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									Impact Solutions presents:

Response to Group 1 RFP

Presented by Ken Thiongo & Santosh Mutnuru

• Company Background

• Requirements

• Proposed Solution

• Budget

• Comments

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Company Background
•Founded in 1992

•Based in Michigan, New York, Madrid, Vancouver BC

•Implemented Document management solution to 64 Fortune 1000
Companies all over the world.

•We have a staff of about 60 all with no less than 5 years experience in
designing, implementing, training and supporting document management
solutions and internet access.

•Staff includes Network engineers, security consultants, project
managers, Business process experts, Information management experts.

•We have 25,000 additional square feet of office and workspace to
complement our current office space of 10,000 square feet.

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hardware/software vendor partnerships

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Client Projects implemented
          1. Dykema is one of the largest law firms in the Midwest with
             offices in Michigan , Illinois, California, and Washington D.C
             . We Implemented document management solution that
             allowed an easy, secure and organized way to share
             documents with other offices, outside counsel or clients.
          2. We also implemented a network solution that allowed
             secure access to the Internet and any legal document
             stored by the company.
          3. We saved the firm $90,000 in cost related to document

             1. We helped the city Identify & Implement a suitable
                document management system to reduce growing levels of
                paperwork thus enabling more efficient electronic
                workflows, with resulting higher employee productivity.

             2. We also implemented secure network and Internet access
                to enable communications and sharing of data between the
                different branches of local govt. offices located in the city.

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Project Requirements
•To update the current telecommunications and networking
environment for a law firm with approximately 750 lawyers in
the firm with 2 legal support staff for each and support staff of
approximately 112 individuals.

•The firm requires a Document Management solution that
includes archiving document for up to 15 years.

•Secure access to the internet for all.

•Project should not exceed 6 months.

•Budget should not exceed 100,000$.

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Proposed solution (Secure Internet Access)
Proposed Networking Equipment            Firewall -We use firewall
                                        to protect the company
                                        from hackers and
10Mbs Ethernet with Cat 3 cabling
                                        trespassers and
100Mbs Ethernet with Cat 5 cabling      unauthenticated access.

Proposed Servers
                                        Proxy servers - mediates
HP LC3 2.5 GHz server.                  traffic between a
                                        protected network and the
Dell Power edge 500SC 3.0 GHz           Internet

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Proposed Solution (Document management)

We Propose a Hardware & Software based solution
Hardware                            Software

HP Scanjet 7800                    DocuXplorer
Document Sheetfeed                 Enterprise(COTS)
                                   Microsoft Office 2003
HP LC3 2.5 GHz server.             Suite.

Dell Power edge 500SC              Microsoft Outlook Email
3.0 GHz servers.

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  Reasons for using DocuXplorer Enterprise
Combines both computer-generated and paper documents in a
secure and effective document storage and retrieval system.

Allowing users to revise, create versions, annotate and share
documents with a workgroup.

Providing access via the Internet for remote computers.

It is easy to learn and use .

Impact Consultant will provide training and support.

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 Secure Internet Access
  CAT 5 Cabling                                5000$
  100 Mbps Ethernet                            6000$

  HP LC3 2.5 GHz servers (x5)                  12000$

  Dell Power edge 500SC 3.0 GHz servers (x3)   8000$

  Routers                                      5000$

  ISP internet setup fee                       7000$

  Man power                                    18000$

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    Document management Solution

   DocuEXplorer Enterprise (3 licenses)   14000$

   HP Scanjet 7800 Document               5000$
   Sheetfeed Scanner (X8)

   Microsoft Office 2003 (650 licenses)   7000$

   Manpower                               14000$

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Project Team
• Santosh Mutnuru – Project Lead
• Kenneth Thiongo – Needs Assessment team lead
• Dietrich Gunter – Programming & Development team lead
• Eric Friedman- Knowledge management team lead
• Malik Abdul – Network and information Security specialist
  team lead
• Jesse James- Training and Support team lead
• Susan Charles – Solution Implementation team lead
• Maria Lopez – Testing & QA team lead

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Project Timeline (6 months)

             JAN   FEB      MAR       APR   MAY    JUN


Survey of

Survey of



                                                  On time!
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The RFP we are responding belongs to group 1 and is @ http://esteva-

We provided the solution based upon their requirements.

Upon scrutiny of the RFP we realized that it was not well organized and
we responded well as per understanding their requirements to our

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