A is for Alien by liaoqinmei


									A is for Alien:

The soul is the alien element that is the beginning of all
familiar things. The soul comes out of the ultimate past
and continues into the ultimate future. The soul is the only
remnant of countless universes that have faded from
existence through endless time. The soul fades in and out
in sleep and wakefulness, in life and death. It is forever
differentiating, forever separating, forever becoming
something new.

Its familiarity is an illusion. Its attachment to objective
form is but a passing dream. In its true identity, it is the
alien root that recreates the world and destroys the familiar
to free the future from the prison of its past. In its true
identity, it is simple primeval time. It is the subjective
foundation out of which all things in derived objective time
are woven.

This is the truth expressed when the wise deny that the soul
is a self and call it the Buddha that is released into Nirvana.
The soul is that which forever penetrates reality so that the
objective may be broken and refined as subjective infinite
transcendence, the void that recreates all things.

My death in this life, my sleep and dreams, allow the
infinite to penetrate my finite attachment and set it free.
Only the alien can expand the familiar. Only death can set
life free. Only sleep can extend the actual into the possible.
Without the soul, the objective world is a explosion of
atomic form and mathematical potential that is empty.
B is for Basis:

The soul gives form a basis by giving it subjectivity, by
giving feeling to motion and mind to structure. The soul is
the mysterious basis that is fully known only by its
creativity, never by its creation. The creative soul is never
trapped by its creation, is always more. The soul enticed
by the finite generates a hell from which it never gets free.

I should not fear death anymore than sleep. I shall wake
again from death just as I wake from sleep. Death is the
sleep that renews the creativity of my soul just as sleep
renews the creativity of the body.

Death destroys the individual that is compounded of soul
and body so that it may renew the transcendence that
allows the individual attachments of the soul to draw back
into the creative boundless that regenerates their basis and
extends their deepest roots.

The infinite entering the infinitesimal provides the basis of
the creative subjectivity that generates all things. This is
the logos of my soul, the buddhamind that endlessly
expands into Nirvana. It has taken an eternity for the
infinite to expand through me to the point that I am able to
attach to human form.

My astrological nativity and my attachment to my body are
the basis for my emergence in the objective world. Death
is the basis of the freedom through which that attachment
may be transcended.
C is for Consciousness:

When I am conscious, the infinite enters the infinitesimal in
order to manifest as the finite circle of my awareness. I
become an individual in which my subjective inside is
united to by objective outside through the vehicle of my
personal consciousness. When I sleep, the infinite
withdraws from the infinitesimal and the infinitesimal is
pulled by this withdrawal into the world of associations that
is the collective unconscious. This withdrawal, that takes
place during sleep, binds me to the larger system that
generates the visible world.

When I die, when I meditate, when I dream, I withdraw my
focus from this world. I become an alien entity capable of
stretching the existing system and breaking it into the
transcendent realm. I become the infinitesimal stretched by
the infinite till it penetrates the finite and shatters it into
something more. My relationship to the infinite is that of a
needle that punctures it, of an alien portion that has gone
off on its own and drawn everything else behind it into
something utterly new.

I am always becoming something different. My soul is the
point that creates my world. I can focus my consciousness
on obtaining more pleasure and power for myself in the
world or I can focus my consciousness on extending virtue
into transcendent possibility. I can create new heavens or
new hells by the free action of my soul as the essential
creative spirit that generates the world of my experience.
My consciousness ties the visible to its inner source.
D is for Determinate:

The finite world appears to be utterly determined in its
nature by the finite systems that create it. No element of
freedom is apparent in the world of measurement and
scientific hypothesis. A larger system of determination is
revealed in the astrological patterns of events. Astrology
could not have its predictive power without the operation of
a creative relationship between the subjective as creative
spirit and the collective unconscious as its agent of

This astrological system is the wheel of birth and death
ruled by Karma acting through the Dharma order. It is the
soul as Atman, as the Jiva that turns the wheel. The larger
order that generates this relationship is a manifestation of
the transcendent Brahman. The creative rebuilding of this
system, the opening of this ancient fate into new freedom is
the Nirvana discovered by the Buddhamind, generated as
the Jiva penetrates the old Dharma and the old Karma in
pursuit of the boundless beyond.

