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									                                    The Chronicle
      Volume Number 131                      December 2010                                            Circulation 96

                                DISTRICT 09 MEETING November 7, 2010 White Lake

Meeting opened by Terry W (DCM) at 2:00 p.m. and introductions made. Terry S read the traditions. Jerry K made the
motion to accept the minutes as corrected which had been presented in ―The Chronicle.‖ John N seconded the motion.
Motion carried. John N presented the treasurer’s report. The balance sheet shows a balance forward of $1,691.58
including designations for earmarked funds. Gloria O made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted. Jeff O
seconded the motion. Motion carried. Sixteen members signed the attendance sheet, representing Shawano, Wausaukee,
Crivitz, Lakewood, Carter, Peshtigo, White Lake and Menominee, MI.
                                               COMMITTEE REPORTS

PUBLIC INFORMATION: Todd E reported that the form letters are set up personal
for each of the different entities of churches, schools, medical personnel, physicians and treatment centers. They are ready
to copy and paste. He explained the individual literature that will be included with these mailings. Todd E will be the PI
representative for the up coming Intergroup Meeting in Wausaukee. He also suggested that telephone books from other
communities be provided to him for future mailing. Also he shared thoughts of contacting local radio stations for public
announcements of meeting locations and information opportunities.
CORRECTIONS: Gloria O reported for Yvonne P. Three men volunteers are doing a great job at the Marinette County Jail.
Two women are continuing to rotate weekly keeping the women’s meeting going at Marinette County Jail. Two men
volunteers are still doing a great job at the Oconto Jail. Yvonne is not aware of what is happening at the Shawano Jail.
Mary B and Yvonne P are continuing to present meeting at the Menominee Jail and have had good experiences. No
request from the men for meeting at the Menominee Jail but Yvonne P had asked Roxanne, the program director, to keep
her informed if meetings are requested. There also is an alternate male volunteer who is available for either the Menominee
or the Marinette locations, if requested.
NEWSLETTER: Sara P reported for Mary B. Mary B wanted to know if there is anyone is not receiving their newsletters.
ARCHIVES: Dan La C reported that Archives display will be set up for the November Intergroup meeting in Wausaukee.
GRAPEVINE: Sara P reported that the display was set up at the Sponsorship Workshop in Shawano. She reported that
she has enjoys volunteering. She was in contact with the Grapevine Area Chair who asked why the books are not on sale at
these events. There are 16 different items and Sara P. will check on the cost and report back to GSR.
LENDING LIBRARY: John N donated some additional items for the Lending Library. Terry S brought the library with him for
anyone to borrow items.
TREATMENT: Deborah L had notified Mary C, the Secretary that she will not be able to continue as chairperson for the
Treatment Committee. Dawn T volunteered to take over for Deborah L as she is one of the committee members. Gloria O
made the motion to accept her as the new Chairperson for the Treatment Committee. Todd E seconded the motion. The
motion carried. Gloria O had contact from the director of the Intensive Treatment for Alcoholics in Racine and she reported
that female contacts are needed for women in the prisons.
WEB SITE: ( Jeff O reported the web site is up to date and if there are up coming events that they can
be sent to him and he will have them posted on the web site. Terry W reported that there was a great deal of discussion at
the assembly about maintaining ―Anonymity‖ on the Internet as it is public domain but no changes were voted upon so each
can put what information that they want the public to know but do be aware that from your name and initial, information is not
Service workshop: Dan LaC reported on the Service workshop held at the Presbyterian Church in Shawano on October 23rd.
Approximately 30 individuals attended, went well, all left ―Clean and Sober.‖
Hosting of Conference 2012:- Houghton will be hosting (at the college) Fall 2012. The next available conferences will be
Spring and Fall 2013.
Gloria O suggested perhaps sponsoring a Delegate Workshop which is less demanding. Need 6 to 8 rooms and
arrangements for approximately 100 attendees. Terry W recommended GSRs take the discussion back to their groups for
further information about their willingness to support these ideas.
Fall Conference Report: Gloria O reported on the Fall Assembly. There are 1,232 groups in Area 74, 622 groups are active
and only 431 groups have listed GSRs. To be listed for conferences, each GSR must have full name, full address, a
telephone number and an email address. Grapevine now has AA Comes of Age in soft cover for $10. and Spiritual
Recovery Volume 2 for $10.50. Directories are available and those help individuals find meetings and contacts. These will
be helpful for Bridging the Gap to locate contacts from specific areas. Next year GSO will be doing a Membership Survey.
There are updates for Corrections which Gloria O forwarded to Yvonne. The Secretary/Registrar is now one position,
District 09 would like it be separated into two positions and this was sent back to Structures and Guidelines.
Area 74 will be hosting in July 2013, the East Central Regional Conference which is a five state conference. It will be held in
Green Bay. There will be an Area Committee meeting in January which had been cancelled but do to so many issues being
past back to Committee.
Terry W suggested that the GSR meeting start each meeting with concerns, problems and positive things going on with their
groups. Todd E made the motion that each GSR meeting includes time for GSRs to share what is going on in their
meetings. Jeff O seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Next District Meeting: December 5th District Meeting - Alano Club, 2218 13th Street, Menominee, Michigan
Shawano Presbyterian Church has new daytime meeting at 11:00 a.m. Serenity Club in Shawano has moved their
Breakfast Speakers Meeting from the 3rd Saturday to the 1st Saturday
June 18th will be Upper Michigan and Wisconsin Corrections Workshop. Bob Mayer is obtaining a Judge from California who
holds Drug and Alcohol Court to be the featured speaker.
John N made the motion to close the meeting. Gloria O seconded the motion. Motion carried. The meeting closed with the
Lord’s Prayer at 3:10 p.m.

