  were over one hundred entries from the various Wiseburn schools. All of the
  entries were well written, organized and interesting.
      The Burnett Staff found ways to incorporate writing stories into their cur-
  riculum, and the boys and girls were thrilled. Teachers and families were invited
  to read the winning stories, and see the students receive their special recognition
  from the Wiseburn Library. The Burnett families were proud of all the children
  for writing outstanding stories and sharing them with the Wiseburn community.
      The following teachers and students participated in the contest:
      Mrs. Flanders, Gabriel Rodriguez, Emma Hall, Mr. Norman, Molly DeSimone,
  Mrs. Lee, Michelle Gil, Kevin Villa, Lawrence D’Souza, Mrs. Thompson, Diego
  Gonzalez, and Diamond Bookman.
      What a great way to get students ready for the summer reading program!

COVERING THE    W ISEBURN S CHOOL D ISTRICT                                                                                                           JUNE – OCTOBER 2010   7
Juan Cabrillo                                          Elementary School (K–2)

    5309 West 135th St., Hawthorne, CA 90250

                     Maintaining Excellence
                        Cabrillo School is maintaining excellence in our school with the
                     amazing talents and generosity of our parents working with
                     teachers to support students! In this issue we highlight 3 events
                     that thanks to our home-school connection are building and main-
                     taining excellence: the construction of our Cabrillo garden, a Coast
                     Guard helicopter landing and visit to Cabrillo School, and our
                     annual Read-A-Thon.
Margaret Lynch
                     Coast Guard Helicopter Landing
       Cabrillo students, staff and our community neighbors experienced an actual
    Coast Guard helicopter landing on the Cabrillo field. Commander Platt father of
    Amelia Platt, in Kelly Schumacher’s Kindergarten TEDDE class, landed the
    helicopter and greeted each Kindergarten class that filed by to see this unique
    mode of transportation up close. One student expressed the delight of everyone
                                                                                                Cabrillo parents and staff work together to fill the garden boxes with dirt and mulch.
    present saying, “This was the best day ever!”

                                                                                            Cabrillo Garden
                                                                                                Cabrillo parents and staff are giving new meaning to our school motto of
                                                                                             “where we grow and learn to together” with the creation of a Cabrillo garden.
                                                                                             Bill Denney, district maintenance director, Liza Hough-Skovron, Cabrillo first
                                                                                             grade teacher, and Michelle Nieves, Cabrillo parent of first grader Allison Nieves,
                                                                                             are coordinating the purchase of materials and parent volunteer efforts to build
                                                                                             and paint the 14 garden boxes that will create an outdoor classroom. Siobhan
                                                                                             and Cameron Scott, parents of first grader Aiden, provided the plumbing line
                                                                                             from the drinking fountain so we can have drip irrigation in each box. This year’s
                                                                                             students will have a spring planting for a fall harvest. A donation to PTA specifi-
                                                                                             cally supports bringing the garden to life.

                                                                                                Reading excellence at Cabrillo is recognized and celebrated throughout the
                                                                                             year. Most recently, top readers for quantity of pages and top readers for quantity
                                                                                             of pledges for our spring read-a-thon were honored. Top readers from each grade
                                                                                             went to story hour at Barnes and Nobles and selected their own new book. Top
                                                                                             pledge earners from each grade went to lunch at Islands. Cabrillo students read
                                                                                             over 23,000 pages. All students who participated in the read-a-thon received a
                                                                                             bookmark. Congratulations to all our readers!!

            Commander Platt (far right), father of Amelia Platt in TEDDE, explains to
       Kindergarten students how helicopters can be used to rescue people from the water.

                 Malaika Campbell (1st), Ben Jussen (2nd), and Clayton Skaggs (K)             Natalie Mazzio (K), Dylan Ryan (1st), and Debbie Recinos (2nd) select books at Barnes and
              enjoy lunch at Islands as top pledge earners in the Cabrillo Read-a-thon.                         Nobles as the top readers in the Cabrillo Read-a-thon.

Richard Henry Dana
                                                     Middle School (6–8)
   5504 W. 135th St., Hawthorne, CA 90250