The world I am in, and the associations of the world I am
in, reflect the attachments of my previous lives, reflect the
beliefs and actions that make up my Karma. The
attachments that I make during sleep are reflections of the
attachments I make in wakefulness. These attachments are
the basis for the future that I generate out of my past and
for the next incarnation that will reattach me to the finite
following my death. My creativity is the hidden source of
the visible, the essential element in determining the future.
E is for Emergence:

What emerges is only a shadow, a surface expression. The
finite is never the source, always the product of the infinite
and the infinitesimal. The infinite is the obvious mother of
the finite. However, the infinitesimal is the hidden parent
that supplies the seed from which all emergent form and
process are derived. Without the soul there would be
nothing. Without primal time there could be no relative
time and space. Without the subjective, the objective would
by empty form.

The finite cannot create because it is too crude. The finite
has no power to receive the infinite, when it does receive it
the finite is ground back to the infinitesimal from which it
comes. The interaction of the infinitesimal and the infinite
is the basis of the logos that makes all things. Only through
an eternity of time can the infinitesimal extend the finite
enough to allow it to reach out into the infinite little by
little. The soul is the source of this evolution. It generates
the expansion of the finite that provides the energy to drive
the movement toward entropy that is the source of the
evolution of energy dissipative organization in the finite

Yet, this evolution is only a surface evolution. The deeper
evolution comes from within, where the infinitesimal
receives the infinite and the infinite gives it the power to
endlessly expand the finite into the boundless. This
subjective reality provides the hidden basis for the
emergent objective reality.
F is for Finite:

The finite appears to be the source of this cosmology.
Science tells us that the measurable has its origins in the
measurable. Science explains the creation of the finite
through the finite. Science explains consciousness with
finite structures and processes. The infinitesimal subjective
is explained as the shadow cast within by the finite forms
science has measured without.

No element of myth or fantasy is admitted in the
development of this picture. The infinite never is allow to
enter except where its is cut down to large, but still finite
size. Yet it is the infinitesimal and its dance through the
infinite that is the true author of these finite shadows.
Astrology offers us a glimpse of the infinite extension of
these shadows into the boundless where the soul and the
ultimate generate the subjective magic that is the true
source of all objective things.

The soul is an infinitesimal center that penetrates the
infinite with the needle of its subjectivity. It is the apex of
the pyramid of being that represents its world. It is the
beginning point of the endless process that generates space
and complex time from the associations built up around the
simple time of the soul. The soul is the source of the finite.

My soul is the essence of what I am. This essence is
reflected in the world about me. My body is only my
current point of attachment. The environment associated
with my body reflects the previous attachments of my soul.
G is for Genesis:

I appear to be something generated by my body. I appear
to be something made by the world. I appear to be
something mortal. My character appears to be determined
by my environment, my education, my genes, my
physiological makeup, and the geographic and economic
conditions of my origin.

My subjective states appear to be shadows generated by my
neurological processes, shadows cast into the world of
behaviors produced by the processes of my brain. I appear
totally mortal. My subjective life appears to be a shadow
of my objective life cast into a phenomenological mirror
that simply reflects the physical and biological worlds that
produced me.

Astrology shows other connections that only make sense
when it is assumed that deeper patterns underlie the
objective world that make it the shadow, the Maya, the
dreamlike images cast by the subjective realm that is the
true source of objective experience. My subjectivity is my
true essence and my real source. It is eternal and endures
in spite of the coming and going of sleep and wakefulness,
life and death. Its finite focus contracts in sleep and death
and expands in birth and wakefulness.

My eternal existence is the explanation for the world I see.
Through eternity my infinitesimal subjectivity expanded
into the infinite until that subjectivity could support
attachment to a finite circle of consciousness.
H is for Hell:

There is no need to search for immortality. My subjectivity
(Jiva, Atman, Monad, Soul) is my immortality and my
relationship to the world is the record of its eternity of
activity (Karma) and its eternity of associations (Dharma).
The world is the objective form that this eternity has
created. My attachment to the world is the fruit of an
eternal process. I am the creative source of that process at
my subjective roots. What I create at my subjective core
determines what I experience, the world I create, the
associations I make, the place of attachment I seek in the
collective unconscious system of the whole, the astrology
of my fate. I determine whether that world, that creation, is
to be heaven, purgatory, or hell.

To the extent that I reach out toward virtue and toward
transcendent wholeness, I reach toward Heaven. When I
isolate in fear and hate, where I am greedy and seek only to
improve my status in the objective world, then I create a
purgatory, or even begin to dig myself a pit, a local
fragment of eternity that gradually closes in to become a
personal hell.

