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TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Jeffery W.

The following Board Members were present:
      Michael Berry         Rhonda Boyd
      Ruth Gayle Callahan   Jeffery W. Marsh
      Lisa Morgan           William Wood

Superintendent Kim D. Harding was present.

Board Member absent was: Therese Sutton.

In the audience were: Laurie Bartoletti, Tessa Bowey, Mike Callahan,
Sara Decker, Stephanie Haag, Scott Harner, Jim Kaatz, Kathleen Lane,
Sarah Layng, Gilbert Lewis, Brandy Piper, Jodelle Steeley, Rodney
Stout, Karen Talley, Tonya Tipton, Ashley Watts, and Ken Yecny.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the Board and the audience.      Pledge of


Superintendent Harding reported that we will begin planting trees,       Facilities
pouring concrete, and placing zero-scape rocks for our last section of   Planning
landscaping between the bus barn, high school, and new shop. The
summer cleaning is about half completed in the elementary school. The
high school is in process.




Michael Berry made a motion to approve the following minutes as          Minutes
mailed: Regular Meeting held Tuesday, May 10, 2011. Lisa Morgan
seconded the motion. Gayle Callahan questioned where the money used

Tuesday, June 14, 2011                     1
for facility planning for the gardens is coming from. Superintendent
Harding responded that we are using Indian Education For All monies for
this project. The motion carried.


The Trustees reviewed the High School Warrant Listing. William Wood          Bills
made a motion to approve the High School Warrant Listing as presented.
Lisa Morgan seconded the motion. William Wood questioned Warrant
#103491 to Rossiter Electric. Superintendent Harding informed the
Trustees that is for electrical wiring for two music practice rooms. A
community member questioned what fund was used for those monies.
Superintendent Harding responded that it was General Fund monies.
The motion carried.

The Trustees reviewed the Elementary Warrant Listing. Michael Berry
made a motion to approve the Elementary Warrant Listing as presented.
William Wood seconded the motion. Gayle Callahan questioned Warrant
#10355 to MTSBA for legal services. Superintendent Harding reported
those are legal fees dealing with regard to a grievance from a parent. The
motion carried.

Rhonda Boyd made a motion to approve the Lunch Check in the amount           Lunch Check
of $4,756.30. Lisa Morgan seconded the motion and the motion carried.

There were no expenditure proposals.


None at this time.


None at this time.


Superintendent Harding made a recommendation to hire the following           Hire
coaches for next year (see enclosed list): Boys’ Basketball, Clint Layng;    Coaches
Girls’ Basketball, Sarah Layng; Volleyball, Sara Decker; Football,
Edward Burke; Music, Heidi Bush; FFA, Rodney Braaten; Assistant

Tuesday, June 14, 2011                      2
Boys’ Basketball, Bryce Kaatz; Assistant Boys’ Basketball, Bobby Wick;
Assistant Girls’ Basketball, Brian Beal; Assistant Football (split stipend),
Rhett Jones; Assistant Football (split stipend), Clay Cantrall; Assistant
Volleyball, April Wuelfing; FCCLA, Roxane Shammel; Pep Club/C.L.
Coach-Fall and Pep Club/C.L. Coach-Winter, Heidi Bush.

Michael Berry made a motion to hire the coaches as listed by
Superintendent Harding. William Wood seconded the motion and the
motion carried. William Wood questioned whether both the assistant
coaches are being paid in football and basketball. Superintendent
Harding responded that in football there is a split stipend. In basketball
both coaches will be paid, one will be a B team coach and one will be a C
team coach. Michael Berry asked who would do junior high.
Superintendent Harding stated we are not that far yet. Gayle Callahan
questioned how we can hire somebody, who is not even hired with our
school yet. She questioned who are Rhett Jones and Clay Cantrall. They
are WMC students, who have worked with Ed Burke in the past. The
motion carried, with Gayle Callahan voting against the motion.

Superintendent Harding stated she was proud to recommend for hire              Hire
Rodney Stout for High School Principal. William Wood made a motion             Principal
to hire Rodney Stout for the High School Principal Position. Michael
Berry seconded the motion. Gayle Callahan asked Rodney Stout if he
was planning to move to Sheridan. Rodney Stout said he was in the
process of moving as we speak. The motion carried.

Superintendent Harding recommended April Wuelfing for the 7-12                 Hire Social
Social Studies position. Lisa Morgan made a motion to hire April               Studies
Wuelfing for the 7-12 Social Studies position. Michael Berry seconded
the motion. The motion carried.

Superintendent Harding made the following recommendation for the 9-12 Hire Math
Math position: Bradley Kadrmus. Rhonda Boyd made a motion to hire
Bradley Kadrmus for the 9-12 Math position. Lisa Morgan seconded the
motion. This is a full time position. The motion carried.

Superintendent Harding made the following recommendations for the              Hire Science
High School Science position: 3.5 periods, 7-12 Broadfield Science, Jan
Banks; and Shawn Regnerus, with a Masters’ Degree, for 6/7 periods, 7-
12 Broadfield Science. Superintendent Harding stated that it is really nice
when the teachers have a masters’ degree, which costs the district about
5,000 more a year, so we can offer our junior and senior science students
dual credit (college credit) while taking high school classes. Rhonda
Boyd made a motion to hire Jan Banks as a part-time Science teacher.
Lisa Morgan seconded the motion. Community members had questions
regarding the science hires. Superintendent Harding responded that

Tuesday, June 14, 2011                       3
Edward Burke will be moving into P.E.