                    Dana Math Teachers Learn Together                                Students Compete in
                       This year Dana’s math teachers have participated in the       Underwater Robotics
                    California Math and Science Teaching (CMAST) program through     Competition
                    Loyola Marymount University (LMU). Funded by a Boeing                Dana’s Remotely Operated
                    Corporation grant, teachers meet monthly to collaborate with      Vehicle (ROV) team placed third
                    CMAST mentors in trainings dedicated to increasing student        behind the California Academy of
                    engagement and achievement in mathematics. CMAST mentors          Math and Science (CAMS) and
                    also work in teachers’ classrooms, keeping a focus on finding      Palos Verdes High School at the
Aileen Harbeck      solutions to challenges faced by mathematics students. With       10th annual Southern California
                    CMAST, Dana’s teachers remain dedicated to transforming the       Flyoff, an underwater robot com-
                    teaching and learning of mathematics.                             petition sponsored by the Center
                                                                                      out of Monterey Bay. This year’s
Engaging Students Is Key to an Excellent Education                                    event attracted over 20 local
     Dana continues to move students into the 21st century with technology in the     college, high school, and middle
  classroom. Classroom sets of wireless student response devices provide the tools    school ROV teams. Dana’s team
  needed to actively engage every student in a classroom. Using these devices in      was the only middle school
  classes, students are eager to participate and can see results immediately. Dana    competing in the Ranger Division.
  continues to offer the most up-to-date technology to support students as they       More information is available at
  learn and grow.                                                           

Marathon Team Succeeds
    Twelve determined Dana students, along with PE teacher Mr. Rodriguez,             running on weekends and afternoons. For several runners, this is a second
  completed the LA Marathon this past March. The team trained for six months,         marathon achievement, and for one outstanding eighth grade student, a third.

COVERING THE     W ISEBURN S CHOOL D ISTRICT                                                                                                   JUNE – OCTOBER 2010   9
                                   Maintaining Excellence in Wiseburn Appeal
The following is a list of individuals and companies that have made generous contributions as of Thursday, May 13, 2010