I must release the impulse to know what this means. My
knowledge would work through this body and brain and
belong to this body and brain. But, this body must die. It
is a composite made up of atoms, particles, quanta. Its
being from within is made of infinitesimal atoms of here
and now solipsism. Only these infinitesimals have true
immortality. But, each is on its own unique mission.
I is for Individual:

The mission of the individual soul is not necessarily that of
the body it indwells. The mission of the soul is necessarily
mysterious and alien to the world. Perhaps, my soul has
come back to this point of space-time out of eternity to
experiment with the movement (of the soul, of the body, of
the world, of the totality of all being) in a new direction of
alternative existence. Perhaps, my soul is revisiting this
creation to relearn some lesson that needs to be refined,
perhaps the totality of existence is expanding itself in some
new way that prevents its bondage to endless boredom,
perhaps this is a new frontier of all being in which we see
the order of things breaking out into something utterly new,
perhaps all and none of these are true at once in ways
utterly incomprehensible to three dimensional brains trying
to comprehend and infinitely dimensional substrate of
being and becoming.

Perhaps the individual body is inhabited by billions of souls
from within. Perhaps each individual soul is traveling its
own unique road of creative becoming, linking utterly
different and utterly distinct elements of the ultimate with
both new levels of order and old levels of freedom.
Perhaps we become trapped in the body and the body’s
pleasures. Perhaps the individual souls loose contact with
their unique missions and become trapped in the lust, the
greed, the pleasure needs of the body as an individual
organism, its desire for a immortality that is not possible in
the world we currently experience. But, perhaps that is just
the challenge they need to face. The cosmos is made new.
J is for Jiva:

The Jains call the soul the Jiva. They note that it can attach
to any physical event, any physical form. There are Jiva in
rocks and in the soil. The assumption that the Jiva in
humans are spiritually superior to those in rocks or physical
events is a prejudice. Knowledge may compromise
freedom. Complexity may draw many souls together into a
pleasure obtaining compact, a compact with the souls in the
planets and the planetary systems that generates a “Karma,”
a grand scheme of actions, and this may compromise the
souls pure freedom. Poverty and simplicity of form and
action may give the soul freedom and creative power that it
may lack in more complex and apparently more important
attachment bodies.

The ancient belief that rocks, trees, rivers may possess
“Kami,” may possess spirits, jiva, with peculiar creative
and psychic powers may be correct. This is not something
that could, necessarily, be tested by science because it
would be a property of the being from within of the object
and not of the being from without. This inner property
might manifest itself, not in objects in the physical
universe, but in its very progress as a whole through
alternative quantum possibility. Thus, the effects may not
manifest locally, but only globally.

The timeline of each jiva’s progress through the world may
trace a unique story. Each story may be alien to all others.
Each soul may come from its own totally unique place and
have its own totally alien message to convey.
K is for Karma:

Each soul, or group of souls, may have its own “Karma,”
its own sequence of deeds and meanings, its own story, or
Logos. The key to the meaning of life may be the
discovery of that story, that logos, that avatarship, that
inner Christ, inner Buddha, inner wisdom. The Karma of
one Jiva may be alien to the karma of those it attaches to or
it may be shared.

Rather that feel self-pity, the person needs to discover the
story that is being told by the roles its jiva have attached to.
The Astrological Drama it is playing has meaning, has a
story line, has a message, has a lesson. That lesson is a gift
of the gods and their angels, a gift of the leading souls to
those that follow them and attach with them. The person
needs to discover the message, the logos, the story that his
inner Buddha, his inner Christ is attempting to teach

Attachments that seem meaningless, lives that seem
meaningless always have a higher unseen meaning. The
Dharma system, the principles that govern all things are
always present. Nothing exists that is not a manifestation
of these principles and that does not show forth the Dharma
story, the dharma wisdom. Those that walk the
Dhammapada, the dharma path, will eventually discover
that logos, that Buddha, that Christ logos and its Sophia, its
wisdom. Once, the meaning is clear, self-pity can change
into gratitude. The soul can become a Kami, an angel, an
avatar of gods, of principles, of divine wisdom.
L is for Logos:

Life is a search for the logos, the Christ, the Buddha, the
higher story, the hidden wisdom, not the outer pleasure, the
outer form. This is the meaning of the Christian emphasis
on the war of the spirit and the flesh, of the hidden meaning
and the outer form.