           District 09 Treasurer’s Report
Balance as of 11/07/10:                $1,704.08
Total Income:                             141.00
Total Expenses:                           153.50                               To Contact “The Chronicle”:
Total Earmarks:                           917.09                                          Mary B
Liquid Assets:                            774.79                                    1110 38th Ave #223
                                                                                  Menominee, MI 49858
          Donations may be sent to:                                                Phone: 906-864-0269
             District 09 Treasurer:                                            E-mail:
                     John N
           W10649 Williston Spring Rd.                                To receive a hard copy of newsletter, send $8.00
               Crivitz, WI 54114                                              along with your mailing address.
                         ~~~~~                                                  Make check out to District 09
                Area 74 Treasury                                                   Treasurer, John Netzel
                     Jeff O                                                                     ~~~
        PO Box 245, Wausau WI 54403                                  The Newsletter may be sent free through e-mail.
 (If possible, please include a Group number                               Fliers are $10.00 a page per month.
                   and name.)                                        Deadline for submissions is the 18 of the month.
            The General Service Office
                  P.O. Box 459                                                           Websites to visit:
               New York NY 10163                                             District 01
                                                                             District 02
             Green Bay Central Office                                        District 09
                  PO Box 1791                                                  Area 74 
              Green Bay WI 54305                                             AA Grapevine
 The District 09 Lending Library is listed on              February 11 - 13, 2011
the District 09 website:         38th Annual East Central Region
  It is listed under NEWSLETTER. Speaker         Conference of Delegates Past and Present,
                                                Holiday Inn, 150 Nicolet Road, Appleton, WI.
tapes and cd’s and more are available to be
            checked out and returned.

      So what is there to do?
                                                               Upcoming Speakers
         GSR/District Meetings                         Of “The Common Solution Group”
           Meetings start at 2pm                       Are on the 4th Wed of each month
                   ~~~~~                                  At 7:00pm at the Alano Club
              December 5th                             2218 13th Street in Menominee MI
                                                                (The speaker meeting is
                  Alano Club                                 An OPEN non-smoking meeting)
     2218 13th   Street, Menominee, MI
                   ~~~~~                         David B from Menominee MI on November 24th
                 January 2nd                     Brian B from Green Bay WI on December 22nd
        Faith Presbyterian Church
                                                   Pete J from Green Bay WI on January 26th
                                                           Please announce at your meetings.
        806 Fritzie Ave, Crivitz, WI

       Intergroup/Panel Schedule
            December 11, 2010
                                                                   Hello Friends!
            Appleton Intergroup
St. Pius X Church Marquette St. Appleton.
                                                        I hope all is well with each of you.
    Dinner – 6:p.m. Speakers – 7:p.m.             Remember, “The Chronicle” is your Newsletter.
        Please bring a dish to pass.            If you have something to submit to the newsletter,
      Meat and buns will be provided.                 send it to me at
 Door Prizes from Appleton Area Groups                       Yours in love and service,
                    ~~~~~                               Mary B – Dist 09 Newsletter Editor
       Saturday, January 22, 2011                              As Bill Sees It ~ Pg 249
      Meet ‘n Eat (AKA Intergroup)                ―We see that the sun never sets upon AA’s Fellowship;
       Redeemer Lutheran Church                    that more than three hundred and fifty thousand of us
           School Gymnasium                         have now recovered from our malady; that we have
        210 South Oneida Street                 everywhere begun to transcend the formidable barriers of
          (Behind the 218 Club)
                                                race, creed, and nationality. This assurance that so many
          Fellowship at 4:30 pm
                                                    of us have been able to meet our responsibilities for
            Dinner at 5:30 pm
                                                 sobriety and for growth and effectiveness in the troubled
AA and Al-Anon Speakers 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Ham, Potatoes, and Coffee Will Be Provided
                                                world where we live, will surely fill us with the deepest joy
       Please bring a dish to pass.                                  and satisfaction.‖