SUPPORTERS                       Collins, Caroline                   Pasco, Angelina                 Chilton, Samantha           Dill, Karen
     Pankratz, Emery/Elaine      Colwell, Denise                     Perius, Mr. & Mrs. Todd         Conde, Pamela               Dizon, Arlene
     Feuerborn, Kathleen         Conley, Melanie/Steven              Phelps, Ellaine/Marc            Davis, Keith                Dulmage, Jill/Dan
     Friends Unlimited           Cornejo, Maria/David                Piercy, Gina                    Dsouza, Lordwin             Ely, Tyler
     Libby, Rodney               Crain, Susan/William                Pita, Robert                    Duncan, Patricia/Larry      Garcia, Juan
     Martin, Rhonda              Crist, Brian                        Quintanilla, Ethel              Espana, Kathleen            Golden, Venus
     MedReach, Inc.              Davies, Laura                       Rachal, Marie/Gregory           Felt, Debbie/Marc           Golston, Lon/Renee
     Krauss, Randi/William       Denliner Family                     Ramos, Beatriz/Eric             Flores, Carol/Jorge         Gonzalez, Cynthia
     Silva, Jennifer             DeVarona, Gina                      Rampen, Katie/Ernst             Gebhart, Sharon             Gray, Candy
     Silverman, Maddy            Dizon, Arlene                       Ramsey, Nancy                   Gebhart, Gary               Hamilton, Johnny/Theresa
     Sophiea, Marylynn           Downer, Liza                        Raymond, Jacqueline             Glenn, Bernadette/Clayton   Harbeck, Aileen
     Spiwak, Steven/Jody         Ekejiuba, Jane/Kingsley             Reynoso de Gomez, Yvette        Guzman, Veronica            Henriquez, Elmer
     Spiwak, Michael/Jane        Fausto, Cecilia                     Rivera, Wanda                   Hubler, Renee               Hirsch, Margaret/Howard
     Unihealth Foundation        Fong, Adela                         Rodriguez, Y                    Jantzen, Esther             Hosier, Joyce
     Zielonka, Rhamona           Ford, Ramona/Brian                  Romero, Paul                    Jasko, Jim                  Ilaya, Daisy
                                 Fuso Family                         Rowe, Kimberly                  Kehl, Mediatrix/Russel      Jackson, Gerry
RETIREES                         Garrison, Cameron                   Schaeffer, Jennifer             Lallemand, Maria/Maurice    Kacvinsky, Susan/Thomas
     Bell, Helen                 Givens, Laura                       Sieve Family                    Longley, Sherry             Keahey, Karen
     Blyther, Jo Alice           Giverink, Jamie/John                Smith-Konecny, Patricia         Ludwig, Jennifer/John       LaCour, Sheila
     Brann, Donald               Gonzalez Family                     Spencer, Shon/Shanay            Lynch, Margaret/Patrick     Lagunas, Esther/Juan
     Churnside, Phil             Grundman, Patty/Tom                 Sutton, Jeanne                  Miller, Eileen              Laszacs, Rebecca
     Comitz, Jane                Gwynne, Steve                       Syed, Karni/Bobby               Montgomery, P. A.           Lelea, Ruzana/George
     Elliott, Constance          Hardy, Aquanetta                    Taylor, Nichole/Richard         Nguyen, Trang/Dao           Letchworth, Tara
     Goethe, Anne                Hernandez, Ana & Eduardo            Thomas, Sharon                  Odell, Glen/Mary            Martinez, Carol
     Hillman, Virginia           Herrera, Monica                     Tsukahira, Lupe                 Post, Vendetta              McCloud, Janine/Eric
     Martin, Lolita              Hill-Ray, Stacy                     Vadgama, Sara/Sanjay            Primbsch, Amy/Michael       Mendoza, Cynthia
     Rogers, Jo Ann              Hirsch, Margaret/Howard             Valente, Hector                 Requena, Robin              Mojonnier, Scott
     Sedillo, Rise               Hobson, Nancy                       Whitfield, Nicole                Rodas, Erika                Moreno, Anabela
     Smiley, Jeanne              Hosier, Joyce                       Wilson, Mary/Tanya              Rodriguez, Maria            O’Louglin-Villa, Ellen/Jaime
                                 Ibrahim, John                                                       Ryan, Teri                  Ornelas, Louie/Collette
EMPLOYEES                        Ibrahim, R.                      PETER BURNETT SCHOOL               Ryan, Karla/Matt            Overby, Cassandra
     Bullocks, Anthony           Jeffery, Jana’e                     Andriacchi, Susan/John          Salazar, Elmer              Perez, Oscar
     Chow, Debbie                Jimenez, Jorge                      Banuelos, Rogelio/Minerva       Schubert, Catherine         Quintero, Michelle
     Cox, Thomas                 Johnstone, Tom/Terry                Bautista, Yolanda/Damaso        Schumacher Family           Rams, Cheryl/Jose
     Denney, Bill                Jones, Dr. Chris                    Cime, Victor                    Seekins, Jon                Riley, Marjorie
     Frederick, Denise           Kartvedt, Nan Marie/Mikal           Cortez, Bernadino               Simms, Richard              Rivera, Wanda
     Gonzalez, Gilbert/Zonnia    Kattan, Vicki/Rudolph               Diette, Joan                    Spiwack, Michael            Robles, Paula
     Houzvicka, Grace/Todd       Kramer, Jon/Sandra                  Eusebio, Jocelyn                Thatcher, Laura             Romero, Dulce/Paul
     Johnstone, Tom/Terry        Lam, To Trinh/Andrew                Flanders, Jennifer              Torres, Angelica/Leonardo   Russell, Carolyn
     Montes, Ana                 Leake, Daphne/Carlos                Kawamoto, Yoshiaki/Yoshiko      Trobaugh, Sue/Alex          Salgado, Luz/Javier
     Tecun, Silke                Lelea, Ruzana/George                Le, Dep Thi                     Valiente, Barbara/Joe       Smith, Rufus
                                 Letchworth, Tara                    Major, Bill                     Velevski, Violeta           Snider, Elizabeth
JUAN DE ANZA SCHOOL              Levenson, Carla                     Matthias, Melissa/Bill          Zirbel, DeeDee/Joseph       Soriano, Rose/Dennis
     Abril, Niurka               Malone, Rita                        Mazzotti, Carol                                             Strings, Cynthia/Mark
     Akinwole, Victoria/Rotimi   Mashal, Lane/Steven                 Meskill Family               DANA MIDDLE SCHOOL             Stuart, Bessie/David
     Altholz, Andrew             Medina, Martha/Jose                 Morgan, Jennifer/Scott          Andrade, Evelyn             Svorinich, Catherine
     Andal, Celestina            Menke, Dawn/Harold                  Nabors, Betty                   Aragon, Liliana             Tani, Robin
     Belisle, Danielle           Mills, Corrine/Fred                 Primbsch, Amy/Michael           Barnett, Vincent            Taylor, Victor
     Bellante, Stacy/Michael     Mills, Kristin                      Rourke, Darlene                 Basany, Daniel              Tetreault, Denise
     Bredow, Jill/Rob            Miyahara, Chiyo                     Rubio’s Landscape, Inc.         Bradley, Deborah            Theus, Reggie/Elaine
     Brown, Maria/Durrell        Mohammedi, Ali                      Saldana, Maria                  Brown Taylor, Didra         Thomas, Curtis
     Brown, Kelvin               Moore, Allison                      Sanchez, Denise                 Butze, Stephan/Elaine       Thompson Family
     Brown, Kelvin               Morales, Carmen                     Sweeney, Dorothy/James          Castillo, Danette/Eloy      Tran, Debbie
     Carr, Glafy                 Morris, Hyacinth                    Williams, Sharon/Steven         Clark, Marti/Ray            Trejo, Luis
     Carrillo, Maria/Manuel      Neal, Mary                                                          Colwell, Denise             Valdez, Lillian/Kevin
     Castro, Sonia               Ngai, Kevin                      JUAN CABRILLO SCHOOL               Conley, Melanie/Steven      Velez, Carlos
     Ceja, Elizabeth/Mareclino   Norton, Daniel Frank & Kristin      Anaya, Sarah                    Cordero, Graciela           Williams, Brenda/Richard
     Cessor, Christina/Linda     Offokansi, Chika                    Andriacchi, Susan/John          Coulbourne, Susan
     Colebank, Julia/Scott       Ortega, Christina/Sabino            Brenner, Michael                Croft, Lori
     Collins, Anita/Chuck        Paranal, Brenda/Victor              Cawthon, Bridget                Davis, Richard              Thank You!