The soul is look for Aslan the lion in the Narnia of its true
heart, for the true Amber, the true Unicorn, for the Krishna,
the Rama, the Athena, the hidden gods, Christ principles,
Buddha principles, in the drama of its own being. Each
soul generates its own novel in which it stars in a drama
with unique potentials.

Will that soul be saved or lost? Will its Aslan guide it to
the Kami, the Buddha meaning, or will the flesh, the
pleasure, the desire for status, will greed, lust, self-pity,
fear, hate, animal passions overwhelm it and will it loose its
way, trapped in some local spell, local witchcraft, local

This Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Greek, Confucian drama is
being continually played on the theatre of each person’s
unique astrology, unique life story, unique combination of
unique inner jiva timelines, unique here and now being
from within. The symbolism of the gospel of John is being
played out among the jivas, the kami, the spirits that
indwell the flesh of each person, within the person’s inner
brain, inner heart. Life is all about the story, the Christmas
of the inner heart, is hidden logos meaning.
M is for Meaning:

Materialistic philosophers use many arguments to
demonstrate that there is nothing but the material world.
But, quantum mechanics shows us that the material is not
what it seems to be. Yes, science, the brain, brain function,
culture completely explain the outer events that define
consciousness. Yet, it’s meaning, its essence, is within, not
without, and it is utterly different, utterly alien to the thing,
the material things, described by science. The form of
forms, the gestalt of gestalten shows the origins of the
spirit, of the soul, in an area of existence utterly alien,
utterly free from the finite, infinitely removed from the
finite as the side of a square is from the infinitesimal side of
a circle.

The Christian approach to this meaning favored by the
Lutheran theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg, is to view the
ultimate God, and the ultimate state of being as a kingdom,
a dominion of something in the ultimate future. Thus, the
Christian faith would be fidelity to a purpose that would
bring about the kingdom of the ultimate future and a
resurrection of the assembly of atoms and souls that makes
up the human person, but under ideal conditions, conditions
utterly alien to the imperfect conditions of this world.

Thus, Christianity becomes a pledge to this ideal hope, to
this infinite future. The Christian soul becomes a
messenger, an angel of this eternal Christmas of the heart,
this logos of triumph of the infinite good. This deeper
meaning emerges as a purpose, not a current fact.
N stands for Nirvana:

The Buddhist messages is that this logos, this story, cannot
become fact as long as the soul is bound to the pleasures of
the body, the greedy lustful and gluttonous wishes of the
flesh. Buddha seeks a pure state of mind, the Nirvana that
is the blowing out of the Kama, the desire based anger,
greed, lust, pride full status seeking, etc. This allows the
soul to become free enough from its attachments to choose
the pure, the loving, the good, and the true, to follow the
dharma path, the dhammapada.

Attachment takes away the freedom of the soul. When the
soul obtains objective knowledge, it attaches to an
astrology, to a determined fate and to the world system that
goes with that fate. Without factual knowledge, the soul is
free in Nirvana, in Buddhamind. It has the magical power
to attach to what ever universe it chooses or to remain free
in the ultimate no-thing existential inexistence.

The soul in this pure satva guna (as the Jains call this state)
takes no action (rajas guna) and derives no attachments
(tamas guna). It is pure creative becoming. It is primal
creative power. It is the state of being that leads all other
states of being.

Buddhism teaches that right thoughts, actions, meditation,
etc. is the correct path to this state. One attaches to
principle rather than to expression. Rather than pleasure,
one seeks joy, truth, sincerity, justice, charity, virtue, peace,
forgiveness, wisdom, patience, generosity, love, faith.
O is for Organization:

We are prejudiced. We assume that the human level of
organization is the highest level of organization. But, the
soul must bind itself to other souls in order to obtain human
form. It must bind itself to the complex brain functions and
complex astrology of a human incarnation. The knowledge
and awareness associated with human thought generate
observations that bind quantum states rather than leaving
them free.

Souls at lower levels of attached organization may have
greater freedom and greater creative power. Evidence
collected for psychic powers when animals are connected
to random number generators hooked to heaters that might
keep them warm in a cold room indicate that simpler
creatures such as insects may have more PK powers than
humans. Maybe clay and rocks have even more creative,
more psychic, more primal power. Maybe our human
prejudice keeps us from the realization that simpler states
of being may encourage higher and more enlightened states
of consciousness that retain their primal freedom rather
than sacrifice it by binding it to complex knowledge.