         More Upcoming Events:                     Hi Friends, In order to cut down on hardcopy
                                                mailing expenses, please let me know if you are not
             December 3, 2010
                                                 a GSR or District committee chairperson. Please
          Post Thanksgiving Feed
                                                 consider receiving this newsletter free by e-mail if
Ascensiion Lutheran Church - Navarino, WI.      you are no longer a chairperson, or GSR. Or send
    Dinner at 6:pm - Speakers at 7:pm
                                                      $8.00 per year for a hardcopy to John N
 Turkey, mashed potatoes stuffing & gravy
                                                          W10649 Williston Spring Rd.
    Bring a side dish or Dessert to pass
                                                                Crivitz, WI 54114.
            January 8th, 2011                                     Thanks, the editor.
 Area 74 Area Committee Meeting, at the
   Reitcher Center, 1858 S. Michigan S          An elderly man is stopped by the police around 1:am and
 Three Lakes, WI, beginning at 10:00 AM              is asked where he is going at this time of night.
                   ~~~~~                         The man replies, ―I am going to a lecture about alcohol
                                                    abuse and the effects it has on the human body‖.
The officer then asks, ―Really? Who is giving that lecture    Tradition Twelve: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of
                  at this time of night?‖                      all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles
               The man replies, ―My wife.‖                                        before personalities.
                  ~~Submitted by Sue C.                      Concept Twelve: The Conference shall observe the spirit
                                                              of the AA tradition, taking care that it never becomes the
                                                              seat of perilous wealth of power; that sufficient operating
     In keeping in tune with Holiday Cheer…                  funds and reserve be its prudent financial principle; that it
      Give a gift of yourself... and volunteer!                 place none of its members in a position of unqualified
            At a Correctional Facility.                      authority over others; that it reach all important decisions
               Contact: Yvonne P.                                  by discussion, vote, and, whenever possible, by
                   906-864-9328                              substantial unanimity; that its actions never be personally
                                    punitive nor and incitement to public controversy; that it
                                                                 never perform acts of government, and that, like the
                                                                 Society it serves, it will always remain democratic in
                                                                                   thought and action.
    Sober Birthdays to Celebrate!!!
   3-Dec-89 – Jim B, Shawano – 21yrs                         Twelve Tips on Keeping Your Holiday Season
   5-Dec-85 – Tom M, Menominee – 25yrs                                        Sober and Joyous
   19-Dec-06 – Jeff, Menominee – 4yrs                          1. Line up extra AA activities for the holiday season.
   20-Dec-89 – Kurt S, Shawano – 21yrs                             Arrange to take newcomers to meetings, answer the
   22-Dec-01 – Chad, Oconto – 9yrs
                                                                   phones at a clubhouse or central office, speak, help
   25-Dec-89 – Mary B, Crivitz – 21yrs
   25-Dec-91 – Dale, Menominee – 19yrs                             with dishes, or visit the alcoholic ward at a hospital.
   25-Dec-00 – Tom M, Shawano – 10yrs                          2. Be a host to AA friends, esp. newcomers. If you don’t
   25-Dec-06 – Mike S, Menominee – 4yrs                            have a place to throw a party, take one person to a
   26-Dec-05 – Kathy K, Marinette – 5yrs                           diner and spring for the coffee.
            One Day at a Time!!!                               3. Keep your AA phone list with you all the time. If a
                                                                   drinking urge or panic comes – postpone everything
                                                                   else until you’ve called an AA.
    “It has been my experience that, when all human            4. Find out about the special holiday parties, meetings,
  resources appear to have failed, there is always One             or other celebrations given by groups in your area,
who will never desert me. He is always there to share
                                                                   and go. If you’re timid, take someone newer than
my joy, to steer me down the right path, and to confide
 in when no one else will do. …only God can provide
                                                               5. Skip any drinking occasion you are nervous about.
 the loving nourishment upon which I depend for my
                 daily spiritual health.”                          Remember how clever you were at excuses when
                -- Daily Reflections – Dec 6                       drinking? Now put the talent to good use. No office
                                                                   party is as important as saving your life.
                                                               6. If you have to go to a drinking party and can’t take an
    “Today, there is absolutely nothing in the                     AA with you, keep some candy handy.
 world more important to me than my keeping                    7. Don’t think you have to stay late. Plan in advance an
this alcoholic sober; not taking a drink is by far                 ―important date".
   the most important thing I do each day.”                    8. Go to church. Any church.
            Alcoholics Anonymous – pg 447
                                                               9. Don’t sit around brooding. Catch up on those books,
                                                                   museums, walks, and letters.
                                                               10. Don’t start now getting worked up about all those
