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									                      The Grapevine
Issue 163                  Published by the Mills Creek Association            January 2010

                                Mills Creek Association Meeting
                                     December 17, 2009
                                     President’s Report

Thank you to Yvonne for putting together a wonderful holiday party. For not
having much time to prepare, she did a great job.

This month we welcome another trustee to the Board: Warren Blakely. Warren returns
after several previous terms. This term he will represent the Civic and Security position.
His bio can be found in the body of the Grapevine. As previously mentioned, Ryan Hardy
will be taking on Pool Trustee. His bio was in the previous Grapevine. Ryan will be
working with Linda getting things ready for the pool to open in the Spring.

I am pleased to say that the new Board is settling in and doing a wonderful job fitting into
their new positions. The transition remains a work in progress, as does any new job.

There has been some concern with the cost of the Grapevine. The advertising does not
seem to be covering the printing and the mailing costs monthly. So, as a Board, we
are going to put some ideas on the table on how to cut those costs. That may include
discussing having the Grapevine available to those who want it at the clubhouse. It is
very costly to print and mail out, and the time between the two seems to be getting longer
and longer. We will be looking at additional bids for this job and keep you posted as the
discussions continue.

As for our web site, that is also in the stages of being updated. It has not been since 2007.
Why? Because no one has offered to do this job until now. So, please be patient. It will
get done.

From the Mills Creek Board of Trustees, blessings to all of you for a Happy New Year!

Respectfully submitted,

Alissa R. Swartz
North Clubhouse - Office Hours:                                     CORNERSTONE CONDIMINIUM ASSOCIATION
Note: NEW HOURS: Tues 4-7 pm                   Fri 8:30-11 am           PRESIDENT           Mark Houston                     327-8469
                                                                        BUSINESS MGR        Randy Forster                    327-1261
PROPERTY MANAGER               Andrea Bertussi       327-5336
                                                                    CREEKSIDE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
FINANCE MANAGER                Karen Walker          327-5336
                                                                        PRESIDENT           Mary Jo Hondlik                  385-6890
                               (FAX)                 327-5336
POOL MANAGER                   Linda Lavalle         327-1653       MILLS CREEK CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                                                                         PRESIDENT           Sharon Rodway
BOARD OF TRUSTEES:                                                       CONTINENTAL MGMT COMPANY         1-800-525-3404

PRESIDENT                      Alissa Swartz         327-1837       MILLS CREEK WEST CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                                                                         PRESIDENT          Pam Hollister    327-5314
TREASURER                      Joseph Carney         327-0899
CORP. SECRETARY                Pat Hazelton          309-4402       PINE CONE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
POOLS                          Ryan Hardy            840-2813            PRESIDENT          Carolyn Horwedel                 353-3192
SOCIAL                         Yvonne Janning        327-4680
ARCHITECT & DEED / VP          Lisa Madden           not listed     PINE FOREST CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
GROUNDS & REC                  Kevin O’Sullivan      327-1553            PRESIDENT           Pat Brooks                      353-3325
CLUBHOUSE                      David Truman          327-9504
CIVIC & SECURITY               David Truman          327-9504       YOUNG FOREST CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                                                                        PRESIDENT          Rich Ellis                        935-6504
e-mail:     The following Associations are NOT affiliated with the Mills Creek           Association. Recreational Permits are offered at an annual fee to        residents.