At 7:25 p.m. Chairman Jeffery Marsh called for a recess and immediately Closed
closed the meeting stating the demands of individual privacy clearly    Session
exceed the merits of public disclosure.

 At 8:50 p.m. Gayle Callahan walked out of closed session and reported       Callahan
her resignation to District Clerk, Linda Walter.                             Resignation

At 9:04 p.m. Jeffery Marsh reconvened the meeting.                           Reconvene

Jeffery Marsh reminded the Trustees that there was a motion on the table
to higher Jan Banks. He called for discussion. Discussion included but
was not limited to: Jan Bank’s degree in Broadfield and Ag Science.
Superintendent Harding added that she is working to complete her
Master’s. Her course work indicates she has strengths in chemistry and

Karen Tally asked about Shawn Regnerus’ educational background. He
does have Broadfield Science plus a Juris Doctorate. Karen Talley asked
for Superintendent Harding’s vision in 3 to 5 years and how this ties
financially. Superintendent Harding stated she is recommending for hire
people with multiple degrees, so we can move staff around as needed.
Financially speaking, we will need only one teacher in each field.
Superintendent Harding stated small schools need to have a broadfield
science teacher, because that person can teach all the classes in the
science area. One teacher can teach both biology and chemistry. Further
discussion included whether either candidate has prior teaching
experience. Superintendent Harding indicated that one has done
substitute teaching and coaching, and one has done science and Ag
workshops for local community ranchers and the FFA. She added that
we had 10/7 science last year and this year we will have 10/7 science.
Jeffery Marsh indicated that we feel our science department is important.
Jeffery Marsh added that his son wants to go to college and can’t wait a
couple of years. Sarah Layng discussed teaching areas in the future.
Further discussion included, but was not limited to: what if mill levy
doesn’t pass, the basic contingency of the budget has been covered, the
past was good enough for prior students; and we are presently lacking
physics and chemistry. Jeffery Marsh concluded discussion by stating
that the record will show that a community group is not in favor of hiring
Jan Banks. The Trustees voted in favor of hiring Jan Banks except for
Jeffery Marsh and William Wood voting negative. The majority ruled
and Jan Banks was approved.

William Wood made a motion to hire Shawn Regnerus. Rhonda Boyd
seconded the motion. A student questioned what they will be teaching?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011                      4
Is Jan doing just chemistry? Superintendent Harding explained that
Shawn Regnerus will be doing chemistry, physics and physical science.
Jan Banks will be teaching biology. Because Shawn Regnerus has a
masters’ degree students may get college credit while taking his classes.
The motion carried.

Superintendent Harding recommended Bobby Wick for the Fourth Grade           Hire Fourth
Position. He has a K-12 PE, K-12 counseling, and a K-8 elementary            Grade
certification. William Wood made a motion to hire Bobby Wick as our
Fourth Grade Teacher. Michael Berry seconded the motion. Bobby
Wick has 3 years teaching experience and 5 years counseling experience.
He has taught 4th -5th and 6th. Ken Yecny questioned how much
difference in salary? Superintendent Harding indicated there is probably
about $4,000. Discussion included but was not limited to: there are
student issues; teacher resignation; and balancing the hiring of a person
outside of this community as opposed to from within the community.

William Wood spoke, stating that he has three kids in the elementary. He
stated that he was on this committee and he was looking at the best
teacher for this district. Michael Berry was on this committee as well.
Michael Berry indicated that there was one more applicant that was
stellar, but Bobby Wicks was the one they decided on. He added that he
thought this hire will be positive. William Wood added that this is who I
want teaching my kids. The motion carried.

Superintendent Harding indicated that there are no changes in the student    Student
handbook for next year, so there is no motion necessary. This was tabled     Handbook
until next year.




Superintendent Harding stated that she wanted to take time to thank our      Thank You
Board and community members, who served on our portfolio panels.
These members saw excellent presentations from our 7-12 students. Our
teachers were very pleased by the students’ articulation of new
knowledge. As an administrator, it was very exciting to walk by
classroom after classroom and watch students using their public speaking
skills to present the knowledge that they gained this past year. I want to
say a big thank you to the parents for all their support.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011                      5
Superintendent Harding reported that we have just received our new       Worker’s
Worker’s Compensation rates for the 2012 school year. Due to safety in   Compensa-
the workplace, our rates have decreased along with our experience        tion
modification factor. This factor decreased from 1.20 to 1.10. We want
to thank our staff for their continued efforts to create safety in the

Again, Superintendent Harding reminded the Trustees and audience that    Feeding
our school will be feeding all community students, ages 2-18, a free     Program
breakfast and lunch. Tanja Bendon is spearheading this amazing
program for community kids.

At 9:30 p.m. Rhonda Boyd made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.

The minutes of this meeting were recorded and transcribed by Linda E.

CLERK                                          CHAIRMAN

Tuesday, June 14, 2011                     6

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