 Step Twelve: Having had a spiritual awakening as the              holiday temptations. Remember—―One day at a time.
 result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to      11. Enjoy the true beauty of holiday love and joy. Maybe
  alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our          you cannot give material gifts—but this year, you can
                                                                   give love.
    12. ―Having had a…‖ No need to spell out the Twelfth
        Step here, since you already know it.
           ~~From GSO in New York – Box 459                                      Humor from Grapevines Past:
                                                                       The morning after the night before, a badly hung-over
                                                                     drinker meekly asks his wife if she’d take his suit to the
     Excerpts from the Big Book – 1 Edition
                                               st                      cleaners. ―Yuck!‖ she gags upon inspecting it, ―what
       ―…I became fatalistic about things and soon was                                      happened to you?‖
   drinking deliberately knowing I’d get drunk, stay drunk,          ―Oh,‖ lies our hero, ―this lush next to me at the bar last
              and what would inevitably happen.                              night had too much and puked all over me!‖
   My friends came to my aid. They tried to help me, but I               Later, she calls him at work. ―Say, Hon?‖ she says
 didn’t want help. I was ashamed and preferred not to see                sweetly, ―remember that lush who vomited on your
them come around. And they knew that as long as I didn’t             jacket?‖ ―Yeah?‖ ―Well, I just wanted you to know, he
 want to quit, as long as I preferred my own will instead of                          also messed in your pants!‖
 God’s will, the remedy simply could not be applied. It is a            Ed went to the Red Cross to sell some blood. After
  striking thought that God never forces anyone to do His              testing it, the nurse asked, ―Have you had any shots
will, that His help is ever available but has to be sought in        lately?‖ ―No,‖ said Ed, ―but last night I had a six-pack.‖
                 all earnestness and humility.                      Charlie made his first meeting and heard a speaker say
 This condition lasted for months, during which time I had         that he had known he was no alcoholic because he never
voluntarily entered a private institution to get straightened       wet his pants, slept in the weeds, or drank out of a paper
   out. On the last occasion when I came out of the fog, I           bag. ―Bull,‖ thought Charlie. ―These people don’t know
   asked God to help me again. Shame-faced as I was, I                    anything. I do those things, and I’m no alcoholic.―
   went back to the fellowship. They made me welcome,                  If drunk lawyers are disbarred and drunk clergymen
offered me collectively and individually all the help I might       defrocked, doesn’t it follow that drunk electricians can be
need. They treated me as though nothing had happened.                    delighted, drunk musicians denoted, drunk models
  And I feel that it is the most telling tribute to the efficacy     deposed, and drunk dry cleaners depressed? Drunken
of this remedy that during my period of relapse I still knew          laundry workers could decrease, eventually becoming
 this remedy would work with me if I would let it, but I was        depressed and depleted. Even more, drunk bed-makers
                    too stubborn to admit it.                      will be debunked, drunk baseball players will be debased,
   That was a year ago. Depend upon it that I stay mighty              drunk software engineers will be detested, and drunk
  close to what has proven to be good for me. I don’t dare                musical composers will eventually decompose. In
risk getting very far away. And I have found that in simple          addition, drunk restaurant customers will be deserved,
 faith I get results by placing my life in God’s hands every         drunk insurance agents will be declaimed, drunk pilots
day, by asking Him to keep me a sober man for 24 hours,                 will be deplaned, and finally, drunk cowboys will be
  and trying to do His will. He has never let me down yet.‖                                     deranged.‖
                        (The Back-Slider)                                                Heard in Meetings…
   Note: Stories that have been discontinued from the 1st,                  "I may not be much, but I’m all I think about.'"
    2nd and 3rd Editions of Alcoholics Anonymous can be                  ―You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the
      found in the book ―Experience, Strength & Hope‖                                              sails.‖
       available from GSO in New York –                        ―AA is like a raffle; you must be present to win.‖
                                                                         ―The number one way to relieve pain is to forgive.‖
                                                                            ―I can go from grateful to hateful in a second.‖
           December 2010 Grapevine                                 "Patience is the ability to keep your motor idling when you
    My first time: AAs share their stories about                                     feel like stripping your gears."
            milestones in early sobriety:                                     ―Put down the weapons, pick up the tools.‖
 Weddings, business trips, football games… new                          ―The length of my dry time is not a big deal. Sobriety
      AAs discover what they can do sober.                           cannot be judged solely on the length of time since the
   Plus: White knuckle wedding: Who has their                                     last drink. Quality is what counts.‖
   rehearsal dinner at a brewery? Leaving Las                                                   …………...
  Vegas—sober: A mile-high meeting ensures a                        You can order your own subscription of the ―Grapevine‖
 winning weekend in ―Sin City‖. Football fantasy:
                                                                       magazine by going to: or call:
  Every die-hard fan needs a sober buddy riding
  shotgun. Also: I’d rather be crazy; Cold snap;
                Bottom of the ninth.

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