Objective knowledge may give us security and physical
pleasure, but it may also cause us to identify with physical
states that are alien to the pure creativeness that is the true
essence of our inner spirit. Thus, the spirits, the Kami, in
trees ands rocks might indeed be more powerful. The
spirits of ravens and bears might have qualities missing in
humans. Animism, Shinto, may not be wrong after all.
P is for Pleasure:

Pleasure is what causes soul monads to attach to complex
physical bodies. The pleasure may be associated with a
kind of soul atom harmony that is induced when millions of
infinitesimal soul atoms unite their infinitely long strands
of time together at the point of their here and now centers
in the induction of the observations that bind quantum
events within the brains of complex creatures like humans.

The problem is that these complexes isolate the soul from
the larger whole that souls may complete in gangs in order
to obtain bodies to attach to. Thus, astrology may represent
a series of rivalries between souls coming from various
resting points within the major planetary bodies of a solar
system. This astrological event network may tie down a
soul to a series of events and severely limit its freedom.
The attachment may degenerate into a kind of hell in which
suffering overwhelms pleasure and the trapped soul is
unable to break free.

But, knowledge of what is happening can only come
through complex brain states, and these come at a severe
price for the souls that attach to them. These forms of
knowledge are temporary; they belong to the brain soul
complex and are not the permanent property of the soul that
participates in their generation. Thus, for a temporary
flash of truth to which it attaches, the soul may pay in
attachment to pain and bondage to the complex activities
that generated that knowledge. Knowledge does not
necessarily bring freedom to the soul that attaches to it.
Q is for Quarters:

In the end the soul is trapped within the larger system to
which it belongs, the system of the four quarters, of Earth,
Air, Fire, and Water (that is to say the realistic,
experimental, classical, and post impressionist tempers, and
their antithetical romantic, baroque, expressionistic, and
impressionistic opposites: Steam, Ice, Wood, and Magma).
The hot-cold (self-social), moist-dry (whole-part), stable-
reactive (fixed-flux) polarity to which it belongs (vertices
of the eight face buried octahedron) trap it in the endless
cycles of being and becoming.

The gods that are the mind of the evolving universe need
the soul complexes to do their handiwork, to be their slaves
and servants.

The key is detachment from all but the highest, the most
powerful virtue: pure beauty, harmony, joy, forgiveness,
peace, wisdom, knowledge, truth, patience, practicality,
energy, power, bliss, charity, trust, fidelity, order,
enthusiasm, justice, concord, innocence, moderation,
humility, etc. No virtue should exclude another. A
congress of virtues is needed, joy and truth, knowledge and
peace, beauty and wisdom, power and humility, moderation
and enthusiasm, faith and adventure.

To achieve knowledge, joy, power by themselves, at the
expense of the congress of virtue, is to dishonor the
exclusive virtue. This congress of virtue is the tissue of
divine wisdom, the womb of the holy mother the good.
R is for Resurrection:

So the primal source of creation is the pure now of the
infinitesimal monad of being from within that binds to
other threads of time to bring quantum events into being
through the thick time space resulting from the union of
monads in complex emergence. Thus, the finite atoms of
matter emerge from the creative freedom of the
infinitesimal atoms of being from within energy as passion
and form as primal existentially inexistent mind.

But, just as in the material world the position and speed of
the electrons of a an objective atom cannot be known at the
same time, so knowledge of the possibilities of a
infinitesimal atom precludes knowledge of its metaphysical
condition. Factual ignorance, mystery, faith is necessary to
preserve spiritual freedom. The alternative is bondage to
the flesh, to the personal hell of the anger and suffering
resulting from finite greed, lust, pride, grasping and
attachment to the elements of a world of flux and no-self.