                                                                    CREEKSTONE COMMONS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                                                                        PRESIDENT         Larry Scaggs 216-635-5400
  Web Site:
                                                                    MILLS CREEK EAST HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION
                                                                         PRESIDENT          Jerry Canterbury 785-7718
                                                                         MAINTENANCE        Bernard Sweeney  327-5326
THE GRAPEVINE is published monthly to provide homeowners
with neighborhood information and promote upcoming events
in an effort to enhance the quality of life within the community.   CITY HALL                      7307 Avon Belden Rd.      353-0819
                                                                    MAYOR                          Dave Gillock              353-0811
                                                                    SAFETY-SVC DIR.                Denny Johnson             353-0812
ADVERTISING:         Andrea Bertussi           327-5336             SERVICE SUPT.                                            353-0814
DEADLINE:            The 15th of the month prior to which           BUILDING DEPT.                                           353-0822
                     the ad is to appear.                           WARD 4 COUNCIL                 Bob Olesen                327-2705
                                                                    COUNCIL AT-LARGE               Bernadine Butkowski       327-8026
                     Copy must be camera ready.                     COUNCIL AT-LARGE               Kevin Corcoran            225-8965
                                                                    COUNCIL AT-LARGE               Ray McLaughlin            759-1584
RATES:*              FULL PAGE                 $65.00               OLDER ADULTS SVCS              Rita Price                353-0828
(Effective 1/1/09)   HALF PAGE                 $45.00               PARKS & RECREATION                                       353-0860
                                                                    UTILITIES                                                353-0841
                     QUARTER PAGE              $30.00
                                                                    N. RIDGEVILLE LIBRARY          35700 Bainbridge Rd.      327-8326
                     EIGHTH PAGE               $15.00               CHAMBER OF COMMERCE            34845 Lorain Rd.          327-3737
                     SWAP-N-SHOP*              $ 2.00               CITY WEB ADDRESS     
                     (*Association Members Only)
                                                                      Welcome to new members of the Mills Creek Asso-
The Mills Creek Association does not endorse any particu-             ciation. We hope you will enjoy our community. If
lar contractor who advertises in The Grapevine. It is up to each      you have any questions, please contact the Office or
homeowner to review qualifications, check references, etc.            any Trustee listed above. Note to all homeowners:
with respect to any contractor or advertiser in this publication.     Help us keep our records current. Please notify the
                                                                      Office if information on your mailing label is incor-
CLUBHOUSE RENTALS: Andrea Bertussi                  327-5336
                                                                      rect or if any change in ownership occurs. Thank
RATES:        CLUBHOUSE RENTAL                      $ 75.00
              SECURITY DEPOSIT                      $150.00
        Grounds & Recreation Report                                       Civic and Security Report
                   December 17, 2009                                             December 17, 2009

                                                              City Safety Forces Ask Your Help! Please do your part to
                                                              keep yourself and your neighbors safe. When responding
Grounds and Rec all wrapped up for the year. We are           to an emergency, significant time can be lost while police
going into snow plowing season, and that’s in the capable     and firemen look for the right address. That lost time
hands of Sunburst Landscaping,                                can be the difference between receiving timely help or a
                                                              disaster. Specifically they ask that we (1) make sure that
Respectfully submitted,                                       the numbers on the front of each garage are still lighted; (2)
Kevin O’Sullivan                                              make sure that there is no tree or shrub that has grown to
                                                              block readability of the number when you are standing at
                                                              the street curb; and (3) make sure that your house numbers
                                                              are on both sides of your mailbox, are at least two inches
                  Clubhouse Report                            high, and are clearly visible regardless which direction an
                                                              emergency vehicle might approach from. If you wish you
                   December 17, 2009                          may order from the Fire Department a street number sign
                                                              to attach to either the mailbox or the mailbox post. It is
It’s the holidays at the MCA Clubhouse! The tree and the      highly visible from both directions. At present the cost is
decorations are up. Thanks to Dan Fronczak and Sunburst,      $10.
we put the outside lights on the fence. We decorated the
bushes as well as the Center Ridge signs and entrances.       Additionally, the Police Chief notes that people often see
                                                              things that are strange, questionable, out of place or know
The annual Christmas Party was a success with a magic         to be matters for the police. However, they don’t report
show, Lolly the Trolley, and of course, a visit from Santa    them because they don’t want to upset or alienate someone.
himself. A big THANK YOU to Yvonne and her helpers            This leads to small problems becoming big problems
and the Board members for putting together a nice event!      before the police are notified. Chief Thomas says that the
It was a great opportunity to see your neighbors, enjoy the   police should be called to solve small problems while they
refreshments and socialize a bit. With the warm weather       are still small, not have them grow, with delay, into large
in November, many homeowners went all out decorating          destructive or dangerous ones.
their yards. Thanks to everyone who had their lights on for
the bus tour.                                                 Respectfully Submitted,
                                                              Warren Blakely
The clubhouse is available for your holiday parties. Please
call the office for reservations.

Happy New Year!

