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Russian Revolution - Download Now PowerPoint


									The Russian Revolution
           terms to define
• Bolshevik
• collectivization
• kulaks
• purges
• totalitarianism
• Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
                   Other terms to Know
• Politburo - principle policy making committee of the communist party in

• Commissar - An official in the communist party who was responsible for
  education. The Commissar kept an eye on every department for Stalin
  (including the military and police)

• NKVD - was the leading secret police organization of the Soviet Union that
  was responsible for repressions during Stalinism

• Gulag - the government agency that administered the penal labor camps.
  Often found in the cold harsh climate of Siberia

• Red Army - military arm of the Bolsheviks created by Trotsky

• White Army - loyal to the Czar. Would fight with British, American, and
  Canadian soldiers to defeat communism
                The Causes

• Czar Nicholas II failed to
  win a victory against the
  Japanese in 1905

• Bloody Sunday - Bread
  riots break out in the
  streets . The Czar sends
  in the troops. Over 200
  are killed.
        Causes Continued-
• Russia entered the war in

• They would suffer a
  humiliating defeat at the battle
  of Tannenberg

• 95000 captured

• 30 000 killed

• 500 heavy guns captured
            Russian Society
• 85% Peasant farmers

• 100 years behind in
  industrialization (i.e.: no
  hospitals, roads, running

• Czar’s ruled their people
  with an Iron Fist

• Wealth concentrated in
  1%of society
       Issues with the Czar
• Married a German

• His heir was deathly ill

• they be friend the strange
  and morally repugnant
  Rasputin, who
  supposedly used magic to
  heal the Czar’s son
  the end of the Romonav
• The Czar had failed
  against Japan and now
  against the Germans

• The army, the only thing
  that he could oppress the
  masses with, no longer
  would follow his orders.

• March 15th, 1917 he
  steps down from the
            The Provisional
• Alexander Kerensky would
  Lead the new government
  (Duma = Russian

• Failed to gain victories in
  the war

• Failed to give land to the

• Revolutionary fever was
  beginning to grow (France
  all over)
             Vladimir Lenin
• Germans sneak a
  Russian Revolutionary
  into Russia

• His Bolsheviks will grow
  from 20 000 in April to
  200 000 in the fall

• They would be known as
  the Red Army and they
  were becoming the voice
  of the people
       Russian Army Revolts
• The Russian army was still
  suffering heavy casualties at
  the front

• Lavr Kornilov marches the
  Russian army on the
  Provisional government in

• Kerenski needs help to save
  Russia from a dictator. He
  turns to Lenin and the Red

• Kerenski gives the Bolsheviks
  positions of power in the
 The October Revolution
More and more people upset with the lack of
success of the new government. It was time for
the Bolsheviks to strike
Lenin promised land, an end to the war and
In October the Bolsheviks seize the telegraphs,
radio, train stations, newspapers and police
Kerenski fled but Lenin and Trotsky would fight
a five year civil war to firmly establish
communism in Russia
     Impact Of the Revolution

   By 1922 the Communists in firm control
   USSR until 1992
   By the end of WW2 the USSR will make up
    one of the Superpowers that will polarize
    politics for the last 50 years of the 20 th

The Bolsheviks
                Vladimir Lenin

• Mastermind of the Bolshevik
  take over of Russia

• First Head of the Soviet State

• Lenin demonstrated a chilling
  disregard for the sufferings of
  his country men and crushed
  all opposition
                  Josef Stalin
• Took over from Lenin

• Ruthless, killing millions of
  his own people that stood
  in his way

• Responsible for building
  the Soviet Union into a
  Superpower and building
  the war machine that would
  lead to the defeat of the
                Leon Trotsky
• He was Lenin’s right hand
  man in the take over of Russia

• Made war commissar and built
  the Red Army

• Stalin, with the help of the
  NKVD, turns the party against
  him and he escapes to Mexico

• Stabbed with an ice pick in
  Mexico by an NKVD agent in
 Lavrenty Beria
Stalin’s Little Spy

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