                        At Peter Burnett School, teachers are refining the Response
                     to Intervention program and are addressing specific needs of
                     individual students through “universal access.” Burnett
                     teachers and students are in the process of moving into four
                     new classrooms, a new computer lab and a new library.
                     Planning is also under way for a beautiful new multi-purpose
                        Sixth grade math/science teachers at Dana Middle School
                     and the seventh and eighth grade math teachers are working
Dr. Tom Johnstone with Loyola Marymount University’s Center for Math and
                     Science Teaching (CMAST) program to build on the success of
 the math department and support the professional development of our teachers.
 The Boeing Corporation, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon have been extremely
 supportive of mathematics instruction at Dana.
     All students in grades 2 through 8 are taking the California Standards Tests
 (CST) during the month of May and the results will be made public in August.
 The strong instructional program continues to be our Number One priority.
     As all of you in the community are well aware, the Wiseburn Community
 (Chief Petitioners) and the Wiseburn School District have been actively pursuing
 unification (a process where Wiseburn high school age students would be able to
 leave Centinela Valley Union High School District and Wiseburn would become a
 K-12 district). Overall, the Wiseburn community has been dissatisfied with the
 performance of the high schools in Centinela Valley for the past 20+ years. Since
 2004, Centinela Valley has been the lowest performing school district in Los
 Angeles County and ranks among the 12 lowest achieving districts in the entire
 state of California (over 1,000 districts). In September 2009, only 21 students from
 Dana Middle School’s 8th grade graduating class enrolled in Centinela Valley
 schools, while 157 Dana graduates enrolled in the Da Vinci Charter Schools.
     It is a huge concern to taxpayers in Del Aire, Hollyglen and Wiseburn that
 they will need to continue to pay for future school construction projects in
 Centinela Valley, even though or very few Wiseburn students go to school there.
 The unification issue was scheduled to go before the California State Board of
 Education on May 7. The California Department of Education (CDE) recom-
 mended that the State Board approve Wiseburn’s Unification Petition and that
 this issue be put on the ballot for a public vote. However, the CDE also recom-
 mended that the public vote be conducted throughout the Centinela Valley, to
 include voters in Hawthorne, Lawndale, Lennox and Wiseburn. This is a 180° flip
 flop from the CDE recommendation in 2004 where CDE ultimately recommended
 a Wiseburn-only vote. This 2004 recommendation was approved by the State
 Board on a 10-0 vote. Before the unification issue could be brought before the
 Wiseburn voters in the spring of 2005, Centinela Valley filed a lawsuit alleging
 that the unification issue had insufficient environmental review. It has taken
 nearly six years for the State to complete the Environmental Impact Report so
 Wiseburn unification could again be placed on the State Board Agenda.
     The wide-area vote that includes the entire Centinela Valley is very problematic
 for the Wiseburn community. Voters from outside of Wiseburn will be able to
 vote on whether or not Wiseburn should be able to continue to pay off the
 school construction bonds from Centinela Valley’s Measure C (2000) and
 Measure CV (2008). The communities of Hawthorne, Lawndale and Lennox will
 also be able to determine if Wiseburn taxpayers should continue to pay on all
 future Centinela Valley School Construction Bonds, even though less than 8% of
 our Dana graduates are enrolling in Centinela Valley schools. Wiseburn is
 drastically outnumbered in a wide-area election as only 12.2% of the total voters
 in Centinela Valley live within our district boundaries.
     A wide-area vote pits Wiseburn voters against nearly insurmountable odds.
 For this reason, the Chief Petitioners and the Wiseburn School District
 requested a delay of our hearing with the State Board while we consult with
 legal counsel and explore other options for a local solution to our high school
 dilemma. We will continue to provide the community with updated and accurate
 information as this issue continues to unfold.

                       Wiseburn School District
               13530 Aviation Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250
                            (310) 643-3025

COVERING THE   W ISEBURN S CHOOL D ISTRICT                                              JUNE – OCTOBER 2010   11

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