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                                How to Use Your
                                Fan Page to Grow
                                  Your Business
                                  on Facebook                                                    (tm)

                                     4 Top Fan Page
                                   Marketing Strategies
                                                    By Jason Deitch

                                   * Facebook and f icon are registered trademarks of Facebook

                                  Facebook is a phenomenon
                                  Is your business on it yet?
                                You’ve heard about it, read       message, product, service or
                                about it, perhaps even signed     cause out to more people, in less
                                up for it... It’s Facebook.       time with less effort and lower
                                The world’s fastest growing
                                social network. With over 400     Facebook allows your business
                                million registered users and      or cause to benefit from free,
                                growing at an unprecedented       referral-based, viral-marketing
                                rate. Facebook is changing the    like never before.
                                rules of social networking, the
                                Internet and marketing all at      Approximately half of all
                                the same time.                     Facebook users login to their
                                                                   Facebook accounts at least 1x
                                You might be skeptical, you        per day to check their ‘News
                                might even say you’re not          Feed’ for status updates from
                                interested in being social online. their friends and fan pages.
                                That’s ok. I understand
                                                                   It’s been reported that
                                What you cannot ignore is that Facebook now directs more
                                there has never been a more        traffic than Google. Is your
                                powerful tool to get your          business on Facebook yet?


            Facebook fan pages                                                               When they find you on
                                                                                             Facebook, what will
            Stand out from the crowd                                                         they see?

              Facebook created fan pages for businesses to interact    The longer you are on Facebook the more your fans will
              with Facebook users. Any business, public figure,         interact with your fan page. When that happens, more
              celebrity or cause can create a free Page on Facebook.   of your fans friends will find out about you.

              Pages are filled with a host of great standard features   The question is when they find you on Facebook, what
              that allow you to share: news, events, special           will they see?’
              announcements, photos, videos, discussions and much
              more as an integral part of what Facebook refers to as   How will you welcome new visitors to your fan page?
              the social graph.
                                                                       What will their first impression of you and your
              That means your fan page status updates will             company be?
              automatically appear in many of your fan’s News Feed.
              That’s good news.                                        What invitation, compelling offer or call to action would
                                                                       you like your new visitors to read, hear and see?
              In really simple terms, you can now stay in touch with
              your fans for free.                                      As Malcolm Gladwell describes in ‘Blink’ we all have an
                                                                       internal computer that unconsciously processes large
              The more value you offer on your fan page, the more      amounts of data to instantly make decisions. How will
              popular it can become. 	                                 your business stand out from the crowd?


                                Custom landing pages                                                        Have you found yourself
                                                                                                            asking: ‘ How can my
                                Make fan pages work                                                         fan page make me

                                There is no one size fits all solution. Every business  Here are 4 top marketing strategies to consider
                                has a slightly different approach to the 3 fundamental integrating into your landing page on Facebook. You
                                ways you can grow your business.                       can use your landing page to:

                                1. More new customers/patients                        1. Drive more traffic to your website.
                                2. Who spend more per transaction/visit               2. Generate more new leads and build your email list.
                                3. Who remain your client for a longer period of time 3. Impress your clients with professional video
                                                                                      4. Sell your product on your fan page landing page.
                                Improve your results in any one of these areas and
                                your business will grow. Improve your results in two  Let’s look at how it works...
                                or more areas and your business will grow


                                                                                                                   Looking to drive more
                                Drive more traffic                                                                 traffic to your website?

                                SEO +                                                                              Optimize your website
                                                                                                                   SEO using your
                                                                                                                   Facebook fan page

                                If you have an website you’ve invested time, energy   If done correctly, it’s likely your fan page will receive
                                and money building then your primary objective may    higher organic search engine ranking than your
                                be to drive more traffic to your website.              website will.

                                Did you know that top search engines including        That’s all in addition to the free referral-based, viral-
                                Google, Yahoo! and Bing now offer real time search    marketing you’ll benefit from by having an active fan
                                results by indexing the updated content on your       page on Facebook.
                                Facebook fan page? The more activity on your fan
                                page the better the ranking.

                                In addition, the information box, information tab
                                along with photos and videos added by any
                                administrator of the page will also be indexed.