David Truman

                  NEW OFFICE HOURS

          Please note: The new MCA office
          hours, effective 9, 20, 2009, are:

                   Tuesday 4 - 7 pm
                  Friday 8:30 - 11 am
                 Architecture & Deed                                                   Treasurer’s Report
                    December 17, 2009                                                     December 17, 2009

It is that time of year again when it gets dark around 5:30          Financially we are still in a good position. We have enough
pm. Everyone in Mills Creek relies on the post lamps                 money in the bank to see us through December and will
to light the way, whether for walkers or drivers. Please             have some left over to contribute an additional amount to
be courteous and make sure that your post lamp is lit                the Reserve Fund.
once the sun goes down. This is you, the homeowner’s,
responsibility, not that of the Association.                         I would like to remind those who have not sent in their 2010
                                                                     Annual Assessment that it is due on January 1, 2010. If you
Post lamp parts, including bulbs, are available through the          are not going to be able to pay the assessment by the due
Mills Creek office.                                                  date please contact me before March 1, 2010. I will work
                                                                     out a payment plan with you WITHOUT the need for any
I would also like to ask you to be extra vigilant in your            outside collection efforts.
walks or drives around the neighborhood, and report to the
Office via the official complaint form any lights that are           I would like to renew my request for volunteers for the Audit
not working. Most times it is an oversight on the part of            Committee. This is a group of people who, independent of
the homeowner, but now with so many homes either vacant              the Board of Trustees, examine our financial records. They
or their occupants at their winter homes out of state, it is         report if we are properly recording how we collect money,
imperative to let them know their lamps are not working.             and how we spend it, and that we have reasonable checks
                                                                     and balances in place to ensure the security of your money.
We have been lucky to have had such an unusually warm                If you have any type of financial auditing, or accounting, or
and pleasant Fall thus far. There is still time to clean up          bookkeeping experience and would be interested in serving
those beds, gutters, trim low hanging branches, and get              on this committee please contact me.
your home ready for winter. Remember that in order for
the city trash collectors to pick up any limbs and twigs,            Respectfully submitted,
they must be cut and bundled in a manageable size. Do                Joseph Carney, Treasurer
not just throw leaves and tree branches onto the treelawn,
as the city will not remove them. Bag up the leaves and
bundle the branches.

Enjoy the upcoming winter season and be safe. Now is the
time to stock up on de-icer for drives and walkways, and
tune up the snow blower!! We won’t be this lucky forever.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa E. Madden

                                       Bio for new Trustee: Warren Blakely
Warren served on the Mills Creek Board of Trustees (1988 - 1990) as both the Architecture and Deed Administration Trustee and as
Corporate Secretary. For a number of years in the mid 1990’s, he conducted the orientation class for newly elected Trustees. He also
served as a member of the Arch & Deed Committee for 19 of the last 21 years.

Warren holds a degree in Industrial Management. A former Navy Officer, he was subsequently employed by the Standard Oil Company
and its subsidiaries for twenty five years as 1) a Senior Economic and Financial Analyst, 2) Administrative Manager of Chemicals and
Plastics, 3) Corporate Manager of Contracting and Purchasing, and 4) Manager of Pipeline Transporation Operations. He was Corpo-
rate Secretary of Sohio Pipe Line Company during the design and construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System and he served on
the Board of Directors of West Texas Gulf Pipeline Company.

Since retiring from Standard Oil, Warren has periodically served N. Ridgevillle as the city’s Safety/Service Director, Member and
President Pro Tem of City Council, Chairman of City Council’s Finance Committee, and as Clerk of Council. He also is a long time
member of the local Rotary Club (a worldwide humanitarian service organization), former Club President, and a former Assistant Gov-
ernor of Rotary International District 6630.
Balance Sheet - November 2009
                                      MILLS CREEK ASSOCIATION
                                     Regular Board of Trustees Meeting
                                             North Clubhouse
                                            December 17, 2009

Call to Order:        The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Alissa Swartz, President. The roll was
called by Pat Hazelton, Corporate Secretary.

Trustees Present: Alissa Swartz (President), Dave Truman (Clubhouse), Warren Blakely (Civic & Security),
Joe Carney (Treasurer), Lisa Madden (V.P./Architecture & Deed), Kevin O’Sullivan (Grounds & Recreation),
Ryan Hardy (Pools) and Pat Hazelton (Corporate Secretary).

Trustees Absent: Yvonne Janning (Social) (excused).

Members and Guests Present: Brian Butkowski, David Walker and Dan Fronczak of Sunburst Fence &

Guest Lobby: Alissa Swartz introduced Brian Butkowski as our coordinator for updating the MCA website.
David Walker (S/L 482) was present to request a variance to build a privacy fence.