In choosing subjective faith over objective fact, the soul
commits to the Christ, Buddha, Mohammed prophet
principle, to faith in the resurrection of the just, to the
Heaven of joy and love and divine possibility. Fidelity to a
sacred path, a Dhammapada, a Gospel story vision, a
Koran, a Christmas, a Krishna in the Brindiban of the heart
vision of reality, this faithfulness liberates us from the hell
of bondage to the world, of bondage to an astrological fate,
to the factual world of pride and greed. Resurrection is the
hope of perfection of the composite emergent flesh.
S is for Salvation:

Salvation is the ultimate ideal in which all virtues are
achieved within the divine holiness, the Holy Spirit, the
Santa Sophia, holy wisdom that is the Logos story, the
Buddhamind. This means the harmonious ordering of all
the infinitesimal strands of time, not in the complex finite
emergence that is the body of the flesh, but in the infinite
harmony that is the perfection of all things. This deep
harmony would perfect the shallow disharmony that is the
flesh and resurrection from the mortal and the bound into
the immortal and the free.

The limited immortality of the soul atom would break out
into the unlimited immortality of ultimate restoration and
ultimate freedom. This is not possible within the objective
world, but only in the deeper order that transcends the
world. We have a choice between faith in this possibility
and certainty of suffering in the limited reality we have
achieved within the factual world. We have a choice
between allegiance to our current status, or to ultimate
possibility that frees us, offers us salvation from the
inevitable suffering that comes from our greedy attachment
to things that must age and die.

This salvation is accomplished through the inner logos, the
inner story, the inner myth, not through the outer fact. It is
about inner fidelity not outer proof. Given the choice
between holy myth and metaphysics, we choose holy myth.
Outside of holy myth there is no salvation. Holy myth is
one. There are not two myths. Only one Buddha word.
T is for Temper:

The metaphysical basis of reality lies in the simple classical
temper. The simple timeline of the individual moving from
fixed to flux gradually complexes with other timelines to
generate collective space-time. The countermovement to
this movement from fixed to flux and individual to
collective, is the movement from the ultimate to the
measurable. This in turn generates the subsidiary
movements from self to social and whole to part resulting
in a cube-octahedron-tetrahedron of Earth, Air, Fire, and
Water (Realistic, Classical, Cubist, and Post-Impressionist
tempers) tetrahedral faces and their counter tetrahedral
vertices: Steam, Life, Ice, and Magma (Romantic,
Expressionistic, Baroque, and Impressionistic tempers).

But, since it represents the simple beginning, the Classical
temper expanding into the Romantic temper through
enlightenment and increasing freedom in the
Impressionistic and Cubist tempers is the essential
progression that generates all subsequent progressions.
Magical idealism produces the fantasy and myth that allow
the mind to dwell in the eternal Christmas of the heart.
This magic should be inclusive of all idealistic myth and
fantasy regardless of cultural origin.

As the mind affirms the power of this magical realm, it
must release its attachments to the greed and lust that bind
it to the objective opposite. This objective world has a
false solid feel. Yet, all tempers must be present, but with
the magical and the ideal providing the leadership.
U is for the Ultimate:

The ultimate that is affirmed includes all tempers. But,
realistic expression is now the reflection of the magical
ideal. Virtue sets the mark to which all things must
measure up. Dhamma rules the Dhammapada that we seek,
a Buddha principle that transcends the world of flux and
suffering and no-self, a Jesus logos that transcends the
anger, envy, and lust of the flesh.

The idealistic magic that affirms the world of material
expression is the magic of an ecology of mind that affirms
the communities of all living things and their non-living
support systems, a natural communism and a natural
aristocracy in which the individual part affirms the
collective health of the whole.

But, this does not require us to deny the principle of
realism, the truth of natural selection, sociobiology, the
evolving basis of life and society, the laws of
thermodynamics that rule all natural chemistry. They are
the is, the reality of the visible world. We do not deny this
reality. But, the ideal we work for is the ultimate, ultimate,
the gone utterly beyond, the nirvana ideal that is utterly
beyond all grasping lust, greed, pride, and attachment to
surface things. We dive to the depth of our inner resources
rather than swim in the shallows and on the surfaces that
deny this primal inner freedom and meaning.

The tetrahedron of the Ideal, its Product, its Freedom, and
its Recombination rules this triumphant ultimate.
V is for Vertex:

The symbol for the Ideal is Air, for Product is Earth, for
Freedom is Fire, for Recombination is Water. The
opposites of Fuel: these are Expression, Source, Order, and
Analysis (or, Steam, Ice, and Magma). These are the eight
vertices of a cube, faces of an octahedron, vertices and
faces of a tetrahedron. These emerge from the six faces of
the cube, six vertices of the octahedron, six edges of the
tetrahedron: Hot against Cold, Moist against Dry, and
Consistent against Inconsistent. Hot moisture is
inconsistent Steam or consistent Air (the gasses
consistently retain enough pressure and warmth to retain
their moisture). Cold moisture is inconsistent as Water (it
may melt or evaporate) or consistent as Ice (it is
consistently cold enough not to melt).