                                                                                                                   Experienced marketers
                                 Generate new leads                                                                know the value of email
                                                                                                                   list building. Now you
                                 Build your email list                                                             can build your list using
                                                                                                                   the world’s fastest
                                                                                                                   growing social network.

                                The keys to successful business today, as it has always    When done correctly, email marketing has been found
                                been, is based on trust and relationships.                 to be extremely effective. The question is how do you
                                                                                           build a quality list that consistently grows over time
                                One of the most powerful tools of the past decade for      without having to spend a lot of time or money?
                                staying in touch with people has been email.
                                                                                           Fan Page Generator makes list building easy and
                                Although most of us hate spam, most of us do love          effective with their custom Facebook landing pages and
                                having news, special offers and updates come to us         patent pending Lead Capture Dashboard. Think of it
                                when we opt-in or request it.                              as Facebook email.

                                For businesses that means having something of value to     1. You receive an email notice of a new lead/opt-in.
                                offer people or incentivize them to want to share their    2. You choose easy 1-click reply via email or Facebook
                                email address with you. Typically it requires you to          Connect.
                                share some sort of valuable information, event or          3. Easy custom integration with popular third-party
                                personal access along with the ability to easily opt-out      auto-responder programs or export your leads for
                                at any time.                                                  future use.


                                                                                                                    Create a professional
                         Impress with professional video                                                            ‘documercial’ to
                                                                                                                    introduce yourself,
                         First impressions matter                                                                   demonstrate your
                                                                                                                    product, share
                                                                                                                    testimonials and more.

                                Video on the web has become an important way to          The Internet levels the playing field for everyone. It
                                introduce yourself, your product, service, business,     used to be that YouTube was ‘the’ place to post your
                                product or cause to others.                              video. Now you can add your Facebook fan page to
                                                                                         the top of the list.
                                Video is now known as ‘rich content’ because it adds a
                                richness to the user experience but you may want to      With video you can personally welcome visitors,
                                think of video as a preferred format because it can      introduce yourself, demonstrate your product or
                                make you rich.                                           service, share testimonials and create a connection
                                                                                         with people that is superior to text and graphics alone.
                                Think about it, we often feel more connected to
                                people, places or things we have a visual experience     Some believe all you have to do is pull out your
                                with. Historically, that is what has made traditional    inexpensive video camera and upload it.
                                television advertising so effective.
                                                                                         It’s my belief that you never have a second chance to
                                Previously, only big companies could afford to get       make a great first impression. Put your best face
                                their message broadcast to the public using              forward by using an affordable professional video
                                professional video, until now.                           service that can shoot on location at your place of


                                                                                                                        It’s never been
                                Turn fans into customers                                                                easier to benefit
                                                                                                                        from free referral-
                                Sell your product on your fan page                                                      based viral-

                                 Whatever you sell on the Internet you can sell better on   When people land on your fan page for the very first
                                 your fan page. Why? Because of the viral nature of         time you have an opportunity to welcome them,
                                 Facebook.                                                  impress them with your welcome video or media
                                                                                            appearance and have a ‘buy now’ button linking
                                 Research shows that most people search the Internet        directly to or your shopping cart.
                                 before purchasing. These days not only do they search
                                 the Internet they check with their social network for      Customer conversations should be going on about each
                                 feedback, recommendations and referrals.                   of your products or services not just your business in
                                                                                            general. It may seem like more work at first but
                                 The latest trend in selling on Facebook is to create a     ultimately you want to encourage as much dialogue and
                                 series or web of custom fan pages for each of your         interaction on Facebook about each of your products as
                                 products.                                                  you can.

                                 For example: Several N.Y. Times bestselling authors I      Consider multiple ‘buy now’ fan pages like having
                                 work with have created a main fan page for themselves      multiple retail locations or multiple branded websites.
                                 as authors and then create individual fan pages for each   You have greater reach and increased capacity to
                                 of their books, movies, events or coaching services.       attract more new clients and sell more of your products.

                                 Why does this make sense?                                  Check out samples at:


                                                                                                                         The low cost and
                           It’s not a question of if, but when                                                           high impact of
                                                                                                                         social marketing
                           Be there before your competition is                                                           means that sooner
                                                                                                                         or later, everyone
                                                                                                                         will be using it.