Minutes: Alissa Swartz asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of the regular Board of Trustees November
meeting as published in the December issue of The Grapevine. Motion was made by Lisa Madden and seconded
by Kevin O’Sullivan. Warren Blakely abstained, as he did not attend the November meeting. Motion was

Trustee Reports:

President: (Alissa Swartz) Trustee’s Report is attached hereto and made a part of these Minutes.

Corporate Secretary: (Pat Hazelton) No written report.

Clubhouse: (Dave Truman) Trustee’s Report is attached hereto and made a part of these Minutes.

Civic & Security: (Warren Blakely) Trustee’s Report is attached hereto and made a part of these Minutes.

Treasurer: (Joe Carney) Trustee’s Report is attached hereto and made a part of these Minutes.

Architecture & Deed: (Lisa Madden) Trustee’s Report is attached hereto and made a part of these Minutes.

Grounds & Recreation: (Kevin O’Sullivan) Trustee’s Report is attached hereto and made a part of these

Pools: (Ryan Hardy) No written report.

Landscaper’s Report: Dan Fronczak, Sunburst Landscaping, indicated everything that needed attention was
accomplished in 1300 hours, 100 hours above budget due to an unusually long season.

Correspondence: None to report.
Old Business:

Trustee Transition—Trustee transition has taken place between Alissa Swartz and Ryan Hardy (Pools) as
well as Dave Truman and Warren Blakely (Civic & Security). Both new Trustees can move forward with new
business and any pending issues will be handled by the outgoing Trustee. Lisa Madden (Architecture & Deed)
will meet with the previous Trustee (John Barnes) to review pending issues.

The Grapevine—Alissa Swartz asked the Board to consider either a quarterly or monthly issue of The
Grapevine. With fewer advertisers, it has become quite costly. This will be discussed in January or February.
She will be looking into another bid for printing.

Two Person Office Plan and Job Descriptions—Pat Hazelton (Corporate Secretary) distributed a typed
version the previous Board approved and indicated both the Plan and Job Descriptions will continue to evolve.

Writing Guidelines for Bypassing the Bid Process—A Board resolution required three bids for projects over
$1,000. This has been increasingly difficult to achieve. Joe Carney suggested the Board needs to follow the
resolution bid process or change the policy. Lisa Madden made a motion to approve a two bid minimum process
on purchases over $1,000. Motion was seconded by Joe Carney. Motion was passed unanimously.

New Business:

Swim Team Non-Member Ratio—Alissa Swartz moved to table the issue as she and others are still in the
process of performing the historical research necessary to properly respond. Joe Carney made the motion and it
was seconded by Ryan Hardy. Warren Blakely opposed. Motion was passed.

Violation Issues Arising from Unoccupied Homes—Lisa Madden called the Board’s attention to an
unoccupied home on Tree Moss which has been neglected for over three years causing roof leaks and animals
invading the home. The Board discussed the options available to address the situation.

Post Lamp Light Supply—Dave Truman informed the Board that the supplies for individual lamp posts are
running out and our current supplier went out of business. Dave has located a company that provides parts to
other Bob Schmitt developments. He will follow up and report back next month.

Attorney Seminars—Alissa Swartz asked the Property Manager (Andrea Bertussi) to notify Kaman &
Cusimano (legal counsel) that we have two new board members so they will provide with new trustee packages
which include subjects and dates of their upcoming seminars.

Ryan Hardy asked if the Board would consider recruiting accounting major college students for our Audit
Committee. This would give students a hands-on, real world project. Alissa Swartz stated the Board does not
use services outside MCA unless it is in a hired or paid facility, such as an accountant, lawyer, cleaning service,
etc. and it is the Board’s practice to keep MCA information as confidential and within the Association. Joe
Carney concurred.

Adjournment: Alissa Swartz moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m. The motion was made by Lisa
Madden and seconded by Joe Carney.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Hazelton
Corporate Secretary
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                             Calendar of Events
January 1        New Year’s Day - City Hall will be closed
January 1        MCA Annual Assessment is due
January 14       Architecture & Deed Committee Meeting - 7:00 pm - North Clubhouse
January 15       Deadline for Ads for the February Grapevine
January 16       South Central Park Sledding 1 pm @ the sledding hill
January 21       Board Meeting - 7:30 pm - North Clubhouse

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