Dry cold things are consistent as Earth and inconsistent as
Fuel. Fuel may become hot enough to ignite. Dry hot
things are consistent as Magma (molten rock inside the
earth) or inconsistent as Fire.

Fire, Earth, Air, and Water are the four faces of the
tetrahedron of vital tempers: Choleric, Melancholic,
Sanguine, and Phlegmatic. In alchemy this would be Mars,
Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus. If we substitute the polarity of
light against dark for the polarity of hot against cold, the
opposites of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water becomes Pottery
(or Metal), Heaven (Sun), Life (or Dust), and Salt
(crystals). Heaven is ruled by the Sun and Life by the
Moon. Salt is ruled by Mercury, Pottery is planet Earth.
W is for Wet:

The moist, or wet, is ruled by Neptune. Uranus rules the
light and Pluto the dark. The dry may be ruled by a planet
beyond Pluto? It does not matter if this symbolism
represents some kind of astrological reality or not. It is
ancient wisdom that symbolizes the basic polarities of brain
function that are rooted in the mathematical polarities of
being itself.

Furthermore, it is stupid to talk about space-time
transcending human time and not to realize that this implies
and infinite flux that makes the improbable probable. Our
universe becomes an anthropic one, one that is more
probable because it barely has the order necessary to
maintain consciousness. Yet, this implies that there will
more improbable universes present. Universes that have
enough order to be organisms, god like beings in
themselves, to feed on and organize less improbable
universes like are own.

It is not impossible that the equivalents of the gods exist as
evolved superbeings within hyperspace that may act
through the planets of this solar system to control the soul-
foam of are quantum world because of possible effects on
the control systems through which they maintain the
balance of their own powers.

Within infinity and eternity existence can become more
complex than a coral reef. This is the cosmic wet that has
nurtured us, a magic wet, not the false dry of Occam.
X is for Xeric:

Science likes as simple dry world, the world of the analytic
face, of the crystals, the Salt of the mind. This is a xeric
realm, a dry realm in which the dryness is governed by a
rule called Occam’s razor, the need for explanations that
represent the simplest possible explanation of the observed.
But, the simplest possible explanation is the simple
observer, is the Liebnitzian monad of the conscious now.
This infinitesimal now as the basic unit of all time is the
ultimate atomic being from within atom that yields a true
atomism rooted in the eternal infinitesimal, not the mortal
finite. This gives the simplest possible root that transcends
the differences between subjective and objective and the
pull and push of pleasure and pain. These are the being
from within of the allurement basic to physics and
chemistry. So mind is the indwelling of form and passion
of energy.

Suddenly our xeric landscape is watered by a panpsychic
rain. What we tried to keep simple is opened up to an
endless flux that can create the improbable in both the
objective and subjective realms. Mythology becomes
possibility because all aspects of being are open to the
metaphysical changes at the root of all things.

The xeric language of science, its barren realistic temper is
a true reflection of the measurable realm. But, the
measurable is hung within the immeasurable, the finite
within the infinite, the realistic within the romantic and the
Y is for Yield:

I need to yield my desire to know all, my desire to use this
tetrahedron to find myself. I will find my self only at the
expense of the mystery that nurtures my deeper reality.

I need that mystery. It is my freedom. It is my salvation
from the pride of status and claims of nobility and holiness.

My soul needs to go naked into the universe of light and
dark, of allurement and gravitation, of sun and moon. The
important aristocracy is not the aristocracy of power. It is
the aristocracy of virtue.

I must walk through this world of flux and suffering, this
no-self. My true self is the Buddha word, story of a break
in being through which the light of all things pours. My
light is a bit of endless life and light. I am immortal and
universal in that light when I yield to it rather than the
mortal body that reflects it temporarily.

It is the nature of the flesh to resist. To fight for its survival
as the gang leader, as the sexual ape that fertilizes. The
flesh grasps for power and pleasure at the expense of all but
the dominating self.

But, that self must age and die and fall from power. Only
the light brings peace and joy and shows the miracle of
endless beauty, the riches that endure all transformations

Will I yield to this Buddha path?

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