                                Typically it’s today’s most successful business owners       By the time someone else has run the experiment and
                                who use the excuse that they are too busy to bother         determined an accurate ROI they are likely already on
                                with untested new trends, yet to be proven.                 to the next innovation looking to stay ahead of the
                                                                                            curve before competitors figure out what works now.
                                It’s not easy to determine where to invest your valuable
                                resources. Success depends on making sure you focus         If you are stuck trying to decide whether to take action
                                your time and money in areas you are sure to find the        or not, my recommendation is to try and think
                                greatest return on investment.                              different. Instead of asking about your ROI, consider
                                                                                            asking what your COI will be?
                                In fact, the traditional knee-jerk response to innovative
                                (often disruptive) technologies is to filter the decision    What’s COI? Cost of Inaction. What will it cost you to
                                through the question ‘what’s the ROI?’                      not take action? What will happen if others dare to be
                                                                                            different and focus on being there first? What will it cost
                                It’s not that it’s a bad question or that it’s not an       your company if your competition becomes the
                                important concept to consider but asking about the          industry leader before you do.
                                ROI implies that something has been done by others
                                for a long enough period of time along with adequate        In business, the only constant is change. Don’t follow
                                resources invested in calculating the investment and        the leader, be one.


                                                                                                                       Facebook allows
                           What’s friendcasting?                                                                       you to benefit from
                           Free referral-based viral-marketing                                                         that’s viral
                                                                                                                       marketing with

                                Whenever someone interacts with your fan page,            Here’s how it works:
                                Facebook automatically notifies that person’s friends
                                through their news feed.                                  1. A person finds you on Facebook and becomes a fan.

                                The average Facebook user has 130 friends at this time.   2. That person’s friends are automatically notified that
                                                                                             they became a fan of your fan page.
                                That means that the more people who interact with
                                your fan page, the more people will find out about you,    3. The friend is curious about what you are up to, clicks
                                from their friends, virally, for free...                     the notification link and lands on your fan page.

                                That’s every business owner’s dream come true.            4. That person is impressed with what they see when
                                                                                             they land on your fan page and becomes a fan.

                                                                                          5. Repeat step 2-3-4.


                    Super charge your results                                                                 Add a custom landing
                                                                                                              page and marketing
                    How to go from good to great                                                              power tools offered by
                                                                                                              Fan Page Generator

                                The key to success on Facebook is offering authentic      2. Generate new leads and build your email list
                                value that generates positive dialogue and enthusiastic   3. Impress visitors with professional video
                                interaction.                                              4. Sell your product on Facebook

                                I’m not saying it’s easy to do, but it is that simple.    Fan Page Generator can help you...

                                Facebook offers you the opportunity to get your           Learn how others are growing their businesses on
                                message out to hundreds of millions of people             Facebook using Fan Page Generator by visiting the FPG
                                worldwide or specifically to your local target market.     Gallery at:

                                Either way, if you want to maximize the investment of     Learn about the simple custom design process at:
                                time, energy and money you put into your Facebook
                                fan page then make sure your fan page has the
                                functionality it needs to succeed.                        Find answers to frequently asked questions at:
                                That’s what Fan Page Generator can do for you.
                                                                                          Generate yours today at:
                                Whether you want to:                            
                                1. Drive more traffic to your website


                         About the author
                         Jason Deitch
                                Jason Deitch has been following the social networking
                                phenomenon, specifically Facebook, since 2005 when his
                                wife became Facebook’s first Director of Marketing. At that
                                time, Facebook had less than 1 million users and was
                                limited to college and high school students.

                                Since then, Jason has passionately studied the evolution of
                                Facebook’s social graph and its’ implications for businesses
                                to use as an appropriate and effective marketing tool.

                                Jason graduated with honors from Northeastern University
                                ’91 with a major in Marketing. He has started and operated
                                multiple businesses primarily focused in the wellness
                                industry. He is the national bestselling co-author of the
                                book: Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.

                                Presently, Jason is the founder of Fan Page Generator, the
                                #1 leading custom landing page design firm for Facebook
                                fan pages and provides coaching and marketing consulting
                                to a limited number of private clients.


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