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                                    FOR A VISITOR VISA TO CANADA

To whom it may concern:

I, Jane Nguyen, a Citizen of Canada, attached hereto are certified/notarized copies of the Canadian Citizenship
Card and Canadian Passport, born on November 5, 1980; and residing at: 123 Fake Street, Mississauga, Ontario
M5G-1X1, Canada; Tel: 1-647-555-5555;


    1.   I make this declaration in connection with a request for a Visitor Visa for my uncle: Mr. Dong Nguyen,
         born January 1, 1957; who is a Citizen of Vietnam, residing at: 555 Fake Road, Vietnam; Tel: +555-555-5555;
         Passport #TTT555G555;
    2.   Purpose of this trip is for Mr. Dong Nguyen to have a vacation, and visit with myself and my parents;
    3.   Purpose of this trip is for Mr. Dong Nguyen to attend my wedding on September 15, 2011, please find
         attached my wedding invitation;
    4.   Purpose of this trip is for a family emergency, please find attached a letter from Dr. John Smith at
         Toronto General Hospital supporting the granting of the visitor visa on passionate grounds;
    5.   Mr. Dong Nguyen’s vacation plans include visiting the United States of America before entering Canada
         on or around September 4, 2011;
    6.   Mr. Dong Nguyen has many friends, family members, as well as properties in Vietnam and has intention to
         return to Vietnam upon the completion of his vacation;
    7.   Mr. Dong Nguyen’s air ticket will have an expiration date;
    8.   I hereby undertake to provide accommodation for Mr. Dong Nguyen at my residence at: 123 Fake Street,
         Mississauga, Ontario M5G-1X1, Canada; and will provide for all expenses in connection with his visit to
         Canada, including but not limited to purchasing health care insurance coverage during his stay in Canada;
    9.   I work as an Analyst for ABC Inc. and making approximately $60,000.00 annually. Please find attached a
         copy of my recent pay-stubs and tax returns.

In the event that you require further information about me and/or this invitation, please feel free to contact me at
my aforementioned personal information.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my letter of invitation.

I MAKE THIS DECLARATION in support of a proposed application for a Visitor Visa for Mr. Dong Nguyen, and
for no other or improper purpose.

Signature:                                   Date:
             Ms. Jane Nguyen

SWORN BEFORE ME, Vinh T. Tran, Lawyer, Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths, at the City of Toronto, in the
Province of Ontario, Canada, this _________________ day of_________________ , 2011.

Commissioner of Oaths for Ontario

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